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DIY baseball bracelet- adorn a different bracelet blanks cuff This DIY baseball bracelet tutorial is completely an improved one about how to embellish the bracelet blanks cuff out of unused baseball; simple and fun, you will like it!

Wandering around craft webs, I found this cute diy baseball bracelet tutorial; it’s really really attractive, and






bracelet projects! The crafter treat the leather peel off from baseball as a good bracelet blanks cuff, and try her best to adorn and make it beautiful and fascinating.

Materials and tools: 

Unused baseball

Thick fabric

Elastic loop

Needle&sewing threads



Mod podge


Instructions: Step 1: make bracelet blanks cuff 1st, clean your baseball and carefully cut leather

3rd, cut off same pattern from a piece of thick

from baseball;

fabric and glue it to inside surface of bracelet;


2 , glue the sided threads to avoid any possible

4th, sew button and elastic loop onto both



Step 2: adorn this baseball bracelet Glue your prepared crystals and letters onto the outside surfaced of bracelet.

Congratulations, this diy baseball bracelet tutorial is finished here. Isn’t it a unique experience to embellish this kind of bracelet blanks cuff? This bracelet worn on wrist seems to make wearer demonstrate a spiffy temperament from before.

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DIY baseball bracelet- adorn a different bracelet blanks cuff