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Jewelry tutorial-unique Valentine’s Day gifts out of Wood Beads and Stain Ribbon In this jewelry tutorial, you will learn to make unique Valentine’s Day gifts out of common large wood beads and stain ribbon. I hope that via today’s project, all of you guys can match out a unique piece for beloved ones.

A fresh day again and hello all of you amazing people! This project is especially great for the upcoming romantic theme: Valentine’s Day! First of all, before you set to wrapping up your gifts, do you wonder to know something special out of the stain ribbon materials? At present, I will show you one of incredible unique Valentine’s Day gifts by using the stain ribbon. As it merely requires only a few minutes, it is definitely a must-learn if you’re a loyal craft fancier. Here is how to jewelry tutorial starts:

Materials and tools in jewelry tutorial: 

Large Wood Bead

Stain Ribbon (50cm long)



Wire-cutter Plier

Bead reamer


Instructions in this jewelry tutorial: Step1: slide on the large wood bead Sharpen one tip of the Stain Ribbon and pass the ribbon through your first wood bead by using bead reamer; Anchor the first bead at location about 1/3 down the ribbon, and then tie an Overhand Knot on the long end tip; Keep adding wood beads and knotting the stain ribbon. Each necklace may need 5 wood beads.

Step2: assemble on the chain

Cut out two strands of 25cm long chain; Thread one end of the ribbon through the last link on chain and tie a knot in place; Next, weave the ribbon through the chain in and out; Once reached the chain end, tie an extra knot. Repeat the above processes with the other side.

The above are entire contents in the jewelry tutorial. Further, to ensure the Stain Ribbon remains steady and never become fraying, try fusing the endings gently with lighter. Since then, a piece of unique Valentine’s Day gifts has been produced. Love the idea? Just follow it and make one for the right person!

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Jewelry tutorial-unique Valentine’s Day gifts out of Wood Beads and Stain Ribbon