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facility on 75 acres off of state Route 585 will become operational in two phases over the next year. First, the facility’s distribution center and support operations to make sour cream is anticipated to begin in October. Daisy plans to have 15-20 workers by the end of the year. And in the second phase, they will bring on the production and packaging aspect of the facility by July 2016. Barth estimated they would have 50-60 employees by next year. He estimated the 200,000-square-foot facility could cost between $80-100 million to get operational to make sour cream and cottage cheese for the Midwest region. He explained Daisy started an exhaustive search in 2012 to locate a site for the company’s third manufacturing facility, as Daisy has experienced strong growth in the past decade. Daisy has averaged 5 percent-7 percent growth over the past seven years. Barth said they knew it would be in the Great Lakes region and looked at Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana cities. Daisy needed a strong dairy supply, good water supply and a healthy transportation network. But Barth said what tipped the scales was “we felt like we would be more wellreceived here ... it was a little easier to work with the folks here.” Hammerly also reviewed the company’s history since it was formed nearly a century ago. “It’s always a pleasure to tell our story,” Barth told the group.

epresentatives from Daisy Brand were on hand during the weekly Kiwanis Club meeting Tuesday to review their building plans. But the most pressing issue was how many jobs will be created and how soon will the work start. Jake Hammerly and Brian Barth, plant managers who are overseeing the Wooster plant until it is operational, said Daisy has contracted with Staffing Partners to begin the interview process and they have started that process. Initially, Daisy is seeking production employees to manufacture sour cream. Hammerly said the two key ingredients to work for Daisy are “attitude and aptitude.” “It’s always a nicety to have done the job before ... but if you have a good attitude, I can teach you Daisy,” Hammerly said, noting he has started interviewing applicants. Available jobs will be posted on Daisy’s website. They added starting pay varies based on the individual employee. “We pay above average compensation to the area,” Barth said. The company strives to provide an environment for its employees where they can maintain a healthy work-life balance by also providing paid vacation and sick time, health insurance, 401(k)/profit sharing plans and reimbursements for health club memberships. The company runs first and second shifts and tries to keep its employees on five-day work weeks. And when they hire Reporter Steve Huszai can be reached at 330-287employees, they are full-time workers. Barth said the company does right by its customers and its 1645 or He is @ GeneralSmithie on Twitter. employees. Barth added construction of the company’s new greenfield


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