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Cruizin’ in the passin’ lane By: Jimbo It’s seems that I sometimes I wait till the last moment to do stuff, this column is one of them. I’ve always called MotorSports magazine a newsletter and it is fer sur…. because these pages are packed full of info collected from the letters (e-mail & snail) ya’ll have sent. Not one to put to much of the national opinions of politics or religion in this publication… I have to say April was the month to really bring out patriotism and why we are willing to fight to keep our freedom. We Americans can shoulder the hard things life has to throw at us. We can lend a hand, to those who we feel need it, and not think twice. We are willing to stand our ground and back up a cause for keeping freedom available to all who are willing to work for it. Many of us remember the time when going into the service was “what you did” if you weren’t going to college or couldn’t afford to go. In the service you could get your trade in life, learn what it was like to be part of a team. And grow up a little. Me I went in during the “Bay of pigs” and got out as the “hippies were marching on Washington” & Vietnam was winding down. There was a lot of talk about how the returning vet’s were treated and sad to say most of it was true. Fast forward to today and the men and women who are returning from duty over seas. Some of them need our support and ALL need our respect. Look at it this way……. the reason they travel to the war is to keep the war from finding you. (Boston should be your wake up call if you can’t figure that out) No sense trying to figure out why people want to kill us, just know that freedom is an American tradition and they don’t like it. I’m starting to slide off my soapbox but before I do, I want to make this plea. Armed Forces Day May 18th and Memorial Day weekend May 24 - 27, two great reminders for you to just thank someone in uniform. (and don’t forget civilian or military first responders) all of them are willing to do what they can, so we can enjoy the Freedom we have. Remember All give some, But Some gave all! .. Ok time for letters, e-mail, comments and made-up stuff …. Jimbo, Did you know… It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. One human hair can support 3kg (6.6 lb). The average man's penis is two times the length of his thumb. Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's. There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet. Women blink twice as often as men. The average person's skin weighs twice as much as the brain. Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still. If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it. Women reading this will be finished now. Men are still busy checking their thumbs. Jimbo A young Italian girl was going on a date. Her Nonna said: “Sita here ana letame tellayou about this-a younga boy. He's agonna try ana kiss you, you are agonna likea dat, but don't let him do dat. He's agonna try ana kiss your breasts, you are agonna likeadat too, but don'ta let him do dat eeda. But mosta important, he's agonna try ana lay on topa you, you are agonna really likea dat, but don'ta let him do dat for sure. Doing thata willa disgraza our family.” With that bit of advice, the granddaughter went on her date. The next day she told grandma that her date went just like she had predicted: “And Nonna, I didn't let him disgrace our family as you said. When he tried to lay on top of me, I just rolled him over, got on top of him, and disgraced HIS family.”

1. Memorial Day was a response to the loss of American lives in which war? a) Revolutionary War b) Civil War c) World War I d) World War II 2. One American city was declared the "birthplace" of Memorial Day in 1966 by Congress and then by President Lyndon Baines Johnson. What was it? a) Savannah, Ga. b) Annapolis, Md. c) Gettysburg, Pa. d) Waterloo, N.Y. 3. What was the original name of Memorial Day? a) Remembrance Day b) Commemoration Day c) Decoration Day d) Dedication Day 4. Yes or no: a) Was Memorial Day always celebrated on the last Monday in May? b) Do all states celebrate Memorial Day on the same day? 5. Which is NOT a tradition on Memorial Day? a) Small American flags are placed on each grave at Arlington National Cemetery. b) American flags are flown at half-staff from dawn to noon. c) The president or vice president lays a wreath at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial d) The president or vice president gives a speech at Arlington National Cemetery.


Hwy 49 South of I-10 Saturday May 18

6. Each year the 3rd U.S. Infantry places a small American flag before the gravestones and niches of service members buried at Arlington National Cemetery (and the U.S. Soldier's and Airmen's Home National Cemetery) just before Memorial Day weekend. What is the total number of flags placed at Arlington? a) 118,000 b) 156,000 c) 213,000 d) 267,000 7. How long does it take for the soldiers to put down all of the flags? a) 3 hours b) 6 hours c) 10 hours d) 14 hours 8. About 5,000 people attend the annual Memorial Day celebration at Arlington Cemetery. How many were at the first celebration in 1868? a) 50 b) 150 c) 2,500 d) 5,000 9. True or False: The United States has an official National Moment of Remembrance. 10. Who said this? "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. a) John Adams b) John Quincy Adams c) John F. Kennedy d) John Wayne

Till next month… Jimbo

MAY 2013


POP QUIZ ANSWERS 1. b) Civil War. Lots of towns had their own commemorations before 1868, but it is said that Memorial Day became a holiday in that year when Gen. John A. Logan of Grand Army of the Republic issued a proclamation, according to, that said: The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit. After World War I, Memorial Day commemorations honored not just the Civil War dead but soldiers who had died in all American conflicts.

Focus on one of the following cards, keep it in your head. Think about your card while you turn to page……. 17

2. d) Waterloo, based on a May 5, 1866, community-wide observance honoring war dead. A number of cities, however, claim Memorial Day started there. 3. c) Decoration Day 4. a) No. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May. b) No. A number of Southern states still have a separate day to honor Confederate soldiers who died in the war. Some of them are in April, May and June, and in Texas, Confederate Heroes Day is Jan. 19. 5. c). It is actually customary for the president or vice president to give a speech honoring the contributions of the dead and lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, not at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. 6. d) The soldiers put flags in front of more than 260,000 gravestones and about 7,300 niches at Arlington. (Another 13,500 flags are placed at the Soldier’s and Airmen’s Cemetery.) 7. a) It takes them about three hours to place them all. Soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry stay at Arlington during the long Memorial Day weekend to make sure flags remain at each gravestone and niche. 8. d) 5,000. The same number as the first commemoration. 9. True. On May 2, 2000, then-President Bill Clinton issued a directive declaring support for a National Moment of Remembrance and ordering federal agencies to encourage Americans everywhere “to pause for one minute at 3:00 p.m. (local time) on Memorial Day, to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all.” 10. c) John F. Kennedy

A couple of weeks ago we went back to a restaurant we haven't been to it 5 years. We had heard that the place had a new cook and the food was better. Last time we were there the steaks were not that good. So we tried it again. The place is Capt. Al's. The place is still the same but the food has really improved. The steaks were great. The meat was tender and had a great taste. The house salad is a crab meat and lettuce which is real good. There is a good choice of side to go along with the choice of dishes. Capt. Al's has other items beside steaks. The best night is Wednesday, that is the $9.99 Ribeye night. So be early or get ready to wait for a table. Now that the weather is getting nice there is some seating outside. The sea food platter is great for those who don't want steak and it has plenty to eat. So go enjoy a good steak and have a cold one.


MAY 2013

JimboThis is the old Peterman Bros. Shell station on hwy. 90 in Gulfport located on the west side of the other building in the picture, John Gimma Chrysler cira 1965. It was located on the corner of 30th Ave. & hwy. 90 across the street from where the MS. power Co. building is now. It was a popular hot rod fueling station because it was located in between the two most popular hang outs-Park & Eat and Parkside drive inn. Carol Peterman & his brother were also known as great mechanics. My older brother bought a new VW in 1963 & they did the service work on it. Alas Hurricane Camille blew by in 69 & the station was destroyed. It seems like about 10 yrs. ago, Carroll's bro. passed away. After the station was destroyed Carroll opened a garage that only works on Mercedes Benz just south of hwy. 53 just off hwy. 49 by the RR tracks. Ah the good old days-gas was 25 cents a gallon then. Hope this helpsYour fellow cruizerPaul W. Mc Daniel—on the mailing list. Thanks for sending in your answer Paul and you are right. It is Peterman Bros. Since you took the time to send in your answer I’m extending your subscription till May 2014 To Whom it may concern. April issue, page 29. “Where is the Shell Station located?” This one is located on Calvet, just south of the track on the west side, in Biloxi, MS. I use to work there. Cindy Pope - Ocean Springs, MS P.S. if this is not the one I worked at, then it’s a twin. Sorry Cindy as you can see Paul got it right. However I do want to thank you for taking the time to write in and we are extending your subscription 6 months. Your new expiration date is Aug 2014 -

Thief in a Candy Store Thibodeaux and Boudreaux entered a chocolate store. As they were looking at the candy, Thibodeaux stole 3 chocolate bars. When they left the store Thibodeaux said to Boudreaux, "I'm the best thief, I stole 3 chocolate bars and no one saw me put them in my pocket. You can’t beat that. Boudreaux replied: "You want to see something better? Let's go back to the shop and I'll show you real stealing. I'll steal while the shopkeeper is watching me and he won't even know. " So they went to the counter and Boudreaux said to the shopkeeper: "Do you want to see a great magic trick?" The shopkeeper replied: "Yes" Boudreaux said: "Give me three chocolate bars. " The shopkeeper gave him three chocolate bars and Boudreaux ate all three. The shopkeeper asked: "But where's the magic ?" Boudreaux replied: "Look in Thibodeaux's pocket."

The Place To Be is Waffle House #1123 Show your support on Armed Forces Day - Saturday May 18 Waffles-4-Warriors held at Waffle House #1123 located

9293 U.S. 49, Gulfport, MS - 6am to 6pm. 10% of the days receipts & ALL Donations will go to the Wounded Warrior Project®.

His name is Bill Sent in by: Cousin Alice He has wild hair, wears a T-shirt with holes in it, jeans, and no shoes. This was literally his wardrobe for his entire four years of college. He is brilliant. He is kind of profound and very, very bright. He became a Christian while attending college. Across the street from the campus is a well-dressed, very conservative church. They want to develop a ministry to the students but are not sure how to go about it. One day Bill decides to go there. He walks in with no shoes, jeans, his T-shirt, and wild hair. The service has already started and so Bill starts down the aisle looking for a seat. The church is completely packed and he can't find a seat. By now, people are really looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one says anything. Bill gets closer and closer and closer to the pulpit, and when he realizes there are no seats, he just squats down right on the carpet. By now the people are really uptight, and the tension in the air is thick. About this time, the minister realizes that from way at the back of the church, a deacon is slowly making his way toward Bill. Now the deacon is in his eighties, with silver-gray hair, and a three-piece suit. His is a godly man, very elegant, very dignified, very courtly. He walks with a cane and, as he starts walking toward this boy, everyone is saying to themselves that you can't blame him for what he's going to do. How can you expect a man of his age and of his background to understand some college kid on the floor? It takes a long time for the man to reach the boy. The church is utterly silent except for the clicking of the man's cane. All eyes are focused on him. You can't even hear anyone breathing. The minister can't even preach the sermon until the deacon does what he has to do. And now they see this elderly man drop his cane on the floor. With great difficulty, he lowers himself and sits down next to Bill and worships with him so he won't be alone. Everyone chokes up with emotion. When the minister gains control, he says, ”What I'm about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget." "Be careful how you live. You may be the only Bible some people will ever read!"

MAY 2013


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I was yelling, “Lean forward, Lean forward!” It was a waste of my breath. Uncle Gib was trying to take off in my hydroplane and he was going to swamp it as soon as he gave it the gas if he didn't lean forward. About that time he gunned the outboard engine, the front of the boat came up, and the back went down. The water gushed over the transom and under the water it went. As we were pulling him and the boat out of the water, I said: “remember how I showed you to lean forward over the bow when you take off?” “ Oh, I do now,” he replied. I realize I was 13 years old and he was 60, so he didn't think I knew much, but on this subject I had greater knowledge. I had experience with racing boats. The mental image of this man still remains imbedded in my brain. He was a man of smaller stature with gray hair and eyeglasses. He wore a navy blue, knitted wool, one piece swimsuit of an era long past. That alone would have made the moment memorable. This boat was an 8 foot mahogany hydroplane, set up for racing. I raced this craft back in 1960, 1961, and 1962. The engine was built by Bob Coulter, father of Dave “Dude” Coulter. (You may recall “Dude” from last month's Trunk Tales.) This motor was juiced up and it was FAST! It held its own with other racing boats that had much larger financing. These racing machines had a slightly bowed bottom with a skeg attached to allow it to steer when turning. There were actually only three points of contact between the boat and the water when it was planed out. The critical times were takeoff ( the driver had to lean forward over the hull to balance the natural rearward motion of the boat at thrust), turning (it took a lot of room), encountering waves, and deceleration (slow too quickly and the wake would come over the transom and swamp the boat). Once we got the water out of the boat, my uncle was ready to try it again. This time he paid attention and got the boat away from the dock and was skimming across the lake. Uncle Gib was scooting across the lake at approximately 40 or 50 miles per hour when he put the bow of the boat into a wave and it flipped. It was like a man being shot from a cannon. My uncle was catapulted out and just skipped across the top of the water about 20 yards before his body slowed down enough to go beneath the surface. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. That was my opinion, not his. He was dazed and sore when we got to him. Uncle Gib looked like he had been beaten with a paddle. His skin was red everywhere you could see skin. The bathing suit gave new meaning to “red, white, and blue”. That was my uncles first and last time in a racing boat. It might have been the last time he rode in any boat…I can't remember. Memories are terrific, aren't they? Just think…we are giving our families and friends things to remember us by. We will always remain alive in the thoughts of our loved ones. Gotta Cruise! Cubby

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God Gives every bird it's food, but He does not throw it into its nest.


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As a young boy my older brothers and I saw the car world through Hot Rod, Car Craft and Rodding Magazines. I can remember seeing all of the cars that I dreamed of owning some day. Every time The World of Wheels Car Show came to the Gulf Coast we went to the show in Mobile and Biloxi. Back in the 70's and early 80's I can remember seeing several iconic cars built by some of the best car builders in the world. I dreamed of being able to own something like that when I would grow older. At the age of 45 and having spent several years drag racing and circle track racing I was sitting at a local dragway waiting on my class to make runs again when it hit me. The time has come for me to build the car I dreamed of as a young boy. I started going to even more local car shows and cruise ins than before trying to find just the right type of car to build. After looking for some old school ride that would have been from the years gone by I could not find anything locally that hit my need for something different. I started looking on line to see what I could fine. Looking back at some old magazines I found one with several write ups on C Cabs and I knew that is what I am going to build. At this point I now had to find a body so it was back on line looking to find someone who was building a body. After searching for a while I found Spirit Industries and started making calls and asking questions. After talking to Bob Chester the owner they were a company that I wanted to deal with. As I sat at home building a plan I figured out really fast that I could not continue to drag race and build another project. At the dinner table one night I told my wife that I was going to sell out of drag racing and build a car that we could enjoy as a family. "What are you talking about?" she said. "You are known at the track for your car and what you have done with it" she added. I told her that I have watched her sit at the track for hours waiting for me to make a few 5 second 1/8 mile passes being eaten by bugs, sweating in the heat and being bored. The class I was running started to dye out as the car count started to fall so I figured it was a good time to get out as I have just won a couple races and make it on the Speed Channel program Pass Time. I made up my mind and listed my drag car on several sites. I started getting calls about my car and I knew it was only a matter of time before I could start building a dream. The car sold pretty quick and the kit from Spirit was ordered. As the ordered parts came in and with the help from a friend Steve G. we started to see my dream come together. We sat the frame on jack stands and started to act like we were already driving it hit me that I was really going to build this in my 2 car garage at my home. Piece by piece and part by part it started to look like something from years gone by. Jimmy Turk


MAY 2013

Our 1933 Ford Pick-up Diana & Jay Bellew - Gulfport, Mississippi It was March 3, 2012. we were having morning coffee, looking over local ads. There it was “For Sale 1933 Ford pick up”. We had talked ourselves out of building a car,…..but a 1933 Ford pick up? So we gassed up the truck, armed ourselves with a map, and headed to the Stone County woods. When we arrived, we found the truck…..with all the parts vise-gripped together. There was just body parts, no frame or wheels. But we made a deal, paid some earnest money, and headed back home. The next day with a flatbed truck and 25 foot trailer, we hauled it back to Gulfport.

The first step was to sand blast all of the body parts to bare metal. Replace lots of body panels and prime with epoxy sealer. We gathered up an S-10 Blazer, front and rear ends. We purchased some 4x2 rectangular tubing and a frame was born. The truck body came with a ‘78 350 Olds engine, so we used that for power. The transmission was a rebuilt 350 and we coupled that to the S10 rear end, with 3.07 gears. We also added power brakes, power rack and pinion steering, and heat & air. After the body work was finished, we painted the truck with base coatclear coat, Ford Race Red. Jay did all of the work in our home shop. The truck was completed October 20, 2012. We really like the little truck and usually have it on the road at least once a week.

