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Camera • Wide shots are used here in the opening scene, to show the setting and built the mood of the film. The first thing we see is a mid shot of someone’s legs playing foot ball, it then changes to mid shots of the amount of people in the scene, pointing out the key characters. This is a very uncreative way that a lot of film makers for social realism choose to introduce key characters. This however makes it simple and more realistic for the audience. The camera work helps show the scene and shows the relationship between certain characters, for example, the two boys that approach the girls about a party, look interested in them.

Camera •

There is also camera close ups to different objects and people, for example- this clip shows a close up to a drill, which already gets the audience interested in why its being used, there is also a close up to the person using it-suggesting that this is the main character in the film. This is another link to key characters. And is relatable to social realism as it gives us an angle which shows the characters concentration and also the dominance of the character.

Camera • There are a lot of two shots in this opening sequence to show relationships and friends circles, they are all seen in different areas of the scene to highlight the different groups. In this shot we can see a couple behind a tree, kissing , they also use an over the shoulder shot, to show that they don’t want to be seen kissing in public, which is relatable for most young people, making the scene feel like its tense and suspicious to show that they know they shouldn’t be doing that in school. It also makes us aware that they’re around people.

Editing • They are using simple cuts, going from different areas of the playing field and from character to character to bring us into the story more and to give the audience their first impression of them. They use continuity editing when showing these cuts, to make it seem more realistic, these aren’t very interesting cuts as they want to make it feel real and create that verisimilitude.

Editing • There is also a pan used when showing the spacing between different groups. This pan works for quite a long time, and along with that is shown quite fast pace, and a bit blurry, to make it look more documentary like and more realistic, as that is a convention used in British social realism, so creates more verisimilitude in the film. The pan carries us through different storylines and even cuts to the main character using the drill, a form of parallel cuts. The documentary, handheld footage-like editing helps set the mood of the scene.

Mise En scene • In this opening sequence they don’t use an establishing shot to observe were it is set, instead they use the actors costumes, leaving the audience to judge the location. Their all wearing black and white uniform, this can tell their age, and they also give themselves a definite target audience, which would be people at the same age of the time. The girls all wear skirts to separate themselves to the boys, but they are all shown to be the same age. The uniform could also explain where the other scene is taking place, as we could identify that location as a technology room. All of these aspects make it relatable to the normal teenagers who all wear uniform while at school, the colours don’t stand out and everyone looks the same, so no one looks unique.

Mise En Scene • Another thing that is noticeable from the Mise en scene is the use of props, we see a football being kicked around, suggesting showing that it has a lot of pupils that like sport, which is common in most British schools, this is played throughout the opening to show how chaotic the scene was. There were also people on bikes and one of the characters was playing a video game and another was on the phone. This shows the use of technology from teenagers and how antisocial they have become. This is relatable to most British teenagers so they would be able to relate.

Mise En Scene • We can also see the contrast between the three boys in the middle of the field, who are not wearing uniform- which immediately bring the attention to them, and you would assume that they were older that the rest of the teenagers. The main boy from the three is wearing a hoodie to make him look intimidating and gives a bad but sometimes accurate view on teenagers and their stereotypes. We can also see the building of the school in the back, and there is only natural lighting used in this scene to show that it is a normal school day, and keeps the atmosphere more realistic.

analysis of conventions in Kidulthood  

my analysis of kidulthood and the conventions found in the opening