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DIY cuff bracelet – Panama hat pattern cuff bracelets for small wrists This DIY cuff bracelet tutorial aims to teach you a regular and also easy-to remember way about making string cuff bracelets for small wrists!

Many cuff bracelets you bought from jewelry stores can hardly snuggly fit your skinny wrists? Okay, this DIY cuff bracelet project is just what you need most at present time. This one is very lucky for you- cuff bracelets for small wrists, and possess fashionable Panama hat pattern.

Materials and tools:

1mm black nylon thread

1mm green nylon thread

1mm red nylon thread



Instructions: Step 1: make top loop 1st, snip 1 piece of green thread and 2 pieces of red & black threads, each measuring 4m; 2nd, tie lark head knots with red & black threads over green one.

Step 2: braid Panama hat pattern 1st, tie forward knots with left green thread from center to right; 2nd, tie backward knots with green thread from center to left; 3rd, in the same way, braid red threads and black threads alternatingly; 4th, when the green threads back to center, the first panama hat pattern is done.

Step 3: finish the rest bracelet 1st, repeat the pattern until the length is okay; 2nd, end the braiding with a pair of square knots; 3rd, tie an overhand knot to finish it.

Cut off excess threads, and the final item is like this:

So the DIY cuff bracelet is finalized here! This cuff bracelet for small wrists is brief looking and also fashion item which are favored by most celebrities. I like this kind of color match- green, black and dark red.

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DIY cuff bracelet – Panama hat pattern cuff bracelets for small wrists