Former Scarecrow Cruise & Car Show Poster Car Wins BIG! Write-up provided by MCC member Tom Phillips We are very happy to report that one of our own, the 2012 Scarecrow poster car, a beautiful 1963 Chevrolet Corvette split window coupe, has won countless awards since its completion in late 2011. The owner of the car is fellow Mississippi Classic Cruisers member Gene Delcomyn of Brandon. Gene has been on a hectic schedule the past few months showing his car at many venues including the Superdome in New Orleans! Every where the car goes it has won top honors from the GoodGuy's show in Columbus Ohio, the Scarecrow Cruise event in Madison, World of Show & Go in Jackson, MS, World on Wheels in New Orleans, Super Chevy in Memphis, Mississippi Corvette Show in Jackson, World of Wheels in Lafayette LA, World of Show & Go Jackson, MS, World of Wheels Shreveport, LA, World of Wheels Birmingham, AL, World of Wheels Superdome New Orleans and many other shows. The car recently made the "Top 5" in the Custom category in the ISCA series for 2013 and will be in Lafayette, LA April 12-14 for the finals. In spite of some very stiff competition Gene has a very good chance of winning the top spot in the series. Let's wish him well at the finals later this month in Lafayette. More good news is that Gene will be bringing this special awarding winning show car back to the Scarecrow Cruise & Car Show on October 19, 2013

Pictured is MCC member Gene Delcomyn's beautiful 1963 Corvette split window coupe on display at the Superdome in New Orleans. One has to have something really special to be invited to show at the Superdome. Some of the many features in the Split Personality '63 coupe include: exterior color - blade silver metallic, interior color lipstick red, engine LS 3-3 (Cammer) 500hp, transmission - 4L65E with 2200 stall converter, lowered custom fabricated chassis, chrome Z06 Spyder wheels 18" front 19" rear, Vintage air & heat, Alpine navigation system, DVD player with back up camera, iPod and Bluetooth and many, many more unique features. A true one of a kind car! 13 MAY 2013

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The Matinee Rocker: By: DD Thunders.

Next up is the wide release "42". The amazing true story of Jackie Robison. I'm a big baseball fan and will see any film that tales the tale of America's sport! I hope most people would know the basic story of Robinson being the first black baseball player to play the major leagues, The Big Show. "42" stars Harison Ford and Chadwick Boseman. We all know Mr. Ford's work but didn't recognize Mr. Boseman who portrayed Mr. Robinson. This story seems to be an easy one to tell. it has all the strife and struggle of the pre-civil rights era that was a bleak time for the U.S. humanity wise. But this tale takes place after world war II where the U.S.A flourished with post war opportunity but struggled with pre human rites non equality. The way our African-American citizens were treated is and always will be an awful memories from the past that hopefully will be in the past one day! The major problem I had with this true tale of a baseball hall of famer's fight to play major league baseball while overcoming great obstacles was the broad stroke treatment it received from the director. We know it's a tale of black and white America circa late 40's - the present. I wish they would have spent way more time on how and where Jackie grew up. They just jumped in when he was called up to the majors. I would have liked to see a more, lack of a better term, "grey" tale of both sides of the story. Not just the tired, true and box office gold tale of the backwards rednecks holding on to the sad past but multi dimensional view of a black mans rise to well deserved fame. This one dimensional view became stale pretty quick and has been told too many times. I'm not sure if the studios wanted a broad stroke project that would cover as much demographic as possible or the blame goes to the lack of artistic direction from the director. There is two side to every story right wrong. I did enjoy seeing major star Harrison Ford take a fast turn to mature character actor. He did his research and I would not be surprised if it isn't noticed around awards season. Harrisons character is a forward thinking of the Brookland Dodgers who sees the future and gets to the punch first. It was interesting trying to figure out if his motive was more about winning with a great ball player or changing baseball and other professional sports forever by hiring the first black pro who was already a star in the professional baseball "negro leauge". That would have been a good idea to cover more of the other negro leauge players who came up with Robinson and then cross over to the Big Show. This project suffered from a lack of vision and a weak script. Should be a big hit! I did love all the authentic ball park shots and the attention to detail with costumes, baseball equipment and the terrible travel conditions our early sorts heroes put up with. They make our pampered and spoiled steroid stars of today look a little to full of themselves. Maybe someone will remake this movie one day. Or maybe there will be a new story of struggle and redemption to be told. Lets hope it is a little more rounded view of both sides, for better or worse. I give this baseball flick 5 out of 10 pics. I would like to give thought and prayers to the family and friends of Annette Funicello. She passed a week before I submitted this article. I grew up watching her beach "B" movies and got the bug to surf while watching them on tv late shows (pre cable, pre color!). Learning how to surf while growing up in Mississippi was a bit difficult but hard work gets rewarded. In another life I was a professional skateboarder who owned skate/surf shops on the Gulf Coast in the mid 80's (Steve's South Coast Skate and Surf). Thanks Annette for the early inspiration to hit the surf! Check out her last beach movie release. The 1987 movie " Back to the Beach". staring Annette and Frankie Avalon. A cheesy follow up to there teenage surf-operas that was so bad it was awesome. I know they meant to do that. It was my favorite summer movie to watch with my kids, Sean and Sara, while they grew up. I bet my daughter Sara will do the same with my beautiful grandson Tanner, when he gets a bit older. Maybe we will surf together! Check out the segment with Dick Dale playing pipeline at the club with a guest guitarist big screen debut. A pre famous Stevie Ray Von!. Thanks again for all your comments and support. See you at the matinee! Your pal‌.. DD Thunders

Summertime is here and I got the 'Summertime Blues" baby. My matinee bliss is over. good news is that the movie theater business is good. The bad news is that my sit anywhere, any day of the week funtime, is replaced by straitjacket seating placement way loud talking boneheads that......whoops, sorry about the mini rant. I saw a few good films this month but plenty of lack luster, block buster let downs. I will review my two favorite ones in a bit. Some, but not all of my friends and fans know that I do act in some Hollywood big budget movies and I'm proud to say I have made the final cut in a few. I hope to be on the big screen in a couple of films I worked on in New Orleans 2012. First in is a still untitled project (I think) written and directed by Diablo Cody. What a talented, smart and beautiful woman. I got to hang with her a while. She was very sweet and a major, academy award winning writer (Juno) and a modern movie mogul with a fresh direction that Hollywood needs! This is the first movie job where I had a movie wife! A nice fellow actor, who even let me stay on her couch at her nola apartment. Too bad we got a movie divorce but hope we make the final cut. The movie stars Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, Jullian Houff and I think Mark Ruffalo. My movie wife and I were doing a little gambling and drinking at a run down Las Vegas casino where most of the stars were down and out employees watching there hopes and dreams go down the tubes. The second film I worked on is titled "Now you see me" and should come out soon. it is a blockbuster with major star power. I was just a man in the crowd but I was right next to Morgan Freeman and when I saw the trailer recently, I was in the shot. He seems like such a nice guy and a one of the best actors of all time! You could feel the buzz when he stepped on the stage. I am lucky to be anywhere near him in a movie and hope to get lucky again one day! Us Mississippi guys got to stick together and bring it! First movie up this month is "the Call" staring Hally Berry, Abigail Breslin and Michael Eklund. Directed by Brad Anderson and written by Richard D'ovidio. The genre is thriller and its rated R. Run time is a tidy 1hr and 34m. To be honest, I say this because it was convenient and I had some free time. I love Hally Berry like the next guy but have not seen many of her recent releases. This was a great a great surprise! The plot follows Berry's character and her struggle to cope with her high pressure 911 operator position. The biggest surprise was the plot twist did not see coming. The first part of the film was what I thought it would be. This is a job that has to be done but seems hard to live with. One mistake can change a persons life forever. It was interesting to see how this process really works and I think the director showed this with out too much sugar coating. I figured the story line would be predictable but, I was happy to be wrong. Hally doesn't do too much fluff, remember Monster's Ball? enough said. Abigail Breslin, who everyone loved in Little Miss Sunshine, a new classic that gets better every time I watch it. Well, little miss sunshine is all grown up and does a great job as a kidnapped teen that gets Hally on the other end of a 911 call. This tense study of the 911 world quickly takes a dark turn into a sadistic tale of depravity. Think "Silence of the Lambs" without the FBI team going after the bad guy. In this fresh tale our hero is a beautiful government employee, like Jodie Foster, going after the sicko who preys on the young and innocent. But 911 operator training doesn't give you firearm, fighting techniques that would help apprehend and take down the perp. That is the rub of this fairly awesome tale of a woman put over the edge by her demanding job and taking care of business old school vigilante style. I could only think See you in the top row.... of a couple things that would have made this almost perfect. Maybe a Don't forget to support your local theaters, just remember to turn your director that would have taken a more artistic approach to camera shots phone off when you sit down in your local theater and never get caught and angles. A Scorcesse approach would have put way more tension in sneaking in candy!! the visual and maybe less resolve in the good ole Hollywood To book DD Thunders Band send inquiry to: ending. maybe leave us guessing, Hitchcock style. I didn't see it coming and you wont either. I give this film 6 out of 10 pics. 16 MAY 2013

By: Samantha ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 20) This month your life is like a lifetime

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Access denied, you are going to

movie. Screw the secretary, literally.

manage to piss your partner off. Oh be careful little mouth what you say !

TAURUS (Apr 21 - May 21) Just when you think you had enough, here comes that neighbor with one more. and that rumor you heard about your neighbor is TRUE. GEMINI (May 22 - June 22) Love will no longer be just a four

letter word to you. You're going to want to grab people and say " wtf is wrong with you ? " CANCER (June 23-July 23) Red solo cup I fill you up. Need I

say more. toddit!"

Repeat very slowly " I am sofa king we

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21) The best you could ever hope for

will appear to you in a day dream. Although the vision may appear to look like you with a handlebar mustache, the truth is even more frightening. Have a good month. hahaha SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Thinking and doing are two separate things, cheating is going to occur with in 2 days, unsure who is going to be at fault...hmmm could just be in a card game or on a test. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Destiny awaits with her arms

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Time for a new adventure, take a walk

on the wild side ! Do something this month you've always wanted to. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Your word for the month.... balls,

You're going to need some big ones this month, what were you thinking.

wide open and welcomes you to the clubhouse of love.... all month long ! AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 19) Something will happen this month that will make you sit up and believe you are here for a reason. Then a swift rejection will crash you to the ground. PISCES (Feb 20 - Mar 20) This is your social month.. plan the

orgy of a lifetime !!!!!

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That card has been removed.. SCARY ISN'T IT. Could you REALLY be losing your mind? Is this for real. Ok try it again‌..Now turn back to page 6 and do it again, this will freak you out. Disclaimer: We apologizes for any mental trauma this may have caused. It isn't our fault that you are losing touch with reality! Enjoy ....

MAY 2013


A caravan of curious cars snaked down serpentine roadways beneath an overcast, early morning sky. The cars, each colored some varietal shade of black or oxidation, smelled of gasoline, and smoke billowed from the rods’ rusted exhaust pipes as they cruised toward their destination. The rat rods were rolling to the show…..

than last year. Coupled with a Morgan City show planned for September and in coming years alongside the Franklin show, Sandra Saucier said she hopes to have the facility built within the next few years. It was an alcohol-free event, but people who bought the virgin daiquiris and spiked them with their own stash, and murmurs of moonshine could be heard around the grounds. The rodders lined up two-by-two and blasted down the drag lane, dirt slinging from their back tires as they charged forward. An old man in a matte black hearse challenged a teenaged boy and won. Crabdaddy

By: Lanie Cook

“This is what we do on the weekends,” said John Knight, known by everyone as “Big John” his car, called the “Knight Prowler,” chugged down country highways. “We don’t hunt. We don’t fish. We don’t hang at the mall. We just come to car shows.” A rat rod is a style of custom hot rod that typically imitates and often exaggerates the early hot rods of the 1940s, 1950s, and early-1960s. They’re often built from the ground up from various scrap pieces and are meant to look unfinished. Just beyond a one-lane bridge, the rat rod caravan around 30 cars in length slinks into the former Oaklawn Sugar Mill site, nestled off LA 87 alongside the lazy Bayou Teche in Franklin, La. The uniquely charismatic rat rod is never to be confused with the "traditional" hot rod, which is an accurate re-creation or period-correct restoration of a hot rod from the same era. Those are waxed up and set far apart from the dirt-slinging shenanigans of the rat rods at a show. More than a hundred painted beauties the “traditional” rods were already lined up to showcase as the rat rodders make their noisy entrance. A 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle painted robin’s egg blue perched across the aisle from a 1957 burgundy-colored Bel-Air. A shiny maroon 1923 Ford T-Bucket glistened, its hood parts showing, and an ’84 Chevy Sierra gleamed vermilion red. The motorists were gathered that Saturday, March 23, for the second annual Brittany’s Project, a car show put together by Bruce and Sandra Saucier of Franklin, La. The show named for the Sauciers’ 25-year-old daughter who was born with disabilities aims to raise funds to build a recreational facility on the Oaklawn site for those other adults with disabilities and their families. "We've always had antique trucks and cars it's something that we've always done,” explained Sandra Saucier. So when the family realized there was no adult Special Olympics team for their daughter, and no venue to facilitate that sort of stimulating activity, they put their interests into action. Visitors wandered about the show between the brightly colored vehicles, but the action began with tractor pulls or lawnmower races where these average-looking, but modified, mowers pulled a weight-filled trailer. The test: Go farthest till the machine’s front end tips up. Spectators snapped shots with smart phones and clutched canned beers in cozies. They crowded more deeply as the morning sped toward its close. “This is something to see if you’ve never seen it before,” said Dennis Landry on the microphone the 51-year-old carries the sobriquet “Crabdaddy” as he introduced the high noon rat rod highlight. “But remember, this is a motorsport, and these things can get crazy. Keep an eye on your loved ones and children.” Audiences three-people deep started lining up along the fences striping the two-lane dragway, excited like children lined up to see Santa. Car shows, like Brittany’s Project, are becoming more common around southern Louisiana, Saucier said. "They weren’t popular like this before,” she said, “but you’re finding something going on pretty much every weekend now." This year, 135 people registered a couple dozen more than 2012, and the funds raised totaled around $15,000, around a thousand dollars more


MAY 2013

twisted his rod in donuts until it actually broke down amid a billowing brown cloud of earth. After the rodders white skin turned more and more brown from dirt, melted tire rubber tinged the air and marked the smoking asphalt where the rods spun their tires in place, stirring up the air and blasting the crowds with smoke. Two young women in denim overalls, with long hair hanging beneath straw cowboy hats, entered the lineup in their own rat rod. Crabdaddy, a man both tall and wide in his own denim dungarees and bucket hat, squinted an eye and cocked his head as he glanced over their vehicle. “You’ve got a six-cylinder here,” said Crabdaddy to both the women and the crowd, unconvinced. “Anybody got some tequila? Moonshine? These girl’s are gonna need some help!”

MAY 2013


Pep Boys Speed Shop Grand Opening Car Show By: Denise “Neecy” Cobb An exciting new division of a well-known store I was searching for a new distributer for my 1950 Ford, when I received a phone call from a friend, that Pep Boys opened up a new speed shop. The shop made it's debut on January 1st inside a section of their Lafayette Louisiana store. Imagine my glee, as there are not many speed shops in my area. I immediately embarked on a trip to investigate. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Dwayne Jackson, the store manager. He directed me to Chris Smith, the new manager of the speed shop. Chris was very helpful in assisting me by explaining what would work best in my car. After my purchase, we began to discuss the new speed shop and he told me that Pep Boys was planning a grand opening car show, scheduled for April 13, 2013. He encouraged me to participate, by luring me to the promise of goodies that would be given away at the show! Pep Boys was founded in 1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by four friends, Manny Rosenfield, Moe Strauss, Jack Jackson and Moe Radavitz. The original name of the store was “Pep Auto Supplies.” A second name was born because of a police officer that would stop cars for not having their oil wics burning. He would tell the drivers to go see the “boys at Pep” so they could fix the problem. That advice turned the existing name into “Pep Boys” then later, to keep up with the times, it was changed to “The Pep Boys-Manny, Moe and Jack.” (Moe Radavitz was no longer a partner then) The morning of the grand opening looked promising. A beautiful, sunny spring day was in the forecast. We arrived with our hot rods to see a row of signs advertising the grand opening and to the smell of fresh sausage po-boys, being cooked by Mr. Jim Richard of Goodwill Industries. Yum! I was already anticipating lunch! We then positioned our rods to show case the Gulf Coast Motor Sports table we set up, and settled in to watch the action. One by one, classic cars and trucks began to make their entrance. DJ Buffy set the mood by playing a variety of tunes to entertain our ears. To please our eyes, we strolled around the Pep Boys lot, and discovered what a huge variety of classics we had in our area! Some we had never seen before, like an amazing 1970s' ambulance complete with a “patient", and a 1939 dodge rat rod that Dennis Sanders brought all the way from California! A mobile dyno was set up in the back of the store, and anxious motor heads waited in line to have their engines analyzed. They were excited to learn how much horse power their rides really had! A generous amount of raffle tickets were drawn and the winners were treated to Pep Boys buckets full of swag. If you had to wet your whistle, free bottled water was handed out and bags of yummy chips were passed around. Later in the day, "Lil Chubs" food truck arrived to treat the patrons to his famous friend pickles and sliders. Of course, I had to indulge! “Kuzn Jack” the pin-striper, proudly displayed his embellishments at a booth. He also adorned an air breather as part of the prize for “best in show.” A 1969, all original Camaro took that award home. James McDonald won “best paint” for his 1949 Chevrolet truck and a smiling Aggie Doucet took a top 12 award for her 1965 Ford Falcon wagon. There were over 51 cars and trucks registered at the grand opening, and about 15 more that didn't register that came just to have a good time. All in all, I would say that this was a great day for a show! Look for future events that will be held at the Lafayette Pep Boys, and when you need to buy parts for your ride, don't forget to ask for Chris in the speed shop! --Denise “Neecy” Cobb **Pep Boys recently opened a new speed shop in Bossier City, La. New locations in Baton Rouge, Slidell, Metairie and Gretna will be opening soon as well. Be sure to watch for the dates for their grand openings! To find a Pep Boys near you go to:


