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Mother and child jewelry-a no-beading diy chevron bracelet This post you’ll learn to make a mother and child jewelry in quick and safety methods. It is about a diy chevron bracelet with classical Indian pattern and the only extra assistive material is nothing but the puff paints.

Being obsessed with the bright and exotic Indian patterns? Those are actually fitting the hot summer perfectly and the free spirits and symbols guarantee them never go out of style. So, here is a smart way to make an Indian-style diy chevron bracelet. Simply by puffing the color you want and adjust the size of your basic leather snap bracelets, which will make big difference for your mother and child jewelry.

Stuffs required in diy chevron bracelet:

Leather snap bracelet

Puff paint

Marking pen

How to design a mother and child jewelry? Step1: choose two straps of leather snap bracelets, one for adult size and one for small wrist. Step2: sketch out the pattern you desire. In my project, I determine to work a diy chevron bracelet.

Step3: puff the pattern you constructed.

Keep going slowly and carefully for entire

Step4: set it away and let dry for several hours.


Volia! You’ve done right now! The pattern for a diy chevron bracelet is really a good starting here and that will somewhat inspire you with more complicate and exquisite designs for your ensuing mother and child jewelry ornaments. Whatever, just enjoy the occasion with your sweethearts.

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Mother and child jewelry a no beading diy chevron bracelet  
Mother and child jewelry a no beading diy chevron bracelet