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DIY bracelets- homemade bracelets for guys This diy bracelets tutorial is to demonstrate a new and simple way about diy homemade bracelets for guys; to diy these floral printed button bracelet is a great enjoyment.

Floral prints never fade out trendy jewelry field. When conceiving new idea about homemade bracelets for guys, we think it is a good design that floral print buttons are applied in this kind of diy bracelets.

Materials and tools:

Floral print buttons

Needle sewing threads

Cotton cord


Instructions Step 1: string floral print buttons 1st, use needle to go through button hole and tie an overhand knot at backside; 2nd, whip stitch and go through the adjoining hole and other buttons; 3rd, tie another overhand knot at backside of the last button;

4th, pick another piece of thread and go through the second line of button holes;

Step 2: secure buttons again 1st, Whip stitch the two lines of button holes from other side; 2nd, tie overhand knots at both ends of bracelet;

Step 3: finish the bracelet Draw strands at each end into two groups, twine the strands and twist them together; finally secure the shape with overhand knots.

So now the DIY bracelets tutorial is finished and finalized homemade bracelets for guys are completed! What can you do with buttons? More than bracelets, I guess, you can make out more interesting jewelry pieces!

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DIY bracelets- homemade bracelets for guys