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An Exciting Future for You at Boise State

Boise State University Idaho’s metropolitan research university, located in the state’s main population center and capital city, a hub of government, business, the arts, health care, industry and technology. The campus is the home of 11 Idaho Professor of the Year honorees since 1990, the national award-winning Talking Broncos student debate and speech team and the two-time Tostitos Fiesta Bowl champion Bronco football team. Boise State has the fastest growing research program in Idaho and is the largest university in the state, with an enrollment of 19,993 students.

Important Colleges/Departments at Boise State: 1) The Graduate College -, (208-426-3903 or 800-824-7017) email: 2) The Financial Aid Department -, (208-4261644 or 800-824-7017)

email: 3) The Registrar's Office -, (208) 426-4249 or 800-824-7017) email: Graduate Catalogs: 4) Albertson's Library -, EdTech Librarian - Sara Seely (208) 426-1263 email: FAQs- 5) Veteran's and Military Information -, (208) 426-3744 or (208) 426-1505 email: 6) International Admissions Office -, (208) 426-1156 (800) 824-7017 #1 email:

The EDTECH Department Mission The Department of Educational Technology is a diverse network of education scholars, professionals, and candidates who: Lead research and innovations in online teaching and learning Model, promote, manage, and evaluate digital-age teaching and learning resources in K-higher education environments Inspire creativity and expertise in digital media literacies Design and develop imaginative learning environments Empower learners to be evolving digital citizens who advocate cultural understanding and global responsibility Promote and pattern participatory culture, professional practice, and lifelong learning Forge connections between research, policy, and practice in educational technology

Website: Contact us:

Faculty Dr. Lisa Dawley Professor & Chair (On Sabbatical until 7/1/2012) (208) 426-5430 Dr. Young Kyun Baek Professor Dr. Yu-Hui Ching Visiting Assistant Professor (208) 426-2118 Mr. Chris Haskell Special Lecturer (208) 426-4217 chrishaskell@boisestate.ed Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu Assistant Professor (208)426-2117 Dr. Ross Perkins Assistant Professor (208) 426-4875 Dr. Jui-long Hung Assistant Professor (208) 426-5542

Dr. Kerry Rice Professor & Department Chair (208) 426-2050 Dr. Chareen Snelson Associate Professor (208) 426-2952 Dr. Barbara Schroeder Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Constance J. Wyzard Professor & Associate Chair (208) 426-3043 Dr. Dazhi Yang Assistant Professor (208) 426-3212

Professional Staff Kathie Blakeslee Administrative Assistant II (208) 426-4076 Nelson Baquero Moodle Systems Administrator (208) 426-4215 Paul Castelin

Student Advisory Coordinator (208) 426-1962 Kellie Branson Manager, Student Outreach Services (208) 426-4055 Dixie Conner Admissions Advisor (619) 741-7748 Jerry Foster Program Admissions Coordinator (208) 426-1966 Stephen Foster Technical Records Specialist 1 (208) 426-5383 Elizabeth Kringen Technical Records Specialist 1 (208) 426-5383

"My classes, teachers, and classmates are great!" Jennifer Genovevo

Summary of Programs Master of Educational Technology(MET) The M.ET. is a practitioner-focused program for those educators planning on the Masters as their terminal degree. Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET) The M.S. in Educational Technology is a scholarly track for those planning on going into research or a doctoral program. Dual Degree Program with National University of Tainan By earning two complementary degrees in two different locales, students can gain access to two networks of local contacts and colleagues, and exposure to potential job opportunities. Online Teaching Certificate The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching focuses on skills and issues relating to this new instructional paradigm. Online K-12 Endorsement - Idaho State - This is a new program which will be offered Spring 2012.

online-endorsement Technology Integration Specialist Certificate The Graduate Certificate in Technology Integration is an excellent way to become proficient in integrating technology into the learning environment.

School Technology Coordinator Certificate The School Technology Coordination Certificate is an excellent way to become more proficient in skills and issues relevant to school technology leaders. This certificate is aligned to ISTE Technology Leadership Standards. You will be prepared to take the exam for CCNET (CCNA1) Cisco certification at the completion of EDTECH 552. Professional Development Workshops Innovative, game-changing professional development workshops from the experts at Boise State University! For customized professional development, contact Jill Hella at Course Descriptions: Course Schedule: Textbooks: Comparison of MS to MET Portfolio: Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships The Department of Educational Technology offers a limited number of full-time and part-time graduate assistantships each academic year, lasting from August to May. The GA application deadline is Feb. 1 each year year.

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1) The Graduate College -, (208-426-3903 or 800-824-7017) email: 2) The Financial...