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Bracelet making instructions-how to make a bracelet out of beads, chain and pins Summary: New bracelet making instructions about how to make a bracelet out of beads, chain and several pins; Only 3 easy steps included for making your own bracelet. You cannot just ignore it. Do not like the quiet necklace around your neck, a piece of ornaments on your wrist should be more changeable and trendy. Thus, learning some skills on how to make a bracelet has become particular important. Once you step into bracelet making field, you can freely feel the fun and joy of make a chain bracelet at home.

Materials and tools: Normal Glass Bead Alloy Bar & Ring Toggle Clasp Brass Jumpring Eyepin Headpin Iron Chain Side Cutting Plier Wire-Cutter Plier Round Nose Plier

How to make a bracelet? Step1: Make out the skeleton of your bracelet with chain Prepare 30cm long chain, or you can also regulate it according to your wrist size. Then attach the toggle onto the center position within a jumping ring. Step2: How to make a bracelet String the beads with proper pins for the following groups: Group1: Round Glass Bead*1 + 14mm Eyepin*1 (needed: 2 groups) Group2: Round Glass Bead*2 + 30mm Eyepin*1 (needed: 4 groups) Group3: Round Glass Bead*2 + Abacus Glass Bead + 30mm Eyepin*1 (needed: 3 groups)

Then, bend the other tips of the headpins into loops with Round Nose Plier. Then, attach the above groups randomly according to your ideal orders. At last, add on the Tbar with another Jumpring. To make the bracelet more outstanding, try hanging a pendant.

Here, you have finished whole bracelet making instructions. Can you image the issue that how to make a bracelet can be such a simple project? Just try by yourself. The possibilities for this bracelet making inspiration are bound only by your imagination.

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how to make a bracelet out of beads, chain and pins