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Setting up WHPS Gmail on an iPad

Did You Know? How to Save your PowerPoint as a Video

Google Drive Management Tips

Want to create a classroom website? What are your options?

Setting up WHPS Gmail on an iPad West Hartford Public Schools has an Amazing iPad Resource to assist you in teaching and learning with iPads. To setup your WHPS Gmail account follow these instructions. Be sure to check out the iPad Apps tab for great apps for instruction and sites like APPITIC and Graphite for educational directories of recommended apps by teachers for teachers.

How to Save Your PowerPoint as a Video You’ve created a beautiful presentation to post up on your blog, website, e-Learning, you name it, but have no idea how to get it there. The new version of PowerPoint (2010/2013) now allows you to save your presentations as a .WMV or .MP4 video file. From there you can upload it to YouTube and embed it in your website or blog, upload to your Google drive and share it with ease. Click this link for instructions and a video.

Google Drive Management After you've been using Google Drive for a while, you might find yourself having a hard time keeping track of all your files. Fortunately, Google Drive offers a number of features to help you manage and organize your files. Here, you will learn how to find files easily using the search, filter, and sort tools. You'll also learn about folders, which let you organize your files into groups. Finally, you'll learn about the file action buttons, which allow you to organize, preview, or delete your files quickly.

Too Many Options for your Classroom Websites? HELP! For the first time in many years we have many district choices for creating and presenting online content that educators are asking for clarification on which options will work best for them. A quick explanation of the differences is generally this; websites are good for providing a static resource of information, blogs are good for frequent updates and communication, and a wiki is great for collaborating on the creation of a reference site. Realizing that this is a very simplistic explanation, but many times that's all that people need to know when creating their first online presence. Here we dive deeper into the differences, pros/cons, and instructional reasons for using one over another.

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