MAY 2013

MAY 2013


2013 DEEP SOUTH FUN RUN By: Ollie Patterson Tuesday morning finds the 2013 Deep South Run pulling out of the Hampton Inn, Corinth, MS; 11 vehicles strong, heading to our first stop, a rod shop in Iuka. After a warm welcome by Mike Brown and crew, Mike showed us the projects he’s working on now. He is building a race car for Richard Petty; it’s a replica of the last Dodge that Richard drove. Some of the panels being used are from the original race car. It will be displayed at Richards, Randleman, NC museum. A short drive later we arrived at The Hot Rod Shop in Corinth. Mike Johnson has a big shop with a lot of completed vehicles for sale and numerous ongoing projects. As we were checking out his shop his crew was proudly showing off their work. It’s just a known fact that car enthusiasts are a very talkative lot, so you can imagine the chatter. On the road again. Enroute to George Poteet’s in Holly Springs our first major adversity struck. Ollie Patterson was leading the pack in his mighty Rambler American, when a rear wheel bearing let go. We all gathered up around the busted Rambler and I am here to tell you; Ollie said some untranslatable things about a terrible highway sound. He can’t be “quoted”, even in a magazine such as this! We called Mike Johnson, The Hot Rod Shop, and he came and drug off the Rambler. Ollie and Teresa jumped in the back seat of Paul Roach’s beautiful 61 Olds. Paul already had a co-pilot/navigator, Joe Stewart. Poor Paul was getting free advice from all sides. We pressed on!! Finally arrived at George’s, after getting making a few wrong turns and getting temporarily lost. Ollie claimed that it was all Paul’s fault because he wouldn’t listen to the back seat drivers. That is all part of a Fun Run. Mr. Poteet has a great collection that even includes the 57 Ford that Robert Mitchum drove in the movie “Thunder Road.” After spending the night in New Albany, Wednesday morning we made our way to Water Valley and visited with Odie and Jan Sheffield. He has a couple of barns full of good stuff. It is a “Pickers” heaven. I personally think Odie’s Studebaker drag car is the best. Jan went all out for us and cooked a fantastic lunch. Hard to get all the “old folks” moving as they all wanted to take a nap after they got there bellies full. Off to Batesville to visit Ronnie Hinton’s Rod Shop. It was great to see Ronnie back on his feet and doing well. He has made it thru a heart attack and his old shop burning down. He is up and running in a new shop now. One of his many projects is a 56 Chevy convertible that is going to be a real show stopper. Dropped in at Darrell Martin’s house and shop for a visit. Darrell is finally getting time to do some car work now that he has completed his move from Water Valley to Batesville. He sure has built a nice shop. The ladies enjoyed all of Darrell’s yard art.


MAY 2013

Thursday morning we awoke in Grenada to a heck of a rain storm. Everyone gathered up in the lobby, passed stories and watched the Weather Channel. They promised that it would be passing soon. At noon, losing faith in weathermen and still raining, we headed to Greenwood and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Mark Ishee bravely peeked his head outside and announced to the group it had quit raining. There was a big stumble to the door. We loaded up and headed to Jack Tripplet’s junk yard in Morehead. Being dedicated car buffs we did not let a little mud slow us down as we made our way thru his yard. Talk about a field of dreams! On the road again….after a few miles… we stopped by to visit with Larry Farmer at his garage in Inverness. As always Larry told us a few stories, which I am positive were all based on fact !! Of course; he is a car buff…they are true!!!!!! A trip to the Delta would not be complete without a stop at the Belzoni Welcome Center. We were all catfish experts as we headed out of town. Most car nuts are geniuses anyway but we did pack in some more knowledge! After a nights rest in Yazoo City we went to visit Paul Adams. His shop and second story of his house were blown away in a tornado, but he has finished rebuilding. He still has a couple of cars at the body shop. We rode thru town and to check out his latest downtown restoration projects. I see some Friday night or weekend cruise- in’s the future. We pressed onward to Brandon, to visit with Keith Anderson and checked out his European car collection. Wish he would let me take his Jaguar SKE for a ride. I asked but I really don’t think Keith was too keen on the idea as he never handed me the keys. Leaving Keith’s house we rode over to Bob Jackman’s to check out his awesome 5300 model car collection. Not to be out done, his wife, Lori builds miniature doll houses and scenes. It’s just way cool, it’s only way I can describe it. To finish up the 2013 Deep South Fun Run, Thomas Yates invited us to his shop, TJ and Holleys Rod Shop. The Yates Family made us feel just like we were at home and part of the family. Thomas and Peggy fed us a fantastic dinner. It was almost sad as we all parted company. We had people from Illinois, Louisiana and Mississippi. It was a fun week of cars and fellowship. I am sure that lifetime friendships were started and others reinforced. I really don’t know how you could have gotten a better bunch of people together and had more fun. I must add a super special thanks to Jimbo Perkins, Susie Yates, Bob Jackman and to all who lent a helping hand in getting stops lined up, setting up hotel reservations, advertising and promotion and all the little stuff. Most important “Thank You” of all goes to……..the Official Stops and Participants!!

Looking forward to next year’s event. Ollie Patterson

Dirt Track Memories by: Larry Dunham

Some are in wheel chairs, many are dead, none of my articles have they read, but my thoughts always return to them. Portrait of Wilma: I've been doing this article since 2008, and no one ever mentions anything about it. This month 4 different readers have said they are waiting for May issue to read about Wilma! Thanks readers you made my day! So--- Wilma was about 5'2” and may be weighed 100 lbs dripping wet out of the shower. She had blue eyes, honey blonde hair, and had a 34 bust with a 20” waist, 32” hips. She always wore white boots that came up just below the calf, and her skating skirt would today be called a “mini” skirt. She wore skating “tights” over her panties and that dark blue skirt would flatten out when she did her “twirls” and acrobatics at the rink. Her 2 favorite tops were Pendleton V-neck sweaters, and one sky blue, the other pearl white. This is Playland Park in Galveston, TX 1949. I was working for Bellco Construction Inc. in Texas City, TX and was driving 14 miles each way to work from Galveston to the job. Why Galveston? Thirty Two miles of beach front, and rent was not a problem. If you read last months article you will remember I'm driving my 1946 Ford Convertible, maroon, skirts, lowered front and rear, Winfield ¾ cam, dual intake, (strombergs of course). Maybe Jimbo will reduce last month's photo of the 1946 and show it in case you haven't read last month! Back to “Portrait of Wilma”, In our day she was a “toucher”. When I'm driving, her left knee was against my right leg, and her left fingers would be casually rubbing the back of my neck. She would jack the dial on the radio (am only) until she got the music she wanted. In Texas (Galveston) you could drink beer (jax) in a drive in if you were 18 or over. I don't like beer, never did, but the drive-in was where all the good looking cars and women hung out so there we were. It was a Wednesday nite, we are in the drive- in, and Wilma lay's those blue eyes on me, moves over to me in the front seat, kisses me on the neck and says “Lefty Frizzell is singing at the “park” tonite, can we go see him? As she spoke she laid her head on my shoulder and my right arm felt the weight of her left upper side, and guys you know that side don't you? Well Lefty was born in 1928 according to Google so, he would have been 21 at the time. Playland Park was the place to go, so off we went. Lefty drank a lot, died of a stroke in 1975. He had a classic Gibson with “Frizzel” on it, so he was on his way! So, I was heading for my place after the show, but Wilma snuggled up and said “pull over put the top up, and push the seat back”! I whipped over to the side of the road and followed her requests. After that 20 or 30 minute stop, she said “take me home, I know you want to go get the race car ready for Saturday nite”. I was really surprised! When I pulled up front of her place, she said “come in for a minute, I want you to hear my new favorite record”. We went in, and it was “Stardust” written by Hoagy Carmichael. I think it was Tommy Dorsey or some big band on the record. She put her arm over my right shoulder so I slid my right arm around her waist, and we were dancing very close. She looked up at me with those blue eyes and said “like to put off the race car till tomorrow?” It was about 3 a.m. before I got back to the race car, but Wilma's portrait still stays with me. Ok you “Wanabies” and “Couldabins” were going to talk about a guy you don't even remember, but was one hellava race car driver. His name was “Marshal Teague” and he was from the old school. He built his own cars and engines until he hooked up with “Smokey Yunick”. In 1948 and 49 at Daytona Beach, Fla. and was the place stock cars got their start. They were running the dirt, (sand) and Marshal won both years and was called “king of the beach” until the paved speedway (Daytona 500) was

built. My good friend and chief mechanic on my race cars (KK Midget) (56 Chev) (57 Pontiac) was Harold Miller. He also owned and operated Miller Crankshaft Co. on Lakewood Blvd in Bellflower, CA. Marshal was AAA Stock Car Champion for years 1952 & 1954. Marshal came to California to race at Carrell Speedwy, ½ mile dirt and won it in his Hudson! Also he won the mile at AZ Fairgrounds, (both dirt tracks). Marshal spent lots of time with Harold at his shop, and we would go down to Starlite Café to talk parts, cars, racing, driving, etc. I am sure that each year Marshal had Harolds latest improved crankshafts for his and Yunicks engines. There was also a Hudson engineer who sent a lot of sketches out to Harold through Marshal. His name was Vince Piggens. He was the Leo Goosen (Myer Drake Offys) of Hudson. The “offset” crank was unknown in Nascar cranks, and “knife edge” counter balance was done originally by Harold. His (Harolds) ad in my 1953 URA Midget Racing Annul comments “two Bonnevill record breaking engines built by Miller Crankshaft”. Marshal was slightly pudgy in the face and body, but his record proved how good he was. He was very friendly, good sense of humor, and a nice guy. Time to get back to grinding on the 40 Ford tudor! Next month portrait of Dorothy

KEEP IT BETWEEN THE FENCES Larry Dunham - 228-671-6216 email:

MAY 2013


by: Lynn Makua I'm standing on my front steps at 8 a.m., the sunlite is breaking thru the 40 foot evergreens across the road, and I 'm ready to go walk the beach! It's going to be a beautiful day in Mississippi. I might as well enjoy, because tomorrow it may be raining, thunder, winds etc. As I'm walking to the beach I pass Harold & Lillian's Bar. (Forest & 4 th St.) I worked there for 3 yrs and I noticed all my bad boys were in attendance. ( Beas, Sir David, Mickey, George, Charlie Bob, Wineojim, Berk, Bruce). The beach was beautiful, very calm. I was going to walk all the way to the Silver Slipper and call Larry to pick me but I did not want to interrupt the “schedule” on the 1940 Ford 2 Dr that sets patiently waiting for more “facelift” sanding. Larry & Bob Henry of LA bought the car from Sammy of Sammy's Garage in Bay St. Louis. (thank you Sammy!) As I'm walking the beach I start thinking of Hawaii. (surprise, surprise) We had a condo (back in the 80's) in a little town called Makaha. We were right on the beach on the 6th floor over looking the big beautiful surf with Mountains all around us. Every morning I would run the beach . Makaha was 20 miles from Waikiki Beach. Lets talk about one of my Beachboys. Check the picture of Beachboy Harry Robello (in uniform) on set in Hollywood with Gene “Hukilau” Brant, a unit production manager for 20 Century Fox. (in Hollywood Robello worked mostly as a extra)

beachboy tourist relationships were not based on money, more often than not, they were based on a deep and abiding friendship. Back to Mississippi: I just got back from the beach and am just in the mood for my favorite Hawaiian Breakfast. Spam, Steam Rice & Eggs. I know Larry's outside with his Darlin' Child 1940 Ford so, I don't have to worry about him coming in. It's about 1 p.m. I jump into Precious (300zx Nissan) and go deliver magazines to Kent and Sues and Sams Place (the VFW on Lower Bay Rd in Clermont Harbor). I walk in the VFW and Sam is at the bar along with another 12 guys. Sam said there were about 6 Ladners. Everyone was buying drinks. Mr. Charleston (not a Ladner) who is 89 years was drinking and buying drinks. Sammy with the 1970 Impala Convertible, was buying drinks. As for Sam?? Mickey was the bartender. Since VFW only serves beer I brought in my Vodka. Sammy bought the sprite. On my way home I noticed that Crickets Hokey Tonk has removed the pro wresting sign. Looks like he is only doing Karaoke now on Thursdays. Since it's still early, I decided to go to my favorite Waveland Liquor Store on Hwy 90 (across from Walmart) and pick up a few things

Rolland and Brant had a friendship that spanned some thirty years. Rolland relationship with Bryant is testimony to the strong bond of friendship that existed between many tourists and beachboys. Those who suspect that Robello's goodwill was motivated by what he stood to gain should remember that by the time Bryant died it was Robello, the beachboy who was the wealthier of the two. Most beachboys were not in the beachboy business for the money but for the lifestyle it offered - a lifestyle that was widely envied. Indeed, more rich men wanted to be beachboys than beachboys want to be rich. To be sure, money was a factor in the beachboys' association with the rich, and no doubt there were some who cultivated a relationship because they stood to profit from it. But


MAY 2013

and say Hi to Vincent & Kathy. If you need a special wine or booze and they don't carry it they will order it. Juan owner of El Magueys (see his ad) was there and it reminded me that it was Wednesday and after 5 p.m he has two for one combo's and 12 oz Margaritas $4.00 & 16oz @5.25. If I can get Larry away from his Darlin' Child 1940 Ford we are going! It is Thursday and time to head for the Kiln and drop off some magazine at Pops Southern Cooking Restaurant, and Dempsey's. Pops only had about 5 cars. They sure need to let people know they are there. It is a nice clean friendly place. I head for Dempsey's and they are packed (see ad). Before I go into Dempsey's for a glass of wine and lunch I stop next door at Diana's da Swamp Shack (gift shop) and buy a Dempsey's TShirt. On my way back I stopped at this new restaurant- bar that had a sign KILN/BILL. It's next door to Steamers which is closed. I thought Steamers bought it. Wrong? The manager was there and said they had nothing to do with Steamers. As you walk in you see a long bar and on the right, tables. Then you go all the way back, they have a beautiful out side dinning area, with a boat dock. The manager said they will have beer, wine, booze. Restaurant open 11am-9pm - Bar 9pm till - for you non-locals this place is on HWY 603. ( More on this new place next month) On my way home on Kiln-Waveland Cutoff Rd I decided to stop at Dee's Discount Deli, Grocery, PoBoys, Variety Store and Electrical Parts Store. Not a person in sight. I say hello! No answer! So, I head for the back of the store. They have a deli on the right, register on left, small room with can goods etc on the right and in back of building a large assortment of electrical parts. Still not a person in sight. I head back to the front of the building and leave some magazines on bar. They do have a nice pool table next to the bar. Looks like they have beer. Only in Mississippi! I now head for Clawzilla's (cute name) Hwy 90 across from the BSL Post Office. Outside it has giant crawfish balloon. I walk in and first thing you see is a counter where they sell crawfish etc. On your left is the restaurant. Three big booths on one side, two on the other side, three tables in the middle. Counter is in front to order. They have Lunch and Dinner Specials Daily Mon-Friday. News Flash: For all you locals, C & R Bar on Colman Ave in Bay St. Louis rumor has it that Nadine has leased her bar out to some people from DIAMOND HEAD and they should take over in May. Next month I might know more. WATCH NEXT MONTH FOR SOME OF MY NEW & OLD PLACE ALOHA Y'ALL Pineapple - 228-671-0396

