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Make your own string bracelet- one kind of simple Chinese knots This time I would like to introduce you a common way to make a beautiful birthday bracelet in a simple Chinese knot (named Snake knot); I will present you details about every step of this string bracelet

tutorial, and help you make your own string bracelet.

In oriental culture, people prefer to braid string bracelets to express their sincere wishes; they believe these Chinese knots originating from ancient time and old religion have kind of marvelous power to help themselves against something bad and evil; so when your birthday comes, it will be an awesome idea to make your own string bracelet with the Chinese knots.

The materials and tools: 

Orange nylon threads

Green nylon thread



The detailed instructions: Step 1: prepare the top part Snip strings 1 meter long, fold them and Leave the length of a finger’s diameter, and make an overhand knot; align strings in 2 pairs;

Step 2: braid the Snake knots First, pinch the top part, clockwise wrap the upper pair around finger and below pair twice and half; the loops are made; Second, remove finger, wrap the below pair around loops one time, that is, thread below pair through loops downwardly; Third, tighten the strings, and the first Snake knots are done; mark this facet as face and opposite facet as back;

Step 3: make the string bracelet First, pull out the below knot, turning it

loop again; you will find pair “a” stay in the loop;

Second, wrap the pair “a” counterclockwise around pair “b” and make “a” through the loop; tighten the strings; Third, turn over the Chinese knots, making the back outside; then pull out below knot,

draw loop and repeat the above process to make more Snake knots;

Step 4: finish the string bracelet First, till the knots are long enough make an overhand knot or other finish knot to end the braiding; then trim off excess strings and melt ends with lighter. So the tutorial help you learn a typical skill about making a kind of Chinese knots; it is inevitable to make many mistakes in making this string bracelet, particularly for novices, the Chinese knots easily get people confused; but only if you insist and take enough time to experience the mistakes, you can master the skills and make your own string bracelet. For more nice friendship bracelet ideas, thanks to visit our web:

make your own string bracelet  
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