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This mission is coming to you directly from the higher ups so don’t mess it up. You have been tasked with creating a multiplayer focused team based game where one team is objectively better than the other. Your project’s code name is Inherent Imbalance. Good luck, Agent.


The higher ups have acquired the license to a fake Saturday morning cartoon known as E.N.D.O Team. In this cartoon, the earth forces known as Extraterrestrial kNifehand Defense Order or E.N.D.O Team. They fight against an invading force of aliens with knives for hands called the Stablonians. The Two forces battle each other using mechs. The Stablonians’ mech are about 10 times the size of E.N.D.O Team’s but still out maneuver, out match and out tech E.N.D.O Team in every way. The Stablonians have a code of Honor and have a strict no kill policy for civilians and those outside of mechs while E.N.D.O Team are very much by the book and will do whatever they are ordered to. Below, you will find the results of the science team’s research. We hope you put it to good use.

Design Pillars: The philosophies we would like to

use to design. -

Battlefield Control vs Small Unit Tactics Propaganda and Brutality vs Honor and Mercy Every match is presented like a single episode of the cartoon (Bonus Mechanic) intro/outro features credits including the usernames of all the players in the match as the stars of the “episode.”

Game Design: Scavenging for the sake of studying their tech to our own. The Stablonians, the ‘invading force’ in this scenario are more powerful, but the Terrans have home field advantage. This will be represented mechanically by map knowledge, radar,(No magic McGuffin that makes them better) (secretly Thanos) Better means more expensive. Stablonians must gather resources to repair/replace damage or upgrade. Terrans operate on a “we have reserves” mentality, allowing them to field larger teams of their less powerful mechs - especially given their authoritarian nature. Stablonians are almost certainly fewer in number, so they’ll inevitably value individual lives more and not be able to field as large a force to any single engagement. Terrans have the ability to do things like ambushes and traps like land mines, collapsing caves et cetera - perhaps even having things like defensive towers, turning play as the Terrans into partially a sort of Tower Defense style game. Map with varied terrain that allows for guerrilla tactics to beat out organized militia. Terran mechs, having hands, could change out their equipment on the fly. Stablonians, with knives for hands, can only use the equipment they come into battle with. Adaptability vs. Power. Terran Advantages: Map Preparation as Home Field Advantage Added Tower Defense/RTS style gameplay elements, where the Terrans create structures on the map with defensive and support functions, and players can eject out of their mechs and get to specific map positions (perhaps created structures) to take on certain non-pilot roles. Radar Tower: Occasional radar pulse which makes all mechs visible on the map Artillery/Air Support: Death From Above Ability to leave mechs and perform tactical roles (no foot soldier weapons would be able to harm Stablonian mechs, however), with Stablonians being unable/limited in their ability to detect foot soldiers. Equipment: Long range weapons, large amounts of fire power Stablonian Advantages: Stronger choices in terms of mechs and customization options pre-battle. Ability to destroy buildings. Kill Streak style bonuses based on honorable behavior

Gameplay Loop: • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

- Form Teams Stablonian Matchmaking does random players who have similar skill levels, maybe without allowing pre-established teams. Terran Players allowed to chat or plan strategies. Dynamic terrain, throughout battle trenches and craters are made - Build Team Player decisions of what to deploy are not limited by other players choices. (There will need to be something that actually makes a light mech an equally viable choice against a heavier mech - which could be as simple as speed) - Deploy Stablonian: drop location, while waiting for build time delay. All players on this side can attack individually or as a team. Terran: starts on map, allowed build time. Should work together to build up defenses. - Fight (for your right, to parrttayyy!) A series of varied objectives, either capture points/escort? Or more as a deathmatch, like original SW Battlefront 2? Possibility for different objectives based on which faction you join? Stablonians take objectives while Terrans must defend over time?Objectives - Game Modes: Capture the flag; battle royal; team elimination; Capture the point; Infection mode; Capturing the flag could send a warning to the team and start a countdown that stops if the units that capped it leave the area. Allow for a chance to take back the point so it’s not a insta-end. Maybe do a series of objectives proceeding through the map, and at the end the relationship where Stablonians attack and Terrans defend is reversed (finish blowing up some depot or blowing the gate off a fort or something) - Stablonian: Establish supply lines (setting energy towers, etc.) Accomplish big tasks (capturing forts, power stations, comms relays, etc.) - Terran: Defend as long as possible Retake larger objectives Break supply lines (temporarily disable the enemy commander?)


Rewards Experience for individual players to bring into other matches. Cosmetic additions to distinguish your units or your mech from others. Soundtracks for winning. Short little anthems like the hip kids game CS.

Match-Long Dynamics: The match starts off with specific advantages presented to the Terrans, because of their ability to prepare. However, those advantages will erode over the course of the match, as the Stablonians are able to destroy the structures providing those advantages and learn the map as they’ve prepared it. The Terrans can manage this effect somewhat by rebuilding or replacing their structures, and slow the Stablonian advance by attacking their supply lines, but ultimately as the match draws out for longer the advantage shifts more and more to the more powerful Stablonians. The best hope for the Terrans is an early victory as the Stablonian Commander meets up against their defenses, or to wear down the non-respawning but intensely sturdy Stablonians through attrition, because unlike the Stablonians they have reserves and are quite glad to order their forces to their deaths. The Stablonians are out to eliminate the Terrans’ military capabilities in the area, claiming the territory for themselves - but they need the Commander to be able to hold the area. As such, the Stablonians are out to punch through the Terran defenses, and then eliminate their headquarters/spawn points so that the Terrans can no longer reinforce themselves. That being done, they will then wipe out the remaining mechs of the Terrans to eliminate their combat capabilities in the area. However, if the Commander is destroyed, the Stablonians will risk no further losses and pull out immediately to plan their next attack. Once the headquarters is destroyed, however, the Terrans will fight to the last - and can still pull out a victory if they destroy the Commander.

Log Line Pitches: Provided by the lovely members of The Longship Join the Extraterrestrial kNifehand Defense Order to defend Earth against the Stablonian menace in E.N.D.O. Squad, an asymmetrical multiplayer PvP video game. Use the universally known Terran sneakery to stop the Stablonians from destroying tactical battlefield location, or be the most honorable Stablonian warrior as you become the enemy and fight against the Terran while heavily outnumbered in an ever-changing, Terran controlled battlefield. Defend the Earth against the awesome might of the Stablonian invading force, or battle a much larger military to liberate your ancestral home from the authoritarian regime who drove you out in thrilling, cinematic asymmetrical PvP mech battles.

Endo Team: Inherent Inbalance  

A thought exercise answering trying to answer the question of how one designs a game when one side is inherently better than the other?

Endo Team: Inherent Inbalance  

A thought exercise answering trying to answer the question of how one designs a game when one side is inherently better than the other?