Lounge, Restaurant, Local Business Bay St Louis/Waveland/Lakeshore/Kiln/ Area

Your Ad Could Be Here Call Lynn 228 671-0396 - Public Welcome -

MAY 2013


Tales of the “Old Gurl” 1965 to 1985 By Daryl Azevedo Prologue Ricky Dance requested some historical data of the 1953 Chevrolet that I once owned and is now his car, so to the best of my recollection here is my story about it. In many cases this storyline will seem like a chronicle of some events of my old gang however you can rest assured “the Old Gurl” was a stalwart member of that noble fraternity for a part of our teenage years. She faithfully hauled us from one adventure to another and seldom failed to get us all home safe and sound no matter what abuse we put her through. I hope you’re not disappointed with this story however I don’t know any other way to pass on some of her adventures without doing it this way…….. Daryl Azevedo The original owner of the brand new teal green 1953 Chevrolet Belaire two door hardtop was Raymond Bradshaw and I believe that the dealership he bought it from was likely Springmans Motors which later became Mills Motors in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. When Ray traded it off the second owner was Arnold (Arnie) Newton, who resides in Charlie Lake, British Columbia. He owned it for an indeterminable period of time then traded it off and in the early winter of 1965 it became my car. It spent twenty years in my possession, however a great deal of the time it was immobile, which undoubtedly played a significant role in her ultimate survival. During all the years under my ownership, I highly doubt if I put three to four thousand miles on her, however they were pretty tough miles and most of them occurred within an approximate radius of 400 square mile around Nipawin. I know that the longest trip it ever made, while in my possession, was when it was relocated approximately two hundred and thirty miles from Nipawin to North Battleford, Saskatchewan. She was a tough old car and fortunately a lot of the time due to either being confiscated by Ma, (she was a stern old gal, God rest her soul) a mechanical issue, a fender bender, or because I had something else to drive, it very often sat unused. When I got married and entered into what became a lifelong career with SaskPower, (the provincial electrical utility) and relocated to the Battlefords it got even less use. I finally sold it in 1985 to John Chorney, who at that time lived in Glaslyn, Saskatchewan and also worked for SaskPower. He really loved cars of all makes and models and he paid me five hundred dollars for it. He stored it away in a machine shed on his farm for many years, prior to retiring and moving to the Battlefords with his wife Rose who still resides in North Battleford. John was a jovial fellow and when he purchased it, he said with a laugh, “someday when you grow up and realize how valuable it will become in the future; I’ll sell it back to you for the same amount”. As I look at the pictures of it now, what an accurate premonition that turned out to be! John passed away in the mid 1990’s, however by then he had resold the car, because he’d sold his farm and had no place to store it anymore. I can’t recall if he asked me if I wanted it back, but he was a very sincere individual and he may very well have, however back then I never had any aspirations of recovering it anyway. Even though I talked to John on a many occasions after he moved to the Battlefords, I can’t recall asking him who he had sold it to and I completely lost track of the car. My Ma and Pa bought the car for me for two hundred and seventy five dollars and when they purchased the car it was in pretty nice condition. However being a spoiled, irresponsible teenager taking care of anything including a car was not a high priority. It didn’t take long before she began to show the battle scars from tough driving, hard partying and very little TLC. “The Old Gurl” was no powerhouse, but I used every speck of her one hundred and six horsepower to get my buddies and me around the Nipawin area, (much to my Ma and Pa’s disapproval). She also was the official means of conveyance for my girlfriend, Marlene (Marnie) Jones, who incidentally became my wife and still is after 45 years. It also hauled all my close friends, Don Semchuk (usually riding shotgun) who is in vehicle sales at Wheaton GM in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The rest of our close knit group who have all passed on was; Eldon Bell, Harvey Victor and Danny Guillet. After all these years I could never begin to remember every event she


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witnessed or tolerated because there were many, however if the car could talk could she ever tell you stories. I’m going to have to rely on a somewhat faded memory to recount some of the more significant events “the Old Gurl” endured or witnessed while she was in my possession, so here we go. Beer and purple gas I was the only one in the group that had a car and weekends were always a recurring event. We would all pile into the car, pool our allowances, stop by my Uncle Red’s place who would bootleg us a 24 pack of beer, because that was usually all we could afford and away we’d go. Running on 2 to 3 bucks worth of gas, usually confiscated from Marlene’s allowance, off we’d go to see what entertainment we could find. Driving the streets of Nipawin and other towns in the vicinity, always on the hunt for a party, going to the drive-in movie theatre, fishing, hunting or attending bush parties in various locations were the main sources of entertainment. We always kept changing our whereabouts to elude the RCMP and those “very wily Town Police”. “The Old Gurl” hauled us to and from party locations that were within any reasonable driving distance, whereby our fuel supply would suffice. On many occasions the fuel issue was supplemented by a mixture of purple gas, sequestered from either my future Father-in-Law’s or my Pa’s farm fuel tanks. At that time Saskatchewan fuel suppliers, by endorsement from the Provincial Government, added a purple dye to some of their lower octane gasoline. It was thereby not subjected to provincial tax and was devised to give the farmers a break on their fuel prices. It was only legal to use it for farming purposes and anyone who was caught putting it to use in anything except a farm vehicle faced the prospects of a hefty fine. It was quite common during a stop by the police forces in those days, that a check for purple gas would ensue. By pure luck, I was always able to “slip out of the noose” on that issue, even though a lot of purple gas was pumped through “the Old Gurl’s” fuel system. The fact is if it wasn’t for burning purple gas, she would have spent a lot less time driving and a lot more time sitting. No thrush and you walk to school through the brush! Shortly after I acquired the car, I remember making an unwise decision that I didn’t like how it failed to growl when she was coming out of the hole. After lobbying Ma and Pa unsuccessfully to change out the stock muffler for a thrush or some other cool sounding muffler, as an alternative I jacked her up, crawled underneath her with a hammer and a large spike and punched a bunch of holes in the muffler. Wow, was that a serious blunder and did I ever catch hell for it. I still remember as if it was yesterday, Pa swearing and cursing about my stupidity as he lay under the car with his acetylene torch and brazing rods, welding up as many of the holes as he could. Installing a different muffler was still out of the question and even though I continued to beg for forgiveness and at the same time plead for a cool sounding muffler, that ship had sailed and I was in crap up to my ears. I was back in the walkathon because into Ma’s purse went the keys, for a yet to be determined length of time and I had to walk the mile and a half to school through the bush. Stuck in the muck One night, the gang and I were checking out a location south of town where my Pa had been doing some excavation work with his D6 Cat. He’d been clearing brush and trees preparing sites for a drill rig that was seeking a stable location for the approaches for a new bridge that was going to be constructed in the Nipawin area. After the work was finished and all the equipment pulled out, it had created a great location for a new party spot so we just had to give it a try. It had been raining recently so the area was very soft and in my infinite wisdom (and as it turned out, very limited) I drove out into one of the excavated areas and promptly sunk the car into the muck right down to the frame. We tried in vain to get it out by jacking it up and putting logs and branches under the wheels all to no avail, so we finally had to give up. While “the loyal team” set about consuming all the beer (including my share) to get rid of the evidence, covered in mud I walked about three miles home to get Pa out of his nice warm bed and rescue my car (much to his disapproval). I informed him that I was stuck bad and required the services of his rubber tired loader, so after much pleading he finally gave in. While enduring a myriad of

chastisement from Ma describing my lack of common sense, as she drove me back to the site following behind Pa’s loader cat, “the Old Gurl” was finally extricated from the swamp. There was no harm done to her on this occasion and we were poised to be off on our next adventure, however it sure as heck didn’t happen that night. Once again the keys went into Ma’s purse for another yet to be determined period of time and “the loyal team” had to find their own way home. A night at the drive-in theater or not! One of our favourite hangouts and beer drinking spots was the local drive-in movie theatre. Even though the possibility of getting caught with open liquor in a vehicle was risky at the drive-in, we took the chance and attended it quite often. We always disliked having to part with some of our beer money to pay the show fees, so one night we devised a strategy whereby only two of us would pay the price of admission. The rest of the gang was to be smuggled into the drive-in inside “the Old Gurl’s” big ol trunk along with the beer. Things were going like clockwork when we paid the admission and passed through the entrance. As was the usual case, I parked at one of the remote speaker locations at the back of the drive-in yard, so we could drink our beer and keep a lookout for “the fuzz”. I got out to liberate the guys who were all scrunched in the trunk and just as they were climbing out, from out of the darkness appeared the drive-in owner, Frank Hastings. He was spitting mad at the prospect of being cheated out his money and he dressed us down using very colourful language. He abruptly evicted us from his property, all the while threatening to call the cops and the worst part was he didn’t even have the decency to offer a refund for the admission we had already paid. Hi ho, hi ho, a fishing we will go? One bright Sunday morning I got up early and went to pick up the gang to be off for a day of fishing (which was another excuse for socializing c/ w more beer drinking). We actually did do a lot of fishing because we enjoyed it and had discovered early in the game that Ma was happy, (and we could gain brownie points) when we brought her home tubs of fish to feed to their workers and give away to family and friends. On this particular day, the plan was to go to E.B. Campbell, Hydro Electric Station (formerly known in those days as Squaw Rapids), which was a very productive and popular fishing spot about 40 miles East of town. Prior to heading out, we decided to make a detour to check out a party site at the Nipawin Regional Park to see if anyone may be lingering there from the previous night’s revelry. I was booting the “Old Gurl” down a sandy road, going far faster than I should have been, when I entered a steep curve without slowing up. The next thing I knew we were up on the two driver’s side wheels skidding our way around the curve “Dukes of Hazard style”. Don Semchuk said later, that when he looked out the shotgun window where he was riding was, “all he could see was the clear blue sky”. The only thing that kept us from rolling was the bottom heaviness of the car, combined with a stroke of Devine intervention. Finally she slammed back down on all four wheels totally in charge of any further consequences and completely out of my control. Just to warn me not to try anything that foolish again, she promptly continued to scare the crap out of us one more time, by doing a 360 degree spin, which finally came to a halt in a cloud of dust, in a farmer’s wheat field adjacent to the road. We really did go fishing after that close call; however no damage was evident and the near miss went unreported to Ma and Pa so I could keep her on the road. Impaired vision When the car left my possession it was badly in need of a windshield and this is my recollection of how that came about. One night we had been hanging out at an uneventful bush party and decided to head back into Nipawin to see what was going on there. As we wheeled down a side road into town, a couple of the guys in the back seat started carrying on a competition to see if they could hit the highway signs with their empty beer bottles. Harvey Victor was attempting a fancy over the roof throw at a passing sign and somehow managed to hit the car’s radio antenna which promptly deflected the bottle right back, smashing into the windshield, much to my displeasure. When Pa was leaving for work the next day, he found the badly cracked windshield during his morning ritual of circle checking the car to see what form of mistreatment it had suffered the previous night. Once again the twenty question thing with Ma commenced, but by now I was wise enough to know that a more safe answer would be a somewhat altered version that alluded to a stone being hurled into the windshield by a passing vehicle. I know there was some

serious doubt in their minds because of the small flakes of brown glass that was still stuck in the window trim that I couldn’t explain, however I remained adamant in my version and because they had nothing but circumstantial evidence to the contrary, it sufficed and I was on the road again. A night in the slammer! Or not? One Saturday night we were out on the prowl in “the Old Gurl” with our traditional 24 pack of beer in the trunk. We each consumed a couple beers and had wisely stashed the rest in the bush before driving back into Nipawin to find out if a party was being planned somewhere. We were driving down the main street when we spotted a group of cars parked in front of the bowling alley with a large group of people standing around. There was an open parking stall in the middle of the vehicles, so I wheeled in to see what was going on. Danny Guillet had brought a part bottle of beer into town with him and was sipping it as we pulled in to the spot. We all got out and were standing around when the ever diligent town fuzz drove by and spotted someone taking a pull out of a beer bottle. The crafty officers circled the block and pulled in about half way down the street from our location. By this time the beer bottle had been emptied and it had been tossed down by the curb near the front of my car. All of a sudden Constable Burton and his trusty sidekick Officer Bonky came rushing down the sidewalk and promptly began searching through all the vehicles for booze. Much to their frustration finding nothing to lay charges on, they demanded that we all open our trunks and began going through them as well. Suddenly, one of the cunning officers spied the empty beer bottle lying by the curb in front of my car. He reached down, snatched up the bottle, held it up in the air and declared; “Ok, that’s it, now we have all the evidence we need and everyone in this car (pointing a mine) is getting a liquor ticket”. I yelled out at him; “That’s the stupidest Goddamn thing I’ve ever heard” and the next thing I knew, I was being dragged down the street with a cop on each arm, as they declared, “you just earned yourself a night in the slammer for swearing on the street”. They threw me in the back of their cruiser and reiterated that I was going to spend the night in a jail cell as we headed for the police station. All the way there, I was yelling that I was entitled to one phone call which they adamantly denied, however when we arrived at the station a much more intellectual Chief Shamara (ha) confirmed that I was indeed legally entitled to one phone call. I promptly called Ma and told her where I was, that it was a phony trumped up charge, I was innocent and that I needed her to come bail me out. Well it only took a few minutes before the “Terror or Nipawin” came screeching up to the front of the police station in her big old 1964 Buick Wildcat. She came marching through the door, demanding to know what I was in for, glaring at me all the while. When the two officers began to tell their story about seeing someone with a bottle of beer, finding the empty beer bottle lying by the curb in front of my car and that they intended to charge everyone that was riding in it, Ma hit the roof. They tried to explain that I had used profane language in public which had resulted in my arrest and suddenly her fury, which had originally been at me for being arrested, promptly swung to them. She dressed them down using very unladylike language for their stupidity and told them if they continued to proceed with any charges she would drag their butts into court and make bigger fools out of them than they already were. By the time she was through chastising them, a couple of pretty sheepish officers were apologizing profusely for their poor judgement. I was promptly released with no charges levied or pending and you know what? Ma never did find out that the empty beer bottle had come from my car. Even though she tried to get me to confess to it later, when there’s doubt, deny! deny! deny! So back on the road we went again! The wreck of the “Old Gurl” The next occasion I recall, the Old Gurl didn’t fare so well and brought about the need for a lot of patch work and body filler on the driver’s side. She seldom got any preventative maintenance unless it was not running, or had some significant mechanical deficiency. On this particular occasion the signal and brake lights were not working due to a dislocated signal light flasher, which was not enough to keep her out of commission. The flasher was in a poor location under the dash and it was easily knocked out of place when pushing in the clutch. In those days, if a vehicle was not equipped with signal lights or if they weren’t working, it was legal to indicate your intent using various signals, with your left arm which you had to stick out the driver’s window. We had just left the high school and were tearing down a sandy, dusty street leading away from it. I knew that

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there were other cars roaring down the street behind me, however I didn’t give it much thought at the time. I can no longer recall why, but I suddenly decided to make a quick left turn into the fair grounds. I didn’t stick my arm out to signal my turn to the other cars behind, probably because it wouldn’t have been seen through the dust anyway. I still thank my lucky stars, that I hadn’t arm signaled on that occasion, because I would have undoubtedly lost my arm. A car driven by the late Herbie Bracken was coming up very fast from behind and at the last instant. through the dust, he saw that my car had slowed down and was starting to make a left turn. Herbie swerved his car by mine on the driver’s side to avoid piling into the rear end and as he roared by, he sideswiped the entire driver`s side of my car. When the dust finally settled and I got a look at the damage, it was obvious she had sustained some substantial wrinkles, which would require some vigorous restoration work. When the insurance assessment came in, the verdict was the cost of repairs exceeded her value, so she was destined for the salvage yard. Because it was still drivable, a cash settlement was negotiated and I was able to keep her, under the condition that I would have to take care of any repair costs. Back to Mill’s Motors body shop she went where they patched her up and soon it was back on the road again ready for her next adventure. That darn flasher again! A more humorous episode was when that pesky signal light flasher once again, got knocked out of its holder rendering the signal lights inactive. My girlfriend and I were out on the prowl with another couple Eldon (Eldy) Love and his girlfriend Dorothy Young. I was driving, Eldy was riding shotgun and the two girls were riding in the backseat, when all of a sudden that darn signal light flasher fell out of place again. Eldy, who was a very quick witted and funny guy reached down and snatched the flasher off the floor of the car. From that point on whenever we were gonna make a turn he held the flasher up to one ear or the other and winked that respective eye. I don’t suppose the other motorists realized our intentions, but it sure created a good laugh anyway. Fighting Fire; or not! Another occasion which the Old Gurl was subjected to, did not do her original paint a lot of good. The year was 1966 and most summers Pa and my brother were often drafted (no was not an option) to fight forest fires in the surrounding area with Pa’s bulldozers. Eldon Bell and I were sitting in our kitchen one day when a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) official pulled into our yard to inform Pa that his bulldozers were required on a forest fire about thirty five, miles from town. As we listened to the conversation the fella said that they were paying ten bucks a day for ground troops to fight fire and glancing at us, asked Pa if he knew anyone that was willing to go to work fighting fire. To a couple of teenagers always seeking ways to find money to invest in beer that sounded pretty darn good, so we decided we should go fight fire. The DNR guy said we would have no problem getting hired on the fire crew and gave us directions of how to get to the location. So, as Pa and my brother loaded up the cats and took off, we set about lobbying Ma for some money to grubstake the adventure. We both emphatically promised we’d pay her back when we got our first pay cheques from this very lucrative job, so she finally gave in and leant us ten bucks each to purchase gas and supplies. We packed up some old clothes and sleeping bags, liberated some food from Ma’s cupboards and pantry when her back was turned, piled it into “the Old Gurl” and headed out. Of course now that we had some money and the food issue had been resolved, the next prerequisite was a quick detour past Uncle Red’s place to get him to pull us a twenty-four pack to enhance our firefighting experience (nothing much got done in those days without beer). Because we knew Pa wasn’t around, the next stop was at his sawmill yard for a visit to his purple gas tank to address the fuel supply issue and then we headed out. As we left the main road and progressed into the bush towards the fire’s location, the trail was so narrow at times, that we could hear tree branches and willows squeaking and scraping along the sides of the car, some of which left deep permanent scratches in her paint. We kept pressing on deeper into the bush, consuming a couple of the beers as we progressed because it was a really hot day. Eventually we met a DNR truck with a forest ranger in it and he directed us to continue down the trail another few miles to “Camp Six”, where we would sign up for work, camp out and fight the fire from. We drove further into the forest until finally we arrived at a clearing where a crude sign nailed to a tree announced we had finally found “Camp Six”. The first thing we noticed we’re a number of people,


