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How to make post earrings out of common 6mm bead and 18 gauge wire Today’s tutorial is entirely about how to make post earrings by two kinds of common materials. While practicing this tutorial, no extra skills or experience are needed.

While mention the post earrings, most will classify it into the earrings stud class. To be frank, I cannot tell the exact difference between them as well. But there is one point I know is that compared to the post earrings, the stud earrings should be made from surgical steel and are usually used when someone pierce her ears first time. Now, let’s get started with today’s DIY: how to make post earrings out of common 6mm bead and 18 gauge wire.

Things will need in post earrings: 

6mm bead

18 gauge wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Instructions on how to make post earrings: Step1: slide on the bead Snip 15cm long aluminum wire from the coil and slid the bead onto the wire. Stop the bead at about 1.8cm from the starting to serve as the ear-post.

Step2: wrap the wire around the bead Firstly, bend the long end toward right side; Next, start to wrap wire around your bead until you get a complete circle. Here the wire needs to go behind the wire as picture show; Then, continue wrapping until the long end reach to the top part after three or more circles. Finally, wrap the excess wire of long end around the ear-post.

Step3: ending work for post earrings Trim off the left-over parts from your earrings and clip the end with Plier. In the end, polish the ends by using the sand-paper or sand-paper block.

Thus far, your post earrings are done! Really hope that these instructions will inspire you to make more fabulous jewelry ornaments. For more projects on how to make post earrings, just stay tuned our pandahall.

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How to make post earrings out of common 6mm bead and 18 gauge wire  
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