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Beaded jewelry designs class-a piece of delicate valentines day gifts for her Via learning today’s beaded jewelry designs class, you will gain another method to bead some delicate valentines day gifts for her. While practicing the tutorial, you only need several inches of Tiger tail wire and a few pearlized Acrylic Beads and 12/0 Seed Beads.

Giving peculiar valentines day gifts for her, to the special women, is an unexceptionable chance to get her a little bit more wild with joy. Not only for the Valentine’s Day on routine, but also for her birthday or Christmas, etc. Valentine’s Day is about romantic, but never underestimates the significant value of individual gifts. Hence, in this article, I will show you one of the numerous beaded jewelry designs classes relate to the unique occasion.

Things you will need: 

8mm Acrylic Beads-Imitation Shell & Pearl

8mm Rondelle Swarovski Crystal Beads

12/0 Seed Beads

Crimp bead

Earring hooks

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

How to make valentines day gifts for her? Step1: bead the first flower portion 1. Prepare 50cm long Tiger tail wire and then form a loop with 6 pieces of 12/0 Seed Beads; 2. Slide the following beads on outer wire tip in order: 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead*1, 12/0 Seed Bead, 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead*1, 12/0 Seed Bead. Next, cross both tips through another 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead; 3. Do the same with outer wire. Further, thread the inner tip through its adjacent seed bead. At last, cross both tips through one 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead again; 4. Repeat the above procedures until the last one. Here, you need to share the 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead in the starting loop; next add one 12/0 Seed Bead on each and cross through one 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead again like before.

Step2: design the 2nd flower portion 1. Thread 12/0 Seed Bead





Bead*1 on each tip and



through one another 12/0 seed bead; 2.





five Seed

Beads to complete the central loop; 3.



pattern according to procedures in step1.

Step3: conclude the beaded jewelry designs

Supply the proper beads between each two. About the details you can refer to the following diagram:

After that, thread three or four 12/0 seed beads on each wire, then pass both through the 8mm 8mm Pearlized Acrylic Bead. In the end, attach on the earring hooks by using two crimp beads. The above are all parts in today’s beaded jewelry designs. They are so adorable and delicate; and the girl may entirely feel on the top of world when receiving these little things. As one of the valentines day gifts for her, this pair of earrings will keep and witness your sweet, sincere and loyal love stable and forever.

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Beaded jewelry designs class-a piece of delicate valentines day gifts for her  
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