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Did you

know? 1.

Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses, operating in more than 80 countries and territories, with annual sales of US $10.9 billion in 2011.

Amway | Did You Know?


Nothing compares to Amway’s high quality health, beauty and home products which all come with a 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. There are more than 100,000 Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in Australia and New Zealand.


Amway has paid out more bonuses and cash incentives to its distributors worldwide than any other direct sales company in history.


Through our One by One Campaign for Children, Amway has helped over 9.5 million children globally – an amazing 1.5 million in 2011 alone – with donations of US $166 million to charitable causes since 2003.

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to start a business in the world today.



I’m proud to be part of the winning Amway team.

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It’s been a pleasure working with Amway over the past three years. From the top of the range Nutriway products to the great results achieved with beautycycle skincare and colour, I quickly learned that nothing compares to the quality and value of Amway’s products. With all of Amway’s products backed by an impressive 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; it’s simply the best way

Libby Trickett Amway Ambassador

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Amway | Contents

Your new Amway catalogue is an invaluable guide to all our great products. You’ll find our top sellers and all of your favourites.


t n a t r o p Im the you pay

Your Business


O ), As an IB rice (W p le a s ded whole ommen c e R e not th ). e (RRP ic r P il a t Re


Amway | Your Business

Understanding PV & BV


All products are assigned a Point Value (PV) and a Business Volume (BV). The PV and BV are counted up from your purchases, along with the purchases of your customers and IBOs in your group and you are rewarded with Performance Bonuses as you achieve stated volume levels.


Point Value Assigned to every Amway product.

Pricing in the Catalogue Pricing information is displayed with a special code to allow you, as business builders, not only to see the wholesale price but also PV and BV on the page.

Amount: 300ml VS-6186 FBV P401B1504W1654 RRP $22.33


FBV P401B1504W1654


Business Volume A dollar value for every product.

The fastest way you can earn income is by selling products to customers at retail price. You buy products at a wholesale price (IBO cost) then sell it for the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) leaving you with income through the retail margin. RETAIL PRICE RRP


IBO COST wholesale (W)


YOUR PROFIT retail margin

To maximise what you can earn from the amway Sales and Marketing Plan, you should build your business on 3 platforms: Network, Promote and Retail.



(FBV indicateds a full PV/BV product and the current PV/BV ratio applies.)

(what it cost the IBO)


Build a Balanced Business & Maximise the Potential Immediate Income


Network Sharing the Amway business opportunity and sponsoring through a balance of depth and width. This should be your No 1 focus.


Promote Use and promote the Amway products.


Retail Build a retail client base and earn extra retail commission from prospects who are not interested in starting a business, but interested in purchasing products.

Travel and Rewards Supporting your goals and rewarding extra effort At Amway, we reward extra effort. As your business grows, you can become eligible for trips to exotic locations to participate in business development seminars and celebrate your success. Over the last few years, these all-expenses-paid trips have been to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mauritius and Japan.

How Do I Earn?

How Much Can I Earn?

You make profit from buying products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices. Amway rewards extra income based on selling performance. Additional monthly bonuses based on your aggregated PV range between 3 to 21%. There are yearly reward bonuses through the Growth Incentive Program.

Below are indicative income figures which may vary depending upon business structure and/or effort.

Platinum $33,000* Founders Platinum $51,000* Founders Diamond $250,000*

*These figures are inclusive of one time cash awards received from participation in the Growth Incentive Program. (Applies only at the Platinum, Founders Platinum and Founders Emerald levels)

Learn Amway provides you with a variety of training and education solutions to assist you in building a successful business

Support Helping you grow your customer base and earn additional PV and income

Business Training

Learning Pathway

For information on the training we provide, please refer to the training section on our website

The Amway Learning Pathway is a step by step program that supports you as you start your business.

Amway’s FREE e-learning programs allow you to build your knowledge base anytime, anywhere. Log on to and follow the e-learning prompts to get started.

After a quick online introduction into the Amway business you will be able to take a specially developed course offered by Charles Sturt University in collaboration with Amway to provide you with essential skills and knowledge to support your Amway business.

Your help

The IBO who introduced you into the Amway business will be your first point of call. For further assistance, Amway Customer Support and Training is on hand to help you. Ph 1800 45 46 47.

Our website is an online catalogue of our products and a secure and convenient way to manage your business. It is always up to date with the latest products, promotions and information.


Amway | Travel & Support

Founders Emerald $142,000*


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Quality nutrition for healthy lives.

Vitamins & Supplements


Core Nutrition


Protection Nutrition


Targeted Nutrition


Women’s Health


Men’s Health


Children’s Health

Weight Management


Protein Snacks & Meal Replacements


Systems & Kits

30 Sports Nutrition 30

Energy, Stamina & Sports Nutrition


Fuel Factor

ething m o s s i ealth te “Our h ssiona a p y r e e we’re v now w d n a t w abou our ne e r a h ith can s ledge w w o n k found true, ’s t I . e n d everyo ove an l u o y t w.” do wha ll follo i w s s succe is all nton W

Kat um Platin


Health | Contents

d Cli rina an


“NUTRIWAY has not only empowered our family’s health but has also enabled us to build and help others build successful business that enriches everyone’s lives through health.” Mitch and Deidre Sala Founders Crown Ambassador

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements

A healthy diet is essential for your health and wellbeing. Your body needs a complex mixture of essential nutrients to function.

Why Nutriway®?

Eating two pieces of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day is the recommended daily serving by the Department of Health1.

With busy lifestyles, family pressures and stress, it’s no wonder many people in Australia don’t get the nutrients they need. So taking dietary supplements daily helps fill the gap between what you eat and the essential nutrients you need.

• NUTRIWAY is the only global vitamin and mineral brand that grows, harvests and processes plants on 6400 acres of certified organic farms.

For example, Nutriway Concentrated Fruit and Vegetables provides total body wellbeing and vitality, containing phytonutrients equivalent to ten serves of fruit and vegetables in only two tablets.

• We have more than 100 scientists, chemists, botanists, microbiologists, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists dedicated to creating the best supplements possible.

No wonder 74% of people in Australia use a vitamin, mineral, herbal or nutritional supplement on a regular basis.4

• We have more than 75 years of experience in vitamins research and production.

Yet despite this, a recent government survey2 showed: • 40% of Australian adults don’t eat two serves of fruit every day • 90% of Australian adults don’t eat five serves of vegetables every day Inadequate intake or subtle deficiencies in several vitamins are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.3

• NUTRILITE™/ NUTRIWAY® is the world’s number 15 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements.

• We produce 10 billion vitamin and mineral tablets each year.

• NUTRIWAY offers you the best of nature and the best of science.


eat two Do you of fruit serves serves and five tables of vege ay? every d

1. Recommended Daily Servings, Department of Health and Ageing ( 2. Evaluation of the National Go for 2&5 Campaign, Woolcott Research 2007, Department of Health and Ageing ( 3. Australian National Health & Medical Research Council: Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults Scientific Review & Clinical Application – Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults, Vol 287, No. 23 4. Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia 5. Based on Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, Retail Value RSP, 2010. NUTRIWAY® is the brand in Australia & New Zealand

When choosing a nutritional supplement, it’s important to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. That’s why you should consider the four exceptional NUTRIWAY® advantages.

Over 75 Years Experience In 1934, pioneering humanitarian Carl Rehnborg founded Nutrilite, manufacturers of NUTRIWAY products, based on his theory of a link between a plant-rich diet and the maintenance of overall wellbeing.

Quality from the Ground Up Nutrilite grows, harvests and processes its own plants, for use in its own products. It utilises special farming techniques that rely heavily on organic methods of soil, weed, insect and disease management. Not only are the plants grown on Nutrilite farms free of pesticides, NUTRIWAY products are formulated without the inclusion of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Nutrilite manufactures NUTRIWAY products according to strict drug manufacturing standards ensuring the highest quality possible.

Exclusive Nutriway® Phytonutrient Plant Compounds Nutrilite, the manufacturer of all NUTRIWAY supplements, grows its own plant and fruit materials and then concentrates them for use in NUTRIWAY products. Many competing brands’ nutritional supplements often only contain isolated vitamins and minerals.

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

The Best of Nature and The Best of Science


State-Of-The-Art Research and Processing Facilities Nutrilite maintains an extensive team of top scientists, agriculturalists, botanists, horticulturists, biologists, nutritional experts and quality technicians who work together to produce the highest quality nutritional supplements.

cture to a f u n a ’t m to We don st, but o c t s e the low ty! st quali e h ig h the

Health | The NUTRIWAY® Pack


nal ofessio r p a eing a m b o d r f n a g n und “Comi rs The ackgro a e b y s c y i t n s ma gymna tor for c u r just an t s s i n i e s m s o s. fitne Pack t roduct p Y f A o W n I o ati NUTR f combin l a best o n o e i h t t p e h c ex the wit es me ing all d r i e v v o o r c ce s to It p y need d scien d n o a b e r y sm t so natu utrient my die n n l i a s i t p y l ga essen veryda ritiona e t u h t n l a y he fill an ptimal o h style.” c e a f i e l r y n s bu I ca of my s s e l d r rega


onig Ana K um Platin

Double X

With Double X , Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables and

and packed with plant concentrates.


Omega-3 Complex you can confidently cover nutritional gaps in your diet. The ideal combination of nutrients to maintain and support optimal health, while providing the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids.

A high potency multivitamin with 12 essential vitamins, 8 minerals

Omega-3 Complex One capsule supplies omega 3 fatty acids equivalent to 90g of salmon.*

Learn more > see pages 10-13

Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables

Fast facts

Contains phytonutrients equivalent


Pack includes Double X, Omega-3 Complex and Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables.


12 essential vitamins, 8 minerals and phytonutrients

to 10 serves of fruit and vegetables in only 2 tablets. *That’s 180mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA Always read the label, use only as directed.

from 9 plant concentrates. 3.

Health | The NUTRIWAY® Pack

Fill the nutritional gap with three powerful NUTRIWAY essentials in one handy pack.

With plant ingredients grown and harvested on Nutriway’s certified organic farms.


Vitamins & Supplements | Core Nutrition

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay in form all day, every day.

Expect more from your multivitamin These examples below show how much you would have to eat in order to get the optimum levels of just some of the nutrients in Double X速

Vitamin E 107.5 cups of broccoli



Vitamin C 10

7 cups of rock melon pieces






5 x 140g servings of pork loins






Riboflavin 17 litres of milk


Folate 4 cups of baked beans

3 whole chicken breasts



Vitamin B12 4.3 kg of ground beef





6.33 cups of peas


76 medium bananas



Vitamin B6

pork loins


Magnesium cups

chicken breasts




DOUBLE X® A. - B. DOUBLE X® Supports healthy bones, immune system and energy metabolism. Supports your natural resilience while converting food to energy. • Everything you need a high potency multivitamin to be • 12 essential vitamins, 8 minerals and packed with plant concentrates


.au w m a See detailed e r o m r fo le d lifesty n a h lt a he out all b a n io t ts. informa ® produc Y A NUTRIW

• For energy that lasts all day so that you can be on top of your game No added dairy, gluten, sugar or lactose.

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Supply: 62 days A. VS-6134 FBV P4114B15429W16972 RRP $229.16 Supply: 31 days B. VS-6133 FBV P2298B8616W9478 RRP $127.91 B

The NUTRIWAY® Pack C. The NUTRIWAY® Pack A powerful combination of vital vitamins and minerals for your health. All-round health support in one handy pack. • DOUBLE X® supports healthy bones, immune system and energy metabolism • Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables – total body wellbeing and vitality


• Omega-3 helps maintain cell membranes and helps support normal cholesterol levels Supply: 31 days VS-243117 FBV P3935B14758W16234 RRP $216.30

C Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.

Omega-3 Complex

Finding it hard to get enough fish in your daily diet? You’re not alone. Health | Vitamins & Supplements

This highly concentrated formula offers a great way to get the benefit of Omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely necessary for normal health and development. Without


them, cells can’t function, renew, or maintain themselves properly.

Fast facts 1. Omega-3

is a building block of every

living cell in the human body 2.

Cold water fish are excellent sources of essential fatty acids DHA and EPA

3. Our 4.

fish are harvested from deep cold waters

1000mg of natural fish oil per capsule


he ne of t o s i Y RIWA n “NUT ames i n d e ts. t s ru plemen p u most t s d care an health the Nutriway y b d n quality s t i f We sta o e becaus .” brand fish oil 3 a g Ome eet a Cark Davi um Platin


nd Reb

idt a d Schm


Health | Vitamins & Supplements C


A. - B. Omega-3 Complex Helps maintain cell membranes and supports healthy cholesterol levels.



C. - D. Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables

E. - G. Daily

Total body wellbeing and vitality.

Helps get the balance right on your daily dietary intake.

Goodness from the deep blue sea to help you become a well-oiled machine.

Find it hard to tick all the boxes in the greenery department?

• Contains essential fatty acids not manufactured by the body

• Contains phytonutrients equivalent to 10 serves of fruit and vegetables in only 2 tablets

• Helps relieve the pain from arthritis


Daily diet support.

• 12 key vitamins and 11 minerals (including iron) • Once a day boost of nutrients as recommended by leading health journals

• Power your health and maintain wellbeing

• Helps relieve nervous tension and stress

• Rich in plant compounds and antioxidants • Helps maintain eye health

• A potent, convenient way to help fill in the gaps in your daily diet

No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

No added gluten.

Amount: 90 capsules Supply: 30 days A. VS-2127 FBV P678B2542W2796 RRP $34.95

Amount: 60 tablets Supply: 30 days C. VS-102992 FBV P960B3600W3960 RRP $53.45

Amount: 180 tablets Supply: 180 days E. VS-124 FBV P1456B5460W6006 RRP $81.09

Amount: 30 capsules Supply: 10 days B. VS-109140 FBV P260B975W1073 RRP $13.40

Amount: 20 tablets Supply: 10 days D. VS-109020 FBV P368B1379W1517 RRP $20.48

Amount: 60 tablets Supply: 60 days F. VS-123 FBV P628B2356W2592 RRP $34.96

• Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart in healthy people No added dairy, gluten, yeast, lactose or sugar.

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.

Amount: 30 tablets Supply: 30 days G. VS-109019 FBV P361B1354W1489 RRP $20.12

* That’s 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA


Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements | Protection Nutrition



Assist A. - B. Vitamin C Plus Extended Release


Immunity, flu and colds. One tablet per day is all you need. • Helps relieve cold and flu symptoms • Helps boost immunity • Steady release over 8 hours for maximum effect

Plus amin C it V e n O Release d e d n e t Ex as more tablet h 16 C than it vitamin grapefru 6 , s n lemo nges. or 7 ora

No added gluten, lactose, fructose, artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives or any sweeteners. Amount: 120 tablets Supply: 120 days A. VS-109746 FBV P970B3636W4000 RRP $54.00 Amount: 20 tablet sachet Supply: 20 days B. VS-109744 FBV P226B848W933 RRP $12.60

Plants contain a complex array of natural ingredients, many of which can help to achieve optimal health. Blends of specially prepared herbal ingredients are used in NUTRIWAY® supplements to support specific health needs.

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

orosis Osteop nised is recog orld’s as the w -largest second roblem. health p





Defend C. Calcium Magnesium Healthy bones, muscles and nerve function. Helps build strong, healthy and resilient bodies. • F  or diets lacking in dairy and dark green leafy vegetables • Particularly beneficial to pregnant, breastfeeding or menopausal women, adolescents and the elderly • Magnesium aids calcium absorption to build healthier bones • May help to prevent osteoporosis No added dairy, sugar, yeast, gluten or lactose. Amount: 180 tablets Supply: 90 days VS-4251 FBV P676B2534W2787 RRP $37.57

D. - E. Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia Joint movement and flexibility. Welcome relief from joint pain.

F. Parselenium-E® A high potency antioxidant supplement.

• Helps lubricate the joint and may alleviate swelling associated with arthritis

Antioxidants are substances that may protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals in day to day living.

• Helps to control the pain from osteoarthritis

• Contains Selenium, which possesses antioxidant properties

No added dairy, sugars, yeast or lactose.

• Containing vitamin E which helps reduce oxidation of LDL lipids

Amount: 120 capsules Supply: 30 days D. VS-6122 FBV P1063B3987W4386 RRP $59.20 Amount: 30 capsules Supply: 8 days E. VS-109146 FBV P306B1146W1261 RRP $17.04

• Helps support a healthy immune system Amount: 60 tablets Supply: 60 days VS-3178 FBV P1215B4556W5012 RRP $67.66

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.


Vitamins & Supplements | Targeted Nutrition

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

t portan m i y l l a ce It is re esistan r y m to keep myself t c e t o r nd up to p colds a e h t ys from e alwa r a t a t flu th ifferen d e h t o. around t I fly t a h t s e plac

org Rehnb m a S . Dr ent itute Presid th Inst l a e H ite Nutril


Triple Shield® Echinacea

Everyone is different and when it comes to nutrition, there is no

our immune cells more efficient at

one solution that will suit every person. Whilst a healthy lifestyle that involves a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and

Echinacea is an immune-boosting herbal supplement that helps make attacking bacteria and viruses, by increasing the number of T-cells in the bloodstream.

plenty of exercise seems to be the solution to achieve Optimal Health, statistics tell us that even when trying our best there

Ginkgo Biloba & DHA Blend

is still a gap. NUTRIWAY has developed a range of products

This formula contains a specially

that can help support your health, whether you are looking at

formulated combination of Ginkgo

immune health, brain health, eye health or general wellbeing, you can take comfort that our nutritional supplements are formulated to meet the demands of everyday life, providing targeted nutrients for your specific needs.

Biloba, Gotu Kola and DHA. Ginkgo

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Make sure you get the most out of life. NUTRIWAY® supplements can help support your health and general wellbeing.

Biloba is one of the world’s oldest living species and its leaves have been used for hundreds of years.

Bilberry & Lutein Blend Provides a specially formulated combination of herbal concentrates containing Bilberry (a variety of blueberry), Lutein (naturally found in Marigold flower) and DHA Omega 3 fatty acid, which play an important role in eye health.

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.


Vitamins & Supplements | Targeted Nutrition

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

NUTRIWAY® supplements can help support a healthy heart.

ascular v io d r a C is the disease ause of c g in d lea a, Australi in h t a de an Australi e n o g killin inutes. m 0 1 y ever



A. - B. Garlic Heart Care Formula

C. Cholesterol Health

Helps to maintain heart health.

Helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Each tablet contains 385mg of concentrated Garlic.


• Provides clinically significant levels of garlic’s active compounds Alliin and Allicin which may assist in maintaining a healthy heart in healthy individuals • Helps reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, catarrh and hayfever • Minimises odour without suffering its unpleasant side effects Amount: 120 tablets Supply: Approx. 60 days A. VS-6160 FBV P759B2848W3133 RRP $42.26 Amount: 30 tablets Supply: 15 days B. VS-109142 FBV P219B820W902 RRP $12.18


Helps protect your heart the natural way. • Delivers two different phytonutrients in each softgel capsule: Catechins and Theaflavins (tea bioflavonoids) • Helps maintain a healthy balance between good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol in healthy people with a healthy lifestyle Amount: 60 softgels Supply: 30 days VS-100070 FBV P1150B4311W4742 RRP $64.01

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

ure you Make s most get the fe. out of li








D. - E. Triple Shield® Echinacea

F. Ginkgo Biloba & DHA Blend

G. Bilberry & Lutein Blend

Cold and flu symptoms.

Circulation and memory function.

Healthy eyes.

For trusty protection against winter’s nasties.

Blood flow to extremities.

• Reduces severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms

• Ginkgo Biloba extensively studied for its ability to maintain memory function

• Bilberry is rich in nutrients that support vision and is known to help protect the retina

• Increases T-cells to help your body resist cold and flu viruses

• Helps promote blood flow to the extremities of the body

• Contains DHA which is required for healthy eye development

• Includes three distinct organically-grown forms of Echinacea

• Also includes brain-essential DHA from fish oils and antioxidants

• Lutein helps to support healthy eyes

• Phytonutrients from grapefruit, royal mandarin and lemon concentrates

No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

Amount: 62 capsules Supply: 31 days VS-202491 FBV P1227B4603W5063 RRP $68.40

No added dairy or gluten. Kosher. Amount: 120 tablets Supply: 30-60 days D. VS-111 FBV P1278B4791W5270 RRP $71.17

Amount: 60 capsules Supply: 20 days VS-202492 FBV P1200B4501W4951 RRP $66.84

No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

Amount: 30 tablets Supply: 14 days E. VS-109141 FBV P367B1375W1513 RRP $20.43 Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.


Vitamins & Supplements | Women’s Health

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

let of One tab ® nutriway ® Ironix s the supplie o nt iron t le a iv u q e trimmed f o g 0 20 eak. Fillet St




Phytonutrients 20

A. - B. Vitamin B Complex

C. Ironix® Iron Supplement

Stress and energy release.

Energy, immunity and good health.

Shake off the everyday blues.

Get your body pumping and the oxygen moving.

• Combat exhaustion and replace vitamins that may be missing from your diet • Can help relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety when the pressure is building

x Comple B in m a Vit for the d e d e e is n g nctionin u f r e p pro y st ever y. of almo the bod in s s e proc

• As vitamin B is water soluble and highly essential, researchers recommend regular replenishment No added gluten. Amount: 250 tablets Supply: 120 days A. VS-101326 FBV P711B2665W2932 RRP $39.56 Amount: 100 tablets Supply: 25-50 days B. VS-109145 FBV P327B1225W1348 RRP $18.18

• Women (particularly during pregnancy), teenage girls, athletes and vegetarians are most at risk of having inadequate iron intake • Supports the immune system and is vital to a wide range of biological processes • Contains a highly absorbable form of iron, Ferrous Lactate No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose. Amount: 80 tablets Supply: 26 days VS-4003 FBV P393B1473W1620 RRP $21.90

NUTRIWAY® products are especially formulated for every stage of a woman’s life.

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

lieve e r s l Help pausa o men toms. p sym




Herbals D. Primrose Plus

E. Black Cohosh & Soy

F. Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails

Premenstrual symptom relief.

Menopausal symptom relief.

Hair, skin and nails.

Feel more like yourself, every day of the month.

Get back to the old you and have a better night’s sleep.

Protection from the inside out.

• Contains centuries-old remedies to help relieve PMS pain of cramps, abdominal tenderness and bloating

• Regular use helps relieve hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings associated with menopause

• Helps you get on top of premenstrual irritability and mild anxiety

• Helps to calm you down and normalise sleep patterns

• Contains vitamin C which is essential for production of collagen in human skin

No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

• A natural alternative for a more peaceful way of life

No added dairy, gluten or yeast.

Amount: 120 softgels Supply: 60 days VS-6108 FBV P1290B4838W5322 RRP $71.84

Contains soy, no added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

• Helps strengthen brittle nails and nourish dry hair • Supports capillary health and promotes healthy-looking, radiant skin

Amount: 60 tablets Supply: 60 days VS-6107 FBV P823B3088W3397 RRP $45.88

Amount: 90 tablets Supply: 30 days VS-6190 FBV P1073B4023W4425 RRP $59.72

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.


Vitamins & Supplements | Men’s Health

Health | Vitamins & Supplements

of alence v e r p e Th rostatic p n ig n be ) hy (BPH p o r t r e hyp es from increas en aged 8% in m ears, to y 0 4 1 3 in men % 0 5 0 4 s. 60 year 1 5 d e ag

Wellbeing A. Saw Palmetto & Nettle Root Blend


Prostate support. Man’s best friend for unhappy prostates. • Helps to relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed benign prostate hypertrophy (BHP) • If BHP keeps you up and down half the night, you no doubt need relief for a good night’s sleep No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose. Amount: 60 capsules Supply: 20 days VS-202493 FBV P1005B3767W4144 RRP $55.96 A

lly is a vita C in m Vita nutrient t n a t r o t imp lopmen e v e d e of for th enance t in a m and e, cartilag , s e n o b in d gums n a h t e te hildren. c g in w gro


Health | Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements | Children’s Health


Chewable B. Chewable Multivitamin & Iron

C. Chewable Natural C

Growing bodies and minds.

Family-friendly immune support.

The kid-tested multi with top points for taste.

Great tasting fruit punch treat, packed with vitamin C.

• Packed with 11 vitamins and iron for diets that don’t quite go according to plan

• For stubborn little diets lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables

• Includes nutrients vital for bodies on the grow – blood tonic

• Helps with iron absorption for active minds and energetic play

• A delicious orange flavour – the treat you have when you’re not having a treat

No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose.

No added gluten. Amount: 100 tablets Supply: 50-90 days VS-122 FBV P663B2487W2736 RRP $36.88


Amount: 100 tablets Supply: 90 days VS-6109 FBV P738B2769W3046 RRP $41.12

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.

Health | Weight Management

Weight Management


of range Y A W I le UTR credib n “The N i n a ts is produc ent for m e l p p su loss way to gy, fat r e n e sed g. increa ellbein w l a tim er and op l Train a n o s r e d As a P ommen c e r t ” ’ dn clients y I woul m o t ng else anythi ing w Jobl Andre tinum ers Pla Found

Health | Weight Management

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, one of the top three prominent health risk factors in modern Australian Society is obesity. It not only affects you physically, but it affects your ability to work, to participate in family and community activities, it affects you emotionally. Weight management is not only about losing weight, it is about achieving optimal health. While genetics may play a role in a person’s body, the fundamental cause is an imbalance between energy consumed and energy expended. Sensible lifestyle


changes are the key for long-term success, there are many options a person could consider when making the initial choice about weight management.

Weight Management | Protein Snacks & Meal Replacement

Health | Weight Management

® AY IW R T U All N rgo ts unde produc ic scientif r la u g e r re o ensu t w ie v re um ver optim li e d y e th s. nutrient f o ls e lev




Protein Powders 26

A. All Plant Protein Powder

B. Berry Protein Powder

100% plant based.

Flavoured protein supplement.

Promotes lean muscle.

The kids will love it.

Low-fat meal replacement.

• Meets World Health Organisation standards for a source of high quality protein

• All the goodness of soy protein powder with a massive burst of natural berry flavour

Too busy for nutritious meal planning?

• Contains naturally occurring soy isoflavones and iron

• Great for shakes, smoothies, juices and fruit whips

• No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

No added gluten or yeast.

Cholesterol free, lactose-free, Halal and vegetarian. Amount: 450g VS-110415 FBV P824B3090W3399 RRP $45.90

Amount: 500g VS-100325 FBV P1010B3788W4167 RRP $56.22

C. Positrim® Chocolate Drink Mix

• Kilojoule controlled meal replacement with a healthy balance of carbs and high-quality protein • More nutritious, convenient and cheaper than fast food • 24 vitamins and minerals, dietary fibre and 18 amino acids No added gluten or yeast. Amount: 12 sachets VS-6148 Chocolate FBV P1342B5032W5535 RRP $69.18


Health | Weight Management





Protein Bars D. - G. Positrim® Protein Bars High-quality natural protein.

H. Positrim® Protein Bar Variety Pack

Convenient snack for busy bodies on the go.

Flavour variety.

• A delicious low GI snack in a range of flavours, packed with 22g of protein

• Ideal ready-to-go high quality, low carb snack

• Perfect to pump up energy levels when the days get long

• Each box contains four Mixed Berry Smoothie, Roasted Peanut, Fudgy Brownie and Caramel Vanilla bars

• Promotes lean muscle, not fat No added sugar or yeast. Amount: 9 x 60g D. VS-102857 Mixed Berry Smoothie E. VS-6100 Fudgy Brownie F. VS-102617 Caramel Vanilla G. VS-6145 Roasted Peanut FBV P1233B4624W5086 RRP $63.59

Contains 16 bars in a variety of 4 flavours.

