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Bead jewelry patterns- an ornate egg shell craft This tutorial is going to show you one kind of magnificent bead jewelry patterns; to be more specific, it is a beautifully beaded Easter egg shell craft.

On Easter day morning, w hat will you prepare as gifts for friends and family members? You haven’t thought about these things? It is time for you to consider the giveaway of Easter day presents; first, I suggest Easter egg shell craft, which can have flexible bead jewelry patterns

The materials and tools you need:

The full instructions: Step 1: sprinkle egg shell scraps onto bezel 1st ,







water liquid

to or

membrane; 2nd , after it dries, break it into small pieces; 3rd , brush a layer of glue and sprinkle the shell pieces onto bezel evenly.

Egg shell

Cabochon setting

8mm Red acrylic beads

Gel dimensional embellishment

Craft glue

Red paint


Step 2: color the shell scraps

Step 3: Finish the final finish

After the glue dries, paint a thick red coat

Add dimensional embellishment layer onto

with brush, and then wait it dries again.

painted shell and wait it dries.

Well, so much for the egg shell craft tutorial; start with this one, you will get more inspirations about bead jewelry patterns; change bead color, shape and egg shell pendant style, you can harvest a great many distinguished jewelry making ideas. Other interesting ideas about Easter gifts can be found at our web:

Bead jewelry patterns- an ornate egg shell craft