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September 2011, Issue 6

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Student representatives from various classes pose during 7th period on Friday, September 23, with Mr. Lokey during the Lokey Dedication Ceremony on the staircase that leads upstairs

Social Justice 2011 - 2012

Immigration Social Justice Theme Takes Spotlight

by Vijay Singh ‘12 managing editor

After two years of successful social justice themes at Bellarmine, the school hopes to continue this new tradition with a theme that is interesting, to say the least—immigration. The issue perhaps first came to the forefront of our community with Bellarmine’s support of last year’s immigration mass, and, now, the school hopes to provide students with more in-depth knowledge on the topic. Social justice themes have played an important role in educating students about relevant issues that we are often unaware of. As Nakul Karnik ’12 explained, “I think that the hunger summit was a good trial theme to see how justice could be actively served throughout the

Bellarmine community. Fixing some little ‘glitches,’ however, made the sustainability theme a great success through the use of reusable canteens and learning new ways to preserve our environment.” On the whole, student responses to Bellarmine’s social justice themes in the last two years have been positive—every student came out of the school year more aware and well-informed than they were, coming in. And while classes like social justice teach students about being “men for others,” these themes help us actually live that motto. However, unlike issues such as hunger and sustainability, which almost everyone agrees deserve attention, immigration, and illegal immigration, in particular, has been

more controversial in recent history. In fact, American politics has been divided between those wanting to make immigration a much easier process, and those wanting to restrict it and curtail the constant influx of immigrants pouring into the country, often illegally. Likewise, Bellarmine’s student body is bound to have varying opinions on the issue, as well. Perhaps common ground that all students can agree upon is that immigration has been integral to the foundation of the United States. Practically every person living in the United States either descends from an immigrant or is an actual immigrant. Even at Bellarmine, a fairly substantial portion of the student population is composed of first and second generation immigrants. As Aryan Khojasteh ’12 pointed out, “My own parents actually fled Iran and came to the United States after the revolution in 1979. Immigration enabled them to start a new, safer life.” See Immigration pg 10


Binh Tran-Tu ‘12 New security cameras were installed to prevent theft in the future

Major Theft Over Summer by Ryan Allen ‘13 section head

Unfortunately, Bellarmine is no stranger to theft. A number of cases of theft were noticed last year, ranging from laptops, ipods, textbooks, or cash. What we see less frequently, however, is an outsider stealing from Bellarmine’s campus. But starting sometime in the middle of June, thieves stole from Bellarmine on three distinct occasions; we are yet to find the culprit(s). Mr. Conom, the yearbook moderator, explains, “When they were fixing Campus Ministry, there used to be a bathroom. As they were taking the bathroom out, either someone left a door open, or I’m not sure. They went

in there and stole brass fittings in the pipings.” “There were two other incidents. Somebody stole a spool of copper wire on the construction site one night. Somebody also stole tools out of Mr. Karino’s [who works on construction] cart.” Because of the usual hustle and bustle of summer traffic through O’Donnell Hall, including summer school, the construction, extra-curricular student activities, and other happenings, it is important to note that it could have been anybody who stole the copper fittings and tools. Though the number of security staff was not increased after the incident, the campus security and construction workers are See Theft pg 2

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