Amount: Pk 16 VS-102793 FBV P2176B8161W8977 RRP $112.23

Protein Bar Facts • 22g high quality protein • Only 4 grams of carbohydrate • 9 essential amino acids • No artificial flavours or preservatives • No hydrolysed gelatin • Low saturated fat and GI • No added sugar or yeast • 200mg calcium


Weight Management

Plus locker B b r a C ilojoules k 0 0 7 x inhibits comple m o r f t le per tab the rates – d y h o b car owl t of a b n le a iv equ . of pasta

Health | Weight Management



A. Fibre Blend Chewable Tablet

C. Trim Choice® Dietary Supplement

Maintain a healthy digestive system.

Weight management.

Adequate fibre may help to keep cholesterol levels in the normal range.

Nature’s little helper for a healthy weight management plan.

• Natural fibres from sources including Sugar Cane, Acerola Cherries, Lemons, Soy, Opuntia Cactus, Peas, Barley and Carrots

• A powerful combination of herbs to aid weight management programs when used in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise

• Soluble and insoluble fibre aids digestion and helps maintain healthy digestive function

• Contains 100% natural extracts, including Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Birch Leaf

• Supplement the fibre from your diet to help achieve an adequate fibre intake No added dairy, lactose or yeast. Amount: 60 tablets Supply: Approx. 20 days VS-104402 FBV P882B3307W3638 RRP $49.12


No added dairy, gluten, sugars, yeast or lactose. Amount: 180 tablets Supply: 30 days VS-105348 FBV P1071B4018W4420 RRP $59.68

D. Milk Thistle & Dandelion

Complex carbohydrate absorption.

Liver tonic.

Help stop carbs turning into fat.

Feel more alive by giving your liver a little rest and relaxation.

• Supports weight management when used in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise plan • Stimulant free, powered by the goodness of herbs including White Kidney Bean

• Could be just the boost your body needs to reach your weight goals

B. Carb Blocker Plus

• Works to reduce the number of kilojoules absorbed from sugars and carb-heavy meals like pasta, rice, potatoes and bread



No added dairy, gluten, lactose or yeast. Amount: 90 tablets Supply: 30 days VS-102690 FBV P981B3678W4046 RRP $54.66

• Helps protect the liver from free radicals generated by smoking, regular drinking, air pollution, fatty foods and hormone therapies • Supports the liver so it can do its job, including detoxing the body, metabolising fats and carbs • Supports the liver during weight management programs No added dairy, gluten, yeast or lactose. Amount: 60 capsules Supply: 30 days VS-100352 FBV P620B2325W2558 RRP $34.54

Health | Weight Management E

E. Absolute Trim Body System® Kit Weight management & wellness plan.


F. Trim Body System® Supplement Booster Pack

Get on the road today with the new and improved you.

Weight management support.

• Daily 30s, helps get the balance right on your daily dietary intake

• Carbs – Carb Blocker Plus, 90 tablets

• Omega-3 Complex 90s, helps maintain cell membranes and supports healthy cholesterol levels • Rhodiola 60s, natural blend of herbs to support mental and physical stamina • All Plant Protein Powder, helps maintain lean body mass


Bundled pack saving you a massive 20%. • Metabolism – Trim Choice® Dietary Supplement, 180 tablets • Liver - Milk Thistle and Dandelion, 60 tablets VS-210237 FBV P2138B8017W8822 RRP $119.10

• Fibre Blend chewable tablets to help maintain a healthy digestive system • Positrim® Protein Bar Variety Pack, convenient snack for busy bodies on the go VS-249338 FBV P5435B20382W22420 RRP $295.95 Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

® range Y A IW R T The NU ement g a n a m ht elp of weig ts can h n e m le supp weight r u o y e iev you ach art of a regime sp le goals, a a sensib s e d lu that inc ercise. x e d n a diet

Health | Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

eng has s in G n Siberia ht n thoug e e b g lon stamina s, to have ropertie p g in t s boo o Biloba g k in G while od flow lo b s e v impro rain. to the b



Keeping on top of a busy lifestyle can leave you feeling flat and tired. You can boost your energy and natural defence with NUTRIWAY® supplements.


A. - B. Siberian Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba Blend

C. Rhodiola Energy Supplement

Stamina, stress and energy.

Power through, no matter what life throws at you.

Caffeine-free endurance for busy lives and trying times. • Helps you feel less fatigued, even on those never-ending days

Stamina and endurance.

• Natural blend of herbs to support mental and physical stamina • Contains 75mg of caffeine

• Targets the adrenal glands, enabling your body to better handle stress

• Great support for exercise programs, hectic work days and super-active lives

• May also help improve blood flow to the extremities of the body and support memory function

No added gluten, dairy, yeast or lactose.

No added dairy, gluten or lactose. Amount: 100 tablets Supply: 25 days A. VS-93 FBV P1621B6077W6685 RRP $90.23 Amount: 20 tablets Supply: 5-10 days B. VS-109144 FBV P372B1396W1536 RRP $20.74


Amount: 60 tablets Supply: 30 days VS-101593 FBV P709B2660W2926 RRP $39.50

A splash of energy to maximise your day, rehydrate and support your stamina.



Health | Sports Nutrition


y al energ r u t a n t a Ge el from e f n a c hat you ource t s l a n io nutrit day. lasts all



D. - E. Active 8® Vitamin Granules

F. - G. VitH2O™ Sports Drink

H.- I. Strive+™ Sports Drink

Great thirst quencher at work and play.

Vitamin drink mix.

Rehydration drink mix.

Low sugar vitamin hit for people on the go.

A tasty and refreshing way to rehydrate, with 8 essential water soluble vitamins.

• Helps combat the effects of poor diet, stress and exercise

Rapid energy and hydration boost for serious workouts.

• Includes B vitamins that are beneficial during or after extra physical exertion

• Low in sugar, high in vitamins and natural ingredients, including the antioxidant Red Orange Complex

• Contains Folic acid and other B vitamins to release energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins Amount: 4 sachets D. VS-801 Lemon/Lime E. VS-6163 Tangerine/Orange FBV P414B1552W1707 RRP $21.32


• Just add to 500ml of water for a fruity burst of get-up-and-go Amount: 20 sticks Supply: 1-2 sticks per day F. VS-103786 Mandarin/Orange G. VS-103787 Peach FBV P714B2679W2947 RRP $36.83

• Replaces fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat • Helps minimise the risk of muscle cramps, heat stress and fatigue • Just add to 400ml of water as the ultimate thirst quencher before, during and after your workout Amount: 20 sticks H. VS-103788 Grapefruit I. VS-103789 Mixed Fruit FBV P893B3348W3683 RRP $46.02

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supply approximates are based on recommended dose.


Sports Nutrition | Fuel Factor

Health | Sports Nutrition




These protein bars are the perfect companion for your lifestyle. They have been scientifically developed as a healthy snack and to assist in fitness training and exercise regimes for those who like to perform at their peak.

A. - B. Fuel Factor Protein Bars Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste, these bars are delicious! Amount: 10 x 40g A. VS 243113 Choc Mint B. VS 243114 Peanut Caramel FBV P949B3560W3916 RRP $48.95

Health | Sports Nutrition C



C. - D. Whey Protein

E. - F. Mass Gainer

Muscle strength and tone.

Muscle growth.

Keeps going long after the workout stops.

Give your body its best shot.

• Helps your body build and rebuild lean muscle after exercise

• Unique protein/carbohydrate formula that adds muscle bulk for weight training athletes

• Builds strength, increases muscle mass and improves definition • Works hard to boost general nutrition Amount: 1kg C. VS-240212 Chocolate D. VS-240213 Vanilla FBV P1512B5669W6236 RRP $77.95



• Protein for muscle growth and carbs for an added boost of workout energy • The easy and visibly effective way to add kilojoules to your daily intake Amount: 1kg E. VS-240210 Chocolate F. VS-240211 Vanilla FBV P1201B4505W4956 RRP $61.95

got one ly n o e ive You’v eed to g n u o Y . at body fuel. Th t h ig r h it the g up wit in ll e u f , means exercise , t ie d y sh a health tion, fre la u im t s mental fun! air and

Sports Nutrition | Fuel Factor

Health | Sports Nutrition





A. Probiotic Fibre Drink Mix - Vanilla

B. Muscle Recovery

Digestive health.

Rev up the recovery factor.

Help your body do its thing.

• Aids workout recovery using key amino acids to help synthesise proteins

• Scientifically formulated probiotic blend to help restore intestinal flora – all the goodness you need to support a balanced digestive system

ACTOR FUEL F ts are produc eet ed to m p lo e v e d ay’s s of tod d e e n e th lth gly hea in s a e r inc sports s u io c s con & those t s ia s u enth tyle. tive lifes c a n a with

• Provides 2 active strains of probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillis acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis • Prebiotic (inulin) supports growth of probiotic bacteria Amount: 150g Supply: 21 days VS-249371 FBV P1182B4433W4876 RRP $60.95

Optimal recovery.

• Minimises the lingering effects of muscle fatigue so you can get back in the gym fast • Tasty grape-flavoured blend Amount: 500g VS-240214 FBV P1066B3996W4396 RRP $54.95

Health | Sports Nutrition

e the Releas packed powers, f vitamin o d n le b ls, fruit minera s& extract ants. anti-oxid






A. - D. Twist Caps

E. Fuel Factor Bottle

Energy support.

Great for anyone on the go.

The perfect pick-me-up for action-fuelled fun.

Reusable Bottle.

• Powered by vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts and antioxidants

• Complements the Fuel Factor Twist Caps

• Bursting with B vitamins including B3, B5, B6 and B12 • Just add water to experience an energising pick me up


• BPA free plastic bottle • Better for the environment – reusable Capacity: 650ml VS-240300 P000B000W1395 RRP $13.95

Amount: Pk 18 A. VS-240144 Orange B. VS-240146 Berry FBV P872B3269W3596 RRP $44.91 Amount: Pk 6 C. VS-240145 Orange D. VS-240147 Berry FBV P367B1378W1516 RRP $18.95

Groceries Energy | Contents | Page Header

energy S X e th od “I love feel go d n a , s . Drink g them n i y u b about althier e h a e r e They a an som h t e v i t y alterna r energ e h t o of the e.� ut ther o s k n i dr

36 36

Energy Power through the day. 38

Energy Drinks


Protein Blast & Energy Bars


Incredible Edibles


arl Wa

nd K April a um Platin

Energy | Contents 37

“I’m not much of a morning person and XS Chocolate Protein Blast is a great way to start my day. Or as a quick energy burst when I am on the run.” Rusty and Trish Mark Founders Platinum

XS™ | Wild Berry Blast Energy Drink

an s th orie s e L cal ½ a ugar in of s h XS nk eac rgy Dri Ene

Energy | XS™

ing the e e s r s e “Aft calorie n i e c n XS differe can of a n e e gy betw er ener h t o e t and th ouldn’ w I s k .” n dri ng else i h t y n drink a enna

ic McK

Domin IBO


Work hard and play smarter with XS™ Energy.

Fast facts

Kick sugar-packed drinks to the curb and boost your energy to the


max with XS™ Energy Drinks. Bursting with a super-blend of herbs and four essential B vitamins, with XS Energy Drinks you’ll kiss ™

Boosts your energy with a blend of 4 essential B vitamins


B vitamins provide energy

those sugar lows goodbye and feel ready for absolutely anything.

by metabolising carbs,

Learn more > see page 41

fats and proteins

Sugar Comparison * Sugar content

XS >.05g*

Red Bull >27g*

V >27g*

Mother >52g*



XS™ Energy Drinks No sugar, no crash, so you can keep on going. • Boosts your energy to the max • Healthy alternative combining a blend of 4 essential B vitamins • B vitamins provide energy by metabolising carbs, fats and proteins

A. Classic Blast • Smooth citrusy twist on the original energy drink flavour that put these beverages on the map



Amount: 12 x 250ml A. VS-832090 Classic Blast B. VS-781848 Wild Berry Blast C. VS-740238 Cola Blast D. VS-708588 Tropical Blast E. VS-634740 Citrus Blast F. VS-803350 Orange Blast G. VS-803352 Orange Blast Caffeine Free H. VS-634741 Grape Berry Blast FBV P715B2682W2950 RRP $35.40










0.49 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.23 g

0.49 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)



0.35 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.1 g

1.2 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.1 g

0.44 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.45 g

0.75 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.1 g

0.44 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


0.1 g

0.44 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 10mg B6 - 10mg B12 - 10mcg

(Acesulfame Potassium)


27 g

27 g


B3 - 20mg B5 - 5mg B6 - 5mg B12 - 5mcg

Sucrose Glucose


26.5 g

26.5 g


B3 - 7.2mg B5 - 1.8mg B6 - 1.1mg B12 - 1.4ug



26 g

26 g


B3 - 4.5mg B5 - 1.7mg B6 - 0.5mg B12 - 0.3ug






I. XS Mixed Case ®

B. Wild Berry Blast • Infused with superfood blueberry and strawberry

• Handy for parties or the unexpected drop in

• The cola flavour you love minus the bad bits


All your favourites so you can share the love.

C. Cola Blast




• The whole range* in just one pack ®

Amount: 12 x 250ml VS-210336 FBV P715B2682W2950 RRP $35.40

D. Tropical Blast • A poweful swirl of carbonated passion fruit, peach and pineapple


Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose Ace-K Sucralose

E. Citrus Blast • Start your day with a hit of citrus

F. Orange Blast • Great orange taste with an energy blast

G. Orange Blast Caffeine Free • No caffeine, but loads of essential B vitamins

H. Grape Berry Blast • An out of this world taste explosion *Classic Blast not included in Mixed Case


ks rgy Drin e n E XS uilt-free g a e r a n ensatio s r u o v fla ly 8 -10 with on . per can s ie r lo ca ™

Selected content information in the chart is as stated on each label as of April 2010. Trademarks are owned and maintained by their respective holders.

Energy | XS™


urs lavo ilable f l l A ava s are 2 pack 1 in


XS™ | Protein Blast

Not all meal replacements were created equal. When you’re running around like nobody’s Energy | XS™ Protein Blast

business, it can be hard to make time for a healthy, calorie-controlled meal. That’s where XS™ Protein Blast comes in. With its scientific blend of high-quality proteins and a balanced mix of carbs, vitamins and minerals, XS™ Protein Blast will give you the boost you need to keep powering on.

Fast facts 1.

High in protein and calcium


Low GI and 99% fat free

3. Helps

your body repair and revitalise


packed n i e t o ese pr d “Try th avoure fl e t g a l choco mornin r u o y u on give yo drinks l l i w d they ou nee break, y k c i y.” ergy k the da h the en g u o er thr to pow ogers Mike R ld Emera

tein Pro ed & k ! pac fat free 99%

XS™ Energy – great products for people on the go. B

h Hig y rg Ene



Serving size 302ml, 747kJ, 8.6g protein, 9.9g fat, 13.7g carbs, 3 teaspoons of sugar

Chocolate Bar

Serving size 55g, 1220kJ, 4.5g protein, 16.3g fat, 31g carbs, almost 8 teaspoons of sugar


Serving size 250ml, 1381kJ, 14.9 protein, 5.4g fat, 55.8g carbs, 13 teaspoons of sugar


XS™ Energy Drink

Serving size 250ml, 33kJ, 0g fat, <1g carbs

XS™ Energy Bar

Serving size 46g, 734kJ, 15.2g protein, 4.9g fat, 15g carbs, 11.5g sugar

XS™ Energy Drink

Serving size 375ml, 861kJ, 22g protein, 3g fat, 17.1g carbs, 15g sugar

XS™ Energy Bar


A.- B. XS™ Energy Bars

C. - D. XS™ Protein Blast

Long lasting energy that hits the spot fast.

Low carb, low fat food on the go.

• High protein, high fibre, high voltage so you can keep on moving

• Calorie-controlled meal replacement in delicious Chocolate or Latte flavours

• Perfect for athletes, teenagers and people on the go

• Blend of vitamins and minerals for energy and stamina

• A tasty and convenient snack in Almond Honey or Caramel Crème

• Scientific combination of high quality milk and whey proteins

Amount: 9 x 46g A. VS-782005 Caramel Creme Blast B. VS-782004 Almond Honey Blast FBV P682B2557W2813 RRP $33.75

Amount: 12 x 375ml C. VS-803248 Chocolate D. VS-803249 Latte FBV P1212B4545W5000 RRP $60.01

XS™ Energy Bar

XS™ Protein Blast

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Caramel Creme Bar 46g

Almond Honey Bar 46g







Total Fat



Saturated Fat









Dietary Fibre













Power Packed! Serving size 164g, 2270kJ, 9.2g protein, 22.5g fat, 71.6g carbs, 9 teaspoons of sugar

Serving size 46g, 734kJ, 15.2g protein, 4.9g fat, 15g carbs, 11.5g sugar

• 14 grams of protein • 6 grams of fat • Less than 4 grams of carbohydrates


Per 375ml serving 861kJ 202cals 22g

246kJ 58.5cals 6.32g







Mono Saturated



Trans fat



Dietary Fibre



Carbohydrates Sugars (as Lactose) Sodium










Nutrition Energy

Per 100ml

Energy Packed! • 22 grams of protein • 50% RDI calcium - Low GI • Low in fat, 3g per serve • 6 grams of dietary fibre • 25% RDI of essential vitamins and minerals

Energy | XS™


A better alternative


Energy | XS™

XS™ | Incredible Edibles

packed x o b a is n, “This . In ca y g r e n e ate full of chocol ® r o e k a y milksh triwa u N . rgy m bar for ™ ave your ene all S h ithout and X w d e r cove needs ories.” l a c e h t nnifer

and Je Jason um Platin 42


The health benefits of Nutriway ’s supplements ®

are combined with the XS Energy range ™

to deliver a package full of drinks and bars. Exploding with energy and protein, the Incredible Edibles Pack is great for people on the go.

Incredible Edibles Contents 2 x Sachets – Nutriway® Strive+™ Sports Drink 2 x Sachets – Nutriway® v Sports Drink 1 x Sachet – Nutriway® Positrim® Low Fat Drink Mix 2 x Bars – Nutriway® Positrim® Protein Bars 7 x Cans – XS™ Energy Drinks 2 x Poppers – XS™ Protein Blast 1 x Bar – XS™ Energy Bar

Energy | XS™

Incredible Edibles will serve as a perfect combination of Nutriway® and XS™ products.

VS-243115 FBV P1212B4545W5000 RRP $61.00


Wellbeing Groceries | Contents Page Header 44 44

Wellbeing Looking out for the ones you love. 46

Water Purification


Air Purification


Healthy Cooking

to ses us o p x e ty l armfu n socie h r e d d n o a “M ses we y stres n a rs that o m t c so a f al as nment home w r u o enviro e r ng to ensu amazi e s e h wanted ’. T ur haven e f a otect o s r ‘ p a o t n ts help it’s bee d n produc a th ’s heal enefits b e s e family h et o shar great t thers.” o h t i w


Wellbeing | Contents

k y Stoc d Jack n a d i Dav tinum ers Pla d n u o F


“It’s been extremely gratifying to mentor people through our business program which offers a proven track record of success. Given my medical background, it’s important to me to help people live healthier lives and I’m proud to work with these awardwinning product ranges which improve health in the home.” Paddy Reynolds Diamond

Water Purification

ves the o m e r ng® water p a t “eSpri r u h from o ily wit m a f nasties y m we ovides er and t and pr a w g rinkin ter is pure d ity wa l a u q .” w health all kno d o o g o al t essenti

Wellbeing | Water Purification

eSpring®, exclusively from Amway ®, is the world’s largest-selling brand of kitchen water treatment systems.* Water is essential to good health

Fast facts

Get the facts on why bottled water is harmful to our environment.

eSpring® is the first and only in-home system to combine a patented carbon block filter with ultraviolet disinfection and electronic monitoring

Fact 1: About 65% of plastic drink bottles go to landfills. Fact 2: Plastic production uses oil for plastic, oil for shipping, oil for refrigeration and, in a small percentage of bottles, oil for recycling.

eSpring® Safe drinking water that tastes, smells and looks great. • Traps more than 140 contaminants – including lead, pesticides, chlorine and mercury • Retains close to 100% of beneficial minerals – including calcium, magnesium & fluoride



la t Sahe Heman ld Emera

1. World’s best source of water 2. Meets highest standards of clean water quality (NSF certified)

3. Destroys more than 99.99% of waterborne disease causing bacteria, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water

4. Improves taste, odour and clarity of water

• Filter treats up to 5,000 litres of water, enough for the average family of six, for a full year

eSpring® vs Bottled Water One eSpring® filter can filter up to 5,000 litres of water or 8,300 x 600ml bottles of water a year.

$0.16 $0.04

For the first year installed Ongoing after first year

eSpring® Unit =


bottles of water a year



Mount Franklin** water 600ml

A-B * based on a Verify Markets study of 2009 global sales. **Source: Woolworths 2012






A. eSpring® Below Sink

D. eSpring® Above Sink Tap Kit

• Tucks snugly below the sink to maximise bench space

• Connects directly and easily to your kitchen tap

VS-100189 FBV P28127B105475W116023 RRP $1,392.30

VS-100662 FBV P4328B16230W17853 RRP $214.20

• Unlike plastic, you’ll find no traces of smelly residue

B. eSpring® Above Sink

eSpring® Replacement Filter

• Sits on the bench top and connects easily to your existing tap

(Not pictured)

• Throw it in your car or bag for an on-the-go thirst quencher

VS-100188 FBV P27004B101265W111392 RRP $1,336.65

C. eSpring® Below Sink Tap Kit

E. - H. eSpring® Stainless Steel Bottle A fresher way to reduce, reuse and refresh.

• Reduces landfill so it’s kinder on the environment

• Changing this carbon and UV cartridge is as simple as changing a light bulb

E. VS-233694 Blue 500ml F. VS-233695 Purple 500ml P000B000W1595 RRP $15.95

VS-100186 FBV P7257B27215W29935 RRP $359.25

• A dedicated stainless steel spout for your pure water supply

Water Treatment System Replacement Filter (Not pictured)

VS-100663 FBV P5588B20955W23051 RRP $276.60

• Is the same as the original filter supplied with your Water Treatment System and is easy to install

G. VS-233696 Blue 750ml H. VS-233697 Purple 750ml P000B000W1950 RRP $19.50

Wellbeing | Water Purification


VS-3028 FBV P3315B12430W13673 RRP $164.05






Taste, odour and clarity.

Bacteria and viruses.

Cysts, organic contaminants, chlorine by-products, nonorganic contaminants.

Retains beneficial minerals, any volume on demand, 5,000L filter, monitoring system.

eSpring® A solid block of activated carbon effectively removes more than 140 contaminants, while the eSpring® UV light system destroys micro-organisms.

Bottled Quality may vary between brands because treatment methods differ. Can be a very expensive source of water.

Pitcher Type/ Pour-Through Filter Most reduce only a small number of organic contaminants. Pitcher filters treat limited water volumes. Frequent filter change is required.

Faucet-mounted Carbon Filter Some, if not most, are ineffective at reducing a long list of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other contaminants. Without UV light, they can’t control micro-organisms. Requires frequent filter purchases.

Reverse Osmosis Slow and inefficient; 80-90% of water in flow is wasted. High pressure required. May remove desirable minerals.

Compare any source of water to eSpring . You’ll find they don’t compare. It’s the first in-home system that does two jobs at once: it controls micro-organisms with UV light, and it reduces possible health-affecting contaminants. ®

✔ Effective On All ▼ Effective On Some ✖ Not Effective ● Unknown


Air Purification

Wellbeing | Air Purification

The power to transform your environment with the touch of a button.




The ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier’s innovative technology, superb performance, convenience and purification power effectively eliminates 99.99% of the airborne particles that pass through it, down to 0.009 microns.



Breathe clean and easy.

B. Atmosphere™ Carbon Odour Filter

• Technology at its best for a healthier and happier home environment

• Gets rid of nasty odours such as pet smells, mould and cigarette smoke

• Banishes pollen, bacteria, fungal spores, dust mites, viruses, smoke and other impurities

VS-101077 FBV P4257B15962W17558 RRP $210.71

• Combats indoor air pollution that contributes to asthma, sore throats, headaches and eye irritation

A. Atmosphere™ Air Purifier

C. Atmosphere™ Hepa Filter • Eliminates 99.99% of airborne particles and 80 household contaminants VS-101078 FBV P5744B21541W23695 RRP $284.34

• Handy remote control operation, set and forget timer, clean air indicator and more VS-101076 FBV P49399B185246W203771 RRP $2,445.25

Filtration Process

air intake > pre-filter > particulate filter > carbon odour filter > fresh air return

The function of the filters Particulate (HEPA) filter: • Captures particles as small as 0.009 microns • Documented removal of 80 contaminants including allergens, bacteria, fungal spores, viruses, pollens, minerals and radon decay by-products • Lasts one year when the system is run continuously, up to three years if operated eight hours a day

Carbon Odour filter: • 1900g activated coconut carbon • 1.6 million square metres of surface area • 50% better against common household odours. It reduces toxins – formaldehyde by more than 70%, dioxins by more than 75% and ozone by more than 90% • Life of filter is 1 year to 4 months depending on extent of use

Key Facts

(Not pictured)

Fact 1: The average person breathes approximately 13,000 litres of air each day.

• Removes up to 99.9% of particles as small as 0.03 microns • Allows a higher level of airflow without increasing its very quiet running noise levels VS-6125 FBV P4392B16470W18117 RRP $217.40

Fact 2: Generally, people spend more than 90% of their time indoors. (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, USA). Fact 3: The air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside (EPA, USA).

Fact 5: 2.2 million Australians have asthma including 1 in 6 children and 1 in 9 adults (Asthma Foundation, NSW 2007). Fact 6: Airborne particles are usually measured in microns. The ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier will eliminate 99.99% of airborne particles down to 0.009 microns.

Wellbeing | Air Purification

D. ATS System Particulate Filter

Fact 4: Indoor air pollution contributes to: asthma, lung cancer, sore throats, eye irritation, nausea, headaches and a general feeling of discomfort (CSIRO).

E. ATS System Carbon Filter (Not pictured) • Reduces and neutralises odours VS-6124 FBV P3473B13025W14328 RRP $171.95


Key Features of the ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier – a healthy living environment

Clarus™ Filtration



Turbo Power

Features an activated carbon filter with a surface area equal to 366 football fields, a HEPA filter and pre-filter. This capacity reduces odours and up to 99.99% of airborne pollutant particles that pass through the system – including pollen, bacteria dust mites, viruses, smoke and other impurities as small as 0.009 microns.

Quiet operation is as important to the comfort of your home as clean air. The Pureflow™ system eliminates excessive fan noise by operating only when it is needed. It also reduces energy costs to earn ATMOSPHERE™ an Energy Star Rating.

Intelli-sense™ technology provides you with an automatic mode that allows you to set the ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier to improve the quality of your home’s environment. The particle sensor and speed adjusts to changing air conditions.

Dial up the power to “Turbo” to clear the air in a hurry. In approximately 30 minutes ATMOSPHERE™ can clean the air of particles in a 390 square foot room. Use it after cooking, when smoking or just to powerclean the room.

99.99% effective.

Whisper-quiet efficiency.

