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Where To Go For Winter Season Sun Those planning a winter season holiday this year might be wondering where is better to go for some sunlight. Luckily, you will find that you are spoilt for choice in this regard. Head towards the Caribbean and you will discover some stunning organic scenery, tropical oceans and a laidback life-style - perfect if you can't wait to escape the trappings of modern life. Consider the landmass rather than the islands with regard to something different - Costa Rica's Caribbean coastline has much to offer , particularly in the way of wildlife. Los Angeles is yet another location ideal for winter season sun. Once you arrive in the city, you will find there is lots to do and see in this part of the world , particularly if you are wanting to spend as much of your vacation as possible out of doors to catch a bit of sun. Try wandering around the many gardens and parks to be found in the metropolis - Griffith park is the biggest city park in the city and you will discover golf courses, pony and train rides along with a vast array of hiking trails to keep you amused. What's more, you will find eight great seashores for you to choose from, even though most famous of these is probably Venice Beach. This is a wonderful place for water sports and people watching, especially along Venice ocean Front Walk. You might also want to consider going to the Middle east for something different -- and you are sure to have a great time if you head to Abu Dhabi. The pristine beaches of Ras Al Khaima and Fujairah are ideal if you want to get away from the more cosmopolitan parts of the city. You should try your hand at camel riding while there as well. Another good choice for any sun worshipper will be Australia, a country that offers over 300 days of sunshine each year. Have you considered what Sydney has to offer holidaymakers? This city has a lovely meandering coastline for you to explore , complete with lots of gold beaches. If you're not keen on sand, go for a picnic in the botanical gardens or head out to sea to experience the surf at Bondi Beach. Alternatively, you could travel to Goa for some winter sun. The tropical shores here are perfect for some warm winter sunshine and you will spend your time chilling out on soft sandy seashores underneath rows of palm trees while watching the sun set over the sea. Uvita Costa Rica

Where To Go For Winter Season Sun