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About Us DIY Diva College is an online “Do It yourself” business women association. Empowering ladies through “Do It Yourself” projects - personal branding, journalism opportunity and business guidance. To be successful and to be amazing has nothing to do with luck. You don’t have to have tons of money or know all the answers, when you have so many free support around you. "Do It Yourself" build your our empire - Boss Lady

A new approach to business. Do It Yourself Start your own business club – Boss Lady Club Be a fashion Editor – Treasured Style Our Aim: To empower teens (16-18) and collegiate (19-25) to become leaders in their community by providing business and styling tips through online articles and workshops. Providing writing opportunities (Treasures Journal) Creating opportunities for women to become leaders both online and on campus (Boss Lady Club)

Resources that help run DIY Diva College: Blog: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Email: From our Stylist Pinterest: Facebook: Polyvore: Blog:

Benefits for the DIY Diva Boss Lady Club Treasured Journal Boss Lady Club The Boss Lady Club is a Do It Yourself network sessions where girls get together to learn how to be future boss ladies, through weekly diy sessions and business club. The sessions will be hosted by the club president. As a president the aim will be to come up with "Fashion DIY projects" and host business meeting. DIY Diva College will support the club with free business articles and business templates. The material given will be to help the girls start they own business with the creations they made at the Fashion DIY sessions. Treasured Journal We at DD College have created a section for writers and stylist to contribute weekly articles. This section is called Treasured Journal. The Treasured Journal was formed because, we believe that every girl has a story to tell and this is a chance for those Treasured stories, style and ideas to come out and be shared with the rest of DIY DIVAS. Journal Editor As a Journal Editor you’ll contribute weekly articles on fashion, beauty, friends, Campus/School/working life, events around your area, street fashion or a DIY section. Our programs create: Builds personal relationships built with future employees, partners, suppliers and customers The ability to build a stable club with great reputation and valuable connections Help and advice from many professional and aspiring businesswomen Our programs Promote: Leadership Future Entrepreneur Self-confidence Personal Growth

Our Service Promote your Business via: Ads and Custom Blog Posts Product Review

Benefits Advertising on will give you the benefits of major brand exposure to thousands of people in your target market. A collaborating promotional post will motivate thousands of potential customers to directly visit, shop and share your product. All posts will be shared on DIY Diva College social media platforms.

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DIY Diva College Media kit

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