Just set it and forget it.

Wellbeing | Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking

A functional, well designed set of cookware is essential for anyone who cares about their food. Manufactured from premium grade surgical stainless steel, iCook® represents the latest advancement in healthy cooking.

Superior Cooking Engineering





Heavy gauge, multiply stainless steel

Vegetables retain more nutrients and flavour

Toughest and most durable non-stick

Ensures evenly cooked meals on any cooktop

Handles and knobs stay cool to the touch

It all starts with precision engineering. iCook® Cookware is made of heavy-gauge multi-ply stainless steel, with a carbonsteel core to improve heat distribution, and 18/10 surgical grade steel inner and outer layers. The bases are fully encapsulated aluminium to work beautifully on today’s cooktops, including ceramic and glass.

The VITALOK™ cooking method allows you to lock in more essential vitamins and minerals. The water seal that forms between the lid and the pan allows meat, fruit and vegetables to cook quickly in their natural oils and juices without added fat – but with plenty of taste.

The exclusive DURAMIC™ non-stick coating is easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch. It’s the toughest, most durable nonstick coating in the world. The threelayer nonstick DURAMIC™ coating is reinforced internally and externally for superior durability.

The OPTITEMP™ cooking base means food and sauces cook evenly, with no hot spots – on any type of cooktop. Plus, the improved heat distribution allows you to stack one pan on top of another and cook an entire meal on one burner.

Attention to detail in the design process means that the iCook® range is great to look at with their classic styling and ergonomically designed handles and knobs that stay cool to the touch and are oven safe to 400°F/204°C. Put simply, iCook® is especially designed to deliver superb cooking performance for a lifetime of great meals.



1 4

s nles d Stai l limite stee ime lifet ranty war


7 A

A. iCook® 11 Piece Gourmet Set

1. Stock Pot Steamer – 4L

5. Junior Dome Lid

• 1 Litre Saucepan with Lid

Fresh, clean and delicious.

Three uses in one.

• Junior Sauté Pan with Lid

• Gentle steamer for the 4 Litre Stock Pot that doubles as a handy colander

• For bulky items in the Stock Pot or Junior Sauté Pan, a stack-cooking base and serving dish

• Senior Sauté Pan with Lid • Junior Dome Lid • 4 Litre Stock Pot with Lid

2. Stock Pot & Lid – 4L

• Stock Pot Steamer

Feed the whole family.

• Boiler Insert Pan

• For hearty winter meals like soups and stews, whole chickens and more

VS-109764 FBV P20588B77205W84926 RRP $1,146.51

3. Double Boiler Insert Pan Keeps dishes warm and moist. • A ‘bain marie’ for the 4 Litre Stock Pot that doubles as a serving dish

4. Senior Sauté Pan & Lid

6. Saucepan & Lid – 1L A must-have in any kitchen. • From pasta to vegies, bolognaise to baby food, reheating and more

7. Junior Sauté Pan & Lid

Wellbeing | Healthy Cooking



Space saving sauté. • All the benefits of the iCook® Senior, but for smaller portion meals

Low or no oil cooking. • Perfect for frying and low-oil sautés, or to seal in flavours for no-oil braising


K VITALO k o o iC The res y ensu g lo o n tural tech s its na in a t e r food colours d n a s r flavou re s in mo k c lo d an ts, l nutrien ls. ia t n e s ra es nd mine a s in m vita ®

Healthy Cooking

No matter the dish or the number of grumbling tummies, you can always count on iCook®.

Wellbeing | Healthy Cooking




A. Nest of 1L, 2L & 3L Mixing Bowls with Lids

B. 10" Non-Stick Frypan

• Mix and marinate in durable, reliable stainless steel

• For smaller portion meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner

• 4 Litre Stock Pot with Lid

VS-101089 FBV P1607B6026W6629 RRP $89.51

VS-100678 FBV P3471B13015W14317 RRP $193.25

• Double Boiler Insert Pan

Good things in small packages.

C. 12" Non-Stick Frypan One-pan wonder. • Chicken, steak, fish, chops, tofu, the works


VS-101087 FBV P4721B17705W19476 RRP $262.90 D

nts the ® represe k in iCoo cement n a v d a latest . cooking y h lt a e h

D. 4 Piece Steamer Boiler, Stock Pot Set • 4 Litre Stock Pot Steamer VS-101085 FBV P7526B28223W31045 RRP $419.10



E. 6 Piece Essential Set

F. iCook® 7 Piece Starter Set

G. 10 Piece Advanced Set

• 8 Litre Dutch Oven with Lid

• 1 Litre Saucepan with Lid

• 2 Litre Saucepan with Lid

• Pasta Insert with Ring

• Junior Sauté Pan with Lid

• 3 Litre Saucepan with Lid

• Senior Dome Lid

• Senior Sauté Pan with Lid

• 8 Litre Dutch Oven with Lid

• Large Grater / Steamer Insert

• Junior Dome Lid

• Pasta Insert with Ring

VS-101086 FBV P11736B44010W48411 RRP $653.55

VS-101094 FBV P13062B48982W53880 RRP $727.41

• Senior Dome Lid

Wellbeing | Healthy Cooking

ses are a b e h T rk m to wo ’s iu in m lu a today n o y ll u if beaut ding s, inclu p o t k o co ss. and gla ic m a r ce

• Large Grater/ Steamer Insert VS-101096 FBV P21215B79555W87511 RRP $1,181.40



Beauty Beauty | Contents

ARTISTRY® luxury skincare and cosmetics.


Skincare 56

Creme L/X


Intensive Skincare


Youth Xtend




essentials Skincare


Targeted Solutions


Pure White

Colour 68 Foundations 72 Trend Colour Collection – Spring 72 Trend Colour Collection – Autumn 76

Eyes & Cheeks


Eye & Brows


Lip Colour

82 Nails 84

beautycycle™ skincare and cosmetics

Awaiting IBO photography. Aw

waiting approval of testimonials.

Beauty | Contents

ere I’m h w w ’m “I kno e and I f i l n i ok going ed to lo n i m r e it. det ile I do h w r d goo g bette n i h t o n ty There’s a beau g n i l l e n than s you ca t a h t y range fidentl n o c e s a .” showc ery day v e f l e s your n Reid Kathry um Platin


“We share such a fast paced lifestyle and with the ARTISTRY® range it is easy to look and feel good about yourself, and from the compliments and good feedback we get, we know it works.” Andrew and Catherine Kerr Emerald


Skincare | Intensive Skincare


Is forward beauty Beauty | Skincare

ARTISTRY was founded in the 1950s by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team who went beyond boundaries to bring together science, nutrition and art to inspire revolutionary beauty breakthroughs. Today, and for over 50 years, ARTISTRY has taken the lead with the most scientifically superior and advanced beauty solutions, making it one of the top five* premium global skincare brands. ARTISTRY constantly pushes the boundaries of beauty, through three key pillars—Discovery, Imagination and Invention. This is Forward Beauty.*


ch has r a e s e ing tific r in help y “Scien a w long eliver d s t come a c u re prod result. l a r skinca u t a tiful n e a beau is at th X / L ation.” v o n n Crème i is nt of th forefro n

a a Noon Anthe um Platin

Actress Teresa Palmer for ARTISTRY


Beauty | Skincare

acts Skin o up t ears 15 y nger** you

he X is at t / L e m è Cr vanced d a f o t r hea e and skincar n, novatio in ic if t n scie o ission t m a n o lly beautifu a e t a e r c d you. renewe


A. Crème L/X Eye

B. Crème L/X

C. Crème L/X Skincare Travel Pack

360° Eye Repair

The best of science for the very best of you.

Luxury gift or the perfect travel companion.

• Revolutionary CellEffect technology and a silky texture

• Exclusive Cardiolipin generates skin renewal from within

• Travel size Crème L/X pump (5ml)

• Exclusive Cardiolipin generates skin renewal from within

• Unparalleled hydration and dramatically-enhanced elasticity, definition and smoothness

• Addresses visible lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, sagging and puffiness in the fragile eye area. • See the difference in your eye area – instantly. Amount: 15ml VS109698 FBV P2931B10990W12089 RRP $163.20

• Apply morning and night for diminished fine lines and the ultimate luxury skincare experience Amount: 45ml VS-103564 FBV P7448B27929W30722 RRP $414.74

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited, 2009. **Clinically tested. 93% of women felt smoother skin after just one treatment.

• 5 foil Crème L/X Moisturiser samples (0.75g each) • 5 foil Creme L/X Eye samples (0.75g each) • Deluxe Crème L/X Cosmetic bag VS-249319 While Stocks Last P000B000W3145 RRP $31.45



Beauty | Skincare

Skincare | Intensives


he RY is t T S I T of “AR years’ f o t l u res esearch r c fi i t scien k you loo e k a m to r.” younge l e e f & ings Cumm r e h t a He tinum ers Pla Found

The ARTISTRY Intensives range offers softer, radiant skin, at home, in just minutes. Benefits comparable to professional treatments. Actress Teresa Palmer for ARTISTRY

s look ofter n i k s S els & fe r just 1* afte tment trea C

airs Rep at the vel Skin ular Le Cell

Beauty | Skincare

st Boo ral natu gen ** colla 00% by 3


A. Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel Step back in time.

B. Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum

• 93% of women felt softer and smoother after just one 8-minute treatment

Overnight success.

• Gentle yet highly effective alternative to harsh chemical peels

• High-performing combination of potent collagen-boosting ingredients including Retinol

• For a fresh, renewed and luminous complexion Amount: 20ml VS-107998 FBV P2045B7668W8435 RRP $113.87 * Clinically tested. 93% of women felt smoother skin after one treatment

• Silky soft age-correcting serum

• Apply regularly for dramatic visual improvements to elasticity, lines and wrinkles Amount: 30ml VS-109709 FBV P2557B9590W10548 RRP $142.40 ** In vitro testing

C. 14 Night Restore Program 7 levels of restoration and 7 skin-correcting benefits. • An intensive two-week series that repairs your skin at the Cellular level • UltrasomesTM — a restorative enzyme, helps supercharge skin’s natural ability to repair signs of damage caused by environmental insults. • provides benefits of a professional photo-facial skin rejuvenation treatment. • Clinically shown to improve skin clarity by 261% for brighter, healthier looking skin. VS-116396 FBV P7396B27736W30510 RRP $411.90


Skincare | Youth Xtend

Beauty | Skincare

SEE A MORE YOUTHFUL LOOK LONGER Introducing ARTISTRY® YOUTH XTEND.™ Smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Restore radiance and clarity. Reprogram skin’s future and repair past damage to protect and prolong skin’s youth.


Actress Teresa Palmer for ARTISTRY

f o r w ar d b e a u ty

Reprogram THE FUTURE OF YOUR SKIN Now your skin can look younger  –  longer than you ever thought possible. The look of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. Begin to notice younger-looking skin in just one week.

YOUNGER SKIN TODAY–AND FOR YEARS TO COME. • Reprogram skin’s future through LifeSirt, a rare Life-Extending Mediterranean Botanical extract, which encourages youth protein production by 280%.* • Repair skin cells and boost collagen activity with our extensive Micro-X6 Peptide.**

Beauty | Skincare

• Protect skin’s vibrancy with an exclusive blend of powerful conditioners and antioxidants, including the rich African Baobab Fruit extract and other ingredients, grown on our own organic farms. Skin appears smoother and performs at its peak longer, extending your youthful look far into the future. Reprogram the future of your skin with Artistry Youth Xtend.™

ARTISTRY is Forward Beauty.


STRY ARTI tend X Youth ion. ct Colle . 2013 Early

*Based on in vitro gene expression assay ** Based on in vitro assay

Skincare | Time Defiance®

Ageless skincare ARTISTRY® TIME DEFIANCE® lotions and crèmes dramatically improve the visible signs of ageing by 41% in only 12 weeks.

Beauty | Skincare









A. Cleansing Treatment

D. Night Recovery Lotion

For a deeply moisturising, fresh-faced feel.

Rebalance, restore and rejuvenate.

• Visibly repairs dryness, boosts skin cells and restores moisture balance

• D  elicate oil-free formula for normal to oily skin

• Helps protect skin’s collagen and elastin from environmental stress

• Restores firmness and elasticity

Amount: 125g VS-102795 FBV P993B3722W4094 RRP $55.28

B. Conditioning Toner The essential ingredient for youthful elasticity. • C  onditions & prepares skin for the complete Time Defiance® treatment program • Balances moisture and soothes using Oat extract and Chamomile Amount: 250ml VS-102796 FBV P1042B3907W4298 RRP $58.01

C. Day Protect Lotion SPF15


Amount: 50ml VS-101824 FBV P1809B6784W7462 RRP $100.75

E. Day Protect Crème SPF15 Stop ageing where it starts. • The ultimate anti-ageing crème for normal to dry skin


G. Time Defiance® System with Crèmes Luxuriate wildly. • Banishes wrinkles and dryness for an immediate 181% hydration boost • Helps restore firmness and elasticity in normal to dry skin VS-210416 FBV P4938B18516W20368 RRP $274.95

H. Time Defiance® System with Lotions Light as a feather.

• High performing formula helps prevent future lines and wrinkles

• The ultimate treatment for normal to oily skin

Amount: 50ml VS-101821 FBV P1642B6158W6774 RRP $91.45

• Nourishes while boosting perfect harmony

F. Night Recovery Crème Rich in emollients to bring skin back to life.

Look and feel younger, all day, every day.

• Welcome relief for normal to dry skin

• Oil-free formula for normal to oily skin • Immediate skin hydration by 181%

• Eliminates wrinkles more effectively with our exclusive Time Defiance® formula

Amount: 50ml VS-101822 FBV P1642B6158W6774 RRP $91.45

Amount: 50ml VS-101823 FBV P1809B6784W7462 RRP $100.75

Save h 10% wit ® Artistry s system

• Helps fight the visible signs of ageing VS-210417 FBV P4938B18516W20368 RRP $274.95

I. Time Defiance® Sample Packs Perfect way to sample and recommend TIME DEFIANCE® Amount: Pack of 5 VS-242968 P000B000W1350 RRP $13.50






A. Lifting Eye Crème

C. Intensive Repair Daily

E. Skin Refinishing Lotion

A visible lift for brighter eyes.

Helps defy the daily grind.

For tight tone and exquisite texture.

• More than 95% of clinical test users saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Everyday repair and protection

• Improves the appearance of skin texture by enhancing natural exfoliation without using harsh acids

• Smooths the delicate eye area

• Skin looks brighter, smoother and has improved texture through reduced roughness

• Reduces the appearance of saggy skin, puffiness and dark circles Amount: 15g VS-105532 FBV P1131B4242W4666 RRP $63.00

B. Vitamin C & Wild Yam Treatment Nurtures mature and sun-damaged skin. • Intensive twice-daily treatment to help boost your youth factor • Powerful combination of vitamins and botanicals clinically proven to combat the appearance of wrinkles by 58% • Two-part packaging system ensures vitamin C is released at time of use, for maximum effect • Contains Wild Yam for its hydrating benefits Amount: 10ml VS-205718 FBV P2050B7686W8455 RRP $114.18

• Restores the skin’s natural ability to recover from seasonal changes

• Extends the benefits achieved with Intensive Repair Serum Amount: 30ml VS-102006 FBV P3978B14922W16414 RRP $205.17

D. Derma Erase Smooths and softens problem areas. • Targets forehead, furrows, frown and laugh lines

Beauty | Skincare

TIME DEFIANCE® products preserve and restore the appearance of youthful skin and prevent the visible signs of ageing.

• Reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines • From the first application, your skin will feel softer and smoother to the touch Amount: 30ml VS-100240 FBV P1635B6132W6745 RRP $91.04

Skin Refinishing Foilpacks (Not pictured) Amount: Pk 10 VS-100080 P116B434W953 RRP $11.92

• Minimises and softens the appearance of both lines and creases • Safe for sensitive skin, with soothing Chamomile Amount: 4ml VS-102050 FBV P1943B7287W8016 RRP $108.20


Skincare | Daily Skincare & Targeted Solutions

ARTISTRY® essentials help skin stay strong, feel healthier and look younger, every day, for life. Three simple steps – cleanse, tone and moisturise. E

Beauty | Skincare










A. - D. Hydrating Skincare System

D. Hydrating Lotion SPF15

G. Balancing Toner

Gives generously to normal to dry skin.

A protective moisture seal.

Hard working formula helps control shine.

• Creates a perfect balance throughout the day

Amount: 75ml VS-104128 FBV P1103B4136W4550 RRP $61.42

Amount: 200ml VS-104130 FBV P981B3677W4045 RRP $54.59

• Perfect for sensitive skin types

E. - H. Balancing Skincare System

H. Balancing Lotion SPF15

VS-105489 FBV P2657B9965W10962 RRP $147.98

Harmony and control for oily skin.

All day control.

• Continuous oil control in three simple steps

Amount: 75ml VS-104131 FBV P1103B4136W4550 RRP $61.42

• Includes ultra-moisturising natural ingredients like Indian Fig and Omegas

B. Hydrating Cleanser Gently exfoliates and hydrates.

• Natural ingredients like Acerola Cherry help equalise and prevent shine

Amount: 135ml VS-104126 FBV P869B3260W3585 RRP $48.41

• Perfect for sensitive skin types

C. Hydrating Toner

F. Balancing Cleanser

Energises and boosts the skin’s hydration.

Clears, clarifies and exfoliates.

Amount: 200ml VS-104127 FBV P981B3677W4045 RRP $54.59

Amount: 135ml VS-104129 FBV P869B3259W3585 RRP $48.41

VS-105487 FBV P2657B9965W10962 RRP $147.98

I. essentials Skincare Sample Packs Perfect way to sample and recommend essentials skincare Amount: Pack of 5 VS-242969 P000B000W1350 RRP $13.50

Polish. Scrub. Replenish.


Beauty | Skincare

all For types skin







A. Soothing Crème

C. Replenishing Eye Crème

E. Creamy Massage

Settles sensitive, stressed skin.

Like a good night’s sleep.

Softens and moisturises your skin.

• Improves your skin’s resistance to environmental stress

• Improves the appearance of fine lines, under-eye puffiness and dark circles

• Leaves your skin feeling soft and silky

• Nourishes, brightens & calms using ultra-gentle natural ingredients & omegas

• Unique combination of Linseed and Liquorice soothes tired eyes

• Enriched with antioxidant vitamins A, C & E

• Ideal for all skin types and fragrance free

• Luxurious massage cream – featuring the exclusive ARTISTRY® Hydrolipid Matrix and other botanicals for an intense moisturising experience

Amount: 30g VS-104135 FBV P1060B3974W4370 RRP $59.00

Amount: 15ml VS-105531 FBV P938B3518W3870 RRP $52.24

Amount: 120g VS-111643 FBV P1406B5271W5798 RRP $78.25

D. Polishing Scrub

F. - G. Travel Pack

Rejuvenate dull, lifeless skin.

Don’t leave town without it.

B. Moisture Plus Moisture where you need it most. • Instantly hydrates whilst improving the skin’s ability to seal in moisture • Vitamin-rich moisture boost enriched with omegas and botanicals • Just a few drops to increase moisture and hydrate and refresh the skin Amount: 14.5ml VS-104133 FBV P662B2481W2729 RRP $36.86

• Light foaming scrub with jojoba beads gently removes dead skin cells • Improves skin texture, leaving a healthy glow and soft after-feel • Accelerates the natural exfoliation for all skin types Amount: 125ml VS-106399 FBV P984B3691W4060 RRP $54.80

• Cleanser 20ml • Toner 30ml • Lotion SPF15 20ml F. VS-233503 Essentials Hydrating Travel Kit G. VS-233504 Essentials Balancing Travel Kit FBV P144B541W1784 RRP $24.09


Skincare | Targeted Solutions & Pure White Skincare

Targeted solutions

Beauty | Skincare

Extras with extraordinary results delivering problem solving power.








A. Anti-Blemish

C. Pore Cleansing Masque

E. Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus

Hello blemish-free skin.

Unclog pores, banish the shine.

High performance for ageing skin.

• Reduces acne, absorbs oil and purifies your skin

• Hard working, oil-free, mineral clay masque

• See smoother, younger-looking skin in as little as 24 hours

• Discourages nasty breakouts from resurfacing

• Draws out excess oil

• Regular use helps drastically improve the appearance of ageing skin

• On the spot treatment for all skin types

• Minimises pores and promotes skin health, no matter your skin type

Amount: 30ml VS-104134 FBV P590B2213W2434 RRP $32.86

Amount: 100ml VS-106400 FBV P924B3465W3812 RRP $51.45

B. Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

D. Moisture Intense Masque

Removes stubborn makeup.

Pampering moisture treatment.

• Gently lifts long-lasting formulas, even bold lip colour and waterproof mascara

• An immediate moisture-surge for normal-to-dry and extra-dry skin

• Oil-free and made with skin-smoothing Aloe Vera gel, so it doesn’t dry your skin

• Restores the moisture barrier to prevent future drying

• Botanicals help diminish freckles and hyper-pigmentation

• Emollients help condition eyelashes

• Maintains hydration and leaves skin soft, supple and smooth

• Creates a more even skin tone

Amount: 100ml VS-106401 FBV P924B3465W3812 RRP $51.45

Amount: 75g VS-102205 FBV P735B2756W3032 RRP $40.94

Amount: 120ml VS-106403 FBV P609B2284W2512 RRP $33.91

• Perfectly balances the exfoliating properties of Alpha Hydroxy acids with soothing Oat Extract Amount: 30ml VS-107992 FBV P1680B6300W6930 RRP $93.56

F. Hand Crème SPF15 Brings hands back to life.

• Added SPF protection from the elements

Pure White Beauty | Skincare

Designed for fair Caucasian and Asian skin tones. Pure White will gently and effectively help you achieve lighter, brighter looking skin.






A. Cleanser (While stocks last)

C. Toner (While stocks last)

E. Crème (While stocks last)

Removes impurities gently as pure whitening begins.

Prepares skin for Pure White Essence.

Enhances the whitening repair process.

• Removes make-up and traces of dirt and any left over cleanser

• Works at night to return skin’s healthy glow

• A rich foam cleanser that feels luxuriously silky • Removes pore clogging dirt, skin oil, light makeup and impurities of the skin Amount: 125ml VS-103415 FBV P1137B4264W4690 RRP $63.32

B. Essence (While stocks last) Visibly whiter skin in just 2 weeks.

• Adds moisture to the skin Amount: 150ml VS-103417 FBV P1137B4264W4690 RRP $63.32

D. Moisturiser (While stocks last) Instantly hydrates and moisturises your skin. • Experience skin translucency like never before

• Moisturises skin while you sleep and increases skin moisture level by 114% • Leaves skin supple, moisturised, smooth and soft • Continuously moisturises skin while you sleep Amount: 50g VS-103421 FBV P1500B5625W6188 RRP $83.53

• Contains Pure White Balancing Complex, featuring White Tea Extract to brighten the skin

• Contains SPF15


• Improves the moisture content of dry skin by 120%

• The system includes Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Moisturiser and Crème

• Clinically proven to lighten skin tone by 19% in four weeks, 37% in eight weeks, and 65% in 12 weeks

• Helps to protect against future hyper-pigmentation

• Includes 10% discount

Amount: 30ml VS-104020 FBV P1953B7325W8058 RRP $108.78

Amount: 100ml VS-103419 FBV P1500B5625W6188 RRP $83.53

(Not pictured, While stocks last)

VS-210184 FBV P6505B24393W26832 RRP $362.23

tem Sys s e sav 10% u o y


Beauty | Colour

Colour | Foundations








A. Foundation Base

B. Concealer

C. Tinted Moisturiser

The perfect canvas.

What imperfections?

A touch of protective colour.

• Prepares your skin for even makeup coverage, a greatly improved finish and extended wear

• Expertly hide blemishes, imperfections and under-eye circles

• Smooth, lightweight, self-adjusting cover

• Smooth, easy to use and long-wearing

• Provides rich, nourishing hydration and protection from environmental exposure

• Brightens and corrects uneven skin tone, reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines

• Moisturising formula with a lightweight feeling

• SPF15 helps prevent the visible signs of ageing

Amount: 1.6g FBV P679B2546W2801 RRP $37.81

Amount: 30ml FBV P959B3596W3955 RRP $53.39

• Lightweight and non-greasy, with a fiercely protective SPF20 formula Amount: 25g FBV P943B3535W3889 RRP $52.49

Chiffon Beige VS-109761

Chiffon Pink VS-109762

Fair VS-106260

Medium VS-106261

Deep VS-106263

Shade 1 VS-106265

Shade 2 VS-106266

Shade 3 VS-106267

Shade 4 VS-106268

Shade 5 VS-106269

Shade 6 VS-106270

Shade 7 VS-106271

Shade 8 VS-106272

Skin Type By observing when your skin tends to shine, you will be able to determine what skin type you have. ARTISTRY® recommends answering the questions below to help you work out which ARTISTRY® Foundation is best for you.

What time does your skin shine? Mid-morning Normal/Combination

Midday Normal Skin

Mid-afternoon Normal/Dry Skin

Evening/Never Dry Skin

There’s more to skin types than the normal ‘oily or dry’ definition. With this chart you’ll be able to work out which ARTISTRY® Foundation is best for your skin. ARTISTRY® Foundation:

Balancing Foundation

LIGHT coverage: MEDIUM coverage:

Apply with fingers

MAXIMUM coverage

Ideal Dual Powder Foundation

Hydrating Foundation

Apply with brush

Apply with fingers

TIME DEFIANCE® Firming Creme

Apply with dry sponge

Apply with fingers

Apply with wet sponge

Apply with sponge

D. Time Defiance® Firming Creme Foundation

E. Hydrating Foundation

F. Balancing Foundation

For natural good looks, normal to dry skin.

Lightweight formula to beat the shine.

For a flawless, younger-looking you.

• Optimises your skin’s moisture level for up to 8 hours

• Normalises skin surface oils for combination-to-oily skin

• Protective SPF20 and Aura of Protection fight free radicals

• Features oil-controlling Acerola Cherry fibre and hydrating Indian Fig

• A natural, medium coverage in a satin finish. Perfect for sensitive skin

• Sensitive skin-friendly with a matte finish and medium coverage

FBV P959B3596W3956 RRP $53.39

• Protective SPF20 and Aura of Protection fights free radicals

• Helps maintain firmness and expertly builds an even skin tone • Unique antioxidant shield works hard to prevent visible lines and wrinkles • Protects the skin’s surface with an advanced SPF15 formula Amount: 30ml FBV P1216B4559W5015 RRP $67.71

FBV P959B3596W3956 RRP $53.39

Ivory VS-102692

Sable VS-102703

Porcelain VS-102691

Chablis VS-106134

Champagne VS-106135

Cameo VS-106136

Chablis VS-106162

Champagne VS-106163

Cameo VS-106164

Linen VS-102695

Honey VS-102702

Fawn VS-102697

Linen VS-106139

Natural VS-106146

Soleil VS-106147

Linen VS-106167

Natural VS-106174

Soleil VS-106175

Natural VS-102698

Almond VS-102701

Plush VS-106148

Golden VS-106150

Bronze VS-106153

Plush VS-106176

Golden VS-106178

Bronze VS-106181

Beauty | Colour

Immediately Combination/Oily


Colour | Foundations, Powders & Concealers




A. Youth Effects Foundation Portable liquid-style foundation.

Beauty | Colour

• R  educes the appearance of pores and makes skin feel supple • Creates a resilient and youthful complexion with vitamins B, E and C • Natural looking medium coverage, FBV P683B2562W2818 RRP $38.05

Chablis VS-109665

Champagne VS-109667

Linen VS-109670

Chiffon VS-109671

Buff VS-109672

Natural VS-109676

Soleil VS-109677

Golden VS-109678

Bronze VS-109679


B. Youth Effects Compact VS-109681 P000B000W1939 RRP $24.89

C. Youth Effects Sponge (Not included in compact) VS-109682 P000B000W045 RRP $0.65

Skin is visible... flaws are not!

