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DIY macramé bracelet- Friendship bracelet designs for guys This DIY macramé bracelet tutorial aims to teach you an easy-to-learn way about making friendship bracelet design for guys. So it can be applied in your boys’ gifts.

Many string bracelets are in exquisite designs and candy-like patterns, which are always categorized into girls’ jewelry field. But where is friendship bracelet design for guys? In market, there are quantities






present a DIY macramé bracelet in bright colors and unique pattern for males.

Materials and tools:  2mm navy nylon thread  2mm red nylon thread  Lighter  Scissors

Instructions: nd

2 , turn1: to the right side andtop adjustend knot. of Step make the macramébracelet

Step 2: make macramébracelet

1st, snip 40 cm red threads and navy thread,

adjust the knot;

and fold the red one in half; 2nd, use navy thread to tie a pair of square knots over red one with leaving 2cm length of loop;

1st, make Josephine knot from left side and

2nd, turn to the right side and adjust knot.

Step 3: make the bottom end of macramÊbracelet 1st, till the braided length’s enough, tuck the navy threads into previous knots and singe the ends; 2nd, use red threads to tie a nice button knot;

Now you get the finalized friendship bracelet design for guys:

How do you like this sort of DIY macramé bracelet? At least, I think it’s seriously cool, and factually I believe this one is suitable for both gender’s wearing; to some extent it is unisex!

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DIY macramé bracelet- Friendship bracelet designs for guys