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July 2011

DIY projects to keep you busy

In this issue ...

• Warm colours for winter • DIY trendy chairs • Sunburst mirrors and more...

• Amazing home makeovers • DIY kitchen island • DIY sleigh bed

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DIY Divas having fun at our new workshops in Port Elizabeth

Getting craftier by the day




And I mean that in a good way! Your response on the recent survey just inspires us to get bigger and better - to give you even more projects, ideas and inspiration. So many of you enjoy doing-it-yourself and the crafty side of things and we’re going all out to bring you more of the same.


You are welcome to drop us a line at any time ( if there is a particular project or craft that you would like to tackle. Enjoy!

Janice Home-Dzine Online is written and compiled by Janice Anderssen. All projects in this issue, or any other issue, remain the property of Home-Dzine and Janice Anderssen, or the respective copyright holders, and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.













HEAT UP YOUR HOME WITH WARM COLOUR If you feel the decorating bug coming on and need to add a bit of colour to your home, we always recommend a trip to your nearest Decorating Centre or Prominent Paint store. Offering a range of quality paints at affordable prices - you can afford to give your home a new look. In this article we look at ways to use warmer hues for decorating a home, not just because it’s winter, but also for the fact that warmer colours add depth and soften a room - so they work extremely well in bedrooms and living spaces that need a soft touch.




...shades of moss and honey create a warm backdrop for slate blue and charcoal accessories - just the right colours for an elegant master suite.


Ever wondered why paint that looks good in a magazine looks awful in your home?

It’s called metamerism and it means: Colours seem to change under different light conditions.



...think autumn colours and the richness of ripe pumpkin for a splash of colour in a monochromatic or neutral colour scheme.

When choosing paint it’s essential to look at colour swatches in the actual space you are going to paint. It’s also good to look at it in the daytime and the nighttime, and with lamps on and off, because paint looks different under different lighting conditions.






How can I tone down a room that has too much yellow or orange?

Too much of a single bright colour can be overpowering and you’ll quickly tire of the look. To tone down the amount of colour, add a splash of black for a look that is contemporary and modern, or to really show off these colours add white.





The energy of citrus colours is so intense you immediately feel sunny and warm in a room decorated in these colour. Even a small amount of citrus colour adds freshness to a stale decorating scheme. Not only suitable for a summer home, citrus colours also punch up the atmosphere in winter homes. Whether you use them singly or pair up a combination, use these colours to cheer up any room - all year round.








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a mazing room makeovers


It’s so easy to become tired with your home the same look day after day, year after year. On the following pages you will see examples of average homes that have been given a makeover to reveal an amazing space!


Stay clear of print fabrics that will easily become dated, especially if you want a look to last longer than three or more years.


TOP LEFT: Two large pieces of upholstered furniture in a bold fabric dominate the room. They stand out because the rest of the colours are in muted beige tones. BOTTOM LEFT: The colour is balanced in the room and placed safely with colour in the throw pillows, side chairs, and painted on one accent wall only.


It’s not a wise choice to purchase upholstered furniture in a bold print - it easily becomes tiring and dated. Rather place bold prints on throw cushions.

The floral sofa that was popular during the eighties is a good example of a short-lived trend that caused people to spend more money than they originally intended. These short lived trends quickly become outdated and people end up spending the money to replace them sooner rather then later. 12


ABOVE: The dining room goes under an amazing transformation with only some minor cosmetic changes.

BELOW: Stuck in limbo, this dining room looks incomplete and lacks any interesting features. Even the charming chandelier looks lost.


The chair seats have been reupholstered in a light fabric that matches the colour on the lower half of the added wall detail. New window treatments and a few well-chosen accessories, including a dramatic rug, make a big impact.



What made the difference in transforming this room into a beautiful bedroom is the new furniture, bedding, and window treatments that add “wow’ factor.


While the carpet and walls are a neutral, soothing relaxing beige tone - the pops of red from window treatments, accessories, and black and white components from the area rug, bedding, and accessories, are what make this room shine. The accessories make all the difference... From the lighting, to a floor standing screen, to the plants! Plus a large scale mirror was incorporated for a large wall, and the larger scale lamps match the scale of the room as well. 14

BEFORE: Beige walls with dark furniture and bedding is too extreme, and the window treatments are outdated and unflattering.

BEFORE: Practical and bland. The room lacks any form of decoration and the window is boring and plain. DeďŹ nitely not a guest room that anyone would enjoy sleeping in!




What transformed this boring guest room into a stunning and restful oasis?


The beautiful custom window treatments and bedding, the addition of a comfortable chair, wall colour, and area rug. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference... artwork that complements the decor, an elegant bedside table, and a potted plant. 15



LEFT BEFORE: Although the woodwork was in good condition the room is dull and lacks interest.