Ideal Dual Powder Foundation A. Ideal Dual Powder Foundation SPF18 Self-adjusts for a perfect match. • Apply wet or dry for naturally gorgeous, all-day coverage • Weightless powder adheres without caking for a flawless effect • Absorbs oil and protects from harsh environmental damage

Chablis VS-106846

Champagne VS-106847

Cameo VS-106848

Linen VS-106851

Natural VS-106858

Soleil VS-106859

Plush VS-106860

Golden VS-106862

Bronze VS-106865

Amount: 12g FBV P792B2969W3266 RRP $44.10

B. Ideal Dual Powder Sponge VS-105149 P000B000W052 RRP $0.68



Ideal Pressed Powder

C. Ideal Pressed Powder • Pure weightlessness and exquisite softness • Absorbs oil and sets makeup for the day with a natural matte finish • Provides whisper light coverage, suitable for all skin types • ARTISTRY® ideal shade matching technology VS-106185 Translucent FBV P438B1641W1805 RRP $24.35

Beauty | Colour

Transcending translucence.

D. Ideal Powder Compact • Also fits Dual Powder Foundation


Translucent VS-106185


VS-104369 FBV P149B560W1848 RRP $21.25


Compact & Powder Puff E. Ideal Face Powder Refill

F. Ideal Face Powder Case

Truly you, truly perfect • Easy blending for a uniformed texture

VS-106191 FBV P157B588W1940 RRP $22.32

• Reflects light, diminishing appearance of pores and imperfections

G. Ideal Face Powder Puff

• Bonds with skin for a smooth, long-wearing, natural appearance

VS-108711 P000B000W098 RRP $1.32

• ARTISTRY Ideal shade matching technology


Amount: 25g VS-106192 Translucent FBV P792B2969W3266 RRP $44.10 Translucent VS-106192



Beauty | Colour

Colour | Trend Colour Collection

Spring has arrived in a bouquet of bright colours, breezy fabrics and lively patterns. Inspired by pops of colour, playful prints and a tailored touch of chic femininity. The understated glamour of the Mediterranean seaside is alive in looks for leisurely days and elegant nights.



Beauty | Colour






A. - B. Face Palettes

Cheek Colour

Eye Shadow Accents

Bring out the luxurious style of the Italian Riviera with pure, radiant colour. Complement the fresh looks of the season with the ARTISTRY Spring 2012 colour collection, Escape to Paradise. The soft bronze shades of the “Beachfront” palette give you a gorgeous glow, while the lush colourful splash of the “Seascape” palette gives your look lively glamour.

Multi-purpose powders can be applied individually to cheeks and/or eyes, or swirled together to provide an all-over illuminating glow to skin.

Soft, smooth eye shadows glide on easily to flawlessly contour and shade your eyes. Can be worn alone or layered for the ultimate eye expression.

• Included in Palette

• Included in Palette

C. - D. Lip Palette Duos

E. - F. Eye Pencils

Each ARTISTRY Lip Gloss Duo offers two soft, luminous shades. Shimmering purple orchid and captivating coral, to give your lips a splash of high-impact shine. It’s a satiny, seductive finish.

Each eye pencil includes an integrated smudger tip and is conveniently packaged with its own Artistry sharpener.

A. VS-113228 Beachfront Face Palette B. VS-113227 Seascape Face Palette FBV P1200B4500W4950 RRP $66.85

C. VS-113226 Tropical Coral Lip Palette Duo D. VS-113225 Pacific Orchid Lip Palette Duo FBV P933B3500W3850 RRP $52.00

• Ophthalmologist-tested • Suitable for contact lens wearers E. VS-113230 Island Violet Eye Pencil F. VS-113229 Lagoon Eye Pencil FBV P621B2327W2560 RRP $34.55

Beauty | Colour

Colour | Trend Colour Collection


Indulge in the rich colours of St. Moritz. The pure, pristine beauty and

shades of Crystal Glacier tempt

sophisticated glamour of St.

you into a world of pure luxury.

Moritz inspires a new colour collection. Let the rich, warm residue hues of Gilded Chalet and the cool, shimmering

Where St. Moritz is interpreted in the most modern, glamorous ways. Actress Teresa Palmer for ARTISTRY


Beauty | Colour







A. - B. Lip Gloss Duo Compacts

C. Crystal Glacier Face Palette

E. Eyeliner Pencil

Each ARTISTRY Lip Gloss Duo offers two soft, luminous shades—shimmering purple orchid and captivating coral—to give your lips a splash of high-impact shine. It’s the satiny, seductive finish exclusive to the limited edition “Escape to Paradise” compact, beautifully accented with precious Ligurian river shells. Escape to Paradise and find your true beauty with ARTISTRY.

The Crystal Glacier Face Palette features two delicate pink cheek colours with six cool coloured, shimmering eye shadows, complementing the cheek colours nicely.

Antique Silver illuminates the eye with rich, high-impact shimmer.

A. VS-115843 Snow Blossom B. VS-115844 Golden Ember FBV P994B3727W4100 RRP $55.30

VS-115848 Antique Silver FBV P670B2514W2765               RRP $34.55

VS-115846 Crystal Glacier FBV P1297B4864W5350 RRP $66.85

F. Length & Definition Mascara

D. Gilded Chalet Face Palette

Granite provides a subtly reflective look while lengthening and defining every lash.

This face pallet combines soft and warm coral cheek colours with natural, glowing eye shadows such as Gold Nugget and Antique Bronze.

VS-115847 Granite FBV P482B1809W1990               RRP $26.90

VS-115845 Gilded Chalet FBV P1297B4864W5350 RRP $66.85

Beauty | Colour

Colour | Eyes & Cheeks




A. Eye Colour The possibilities are endless. • Classic and on-trend shades • Velvety soft

Starry Night VS-109905 S

Rain Forest VS-109906 S

Tulle VS-109907 M

Empress VS-109909

Glacier VS-109915 S

Charm VS-109918 S

Divine VS-109919 S

Fusion VS-109921 S

Drift VS-109922 M

Black Tie VS-109924 M

Rich VS-109925 M

Bone VS-109926 M

Eclipse VS-109927 S

Mystic VS-109920 S


Steel VS-109910


Capri VS-109913


• Glides on easily, blends beautifully Amount: 1g Eye Colours FBV P391B1467W1614 RRP $21.78

B. Four Pan Eye & Blush Compact Case fits both A and C colours VS-104173 FBV P189B710W2341 RRP $26.94

Persia VS-109929 S

S = Shimmer M = Matte


Beauty | Colour

Create a modern masterpiece. Customise your look with ARTISTRY® Eye and Cheek Colours.

F -D

E -D

G -D


C. Cheek Colour

D. Ideal Dual Powder Compact

F. - G. 3D Face Powder

Versatility plus.

Pictured in E, F and G.

The definition of you.

• Radiant colours to lift and enliven

VS-104369 FBV P149B560W1848 RRP $21.25

• F  rom illuminating highlights to sun-kissed perfection and gorgeous blushing effects

E. Brightening Pressed Powder

• The five oil-absorbing shimmers can be used alone or together to highlight and sculpt

• Gorgeous on any complexion Amount: 1g Cheek Colours FBV P448B1679W1847 RRP $24.94

Warm Glow VS-109933

Moxie VS-109935

Rosewood VS-109934

Cache VS-109940

Tuscany VS-109938

Sienna VS-109942

Brighten your day. • Dusts off imperfections to illuminate your looks

• For a subtly redefined and personalised look (compact not included)

• Four pearl pastel hues artfully combine to brighten your complexion

F. VS-110078 G. VS-110079

• Awakens the skin and brings your beauty to the forefront (compact not included)

FBV P730B2739W3013 RRP $40.69

VS-110077 FBV P731B2741W3013 RRP $40.69

H. Loose Shimmer Powder

Shimmer Pink Shimmer Coral

Achieve incandescence. Coral VS-109943

Pink Passion VS-109936

• Translucent and smooth fine pearl-powder that luminises your beauty • Enhances your features with a gorgeously sheer and subtle glow • Exquisite vitamin C-enriched formula VS-110083 FBV P534B2004W2204 RRP $29.77


Beauty | Colour

Colour | Eyes & Brows








A. Length & Definition Mascara

C. Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

E. Automatic Eyeliner Pencil

Perfect choice for everyday use.

Supreme brow definition.

Supreme eye definition.

• Proven to noticeably lengthen lashes by 70%

• Easily fills in brows achieving a natural look

• Convenient with a tapered crayon

• Provides amazing length and separation

• Convenient with fine tip crayon

• Unique bristle brush that makes the mascara easy to apply

• Shown in compact

• Enhances and defines eyes with a thick or thin line

• Long-wearing formula, gliding on easily and instantly

Amount: 0.15g FBV P240B899W989 RRP $13.35

Beauty | Colour

re Eyes Signatu scara is a M e oof Volum waterpr in le b availa rfect for e p – s . formula nditions o c r e h t all wea

• Shown in compact (Compact sold separately) Amount: 0.23g FBV P240B899W989 RRP $13.35

• Provides a controlled and even application • Contains Jojoba Oil, vitamin E & emollients for healthy, moisturised lashes FBV P604B2266W2493 RRP $33.65

Taupe VS-110989

Brown VS-110990

Soft Black VS-110991

D. Signature Eyes Automatic Liquid Eyeliner Liquid precision, high drama.

Black VS-112237

B. Signature Eyes Volume Mascara Dramatic lashes finally made easy. • P  rovides intense, thick, bold lashes – volume and separation together • Each lash is sculpted and thickened • All day wear formula won’t smudge FBV P623B2266W2493 RRP $33.65

• Easy to use for an eye-opening look • Dispenses intense, rich colour to accentuate and define the lash line instantly emphasising the eyes • The non-smudge, water resistant formula glides on smoothly • Offers a precise, even application, opaque coverage and long-lasting wear. FBV P663B2486W2735 RRP $36.95

Black VS-112826

Ebony VS-110983

Shimmer Black VS-110984

Bronze VS-110986

Midnight Blue VS-110987

Espresso VS-110985

Compact with Smudger for Eyeliner Pencil (Sold separately) • Opposite end features a smudger to blend and soften eyeliner VS-112144 P090B337W1114 RRP $15.05

Compact with Groomer for Eyebrow Pencil (Sold separately) • Opposite end features a brow brush VS-112145 P090B337W1114 RRP $15.05

Black VS-116801


Beauty | Colour

Colour | Lip Colour

For luscious lips that won’t feather or bleed.


A. Lip Colour Crème For all round lip colour and gorgeous colour. • Seals in intense colour for that ‘just applied’ look • Glides on smoothly and resists feathering or bleeding • Seals your natural moisture and minimises the appearance of fine lines by up to 70% in two weeks Amount: 3g FBV P682B2559W2815 RRP $38.02


Amuse VS-109466

Aurora VS-109467

Beaute VS-109468

Belle VS-109469

Bon Bon VS-109470

Coastal VS-109471

Delicate VS-109474

Flatter VS-109475

Glint VS-109477

Neutrale VS-109481

Opulent VS-109482

Petal VS-109483

Prim VS-109484

Rouge VS-109486

Rush VS-109487

Sophisticated VS-109489

Lovely VS-109492

Ultimate VS-109494


Beauty | Colour



B. Lip Colour Sheer SPF15

C. Lip Gloss

D. Automatic Lip Liner Pencil Refill

Conditioning couture.

Screen siren.

Make your Mark.

• A silky, long-lasting formula with a hint of colour and shine

• A high-gloss glassy shine that goes on smooth without stickiness

• Mechanical pencil for precision lip shaping

• Includes SPF15 level of sun protection

• Superbly nourishing and ultra moisturising

• Perfect for any look – wear alone, with Lip Liner or over Creme Lip Colour

• Enhances your Crème Lip Colour

• Use with any lip colour or gloss for powerful or subtle definition

Amount: 3g FBV P682B2559W2815 RRP $38.02

Gleam VS-109506

Princess VS-109511

Sheer VS-109507

Sandrine VS-109512

Amount: 9g FBV P603B2260W2482 RRP $33.50

Pink Ice VS-109630

Dazzling Coral VS-109631

Nectar VS-109632

Precious Pink VS-109633

Pink Shell VS-109634

Blackberry VS-109635

Pink Sapphire VS-109636

Raspberry Sparkle VS-109637

Plum Glaze VS-109638

• Creamy tapered crayon for definition

• Lip refill shown in compact (above) Amount: 0.21g FBV P240B899W989 RRP $13.35

Toffee VS-112137

Pink Nude VS-112138

Chocolate VS-112139

Pink VS-112140

Dusty Rose VS-112141

Spiced Wine VS-112142

Lip Compact with Brush Golden Blush VS-109639

Pink Suede VS-109640

Golden Berry VS-109641

Sold separately. • Includes brush to soften and blend VS-112146 P090B337W1114 RRP $15.05

Ruby Red VS-109642

Pink Blossom VS-109643


Colour | Nails

t bran rs 3 vi colou new

Vintage Chic VS-249271

Dare to be Bare VS-249270

Au Naturale VS-249391

Sugary Pink VS-242922

Vivacious VS-242924

Mystic Mauve VS-242926

Night Glam VS-233673

Sheer Rose VS-233677

Satin Sheets VS-233680

Long wearing, chip resistant formula.

Beauty | Colour

C Sparkling Grape VS-233672

Berrylicious VS-233678

Red Hot Poker VS-233681

French Creme VS-209620

Royal Plum VS-209613

A. Nail Colour Brighten your world. • Vibrant colour palette to suit any mood or moment • Stunning high gloss formula that lasts longer • Respects delicate nails by strengthening, reinforcing and protecting


Amount: 9ml FBV P391B1465W1612 RRP $20.96

B. Super Emery Boards Tidy up in moments. • S  uper-durable emery boards that are gentle on the nail Amount: Pk 2 VS-1659 FBV P017B064W210 RRP $2.82

C. Miracle Shine Au naturale. •  One step nail buffer for a gorgeous,instant shine Amount: Pk 2 VS-708619 FBV P203B763W839 RRP $11.34







D. Nail Base Coat

F. Nail Strengthener

Long-lasting effects.

Get tough on nails.

• Be ready for anything in minutes

• C  reates a smooth, long-lasting surface for nail colour

• Boosts gloss and shine • Protects and finishes your look for a long-lasting effect Amount: 15ml VS-708621 FBV P433B1622W1784 RRP $24.09

E. Nail Top Coat

• Protects nails from discolouration • Doubles as a gloss finish on unpainted nails for a healthy, natural look Amount: 15ml VS-708620 FBV P433B1622W1784 RRP $24.09

Fast drying nails.

G. Nail Colour Remover Towelettes

• Acts as a super fixative so your look lasts longer

Change your look.

• Strengthens delicate nails and prevents staining • For a professional manicure at a fraction of the price Amount: 15ml VS-708622 FBV P433B1622W1784 RRP $24.09

• R  emoves stubborn nail colour and moistens cuticles • Acetone free Amount: Pk 20 VS-233824 FBV P343B1288W1417 RRP $17.72

100% PREMIUM BEAUTY 100% GUARANTEED Artistry is a leading brand of skincare and makeup products enjoyed by women in over 90 countries globally for over 50 years. The ARTISTRY premium product range offers the discerning and sophisticated woman, only the best for her skin.

ARTISTY has a team of 500 internationally renowned scientists and specialists continually working to deliver superior products. These experts have over 200 patents approved and pending globally.

What makes ARTISTRY amongst the top 5 largest selling, skincare brands globally?

Who are the scientists behind ARTISTRY?

ARTISTRY has the most scientifically superior and advanced beauty solutions making it one of the top 5 premium skincare brands alongside other prestige beauty lines such as Lancôme and Estée Lauder.

Our products are the result of years of scientific research and millions of dollars worth of investment. Our skincare and makeup products are scientifically designed to meet the diverse needs of all women for ultimate luxury and optimum results for their skin.

Are they competitively-priced? Artistry Time Defiance Lifting Eye Crème 15g





How is ARTISTRY better than its competitors?


Artistry Time Defiance Day Protect SPF15 50ml

$63.00 Cost/g


Artistry Crème L/X 45ml RRP

$414.74 Cost/ml




Lancôme Absolute Premium Bx Advantage Replenishing Cream SPF15 50ml

Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Eye Crème 15ml

Lancôme Secret De Vie Nightcare 50ml









Beauty | Colour

What makes ARTISTRY Unique?


$495.00 Cost/ml


Prices correct as at 24/04/12. Competitor prices may differ depending on retailer.

beautycycle Groceries ™| Page | Contents Header


The pure elements of beauty. 84 84

Skincare 86

Water Hydrate Replenish Range


Earth Restoring Balance Range


Air Age Repair Range


Fire Range

Colour Cosmetics


Foundation, Concealer, Powder & Blush


Eye Colour


Lip Colour

95 Accessories

Awaiting IBO photography. Aw

waiting approval of testimonials.

ge le™ ran c y c y t eau proach p a g “The b n i refresh atter m offers a o N . , care quires e to skin r n i k r our s ange fo r what y a s a ts cycle h y clien beauty M . s e p I n ty dence all ski fi n o c e the I use.” s t c u can se d the pro have in cKee Tash M tinum ers Pla d n u o F

“The combination of natural ingredients at an affordable price makes the beautycycle range really attractive. Our clients love beautycycle’s easy to understand, solution-based skincare range.” Peter and Cathie Brier-Mills Diamond

beautycycle™ | Contents






to quench

Water is the main component of all living things. It’s elemental for living skin.

beautycycle™ | Skincare




Quench your skin to feel fresh, fun, alive. lement e y m n “I’m i ater, it w h t i w skin” y m s e quench tt Tricke ador Libby mbass A ™ e l cyc beauty

A. Cleanser

C. Day Crème SPF 15

Hydrate from the outside in.

Your best defence.

• Creamy, foamless cleanser that preserves moisture while washing away impurities

• Hydrating all day shield with vitamin E that defends your skin from environmental and free radical damage

• Helps prevent the causes and symptoms of fine lines and dryness • Wild Pansy Extract gently allows skin to regain a fresh, luminous appearance Amount: 150ml VS-109304 FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

B. Toner Soothes weary skin. • Moisture-surge elements boost hydration and suppleness


• Keeps the appearance of fine lines at bay by protecting you against environmental damage • Non-drying formula swiftly removes traces of cleanser, makeup and impurities Amount: 200ml VS-109305 FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90


• Vitamin E soothes and helps prevent skin from looking dull and feeling dry • Rich, oil-free formula plumps the appearance of fine lines for smoother skin Amount: 60ml VS-109306 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39

D. Night Crème Wake up to a new you. • A rich, restorative formula enriched with antioxidant vitamin E and conditioning vitamin B to smooth and soften your skin • Firms the skin and helps plump out lines caused by dryness • Boosts the skin’s natural exfoliation process to even out skin tone Amount: 60ml VS-109307 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39

E. Water Hydrate System From morning to night.

des Inclu price half cara mas

• Cleanser, Toner, Day Crème, Night Crème • Half-price beautycycle Mascara VS-233772 FBV P1895B7105W7816 RRP $105.50



to balance

The earth’s rich minerals help all things find balance - including imbalanced skin.



Restore skin’s balance with the power of mineral elements F. Cleanser

H. Day Lotion SPF 15

J. Earth Restoring System

Freshen up, naturally.

For soft, smooth skin.

Everything you need.

• Deep cleanses to wash away imbalances and impurities

• Creates harmony and combats oil with a non-greasy moisturising formula

• Cleanser, Toner, Day Lotion, Night Gel

• Low foaming, so it gently removes oil and makeup without over-drying

• Natural conditioning and care with Rosemary Extract

VS-233773 FBV P1895B7105W7816 RRP $105.50

• Calms using Cucumber, Meadowsweet and Green Tea

• Provides protection from harsh environmental factors which accelerate the signs of premature ageing

Amount: 150ml VS-109308 FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

G. Toner Keep shiny skin at bay. • Rejuvenating oil-control toner for smooth, matte skin • Exfoliating elements unclog and diminish the appearance of pores • Aloe Vera and Chamomile calm and soothe the skin Amount: 200ml VS-109309 FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

• Half-price beautycycle Mascara

des Inclu price half cara mas

Amount: 50ml VS-109310 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39 H

I. Night Gel Moisturiser Wake up gorgeous.


• A lightweight, easily absorbed formula makes skin look and feel brighter • Provides a timed release of essential softening conditioners like vitamin B • Enriched with Murumuru butter to reduce moisture loss Amount: 50ml VS-109311 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39

beautycycle™ | Skincare



e Exclusiv AD™ QU MICRO o helps t x le p ry of Com e delive h t e is optim e skin, h t o t s t en the elem m maximu g in id v o pr eness. effectiv




to revive

Like the feeling of a fresh breeze on your face, Air helps tired skin come alive.



beautycycle™ | Skincare


Breathe beauty and light into tired, ageing skin. A. Cleansing Milk

C. Day Crème SPF 15

E. Age Repair System

Gently does it.

Fast-acting protective moisture.

The essential pack.

• Restores vibrancy and breathes new life into tired-looking skin

• Fights the appearance of wrinkles and protects you from sun damage

• Cleansing Milk, Toner, Day Crème, Night Crème

• Protects the delicate moisture barrier against the visible signs of ageing

• Strengthens against current and future signs of ageing, and soothes with vitamin E

• Free travel bag

• Light as air with a silky, soap-free formula Amount: 150ml VS-109300 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39

• Natural yoghurt probiotics helps strengthen skin and activate its natural ability to take in oxygen resulting in healthier looking skin

VS-240252 FBV P2659B9971W10968 RRP $148.04

B. Toner

• Beautifully moisturises, leaving skin looking toned, radiant and younger

Back to life.


• Helps restore a youthful glow and diminishes the appearance of pores • Oil and alcohol free formula gently lifts residual cleanser without harsh drying • An instant moisture surge that hydrates and soothes parched skin Amount: 200ml VS-109301 FBV P528B1979W2177 RRP $29.39

• Half-price Fire Eye Crème

des Inclu price half Crème Eye

Amount: 60ml VS-109302 FBV P660B2475W2723 RRP $36.75

D. Night Crème Wake up looking great. • Massive overnight moisture surge leaves you feeling fresh and ready for tomorrow • Allows skin to breathe and helps fight the appearance of wrinkles and ageing • Vitamins A and B condition the skin while vitamin C and E fight free radicals

D™ A U Q O e MICR Exclusiv to x helps le p m o C deliver y e h t e optimis ts to the n e m le m of the e maximu g in id v skin, pro ness. effective

• Glucosamine and marine botanicals improve firmness, elasticity and smoothness Amount: 60ml VS-109303 FBV P660B2475W2723 RRP $36.75



to energise

Fire is the most elemental form of energy. It sparks skin to correct itself.






F. Age Repair Eye Crème Energise your eyes. • Allows the delicate eye area to bounce back, appear lifted • A lightweight and cooling crème with a non-greasy feel • Refreshes and conditions with vitamins A, B, E and Echinacea Amount: 15ml VS-109312 FBV P566B2121W2333 RRP $31.49

G. Restoring Balance Anti-Spot Gel

I. Renewal Serum with Vitamin C For radiant, healthy looks. • Jump starts the skin’s renewal process for a younger looking you • Highly concentrated serum refines texture and firms problem areas • Vitamin C creates clearer, more even-toned skin over time Amount: 15ml VS-109314 FBV P471B1768W1945 RRP $26.26

• Helps control oil and unclog pores

J. 3-in-1 MasqueScrub-Brightener

• Reduces the appearance of blemishes

Brighten up your day.

• Salicylic Acid and Zinc PCA clears skin without over drying, flaking or peeling

• Conditions, illuminates, brightens and energises

Amount: 15ml VS-109316 FBV P471B1768W1945 RRP $26.26

• Skin becomes more even-toned and radiant with regular use

Stop breakouts in their tracks.

H. Illuminating Hydro-Masque Pump up the moisture. • Lights up your face and creates a soft, dewy feel

beautycycle™ | Skincare

Ignite the healing elements from within.


• Made with refreshing extracts of orange, lemon and sugar cane, plus gentle jojoba beads Amount: 150ml VS-109315 FBV P471B1768W1945 RRP $26.26

• Instantly restores suppleness to dull, dry skin • Supercharged hydration with conditioning vitamin B Amount: 150ml VS-109313 FBV P471B1768W1945 RRP $26.26

beautycycle | Skincare Systems

Skincare Systems


Introducing Libby Trickett for beautycycle.™ Tap into the elements and breathe new life into your day. From day to night, for oily to dry skin, there’s a beautycycle™ ™ w it h le c y c y t D™ A U beau Q O e MICR ell exclusiv imics c m x le s Comp breathe d n a e r pes. structu ll skin ty a o t in new life

System just for you. Water and Earth Systems include a free travel bag and half price mascara. The Air System includes a free travel bag and a half price Eye Crème. Learn more > see page 86 - 89

beautycycle | Skincare Systems 91

Nourish dry skin

Balance oily skin

Revive tired skin




beautycycle Water satisfies thirsty

beautycycle Earth helps restore

beautycycle Air brings skin back to

skin with deep moisture. Wild Pansy

equilibrium to oily skin with specially

life with a reviving burst of oxygen.

Extract helps increase hydration from

treated Magnesium, Copper and

Yoghurt probiotics help strengthen

both the outside in, and the inside

Iron. Oil-free formulas reduce the

and activate the skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s natural ability

out, defeating dryness for fresh,

appearance of pores and oil control,

to take in oxygen for a healthier, more

luminous skin.

leaving skin looking and feeling clean

youthful appearance.

and clear.

Colour Cosmetics

Great makeup starts with the right base. Whether it’s a flawless finish or a lightweight look, beautycycle™ has you covered.

beautycycle™ | Colour Cosmetics


A. Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

C. Pressed Powder

For a natural, fresh-faced feel.

Silky smooth finishing touch.

• Lightweight, medium-to-full matte coverage that lets your skin breathe

• Weightless, silky formula for sheer-to-medium coverage

• Long-lasting formula, so you’ll look gorgeous no matter where the day takes you

• Minimises and diminishes imperfections

• With SPF15 sun protection

• A polished, sheer finish that’s perfect for all-day wear

FBV P405B1520W1672 RRP $22.58

Light 10 VS-109215

FBV P377B1413W1554 RRP $21.00

Light 20 VS-109216

Light 30 VS-109217 Translucent VS-109249

Light 40 VS-109218

Light 50 VS-109219

Light 30 VS-109251

Medium 40 VS-109253

Deep 10 VS-109254

Medium 10 VS-109220 Medium 20 VS-109252

Medium 20 VS-109221

Light 10 VS-109250

Medium 30 VS-109222

Medium 40 VS-109223

D. Blush Blushing beauty.


Deep 10 VS-109224

Deep 20 VS-109225

Deep 30 VS-109226



• Mineral pigments that blend easily with your skin tone Berry Blossom VS-111677

• Leaves pores unclogged for a simply radiant result

B. Concealer Look picture perfect. • Natural-looking full matte coverage • Hides blemishes, spots, discolourations and dark circles


• A touch of natural, healthy looking colour that lasts all day

FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

Spiced VS-111676

• Blends easily and seamlessly FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

Terracotta VS-109261

Petal VS-111675 Pink Pebble VS-109258

Shell VS-109260

Rose Quartz VS-109259 Light 10 VS-109255

Medium 20 VS-109256

Light 40 VS-109257

Passion Plum VS-111674




E. Eye Shadow Duo

F. Dynamic Volume Mascara

H. Long Wearing Eyeliner

Perfectly paired cheeky duets.

