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Crystal Butterfly bows twinkle in Christmas Eve Summary: The description of this tutorial is detailed and it is with clear illustrations. I am sure that you will love this tutorial and make out this pair of pretty butterfly bow earrings. If you have browsed other projects, you may find a similar tutorial, which is also about butterfly bow; however the previous one is about how to make brooch, while this one is about Christmas earrings. The crystal





beautifully glitter in dim lights; moreover the colors are full of Christmas atmosphere, which is rather suitable for wearing in Christmas Eve occasion. Materials and tools: 4mm bicone beads in red and green colors 10mm red round glass bead 6mm bicone beads in red and green colors Jump rings Ear hooks Head pins Tiger tail wire Wire cutter Round nose plier The instructions about butterfly bow earrings start now: Step 1: prepare beading wire Cut two pieces of tiger tail wires measuring 10 cm; pick the needed numbers of beads at hand. In addition, make the beading diagram ready: Step 2: bead the butterfly bow First, string a bead to center and then add a bead to left and right end respectively; Second, cross two ends through another bead; Third, tighten the wire and continue;

Step 3: make the pendant First, thread red glass bead, 6mm red and green beads onto head pin in turn and loop the top part of head pin; Second, attach butterfly bow with pendant by jump ring; Step 4: end the butterfly bow earrings Attach the butterfly bow with ear hook, and repeat above steps to complete the other one.

So far, the butterfly bow earrings are done! Before Christmas Eve, you can take a bit of time to prepare the crystal earrings; then when the time is up, equip them onto your ears, and in this eve, you are the outstanding one.

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Crystal Butterfly bows twinkle in Christmas Eve