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Beaded necklace designs-a elegant-style mothers day necklace How to create some beaded necklace designs? You can create large amount of necklaces from any kind of bead that you want. In this post, I will show a specific mothers day necklace for your reference.

How to come up with unique beaded necklace designs? I’d Love to add some natural elements into my new jewelry ornament for mom. It makes total sense while being collected in a metal bezel. Besides, as a piece of mothers day necklace, I choose the vintage turquoise color palette as basic.

Supplies for mothers day necklace:

Heart-shaped Bezel


Small-sized Turquoise Bead

Well-made necklace chain

Bottle for mix the resin

How to start the beaded necklace Step1: mix your resin

Step2: design the beaded pattern

Mix the resign refers to the directions on

Fill the bezel full of bead chips. Choose the


arrangement of beads randomly and freely. After that, make coverage with prepared resin. Once the resin hardens, all beads will be hold in place stably.

Step3: thread the pendant on the chain Take a matching jumpring to attach the pendant to the blank chain. Now, you’re ready to wear! Undoubtedly, the resin was really functional and serviceable to me though it intimidated me a little at the beginning. As long as you are checking and practicing beaded necklace designs, you will love the resin as its nature of long-term and permanent. Finally, I hope you have enjoyed this mothers day necklace, and do not forget say “love you” on the day!

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Beaded necklace designs-a elegant-style mothers day necklace