Catwalk cool.

The definition of wow.

• Silky-smooth mineral effects that are easy to build and blend

• Amplifies lashes by up to 360%, creating a powerful, memorable look

• Lasts all day, no need to re-apply

• Resists creasing, fading and smudging

• Volumising brush gives even coverage while separating lashes

FBV P339B1273W1400 RRP $18.90

• Long-lasting formula with no clumping or flaking VS-109228 Black

Sandstone Mahogany Quartz Bronze Glow VS-109272 VS-109270 VS-109271

Jade VS-109273

• Easy to use with a super-soft glide-on formula • Automatic pencil for perfect precision and maximum impact FBV P321B1202W1322 RRP $17.84

FBV P321B1202W1322 RRP $17.84

G. Dramatic Lengths Mascara High drama. • For lush, long lashes that last Amethyst VS-109274

Sapphire VS-109275

Violette VS-111678

Arctic Grey VS-111681

• Precision brush separates lashes – no messy clumps, flakes or smudges

Onyx VS-109280

Smoky Topaz VS-109281

Slate VS-109282

• Wheat Protein and vitamin B for soft, natural-looking lashes Iced Mocha VS-111680

Cinnamon VS-111679

VS-109227 Black FBV P321B1202W1322 RRP $17.84

beautycycle™ | Colour Cosmetics



Colour Cosmetics

Lip colour

Lip ht Up g i L y e “Th come m e b s a ct! Gloss h produ e t i r u an favo ght I c i n d n s Day a ip glos l y m ” tifully. apply u a e b and quickly

Infused with vitamin E, Lasting Lip Colour keeps lips feeling moisturised and comfortable. Drenching colour leaves lips looking soft and full.

tt Tricke ador Libby mbass A e l c cy beauty

A. Lasting Lip Colour Make a statement.

beautycycle™ | Colour Cosmetics

• E  ye-catching lip effects in crème,pearl and shimmer • Infused with vitamin E for moistureand all-day comfort • S  tands out from the crowd, won’t feather or bleed FBV P321B1202W1322 RRP $17.84

Petal VS-109229

Twig VS-109230

Azalea VS-109231

Shiny Peach VS-109244

Adobe VS-109233

Copper VS-109234

Desert Sand VS-109235

Coral Reef VS-109245

Lilac Wine VS-109239

Orchid VS-109240

Seashell VS-109246

Rose Quartz VS-109247



B. Lip Gloss Sheer delight.

94 Raisin VS-109232

Sunrise VS-109237

Berry Blaze VS-109238

Berries VS-109236

Sunrise VS-109237

Desert Sand VS-109235

Berry Blaze VS-109238


Pink Opal vs-109267

Fire Gem VS-109268

• Makes your lips feel soft, supple & kissable

Diamonds VS-109266

Crystal Clear VS-109265 Garnet vs-109269

FBV P321B1202W1322 RRP $17.84

Cabernet VS-109243

Shiny Peach VS-109244

Coral Reef VS-109245


• Moisture-rich formula for shimmer & shine • No stickiness, it’s a pleasure to wear

Cranberry VS-109242


Cranberry VS-109242

C. - E. Light Up Lip Gloss

F. Makeup Remover Towelettes

Perfect Your Pout.

Fresh, clean and gorgeous.

• Unique lip gloss with light up applicator and built-in mirror

• Gently cleanses and conditions all skin types

• Shiny sheer gloss

• Removes waterproof mascara with ease

• Refreshing minty sensation

• 25 towelettes, opthamologically tested

C. VS-116378 Passion D. VS-116377 Glitz E. VS-116376 Champagne FBV P349B1309W1440 RRP $18.00

Amount: Pk 2 VS-110738 FBV P336B1259W1385 RRP $18.00





A. - C. Sample Pack

D. Gift Bags - Pk 5

E. Mirror

Amount: 10 foils in each pack A. VS-233774 Water Day Crème B. VS-233775 Earth Day Lotion C. VS-233776 Air Day Crème P000B000W944 RRP $9.44

VS-233828 P000B000W1045 RRP $10.45

VS-236188 P000B000W895 RRP $8.95






F. Brush Roll Set

G. Makeup Bag

H. Shoulder Bag

I. Trolley Bag

VS-240278 P000B000W3196 RRP $31.96

VS-240310 P000B000W996 RRP $9.96

VS-240309 P000B000W2995 RRP $29.95

VS-240116 P000B000W5249 RRP $52.49

beautycycle™ | Colour Cosmetics


J. T-Shirts Water VS-233825 VS-233826 VS-233827 VS-240094 VS-240095

Fire size 8 size 10 size 12 size 14 size 16

Earth VS-240096 VS-240097 VS-240098 VS-240099 VS-240100

VS-240101 VS-240102 VS-240103 VS-240104 VS-240105

J size 8 size 10 size 12 size 14 size 16


Colour size 8 size 10 size 12 size 14 size 16

VS-240106 VS-240107 VS-240108 VS-240109 VS-240110

size 8 size 10 size 12 size 14 size 16



y Libb

of great Loads le prizes cyc beauty grabs! up for

her Back in d an element form in top

K. beautycycle™ Magazine



• Order your beautycycle Magazine now!




Amount: Pk 10 VS-249331 P000B000W750 RRP $7.50



P000B000W1570 RRP $15.70






le aight rab weands, str e lly Totakeup tratwalk ma the c from cover 29778 BC



6:31 PM

indd 1


the “I love PAGE EMMA e, y rang r e l l e s jew presse x e y l l it rea l style a n o s r my pe so re are e h t d an e creativ many ear it.” w o t s way

Jewellery | Contents

Sarin Mona tinum ers Pla d n u o F

Jewellery Stunning pieces at affordable prices. 97

Romantique Collection

99 Bracelets 100 Necklaces 101 Pendants 96

102 Earrings 103 Rings 103 Men’s Range

“What a great product range, with so many styles at great prices the EMMAPAGE jewellery pretty much sells itself. I’m happy to be part of the success story.” Gail Jacka Executive Diamond

Romantique collection Did you ever wonder what you would be wearing, the day you were finally swept off your feet? There is something remarkable about the way we shine when we see our future reflected in someone elseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes. when that special someone looks at you like you are the only person in the world. That is the essence of Romantique. Effortless, feminine and delicate pieces to capture those days you have felt at your most beautiful.

Jewellery | Romantique Collection

Nothing can ever really match how it feels






A. Rustic Necklace

B. Sundance Necklace

C. Harmony Necklace

D. Twilight Necklace

VS-832119 Gold/Black VS-832120 Rhodium/Amethyst FBV P1347B5051W5556 RRP $75.00

VS-832116 Burnished Gold VS-832115 Burnished Silver FBV P1437B5387W5926 RRP $80.00

VS-832123 Gold VS-832124 Rhodium FBV P1257B4714W5185 RRP $70.00

VS-832111 Gold VS-832112 Rhodium FBV P1257B4714W5185 RRP $70.00

Romantique Collection

Romantique Collection Add a delicate touch of glamour. Take my hand, take my whole heart too. You’ll never stop falling in love with this beautiful pendant! A delicate circle has been surrounded with 52 white cubic zirconia, and set with a perfect heart shape. The glittering style is further accentuated with an elegant array of silver

Jewellery | Romantique Collection

crosses, to catch the light just that little bit more.











A. Circle Of Love Pendant

D. Sundance Bracelet

G. Angel Earrings

I. Chic Earrings

VS-832121 Gold VS-832122 Rhodium FBV P1077B4040W4444 RRP $60.00

VS-832114 Burnished Gold VS-832113 Burnished Silver FBV P1167B4377W4815 RRP $65.00

VS-832101 Gold VS-832102 Rhodium FBV P808B3030W3333 RRP $45.00

VS-832109 Gold VS-832110 Rhodium FBV P808B3030W3333 RRP $45.00

B. Rustic Bracelet

E. Selene Earrings

H. Halo Stretch Ring

VS-832103 Amethyst VS-832104 Black FBV P1113B4175W4593 RRP $62.00

VS-832117 Gold/Cream VS-832118 Rhodium/Black FBV P898B3367W3704 RRP $50.00

C. Starflower Earrings

F. Angel Bracelet

VS-832105 Gold M–L VS-832106 Gold L–XL VS-832107 Rhodium M–L VS-832108 Rhodium L–XL FBV P1257B4714W5185 RRP $70.00

VS-832097 Gold VS-832098 Rhodium FBV P808B3030W3333 RRP $45.00

VS-832099 Gold VS-832100 Rhodium FBV P1167B4377W4815 RRP $65.00.

Classic Range

Bracelets New York, New York This absolutely stunning stretch bracelet makes a luxurious statement. Each station is separated by jet black, facet cut beads, which serve to beautifully accent 112 sparkling, channel set crystals. Inspired by the amazing fashions of 5th Avenue in New York, this is a truly glamorous piece.






Jewellery | Classic Range






A. Embrace

D. Victoria

G. Wildfire

J. Royale

VS-803419 Gold VS-803420 Silver FBV P1526B5724W6296 RRP $85.00

VS-781947 Gold/Cream VS-781948 Rhodium/Grey FBV P898B3368W3705 RRP $50.00

VS-791256 Burnished Gold VS-791257 Burnished Silver FBV P1239B4646W5111 RRP $69.00

VS-742959 Gold VS-742960 Rhodium FBV P1939B7273W8000 RRP $108.00

B. Obsession

E. Breeze

H. Europa

VS-715788 Gold VS-715789 Rhodium FBV P2173B8148W8963 RRP $121.00

VS-803397 Gold VS-803398 Silver FBV P1113B4175W4593 RRP $62.00

VS-803289 Gold VS-803290 Silver FBV P1221B4579W5037 RRP $68.00

C. Rhythm

F. Moonriver

I. Gala

VS-781943 Burnished Gold VS-781944 Burnished Silver FBV P1042B3906W4297 RRP $58.00

VS-791091 Gold VS-791092 Rhodium FBV P988B3704W4074 RRP $55.00

VS-736375 Gold VS-736376 Rhodium FBV P1903B7138W7852 RRP $106.00


Classic Range

Necklaces Wear it your way An opera length chain complete with a striking, double sided pendant, perfect for any time of day. Worn one way for a radiating sun effect or flip to pick up the sparkling effect of latticed rhodium tones and cubic zirconia. Adjust the length to suit your outfit or remove the pendant and add it to your own favourite chain. You decide!

Jewellery | Classic Range









A. Desert Sun

D. Orion

G. Victoria

J. Innocence

VS-803169 Gold VS-803170 Rhodium FBV P1544B5791W6370 RRP $86.00

VS-781941 Burnished Gold VS-781942 Burnished Silver FBV P1059B3973W4370 RRP $59.00

VS-781945 Gold/Cream VS-781946 Rhodium/Grey FBV P1257B4714W5185 RRP $70.00

VS-791276 Gold VS-791277 Rhodium FBV P952B3569W3926 RRP $53.00

B. Roaming

E. Trend II

H. Wildfire

K. Wildcat

VS-803171 Burnished Gold VS-803172 Burnished Silver FBV P1185B4444W4888 RRP $66.00

VS-609954 Gold VS-609955 Rhodium FBV P1365B5118W5630 RRP $76.00

VS-791254 Burnished Gold VS-791255 Burnished Silver FBV P1455B5455W6001 RRP $81.00

VS-803179 Gold VS-803180 Rhodium FBV P1185B4444W4888 RRP $66.00

C. Daisy

F. Finesse

I. Majestic

L. Juliet

VS-781879 Gold VS-781880 Rhodium FBV P1239B4646W5111 RRP $69.00

VS-736423 Gold VS-736424 Rhodium FBV P1077B4040W4444 RRP $60.00

VS-803395 Burnished Gold VS-803396 Burnished Silver FBV P1347B5051W5556 RRP $75.00

VS-803287 Gold VS-803288 Rhodium FBV P1239B4646W5111 RRP $69.00













O. Moondrop

Q. Legacy

S. Destiny

VS-791272 Gold VS-791273 Rhodium FBV P1006B3771W4148 RRP $56.00

VS-781949 Gold VS-781950 Rhodium FBV P1149B4310W4741 RRP $64.00

VS-781746 Gold VS-781747 Rhodium FBV P988B3704W4074 RRP $55.00

VS-791077 Gold VS-791078 Rhodium FBV P1006B3771W4148 RRP $56.00

N. Faith

P. Demure

R. Elora

VS-803415 Gold VS-803416 Rhodium FBV P1419B5320W5852 RRP $79.00

VS-791248 Gold VS-791249 Rhodium FBV P1077B4040W4444 RRP $60.00

VS-803268 Gold VS-803269 Rhodium FBV P1167B4377W4815 RRP $65.00

Jewellery | Classic Range

M. Rosetta

Pendants Catch a falling heart… …And put it on your necklace. A pretty myriad of cubic zirconia sparkle in this heart shaped pendant. Add it to a chain for a classic


look or thread it to a leather thong for a more contemporary take.





A. Love Affair

C. Snowflake

VS-791246 Gold VS-791247 Rhodium FBV P772B2896W3186 RRP $43.00

VS-791260 Gold VS-791261 Rhodium FBV P718B2694W2963 RRP $40.00

B. Peony VS-781855 Gold VS-781856 Rhodium FBV P880B3300W3630 RRP $49.00



E. Callisto Brooch & Pendant



G. Titan Love Key

VS-803282 Rhodium/Black FBV P880B3300W3630 RRP $49.00

VS-803301 Gold VS-803302 Rhodium FBV P916B3434W3777 RRP $51.00

D. Azure

F. Verity

H. Gardenia

VS-803193 Gold VS-803194 Rhodium FBV P898B3367W3704 RRP $50.00

VS-770731 Gold VS-770732 Rhodium FBV P916B3434W3777 RRP $51.00

VS-791274 Gold VS-791275 Rhodium FBV P898B3368W3705 RRP $50.00

Classic Range & Men’s Range

Earrings More than meets the eye This generous 13mm set of hoop earrings on a cliquet closure features more than you may notice at first glance. A glimmering row of 12 cubic zirconia on the outer rim of the earrings is mirrored inside. Frame your face in the best light with this

Jewellery | Classic Range

elegant hoop set – perfect from every direction.


A. Saturn

B. Daisy

C. Chess

D. Gemma

VS-740386 Gold VS-740387 Rhodium FBV P1006B3771W4148 RRP $56.00

VS-781881 Gold VS-781882 Rhodium FBV P880B3300W3630 RRP $49.00

VS-791103 Gold VS-791104 Rhodium FBV P916B3434W3777 RRP $51.00

VS-781959 Gold VS-781960 Rhodium FBV P826B3098W3408 RRP $46.00













E. Encore

G. Monique

I. Cressida

K. Felicity

VS-610502 Gold VS-610501 Rhodium FBV P772B2896W3186 RRP $43.00

VS-791250 Burnished Gold VS-791251 Burnished Silver FBV P718B2694W2963 RRP $40.00

VS-803285 Gold VS-803286 Rhodium FBV P772B2896W3186 RRP $43.00

VS-781873 Gold VS-781874 Rhodium FBV P916B3434W3777 RRP $51.00

F. Tuxedo

H. Bijou

J. Mini Jackie

L. Destiny

VS-752788 Gold VS-752789 Rhodium FBV P826B3098W3408 RRP $46.00

VS-634712 Gold VS-634713 Rhodium FBV P1077B4040W4444 RRP $60.00

VS-739873 Rhodium/Cream VS-742966 Rhodium/Grey FBV P503B1886W2075 RRP $28.00

VS-610155 Gold VS-610156 Rhodium FBV P808B3030W3333 RRP $45.00

Rings Like no other A piece that truly stands out and makes a strong statement. A pentagonal cut opalescent stone is set mounted and embellished with two curved strands of channel set opal crystal stones. The clever design of the band allows it to

A. Enchant

B. Spotlight

C. Sahara

VS-803399/401 M–L/L–XL Gold VS-803400/402 M–L/L–XL Rhodium FBV P1419B5320W5852 RRP $79.00

VS-781964/66 M–XL Stainless Steel/Blue VS-781985/402 S–XXL Stainless Steel/Black FBV P1185B4444W4888 RRP $66.00

VS-803197/201 S–XXL Stainless Steel VS-803202/206 S–XXL Stainless Steel/Gold FBV P1077B4040W4444 RRP $60.00

Jewellery | Classic Range & Men’s Range

stretch ensuring a comfortable fit at all times.




Men’s King of Pop A true collectors piece, this stainless steel pendant is a tribute to the King of Pop himself. Featuring an engraved figure in a distinctive dance move, the piece is accented with cubic zirconia and designed to resemble a record on a classic player. Instant hit.








A. Jackson Pendant

C. Premier Chain

E. Charli Tie Bar

F. Ratio Cufflink

VS-803425 Stainless Steel FBV P1239B4646W5111 RRP $69.00

VS-791278 Stainless Steel FBV P646B2424W2666 RRP $36.00

VS-735999 Stainless Steel FBV P1095B4108W4519 RRP $61.00

B. Omega Chain

D. Guitar Pendant

VS-781974 Stainless Steel FBV P1257B4714W5185 RRP $70.00

VS-803303 Stainless Steel FBV P862B3232W3555 RRP $48.00

VS-770751 Stainless Steel/ Black VS-770752 Stainless Steel/ Blue FBV P1365B5118W5630 RRP $76.00

Groceries At Home | |Contents Page Header

’t ns don i a t s d an re. “Spills anymo e m r ll bothe and te h g u a et I can l I will l t a h t people them.” h t i w l ea SA8 d h n Smit Collee tinum a l ers P d n u o F


104 104

At Home

High-performing homecare essentials. 106 Amway Home 108 Laundry 112 Surface 116 Dish

At Home | Contents 105

“The SA8 range is our Flagship laundry product. I have been using it for years and have yet to find a stain that won’t come out. It’s a must have for your laundry.” Violet Lim Founders Emerald

At Home 106

For over 50 years, Amway has been developing our range of high-performing, environmentallyfriendly cleaning products. Our L.O.C.速 Multi-Purpose Cleaner was one of the first organic, biodegradable cleaning products available for use way back in 1959. Today, that pioneering legacy of high performance and environmental friendliness continues with Amway Home速.

At Home 107


Superb performance

Environmentally sound

Highly concentrated products mean

Amway Home out-performs the

Our concern for the environment

they are economical to use. For

competition with its own patented

began over 50 years ago—long before

example, our 3kg SA8 Premium

technology developed by more than

it was fashionable. Amway Home®

costs just 29 cents per wash, the

400 scientists and engineers. Plus, the

products use up to 18 times less

one litre L.O.C. Multi-Purpose

high performance is backed by our

packaging than our competitors.

90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our concentrated products mean



makes ten litres of powerful cleaning solution and one litre of Dish Drops

less packaging waste and where

Liquid is enough to wash 200 sink

possible, naturally derived ingredients

fulls of dirty dishes!

are used to maximise each product’s


green credentials.


y do y reall a w m dry “A ur laun o y e v ith ha vered w s. o c s d t nee produc 8 A S he their ading t e l e r a They or aring f c n i y wa cs r fabri u o y h t.” bot onmen r i v n e e and th

Up to 2 50 washes per 3 kilo p ack

i Ross

At Home | Laundry

nd Deb Peter a ld Emera


Make your whites shine & colours radiate with the super-concentrated SA8® Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent.

Fast facts

Super concentrated SA8® Laundry detergent is high performing



per 3 kilo pack

not harsh chemicals

patented formula that includes effervescing crystals for excellent 3.

SA8® is 100% bleach free, containing biodegradable ingredients which break down easily. Its guaranteed cleaning power is value

Cleaning power comes from plants and minerals,

and super economical. It is the only laundry care product with dissolving and powerful cleaning.

Up to 250 washes

No phosphates, chlorine or other ingredients that could harm the environment

for money and kind on the environment.


3kg of SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent provides the cleaning power of up to 5 boxes of 1.5kg Omo® 2X Concentrate Front Loader

At Home | Laundry

Shift even the toughest and most ingrained stains with the environmentally responsible and highly concentrated SA8® Laundry Care System.




A. - B. SA8® Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent

C. SA8® Liquid Laundry Detergent

Super-concentrated laundry detergent.

• Specifically formulated for cold water cleaning and keeping colours true

This powerful phosphate free concentrate gives you top value for money.

• Perfect for machines that work on high efficiency, low water use and front load washers

Cool water care.

• SA8 Premium can whiten and brighten after just one wash

• Up to 100 washes per bottle

• Cleaning power comes from plant based ingredients and minerals, not harsh chemicals

Amount: 1L VS-103277 FBV P491B1840W2024 RRP $25.30


• No phosphates, chlorine or other ingredients that could harm the environment


D. SA8® Delicate Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent Loves your lovelies.


Works wonders in your washer’s gentle cycle – and when you hand wash. • For lingerie, knits, synthetics and other precious delicates • A gentle, complete clean supported by plant based ingredients • Helps your favourites last longer • Up to 100 washes per bottle Amount: 1L VS-138 FBV P517B1938W2132 RRP $26.65

• Up to 250 washes per 3kg pack Amount: 3kg A. VS-116 FBV P1391B5218W5740 RRP $71.75 Amount: 1kg B. VS-115 FBV P540B2025W2228 RRP $27.85

At Home | Laundry



A. SA8® All Fabric Bleach



B. SA8® Concentrated Fabric Softener

C. SA8® Prewash Laundry Spray

The soft touch.

Best for collars and cuffs. • Removes dirt, food, oil, ink and more

• For colourfast washables and whites

Conditions, lubricates and relaxes fibres for super soft fabrics that last longer. Loved by towels, woollens and sheets.

• No chlorine

• All-over softness

• Up to 100 washes per bottle

• Reduces wrinkles and wear and tear

Amount: 1kg VS-77 FBV P497B1862W2048 RRP $25.60

• Makes ironing easier

Amount: 350g VS-26 FBV P257B965W1062 RRP $13.80

Whiter, brighter, better. A powerful detergent booster to remove even the toughest of stains such as coffee, wine and dye.


if change x e r o y. Refund % happ 0 0 1 t o % you’re n ay 100 D 0 9 e h That’s t arantee u G n io t Satisfac ay products. mw on all A

Trouble shooter.

• No soaking, no scrubbing • Treats heavy stains

• Up to 100 washes per bottle Amount: 1L VS-103408 FBV P246B923W1015 RRP $13.70


D. SA8® Tri-Zyme® Stain Pre-Soak and Detergent Booster Soak stains out. This phosphate-free powder makes haste of big, heavy loads like sports gear, nappies and school uniforms. • For a white and bright laundry • Beats dirt, grime and body soils • Saves time and money Amount: 1kg VS-74 FBV P463B1738W1912 RRP $23.90

Ground in stains are no match against the concentrated power of SA8®.




Pre-Wash Spray


All Fabric Bleach

We tested our products on every household stain we could think of to help you choose the right product.

Fast treatment which emulsifies and dissolves stains and treats spots. Spray just before washing.

Ideal as a laundry pre-soaker involving large areas of stains.

An oxygen bleach. Highly effective in dealing with coffee, tea and juice stains.

Food (gravy/chocolate)




Tomato Sauce





Candle Wax


Chewing Gum









Body Oils (spots/collars)



Heavy Perspiration



Pen Ink


























✓ Effective

Best used: Helps remove concentrated areas of grease, body oils, chewing gum, food and grime.

✓✓ Very Effective

Best used: Food, nappies, juice, perspiration, blood and grass stains. Great for sports/play clothing, trades persons, chef.

At Home | Laundry

Specialised stain removal

Best used: Fruit juice, tea and coffee stains and nappy, wine and berry stains. The highly concentrated formula ensures excellent results.



✓✓✓ Extremely Effective


If water won’t damage it, L.O.C.® will clean it. The top-selling, L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose Cleaner really does clean everything and is versatile At Home | Surface

enough to be used on almost any surface to remove any kind of dirt or grime. Gentle enough to be used as a mild hand cleanser and powerful enough to clean guttering and roofing, L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose is the core of the SURFACE range.

Fast Facts 1.

Just one bottle makes 10 litres of powerful cleaning solution.


Cleans all washable surfaces, leaving a streak-free, non-dulling, no residue finish.



Made entirely from naturally-derived ingredients, it is thoroughly and quickly biodegradable.

Learn more > see page 114

e ubt us o d n i all “When a great , . C . O L. r cleane e s o p nd pur rease a g s t u c , that itchen k e h t in grime arage.” g d n a om bathro artin nette M n A d n Peter a tinum ers Pla Found




A. L.O.C.® Glass Cleaner

C. L.O.C.® Bathroom Cleaner

The clear winner.

The natural choice.

• Versatile concentrate for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces

• Heavy-duty concentrate

• For sparkling clean and streak-free surfaces • Removes dirt, smoke stains and grime quickly and efficiently

• Easily removes soap scum, hard water stains and lime scale deposits Amount: 500ml VS-202600 FBV P201B755W831 RRP $11.20

Amount: 500ml VS-202602 FBV P201B755W831 RRP $11.20

D. L.O.C.® Daily Shower Cleaner

B. L.O.C.® Kitchen Cleaner

• Fresh, clean and sparkling surfaces

Clean, green hygiene. • Power-packed concentrate cuts through grease and grime • Perfect for stove tops, walls, around the oven and ventilating fans • No-rinse formula provides a streak free shine

At Home | Surface



Scrub no more. • For a sanitary and hygienic clean without streaking • Daily use prevents hard water stains, soap scum and bathroom build-up Amount: 500ml VS-202603 FBV P201B755W831 RRP $11.20

Amount: 500ml VS-202601 FBV P201B755W831 RRP $11.20

At Home | Surface







A. L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

B. L.O.C.® Soft Cleanser

C. L.O.C.® Towelettes

For household jobs, BIG and small.

Creamy gleam clean.

Help at hand.

• Makes 10 litres of powerful solution that cuts through dirt and grime

• For a clean, bright bathroom

• Handy pre-moistened towelettes packed with the cleaning power of the L.O.C.® compound

• Walls, floors, woodwork, appliances and all washable surfaces

• Great on tiles, shower doors, toilets, fixtures, sinks and tubs

• No rinse, streak free, non-dulling formula

• Mild enough to clean mirror-finished stainless steel without scratching

Amount: 1L VS-202599 FBV P266B996W1096 RRP $14.80

Amount: 500ml VS-150 FBV P262B983W1081 RRP $14.60

Amount: 4 x 24 Towelettes VS-59 FBV P620B2326W2559 RRP $34.55

D. L.O.C.® Metal Cleaner Shines bright.

e Purpos ilt u M L.O.C. ersatile v o s is r d Cleane as a mil d e s u e e it can b or on fin r, e n a le hand c wellery. je d n a in porcela ®

• Easy to use paste removes rust, corrosion and tarnish from metals like brass, copper and stainless steel • Non-caustic, gentle on hands Amount: 250g VS-78 FBV P174B654W719 RRP $9.35

At Home | Surface

unched la y a w , Am aner In 1959 nic Cle a g r O Liquid ® was the first of ). It ing (L.O.C. -perform h ig h a , d its kind ontaine c t a h t t g produc cleanin le b a d ra n’t biodeg that did s t n ie ent. ingred nvironm e e h t harm





A. Amway Home® Toilet Bowl Cleaner

C. Amway Home® Pistol Grip Spray Bottle

F. Amway Home® L.O.C.® Labels

Sparkling clean.

