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How to make easy string bracelets quickly within about five minutes The string bracelets, or you can call it the friendship bracelet, always can be left on all the time. You can wear them out every now and then, with all outfits and appearance, in all weathers and seasons. Keywords: how to make easy string bracelets, friendship bracelet

Every girl loves jewelry, especially those can leave on all the time and match with all outfits. No matter merely design one for you own or give it away to friends as birthday gift, the friendship bracelet is undoubtedly be a best choice. And what’s more, at almost any age, the simple string bracelet with simple pattern can be easily mastered. Right now, let’s just begin learn how to make easy string bracelets:

What you may need: 

2mm Colorful Nylon Thread



How to make easy string bracelets? Step1: prepare the starting portion Firstly, snip one 50cm long thread and fold it at center location to form the tip ① and ② in the diagram; Secondly, tie an overhand knot at the position 4cm long from the folded location and then lay three another 70cm long thread to form six tips in same length; At last, fix the threads by making an Alpha bent with ends ① and ②.

Step2: begin to braid the rest friendship bracelet portion

Regard the thread ① and ② as the two holding ends, the rest are all working ends. Firstly pick up the ends ③ and ④ to cross the holding ends as picture show and continue repeat same processes with ends group ⑤ and ⑥, ⑦ and ⑧. At last, tighten all working ends one by one.

Step3: finish the friendship bracelet Ensure the bracelet length and then ending with two or more Alpha Bend. After that, trim the excess thread and melt the ends with lighter so that they won’t unravel.

Tie the friendship bracelet around your wrist or your friends’, and today’s how to make easy string bracelet project may be done now. What’s more, while operating the working threads, make sure each of them in an even tension. Do not just feel fretful and give up easily at the first time. For any new project, practice makes perfect!

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How to make easy string bracelets quickly within about five minutes