Give your home an

amazing makeover OPPOSITE PAGE: Now an updated and elegant dining room White paint on the wall moulding brightened and updated the look; plus, painted woodwork can often increase rather than decrease resale value.

1. Take pictures of the room before you start and print out or load onto your PC, so that you can better visualise the layout and the good and bad that you would like to change. 2. Put together a selection of ideas that you would like in the room: - Style or theme - Flooring options - Paint colour - New lighting - Restored or new furniture - Accessories 3. Empty the room, removing furniture and fittings such as curtain rails, etc., so that you have a blank canvas to start with. 4. Unless you are sanding floors or trim, painting is the first project to tackle. Work from the ceiling down. Protect flooring with drop cloths and cover

electrical fittings, door and window frames with masking tape. DIY Tip: 5. Now you can stain, seal If you are going to be or paint floors and trim. sanding floors and A tip here is to choose a finish or flooring that trim, do this before you matches your style start any painting. or theme and then choose the paint colour. It is far more expensive to refinish a floor than to re-paint.

Design Tip:

Dark floors are both dramatic and sophisticated, from elegant ebony to a rich cherry. Pair dark floors with light furnishings and slipcovers and in bright rooms for a modern combination. Light floors are perfect in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light and are perfect to make a room feel larger. 17



Now you can free up valuable countertop space and have storage - where you need it


You will need: A B C D E F

1 2 2 4 2 13

of of of of of of

500 100 100 50 x 50 50 30

x x x x x x

800mm 680mm 380mm 750mm 680mm 500mm

top sides front/back legs supports slats

All the above are 16mm PG Bison SupaWood

Wood glue Wood filler Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint - jade Drop cloths


Drill/Driver and assorted drill and screw bits Pockethole jig

a If you have a pockethole jig this kitchen island is quick and easy to make. For those that don’t own a pockethole jig, use angle and corner braces to secure the sections together.



You will need to cut a slight angle at the bottom of each leg for nice effect.

Here’s how:

1. Drill pocketholes into

the edges of B and C, and the underside of E and then attach these sections to the legs D.

2. Attach the top A to

B and C sections with angle braces.

3. Use wood glue to

secure slats F onto supports E and let this dry.


f e To finish your new kitchen island, grab a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in Jade. Take outside and place on drop cloths. Before you spray, apply a very light layer of wood filler to all cut edges, let dry and then sand smooth. Spray on light, even coats from a distance of no less than 30cm away from the surface.


Beeny’s Brush-off ! Sarah Beeny explains why sometimes it’s actually better not to use a brush when you’re painting!


“Spray painting provides a quick and easy way to update the appearance of virtually anything you have lying around - best of all, it’s great fun!”

Distressed elegance....

A distressed finish can be easily achieved with spray paint, simply spray an object in your chosen colour and when dry, sand raised areas and edges to reveal the original finish or undercoat. Chair and side table: Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White (Satin). Sarah Beeny is one of the most recognisable names in property development with the highly successful TV series, Property Ladder, recently being aired on The Home Channel. A huge fan of spray painting, Sarah has given us some of her tips and advice on how to get started with spray paints as well as some tips for objects to paint around the home. “Once you start using spray paint you are always looking for your next project”, says Sarah, “be it in the garden shed or at the nearest charity shop..nothing is safe! It is astonishing how fast I can completely transform something with spray paint and I love that!” 21



Different textures give a room depth, contrast and personality.

faux finishes Add texture by using Rust-Oleum’s Stone and Textured spray paint finishes on accessories around the home that will draw you in and invite you to touch them. Stone spray paints are easy to use and create a stunning finish that you cannot achieve with a brush. Simply follow the instructions on the can! Lamp and vase painted with Rust-Oleum Stone spray paint in Bleached Stone.

BEFORE We created a fantastic herb pot using Rust-Oleum Stone spray paint in Mineral Brown. Check out the “before” shot for how it looked in a former life! The storage jar in the background is painted with Rust-Oleum Textured in Desert Bisque and tray (stood upright) is painted with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Oxford Green Satin. 24

Pop in to your local Builders Warehouse and grab a can or two of RustOleum Stone spray and start transforming dated home decor. So easy to use... Simply shake and spray!

Bowl sprayed with Rust-Oleum Stone spray paint in Black Granite.

Flower pot painted with Rust-Oleum Stone spray paint in Black Granite.


These candlesticks had a dated, marble ďŹ nish and were given a new lease of life with Rust-Oleum Stone spray paint in Pebble.

Stone spray paint is designed for wood and metal and can be used on many other surfaces over a suitable RustOleum primer. 25

sleighbed 26

This project features a more modern take on the traditional sleigh bed and is perfect for any child’s bedroom. Insert a pullout bed for sleepovers, or make the storage drawers.