For a fine mist or direct stream.

• Organic acid formula to clean effectively with no harsh chemicals, fumes or corrosion

• The ultimate point and spray bottle

• D  esigned for the L.O.C.® 500ml Pistol Grip Spray Bottle.

• Perfect for L.O.C.® and other cleaning concentrates

VS-205631 P000B000W105 RRP $1.05

Amount: 750ml

Capacity: 500ml VS-4665 P027B103W339 RRP $3.91

VS-29 FBV P297B1112W1223 RRP $15.90

B. Amway Home® Green Meadows® Air Freshener Keep it fresh. • Freshens up your home in a flash • Neutralises odours like onion, garlic, fish and tobacco smoke

Clearly labelled.

D. - E. L.O.C.® Plunger Dispensers D. VS-205664 P016B060W199 RRP $2.29

500ml bottle

E. VS-63 P016B060W200 RRP $2.50

1L bottle

• Concentrated and economical Amount: 100g VS-519 FBV P161B605W666 RRP $8.65





At Home | Dish

Just a quarter of a cap is all it takes to make your dishes shine. DISH DROPS® Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid with Aloe Vera cuts through a sink-full of greasy dishes with just a few drops. It leaves plates and cups sparkling and hands soft – without dirtying up the environment.

or gh f ium u o En med f 200 s full o ! sink hing up was

Fast facts 1. 116

One of the world’s most concentrated dishwashing liquids


Mild formula containing Aloe Vera, Coconut based ingredients and moisturising agents


Biodegradable so it’s kind on the environment


Just 1 litre of DISH DROPS® makes up to 6 litres of dishwashing solution

e ical us m o n o he ec Drops h “It is t s i D way’s ut of Am tand o s t i s e ak s that m nds, it a r b r the ula from o d form e t a r t ttle concen one bo t a h t an means nger th o l h c u used.” e v lasts m a h I ng else anythi Meany Fiona ld Emera

At Home | Dish A




A. Dish Drops® Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

B. Dish Drops® Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

C. Dish Drops® Scrub Buds Stainless Steel Scourers

Tough on grease, gentle on crystal and hands.

Powerful cleaning action.

Hours of scour power.

• Removes stubborn stains including coffee and tea at a fraction of the price of supermarket brands

• No scratching, lasts longer than steel wool and won’t rust or fall apart

• Leaves dishes sparkling clean • Saves money – just one 1 litre makes up to 6 litres of dishwashing solution • Fresh citrus scent helps control drain odours Amount: 1L VS-2249 FBV P356B1334W1467 RRP $19.80

• Individually wrapped with dissolvable wrappers for convenience Amount: Pk 60 (1.2kg) VS-6188 FBV P579B2172W2389 RRP $32.25

Amount: Pk 4 VS-35 FBV P191B716W788 RRP $10.25

D. Squeeze Bottle Use to dilute concentrated liquids. • Features a handy flip-top screw cap to prevent leaks and spills Amount: 500ml VS-62 FBV P013B050W165 RRP $1.90


How Much Can I Save

The high concentration of AMWAY HOME products means real savings every day.

At Home | How Much Can I Save

Nothing Compares!







At Home | Other Products



E. - G. Energy Saving Shower Rose and Accessories

A. Blast Off® Oven Cleaner

C. SureWipe® Car Cloths

Easy oven clean.

Handles the toughest jobs.

• Dissolves most baked-on oven scraps and stains, without even breaking a sweat

• Machine washable cloths perfect for cleaning and polishing your car and equipment

Experience a luxury shower while saving money.

Amount: Pk 5 (100 x 30cm) VS-1051 FBV P104B389W1283 RRP $14.75

• Works efficiently at high, low or fluctuating pressures

Amount: 400g VS-57 FBV P211B792W871 RRP $10.90

B. Amway® Silicone Glaze Car Polish Protective high gloss that lasts for months.

D. Amway® Car Wash Enough for 200 washes.

• Easily applied and resists road grime, tar and water-spotting

• A pH balanced detergent that removes dirt and grease spots and allows your car to shine like new

Amount: 500ml VS-36 FBV P261B979W1077 RRP $14.00

Amount: 1L VS-53 FBV P243B913W1004 RRP $13.56

• Reduces water and energy bills

• Anti-calcium feature reduces growth on the shower • Only uses 5.5 litres per minute • WELS 3 star rating and 5.5 LPM water consumption rating E. VS-781853 Stainless Steel Wall Flange FBV P068B255W281 RRP $3.50 F. VS-781852

 hrome Plated C Directional Arm FBV P1056B3960W4356 RRP $54.45 G. VS-781851

 hrome Plated Minimise C Shower Rose FBV P3296B12360W13596 RRP $169.95


Bath & Body | Contents 120

ive rehens p m o c a ay has e and I g n a r “Amw y nd bod bath a ! he love it oney, t m r o f e e at valu t o non d It’s gre n o c e e y is s y whol m r o qualit f t perfec ’s t i d n a ” family. n

njia a Toto Kareen um Platin

Bath & body Something for all the family. 122 Hair Care 128 Oral Care 130 Body Care 131 Men’s Skincare 132 Kid’s Essentials 133 Sun Protection


Bath & Body | Contents 121

“You need to feel good to really push yourself forward. Starting each day with the great range of Amway’s body care products puts me in great stride.” Jane Kegan Diamond

Bath & Body | Hair Care 122



Science and style – The first and only salon quality hair care system with nature’s exclusive renewing technology.

Why your hair needs Satinique® Hair is damaged when natural lipids and proteins are lost. This happens through chemical processes, styling, washing, combing and brushing, even simply exposing it to the sunlight or the friction of a towel or your pillow. Once it’s damaged, hair becomes dry, brittle and unmanageable. The smart technology of the exclusive SATINIQUE® Ceramide Infusion System (CIS) repairs your hair by replacing the same natural lipids and proteins lost every day. With CIS technology, hair becomes naturally stronger and resists breakage. It also seals Noticeably shinier, smoother, healthier looking hair – in just one use. Ceramide Infusion System



, healthy e v ie h Ac looking e iv t c a . attr one use t s ju in hair


Bath & Body | Hair Care

in moisture and protects hair from future damage. The result?

A. Satinique® Daily Balance 2 in 1 One-step cleanse and condition. • Naturally-derived cleansing agents and light conditioners • Gently cleans and conditions • Doesn’t over-dry or weigh hair down Amount: 300ml VS-6186 FBV P401B1504W1654 RRP $22.33

B. Satinique® Dandruff Control Hair Cleanser Relieves and soothes itchy scalps. • Gets rid of white flakes while gently restoring moisture balance • Natural Chamomile helps soothe irritated skin • Gentle enough to use every day



Amount: 300ml VS-202396 FBV P342B1282W1410 RRP $17.63


Bath & Body | Hair Care

Hair Care








A. - B. Satinique® Gentle Daily Hair Cleanser

C. - D. Satinique® Volumising Hair Cleanser

E. - F. Satinique® Revitalising Hair Cleanser

Restores moisture and health.

Injects body and life.

Removes up to 100% of build-up.

• Repairs, strengthens and protects damaged hair

• Turns a fine, limp style into a fuller head of hair

• Washes away excessive oil, environmental pollutants and styling agents

• Ultra-rich lather with plant-derived moisturisers

• Adds volume and body without weighing you down

• Maintains your hair’s natural health and lustre

• Gently cleans without over drying

• Strengthens hair for a healthier look

• Gentle enough for daily use

Hair type: Normal to dry and chemically treated

Hair type: Fine

Hair type: Oily

Amount: 300ml A. VS-202388 FBV P301B1130W1243 RRP $15.54

Amount: 300ml C. VS-202390 FBV P322B1206W1327 RRP $16.59

Amount: 300ml E. VS-202401 FBV P301B1130W1243 RRP $15.54

Amount: 1 litre B. VS-202389 FBV P967B3626W3989 RRP $49.86

Amount: 1 litre D. VS-202391 FBV P1007B3778W4156 RRP $51.95

Amount: 1 litre F. VS-202402 FBV P967B3626W3989 RRP $49.86

Cleansing & conditioning

Maintaining gorgeous, healthy-looking hair starts with basic care. Begin by choosing a daily shampoo and conditioner designed especially for your hair type.

If Your Hair Is/Has

Try This Combination

Medium to thick. Dry/brittle/coarse/relaxed/permed

Gentle Daily Hair Cleanser + Moisturising Detangler

Oily/heavy build-­up

Revitalising Hair Cleanser + Volumising Detangler


Volumising Hair Cleanser + Volumising Detangler


Daily Balance 2 in 1 Hair Cleanser & Conditioner + Moisturising Detangler

Swimmer’s hair

Revitalising Hair Cleanser + Moisturising Detangler


Dandruff Control Hair Cleanser + Moisturising Detangler/Volumising Detangler





G. - H. Satinique® Volumising Detangler

I. - J. Satinique® Moisturising Detangler

For extra body and easy styling.

For hair up to 10 times smoother.

• Boosts body and improves the texture of fine, limp hair

• Enriched with vitamin E to strengthen and repair dry ends

• Doesn’t weigh you down

• Makes hair shinier and easier to manage

• Specially formulated to improve manageability

• Especially kind on dry, brittle, heat-styled hair

Amount: 250ml G. VS-202392 FBV P301B1130W1243 RRP $15.54

Amount: 250ml I. VS-202394 FBV P301B1130W1243 RRP $15.54

Amount: 1 litre H. VS-202393 FBV P1007B3778W4156 RRP $51.95

Amount: 1 litre J. VS-202395 FBV P1007B3778W4156 RRP $51.95


K. Satinique® Hair Repair Masque Mends split ends, keeps frizz under control. • Deep penetrating 10-minute treatment that repairs and softens

Bath & Body | Hair Care

with e v Sa itre l one ns o opti

• Makes hair less break-prone, more shiny and healthy looking • Particularly loved by chemically-treated hair Amount: 150ml VS-202397 FBV P465B1742W1916 RRP $25.84

On A Daily Basis, Do You… Wash Use a flat iron Live in a metropolitan area Use hot rollers Blow dry

Spend more than one hour outdoors Colour or use chemical treatments Use a curling iron

0-2 checks = Little damage Use hair repair masque once a week 3-4 checks = Moderate damage Use hair repair masque twice a week 5+ checks = Severe damage Use hair repair masque three times a week


Bath & Body | Hair Care

Hair Care








1 - - - - - - - 9 10

1 - - - - 66 - - - 10

1 - - - 55 - - - - 10

A. Satinique® Extra Design Styling Gel

B. Satinique® Lock & Hold Styling Spritz

C. Satinique® Sculpting Spray Gel

Control to the max.

Lock it in.

Works like a spray, holds firm like a gel.

• Get the look you want with this firm hold gel for extreme wet and dry styles

• Natural look non-aerosol pump hair spray that holds firm and doesn’t feel stiff or sticky

• Adds shape, volume and shine without causing stickiness or stiffness

• Up to 50 uses

• Up to 181 uses

• Up to 121 uses

Amount: 150g VS-202399 FBV P386B1446W1591 RRP $21.47

Amount: 200ml VS-202622 FBV P381B1430W1573 RRP $21.16

Amount: 200ml VS-202621 FBV P381B1430W1573 RRP $21.16

cts g produ n li y t s e ect Satiniqu gthen and prot tren ay repair, s ever yd t s in a g ir a ying your ha blow-dr s a h c su . damage xposure e n u s and ®

Get the style you want SATINIQUE styling products help you create just the look you’re going for – no matter what type of hair you have. Use the chart to see which products are recommended to achieve the style you want. ®

The Hair You Want:

The Hair You Have Fine





Slick/Wet Look




C or D

A or C

Defined Curls

C or D

A or C






1 - - 4 - - - - - 10

1 - - - - - - 88 - 10

D. Satinique® Volumising Mousse Let your style shine through. • A creamy mousse adding volume, texture and lift for an all-over medium hold • Up to 85 uses Amount: 150g VS-202398 FBV P322B1206W1327 RRP $16.59


Styling Index

Bath & Body | Hair Care




E. Satinique® Final Step Finishing Spray

F. Satinique® Colour & Heat Protector Daily 3-in-1 defence and shine.

Impeccable looks that last.

• Extends the life of coloured hair by 47% and minimises frizz

• Puts the finishing touches on your justdone style for extra lift and optimum hold

• Detangles hair, making it easier to comb through with less breakage

• Up to 61 uses

• Protects hair from thermal damage caused by heat appliances

Amount: 250ml VS-202400 FBV P412B1544W1698 RRP $22.94

Amount: 220ml VS-102676 FBV P593B2222W2444 RRP $33.01





Extra Design Styling Gel





Volumising Mousse





Lock & Hold Spritz





Finishing Spray





Sculpting Spray Gel





Leave-in Protector






Oral Care | Glister®

Looking for an economical alternative to expensive supermarket brands? Nothing compares to Glister!

Bath & Body | Oral Care

With Glister®, you only need a small amount to create a whiter, brighter smile. It’s the minty, sugar-free toothpaste for all the family that fights decay while strengthening enamel. Feel fresh, clean and protected all day long with Glister®.

Fast facts 1. Multi-action tube lasts up to 80 uses 2. Whitens teeth, fights cavities, removes plaque with regular brushing, cleans and freshens breath 3. Contains Sylodent, a polishing


agent, to clean and help eliminate stains to whiten teeth

Glister® 5 in 1 Whitens teeth Fights cavities Removes plaque Safely cleans Freshens breath


without bleach

emove Helps r and plaque vities fight ca

ge resh ed f a s a rh e “Gliste hygien l a r o l in the ring al e f f o , t ds marke are nee c l a t n e ” your d prices. d e h c t a at unm ook

H roline

and Ca Aaron um Platin

Fast facts




ee ie-fr r o l Ca native r alte ums to g mints. and

Fresh and powerful Long lasting care

Bath & Body | Oral Care

• One of the most concentrated mouthwashes you can buy • Each bottle provides 83 uses • Significantly reduces plaque over brushing alone • Helps kill bacteria that can cause bad breath • Leaves your mouth with a minty fresh flavour • Contains less alcohol per recommended use than other brands D




A. - C. Glister® Multi-Action Toothpaste

D. Glister® Toothbrush

F Glister® Refresher Spray

Soft-medium bristles.

On-the-go freshness.

Brighter and healthier smile.

• Flexible handle and slim head tackles hard-to-reach places

• Pocket-size blast of freshness when you just can’t brush

• Fights cavities, removes plaque and stains

• Tough on plaque and gentle on gums

• Sugar and calorie free

• Freshens breath and whitens teeth

• Available in shades of green and blue

A. Amount: 200g VS-184 FBV P221B828W911 RRP $11.39

Amount: Pk 4 VS-100957 FBV P546B2049W2254 RRP $28.13

Amount: 9g VS-211 FBV P183B686W755 RRP $10.13

B. Amount: 65g Travel Sized Tube VS-1959 FBV P150B564W609 RRP $7.74

E. Glister Concentrated

C. Amount: 6 x 65g Travel Sized Tubes VS-471 FBV P852B3196W3516 RRP $43.95


G. Glister® Children’s Toothbrush 4 fun colours in every pack.

Hits plaque and bad breath bacteria hard.

• Thick grip handle stops small fingers slipping

• Fresh mint flavour

• Rounded bristles for delicate gums

• One of the most concentrated mouthwashes you can buy

Amount: Pk 4 - Green, Red, Yellow & Pink VS-6110 FBV P481B1804W1984 RRP $24.76

Multi-Action Oral Rinse

• Up to 83 uses Amount: 50ml VS-99 FBV P537B2012W2213 RRP $29.91


Body Care

With a complete body care regime and a great smile, you’re ready to start the day.

Bath & Body | Body Care

body series® has a comprehensive body care system that prepares you for every day.

for ect le f r e P who the ily fam A







A. Body Series® Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Roll On

C. Body Series® Glycerine & Honey Complexion Bar Soap

E. Body Series® G & H Lotion

Rolls on clear.

Soft on sensitive skin.

• A clean, fresh scent

• N  urture your body with glycerine and honey for all-over softness

• Quick drying formula

• Preservative-free bar that naturally conditions and gently cleanses

• Long lasting wetness protection

• An alternative for sensitive skin

• 48 hour odour control

Amount: 3 x 83g Bars VS-4630 FBV P345B1295W1425 RRP $19.24

Amount: 100ml VS-4632 FBV P251B941W1035 RRP $13.99

B. Body Series® Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Spray Long-lasting freshness. • C  linically proven odour and perspiration control for all-day confidence Amount: 130g VS-4631 FBV P302B1134W1247 RRP $16.80

D. Body Series® Refreshing Body Gel Premium cleanse experience. • H  erbal fresh concentrate moisturises and deodorises, without leaving a residue Amount: 400ml VS-4628 FBV P456B1711W1882 RRP $25.43

Moisturise and protect.

Amount: 375ml VS-186 FBV P338B1269W1396 RRP $18.82

F. Body Series® 3 in 1 Soap Cleans, deodorises and kills bacteria. • A  rich, creamy formula that leaves skin feeling conditioned and soft Amount: 6 x 150g Bars VS-4629 FBV P681B2553W2808 RRP $37.96

Men’s Skincare


For men that

dare to care

Bath & Body | Men’s Skincare

Tolsom® facial skincare for men is clinically proven to reduce razor burn and redness. All it takes is a few easy steps for spectacular looking, healthy skin.

tle A lit ry costs u lux than less think you







A. Tolsom® Skin Protective Lotion SPF 15

C. Tolsom® Facial Cleansing Foam

E. Tolsom® After Shave Splash

Easy clean.

Blast off.

Magic touch.

• Reduces oiliness by 84% after a single use

• Feel alive and less irritated after shaving

• Non-greasy moisturising lotion absorbs easily while conditioning and smoothing

• Leaves your skin clean, smooth and refreshed

• Mild formula removes excess oil from your skin

• Perfect for everyday use

• Doubles as a high performance skin toner

Amount: 125g VS-100916 FBV P443B1660W1826 RRP $22.83

Amount: 175ml VS-100918 FBV P463B1736W1910 RRP $23.86

• Rejuvenates and smooths skin

D. Tolsom® Eau De Toilette

F. Tolsom® Shave Gel

• Patented, non-acid technology

Discerning desire.

Cool customer.

• Enhances the natural exfoliation process and improves rough skin

• Gel-to-foam formula that glides more smoothly for a close, comfortable shave

• Immediate improvement in skin texture

• A powerfully woody aroma capturing amber and musk evokes a masculine presence and undeniable charm

Amount: 30g VS-100920 FBV P503B1888W2077 RRP $25.95

Amount: 50ml VS-103703 FBV P1007B3778W4156 RRP $51.95

Amount: 100ml VS-100049 FBV P503B1888W2077 RRP $25.95

B. Tolsom® Skin Smoothing Gel Smooth skin.

Amount: 200g VS-100917 FBV P302B1134W1247 RRP $15.60


Kid’s Essentials

Mini Monsters

Bath & Body | Kid’s Essentials

Keep kids entertained with the colourful and vibrant Mini Monsters range during bathtime.








A. Mini Monsters Hair Gel – Spiky Blueberry

C. Mini Monsters Spray On Detangler – Silky Strawberry

E. Mini Monsters 2-in-1 Shampoo – Awesome Apple


No more struggles.

Save time at bath time.

• Long lasting volume to the max plus a UV filter to protect against sun damage

• A spray-on detangler to get those nasty knots out of wet or dry hair

• Gently cleans and conditions in one step, leaving hair soft and shiny

Amount: 100ml VS-770703 FBV P212B796W876 RRP $10.95

Amount: 200ml VS-740303 FBV P212B796W876 RRP $10.95

Amount: 200ml VS-740305 FBV P212B796W876 RRP $10.95

B. Mini Monsters Hand Wash – Ozzy Orange

D. Mini Monsters Bubble Bath – Pesky Passionfruit

F. Mini Monsters Body Wash – Mean Mango

Smells soooooo good.

Bath full of fun.

The clean zone.

• Easy-to-use pump for sparkling clean and soft hands

• Pesky bubbles with a fresh fruity fragrance

• Rich lather gently cleanses and moisturises, leaving skin soft and smooth

Amount: 250ml VS-740302 FBV P184B691W760 RRP $9.50

• Mild and gentle on young bodies

Amount: 200ml VS-740306 FBV P212B796W876 RRP $10.95

Amount: 200ml VS-740304 FBV P212B796W876 RRP $10.95

Sun Protection | Cancer Council

Cancer Council

Sales help fund cancer research, patient support and education

Bath & Body | Sun Protection

high Very 30+ SPF ction e prot





A. Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen Roll-On SPF30+

C. Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen SPF30+

• Easy to apply. No mess

• Extra UVA protection + UVB protection

• Convenient roll-on application, ideal for face, neck and hands

• 3 hours water resistant

• Easy to carry pack size, ideal for school bag, sports bag or hand bag • Name plate for identification Amount: 75ml VS-832137 P070B264W880 RRP $10.12

B. Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen SPF30+

of hope – with your help we are creating a better future.

• For those exposed to the harsh sun on a regular basis Amount: 110ml VS-832139 P084B315W1050 RRP $12.08

D. Cancer Council Sunscreen Plus Insect Repellent SPF30+ • Repels flies and mosquitoes • 2 hours water resistant

• 4 hours water resistant

• Dual use sunscreen and insect repellent

• Fragrance free sunscreen to protect delicate skin

Amount: 110ml VS-832140 P104B374W1248 RRP $14.35

• Dermatologically tested

The daffodil is the symbol

Amount: 110ml VS-832138 P084B315W1050 RRP $12.08


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Breakfast A. Easiyo® Yogurt Maker

B. - C. Easiyo® Yogurt Powder

The easy and inexpensive way to make yogurt. Helps the uptake of nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. This creates a barrier against microbes. Can make up to 1 litre of yogurt.

Makes 1kg of delicious yogurt every time. With billions of live cultures in every spoonful, including probiotic acidophilus! No artificial colours or preservatives.

VS-791157 $23.50

Amount: 6 sachets x 135g B. VS-791155 Reduced Fat Bio Yogurt P195B732W2195 $21.95


Amount: 5 sachets x 230g C. VS-791156 Mixed Fruit Bio Yogurt P239B898W2695 $26.95



E. Pureharvest® Honey Certified Organic Honey is a full flavoured natural sweetener, free from any added chemicals. Delicious and healthy.

The finest Eucalyptus honey from the bush, exclusive to AMWAY. Natural, full flavour.

Amount: 500g VS-634772 VS-634771 P075B282W845 $8.45

Amount: 1.4kg VS-634753 WA only VS-634754 Rest of Australia P177B665W1995 $19.95

WA only (Not pictured) Rest of Australia

Groceries | Breakfast

D. Mayver’s® Health Time Eucalyptus Honey






F. - G. Mayver’s® Peanut Butter Super smooth and super crunchy Peanut Butter. Cholesterol free. Amount: 800g tub E. VS-32656 Smooth F. VS-32654 Crunchy P079B298W895 $8.95

e in Mad tralia Aus






Groceries | Breakfast

A. Monster Muesli Free & Fruity Gluten free, preservative free and nut free. Contains blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. Rich in antioxidants. Amount: 500g VS-791181 P069B257W770 $7.70



B. - C. Monster Berry Muesli & Multi-Grain Porridge Do yourself a favour and start your day with this nutritiously sound and great tasting muesli. Wheat free, nut free, preservative free and a great source of natural antioxidants. Kosher and Halal. Porridge is low GI, low fat and contains 6 different grains. Amount: 600g B. VS-770831 Berry Muesli with Blueberries Strawberries & Cranberries P069B257W770 $7.70 Amount: 700g C. VS-770833 Multi-Grain Porridge P043B160W480 $4.80


D. Psyllium Husks A natural way to increase your fibre intake and tune-up your digestive system. Sprinkle over breakfast cereal. Amount: 200g VS-704268 P044B164W540 $5.40

E. Chia Seeds This superfood can be used for cereals, smoothies, yoghurt and in a drink. Great source of fibre and protein. Amount: 500g VS-791159 $15.95



F. - H. Pureharvest速 Muesli Great tasting organic Muesli full of the goodness of rolled oats, dried fruit and nuts. No added sugar. 100% certified organic. No genetically modified organisms. Amount: 750g F. VS-740262 G. VS-740425 P077B287W860 $8.60

Natural Muesli Fruit & Nut Muesli

Amount: 6 x 500g $3.77 each H. VS-781742 Organic Rolled Oats P201B753W2260 $22.60







A. Royal Ceylon® Premium Ceylon Tea Bags

B. Royal Ceylon® Earl Grey Tea Bags

C. Royal Ceylon® English Breakfast Tea Bags

Our teas are hand picked from world famous tea gardens and packaged at their peak freshness and flavour. Premium Ceylon comes highly recommended by Royal Ceylon’s experienced tea tasters. All natural.

Full of aroma and taste, Royal Ceylon Earl Grey is a beautiful blend of the finest tea leaves and natural oil of bergamot. Tea that will keep your senses sparkling and taste buds tingling. All natural.

When brewed, tea turns into an admirable Golden Red infusion with a delightful taste and aroma. A must have. All natural.

Amount: Pk 100 Bags VS-752799 P061B227W680 $6.80

Amount: Pk 100 Bags VS-752802 P061B227W680 $6.80

Amount: Pk 100 Bags VS-752805 P061B227W680 $6.80

D. Royal Ceylon® Green Tea Bags

Groceries | Drinks


Renowned for its high antioxidant content for good health and wellbeing. All natural. Amount: Pk 100 Bags VS-752806 P061B227W680 $6.80


E. - F. Caffé Migliore® Fairtrade Coffee Wake up and smell the coffee. A great tasting coffee, well rounded, freshly roasted coffee leaving your taste buds completely satisfied. Truly an authentic experience. Exclusive to AMWAY®. Amount: 250g E. VS-770834 F. VS-770835 P085B317W950 $9.50

Organic Espresso Grind Plunger Grind

Amway endeavours to plan and lock its pricing for the life of its catalogue however, Coffee prices are subject to international upward price movements and therefore may be subject to increase beyond the represented price. Please check with Amway or with your Amway IBO.




py’s Nip teen Can roved app A


A. - C. Nippy’s® Tetra Juices – Poppers

Groceries | Drinks

100% Australian juice with long-life convenience. No added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. Amount: 24 x 250ml $1.25 each A. VS-760954 Orange & Mango B. VS-760955 Apple C. VS-760956 Apple & Blackcurrant P266B998W2995 $29.95


D. Nippy’s® Orange Juice

E. Celebes® Coconut Water

100% Australian unsweetened juice with life-long convenience. Airtight container designed to seal in freshness. No added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours.

Celebes Coconut Water is the clear liquid inside the fresh coconut. It has been a popular drink in the tropics around the world for centuries. It has high potassium, and mineral content with less sodium, naturally fat free, low in carbohydrates and low in calories. A delicious and refreshing natural isotonic drink.

