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Fashion belt instructions-how to make a belt for matching evening dress A fashion belt coming along with feminine tassels; it super easy to do and will give a chic sense for you matching with evening dress. Here is how to make a belt in my way.

To choose another perfect way to add dimension, cinch in your waist and entirely change the whole look of outfit, try wearing a fashion belt! By this way, you can decide length of your dress freely and easily. In my project, I will aim at how to make a belt adorned with some awesome tassels that definitely adds lots taste to your own character. Here we go!

Materials needed in fashion belt:

How to make a belt? Step1: attach the fringe to end of cord 1. Sew the starting of fringe to one cord end as picture show; 2. Keep rolling on the fringe and fix with thread and needle.

Braided cord

2 pieces of Fringe (40cm long)

2 pieces of gold organza ribbon


Needle and sewing thread

Step2: decorate and seal the sewed part 1. Take the gold ribbon and cover that sewed

2. Sew to seal in same way.


Step3: complete other end of fashion belt Do repeat the above processes to the other end of cord. Once finished it, put it on your stunning evening dress or shirts, even use as a necklace around the neck, this fashion belt can make big difference. Wanna take the steps to add your individual type, simply try my how to make a belt. It’s so incredibly easy and costless that you cannot ignore it!

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Fashion belt instructions-how to make a belt for matching evening dress