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4 steps on how to build an effective performance management program? /2013/10/4-steps-to-build-an-ef f ective-perf ormance-managementprogramme/ Diya Jose An organization cannot just hire an employee and expect them to work without any f laws. Initially your employees would need guidance and supervision to understand what the organization expects f rom them, as they can perf orm better. Having an ef f ective perf ormance management program increases the productivity of the company, helps identif y top perf ormers and motivate them to work harder. Having a perf ect perf ormance management program can also ensure their objectives and goals coordinate with hiring and employee development plan. Perf ormance management is an ongoing event, and not just an annual task. T heref ore, the companies need to realize this to reap the benef its of perf ormance management program.

Below are the 4 steps to build an effective performance management program . Check it out. To begin with, def ine your employees’ competencies and behaviors according to the role that they will play in your organization. T his gives them a clear picture of what is expected of them. Make sure that the job skills, responsibilities and qualities that def ine success f or each employee are included in the competencies. Initiate the f irst step of perf ormance management program as soon as the employee is hired, and re-visit them annually. Companies will get immediate perf ormance improvements by doing this as the employees know what their higher authorities expect of them.

what their higher authorities expect of them. Perf ormance review is an essential part of an ef f ective perf ormance management program. T heref ore, decide as to how of ten the managers will deliver perf ormance reviews to their team/employees. Annual perf ormance review is mostly practiced annually, but continuous or f requent reviews would give the managers an opportunity to address the employees’ negative behavior or oversight bef ore it af f ects their productivity. Well, f requent reviews is time consuming and dif f icult f or the managers and the HR’s which is why they agree to supplement the usual perf ormance reviews with the online talent and perf ormance appraisal management tools. Along with this, communicating what an employee did well or not so well over a quick conversation or an email can have a lasting impact. Hold your managers accountable f or making the assessments once the schedule of how of ten the perf ormance review has to be conducted is set up. Managers need to evaluate their team during the assessment. T hey can use any sort of rating system to assess employees f or their KPI’s. Note: Managers need to be honest at the time of employee assessment. If employees are perf orming well, then they deserve to hear that. And if they are doing a bad job, then that should be pointed out and what they need to do to correct it should also be told. T he manager should also be able to tell them the exact reason behind the rating they give to every employee. During the employee review meeting, the employees should also be given a chance to acknowledge to the f eedback he receives. T he data generated at the time of perf ormance review should be incorporated into the human resource planning. T he HR should consider it while revising the employee compensation, in setting up employee training programs, while def ining long term succession plans and to identif y candidates who deserve a f ast track career growth. By f ollowing these steps, the organization can not only have an ef f ective perf ormance management program, but they can also have an opportunity to improve their business.

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Diya Jose Asst. Manager- Talent Developer at Synergita I am an HR prof essional with over 3 years of experience in Perf ormance Management,Employee Recognition, Strategic HR, Competency Management,Talent planning, Employee management, hiring, resourcing, manpower planning, talent acquisition, employee retention and other HR activities.

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