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How to make charm bracelets- revelry of stunning ross quartz This is a good tutorial tutoring how to make charm bracelets in a simple way; the discretions about turquoise bracelet are in easy to understand words and with high digital photos which show every

detailed step.

Many jade-looking gems are set aside these days, and the ross quartzes in my bead boxes have been standing idle for months; I guess some of you may have met similar occasions as I did, so my suggestion is follow this how to make charm bracelets tutorial to utilize all of these good materials to make out a gorgeous ross quartz bracelet. Keep on, guys!

The required materials and tools:

“How to” guide starts here: Step1: make the ross quartz strand Thread two or three ross quartzes onto an eye pin, and loop the open end; so the quartz unit is done; Make 5 units and hook them into a ross quartz strand by jump rings; repeat and finish another strand;

Ross quartzes

Eye pins

Metal chains

Jump rings


Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Step2: make the center gem

Step3: end the ross quartz bracelet


First, attach the 3 strands to 2 connectors

Prepare one group of 5 units of gem

respectively at left and right end;

beads and assemble them into a

Second, wrap chains onto connectors and install

gem strand by jump rings;

clasp at both ends;

Now your ross quartz bracelet is successfully done, and meanwhile this guide of how to make charm bracelets is over! The jewelry making method is able to be applied in different kind of materials; so if you want sandy colored bracelet, you can choose topazes and yellow stones to create the similar kind. For more wonderful bracelet making tutorials, thanks to visit our web at: ml

How to make charm bracelets- revelry of stunning ross quartz