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Handy bracelet patterns instructions for an adorable diy beaded bracelet Handy bracelet patterns instructions for a fun and funky diy beaded bracelet. You can make it out of just about any pattern, from beading wire and painted pearl beads to brass wire and radiant glass beads.

The nice thing about the handy bracelet patterns instructions is that it is creative and can be practice easily and speedily. Weaving the beading wire and adding the proper beads, then you’ll make your diy beaded bracelet. Check out the following details and make a bunch of bracelets to wear, trade and share as gifts.

Supplies needed in diy beaded bracelet: 

8mm Acrylic bead-imitation (Red & ivory)

4mm Acrylic bead-imitation (white)

6mm Bicone Glass bead

Heart-shaped pendant


Lobster Claw Clasp

0.5mm Tiger Tail wire

0.3mm Brass wire

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Step-by-step bracelet patterns instructions: Step1: bead the pearls focal element 1. Cut a 30cm long wire and thread an 8mm pearl bead to the center location. Next, add one 6mm Bicone Glass bead onto each wire tip and finally cross through one extra 8mm red pearl bead; 2. Do add one 6mm Bicone glass bead to each tip again and cross at another 8mm red pearl bead; 3. Repeat the processes of adding on the 6mm Bicone glass bead. Then grab either end to go through the beginning 8mm pearl bead and then tie two ends tautly; 4. Tuck the two ends in adjacent glass bead and then remove the excess parts;

5. Make 3 or more pieces in accordance with your individual wrist circumference;

6. String the above triangle beaded element onto a long eyepin along with two 4mm white pearl beads at two sides. Loop the end and wrap the extra pin tail around the little neck;

Step2: make components




Slide the ivory pearls onto long eyepins, loop the end and wrap its excess tails in same way;

Prepare 4 pieces for matching the above

Step3: work pendant





focal elements.

Generally, you can choose to attach the pendants simply by using the jumprings, whereas I prefer to work the elaborate bails for mine.

Step4: compose your diy beaded bracelet Since all the necessary elements are well prepared, the only work remains is to structure them into a complete bracelet accessory;

Attach the clasp at one end;

Hook the triangle focal bead element and ivory bead part alternately;

Finally, hang on the decorative heart-shape pendants.

This will create an even better pattern while you own a talent for color collocations. Whatever, all the bracelet patterns instructions have been showcased clearly and completely for your reference. Just enjoy yourself in the diy beaded bracelet.

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Handy bracelet patterns instructions for an adorable diy beaded bracelet