You will need: 2 of 1,8m x 50 x 50mm pine cut to sizes: A. 2 of 770mm - bottom legs B. 2 of 870mm - top legs F. 2 of 1850mm - battens 16mm SupaWood cut to sizes: C. 2 of 550 x 1900mm - sides D. 1 of 550 x 920mm - headboard E. 1 of 450 x 920mm - footboard 16mm chipboard 910 x 1800 - base 8mm dowels 8mm dowel centres 3 x 30mm half-shank cut screws

Tape measure Pencil 120-grit sanding pads or sandpaper Batting or foam and fabric for upholstering


Drill/driver Assorted drill and screw bits Countersink bit 12mm spade bit Multi or orbital sander Rubber mallet

1. Assemble the sides The bottom [A] and top [B] legs are attached to the sides [C] using dowels and wood glue.


A c c


A On one side of legs [A] and bottom edge of sides [C] measure down 50mm and 400mm and mark. Drill 8mm holes with a wood bit on both legs [A] and sides [C] to half the depth of the dowels.

Apply a small blob of wood glue to all holes. Insert the dowels into the edge of sides [C] and ďŹ t the legs onto the dowels. Use a rubber mallet to tap in place. To attach the top legs [B] to the other edge of sides [C] repeat this process but measure down 50mm and 500mm to drill holes for the dowels.


Use masking tape wrapped around the drill bit to mark the drilling depth. 27

2. Attach the head- and footboard On the inside of legs [B] and edges of headboard [D] measure down 50mm and 500mm and mark. Drill 8mm holes with a wood bit on both legs [B] and headboard [D] to half the depth of the dowels.


A c


d c



Apply a small blob of wood glue to all holes. Insert the dowels into the holes in headboard [D] and push the dowels into the legs [B]. Use a rubber mallet to tap in place. Repeat this process to attach the footboard [E] to legs [A] but measure down 50mm and 400mm to drill holes for the dowels.

c f



3. Attach base support battens Use a 12mm spade bit to drill 4 holes at regular intervals along the length of battens [F] and to a depth of 20mm. Place a bead of wood glue along each batten and then use 5 x 40mm wood screws to attach the battens to the inside of sides [C] at 50mm up from the bottom of sides [C]. Insert the base. 28

4. Pullout Bed or Storage Drawers The sleigh bed is built to allow for a pullout bed or storage drawers. I’m going to show you how to make the pullout bed and you will simply modify the dimensions to make the storage drawers. a. Screw front and back to side sections. b. Insert base and screw through front, back and sides to attach. c. Screw castors onto bottom of base. d. Attach handles.


sunburst Sunburst mirrors are popping up in decor everywhere!


They have become the hottest home decor accessory since, um well, since they invented mirrors! Browse through home decor magazine, interior design websites and on HomeDzine, and you will see that sunburst mirrors are deďŹ nitely the must-have home accessory. The fun thing about sunburst mirrors is that you can make them using almost anything - plus a small circular mirror of course.

Blogs around the world are oering so many dierent DIY ways to make a sunburst mirror, that I thought we would show you a few and then you can decide for yourself which one you like the best. And thanks to everyone in the blogsphere for your amazing ideas! 30

PREVIOUS PAGE: Who would have thought that rulers could be so decorative! They make a stunning sunburst feature.

So many ways to recycle everyday items!

LEFT: Paint or ice-lolly sticks are another favoured material for a sunburst mirror. They sticks are hot-glued onto the back of the mirror - quick and easy!

RIGHT: First time I’ve seen plastic spoons used to such good effect. Spray the spoons with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour, and then hot-glue onto a 3mm backing board. BELOW: Even off cuts get recycled into an unusual sunburst mirror.



Oooooh Love that coffee table !

PREVIOUS PAGE: There are so many ways to make a sunburst mirror, but this has to be the easiest and most affordable way. - with branches found on the ground or cut when pruning and trimming your garden. See this project in the Craft section on Home-Dzine. TOP: Here’s another decorative sunburst mirror that is made from scrap off cuts skilfully arranged and glued to the back of a small circular mirror. RIGHT: Even the kids can get involved in making a sunburst mirror for their bedroom. This project uses CD’s and straws to make a funky mirror.


Update your bathroom in 3 days! Get the August issue of Easy DIY magazine for details. On sale at your local Builders Warehouse, Builders Express or Builders Trade Depot. 34

Don’t miss out on the August issue of Easy DIY where we take you stepby-step through our bathroom makeover. The project includes ripping out and replacing the dated pedestal sink and toilet, turning the bath into a bath and shower combination, and the installation of gorgeous bamboo flooring.

ABOVE: Practical but boring, the bathroom feels cold and dated with its grey suite. OPPOSITE PAGE: The new bathroom features a modern, white suite, bathroom vanity and storage cabinet, and my absolute favourite, the bamboo floor (www.Oriental-Bamboo. that was installed over the old tiles.

