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How to make different bracelets- the perfect combination of pearls and crystals The upcoming tutorial is going to show you a simple and flexible way about how to make different bracelets. My clear photos and easy words will compose the best tutorial you have never met before.

These days, my attention has been transferred into earrings and rings making; so it is long time before we start the similar tutorial about how to make different bracelets again. Back to the bracelet making, I think that pearls and crystals are appropriate elements for creating a type of classical bracelet .

Essential materials and tools: 

4mm glass seed beads in yellow

and copper colors 

4mm pink pearl beads

6mm white pearl beads

8mm yellow bicone beads

Large shell glass bead

Tiger tail wire

Eye pin

Jump rings


Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Steps for pearls and crystals bracelet: 1. Make the flower petals First, cut 20 cm wire, slide 1 copper colored seed

Third, repeat above processes and

bead to center and add to each end 2 yellow seed

finish the petals;

beads, 1 copper seed bead, 1 white pearl, 1 copper seed bead, 2 yellow seed beads in turn;

Second, cross both ends through a copper seed bead, add 1 yellow seed bead to each end and cross

through another copper seed bead;

2. Make the core parts of flowers First, back through the adjoining yellow seed beads, add

3. Finish the pearls and crystals bracelet

to each end 1 pink pearl, and both through 1 yellow

First, on eye pin thread shell glass


bead and loop the rest part of pin;

Second, also add to each end 1 pink pearl, respectively


through the opposite yellow seed beads, and then

shell bead and clasps together;


beaded part,

continue this process till all the flowers are handled;

The beaded flowers are finished;

After hard efforts and sustained tries, the bracelet is successfully created, which demonstrate the fab collocation of pearls and crystals. Now the tutorial about how to make different bracelets is finished; we can head to next tutorial to make more marvels of bracelet making. For more bracelet making ideas, please visit our web:

How to make different bracelets  
How to make different bracelets