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ECOLOGY-CONSCIOUS CARS The environmental problems are on the minds of every day, this product Model 1997 has been developed with the purpose of respecting the environment. The first vehicle for sale is offered for sale in Japan in late 1997.


The precursor of a new generation of low -polluting cars is a hybrid car with a gasoline engine and electric motor. The sale of these vehicles has been better than expected. Its fuel consumption is low with a direct injection engine, therefore it is expected very soon the marketing of other green vehicles.

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Marketing the Hybrid Car This car is powered by a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, the hybrid car is controlled by a computer to take full advantage of each item. The gasoline engine is less efficient when the car is starting to move. When the carriage flying along the highway at full speed, gets to work at full speed. The engine generates electricity continuously during operation, since the energy generated by the engine does not need charging. The next car will double the fuel efficiency. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by half and emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide will be a tenth of the permitted standards.

The Ultimate Clean Car The best ecology cars is aware that only works with electricity, making the atmosphere does not affect noise pollution. The main bottleneck has been the difficulty of making conventional storage lead battery lighter and higher capacity. To solve these problems have made other better batteries. Research is also underway to develop the "ultimate clean car" that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. Since electricity is generated by reverse electrolysis, the vehicle is issued only with water and recharging is necessary.

be leased, sales are limited to government agencies and large companies. Costs are high for manufacturers, as well as the development of technologies that respect the environment that requires more investment.

Efforts by Society The race to develop electric cars, of course stems from concern about the global warming phenomenon has also been encouraged by the strict regulations to be imposed by the state of California, USA. States. Low pollution vehicles but still remain very expensive, and lack of facilities to meet the maintenance costs are rising. For this reason, these vehicles tend to Ecology Car

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