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predominantly of First Nations ancestry, standing around a campfire surrounded by several tents. Curiosity got the best of us, and we got out too see what was going on and find out who was in charge so we could hire on. Much to our surprise (and revulsion), we observed a couple of fellas cutting and tossing into a large pot of boiling water, chunks of meat from the carcass of a big old bear that had been dragged into the camp. It appeared to us that the bear had got caught in the fire and perished because the carcass was badly scorched. That was enough for us! We cordially wished everyone a nice day, scurried our way back to the safety of “the Old Gurl” and promptly started our hasty retreat to civilization. Back the way we had come through the branches and willows we went, which took one more shot at inflicting more damage to the car’s paint. This adventure and any thoughts of fighting forest fires to make really big money went out the window along with more empty beer bottles. I don’t remember if we ever paid Ma back the loan, but I highly doubt it. All I got out of it was a bunch of permanent scratches in the Old Gurl’s paint and Eldon and I where the subject of much ridicule from the rest of the gang for some time after. Time for a well-earned rest By late 1967 the Old Gurl had taken about all the abuse it could stand and she was badly in need mechanical repairs. Because Pa couldn’t spend the time to do the work and paying a vehicle repair shop was out of the question; after much begging and pleading I was able to talk Ma and Pa into digging into the old sock and getting me a different set of wheels. They located and purchased a 1963 Olds F85 and the old Chevy was retired to the backyard where she got a much deserved rest for the next couple of years. She sat, unused and I drove the Olds until 1969 and as Marlene and I were getting married, my parents traded off the Olds and got us a brand spanking new 1969 Camaro as a wedding present. “Funkerization” “The Old Gurl” continued to sit safely in Ma and Pa’s backyard, until one day a friend, Richard Whaley, who claimed to know a lot about customizing vehicles and I decided to begin the process of fixing her up. We decided to “Funkerize her”, which according to Richard meant that as much chrome as possible had to come off the car to make it look “boss”. We commenced to stripping off any of the chrome we could without making things like door handles etc. inoperable. This included all the chrome that ran along the sides, a big chrome airplane looking hood ornament, a chrome trunk ornament and any other pieces of body chrome unique to the car, including all nameplates and insignias. We then drove it over to a body shop where they welded up all the holes and painted her a lighter shade of green, which was the color it was when it left my possession. In my opinion, it looked pretty sharp, however Marlene and my Ma and Pa though we had negatively affected the car’s looks and value by removing the chrome and they were right in the end. The car still needed a lot of major work to be done as the interior was in very poor shape, the steering had a lot of play in it, the clutch was slipping badly, the brakes were squealing and the windshield need replacement. The play in the steering and the brake issue made it a challenge to drive in icy conditions so throughout the winter of 1969-70 it just sat beside our apartment in Nipawin. Off to her new home Before I could get around to getting anything more done to the car, in the spring of 1970 I got a job with SaskPower and Marlene and I moved to North Battleford. For a short period of time, the old Chevy was parked back into the safety of Ma and Pa’s backyard. Soon after we moved to our new location, we decided we needed a second set of wheels and I convinced an unsuspecting friend, Larry Schmidt, to herd “the Old Gurl” to the Battlefords for me. We had her loaded to the hilt with boxes full of possessions and Larry had to snuggle up to a cabinet sewing machine, Marlene’s mother had given to her which held down the shotgun position for the whole trip. We made it without incident and “the Old Gurl” finally arrived intact at her new home. The next few years we’re pretty uneventful, as it got very little use and usually just sat except for the occasional drive around town to loosen her up. Being a young family with a lot more pressing priorities, fixing all the mechanical issues the car required was out of the question and we didn’t really require her services anyway. Pretty soon it just sat, taking up space and it finally got to the point whereby it had sat so long it wouldn’t even start. I was anything but mechanically inclined, so it sat in the driveway or the backyard until 1975 or 76 until once again I got the urge to get her going again. A fellow

employee, Max O’Laney claimed to know a lot about auto repair and he volunteered to give me a hand to get her fixed up and back on the road. We went as far as getting her running again but that was all we accomplished and I drove it intermittently for a while again. Once more because I didn’t have a burning desire to spend the money to fix the interior and the other mechanical issues, I lost interest and parked it in the backyard where it sat unused for several more years. Replaced and sold In 1984 while on a vehicle hunting expedition, a neighbour who was really interested in cars, spotted a baby blue 1965 Mustang fastback in Edmonton that he said was in very nice condition. It tweaked my interest and I went with him on his next excursion to have a look at it and I wound up purchasing it. Any notion that I’d ever had about fixing up the Chevy was now even more remote. My two sons had reached driving age, were acquiring vehicles of their own and we were faced with a dilemma of having too many vehicles for our driveway. Something had to go, so in 1985 while working in the Glaslyn district, during a casual conversation, I mentioned my situation to John Chorney. The next time he was in the Battlefords he came to have a closer look at the car, liked it and offered me five hundred bucks for it which I gladly accepted. So after 20 years she was no longer mine and as they say in the movies; “The rest is history”. Epilogue Over the years, when I had any reason to reminisce about the car, I presumed she had likely wound up in a car crusher or was rusting away in some farmers back 40. I can honestly say that the number of times it had even came to mind over the last few decades could easily have been counted on one hand. I was very pleased to find out that after all these years she finally found a good home with Ricky Dance got fixed up and is still going stronger than ever. With all the adventures she hauled the old gang and I through while in my possession, it’s a reward that she earned and very well deserves. In closing all I can say is; Thanks for the memories “My Old Gurl”. years then took it apart putting on a mint hood and fender, painted it gloss black. Over these years I have put a TCI Mustang 2 front end in it, a 55 Chevy rearend, a 350 engine & 350 tranny, and that’s where it is now. All this time the car has been driven EVERY day rain or shine,…. it was my only car, I have been all over the place in it. The car has been in many magazines, 2 music videos, Led Zeppelin album cover, newspapers, and won many awards.

Ricky D’s ’53 Chevy called CUTITUP was featured in 53 Delux and Gulf Coast MotorSports January 2012. The first time I saw this car was in a Theory Of A Deadman Music Video. The Grille and rear window really set it apart from a lot of the other ’53 chops I have seen. We love that it is his daily driver and he drives it like these cars were meant to be driven. Ricky D: I got it 7 years ago bought off a old guy in Windsor Ontairo Canada he got it form Saskatchewan Canada it was a old mild kustom with the hood being shaved and welded to make a one piece hood. The trim was all taken off and welded and the trunk was shaved as well. The motor was stock and the seats had green furry seat covers on it. I am currently trying to find info on it, from the guy who owned it in 91, but he is not sending me any pics as of yet... darn people . When I got the car I lowered it and drove it stock for two years. Then I did the bodywork, chopped the roof 3 ½ inches, put a 51 Chevy coupe rear window in it. At the same time I put a 55 Chevy dash in it which was a ton of work, then the car got painted flat black. I drove it that way for 3

What's Your Story EVERYONE Has One!!! For all of you who have takin’ the time to send me a story for this publication I salute you.. & for those who haven’t…. go ahead… get it off your chest and out of your head. Took a trip and snapped some photo’s? send it in let us see. Not all of get to cruise everywhere and you just might spark the interest. How about a tip on fixing something or a maybe a story about someone close who built a cool ride and you want to let folks what a great job they did. It’s great practice on sending e-mail and it’s like homework that you like. And it looks great in print. -

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Road trip time…after days of preparation we headed out on I-10 on what we knew would be a great adventure. Dothan, Alabama is where I was born and raised and I was looking forward to spending time with old friends and family. Also, my nephew had told me about becoming friends with George Wallace, Jr. about a year earlier; they talked often and George was coming to play at the show. We were headed to the Tri-State Bar B-Q Festival Car Show. We hit the road at 10 on Friday morning pulling the 24 foot Hot Rod Show trailer. The two sound systems for the Hot Rod Show has pushed the T-Bucket out of the trailer for long trips now. I was a little sad about that, but I was still loaded heavy for the 280 mile trip. We pulled into the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan about 4 pm and was met there by my brother Ken and the president of the New South Cruisers, Steve Reed. We set up the trailer, unhooked the truck and were ready to go out to eat at some of my old favorites in Dothan. First on the list was Dobb’s Bar B-Q, a family business for over three generations. The family has been cooking Bar B-Q for over 100 years. I believe Bar B-Q is an acquired taste… you like what you grew up with and I think Dobbs is the very best. I’ve met plenty of other folks that feel the same way. Some have said if they get within 100 miles of Dothan they have to make a pit stop at Dobb’s. My favorite is their Bar B-Q pork sandwich and their camp stew…some would call it a Brunswick stew. We were up at 6 Saturday morning to make it to the car show by 7:30 am and get all the music set up and be ready to crank it up by 9 am. On the way to the car show I get the call you hate to get when you’re out of town. It was my neighbor Ray. As soon as I saw who was calling, my heart sank a little because you know it can’t be good. He wanted to make sure I was gone, as I had told him I would be, and did I know my garage door had been open all day and night. It seems that the garage door’s eye had sensed an obstruction while closing and had reversed itself back to the open position unbeknown to me. So Ray took care of the problem for me like a good neighbor should and said it appeared everything was still there in the garage including the Hot Rod. The New South Cruisers were having their second car show in conjunction with the Bar B-Q festival. They had more space and expected more cars this year. They wanted a bigger and better car show so they brought in the Hot Rod Show and we discussed various ideas. One was going to the Mega 50/50. I like the Mega 50/50 because its brings in more money for the clubs to support their activities, it gives a bigger pot to the winner and better odds to the players. One ticket for $5 or five tickets for $20. The club was skeptical about whether folks would buy a $5 ticket, but went along with it. Their 50/50 pot was $300 the year before, so I thought we could do much better than that. More on that in a moment… The Tri-State Bar B-Q Festival Car Show is truly a good show. What makes it even better was being tied in with a huge Bar B- Q competition that paid out $10,000 in prize money. The car show was so packed with cars, the club members parked their cars outside the fence so all the cars could get in. The trophies handed out were some of the nicest I’ve ever seen... Piston trophies on a marble base. A company out of Florida made them and they were so heavy they couldn’t be mailed, but were delivered by the company. The club as I said earlier was worried about anyone buying the Mega 50/50 tickets. After the first hour we were at $180, so I knew we would be OK. With an hour to go the pot had grown to $845 and I knew the ticket buying frenzy was about to begin and I was hoping we would hit


MAY 2013

$1,000. Well it took off and the final pot was $1,485. The club rounded it off and the winner received about $745. The club members were in shock, but all were happy. I had a chance to meet George Wallace, Jr. His dad George Sr. and his mom Lurleen were both Governors of the State of Alabama. His dad ran for president a few times before an attempted assassination in 1972 by Arthur Bremer while campaigning in Maryland. The shooting left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Wallace served 4 terms, 16 years as Governor, his wife Lurleen died during her one term in office.

George Wallace still holds the record for votes won by a third party candidate for president. George Jr. had a band and toured the country as a teenager and has played music all his life. George Jr. served as Treasurer for the State of Alabama two terms. My nephew had gotten George Jr. some equipment he needed to use to perform at the Bar B-Q Festival and promised me he would have George look me up and introduce himself. Sure enough I recognized him as he was walking up and he stayed for a while and talked. We then did an interview with him on the Hot Rod Show to promote his performance that evening.

Also I had a chance to pick out a couple of cars to feature here in 17 FOREVER from the show. First is a car purchased as a basket case by Wayne & Valerie Hart of Dothan…a 1940 Buick Coupe that took the Harts three years to completely restore. Wayne said he did about 75% of the work and it turned out to be an awesome car.

car show to attend. Drop by the Hot Rod Show trailer and say hey if you come to the show. Get your Hot Rod out of the garage, roll down the windows and enjoy that 17 FOREVER…Hot Rod state of mind! Til next month…

Terry Facebook: Terry Mason Barfield Hear a demo of the Hot Rod Show at:

Wayne & Valerie Hunt of Dothan, AL and their 1940 Buick coupe The other car that caught my eye was a 1937 Ford Coupe owned by Henry Day of Panama City, FL. This car is a fiberglass car that was built from scratch. Henry has a good eye and the car was a very nice one.

Henry Day of Panama City, FL and his 1937 Ford Coupe Sunday morning after breakfast with the family it was back on the road for home. About 50 miles east of Pensacola, FL we got into heavy rain and ponding on the interstate. After seeing one vehicle hydroplane off I10 and hit a tree, we elected to pull into a rest area and let the worst of the storm go on past. Scotty and I set the alarm for one hour and took a nap. When we woke up, there was only light rain and the ponding on I-10 was gone, so it was a wise decision to stop. All in all the Tri-State Bar B-Q Festival Car Show was a great show that I would put on the calendar for 2014. Anytime you can mix great cars and great Bar B-Q together…that is a good show. I was also told one of the big wheels from that reality TV show that deals with Bar B-Q competitions was there… although I was too busy with the car show and didn’t see him. In May, the Terry Mason Hot Rod Show has been booked for Cruising on the River, a big car show put on by the River City Bad Boyz in Vidalia, LA. That’s just across the Mississippi River from Natchez, MS. A car show on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River sounds like a great

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MAY 2013

The American Hot Rod Foundation is a Connecticut Charitable Corporation having 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The Foundation was set up by Steve, Carol and John Memishian in 2002 with the broad purpose of preserving, promoting and celebrating the history of hot rodding. Hot Rod and Racing Stories The American Hot Rod Foundation's "Hot Rod Stories" project provides a unique collection of autobiographies, as told by hot rodders and racers who participated in the hobby/sport in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These stories are in their own words, recorded using broadcast-quality 24-bit technology, and presented with up to six photos from their personal collections. As with the Foundation’s Photo Gallery, Video Clips of the Legends of hot rodding, and other materials on our website, these “Hot Rod Stories” are offered free to the public and researchers. We intend that this growing archive of historical materials will be available 50, 100…or many hundreds of years from now! In this way, future generations, who would never have had the opportunity to meet a hot rod pioneer, will understand the unique culture and ingenious technological achievements of early American hot rodders as it was truly lived.


My father wanted to support the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California and that's where some of our collections will go. Other fine institutions are out there who will take what you have to give them and try and do a great job of archiving and showing them to hot rodders of the future. What about your collections? What about your "stuff?" What are you going to do to make sure that your "stuff" survives you and is respected and wanted by the next generation? If you are leaving all your treasures to the next generation, unrecorded and uncaptioned, as if that is the duty of the next generation to do that work, then you might as well take it to the dump today and spare your widow that job. Whatever you do to put your collectibles in order…… Jim Miller, Curator and Historian for the AHRF, is a certifiable car nut. He was born into a family with gasoline in its veins. His grandfather was a Duesenberg driver/mechanic and set over 40 speed records at Muroc dry lake in the 1930′s. Jim’s father, Eddie Miller, was a founding member of the pre-war S.C.T.A. Centuries Club and built a recordbreaking lakester before designing the last of Lance Reventlow’s Scarab race cars.

past editorial by: Jim Miller Society of land speed racing historians.

The past week I have been helping my brother move, store, catalog and appreciate the many things our father left to us when he passed away last September. It has been exhausting work and yet it is also exciting to see precious artifacts, often for the first time. We all have historical artifacts, sometimes called treasures and sometimes called junk, depending on whom we are talking to. Jack Underwood, one of our Hall of Fame Historians, calls it "stuff." When Roger Rohrdanz and I visit people to do interviews and articles on them, we find "stuff" by the garage full. It is very hard to stay on schedule, get the interview and photographs to do the story, and get away within a few hours. Sometimes we just sit there and bench race with the owners of "stuff." Is this enjoyable? You bet it is and we are getting to be experts on "stuff." But, here's something we should all think about, "what happens to our possessions once we are gone?" Do we have wives who are sympathetic to our treasures? Many spouses, both husbands and wives, resent the time we spend on hot rodding and racing and when we pass on to our great reward, our spouses are only too happy to empty the garage, den, storage sheds and other places where we hide our "stuff." They sell it to other hotrodders, put it on eBay, give it to children, friends and neighbors or cart it off to the curb for the garbagemen to take to the dump. Even if you have family and friends who will treasure your "stuff," if you haven't taken the time to put captions on photographs or leave behind a description of the "stuff," what good are these objects to them. Photographs that have no names, dates, or places written on them are almost meaningless. A plaque or a trophy that has no provenance, or history to it, means just about nothing. A piece of a race car that was in a famous race is merely junk, unless you leave a historical record to document the piece of metal. A guitar owned by Elvis Presley is worth thousands, but an old guitar with no history as to who used it or owned it, is simply just an old guitar. As collectors, we often discuss the possibility of what people want, what they are looking for, what piece of history do they want to have in order to feel an attachment. We often hear this said, "well, if you don't want it, you can always give it away to the Salvation Army." These objects are too precious to give to such charities. They need to be documented, recorded and captioned. If you have no one to leave your artifacts to, then donate your stuff to the places where they will be respected. Collectible materials and historical artifacts should always go to one's family first, if they show an interest.