Amount: 1L VS-803374 P031B117W350 $3.50

Amount: 350ml VS-803306 $2.25



F. - J. Nippy’s® Iced Flavoured Dairy Milks 138


ten Glu free

Ideal in a lunch box or as an after school treat. Airtight, long-life packaging guarantees freshness and makes them fantastic pantry fillers. Amount: 12 x 375ml $2.20 each F. VS-803371 Iced Coffee G. VS-803373 Iced Chocolate P213B800W2640 $26.40

teen Can roved app

Amount: 24 x 250ml $1.67 each H. VS-760951 Iced Chocolate I. VS-760952 Iced Coffee J. VS-760953 Iced Strawberry P323B1211W3995 $39.95

J I. H

Drinks A. Apple Crush Juice

B. Nippy’s® Spring Water

This delicious, 100% crisp apple juice is extracted at the apple orchard right after picking, to deliver a flavour that’s beautifully fresh and pure.

Pure refreshment. Nippy’s Natural Spring Water has low mineral content and a great clean pure taste. Nippy’s Spring Water is available in convenient pack sizes to suit every occasion.

Amount: 2L VS-634807 $5.50

Amount: 24 x 600ml $0.66 each VS-781708 Spring Water 600ml P142B533W1600 $16.00




C.- D. Organic Milks Groceries | Drinks

Free from genetically altered products. Free of pesticides, herbicides, artificial chemicals and preservatives. Amount: 12 x 1L $2.42 each C. VS-781741 Organic Valley® Full Cream Dairy Milk. As nature intended. D. VS-610189 Organic Valley® Dairy Milk. Low fat. E. VS-610188 Pureharvest® Organic Soy Milk. Dairy and gluten free. P155B580IM2900 $29.00




Snacks A. Fantastic® Gluten Free Multi Pack Delites and Crackers

B. Snacksmart® Snack Mix

Perfect for a tasty snack on the go and great for kids lunch boxes. Amount: 6 x 20g VS-803378 Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar P032B121W399 $3.99

2 bags of Sweet Chilli Lime Peanut, Multi-Grain and Soy Snack Mix. 2 bags of Cashew and Multigrain Snack Mix. Lightly salted. No artificial colours or flavours. Free of genetically modified organisms. No added MSG. No preservatives. Halal certified. Amount: 4 x 300g $5.14 each VS-736471 P166B623W2055 $20.55



Groceries | Snacks

C. Pureharvest® Prunes Rich in antioxidants, potassium and soluble fibre for good heart and digestive tract health. Amount: 375g VS-610230 P057B212W635 $6.35

D. Pureharvest® Almonds One of the most nutritious nuts filled with protective nutrients such as calcium and magnesium for strong bones as well as antioxidants and vitamin E. Amount: 250g VS-610227 P106B398W1195 $11.95 C




E. Kelly’s® Gourmet Mix

F. - G. Kelly’s® Nuts

Blanched almonds, sea salt cashews and macadamia nuts.

The perfect snack for work and home. Finest ingredients, carefully chosen and crafted to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Amount: 500g VS-752877 P177B665W2195 $21.95

Amount: 6 x 150g $3.33 each F. VS-752875 Natural Raw Mixed Nuts P177B665W1995 $19.95 Amount: 6 x 150g $2.66 each G. VS-752872 Salted Mixed Nuts P129B483W1595 $15.95

Snacks A. Go Natural® Trail Mix Snack Bar

C. Vege Chips


Natural superfoods, rich in antioxidants, high in Omega 3 and just 152 calories. Almond and Brazil berries with 8 grains.

School canteen approved. 40% less fat than regular potato chips. 3 Natural, 3 BBQ, 3 French Onion, 3 Sweet & Sour. Gluten free. Halal certified.

Amount: 5 x 35g VS-770874 P038B144W475 $4.75

Amount: 12 x 21g $0.66 each VS-803332 P065B242W799 $7.99

B. Go Natural® Apricot Frugo’s


Delicious fruity centres smothered in a creamy tangy yoghurt. Gluten free. Amount: 150g VS-770873 P024B089W295 $2.95

ten Glu free B

A convenient and popular snack. They can be eaten on their own, or served with dips. Low in fat, they are a healthier snack option. Amount: 100g D. VS-791166 E. VS-791167 F. VS-791168 P016B059W195 $1.95

Plain Seaweed Sour Cream & Chives

G. Go Natural® Premium Nut Selection

Groceries | Snacks

D. - F. Trident® Rice Crackers

Pack contains 5 x Carob Macadamia, 5 x Macadamia Dream, 5 x Carob Nut Delight bars. Natural indulgence, premium nuts, gluten free high in fibre, low in sodium. No artificial colours or flavours. Amount: 15 x 50g $1.95 each VS-781767 P236B886W2925 $29.25





H. Well & Good® Muffin Mix Allergen free Muffin Mix makes 9 - 12 depending on the size of your muffin tin. 97% fat free. Can also be used for egg free waffle recipe. Amount: 450g VS-803386 $5.20


I. Well & Good® Chocolate Mud Cake Mix Delicious chocolate mud cake, allergen free, gluten, dairy and nut free. Australian made. Amount: 450g VS-803385 $5.20

ten Glu t & nu free

P046B173W520 H



Groceries | Snacks




A. Delights® Assorted Chocolate Eclairs Assorted Eclairs with a delicious chocolate flavoured centre in a caramel shell. Amount: 850g VS-803331 $9.96



B. Delights® Toffees

C. Delights® Mallow Mix

A traditional assortment of decadent creamy chews. To be appreciated by all.

Enjoy this assortment of soft eating whipped mallow products.

Amount: 900g VS-803330 $9.96

Amount: 900g VS-752869 $9.96






D. Delights® Jelly Beans

E. Delights® Mixed Jellies

F. Delights® Strawberry Clouds

For jelly bean lovers. This classic sweet is the perfect treat for any age.

Everyone’s favourite sweets are available in one convenient pack.

A kid’s favourite.

Amount: 1kg VS-752870 $8.95

Amount: 1kg VS-740349 $9.96



Amount: 1kg VS-752868 $8.95


Snacks A. - D. Smooze Fruit Ice


A unique fresh fruit juice and coconut milk-based frozen treat promises exotic summer refreshment without the artificial colours, flavours and preservatives found in almost all frozen snacks. Per serve, Smooze boasts 60% less calories, 75% less sugar and 40% less fat than light ice cream; offering parents, kids and health-conscious consumers a creamy-textured summer refreshment without the regret. Amount: 10 x 65ml $0.58 each A. VS-803336 Coconut & Mango B. VS-803338 Coconut & Pink Guava C. VS-803337 Coconut & Pineapple D. VS-803339 Simply Coconut P047B176W580 $5.80

Groceries | Snacks








E. - H. Piranha速 Gluten Free Potato Grills Free from trans-fats, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Amount: 12 x 75g E. VS-791221 F. VS-791223 G. VS-791224 H. VS-791222 P242B908W2995 $29.95

$2.50 each Sea Salt Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Saucy Barbeque

ten Glu free

Pantry Basics

A. - C. San Remo® La Pasta Delicious flavours, made with either fettuccine twists or macaroni pasta. For a delicious pasta and sauce snack, any time of the day. Amount: 120g

Groceries | Pantry Basics

A. VS-770845 B. VS-770846 C. VS-770847 P017B065W195 $1.95

Alfredo Carbonara Macaroni Cheese



F. - G. San Remo® Gluten Free Spaghetti and Penne

D. - E. San Remo® Dried Pasta 100% Durum wheat. 98% fat free. No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Free of genetically modified organisms.

It is Gluten free, dairy free, egg free and 98% fat free. This pasta is so good that your family and friends won’t even notice the difference. Cooks in 8-10 minutes.

Amount: 3 x 500g $3.08 each D. VS-791207 Spaghetti E. VS-791205 Spirals P072B276W825 $8.25

Amount: 250g F VS-791242 G. VS-791243 P037B138W415 $4.15


Penne Spaghetti




H. - I. Romanella® Pasta Sauces

J. - L. San Remo® Ready to Serve Sauces


Ready to heat and serve over your favourite pasta dishes. Add whatever ingredients you like to make your own signature dish.

Created using authentic recipes and the finest ingredients. Can be used as a delicious base for pizza, in lasagna, or to add flavour to a variety of dishes.

Amount: 690g H. VS-760991 Sugo All’ Arrabbiata I. VS-760997 Passata P031B118W355 $3.55




Amount: 500g J. VS-770849 K. VS-770851 L. VS-770850 P037B138W415 $4.15

Tomato & Basil Mushroom & Tomato Tomato, Onion & Garlic

Pantry Basics A. Mayver’s® Natural Mayonnaise Contains low salt and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Amount: 820g VS-18041 P078B292W875 $8.75



B. Mayver’s® Whole Egg Mayonnaise Full flavoured kosher mayonnaise, made the traditional way with whole eggs. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Amount: 700g VS-752728 $9.95





Groceries | Pantry Basics




C. Lupi® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

D. Lupi® Extra Light Olive Oil

E. Lupi® Balsamic Vinegar

Absolutely pure for healthy salad dressings and cooking.

Pure and healthy olive oil with a lighter flavour, ideal for cooking.

Amount: 1L VS-34252 $9.69

Amount: 1L VS-735479 $12.80

Used with Lupi Olive Oils, it is recommended to enhance the flavour of roast meats, to stir fry vegetables, in green salads, and cold meat salads. Can also be used for dipping bread or enhancing the flavour of strawberries.



Amount: 250ml VS-791176 $3.29


Pantry Basics


Groceries | Pantry Basics



A. - C. Indian Sauce

D. Ayam® Thai Green Curry Paste

For an authentic home cooked flavour without all the chopping and slicing.

Create your favourite Thai dish with this Ayam Green Curry Paste. Enjoy the intense flavour and aroma.

Amount: 375g A. VS-781729 B. VS-781731 C. VS-781730 P040B150W450 $4.50

Butter Chicken Korma Chicken Tikka

Amount: 195g VS-791059 P029B108W325 $3.25

E. - F. Celebes® Organic Coconut Cream & Milk Can be used for making cakes, ice cream, coconut jam and curries. Amount: 400ml E. VS-803316 F. VS-803315 P025B092W275 $2.75

G. Organic Basmati Rice Basmati rice’s natural aroma makes it ideal for many main dishes, curries and stir fries.


Amount: 700g VS-803311 P051B190W569 $5.69

H. Organic White Rice White rice’s versatility makes it ideal for many main dishes, soups, salads and desserts such as rice pudding. Amount: 700g VS-803312 P048B180W539 $5.39



I. Organic Brown Rice

J. Organic Jasmine Rice

Brown rice is a good source of dietary fibre and can be used in many different preparations.

Serve with meat and vegetables, curries and stir fries or use to make light fragrant salads.

Amount: 700g VS-803313 P062B233W699 $6.99

Amount: 1kg VS-803314 P051B190W569 $5.69



Cream Milk

Pantry Basics A. - B. Australian Gold® Tinned Fruit

C. Golden Churn Tinned Butter

D. Oceania® Sockeye Salmon

Natural, full flavoured Australian fruit with no preservatives or added sugar.

Long life storage. A pure, creamy taste, with no need to refrigerate until it’s opened (packaging may vary).

Salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska. Packed in 190g cans for your convenience.

Amount: 12 x 410g $2.13 each A. VS-600862 Sliced Peaches B. VS-600863 Fruit Salad P227B850W2550 $25.50


Amount: 2 x 454g $5.50 each VS-24858 P098B368W1100 $11.00



Amount: 190g VS-803318 P035B133W399 $3.99


Groceries | Pantry Basics

E. - G. Oceania® Chunk Style Tuna In Brine - the traditional style of canned tuna. Great for sandwiches and salads. In Oil - Rich in Omega 3 oils. A healthy alternative for active people. Specially blended oil enhances the flavour. In Spring Water - For the health conscious. No added salt, high in Omega oils. An all round healthy and nutritious meal. Amount: 425g E. VS-803320 F. VS-803319 G. VS-803321 P035B133W399 $3.99

In Brine In Oil In Spring Water E F G

147 H



H. Australian Gold® Spaghetti

I. Australian Gold® Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

J. Australian Gold® Tomato Soup

Great tasting and packed with fibre.

Amount: 12 x 425g $1.98 each VS-704275 P211B793W2380 $23.80

In tomato sauce. A quick meal, any time of the day. Amount: 12 x 420g $1.41 each VS-30422 P151B565W1695 $16.95

Amount: 12 x 425g $1.41 each VS-30421 P151B565W1695 $16.95

Traditional, satisfying and made in Australia.

Pets A. - C. Nature’s Gift® Wet Dog Food

D. Walkies Liver Dog Treats

A premium home cooked style meal made from fresh meat, grains and vegetables. Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and fillers.

Minerals and 14 essential multivitamins such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, protein, soya flour, and flaxseed kelp.

Amount: 12 x 380g A. VS-803353

$1.79 each

Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

B. VS-803354

Lamb Pasta & Vegetables

C. VS-803355

Veal, Turkey & Vegetables

Amount: 10 x 50g $1.29 each VS-752729 P105B392W1295 $12.95

Groceries | Pets

P174B651W2148 $21.48



E. - F. Nature’s Gift® Dry Cat Food A premium, meat based dry food with two very different offerings. Kangaroo has a soft meaty texture with the added benefit of Chia, while Chicken with Salmon has a crunchy texture with the added benefit of emu oil.


Amount: 1kg E. VS-803367 Chicken with Salmon F. VS-803368 Kangaroo P061B227W749 $7.49


G. - J. Nature’s Gift® Wet Cat Food

K. Pearson’s® Clumping Cat Litter

A premium, meat recipe with the added benefit of krill oil for natural Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants and essential minerals. Tasty and healthy, even the fussiest cat will look forward to meal times.

Made with scoria for extra absorbency. Amount: 3 x 4kg VS-34250 P104B391W1290 $12.90

Amount: 12 x 100g $1.18 each G. VS-803365 Beef in Gravy H. VS-803363 Chicken in Gravy I. VS-803364 Chicken with Pilchards J. VS-803366 Real Kangaroo P115B430W1420 $14.20










A. Hippo® Cling Wrap

B. Cling Wrap Cutter

Heavy duty food wrap is tough, non-toxic, and microwave safe.

Cuts film wrap cleanly with its reusable double sided blade. Fits on to any roll up to 33cm wide.

Amount: 2 x 60m x 33cm Rolls $3.60 each VS-24817 P058B218W721 $7.21

VS-25222 $7.90


C. Hippo® Resealable Sandwich Bags Convenient dispenser box. Countless uses around home. Amount: Pk 150 Sandwich Bags VS-760945 P064B241W795 $7.95

Groceries | Household


er Low es Pric




D. Hippo® Large Resealable Storage Bags

E. Hippo® Aluminium Foil

F. Hippo® Baking Paper

High strength foil.

Keeps food fresh and tightly sealed. Convenient dispenser box for easy storage and use.

Amount: 60m x 30cm VS-601021 P107B400W1320 $13.20

Non-stick, microwave & ovenproof. Heat resistant to 230 degrees. Non-stick – no need for greasing.

Amount: Pk 30 27 x 33cm Bags VS-760946 P042B159W350 $3.50

Amount: 25m VS-610161 $7.50



I. Hippo® Freezer Bags


In a convenient dispenser bag.


Amount: Pk 500 25 x 30cm VS-600977 P081B302W996 $9.96

J. Hippo® Kitchen Tidy Bags I

G. Hippo® Tidy Bags

H. Hippo® Garbage Bags

Suitable for home and office use. Lemon scented, 100% biodegradable.

Huge 125 litre capacity. Degradable – extra strong star seal base, non-rip. Ties included. Suitable for all household and garden needs.

Amount: Pk 50 12L Small Bags VS-770704 P044B164W360 $3.60

Amount: Pk 40 125L Bags VS-736392 P153B574W1895 $18.95

Tough and strong for all kitchen refuse. 100% degradable. Lemon scent to mask odours. Amount: 2 x 50 32L $6.93 each VS-736394 P112B420W1385 $13.85


Household C

A. Magi Kleen® Bench Top Polish & Protector

C. Total Fresh Dishwasher Deodoriser

Suitable on all types of kitchen bench tops including, laminex, granite, staron, formica, caesarstone, marble, quartz and corian. Amount: 250ml VS-803346 $11.95

Gets rid of unpleasant odours, leaving a fresh fragrance. Lasts up to 21 washes. Amount: Pk 5 Lemon VS-27436 P072B271W895 $8.95


D. Magi Kleen® Washing Machine Cleaner

B. Magi Kleen® Cook Top Polish Provides a protective barrier to keep your cook top looking like new. Comes with an extra flip top lid. Amount: 250ml VS-803345 $9.96

Use on dishwashing and washing machines to remove scale, grime, grease build-up and remove stale odours.


Amount: 250ml VS-803347 $11.95



Groceries | Household


E. Staingo® Carpet Total Stain Remover

G Dyno-Tab® Fuel Savers

Suitable for use on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Biodegradable and non-toxic. Bleach free, wool safe. Amount: 500ml VS-791158 $12.50

EPA (U.S.A.) approved and extensively tested by the Society of Automotive Engineers in the US. One tablet treats up to 60 litres of fuel. Improves performance and fuel economy 8-10%. Suitable with unleaded petrols.


Example of saving based on fuel cost of $1.40 per litre: Saving on 720L of fuel = $100.80 Less cost of pack of 12 tablets = $29.95 Total Savings $70.85


F. Amazing Loo Clean No brush – just flush! Lasts up to 3 months. Removes lime, iron and algae leaving your loo sparkling clean. Exclusively for AMWAY®. VS-2635 P056B211W695 $6.95


Amount: Pack 12 VS-742788 P242B908W2995 $29.95




I. Finesse Maxi Strong Paper Towels


Finesse Maxi Strong 3 Ply Micro-Quilted Paper Towels are made from high quality paper products, with superb absorbency. Amount: Pk16 VS-832141 $26.95

J. Comfort® Dinner Napkins


Large 400 x 400mm 2 ply napkins. Great for every day or classy enough for when guests drop by.

H. Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Highly absorbent, Can be used on multiple surfaces. Pack of 10

Amount: Pk 100 VS-740344 $4.50

VS-832092 P083B303W999 $9.99


$1.68 each P196B735W2695


Personal Care A. Finesse® Pocket Handkerchiefs

B. Comfort Facial Tissue

C. Latex Gloves

3 ply tissues. Individual packs are ideal for handbag, glove box, sports bag or the pocket. 10 tissues per pack.

Soft 2 ply facial tissues that are strong, yet gentle on the sensitive skin of your face. 200 tissues per box. Unscented tissues contain no dyes or perfumes.

Amount: Pk 100 VS-715848 P079B297W980 $9.80

Amount: 18 x 10 $0.39 each VS-740345 P057B212W700 $7.00

Amount: 16 x 200 $1.87 each VS-832142 P218B817W2995 $29.95





D. Adhesan® Children’s Bandaids

E. Adhesan® Waterproof Mix

Assorted pack consists of 10 – 19 x 72cm pads, 10 – 16 x 57cm pads. Waterproof and highly breathable. Protect your children’s wounds from dirt and bacteria. Funny Pictures. Hypoallergenic, suitable for very sensitive skin.

Assorted Pack consist of 10 – 19 x 72cm pads, 4 – 25 x 72cm pads, 12 – 57 x 16cm pads, 4 – 22cm pads. Waterproof dressing prevents contamination from dirt and germs. Dressings are highly breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.

Amount: Pk 20 VS-770757 $4.70



Amount: Pk 30 VS-770756 $4.30


F. Cotton Tips

Groceries | Pharmaceuticals


Cotton Tips are 100% cotton, suitable for first aid and cosmetic use. Amount: 2 x 200 $2.47 each VS-770927 P060B225W495 $4.95


F. Goji Juice

E. Olive Leaf Extract Assists in the relief of the symptoms of coughs. Helps maintain the health of the veins and arteries and may assist in providing temporary relief of joint swelling. Made in Australia. Amount: 500ml VS-770759 $24.95


e in Mad tralia Aus



Goji Berries have an exceptionally high antioxidant value. Amount: 1L VS-740266 P337B1265W3795 $37.95

G. Noni Juice A powerful antioxidant. It is a rich source of betaglycan and phytonutrients that help promote the healthy functioning of cells. 100% pure. Amount: 1L VS-740265 P337B1265W3795 $37.95


Personal Care A. - B. Skinfresh® Liquid Hand Wash Soap free, pH balanced, and enriched with natural sea extracts, vitamins and Aloe Vera. Amount: 2 x 500ml $6.00 each A. VS-736398 Refill P146B546W1200 $12.00 B. VS-736397 Hand Wash P151B568W1250 $12.50

C. Skinfresh® Hand & Nail Intensive Moisture Therapy Enriched with vitamin E and certified organic Shea Butter. Amount: 75ml VS-791036 P097B362W795 $7.95 A



Groceries | Personal Care

D. Skinfresh® Vita-Oil Moisture Therapy Specially formulated to target stretchmarks, scars, ageing and dehydrated skin. Suitable for use on both the face and body. Amount: 125ml VS-791035 P242B907W1995 $19.95

E. Skinfresh® Bar Soap Contains pure coconut oil extract and rich moisturisers. Amount: 6 x 125g $1.66 each VS-31132 P121B453W996 $9.96 D






F. Skinfresh® Antibacterial Wipes

G. Puresse® Cosmetic Pads

H. Puresse® Personal Flush Wipes

Contains moisturiser & Aloe Vera extracts. Packed in a convenient travel-sized re-sealable pack. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Ultra soft cosmetic pads. Suitable for removing make-up and nail polish, cleansing the face, cuts and abrasions.

Puresse Personal Flushable Wipes gives you and your family a fresher clean than dry toilet paper

Amount: Pk 100 VS-770921 $4.00

Amount: 3 x 15 $2.08 each VS-770923 P076B284W625 $6.25

Amount: 2 x 30 $3.75 each VS-770717 P091B341W750 $7.50




A. Aqi® Bubs Baby Bath & Shampoo An ultra gentle shampoo and body wash to gently cleanse your baby’s delicate skin and hair. Amount: 750ml VS-770707 $9.50




B. Aqi® Bubs Baby Lotion

D. Aqi® Bubs Baby Nappy Cream

Aqi Bubs Baby Lotion is enriched with Shea Butter and vitamin E to moisturise your baby’s delicate skin.

A rapidly absorbing cream infused with Rose Hip Oil and Shea Butter to help soothe, protect and provide relief from rashes, dry or chafed skin.

Amount: 750ml VS-770708 $11.95


C. Aqi® Bubs Baby Powder

Amount: 250g VS-770709 $9.75


Groceries | Baby Care

Baby Care

A pure soft powder made from the finest talc. Amount: 375ml VS-770710 $6.95






E. Aqi® Bubs Baby Wipes

F. Aqi® Bubs Nappies

G. Aqi® Bubs Travel Kit

Extra soft, gentle and moist. Formulated with mild ingredients to keep the skin clean, soft and refreshed with a delightful fragrance. The baby wipes are alcohol-free and hypo-allergenic. Packed in a re-sealable pack.

The Aqi Bubs nappies provide supreme comfort from the soft, breathable top sheet, right through to the absorbent and disposable inner layer keeping your baby dry and preventing skin irritation. This is supported by stretchable waistbands front and back with adjustable grip tabs.

Aqi Bubs Travel Kit is the ideal solution for ensuring all your baby’s needs. Baby Bath and Shampoo 90ml, Baby Lotion 90ml, Nappy Rash Cream 90ml and Bubs Baby Wipes (30 sheets). Catered for in one little carry pack.

Amount: 3 x 80 Sheets $6.32 each VS-770711 P230B862W1895 $18.95

Amount: Pk 32 Medium – 5-11 kg VS-770714 P101B378W1595 $15.95

VS-791030 $20.96


Gym Accessories

A. Medium First Aid Kit Size: 200x150x80mm. Ideal First Aid kit for small injuries. It contains the most frequently used plaster and dressing material. Recommended for business, personal travel, home and do-it-yourself activities. Packed in a nylon carry bag with multiple compartments and black nylon mesh zipper pockets. Available in blue only. VS-791064 $32.95

Contents: 4 x non-woven swabs. 3 x saline wipes. 1 x aluminium foil. 5 x bandaid strips. 1 x scissors. 2 x elastic bandages. 4 x H size bandaids. 1 x adhesive tape roll. 1 x triangular bandage. 3 x soap wipes. 1 x tweezers. 6 x safety pins. 1 x first aid notes. 1 x pair of safety gloves.


Groceries | Gym Accessories





B. Fitness Ball

C. Skipping Rope

D. Stretch Resistance Band

Standard â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 65 cm in diameter for average height adult 160-180cm. It is very beneficial especially if you want to strengthen your back and your stomach muscles. Colour Blue.

A skipping rope with a counter. The counter enables you to record the total amount of skipping revolutions as you exercise. Rope is woven with polypropylene. Comes with foam grip handles and the length is adjustable.

Medium strength. This evolutionary tubing set is adjustable in length and can support you to do many kinds of exercise.

VS-791063 $29.95


VS-803388 $14.95

VS-791065 $14.95




F. - H. Hollywood Fashionable Flats Stylish and sleek, these classy yet comfy ballet-slipper-like flats roll right up and fit into a chic clutch that converts into a handy tote to store those killer like heels! Simply pop them into your evening bag, purse, carry-on, tote, desk drawer, or glove compartment, for ready relief of Cinderella syndrome.


E. Yoga Mat

Comes in Black only, 3 sizes Medium, Large, X/Large.

4.5mm thick and 173 x 60cm in size, weighs approx. 1.2kg. For beginners, home practice, studio or padding under another mat. Lightweight and durable, it offers insulation from cool floors and can be rolled or folded for use in required poses. Provide a stable non-slip surface. Colour Blue. VS-791066 $29.95

F. VS-832094 Medium G. VS-832095 Large H. VS-832096 X Large P175B658W2170 $24.95







Groceries | Sunglasses





A. - F. Calvin Klein Collection Internationally recognised designer brand for both men and women. Known for its minimalism, modern, sophisticated and natural luxury. A. VS-832131 Ladies Black frame with Grey gradient lens B. VS-832132 Ladies Purple frame with Grey gradient lens C. VS-832133 Ladies Blush frame with Grey gradient lens D. VS-832134 Mens Black frame with Grey gradient lens E. VS-832135 Mens Gunmetal frame with Grey lens F. VS-832136 Mens Gunmetal frame with Grey lens P948B3556W7822 $89.95

Partner Stores Something for all the family. 157 Hertz 158 Telstra 160 Xplore

Partner Groceries Stores | Page | Contents Header

162 Real Insurance 164 ValueXchange 165 AFS-PetMed 166 Harvey Norman 167 Petals 168 Australian Unity

156 156

Partner Stores | Hertz





Amway M No busin phones, constant and stra network. the way y great PV

Partner Stores | Telstra

YOUR CONNECTION TO SUCCESS For the past 12 months, Amway IBOs and Telstra have enjoyed a great relationship, which has brought you access to the latest and world-class communication products with tailored offers and outstanding service. As Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, we will continue to put you in touch with some of the largest and most advanced networks in Australia, providing great reach, speed and reliability. It all works together to help you organise, stay informed, in touch and in control of your business – simply, conveniently and from more places. We cater to all types of business needs, from simple phone plans to comprehensive business solutions that will help you be more efficient and competitive. You can be assured of the latest devices, cost-effective plans and high-quality support. When you want to achieve your goals and grow your business, we’re here to help.

