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Mixed bracelet watch bands-cool bracelet patterns with beads In this project, I will teach you the way make interchangeable bead and chain bracelet watch bands, which do really evoke the sense of stunning ingenious bracelet patterns with beads.

Love working bracelet patterns with beads? Or love designing the super versatile and stylish accessory? One indispensable project to your list has to be the beaded bracelet watch bands. You can collect old watch faces and then incorporate them into a fashionable accessory along with chains, beads and other strip supplies.

Supplies for the bracelet watch bands: 

Watch face (with 6 connector ports)

3mm Round Seed Bead

Glue on crystals


Suede cord

Large ring chain


Tiger tail Wire

lobster Claw Clasp

Wire-cutter Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Instructions for making bracelet watch bands: Step1: preparation and adorn your suede 1. Measure your individual wrist circumference and figure out how long each side would be; 2. Cut your chain and suede to that size; 3. Direct the suede cord through one middle-sized jumpring, with about 1cm long part. Fold the short tail and glue to itself to secure the jumpring; 4. Do repeat the same process to 4 ends of 2 suede strands; 5. Glue and secure the crystals onto suede cord neatly and evenly.

Step2: Connect chain and suede cord to watch face firstly

Step3: work the rest patterns with beads

By using four small-sized jumprings, attach the

1. Tie a string of tiger tail wire to the middle

chain strands and well-decorated suede cords

port and secure with another knot;

to the four outer ports on watch face.

2. Slide on the 3mm Round Seed Beads until it


reaches to same length as your chain and suede cord; 3. Tie and secure the end tail to another middle-sized jumpring tautly; 4. Make a mirror image on the other side.

Step4: add on clasp To the ending, collect three branches with a jumpring. Add on the clasp to either tip and this is your new bracelet watch bands.

The designs of your bracelet watch bands can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. In addition, you can choose the style to be inclined to daily or special accord to your desires as well. Whatever, if you’re processing the cool bracelet patterns with beads and chains, just keeps moving and show them off proudly.

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Mixed bracelet watch bands-cool bracelet patterns with beads