Also in the August issue of Easy DIY • Build an elegant Secretary • Add to your outdoors with a Fire Pit • Make Bedroom Storage Bench 35

craftychair Add some fun to a dining nook with these crafty chairs that you can make in a day! 36

You will need:


16mm SupaWood cut to sizes:


h g e j

e c a

f a

a b

D b



This crafty chair is so easy to make you will soon be making a complete set! Not only suitable for a dining nook, you can use the chair on the patio, or in a children’s bedroom. Use any of the Rust-Oleum 2X colours to spray in your own shades.

See article on “How to Spray Paint” on pages 12 and 13.


4 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 1 1

65 65 65 65 65 65 65 120 170 420

x x x x x x x x x x

450 520* 400* 340 840 200 460 460 460 460

legs bottom support top support cross support sides top/bottom slat slat slat seat

*15o angle cut at both ends Wood glue Wood filler 3 x 25mm cut screws Rust-Oleum 2X - apple red Acrylic PVA - any colour Paintbrush Drop cloths or newspaper Tools Drill/driver Assorted drill and screw bits Countersink bit Mitre saw or mitre box and saw Tape measure Pencil Random-orbit sander + 220-grit pads Pocket-hole jig

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x delivers twice the coverage and the best formula for ultimate hiding power, which allows projects to be completed faster and easier. Apply to wood, wicker, metal, plaster or unglazed ceramic. Fast-dry formula resists chipping and fading. FIND THE RUST-OLEUM RANGE AT YOUR LOCAL BUILDERS WAREHOUSE


c a


b c







1. Drill pocketholes on both 2. Drill pocketholes into all ends of top [C] and cross supports [D], add bottom [B] supports. Place glue and then attach a bead of wood glue on these between the two the ends and fasten these leg frames. to the legs [A].

3. The bottom cross support [D] should be 120mm in from the back legs.

c D




4. Attach the completed frame to the underside of the seat [J] with 3 x 25mm cut screws.

f slats



6. Use a scrap of wood as a 5. Drill pocketholes into spacer to attach the slats both top/bottoms [F] and [G], [H] and [I] to the sides fasten to the sides [E]. [E].

Starting at the top of the back section, the slats should be laid in order of G, H, I and G. Countersink the holes so that all screw heads are ush with the surface.


7. Attach the back section to the chair seat frame with cut screws through the back into the edge of the seat and the bottom cross support. Countersink these holes so that screw heads are flush with the surface. 8. Apply a thin layer of wood filler to all the cut edges, let dry and then sand smooth. This provides a better surface for painting when using spray paint. Finishing Take the chair outside and place on a drop cloth or newspaper. Before spraying on the colour I like to apply a primer coat of acrylic PVA to reduce the amount of spray paint required. When dry, lightly sand for a smooth finish. Spray on a light first coat and let this dry before applying the second coat.

One can of RustOleum 2X should cover 2 chairs if you apply light, even coats and apply a primer coat.


racing off to dreamland

Bedtime will always be FUN when you get to drive your very own race car to dreamland

R3500 single bed

excluding mattress and bedding


Girl Talk In this issue we take a look at a few products that make life easier when it comes to DIY.

Have recently discovered Joiners Mate - a 2-part superglue for wood. Spray the adhesive on one side, apply the glue to the other - count to ten and voila! It’s like an extra pair of hands. Now you can glue and then screw without waiting for glue to dry.

Stanley have launched a new craft/utility knife where replacement blades are stored within the knife. Remove the old blade and the cartridge automatically slides a new blade into position - great news for those like me who forget where they put the replacement blades! Look in the tool section at your local Builders Warehouse.

For me it’s always fun to check out what’s new in the hardware aisle - call me mad or weird, but I drool over new products - just knowing that there might be something I haven’t yet discovered that makes DIY easier!

Look in the adhesive section at your local Builders Warehouse.

New Rust-Oleum Universal is specifically formulated to work on diverse surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, wood, concrete and even vinyl. The Rust-Oleum Universal advanced spray system can spray from any angle — even upside down. Look in the spray paint section at your local Builders Warehouse.


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Interior Decorating Full day covers: * Elements of design * Basic upholstery techniques * Paint and paint techniques Design, plan & make an ottoman to take home with you. Certificate on completion.

Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs Full day covers theory/practical: * Beginner - Advanced DIY * Basic Electrical * Basic Plumbing You will make small projects to take home with you. Certificate on completion.

Woodwork & Furniture Making Full day workshop covers: * Joining and fastening * Hardware * Timber and board * Design and planning - bookcase, coffee table, TV unit & make a small cabinet to take home. Certificate on completion.

Cost R1250 pp includes light breakfast, tea/coffee & snacks and buffet lunch. All materials and use of tools included. CLICK ON THIS PAGE TO BOOK 42

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