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Costa Rica News Site Joint Ventures With Costa Rica Vacations Company San Jose, Costa Rica ( March 22, 2012 -- Costa Rica New Site is the premier provider of current news relating to Costa Rica. Immensely popular, CRNS recently announced the joint venture with the single most successful Costa Rica vacations company, Vacations Costa Rica. Owner Casey Halloran is pleased with the strategic alliance and had this to say... "The alliance with CRNS was a deal that had been on the table for some time -- we came to terms finally and we look forward to providing quality Costa Rica vacations packages to readers of CRNS along with useful content with advice and tips on traveling to Costa Rica." Vacations Costa Rica was established in 2000 by Casey Halloran and Tony Silva and has since grown to dominate the most competitive industry in Central America. With their head office located in a San Jose suburb of Rohrmoser, CRV prides themselves in operating daily with the care-free casual lifestyle of enjoyment that Costa Ricans call "Pura Vida". Costa Rica News Site (CRNS) has rapidly become the "go to" site for Costa Rica news. In early 2012, CRNS experienced a surge in popularity by becoming the first to break the news on the, now notorious, "strange sounds in Costa Rica". The story would experience a flow of traffic exceeding 800,000 within a 72 hour period and in the process, thrusting CRNS in to the limelight. CRNS takes pride in having Costa Rican writers and researchers for the stories they present and from time to time, Senior Editor of the online Costa Rica news paper, Don Halbert, will post within his legendary "Editorial" section. Senior editor for Costa Rica News Site, Don Halbert commented by saying... "Our readership is sure to benefit from this strategic alliance given that Mr. Halloran has done such a fantastic job at building the #1 Costa Rica vacations company. They offer a vast array of vacation packages from all-inclusive to fishing and volcano adventure tours. I'm excited and pleased to be associated with such a prestigious company." # For more information on Costa Rica vacations packages by Vacations Costa Rica, feel free to visit them at - Casey Halloran can be reached at 1800 606 1860 or via email at Additionally, Don Halbert and Costa Rica News Site (CRNS), can be reached any time at

506.8871.4540 or by email at Costa Rica vacations

Costa Rica News Site Joint Ventures With Costa Rica Vacations Company