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Easy ribbon necklace diy idea for designing personalized mothers day jewelry Looking for some personalized mothers day jewelry ornaments? This post on ribbon necklace diy instructions allows you to personalize a piece of fashionable necklace out of chains and ribbons simply.

On the special occasion, you can give your mom a typical gift such as flower bouquet, hand-writing card and so on. But how about personalized mothers day jewelry? You may say that you get only limited budget and cannot afford them. Thus, under the help of this ribbon necklace diy idea, you are allowed to present you care and love in a gorgeous handmade piece.

Things will need for ribbon necklace diy: 

Stain Ribbon


Ribbon End


Magnetic Clasp


Round Nose Plier

Tape measure

How to practice the personalized mothers day jewelry?

Step1: the preparations of chains 1. Depend on the circumference of neck cut the chain into ideal length by pliers;

Step2: deal with the ribbon strands 1. As to the ribbons, firstly trim off the fraying parts and heat the ending by lighter slightly; 2. Next, fold the end over, about 0.5cm. Clamp the folded location with matching ribbon end and then squeeze for grab tightly; 3. Add on one jumpring at to the loop of ribbon end. 4. Open the first link of chain and hook it onto the jumpring; 5. Weave the ribbon in and out of each chain link; 6. Deal the ribbon end and add one ribbon end in the way at beginning;

7. Do the same processes with blue ribbon and another type of chain.

Step3: complete the ribbon necklace diy 1. Take the string of bright neon chain; 2. Open one jumpring and thread all three strips on. Twist all chains together several times for a large chunk chain; 3. Close the jumpring and attach on the magnetic clasp with another two jumpring; 4. Do make a mirror image on the other side and add on the other part of your clasp.

As the Neon colors have staged a comeback this year, you can get the ribbons and chains easily from the craft store or some online sites. With the wide choice of materials, you can combine all colors you like in your ribbon necklace diy project. Now collect the stuffs and start to prepare your personalized mothers day jewelry.

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Easy ribbon necklace diy idea for designing a personalized mothers day jewelry