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Chic DIY and craft ideas-how to make diy tassel earrings It seems that diy tassel earrings have always set an exuberant trendy on the spring season. Hence, in today’s diy and craft ideas I will present the elaborate instructions clearly and detailed.

There were diy tassel earrings everywhere in street since its first appearance at year 2012, so how to explore a better way to add some enchanting tassels to your daily accessories? Check out the diy and craft ideas and you are able to make your own super-chic pair of tassel earrings resemble to the runway fashion.

Things you’ll need in diy tassel earrings:

1mm Nylon Thread

6mm Bicone Glass Bead

Earring Hooks

0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Details for diy and craft ideas:

Step1: prepare the tassel branch 1. Cut out more than 12 strands of 20cm long magenta cord. Lay the strands on flat;

2. Align the starting ends and double all strands once at middle. Use one 20cm long brass wire to slip under the folded location of cord bunch; 3. Twist the wire ends for several times until hold the bunch in place temporarily; 4. Take another strand of different color thread end to tie a Sliding Knot beside the folded position. When pull the knot tautly, trim off the excess tails; 5. Loop the short wire end; And then wrap remaining extra tails around the short neck with your fingers simply;

Step2: design a decorative portion for your diy tassel earrings

Thread one 6mm Bicone glass bead onto short segment of wire and then loop both ends of it;

Step3: complete entire project Hook the tassel; decorative Bicone glass bead

So, you have gained your new fashionable

and earring hook one after one.

diy tassel earrings!

Whether to hanging off a handbag, from a belt or down to the ears, tassels are high up in the ideal accessory list. And the most outstanding feature about this simple yet elegant pair of diy tassel earrings is that they are completely individual and customizable! Get your excellent substitutive materials and practice the diy and craft ideas right now.

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Chic DIY and craft ideas-how to make diy tassel earrings