Jim Miller with his Bonneville race car project Jim’s first car was a quarter-scale midget racer (age three!) and by the age of 12 he had worked on two sports car projects and was fabricating parts for his dad’s gyrocopters. In 1957, after a friend gave him a batch of old car magazines, it was “read and collect any and everything that had to do with historical race cars”. That tradition carries on ’till this day – Jim’s auto racing library had taken over his home. After military service, it was back to work and back to cars. In the early ’70?s Jim developed the first after-market suspension parts for Toyotas. He then spent the next 28 years in advertising, all the while dabbling with sports cars, hot rods and vintage sprint cars. In 1995, Jim returned as a spectator to the Bonneville Salt Flats and joined the S.C.T.A.’s oldest club, the Glendale Sidewinders. For the 1996 season he was inspecting cars and had hooked up with fellow Sidewinders Manchen, Manghelli, Kennedy and their red Alfa Romeo. The next season, 1997, ended on a high note with the team winning the Points Championship. Next, three years as Chief Technical Inspector, a stint as S.C.T.A. Treasurer, and entry into the prestigious El Mirage 200 mph (Dirty 2) Club. He also helped in the building of the world’s fastest streamliner powered by a Flathead Ford (302.674 mph) and four-cylinder engine (345.855 mph), and is putting the finishing touches on his own concept lakester.

MAY 2013


May May 1-5 Panama City Beach, FL Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally The rally headquarters will be at Spinnaker Beach Club, 8795 Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach but activities will take place throughout the city. The event includes bike shows, organized rides, poker runs, entertainment, contests and more. Entry fee for the Old School Bike Show is $10.00. Bike show classes include Shovelhead, Panhead, Knucklehead, Shovelhead Custom, European and metric. Trophies will be awarded to winners. there will also be vendors music and more. For more information call 850-867-9439, May 3 Gulfport, MS The 49 Invasion.. It's the 1st Friday night dinner run..... join the Cars/trucks and bikes that will be at the Waffle House #1123 on Hwy 49 South of I-10 exit 34. Cruize Night Special Original WH Burger, hashbrowns & drink for $1. Plenty of parking for the cruisein. The Boogie Van will be pumping out 60's, 70's and 80's music. ‌. May 3 Pass Christian, MS Store by the Shore 1st Friday Cruise-in at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 90, Pass Christian, MS. 6pm - 10pm. 50/50, music, prizes. May 3-5 Fort Walton Beach, FL Burning Up The Beaches - Check in can be done on Thursday, May 2nd at "The Boardwalk" on Okaloosa Island from 3 to 7. Friday, May 3rd Check In and Cruisin the Stops! 9 to 5 Advance Check in for Car Show participants as well. Join us Friday night 6-8 for our "Meet and Greet" party, hosted by The Playground Corvette Club, at Howl At The Moon, located on the 2nd floor of the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island. Put on your poodle skirt, slick back your hair, or come as you are, but we are having a Sock Hop Folks! Free admission, hors devours, raffles, $2.00 vodka drinks and $1 Rolling Rock Beers! And since you have free admission, stick around at 8 for the south's best Dueling Piano show! Howl at the Moon is a locals favorite, and will soon be yours too! Hosted by the Playground Corvette Club. Saturday, May 4th Cruisin Stops Continues, car show opens to participants and public. The party is here at the Boardwalk all day!, gorgeous cars, entertainment, vendors and fun! Cruise in the morning, then come back to the Boardwalk by 1:00 to show your hot wheels! Judging to take place Saturday afternoon thru Sunday at noon. Cruising only? Bonus stops will be open all afternoon for you, and take some of our suggested routes for beautiful scenery! Return to Boardwalk area by 4:00pm to join in the fun before the Beach Bash! Showing only? Our locals will be thrilled to see you! Be at the Boardwalk 9:30 Saturday morning, pick up your packet and we will put you in place! Your same spot will be there for you Sunday morning at 10:00. The Beach Bash and Drawdown to $5000! Featuring the Famous Emerald Coast Blues Brothers! 6pm to 9 pm at the Swamp! FREE Food, fantastic live music and prizes, bar. The Beach Bash is open to both cruisers and car show participants! Sunday, May 5th Car Show Continues! All showing cars will be in place from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday. Judging to finish up by 12:30, with awards at 2:00pm! The Boardwalk will again have Live entertainment, vendors and Classic Cars! Judging categories 1st and 2nd places awarded to Pre 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN YOUR ENTRY FEE! Check out our web site for all today! For all the info or call 850-376-1037 May 3-5 Knoxville, TN Street Rod Nationals South Plus at Chilhowee Park & Exposition Center in Knoxville, Tenn No mail-in entries accepted after Friday, April 12, 2013. Discount available through Friday, April 12, 2013. www.nsra-usa. May 4 Biloxi, MS Coast Cruizers 1st Saturday Night Cruize-In at Edgewater Mall Hwy 90 in Biloxi, 6-9pm. 50/50, great door prizes and Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show. All are welcome! Hosted by Coast Cruizers, Gulf Coast Motorsports Magazine, the merchants of Edgewater Mall and Auto Zone. Information Jimbo 228 596-0664. May 4 Mobile, AL Po-Boy's Cruise-in at Tillmans Corner (KFC at


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Tillmans Square) Hwy 90, Mobile AL. 50/50, DJ Music, 5pm - 8:30 pm. Mobile's Showcase for Antique, Classic and Custom Cars Po-Boy's Cruise -In @ KFC events are for all of us who love Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods and Rat Rods. Proceeds to benefit local charities. Jo-Jo Johnson 251 367-6643 ( enjoy the KFC Buffet ) May 4 Slidell, LA. Coastal Cruisers Cruise-in at North Shore Square Mall in front of Sears. (take exit 80 off I-12, North Shore Blvd./Airport Dr.) Slidell, LA. Cruise night, 1st Saturday of each month, 5-9pm. Hosted by the Info: Vince 504 430-3006 May 4 Saraland, AL 1st Annual Car Show at Destination Church, 1501 Celeste Rd, Saraland, AL 36571. Registration 8am-12 Noon. Trophies for Best of Show, best engine, best paint, Rat Rod, Motorcycles, Pastor's choice & best under construction. Plaques awarded to top 50. Live entertainment, food & refreshments available, door prizes. Info call Scott 251-510-1742 May 10 Lucedale, MS Lucedale Breakfast Cruise-in every 2nd Friday at Hardees in Lucedale, corner of Old Hwy 63 and Cowart Street from 8:30am till. For more information contact Mike Lachaussee 228-369-1431 May 11 Bay St. Louis, MS 2nd Saturday Night Cruise-in location is Market Town Plaza Hwy 90 Bay St. Louis, MS restaurants are Neal's Diner, Brooklyn Pizza, King Wah, and Subway also a grocery store Frugels. 6pm - 9pm. Hosted by the Misfits Street Krewzers, Always draws a big crowd of people enjoying the "Swamp pop music", 50/50, prizes. Walking distance to restaurants. Info: call Terry 228 216 1259 May 11 Gulfport, MS 2nd SATURDAY SWAP MEET Swap Meet · Car Corral · Garage Sale Flea Market · Farmers Market · etc. 11am - 4pm FREE ENTRY For ALL Vendors & Spectators. Gulfport Dragway is located I-10 exit 31. Go South on Canal Rd, cross over the railroad tracks. Go about 1 mile, turn left onto Racetrack Road and continue to Gulfport Dragway. No Food Vendors Gulfport Dragway - 228 863-4408 May 11 Mandeville, LA Northshore Mustang Club Spring Open Car Show Saturday May 11, 2013 8AM-4PM Banner Ford 143 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville La, 50/50 Drawing, Lots of Awards, Music, Free Food & Drink Dash Plaques and Goodie Bags Registration 8AM-11AM, Judging 12PM-2PM, Awards at 3PM. Pre-registration $20 (by May 3), Day of Show $25 For info, call Donald Day (985) 974-0611 or Gary Poirier (985) 373-8679 or visit May 11 Biloxi, MS Second Saturday Super Cruise-In at Edgewater Mall west parking lot. 6-9 p.m. April thru September. Music, fun and friends. Spend a warm evening with cool cars and friendly people. Hosted by Mississippi Coast Mustang Club & Antique Auto and Engine Club of Mississippi. May 11 Gonzales, LA 1st Annual Aces for Angels Poker Run to benefit The Little Angels Foundation May 11, 2013. All Don's Seafood stops. Starting at Don's Seafood Hut Gonzales-2405 W. Cabela's Pkwy, Gonzales, La 70737- to Denham, Hammond, Covington, ending back at Gonzales. OPEN TO ANYTHING WITH WHEELS! 5 draws. 50/50 at each stop. Live auction, live music, and crawfish boil at Gonzales location for final stop. $25 per hand or $40 per hand with all you can eat crawfish boil dinner. Check-in starts at 7:30. Ride at 9. For more information call Shae at (225)439-3100 May 17 Long Beach, MS 3rd Friday Night Cruisin' Jeff Davis Ave. ... park or cruise the strip it's up to you. No prizes, 50/50, dj's or give-a-ways, just the coolest place to be seen on a Friday night. Everyone Welcome. Plenty of great places to eat May 17-19 Philadelphia, MS Thunder Ridge Bike Rally The rally will be held at 15831-A Highway 19 North in Philadelphia. The gates open at 9:00 am on the 17th. Motorcycle activities include bike games, poker run, bike show, burnout pit, music, food vendors, and more. Awards will be given to winners of the bike games. The proceeds from the poker run will go to Dream Riders to be used for charity. The bike show will have various classes with awards for the winners. $25.00 weekend pass, $15.00 day pass This event includes live entertainment, biker games, bike show, vendors, free camping, RV hookups, and much more 601-416-9175 May 17 - 18 Vidalia, LA. Cruising On The River at Vidalia River Park,

Three Texas cowboys are sitting around a campfire, out on the lonesome prairie, each with the bravado for which cowboys are famous. A night of tall tales begins. The first says, "I must be the meanest, toughest cowboy there is. Why, just the other day, a bull got loose in the corral and gored six men before I wrestled it to the ground, by the horns, with my bare hands." The second can't stand to be bested. "Why that's nothing. I was walking down the trail yesterday and a fifteen foot rattler slid out from under a rock and made a move for me. I grabbed that snake with my bare hands, bit its head off, and sucked the poison down in one gulp. And I'm still here today." The third cowboy remained silent, slowly stirring the coals with his bare foot and said, “why I remember one time I rode into a town I ain’t never been to before an stopped at the saloon for a drink. Seems, them locals always had a habit of pickin on newcomers. Well when I finished my drink and went outside my horse had been stolen.” “what did ya’ do?” his partners asked. “Well I was madder’ than blazes, so I went back into the bar, flipped my gun into the air, caught it above my head without even lookin an fired a shot into the ceiling. "Who stole my horse?" I yelled..!!” “Yeah what happened then?” they asked “well no one spoke up… so I said "I'm gonna have another beer and if my horse ain't back outside by the time I'm finished, I'm gonna’ do what I dun back in Texas and I don't want to have to do what I dun back in Texas!" “Well I got to tell ya’,... some of them locals shifted real restlessly like… I drank another beer, walked outside, and my horse was back! So I saddled up and started to ride out of town. About that time the bartender wandered out of the bar and asked me, "Say partner, what happened in Texas?" I turned back and said, "I had to walk home!"

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I just love a story with a happy ending, don't you? : Rusty MAY 2013


Vidalia, LA. Registration for car show at comfort suites hotel (Vidalia, La) registration Friday, May 17th (8:00am - 3:00pm) registration Saturday, May 18th (8:00am - noon) this is an open show (cars, trucks, bikes of all makes and models welcome) car show schedule Friday evening cruise lineup begins 4:30pm Saturday car show festivities 8:00am - 5:00pm drive-thru judging 8:00am - 1:00pm Auction at Comfort Suites 4:00pm. Car show awards at Comfort Suites 5:30pm *over 100 awards * auction * grand prize * drive-thru judging* *door prizes * 50/50 tickets * raffles * Cruising On the River best of show award * *cruising on the river car show t-shirts available beginning Friday at 8:00am* pre register by May 10, 2013 for a chance to win a power glide deluxe 2 drawer mechanic cart ! For questions or additional information contact: Ronnie Martin: 601-334-4423 Roger Mcdonald: 318-336-8265 Billy Byrnes 318336-7709 *vendors please contact: Amelia Mcdonald: 318-336-8265 Music by: Terry Masons Hot Rod Show May 18 Gulfport, MS - Waffles-4-Warriors to be held at Waffle House #1123 located at 9293 U.S. 49, Gulfport, MS - 10% of days recipes 6am to 6pm go to the Wounded Warrior Project. May 18th is Armed Forces Day, please stop by grab a bite to eat to help support this event. info: 228.596.0664 May 18 D’Iberville, MS 3rd Saturday Night Cruise-in at Dairy Queen - 4pm to 8pm -10634 Auto Mall Pkwy. Music by “The Boogie Van”, FREE NSRA Vehicle Safety Inspection by: NSRA Safety Inspector Jerry Cuevas with support from members of Singing River Street Rod Association. Car Clubs & Independents, Everyone Welcome. DQ Grill & Chill Cruise night specials. Info: Jerry 228.326.7489 May 18 Mandeville, LA. First Annual Mandeville Lions Club free open Auto & Truck show & Swap-meet. Show will be held at 720 Lafitte Street, there is NO ENTRANCE FEE. Peoples choice awards and great door prizes for all participants. Vendor swap-meet spaces are $20.00 each with tables provided. (Indoors). Food, drink & beer will be available. All profits go to local Lions Club Charities such as the Louisiana Eye Foundation. For more info. call Nick at 985-626-8614 or 985-237-4734 May 18 Pascagoula, MS 8th Annual Show By The Shore Car Show. Beach Park Pascagoula. We are dedicating this show to our Military in recognition of Armed Forces Day. Rain or Shine. Registration 8am-11am Judging starts at 11am. Awards at 3pm.Top 25, Best of Show pre-1988, Best of Show post 1987, Club participation, Dash plaques, Cash awards, Host class. Games, Wipe out board, Door Prizes, 50/50 drawings. Food & Drink. (by NEW Park Vendor). Early reg: $20 Day of show $25 Info Betty Carter 228.588.6993 or 228.218.9831 May 18 Laurel, MS Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show sponsored by the Cool Cruisers of South Mississippi, in Laurel, Mississippi. All proceeds will go to The Arc of the Pine Belt Region. This money will fund the organization's Respite Program; recreational activities, such as monthly Movie Night and Fun Day; and other programs that benefit individuals with intellectual disabilities. For more information contact: Mr. Randall Dykes 601-425-3608, 431 Walters Loop Laurel, MS 39440 May 18 Madisonville, LA 12th Annual Crusin’ on the river car show Saturday May 18th 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Tchefuncte Riverfront Madisonville, La. Join us in Madisonville, LA on May 18, 2013 for the 12th Annual Cruisin’ on the River Show. Sponsored by the Greater Madisonville Area Chamber of Commerce, the show will be a fun time for all. There will be awards given in each of the following categories: Pre -1949 Street Rods, 1949-1980 Custom/Muscle Cars, Pre-1975 Original/ Classic, Mustangs, Corvettes, Tri-Five, and Trucks. General Admission is free to the public. Gift certificates from area hotels and restaurants will be given away during the show. Food and beverages will be on sale during the show, so bring your appetite and help support the Chamber. Applicants may register at 9:00 a.m., judging starts at 1:00p.m., awards presented at 3:00p.m. Registration fee: $20.00 Great Giveaways, 50/50 raffle.(Rain Date: Saturday, May 25th) May 24 Gulfport, MS 4th Friday Night Cruise-in at Sam’s Club, 10431 Old Hwy 49. (I-10 & Hwy 49 · Exit 34) 5pm-8pm. Everyone Welcome for Cruise-in. Secured parking, entrance to café, restrooms, pharmacy. All cruisers that join or existing Sam’s Club Members will be entered for chance to win Sam’s Club Gift Cards


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May 24-26 Gulfport, MS The 31st Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Memorial Day Blowout. This event is located at the Gulfport Dragway, 17085 Race Track Rd, Gulfport, MS. For your enjoyment, there will be shows, races, many contests, including a wet t-shirt contest, and much more! This is sure to be a great time, we hope to see you there! phone 228 -392-1801 May 24-26 Springfield MO Mid-America Street Rod Nationals Plus at Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield Missouri, No mail-in entries accepted after Friday, May 3, 2013. Discount available through Friday, May 3, 2013. May 25 Dothan, AL New South Cruisers 4th Saturday night Cruisein, 5-8 pm at McAlister's Deli Ross Clark Circle at West Main Street. Big time valve cover racing, music, 50/50, door prizes. For more info call Steve at (334) 702-1224 or (334) 714-1166 or email May 25 Silverhill, AL Eddie "Papa" Denk Memorial Car & Truck Show held downtown Silverhill in the town park squares at Hwy 104 and County Rd 55 in Silverhill, AL Registration 8am to 12pm, Door prizes & Goody Bags, dash plaques to the first 100. 50/50 Jackpot drawing. preregistration $20 by May 17. $25 day of show. 2nd, 3rd vehicles $15 per. Judging starts at 11am. 75 Awards. Info Frankie Kucera 251.945.5506 or 251.215.9630 May 31-June 2 York, PA Street Rod Nationals East Plus at York Expo Center in York, Pennsylvania, No mail-in entries accepted after Friday, May 10, 2013. Discount available through Friday, May 10, 2013.

