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About The Dixon Hello educator, Thank you for your interest in the Dixon Gallery and Gardens! We really appreciate what you do for the students and this community, and we hope that you have a great 2013-2014 school year! Please know that the Dixon is here to inspire and engage your students but also to assist you with your projects and lessons. We trust that this booklet will help you plan your museum visits, outreach visits, special programs and more. The first section of this publication features the programs we offer At the Museum, including tours and hands-on programs. The second part takes you to our outreach programs and explains what the Dixon can do In your Classroom. Information about Teacher Resources can be found in the final part of the brochure. For each section, you will find information about grade appropriate activities, themes, how to make a reservation and what to expect. Keep in mind that we base our lessons on Common Core Standards. We are here for you, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us at any time. Have a great Dixon experience! Margarita Sandino Curator of Education

Table of Contents About the Dixon 3 At the Museum 4-5 In the Classroom: Art to Grow 6-7 Art to Grow: Pre-K through 8 grade 8-9 Teacher Resources 10 Contacts 11

Dixon Gallery and Gardens Founded in 1976 by Hugo and Margaret Dixon, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens is a fine art museum and public garden distinguished by its diverse and innovative programs in the arts and horticulture. The Dixon features a permanent collection of over 2,000 objects, including French and American Impressionist paintings and significant holdings of German and English porcelain. The museum organizes and presents eight to ten exhibitions every year, the diversity of which appeals to visitors of all ages. The Dixon’s 17 acre campus is a highly regarded public garden that includes formal spaces, woodland tracts, and cutting gardens. The Dixon is accredited by the American Alliance Museums and is a member of the American Public Gardens Association and Botanical Gardens Conservation International.

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at the museum When planning a trip to the Dixon with your students you will have many options. The Dixon offers all tours for both galleries and/or gardens. Please keep in mind that the number of students will play a big part in what type of tour is best for your group.

Dixon Discoveries This one hour session includes an interactive tour of the galleries and/or gardens, followed by a hands-on activity. Each session is designed to meet the Common Core Standards and help with your units of study. Choose from any of the five Dixon Discovery themes; landscape, portraiture, still Life, elements of art or gardens; a seasonal Dixon Discoveries tour and activity in the Gardens with our garden educator (available March-October).

Who can come: PRE-K-5 When: Fridays (subject to availability) Maximum group size: 5  0 students Cost: $2 per student, adults free Requirements: ratio of 1:5 adult/student

Self Guided Tours Self guided tours encourage teachers to take charge of the visit and walk the students through the galleries. When arriving to the museum, the group will receive an orientation with a brief overview of the Dixon history and collections. Teachers are welcome to come to the museum prior to the group visit, and explore the different exhibitions, selecting specific areas or works of


Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954) The Palace, Belle テ四e, ca.1896-97 Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo N. Dixon 1975.15

art for the groups’ visit. By request, you can schedule a short meeting with a member of the education department to help you design your tour and provide you with materials. Cost: FREE with advance registration Who can come: PreK-12th Grade Maximum group size: 50 Requirements: ratio of 1:5 adult/ student for PreK-12th Grade

Docent Led tours Your students can enjoy a unique tour in the galleries or gardens, lead by a Dixon docent. These tours emphasize critical thinking and visual literacy skills, and encourage curiosity and communication. Dixon docents are trained in Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), a school curriculum and teaching method, to facilitate open-ended discussions with students. Cost: FREE with advance registration Who can come: PreK-12th Grade Maximum group size: 50 Requirements: ratio of 1:5 adult/student for PreK-12th Grade

Dixon Express You may apply to receive funding for student transportation for one visit. Please contact the curator of education Margarita Sandino for more information.

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In your Classroom:  Art to  Grow Getting to know Art to Grow : The Dixon Gallery and Gardens is a unique place that features both fine art and horticulture. Recognizing this dual focus presents an exciting opportunity for cro­ss disciplinary education. The colorful Art to Grow van and its

talented and creative instructors visit schools and other organizations bringing art and horticulture to your learning space. The curriculum offered provides students with stimulating and creative experiences that teach art concepts and skills that meet the curricular needs of students. Each lesson includes a presentation on the topic and also a hands-on activity. Cost: Art to Grow is a FREE program. All supplies for your visit will be provided; it is our gift to the community. Who can use Art to Grow? • Pre-K through 8th Grade teachers • Shelby County Schools • Private and parochial schools • Schools within a 60 mile radius of the museum Times: • Monday through Friday from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. •T  eachers can make one reservation for their class per school year. •R  eservations are made on a first come first served basis. •T  he museum requires at least two sessions or teachers from one particular school to book a program on a given date.


