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Necklace designs-mothers day necklace with the ingenious tree of life pendant It is a popular necklace designs on tree of life pendant. You can make the wire wrapped mothers day necklace pendant by following the detailed illustrations and elaborated word explanations .

In recent necklace designs, there is a vintage element that has made a comeback by the arriving of Mother’s Day, which is called the tree of life. It is a universal symbol of different cultures and can also be regard as the embodiment of wisdom, bounty, creation and belief. Hence, the adoption of it in a specific mothers day necklace may be appreciated as well.

Things needed in mothers day necklace: 

1mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire

Piezo Glass Beads- Chips

Brass chain

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

How to start the necklace designs? Step1: form the frame 1. Take an aluminum wire segment and then form an oval (in this project) around an object in that shape; 2. Twist the wire ends several turns; 3. Work a loop with one end and wrap the tail around the neck; 4. Take the other wire end and wrap it around the neck in same way.

Step2: work the tree of life 1. Cut four 30cm long brass wire strips, fold

4. Slide on the glass chips and secure by

them in half and separate into three groups as

wrapping the excess tails around the frame;

1-2-1. Attach to the frame by wrapping and

5. Then the second wire;


6. Repeat the same processes until complete

2. Take the left ends, wrap the rest 6 ends for Step3: addason the chain tree trunk picture show; Snip a certain long chain and then thread the 3. Separate the 8 ends again;

entire tree of life.

Though the pendant onto it. Connect the first link and last link by a small jumpring and then it’s a meaningful mothers day necklace at once. Though the pendant itself is shroud with mystery, the tree of life embodies totally love and gratitude for hardworking moms when worn as an adornment. While practical mothers day necklace pendant, all skills needed is simple wire wrapping technique. This may help you master the advanced techniques bit by bit, and create more fabulous necklace designs as well.

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Necklace designs-mothers day necklace with the ingenious tree of life pendant