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Make bracelet and ring attached- brief and elegant Easter bracelet and ring chain This bracelet and ring chain tutorial aims to show you how to make bracelet and ring attached and create a beautiful novelty which can attract others’ attentions. Recent years have witnessed many kinds of body jewelry; some are weird, like lip (or nose) ear chain piercing; some are novel and attractive; at least which can be accepted by most of jewelry crafters, such as this Easter bracelet and ring attached one. You must love it- the simple and elegant bracelet and ring chain.

Materials and tools:

Silvery chains

Rabbit pendant

Jump rings

Wire cutter

Flat nose plier

Instructions: Step 1: make chain bracelet 1st, wrap chain around your wrist once and pinch the junction point to decide chain length; 2nd, attach a jump ring to one end, double the chain length and snip it; 3rd, use the jump ring to combine the other end and junction point together. The chain bracelet is finished!

Step 2: adorn bracelet with Easter rabbit 1st, attach another jump ring to the link opposite to the previous one; 2nd, slide an ester rabbit pendant to the jump ring.

Step3: make ring and attachment chain 1st, snip about 7cm length of chain for attachment and 5cm length for ring; 2nd, use a jump ring to combine ring chain and attachment chain together.

At last, open the first jump ring on bracelet, connect both parts together:

So far the tutorial of bracelet and ring chain is completed! One more suggestion for this project: if you want a different burnish for this bracelet and ring attached jewelry, you might as well add beads and bead caps to adorn at the attached place.

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Make bracelet and ring attached- brief and elegant Easter bracelet and ring chain