• Each lesson lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, depending upon the chosen topic. The instructor can present several programs per day, depending upon location, school hours, etc. How to make a reservation: • Email Bryony Petch What happens next? After you have sent your email you will be contacted by the instructor confirming the date and time of your visit. A booking has not been made unless you receive confirmation from the instructor. Please be patient, due the nature of the job the instructor may take a few days to get back to you. Policies and Regulations • The teacher must remain in the classroom during their Art to Grow visit. • Due to the high demand it is important that you contact the instructor with any cancellations if possible two weeks prior to your visit. • The instructor has the right to turn down reservations upon request for any reason. • Please help the instructor by participating in the lesson, refrain from using cell phones or text messaging. Failure to comply with the above may jeopardize your chances of booking future Art to Grow visits.

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Art to Grow Lessons Now choose your topic of interest for your Art to Grow visit... Each lesson is designed with your grade level in mind and will give students the opportunity to use age appropriate tools and techniques. The activity and focus for each lesson will change along with our garden and gallery schedule. All lessons adhere to the Common Core standards and target specific domains for the Fine Arts Portfolio for Student Growth. The following lessons are for Pre-K through 8th Grade and are available throughout the school year. They are adapted to suit your grade level.

The Permanent Collection Objective: Students will by inspired by a work of art from the collection, learn about the artist, investigate different techniques and produce their own masterpiece. The Dixon’s permanent collection has over 2000 paintings, works on paper, sculptures, and decorative arts objects including works by Impressionists, PostImpressionists as well as 18th and 19th century British portraits and landscapes. It features artists such as Monet, Toulouse Lautrec and Renoir, to name but a few.

The Living Collection Objective: Students will explore an element of the gardens and work with mixed media to create a one of a kind piece. The Dixon Gallery & Gardens is a certified Level IV (four) arboretum with more than 120 identified species of trees. Students will learn about some of the many different types of trees and plants we have growing in the Dixon gardens. They will look at the effect of the changing seasons, wildlife, habitats, and the importance and impact plants have on the environment.


Seasonal Lessons The following projects will only be available for the specified time:

American Elm tree October-December Objective: See the effects of the fall season on this native deciduous tree. Older students will learn about Dutch Elm disease and how this affected the number of American Elm trees in the Mid South. Elmer the Elm tree lives on the East Lawn of the Dixon and is lovingly cared for by the Garden staff.

Photography JANUARY-MARCH Objective: This lesson is designed to acquaint students with the history of photography as an art form. Students will learn about the basics of a camera and different types of photography. Inspired by: Color! American Photography Transformed:

Organized by the Amon Carter, Fort Worth on exhibit at the Dixon between January 19th and March 23rd 2014.

THE 80'S APRIL-MAY Objective: Students will become familiar with the aesthetics and atmosphere of the decade, and create an 1980’s design classic. Discover the vibrant colors and innovative design of the exhibition MemphisMilano: 1980’s Italian Design on view at the Dixon between April 13th and July 13th 2014. From crazy cabinets, loud lighting and futuristic teapots; you will never look at furniture the same again!

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Teacher Resources Come visit! We would love to meet you and help you identify new ways to connect you and your students with our collections. All Shelby County School teachers with current ID receive free regular admission at the Dixon.

Teacher Packets Visit our website and find lesson plans inspired by the Dixon’s collections and special exhibitions. Complement your visit to the Dixon with pre and post visit lessons and activities that engage your students and target specific Common Core standards.

Fine Arts Portfolios for Student Growth Workshops Spruce up your Fine Arts Evaluation Portfolio! Once a month, in partnership with Shelby County Schools, the Dixon’s education department offers workshops to SCS Visual Arts teachers interested in improving and expanding their Fine Arts Portfolios for Student Growth. During each hands-on session, teachers will have the opportunity to explore two unique lesson plans (Elementary and Middle/High) designed to show student growth. The workshops will target specific portfolio domains, Common Core standards, pre and post assessment examples as well as providing teachers with the tools to modify the lesson plans and methods for evidence collection. The lessons presented are inspired by the Dixon’s art exhibitions.




Dates: July 20, August 10, September 14, October 19 and November 9 Cost: F  ree. Materials included. Space limited. To register please go to the Shelby County Schools website.




Contacts Margarita Sandino Curator of Education

Bryony Petch Outreach Coordinator Art to Grow Amy Grossman Outreach Instructor Art to Grow Erica McCarrens Children’s Program Coordinator Dixon Discoveries Linley Schmidt Adult Program Coordinator

Sarah Schiavoni Group Tour Coordinator 901.761.5250

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Art to Grow is made possible through the kind financial support of: John Dustin Buckman Charitable Trust FedEx Corporation Martha and Robert Fogelman Bradley and Robert Fogelman II Fine Arts Portfolios for StudentGrowth Workshops are sponsored by:

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Dixon Teacher and Student Programs brochure for 2013-2014  
Dixon Teacher and Student Programs brochure for 2013-2014  

Please visit our 2013-14 Dixon Teacher and Student Programs brochure!