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Beading jewelry designs- rose brooch It is a simple tutorial telling you how to make creative beaded costume jewellry; the beading technique and beading jewelry designs are extremely clear to understand, while the hand work is comparably troublesome, requiring your patience and caution.

There are some rose shaped beads and large safe pins are standing idle for days; originally I do not know what to do with these materials, however, after browsing some jewelry makers’ masterpieces, I am sparked several inspirations about beading jewelry designs, that is, utilizing the unused f lower bead and safe pin to make an uncommon costume jewellry- rose brooch!

The materials and tools: 

Rose porcelain bead

6mm ivory pearls

4mm Pink seed beads

Large pin back

Iron chains

Eye pins

Head pins

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Chain nose plier

Wire cutter

Steps for beading jewelry designs: 1. Connect rose on to safe pin Thread porcelain bead onto eye pin, hold the bead closely against the “eye”, and insert pin into one end of safe pin, looping tightly the rest part of eye pin around the end of safe pin;

2. Install chains onto safe pin

3. End the costume jewellry First, prepare beads by one and two

First, snip 3 chains, and the length

onto head pin, making the pendants;

of which depend on your beading

Second, hook them onto chain link as

jewelry designs;

per design;

Second, pick 1 chain, one end is threaded onto “eye” and the other onto the middle hole by jump rings;

Third, repeat the above process, making left combined with right

hole; moreover, hang a single chain onto the “eye”;

So it is time to call it a day, the beading jewelry designs are many, I have introduced one to you, and I recon only if you apply your mind to this project, you can not only create this beautiful costume jewellry, but also probably get enlightened to produce more new ideas. For more wonderful brooch making ideas, thanks to visit our web at:

Beading jewelry designs- rose brooch