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How to make a necklace with ribbon- crochet ribbon and beads together Here presented is a simple tutorial about how to make a necklace with ribbon; I am going to show you a specific way to crochet beads in ribbons and get a beautiful necklace.

The main mission of this tutorial is to figure out how to make a necklace with ribbon; ribbon is a kind of pleasing materials, which has the silky touch, mellow luster and vivid colors. Besides that, it seems to possess an inborn dignity which can help wearers to reform personal temperament and bearings.

What you need: Black organza ribbon Black nylon thread Crystal nylon wire Shell beads Needle Scissors

Steps for the ribbon necklace: Step 1: attach fish and flower shells onto ribbon First, snip a proper length of organza ribbon and melt ends to avoid being frayed; Second, make overhand knots to mark where you want the embellishment part locate; then use needle and nylon thread to sew shell beads onto that part;

Step 2: crochet ribbon necklace with black cords First, accordingly adjust the overhand knots to decide the braiding part length; Second, braid square knots (you know it is often used in paracord bracelets); remember to handle left and right sides alternately;

Step 3: finish the crocheted ribbon necklace When the braiding is done, trim off the excess cords, and melt ends with lighter if necessary.

Hitherto ribbons are always being utilized in necklace making; although how to make necklace with ribbon is not a new topic, many jewelry diy tyros are unfamiliar with it and need such kind of tutorials; so I am here presenting this crocheted ribbon necklace for their references. For more awesome ideas about necklace making, please to visit our web:

How to make a necklace with ribbon- crochet ribbon and beads together