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A way of making necklace and earring set Follow the “necklace and earring set” instruction and learn to create your unique jewelry, and if time is limited, you can just make the bead necklace patterns as well.

This necklace and earring set is inspired by working through a handwork store. When I saw a piece of jewelry at first glance in the store, I came up with the idea that making this necklace and earring set as the following picture shows.

Things you need in the project: 

3mm pink glass pearl

2mm transparent seed beads

Nylon wire

Earring hooks

Crimp bead

Bead tips


Lobster claw


Flat nose plier

How to make your own necklace and earring set? Step1: fasten the bead tip Prepare enough elastic wire and fold to the center position, thread the crimp bead and bead tips in the middle line and clip tight with flat nose plier.

Step2: string beads 1. Slide five 2mm seed beads on each of the two lines and then cross the two lines through a pink pearl bead. 2. String one pearl bead on each of the two lines and then cross the two lines through a pink pearl bead so that it will form a flower.

3. Thread five 2mm seed beads on both of the two elastic wires and cross the ends through a pink pearl bead, and then string five seed beads on both wire and cross both ends through I pink pearl bead again, then make another flower. 4.slide five seed beads on the left line, string back the line out from the second seed bead, add a seed bead again and the right wire do the same and cross the end through a pink pearl bead So it will appear a pair of ear. This will be the basic unit of the bead necklace patterns.

Step3: repeat the moves

Step4: making earrings

1. Repeat 2-4 in the step2 until it is long enough.

1. Repeat the whole moves of step1 and step2;

String the crimp bead and bead tips just like the

cross the two ends of the wire through a pink

beginning. Snip off the extra line, hang the

pearl bead. Next, slide one pink pearl bead on

jumpring on both ends, and then add on clasp.

both of the two wires. 2. Make a fast knot and then cut off the spare part. At last, hang it on the earring hook and clip tight with the flat nose plier.

Let’s see the ending look of the necklace and earring set

How do you think of the craft jewelry I made this time? If you just want to try, you can choose to make a pair of earring or bead necklace patterns, or according to the way of beading, making a bead bracelet is also ok!

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A way of making necklace and earring set