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Jankdefied …what does it mean???? Just so you can be the “cool kid on the playground,” I’m giving you the inside scoop behind the meaning of this month’s CD title! Usually I pick a song title from the track listing that I feel best represents the overall theme of the CD. Last month’s CD was titled “Mesmerized” in the spirit of Faith Evans’ track of the same name, for example. Occasionally, there are departures from this formula. This month represents one of those departures. OK… now to the meat of the story. If you hang around me long enough, sooner or later, you’ll hear me say something is “jankey” (pronounced JAYNG-key) – meaning it sucks, it doesn’t work properly, or it just simply pisses me off. A good example might be (please take notice of my careful use of the word MIGHT): That JANKEY-assed guest DJ [yadda yadda yadda]. Well, I decided that instead of bitching and complaining, it’d be a healthier and more productive use of my energies to express myself via music… and it had to be EXCELLENT music – the UN-JANKEY, if you will. So to concretize and crystallize my thoughts here: TO ME, something that is Jankdefied is something that I like, that makes me happy, or that really rocks – Once again… THE UN-JANKEY. Now that we’ve had this little vocabulary lesson, I encourage you to use JANKEY, UN-JANKEY, and especially JANKDEFIED in your everyday vernacular when and where appropriate! Unjankily, Chip aka DJ Conspiracy

Word of the Month: Jankdefied (February 2006)