June June 1 Biloxi, MS Coast Cruizers 1st Saturday Night Cruize-In at Edgewater Mall Hwy 90 in Biloxi, 6-9pm. 50/50, great door prizes and Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show. All are welcome! Hosted by Coast Cruizers, Gulf Coast Motorsports Magazine, the merchants of Edgewater Mall and Auto Zone. Information Jimbo 228 596-0664. June 1 Mobile, AL Po-Boy's Cruise-in at Tillmans Corner (KFC at Tillmans Square) Hwy 90, Mobile AL. 50/50, DJ Music, 5pm - 8:30 pm. Mobile's Showcase for Antique, Classic and Custom Cars Po-Boy's Cruise-In @ KFC events are for all of us who love Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods and Rat Rods. Proceeds to benefit local charities. Jo-Jo 251 367-6643 ( enjoy the KFC Buffet ) June 1 Slidell, LA. Coastal Cruisers Cruise-in at North Shore Square Mall in front of Sears. (take exit 80 off I-12, North Shore Blvd./Airport Dr.) Slidell, LA. Cruise night, 1st Saturday of each month, 5-9pm. Hosted by the Coastal Cruisers Car Club Info: Vince 504 430-3006 June 1 Tylertown, MS Walthall Dairy Festival Car & Truck Show (Cow Bag Nationals) pre 1980. Holmes Water Park in Tylertown. Peoples choice, Top twenty. Dash plaques, Door Prizes. Registration 9am to 1pm. Awards at 3pm. Info Randy Wilson 601 684-2609 June 1 Bay Springs, MS Bay Fest Fun Run 2013 Open Car, Truck and Rod Show at Bay Springs, MS City Park. Registration 8am until 11am Awards at 1pm. Entry fee $20 per vehicle. Awards for top 100 vehicles, best of show car, best of show truck, off road, rat rod, race truck/car & Mayor Choice. Door Prizes and goody bags for all participants also 50/50 ticket drawing. NO PETS or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED!!! For more info: John Stanley Poore 601-425-4865 - Mark Ishee 601-7393181 - Gerry Myrick 601-764-3279 June 7 Gulfport, MS The 49 Invasion.. Come Cruize Hwy 49 every 1st Friday Night. It's the 1st Friday night dinner run.. join the Cars/trucks and bikes that will be cruising up Hwy 49 past I-10. Plenty of great places to eat or hang out. Watch for Cruize Night Specials at Waffle House #1123 and Fox's Pizza Den and Sports Bar. June 7 Pass Christian, MS Store by the Shore 1st Friday Cruise-in at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 90, Pass Christian, MS. 6pm - 10pm. 50/50, music, prizes. June 8 Biloxi, MS Second Saturday Super Cruise-In at Edgewater Mall west parking lot. 6-9 p.m. April thru September. Music, fun and friends. Spend a warm evening with cool cars and friendly people. Hosted by Mississippi Coast Mustang Club & Antique Auto and Engine Club of


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Mississippi. June 8 Poplarville , MS Blueberry Festival And Car Show. At BankPlus ( 105 South Main St ) Top 30 Cars & Top 15 Trucks, Best of Show Car & Best Of Show Truck, Best Paint, Engine, Interior, Mayor`s Choice, Police Chief's Choice, BankPlus Choice, Blueberry's Queen's Choice & the GOOD TIME CRUISERS Award. 50/50, 50's & 60's music, Some give aways Dash plaques to the first 100. Then there is the Festival itself. Crafts & Food Venders of all type & all kind's of Blueberry Products. Ya`ll come Info Joe 601-795-4004 Benny 601-7958539 Billy 601-799-1932 or June 8 Bay St. Louis, MS 2nd Saturday Night Cruise-in location is Market Town Plaza Hwy 90 Bay St. Louis, MS restaurants are Neal's Diner, Brooklyn Pizza, King Wah, and Subway also a grocery store Frugels. 6pm - 9pm. Hosted by the Misfits Street Krewzers, Always draws a big crowd of people enjoying the "Swamp pop music", 50/50, prizes. Walking distance to restaurants. Info: call Terry 228 216 1259 June 14 Lucedale, MS Lucedale Breakfast Cruise-in every 2nd Friday at Hardees in Lucedale, corner of Old Hwy 63 and Cowart Street from 8:30am till. For more information contact Mike Lachaussee 228-3691431 June 15 D’Iberville, MS 3rd Saturday Night Cruise-in at Dairy Queen - 4pm to 8pm -10634 Auto Mall Pkwy. Music by “The Boogie Van”, FREE NSRA Vehicle Safety Inspection by: NSRA Safety Inspector Jerry Cuevas with support from members of Singing River Street Rod Association. Car Clubs & Independents, Everyone Welcome. DQ Grill & Chill Cruise night specials. Info: Jerry 228.326.7489 June 15 Kiln, MS. First Annual BBQ Cook Off & Antique Car Show. at McLeod Park, 8100 Texas Flat Rd, Kiln, MS 39556. 8am-3:30pm Awards at 3pm. Great food, 50/50, door prizes, live bands, silent auction, dash plaques and top 10 awards. Shady grounds. Pre-register by June 1st $20 Day of show $25

June 21-23 Biloxi, MS Scrapin the Coast “the Wildest Show on the Coast” Car & Truck Show, Vendors, Live Bands, Stereo Competition, Frame Draggin’, Burnout Contest, Wild Bikini Contest $$$$, Mobile Dyno, Stereo Sale, Tattoo Competition, Hydro & Air Bag Competition. Pre-Party Friday night at Orangutang’s. After Party Saturday night at Margaritaville Biloxi. Registration Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 7am6pm at the Coast Coliseum. Show hours Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 8am-5pm. Pre-registration $50 outside or $100 inside. FREE shirt with pre-reg!!! Day of show registration $60. For more info call: Myles 228-832-2688 Greg 228-832-4683 June 21 Long Beach, MS 3rd Friday Night Cruisin' Jeff Davis Ave. ... park or cruise the strip it's up to you. No prizes, 50/50, dj's or give-aways, just the coolest place to be seen on a Friday night. Everyone Welcome. Plenty of great places to eat June 22, Jackson, MS. 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Fun Run. This power cruise starts 9am at the Mississippi State Veterans Home, Jackson, MS. We will cruise to El Ranchito Mexican Grill, in Richland, MS for lunch, 10% off for cruisers. After lunch we load up for the drive to the State Veterans Home in Collins, MS. Free event, paid for by our sponsors but donations to the Veterans Homes accepted. Dash plaques for the first 50 vehicles. Everybody is welcome info: Ollie at 601-829-2589 June 22 Dothan, AL New South Cruisers 4th Saturday night Cruisein, 5-8 pm at McAlister's Deli Ross Clark Circle at West Main Street. Big time valve cover racing, music, 50/50, door prizes. For more info call Steve at (334) 702-1224 or (334) 714-1166 June 28 Gulfport, MS 4th Friday Night Cruise-in at Sam’s Club, 10431 Old Hwy 49. (I-10 & Hwy 49 · Exit 34) 5pm-8pm. Everyone Welcome for Cruise-in. Secured parking, entrance to café, restrooms, pharmacy. All cruisers that join or existing Sam’s Club Members will be entered for chance to win Sam’s Club Gift Cards June 29 Gulfport, MS 5th Saturday Night Cruise-in at Fox's Pizzeria (Continued on page 46)

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& Sports Pub - Hwy 49 (5 lights North of I-10) - ... it's where everyone goes... Info: 228.206.7667

Cars, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods and Rat Rods. Proceeds to benefit local charities. Jo-Jo 251 367-6643 ( enjoy the KFC Buffet )

June 29 Hattiesburg, MS 2nd Annual Deanash Children's Village Car Show. 8 am - 1 pm, Pineview Baptist Church, 19 Tower Rd, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 located behind Paul B. Johnson State Park. Registration fee of $25.00 on the day of the show. Proceeds to support The Deanash Children's Village. Food, Door Prizes, Music and Games. Trophies awarded as follows: Longest Owned, Distance Traveled, Best Engine, Interior, Paint, Work In Progress, Foreign Car, Motorcycle, Rat Rod, Street Rod, Original Truck, Custom Truck, Muscle Car Pre 1990, Muscle Car 1990-2013, Oldest Vehicle, Special Interest, Sports Car, Peoples Choice, Pastors Choice, Children's Choice, Best In Show. We will be using Peer Judges. Contact Stan Anderson at 601-467-1138 or Email

July 6 Slidell, LA. Coastal Cruisers Cruise-in at North Shore Square Mall in front of Sears. (take exit 80 off I-12, North Shore Blvd./Airport Dr.) Slidell, LA. Cruise night, 1st Saturday of each month, 5-9pm. Hosted by the Coastal Cruisers Car Club Info: Vince 504 430-3006

July July 5 Gulfport, MS The 49 Invasion.. Come Cruize Hwy 49 every 1st Friday Night. It's the 1st Friday night dinner run.. join the Cars/trucks and bikes that will be cruising up Hwy 49 past I-10. Plenty of great places to eat or hang out. Watch for Cruize Night Specials at Waffle House #1123 and Fox's Pizza Den and Sports Bar. July 5 Pass Christian, MS Store by the Shore 1st Friday Cruise-in at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 90, Pass Christian, MS. 6pm - 10pm. 50/50, music, prizes. July 6 Biloxi, MS Coast Cruizers 1st Saturday Night Cruize-In at Edgewater Mall Hwy 90 in Biloxi, 6-9pm. 50/50, great door prizes and Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show. All are welcome! Hosted by Coast Cruizers, Gulf Coast Motorsports Magazine, the merchants of Edgewater Mall and Auto Zone. Information Jimbo 228 596-0664. July 6 Mobile, AL Po-Boy's Cruise-in at Tillmans Corner (KFC at Tillmans Square) Hwy 90, Mobile AL. 50/50, DJ Music, 5pm - 8:30 pm. Mobile's Showcase for Antique, Classic and Custom Cars Po-Boy's Cruise-In @ KFC events are for all of us who love Antique Cars, Classic


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July 12 Lucedale, MS Lucedale Breakfast Cruise-in every 2nd Friday at Hardees in Lucedale, corner of Old Hwy 63 and Cowart Street from 8:30am till. For more contact Mike Lachaussee 228-369-1431 July 13 Gulfport, MS 2nd SATURDAY SWAP MEET Swap Meet · Car Corral · Garage Sale Flea Market · Farmers Market · etc. 11am - 4pm FREE ENTRY For ALL Vendors & Spectators. Gulfport Dragway is located I-10 exit 31. Go South on Canal Rd, cross over the railroad tracks. Go about 1 mile, turn left onto Racetrack Road and continue to Gulfport Dragway. No Food Vendors Gulfport Dragway - 228 863-4408 July 13 Bay St. Louis, MS 2nd Saturday Night Cruise-in location is Market Town Plaza Hwy 90 Bay St. Louis, MS restaurants are Neal's Diner, Brooklyn Pizza, King Wah, and Subway also a grocery store Frugels. 6pm - 9pm. Hosted by the Misfits Street Krewzers, Always draws a big crowd of people enjoying the "Swamp pop music", 50/50, prizes. Walking distance to restaurants. Info: call Terry 228 216 1259 July 13 Biloxi, MS Second Saturday Super Cruise-In at Edgewater Mall west parking lot. 6-9 p.m. April thru September. Music, fun and friends. Spend a warm evening with cool cars and friendly people. Hosted by Mississippi Coast Mustang Club & Antique Auto and Engine Club of Mississippi. July 19 Long Beach, MS 3rd Friday Night Cruisin' Jeff Davis Ave. ... park or cruise the strip it's up to you. No prizes, 50/50, dj's or give-aways, just the coolest place to be seen on a Friday night. Everyone Welcome. Plenty of great places to eat July 20 D’Iberville, MS 3rd Saturday Night Cruise-in at Dairy Queen

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- 4pm to 8pm -10634 Auto Mall Pkwy. Music by “The Boogie Van”, FREE NSRA Vehicle Safety Inspection by: NSRA Safety Inspector Jerry Cuevas with support from members of Singing River Street Rod Association. Car Clubs & Independents, Everyone Welcome. DQ Grill & Chill Cruise night specials. Info: Jerry 228.326.7489 July 20 Mize, MS 35th Annual Mississippi Watermelon Festival car, truck & bike show hosted by the Smith County Cruisers on July 20, 2013 on Main Street in Mize, Ms. Event time is 8:00am-3:00 pm. Awards will be presented to Best of Show car, truck & pre '49, Top 15 Cars, Top 15 Trucks, Top 5 Pre '49, Top 5 Race Cars, Top 5 '90 Model & Up, Top 5 Bike, Top 5 Four Wheeler, Best Project, Long Distance, Club Participant. Dash plaques and goody bags will be given to the first 100 entries. There will be door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. For more information contact: Max at 601-405-7685 (day or night), or email visit us on Face Book at Smith Cty Cruisers July 26 Gulfport, MS 4th Friday Night Cruise-in at Sam’s Club, 10431 Old Hwy 49. (I-10 & Hwy 49 · Exit 34) 5pm-8pm. Everyone Welcome for Cruise-in. Secured parking, entrance to café, restrooms, pharmacy. All cruisers that join or existing Sam’s Club Members will be entered for chance to win Sam’s Club Gift Cards July 27 Dothan, AL New South Cruisers 4th Saturday night Cruisein, 5-8 pm at McAlister's Deli Ross Clark Circle at West Main Street. Big time valve cover racing, music, 50/50, door prizes. For more info call Steve at (334) 702-1224 or (334) 714-1166 or email

August August 2 Gulfport, MS The 49 Invasion.. Come Cruize Hwy 49 every 1st Friday Night. It's the 1st Friday night dinner run.. join the Cars/trucks and bikes that will be cruising up Hwy 49 past I-10. Plenty of great places to eat or hang out. Watch for Cruize Night Specials at Waffle House #1123 and Fox's Pizza Den and Sports Bar. August 2 Pass Christian, MS Store by the Shore 1st Friday Cruise-in at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 90, Pass Christian, MS. 6pm - 10pm. 50/50, music, prizes. August 3 Wiggins, MS Car Club Appreciation Day Picnic at Flint Creek Water Park. Car Clubs and independents are invited to attend, Red Creek Classics car club will be grilling Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. there is a large air conditioned building (just incase you need to get out of the heat) and there are plenty of shade trees. No charge to attend. info Charlie 601.528.1172. or Terry 601.528.1361 August 3 Biloxi, MS Coast Cruizers 1st Saturday Night Cruize-In at Edgewater Mall Hwy 90 in Biloxi, 6-9pm. 50/50, great door prizes and Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show. All are welcome! Hosted by Coast Cruizers, Gulf Coast Motorsports Magazine, the merchants of Edgewater Mall and Auto Zone. Information Jimbo 228 596-0664. August 3 Mobile, AL Po-Boy's Cruise-in at Tillmans Corner (KFC at Tillmans Square) Hwy 90, Mobile AL. 50/50, DJ Music, 5pm - 8:30 pm. Mobile's Showcase for Antique, Classic and Custom Cars Po-Boy's Cruise-In at KFC events are for all of us who love Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods and Rat Rods. Proceeds to benefit local charities. Information call Jo-Jo Johnson 251 367-6643 ( enjoy the KFC Buffet ) August 3 Slidell, LA. Coastal Cruisers Cruise-in at North Shore Square Mall in front of Sears. (take exit 80 off I-12, North Shore Blvd./ Airport Dr.) Slidell, LA. Cruise night, 1st Saturday of each month, 59pm. Hosted by the Coastal Cruisers Car Club Info: Vince 504 430-3006 August 5-11 Sturgis, South Dakota Black Hills Motorcycle Rally & Races Join thousands of your best friends for a week of fun. The rally is held on Main street between 4th street and Middle street and officially opens at noon. Events include bike shows, vendors, runs, racing, hill climbs, and much more. In addition to many official rally activities there are many individual events in Sturgis the surrounding area. For more information go to August 8-10 Hiawassee, GA Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz-in. Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruize In, is held in Hiawassee, Georgia located in the North Georgia mountains. If you have never been to this


