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Action: Apply for a city of Madi-

efforts on the job and brainstorm improvements.

son BLINK grant at blinkgrant to turn your placemaking idea into a reality. BLINK is an opportunity to use Madison neighborhoods and urban areas as open canvases for experimental, ad-hoc, temporary works of art that sprout up and then vanish, leaving residents and visitors eager to see what is next.

8. Nourishing local food.

6. Formal education on sustainability. This year,

Edgewood College launched the first on-campus Sustainable Leadership master’s program in the country.

Action: This fall, participate in one of

six UW-Madison’s free massive open online courses (MOOCs) on topics comprising sustainability. These online courses encourage unlimited participation and open access via the web.

7. Businesses tackling waste reduction. Nearly every one of the 70

green teams that have enrolled in the MPower Champion Business Program over the past six years has identified and implemented a waste reduction project. The first of its kind in south central Wisconsin, the program helps businesses to systematically go green effectively and efficiently. Sustain Dane administers the Champion program in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the city of Madison, MG&E and others.

Action: Investigate waste reduction

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Madison has one of the most vibrant local food communities in the country, including one of the nation’s largest farmers’ markets. The Food Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED) Kitchen on Madison’s Northside provides opportunities for budding food entrepreneurs to rent licensed space and equipment by the hour, yielding benefits for everyone.

Action: Enjoy a local farmers’ market and savor the taste of fall.

Jessie Lerner is the executive director of Sustain Dane, a broad-based sustainability not-for-profit that works with businesses, schools, neighborhoods and individuals to imagine and work toward a vision of a healthy and happy future. To learn more, email Jessie@Sustain or visit

Mindful Leadership Bringing Together Authentic Leadership, Compassionate Action and the Science of Mind Oct. 24 – 25, 2014

Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison

For every $100 spent in locally owned business, $68 returns to the community source:

A public dialogue and one-day retreat exploring the practice of mindfulness, how meditation supports effective leadership and what science has to say about meditation’s effects on the body, mind, and brain with: Dr. Richard Davidson, Pioneering Neuroscientist Bill George, Leadership Expert Roshi Joan Halifax, Zen Buddhist Teacher Presented by Tergar Meditation Community Co-sponsored by the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

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Natural Awakenings South Central WI October 2014

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