New Am Now you move wit screen ta We’ve cre for IBOs, product videos, a elegant n

Mobile B Connect business netbook you can s access d of the offi

The Nex You bene broadban online wi coverage internet a Plus, our new mob areas, plu network emails an


When flexib Comb Phone


David Thorn Executive Director Enterprise Telstra Enterprise & Government

Things you allocation o payment of 1. PV/BV is n in capital c the town ce will be less. source/uplo 4. SMS can service. ™ an

pany, anced rks r


Amway Myway Mobile Plans No business is complete without its mobile phones, and you get an extra advantage with our constantly growing range of the latest handsets and straightforward plans on the Next G® network. You can tailor each mobile device to the way your Amway business works – and earn great PV/BV for the term of your contract1.

Connected homes are the future, and the future is happening now. Through the internet, you and your devices are interconnected and in touch with the world. You can achieve more and enjoy more, with rich entertainment and information choices that are tailored to your family’s lifestyle.

New Amway Data & Tablet offers Now you can work smarter when on the move with the latest lightweight, touchscreen tablet devices and data plans. We’ve created an exclusive tablet offer for IBOs, making it easy for you to present product information, use email, watch videos, and work online with one of these elegant new business tools. Mobile Broadband Connecting from more places can give your business the edge. With your notebook or netbook and a Telstra mobile broadband device you can stay in touch by email, use the internet, access documents – whether you’re in or out of the office. The Next G® network advantage You benefit from Australia’s largest and fastest mobile broadband network. Whether you’re making calls or working online with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll have better coverage in more places – including rapid, reliable data and internet access plus unmetered access to Plus, our 4G (LTE) technology gives you access to blistering new mobile broadband speeds of up to 40Mbps in coverage areas, plus seamless switching to the high speed Next G® network when needed. So you can download files, send emails and manage your business faster than ever2.

Your home – and home office – is a place of endless possibilities.

Home Office Phones Telstra’s fixed phone services gives you more. More control. More choice. More ways to work smarter – and more ways to save. You can tailor our plans to your needs, control your phone costs and manage your business more effectively, your way. Telstra T-Hub® The Telstra T-Hub® is a home phone, internet connection2, digital calendar and text messager3 in one easy touch screen. It’s the perfect communications hub for the modern home, with everything you need to have your business at your fingertips.

Partner Stores | Telstra



Telstra T-Box® With Telstra T-Box®, the internet meets your TV. This digital set top box offers free-to-air TV channels with program recording, plus BigPond® Internet TV channels, BigPond® Movies, TV shows and videos on demand, YouTube, FOXTEL and more5.


SAVE A BUNDLE When you want even more value, convenience and flexibility, choose from our range of bundled offers. Combine the services that suit you including Home Phone, Internet, T-Box®, T-Hub® and FOXTEL and save.


1800 IBO MYWAY (426 699) Exclusive Amway offers, IBO login required.

Things you need to know. PV/BV and Upfront Cash Payments are only available to eligible Amway Independent Business Owners. Telstra is not responsible for allocation of PV/BV or Upfront Cash Payments. The allocation of PV/BV is determined under your contract with Amway. Telstra has no involvement in the allocation or payment of these items. Please contact Amway for any queries. Any PV/BV payable is provided by Amway. Please refer to Amway to confirm eligibility for such payments. 1. PV/BV is not paid on the Simple Saver $12 plan. 2. Next G® coverage depends on your location, device and whether it has an external antenna. Typical download speeds in capital city CBDs, associated airports and selected regional areas are from 2Mbps to 40Mbps. Capital CBD means within 5km from the GPO and within 3km from the town centre for regional locations. When outside the 4G areas, your BigPond USB 4G device will automatically switch over to Telstra’s 3G network and speed ranges will be less. Actual speeds vary due to factors such as distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware and software configuration and download source/upload destination. 3. Full service Telstra HomeLine or BusinessLine® plan, BigPond® or Telstra broadband service and compatible Wi-Fi modem required. 4. SMS can be sent to mobile numbers on the Telstra network and most Australian fixed numbers with an area code. 5. When connected to your eligible BigPond Broadband service. ™ and ® are trade marks and registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556.

Partner Stores | Xplore




Partner Stores | Xplore

Real Insurance

build your own Car insurance Get what you really need, at a price you’ll really like! ‘Build Your Own’ – Car Insurance is a new concept, with cover to suit your needs and a premium to suit your budget. Choose your level of cover and optional extras to suit your lifestyle and the way you drive — so you get everything you really need, without paying for anything you don’t. Saving is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1.

Step 2. Choose your agreed value and excess Agreed value Choose your own agreed value, with higher cover for extra security, or a lower value for extra savings. Excess Choose the level of excess you’ll pay if you need to claim. The higher the excess, the lower your premium and vice versa.

Step 3. Choose the optional extras to suit your needs your own ld

AliA’s Austr First

Any premiums shown above are fictional and for demonstration purposes only.




You can choose between Comprehensive Cover for complete protection, affordable Third Party Property Cover or Build Your Own policy for something in between. It’s cover to suit.

bu i

Partner Stores | Real Insurance

Choose your cover

r in Sur a n

Peace of mind needn’t cost the earth. If you need full comprehensive cover but don’t drive much, you may qualify for our award winning Pay as You Drive option. You only pay for the kilometres you drive. For more information go to and find us in partner stores.

R0458_Amway_DPS_Ad_Jun2012_v5.indd 1

Home, Contents & landlords insurance Protection inside and out Home & Contents


• • • • •

• • • • • •

Fire, Theft, Storm, Earthquake, Lightning, Impact Loss of rent due to a defined event Malicious Acts & Theft by Tenants Rent Default & Legal Expenses Cover for Fixtures & Fittings in a Strata Title Motor Burnout

Top Cover Includes Exclusive IBO Pack

Real Benefits

• $5,000 Business Equipment • $5,000 Stock • Legal Liability for IBO Business Activities held on premises

• • • • •

Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Annual or Monthly Payment $20 Contribution towards cancellation fee Competitive Premiums 24hour Claims Service Up to 10% Discount for combining home & contents

real, Good for ibo’s business IBO’s Earn 7% in PV/BV Your policies • Earn 7% of your premiums back in PV/BV • Get up to 10% Discount for multiple policies • Take out Top Cover Home & Contents for IBO Pack

Build Your Own Insurance Book • Earn 7% of premiums in PV/BV when your referrals purchase a policy with Real Insurance and quote your IBO number and each year they renew their policy. • No Limits on the number of people you can refer

Amway of Australia (Amway) is an authorised representative (AR 267423) of The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard). Amway may receive a commission of up to 15% of the premium received for each policy on its inception and renewal that resulted in your referral from Amway to Hollard. Your Amway IBO provides a referral service and can only give you information about how to contact us to find out about our insurance. If you purchase this insurance your Amway IBO may receive a commission. Real Insurance® is a trading name of the insurer - The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ABN 78 090 584 473) (AFSL 241436). Any advice provided is general only and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. It may not be right for you. You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (available by calling 1300 363 552) to decide if a product is right for you. amway1094_mag

Partner Stores | Real Insurance

New for Old Replacement on most items Emergency Accommodation Accidental Damage to both home & contents Motor Burnout Personal Property Australia Wide

For a quote call

1300 363 552 or visit and find us in partner stores

Real Insurance. Real Service. Real Savings.

26/06/12 5:11 PM


Partner Stores | ValueXchange




Assisting you in paying your vet bills! Serious illness can strike your pet dog or cat at anytime leaving you seriously out of pocket. AFS-PetMed gives you peace of mind should something go wrong.

Choose a plan that suits your needs. Plan A – Accidental Injury Cover. You can enjoy the financial peace of mind AFS-PetMed already provides to thousands of satisfied Australian pet owners with accidental injury cover up to $7,500* per year.

If you have more than one pet you’d like insured with AFS-PetMed, don’t forget to ask about the premium discount available for each additional insured pet. “Whatever your choice of plan, you will earn up to 20% PV/BV on each premium paid.”

Plan B – Accidental & Illness Cover.

Easy Claims Process.

Select the Accidental and Illness Cover that includes up to $6,000* cover per year (over and above the $7,500* Accidental Injury cover) for the treatment of unexpected illness suffered by your pet.

Claiming against your AFS-PetMed policy is hassle free. Claims are settled promptly, usually within a few days, and payments are made by cheque or direct deposit.

Plan B + Routine Care Cover – Comprehensive Cover. AFS-PetMed Comprehensive Cover includes additional stated benefits for preventative routine care in addition to the Accidental Injury and Illness cover provided by Plan B.

Partner Stores | AFS-PetMed

Save up to 80% off your vets bill with

For more information or a product disclosure statement call 1300 732 172. Or visit AFS PetMed via ‘Partner Stores’ at 165

*Up to 80% coverage of the veterinary bill for Accidental Injuries and Unexpected Illnesses

Pays Towards: Illness



Flea/Tick/Heartworm Control

Accidental Injury



Emergency Kennelling & more…




For more information visit AFS PetMed via ‘Partner Stores’ at or call 1300 732 172 AFS-PetMed is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ACN 090 584 473; AFSL 241436) and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd (ACN 075 949 923). Consider the product disclosure statement (PDS) for AFS-PetMed, which is available from, to make sure this product is appropriate for your needs before purchase.

Harvey Norman®

Partner Stores | Harvey Norman®




Making your next purchase and

Harvey Norman® AV/IT’s huge range of high quality Harvey Norman Computer & Communications products and personalised customer service ensures stock huge range of needs high quality products all your aAV/IT technology can be met in our and convenient one stop service to ensure provide personalised

MAKING YOURyour NEXT PURCHASE AND RECEIVING receiving IBO advantage is as YOUR IBO ADVANTAGE IS AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3 simple as 1-2-3

all your technology needs are met in our IBO ADVANTAGE. convenient As an IBO you one-stop receive 3% shop. PV/BV of the invoiced price*. PV/BV only available by visiting a participating Computer IBO PLAN OnlyElectrical products fromPV/BV the computer are included and store. available franchise on Cash purchases, in the IBO program. FLEXIRENT and G.E. Including: 6 Months Interest Free options only. Laptops, Printers, GPS, Digital Cameras, Cordless Phones, Gaming Consoles, Software. *EXCLUSIONS: Online transactions, Tariff plans, contracts and related services. Brands Excluded are AEG, Apple, IBO ADVANTAGE Asko, Gaggenau, Hoover and and Miele. As anFalcon, IBO you receive a G.E., 5% cash rebate 3% PV/BV off the ticketed price and nationally advertised special Terms and on Conditions: PV/BV only available by visiting a participating Harvey Norman prices any computer and communications products computer or electrical store. PV/BV available on cash purchases, Flexirent and G.E. 6 Months purchased, Flexirent leasing option. Interest Free optionsincluding only. PV/BV isthe not available for online transactions, tariff plans, contracts

Locate your nearest participatingHarvey Harvey Norman Norman® 1.1. Locate your nearest participating AV/IT ‘Partner Store’ at Computer ‘Partner Store’ at or contact us on 1800 022 116 2. To receive your IBO Advantage approach a Computer Electrical person andsimply providesee them your 2. To or receive yoursales IBO advantage onewith of our computer salespeople and provide your IBO number IBO number prior to helping with your product selection, before you select your product so thattoyour rebate otherwise your PV/BV will be unable be processed and PV/BV can be processed. 3. Ensure the IBO number appears on your invoice. 3. Please allow 6060 days from purchase Please allow days from purchasedate datefor foryour your 5% cash rebate and 3% PV/BV to be paid. 3% PV/BV to be paid.



and related services. PV/BV is not available on products from the following brands: AEG, Apple, Asko, Falcon, Gaggenau, G.E., Hoover and Miele. Offer applies to the invoiced price of the goods and cannot be used in conjunction with anyHarvey other offer. Norman® stores are operated by independent franchisees. Please allow 60 days for your services commission to be paid. Harvey Norman® stores are operated by independent franchisees.

Partner Stores | Petals



Australian Unity

Join now and receive 4% OFF* Australian Unity private health insurance

Partner Stores | Australian Unity

Plus earn 2.5% in PV/BV points Amway IBOs can enjoy these great benets: • Start claiming immediately on many extras including general dental, optical, physio & remedial massage# • Switch from another health fund to the same or lower level of cover and you won’t have to serve any waiting periods already completed. It’s just another way we’re making Health Insurance Simple. Useful. Take advantage of this exclusive offer today. Call 1800 224 244 or visit

ional C u

Awards 20 ce


nat er


er Serv om i st


International Outstanding Customer Service Business Award 2011

*4% discount is inclusive of all other retail discounts and when payment is made by direct debit. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounts. Excludes Overseas Visitors Cover. #Some conditions and waiting periods apply.

Amway | Notes 169

Ordering Information

All the information you need when ordering Amway® products.

Amway | Ordering Information

All you’ll need is your ID number, the VS number of the product you want to order and your credit card details or direct debit details. If you do not have an ID number please contact the person who gave you this catalogue or call Amway on 1800 45 46 47.






1800 45 46 47

1800 45 46 48

Our online ordering tool available to IBOs/Members and Clients. While anyone can visit the site, an IBO/ Member or Client number and password is required for placing orders.

Please have the following ready: Your IBO/Member/ Client number, the item number, quantity and your Credit Card details.

Please note your IBO/ Member/Client number and Credit card details. (Signatures required on all fax orders).

PO Box 202, Castle Hill, NSW 1765

Opening Hours Brisbane Business Centre – Loganholme

Please note your IBO, Member or Client number, item number and quantity and credit card details. (Only IBOs can pay by cheque or money order.)

Handling & Delivery Charges AMWAY prides itself on its low handling and delivery fees. Note that fees vary according to how you order.

3994 Pacific Highway Loganholme QLD 4129 Monday


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

9.30am - 5.30pm


9.30am - 9.00pm


9.00am - 5.00pm


10.00am - 4.00pm

For IBOs Members and Clients Regular


Scheduled Orders (web or phone)








Melbourne Business Centre – Coburg




Unit 6/64-96 Gaffney Street Coburg VIC 3058

Bulky Good*





10.00am - 5.30pm

Wednesday, Thursday

10.00am - 9.00pm

*Bulky items are indicated by NB: Delivery charges are correct at time of printing but may be subject to change without notice.


10.00am - 5.30pm


9.00am - 5.00pm


10.00am - 4.00pm

Express To enquire about orders or products phone: 1800 45 46 47 or fax 1800 45 46 48.

Perth Business Centre – Kewdale

Payment Options

Unit 1/137 Kewdale Road Kewdale WA 6105

(Direct Debit for IBOs)

Monday to Thursday

12.00pm - 8.00pm

IBO Credit Card Merchant Facility


9.00am - 5.00pm

Accept Credit Card payments anywhere, anytime.


9.00am - 5.00pm



This facility allows IBOs to accept in real time Mastercard, Visa & American express Credit Card payments from your customers, by simply using a mobile or fixed phone or online via the Xplore website.

Sydney Business Centre – Castle Hill

MiniMint for IBOs (optional extra)

46 Carrington Road Castle Hill NSW 2154

MiniMint software can turn your compatible mobile phone (most Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows mobile smartphones) into a portable Credit Card Merchant Terminal.



Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

11.00am - 7.00pm


11.00am - 9.00pm


9.00am - 5.00pm


10.00am - 4.00pm

Sign up online by visiting ‘Partner Stores’ at, or by calling 1300 886 887 (option 4).

Information and conditions about guarantees and warranties is available on this page, on or 1800 45 46 47. To exchange or return a product in accordance with the relevant guarantees and warranties, please ensure you have the information from the invoice/ packing slip that accompanied the product(s). To exchange or Replace Simply call the Regional Contact Centre on 1800 45 46 47. Returning A Product For Credit For all grocery, food or other items under $25.00 and aerosols, flammable or broken items, please call the Regional Contact Centre on 1800 45 46 47. Have your Amway ID number and original order number ready when you call. Items over $25.00 will need to be physically returned to Amway of Australia via our returns logistics partner Australia Post or at one of our Business Centres. Products Returns via Amway Business Centre(s) Take your item(s) to any Amway Business Centre and complete an RMA form (located in-store). The item(s) will be sent back to our Castle Hill Returns Department where your return will be processed. Products Returns via Australia Post Please call the Regional Contact Centre on 1800 45 46 47 to arrange for an eParcel Post Returns label and an RMA form to be emailed or posted to you. Item(s) should be securely packed into a single carton with the completed RMA form placed inside the carton. Attach the supplied eParcel Post Returns label on the outside of the carton and lodge your return at any Australia Post postal outlet. Please note: Australia Post will not accept your product return without an eParcel return label. Please retain the receipt provided as proof of lodgement and for tracking purposes. To track the return of your order please visit au/track When the above procedure is followed, Amway will pay the freight charge. Regional Contact Centre For missing orders, track and trace, wrong or damaged products, please contact the Regional Contact Centre by phone on 1800 45 46 47.

Regional Contact Centre For missing orders, to track your order, wrong or damaged products, please contact the Regional Contact Centre by phone on 1800 45 46 47 or fax 1800 45 46 48. Guarantees and Warranties Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law or other relevant laws. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits under Amway’s warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the goods.

100% 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Home Gifts and Grocery

Any time you purchase an AMWAY product or an AMWAY distributed product, you have the right to use it for a reasonable time (90 days) to determine whether it is satisfactory and whether you want to keep it. If you decide that it is not satisfactory, return the unused portion for a refund or exchange. Exclusions: This guarantee does not apply to products that have been damaged or misused after receipt; products that have been made and delivered to customer order or to services.

Additional Warranties In addition to our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, some products may also be covered by additional specific written warranties including the following: Emma Page Extended Warranty To further support and promote your efforts in marketing and selling Emma Page to retail customers we have added an additional warranty. In the unlikely event the jewellery piece develops a manufacturing fault after the first 90 days and within 180 days (six months) from date of purchase, we will replace that particular Emma Page piece free of charge with the same piece. If that particular piece is unavailable you can select another piece from the current range up to or equal to the value of the piece that has this manufacturing fault. This guarantee does not apply to pieces that have been damaged or misused by the purchaser.

Home/Gifts and Food/Grocery items have been included as a service and considerable benefit to AMWAY IBOs. AMWAY offers food items IBOs use every day at competitive prices to save money, delivered to the IBO’s home to save time and effort, whilst earning PV/BV. Existing Members, Clients and Customers will also pay the single wholesale price when they place their orders directly with AMWAY.

Product Availability We sometimes experience greater demand for an item than expected or an unforeseen delay in the shipment of goods. In the event of a delay, you will be advised at the time of order placement and may be given the option to place a back order for the merchandise. Because our stock is constantly being replenished with new stock, it is possible that a similar product of equal or higher value may be substituted at no additional cost.

Trademarks All trade names, brand names, trade symbols, logos, slogans, trademarks or service marks denoted by an asterisk, TM or ® are trademarks or proprietary interests of Alticor Inc, Ada, Michigan, USA or its subsidiaries. There are other trade names, brand names, trade symbols, logos, slogans, trademarks or service marks that are the property of their respective owners.

Performance Bonus Schedule If Your Total Monthly PV is:

Your Monthly Performance Bonus is:

AMWAY One Year Warranty AMWAY warrants new mechanical devices/ appliances for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. If any mechanical device/appliance purchased should become defective during the warranty period, AMWAY will, at its discretion repair, replace or issue a refund for the defective device with proof of purchase.

7500 points

21% of your BV

5000 points

18% of your BV

3250 points

15% of your BV

2000 points

12% of your BV

1000 points

9% of your BV

Statutory or Implied Warranties Our 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee and full one year warranty and the additional warranties referred to above provide additional rights to those statutory or implied warranties available under the Australian Consumer Law Act (2010).

400 points

6% of your BV

100 points

3% of your BV

As with all Amway distributed products the 90-Day Guarantee and now this additional warranty period commences when you purchase the product from Amway of Australia.

Leadership And Monthly Depth – Bonus Adjustment As of 1 September 2012 the PV/BV ratio is 1:3:75. The 4% Leadership Bonus Adjustment is $1,125.00 or (7500 x 3.75 x 4%).

Pricing Policy Prices are effective 1 September, 2012 All pricing in the catalogue includes GST where applicable. We try to keep our prices consistent throughout the catalogue period. However, price changes may be necessary because our manufacturers and suppliers may raise or lower a price after the Catalogue is printed. Therefore we reserve the right to change prices, without notice, on any item, for any reason. Pricing information is displayed with a special code to allow you, as business builders, not only to see the wholesale price but also PV and BV on the page. (See example top right)

The Leadership Bonus Adjustment is available to be paid directly to you by AMWAY for each 21% group that you have sponsored in-market. The Monthly Depth Bonus adjustment is $281.25 (7500 x 3.75 x 1%). The Monthly Depth Bonus adjustment is available to be paid directly to you by AMWAY to IBOs who sponsor three or more 21% legs that have been sponsored in-market. For more information, contact your State Sales Manager.

Note: Props and decorator items are not included in the prices stated.

Pricing in Catalogue VS-000000


P = PV

B = BV

RRP $00.00

W = Wholesale

Amway | Ordering Information

Exchanges and Product Returns


Index A Active 8


Facial Tissues


Flats (Shoes)

154 138



All Fabric Bleach


Cling Wrap


Flavoured Milk

Coconut Milk


Fibre Blend Chewable Tablet

Coconut Water


Firming Crème Foundation


Aluminium Foil


Anti Blemish Antibacterial Wipes Anti Wrinkle Firming Serum


Coffee 137


Colour Trend Collection Spring 2012 72-73

Fitness Ball

Colour Collection Autumn 2013

Foundation Base


Atmosphere Air Purifier


Australian Unity


Automatic Dishwasher Tablets


B Baby Care Products


Baked Beans


Baking Paper


Balancing Foundation


Balsamic Vinegar


Bandaids 151 Bathroom Cleaner


Beautycycle Skincare, Cosmetics and Magazine 90-95 Bilberry and Lutein Blend


Biscuits and Crackers


Black Cohosh and Soy


Blush Powders

77, 92

Body Series Body Care Products


Bottled Water


Breakfast Cereals


Butter 147 C Caffe Migliore Coffee Cake Mix Calcium Magnesium


Freezer Bags

68, 92

Fruit Ice


Fuel Factor

Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables


Fruit Juice

Concentrated Laundry Detergent


Conditioner, Skinfresh


Conditioner, Satinique


Concentrated Air Freshener

Confectionery 142 Cotton Tips


Crème L/X


Curry Paste


D Daily Shower Cleaner


Daily Vitamins


Delicate Liquid Laundry Detergent


Deodorant 130 Derma Erase


149 143 32-35 138, 139

Furniture Polish


G Garbage Bags


Garlic Heart Care Ginkgo Biloba and DHA Blend Glass Cleaner Glister Oral Care Products Glucosamine HCl with Boswellia

18 19 113 128-129 15

Gluten Free Pasta


Goji Juice


Groceries 134-155 Gym Equipment H Hair Spray

154 127

Dinner Napkins


Hand Crème

Dish Drops Dishwashing Liquid


Hand Sanitiser


Dishwasher Deodoriser


Harvey Norman


Dog Food


Hertz 157

66, 152

Hippo Storage Bags



Homecare Products


Dyno-Tab Tablets

Honey 134


Car Wash and Polish


Cat Food


Cat Litter

148 28

Cereals 136 77, 92

Chewable Natural C


Chewables Multivitamin & Iron


Children’s Vitamins




68 68-69, 70, 92

Drinks 152


Cholesterol Health

Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails



Car Cloths


Comparison Chart Homecare


69 154

Double X


Cheek Colours




Cancer Council Sunscreen Products

Carb Blocker Plus

63, 64, 67, 86, 87, 88

First Aid Kit


Artistry Skincare and Cosmetics

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AFS PetMed Insurance

Alpha Hydroxy Serum


Cleansing Wipes

141, 143 18


E Earrings 102 Emery Boards


Hydrating Foundation I Ice Blocks

Emma Page Jewellery


eSpring Water Purifier


Ideal Dual Powder Foundation

Essentials Skincare


Essentials Travel Packs Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Eye Colours Eye Crème Eye Liner F Fabric Softener Face Powder

icook Cookware

69 136 50-53 71

Indian Sauces



Insect Killer



Insect Spray


73, 75, 76

Intensive Artistry Skincare


63, 89

Intensive Repair Serum


73, 75, 79, 93

Intensive Skincare Peel


Ironix Iron Supplement


110 71, 77

J Jewellery 96-103

K Kitchen Cleaner Kitchen Tidy Bags L Latex Gloves Lip Colours

113 149 151 80, 81, 94

Partner Stores


Spaghetti Tinned


Pasta 167

Stain Removal Chart


Pasta Meals


Strive+ Sports Drinks

Pasta Sauces


Styling Gel

Peanut Butter


Sunglasses 155

Pendants 101

Sunscreen Products


Surface Spray Insecticide


Liquid Hand Wash


Pet Food

Liquid Laundry Detergent


Petals 167

L.O.C. Cleaning Products L.O.C. Glass Cleaner

113, 114 113

Lollies 142 Loo Clean M Mascara Mass Gainer


Polishing Scrub


Pore Cleansing Masque


Porridge 136 Positrim Drink Mix


Positrim Protein Bars


75, 79, 93

Pressed Powder



Pre Wash Spray



31 126, 132

T Tea 137 Telstra 158-159 Time Defiance Foundation Tinned Food

69 146, 147

Tinted Moisturiser


Tissues 151 Tolsom Men’s Skincare

131 147

Mayonnaise 145

Primrose Plus


Tomato Soup

Men’s Skincare


Protein Bars - Fuel Factor


Toothpaste 129

Men’s Jewellery


Protein Powder


Toothbrush 129

Metal Cleaner


Probiotic Fibre Drink Mix


Trend Collection Autumn 2013

74, 75 72, 73

Milk 139

Prunes 140

Trend Collection Spring 2012

Milk Thistle & Dandelion

Pure White Skincare

Trim Body System


Trim Choice


Triple Shield Echinacea



Mini Monsters Children’s Bath Products 132 Moisture Intense Masque


Mousse 127 Mouthwash 129 Muesli 136 Muffin Mix


Multi-Purpose Cleaner (L.O.C.)


Muscle Recovery (Fuel Factor)


N Nail Colours Nappy Cream

82 153

Necklaces 100 Noni Juice


Nothing Compares Chart


Nuts 140 O Olive Oil Omega 3 Complex Oral Care Orange Juice Ordering Information

145 13 128, 129 138 170-171

Organic Rice


Oven Cleaner


P Paper Towel


Parselenium-E 15

Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner R Real Motor Insurance

67 115 162

Real Car & Home Insurance


Tri-Zyme Stain Pre-Soak & Detergent Booster 110

Rhodiola Energy Supplement


Tuna 147

Rice 146 S SA8 Laundry Care Products 104, 108, 109 Salmon Tinned Satinique Hair Care Saw Palmetto & Nettle Root Blend

147 122, 127 22

Scrub Buds


Sculpting Spray Gel


Shampoo, Skinfresh


Shampoo, Satinique

123, 124

Shimmer Effects Powders


Shower Cleaner


Shower Gel


Shower Rose


Twist Caps


V VitH 0 Sports Drink


Vitamin B Complex


Vitamin C and Wild Yam Treatment


Vitamin C Plus


W Water, Bottled



Whey Protein (Fuel Factor) Window Cleaner

33 113

X Xplore Capital


XS Drinks


XS Energy Bars


XS Protein Blast


Siberian Gingseng & Ginkgo Biloba Blend 30 Silicon Glaze Car Polish Skinfresh Skincare Skin Refinishing Lotion


Y Yoga Ball



Yoga Mat



Yoghurt 135

Snacks 140

Yoghurt Maker


Youth Effects Foundation

Soy Milk

130, 152 139

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Youth Xtend Skincare Products

70 60-63


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