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part of the country, what a treat awaits you. It's breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, ice cold clear streams, charming landscape, and some of the world's friendliest people will truly spoil you. Located on Lake Chatuge, The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds will host the event. You will enjoy strolling the pioneer setting, with live mountain music, folk exhibits, local crafts, and of course hundreds of hot classic cars. With plenty of automotive vendors on display to help you with a hard to find part for your classic car or street rod. You will love the shade trees, lakeside views, and a chance to relax in your chair beside your hotrod with a cold glass of lemonade. All of this will convince you to stay forever. Thanks to the City of Hiawassee and the kind people of the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, there will be some good ole mountain music shows, held Friday and Saturday night at the Anderson Music Hall located on grounds. The nominal admission charge for the show will prove to be one of your best deals for the summer. Don't miss it! Registered vehicles will receive a discount. So make your plans now for the best Classic Automotive fest you have ever attended. Show info: 662 587-9572 August 9 Lucedale, MS Lucedale Breakfast Cruise-in every 2nd Friday at Hardees in Lucedale, corner of Old Hwy 63 and Cowart Street from 8:30am till. For more contact Mike Lachaussee 228-369-1431 August 10 Bay St. Louis, MS 2nd Saturday Night Cruise-in location is Market Town Plaza Hwy 90 Bay St. Louis, MS restaurants are Neal's Diner, Brooklyn Pizza, King Wah, and Subway also a grocery store Frugels. 6pm - 9pm. Hosted by the Misfits Street Krewzers, Always draws a big crowd of people enjoying the "Swamp pop music", 50/50, prizes. Walking distance to restaurants. Info: call Terry 228 216 1259 August 10 Gulfport, MS 2nd SATURDAY SWAP MEET Swap Meet · Car Corral · Garage Sale Flea Market · Farmers Market · etc. 11am - 4pm FREE ENTRY For ALL Vendors & Spectators. Gulfport Dragway is located I-10 exit 31. Go South on Canal Rd, cross over the railroad tracks. Go about 1 mile, turn left onto Racetrack Road and continue to Gulfport Dragway. No Food Vendors Gulfport Dragway - 228 863-4408 August 10 Biloxi, MS Second Saturday Super Cruise-In at Edgewater Mall west parking lot. 6-9 p.m. April thru September. Music, fun and friends. Spend a warm evening with cool cars and friendly people. Hosted by Mississippi Coast Mustang Club & Antique Auto and Engine Club of Mississippi. August 16 Long Beach, MS 3rd Friday Night Cruisin' Jeff Davis Ave. ... park or cruise the strip it's up to you. No prizes, 50/50, dj's or give-aways, just the coolest place to be seen on a Friday night. Everyone Welcome. Plenty of great places to eat August 16-18 Holly Springs, MS Hill Country Motorcycle Rally The rally will be held at 159 Old Highway 7 South in Holly Springs. The gates open at 11:30 am. The rally includes A.M.R.A Drag Races, a bike show, bike games, bands, camping, contests, 50/50 drawing, vendors, and more. The bike show will award trophies in various categories. Bike show entry is included in the rally fee. There will also be various bike games with plaques awarded to winners. Racing categories include Pro fuel, Pro Gas, Modified, Pro Mod, V Mod, Top eliminator, Super gas, Super Pro, Pro eliminator, Eliminator, Outlaw Street, Hot street, and Dresser. Vendor fees begin at $60.00 for a 12 X 12 space. For more information call (662) 202-2018, August 17 D’Iberville, MS 3rd Saturday Night Cruise-in at Dairy Queen - 4pm to 8pm -10634 Auto Mall Pkwy. Music by “The Boogie Van”, FREE NSRA Vehicle Safety Inspection by: NSRA Safety Inspector Jerry Cuevas with support from members of Singing River Street Rod Association. Car Clubs & Independents, Everyone Welcome. DQ Grill & Chill Cruise night specials. Info: Jerry 228.326.7489 August 23 Gulfport, MS 4th Friday Night Cruise-in at Sam’s Club, 10431 Old Hwy 49. (I-10 & Hwy 49 · Exit 34) 5pm-8pm. Everyone Welcome for Cruise-in. Secured parking, entrance to café, restrooms, pharmacy. All cruisers that join or existing Sam’s Club Members will be entered for chance to win Sam’s Club Gift Cards Check complete listing of EVENTS at

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Building of the Purple Queen The idea for the Purple Queen is a vision of Peter Ström who wanted to show that he could build a good looking Bobber from a stock Sportster. With the help from his friend “Kenta” ( ) who helped Peter with fabrication, then built in the home garage. . Meet 49 years old Peter Ström, who lives in a suburb of Stockholm, called Södertälje. I have always changed and rebuilt bicycles, mopeds, boats, cars and motorcycles, has been difficult to have something that everyone else has, I have to put my own style on it. We have three Harley Davidson’s in the family now. The first one I built was a FXR Trike for my wife, she has a muscle disease, so she can not run a standard motorcycle. Then I built a Sportster chopper for myself. (published by many magazines in the United States, England, Germany, Spain, France, Austria and Sweden, a truly visional work of art) and last year my wife's daughter wanted to ride with us, so I built her a Sportster for this season. Her name is Janine Nikula and she is 22 years old. She is studying music, singing, drama and dance. She started to ride a bike late last summer and she got her driving license this summer (2012). She is quite "girly" so when I started to build this bike for her, her only wish was that it should be purple and she wanted a crown somewhere on the bike. And that’s where the name "Purple Queen" became the theme. The ideas started when I saw Moons Sportster and thought the style was awesome. I met engraver, Andrea Gallinaro from Italy (on internet), who does 70s style engravings and I like flake paint and gold, so I made a mix from Sportster bobber and 70s chopper. I started with an original Sportster that I tore down completely. I cut away the rear bracket for the stock fenders and welded new mounts for turn signals, raised the mounting point for gas tank, cut out and reinforced the frame in front to make a cleaner look. Bracket for the ignition switch was moved and welded to the battery box, bracket for the new rear fender was made. Brackets for solo saddle was welded after that the frame was powder satin black. The wheels I tore down, hubs powder coated satin black, then I built up the wheels with twisted spokes and brass nipples and mounted old style tires. I tore down the forks and all the brackets were cut away from the triple trees, then I sent all the parts from the fork and all engine covers to Andrea in Italy for engraving and polishing. The engine is almost untouched, what’s done is engraving on all covers, cylinders are powder coated, special bracket in polished stainless steel with integrated speedometer to the upper engine mount, all bolts have brass covers. Brass point cover from Indian Larry. The handlebar is Biltwells Frisco I welded risers for a cleaner look. Internal throttle installed and electricity was drawn to two mini switches, one in the side of the grip for high /low light and horn and the brass mount from Kustom Tech Italy a mini switch for turn lights. All electricity is newly drawn, mini turn signals in front and Kellermann Micro 1000 for the rear. Registration plate was moved down to the left side with a new bracket and powder coated steel and Brass. I have tried to find as much brass parts as possible, I think it has been a good combination. The exhaust system is made by my friend Kent, Ace Performance and I have rebuilt the mufflers with brass trumpets. Paint was next, and the mini flake paint and text were painted by air brush artist Daniel at his studio in Stockholm. Janine has always liked to ride with us and now with her own license and bike, she has been joining us on the road. and shows the bike a lot. Janine appreciates her bike and thinks it is nice and smooth to drive. "It's really a nice sidekick from the daily life"....Janine

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The Purple Queen Builder: Peter Ström - Photographer: Peter Ström Owner : Janine Nikula - 1995 Sportster 883 Fabrication Peter Ström / Kenta Falkered Assembly Peter Ström - Build Time 6 Months, Frame: Stock ’95 Sportster, that I cut off the rear fender moutnts and made brackets for turning lights, made new and higher mounting for the gastank - Engine: HD 883, Brass screw covers on all bolts. Powder coated cylinders black, custom made motor mounts with Motoscope Mini gauges. Carb: CV brass dome from Lowbrow Customs, choke knob 8 ball from Joker Machine. Pipes: Peter Ström / Ace Performance with trumpet exhaust tips in brass from Lowbrow Customs. Air Cleaner: Stage 1 “Big Sucker” - Forks Stock 39 mm and modified stock triple trees that's been Engraved. Fork length - Burly Lowering Kits -1 ¼” Front wheel Stock 19 - Rear wheel Stock 16 “ both with twisted spokes and brass nipples by Peter Ström - Front & Rear Tires Avon Speed Master MK2 - Shocks Burly “Slammer” -2” - Front & Rear Brake Crome Bolt-on - Stock Sportster Fuel & Oil Tank with brass cap from Speed Dealer Customs - “Ribbed” Steel fenders - Handlebar by Biltwell “Frisco Bars” with welded risers and powder coated black - Headlight is Bates Style 5 ¾” Taillight The Stop - Turnsignals Kellermann Micro 1000 with Rubber Mount Triangular tabs brass from Lowbrow Customs Hand Controls Kustom Tech Delux polished/brass - Grips by Biltwell “Kung Fu” grip - Foot Controls HD Mid controls - Hippy killer Cast brass foot pegs and shifter - Electrical Kenta Falkered - Purple paint miniflakes, Graphics, Pinstriping and text by painter Daniel Fahlström Special Thanks to: Andrea Gallinaro, Italy for the engravings on the engine and fork, - Kenta Falkered at Ace Performance for his bike building skills, - Roffe Johansson at The Partsstop for getting all the right parts


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Classified Ads You get 2 months in Gulf Coast MotorSports Magazine & 2 months on Web Site

Picture Ad $10 · Non Picture Ad $5


1958 Chevy Del Ray ready to cruise. $11,900. Call Bill details 228-861-8219 5-13lg21

32 Deuce-Awesome! Outlaw body, Deuce Factory Chassis, 1000 mi on build. 375 hp ZZ4, Turbo 350, Super Bell dropped front axle, power disc brakes, cross steering. Power trunk, hidden key and power window switches. Custom gauges, lots of billet. Everything works. Louvered steel hood. Clear '32 title. Ultra superglide seat. Walker radiator- 175 degrees all the time.$60,000 to build, bring me $38,500. Chuck 985-789-5188 4-13lg18

1962 Chevy Impala Super Sport. 327 engine, automatic, bucket-seats. All Original. Frame off in 2006. Need to sell due to heart trouble. Come see and make offer. Reasonable offer excepted. Bob 601-693-3896 Meridian, MS 3-13

1954 Studebaker Commander, original 259 cu in V-8, 3 speed standard W/overdrive, good solid car, runs and drives great! Rare find! $9,500.00 Call - 601-303-2367 4-13

1930 Ford 5-window, all steel, 302ci, c-4, 4bar suspension, Flaming River, leather interior, Lokar, Autometer gauges. Great shape, runs and drives good. located in Bogalusa, La. call Glenn 985-570- 3671 4-13

1949 Pontiac 350c.i.-330h.p. Chevy engine, 700R4 Trans, power steering, power brakes, air cond, 6 way Caddy seats, power windows & door locks, lot’s more. Great driver. $15,000. 5-13 601-749-0684 or 504-382-2111

WANTED - 1956 Ford 2 door. Post or hardtop. Complete, almost complete?? Call Warren at 601-337-1324 4-13

'70 Pontiac 6.6 litre 400 cubic inch Big Block. 4 barrel heads, HEI distributor. Ready for project, comes with Turbo 400 trans. $2,500 Firm. Call Bobby at 228 596-7180 1966 Mustang Convertible 289 V-8 four barrel carb, duel exhaust, 3-speed stick, factory power steering. New vintage air, power top. 5 new wheels & tires. GT package. $27,500 4-13 OBO 228 539-8596 or 288 669-1054

List you classified ad at

2004 Thunderbird Low mileage, both tops, top rack, car cover, select trans. $22,000 OBO 228 539-8596 or 228 669-1054 4-13

Classified Ads Picture Ad - $10 Non Picture Ad - $5 1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th anniversary, L-82 automatic, 38,000 original miles, red with black leather interior, T-tops, great condition. call 662-719-8266 4-13

2 Months In the Magazine & on

Info - 228 596-0664 MAY 2013


Classified Ads Picture Ad - $10 Non Picture Ad - $5 2 Months In the Magazine & on

1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. 289 V-8, 4 barrel, C4 auto, Cobra dress-up kit, dual exhaust, cold air, P/S, P/B, 4 wheel disk brakes, black bucket seats with console. New tires Excellent condition. $11,5000. Call Bob 601 693-3896 Meridian, MS 5-13

Classified Ads Picture Ad - $10 Non Picture Ad - $5 2 Months In the Magazine & on

1984 Chevy Longbed - lift, 350. Please call for more info. Mike 985-515-1042. 4-13

1934 Plymouth World of Wheels Winner. Trade or make an offer trade in value $26,000. send pic to, lets talk no project or fixer. call no text - 601 569 6727


MAY 2013

1972 Monte Carlo. Garage Kept. All Orig. Excellent Cond. Virtually a Rust Free Car. Car has never had any body repair. Interior is in Excellent Cond. 350ci. Auto. Trans. Runs and Drives Great. This is a must see car. $7500.00 Firm. Call Danny at 540-247-3305 5-13

1936 Plymouth 4-Dr Sedan. Do you need room in a street Rod? This one has it! Huge back seat plus a trunk. Your wife, daughter, grand-daughter or girl friend love the color too. All steel car with a 350/300 700R4 combo. Gets a true 20mpg on the highway. Drives great, it is a cruiser. Many creature comforts. Grundy insured and appraised at 25K. Located in S. AL. Call Fred at 251.622.3357 to learn more about it. 3-13

Harley 2002 Heritage Soft-tail. 10,500 miles on garage kept old mans toy. Clean, well cared for machine with tasteful extras. After 66 years of riding, it's time to stick to four wheels. Priced at $10,500.... located in McComb, Ms. phone 601-250-4808

1965 Mercury Comet Convertible. 289 V-8, 4 barrel, C-4 auto, Cobra dress-up kit, P/S, dual exhaust, new tires, bumper re-chromed, engine detail, under carriage detail. $9,500 OBO - Bob 601 693-3896 Meridian, MS 5-13

1928 Ford, 2 door sedan,V8, AT, Mustang II front suspension, Ford rear end, rear coil over shocks, duel poly fuel tanks, painless wiring kit. 80% complete. $15,000, sale or trade. Phone 228-861-1711 3-13 1932 Ford Red Hi-Boy Roadster, 350/350, 9" Ford, Bop Top, Ultra leather, $30,000 Spanky 318-331-3992 or 318-281-6782 5-13

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228-328-4346 11451 Canal Road 路 Gulfport, MS (2 Miles North- of I -10)


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Could this the next big event on the Mississippi Gulf Coast? Classic, custom, antique and traditional cars / trucks / motorcycle from as far away as Arkansas made the trip to the “Coast”. What sets this event apart from other local show is the schedule of local things to do. Cruizers were encouraged to attend events taking place along the Coast. The first weekend in April kicks off the spring/ summer activities along Mississippi’s popular coastline. The ideal weather, clean beaches, harbor activities, verity of club charity organizations and local business events draw people from all over the country. For some car enthusiasts, the Crusin the Coast event in October is the only time they get to see what the Coast has to offer. Now there is a springtime event in a much more local friendly atmosphere. Room rates are a bargain, there is no registration fee, and all activities are al-a-cart and most are free to attend. Friday’s activities included; The 49 Invasion - a chance to Cruise Hwy 49. Stopping in at a favorite diner for a bite and end up at the Best Western Plus parking lot on Hwy 49 for a cruise-in. Cruizers enjoyed cruise-in music from the “Boogie Van” Also there was a 1st Friday Cruise-in at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 90, Pass Christian, MS. with 50/50, music and prizes. Friday night there was a Test & Tune at Gulfport Dragway. For some it was off to the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi to hear American country and pop singer Leann Rimes live. Saturday - Gulf Coast Auto Show schedule included a drive thru judging so Criuzers could explore the Coast.


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There was the Gulf Coast Yacht & Boat Super Show, the largest outdoor boat show on the Gulf Coast, held at Jones Park, on Hwy 90, Gulfport. Over 50 Boat and Brokerage dealers were there. The Island View Casino Resort, entertained guest with Deacon John & the Dirt Dozen Brass Band. Two shows in one night. Saturday the IHRA Summit Drag Racing season kicked off. Gulf Coast Auto Show registrants got a $3 off when they showed their wrist band. Gulfport Dragway is located off exit 31 on I-10. Saturday and Sunday in Pass Christian, was the 16th annual Art in the Pass. A two-day outdoor fine arts festival that celebrates and promotes fine arts in the community! Over 75 artists from seven states display and sell their work to the public, there was children activities, food, and live entertainment! If you make plans to attend the Gulf Coast Auto Show next year you don't want to miss this outstanding event that continues to grow yearly! In Long Beach, there was a Benefit Rod Run & Fish Fry. And, the 2nd annual Stella’s Blues & BBQ Festival was held in Bay St Louis. This festival featured blues music and BBQ! People enjoyed listening to the sounds of blues along with vendors offering the BEST Mississippi BBQ the coast has to offer - all served up finger licking, mouth watering good! On Saturday night the Coast Cruizers held their 1st Saturday Night Cruise-in at Edgewater Mall, Hwy 90, Biloxi. 150 plus cars showed up to this high energy cruise-in featuring Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show. Great Prizes and a huge 50/50 split makes this cruise-in one of the most popular on the Coast... Sunday morning it was farewell & good-by’s till April 4-6, 2014 ……..

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Gulf Coast MotorSports P.O. Box 2847 Gulfport, MS 39505


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Gulf Coast MotorSports Magazine  

Fun to read car/truck and motorcycle magazine, filled with show events, classified ads, pinups, jokes and articles.

Gulf Coast MotorSports Magazine  

Fun to read car/truck and motorcycle magazine, filled with show events, classified ads, pinups, jokes and articles.