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Prepare for Online Success "I am really enjoying the challenge and appreciate all the support I've received." Cary Wasem-Varela

Engage with Moodle Moodle is our online course learning management system (LMS). It is an open source e-learning application that provides you with a flexible, dynamic, and engaging learning environment. You will find: A secure learning environment where you can talk and share with students and faculty Access to a wide variety of different educational materials Links to our Albertsons Virtual Library resources Tools for collaboration and group discussion Easy access to your courses

Starting Moodle Start by opening your browser (Firefox is recommended) Next, visit the EdTech website at and select log in. Finally, create an account.

How to Create a New Account on EDTECH Moodle -Visit this page to learn how to set up your account:

1. Open your web browser (Firefox is recommended) 2. Go to 3. Click the Create New Account link (right side of page, after “need additional help” heading – bottom of the page) 4. Follow the instructions to complete your registration (IMPORTANT: You'll need to use your Boise State email to create an account.)

How to Enroll in Your Moodle Course A few days prior to class starting, an email from your instructor will be sent to your Bronco Mail account. The email will include information similar to the following on how to get started with Moodle and your class. 1. Login to EDTECH Moodle ( 2. Click the appropriate semester under course categories block on the left side of the home page. 3. Locate your course and section number and click the course link to enroll. 4. Enter the following one-time enrollment key: "your enrollment key." (If you are unsure of your course and section number, check your schedule in BroncoWeb.)

Moodle Self-Support Moodle is easy to use. Here is some additional information you may find helpful as you learn to use it: Forgot Your Password? If you have forgotten your password, click the Lost Password link and you will be able to reset it.

Update Your Profile We recommend you update your profile in Moodle to customize your experience, such as your email forum digests, tracking forum posts, and any other settings you would like to adjust. You can also change your password by clicking the "Change Password" button below your profile.

EDTECH Helpful Resources At the bottom of our Moodle home page you will find access to detailed information on Getting Started and participating in a course as well as a Participant Help link.

Technical Assistance If you need assistance with a technical issue – contact us: 1. Submit A Trouble Ticket: 2. Send an email to: "All the course content to this point has been very relevant to my educational goals and I am learning a lot." Forrest Doud

Thrive In Your Courses What to expect prior to class start date - You will receive an email from your instructor(s) one week prior to the beginning of the semester outlining how to access the course and other important information. Instructors' expectations - Your instructor expects you to log into the class on the start date and at least three times a week during the semester. Participate on a regular basis, turn assignments in on-

time, and join the community of learners with enthusiasm. Problem Solving with Instructors - If you are having difficulty or can't participate for a period of time due to unexpected or extenuating circumstances, make sure that you contact your instructor immediately to arrange a workable plan. Do not just disappear! Grades - Your instructor will post your grades throughout your course on Moodle and your final grade will be posted on BroncoWeb.

Practice Professionalism - Boise State University challenges its students to reach their highest levels of performance, encourages them to excel in academics and sports, and invites them to participate in the many cultural and social activities available at the university. At the same time, Boise State University expects students to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the university’s function as an institution of higher learning. Therefore, BSU has published these catalogs and the Boise State University Student Handbook to acquaint you with your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students admitted in whatever capacity to Boise State University. You are expected to read and understand the code of conduct at: Student Code of Conduct. Claiming ignorance of any of the provisions of the code of conduct is no defense; violations can lead to a variety

of sanctions, up to and including complete dismissal from your program and the University.

Success in Online Learning. page 3  

to learn how to set up your account: "I am really enjoying the challenge and appreciat...

Success in Online Learning. page 3  

to learn how to set up your account: "I am really enjoying the challenge and appreciat...