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Jewelry DIY inspiration-bling belts for women Looking for a simple but high-impact jewelry accessory? Check out this jewelry DIY project. After that, you’ll receive far more than a bling belts for women.

Nothing can punch up an appearance quite like a consistent jewelry accessory, especially when the only piece is so versatile that you may wear it as a bracelet, a headband and specially bling belts for women. That’s why I recommend this jewelry DIY inspiration here. It’s truly an all-purpose accessory.

Materials needed while the jewelry DIY: 

Bling charm

Stain Ribbon

Brass wire

Wire-cutter Plier

Main guides in bling belts for women: Step1: Place three charms on flat with their backs upward. Then, lay a ribbon over them.

Step2: Tie the two elements in place with brass wire, just like you would lace your shoes.

Step3: Test and ensure all charms are anchored tautly. Remove excess wire. Once make sure all the above processes, you’ve already gain the exclusive bling belts for women. Shimmering charms in all sizes and colors can fit properly and perfectly in the jewelry DIY project. All in all, wish the plan can make your day!

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Jewelry diy inspiration-bling belts for women