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(GXFDWLRQ and an Administrative Professionals Day seminar. The college also hosts several lectures and art exhibitions throughout the year. The college’s athletic teams, which compete in the ORC conference, include men’s basketball and golf as well as women’s basketball and volleyball. The College also offers a traditional campus experience to students through a number of clubs and organizations that connect them to peers, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. The University of Akron Wayne College offers a

number of STEM opportunities to students through our state-of-the-art science labs that incorporate the latest technology to support anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology programming. The College also offers 3D printing, education, prototyping, designing, and CAD services through the UAWC3 Lab. Made possible by the Laura B. Frick Charitable Trust – PNC Bank, the Romich Foundation, and Wayne County Community Foundation, the lab is open for community use and tours, as well as offsite demonstrations and printing lessons.

THE WAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES Contact Information - 266 Oldman Rd., (330) 345-6016, The Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities -This organization operates the programs in support of Early Intervention, Ida Sue School, Service and Support Administration, Family Services, Community Employment and Transportation Services. These programs assist children and adults with developmental disabilities to live, work and play within their communities. Mission - The mission of the DD, in partnership with enrollees, families, staff and the community, is to provide choices and options, based on individual and family preferences, enabling a quality of life satisfying to the individual in learning, living, working and participating in the community. Ida Sue School - This school provides programs that specialize in the education of children: • Early Intervention Program - serves children ages birth to 3 years; services and supports needed are identified through an assessment process and provided in a homebased seting. • School-Ages Program - serves children ages 6-21 who are identified with multiple disabilities and severe medical needs through the Ida Sue School as well as community based collaborative classrooms. The school-age program includes academics as well as daily-living-skill classes, vocational programs, job-training classes and transition-towork classes to give students a well-rounded education and prepare them for adult life and employment. In addition, the Ida Sue School provides speech, occupational and physical therapies and nursing services. Services - Service and Support Administration: service coordinators help from start to finish with requests for services from this agency or any other agency in the community. Service coordinators follow up to ensure everyone involved is communicating and working together to meet the individual’s unique needs. They also work closely with family members and caregivers to advocate for health, safety and life goals of the individual. Family Resource Services include respite care, adaptive

equipment, home modification, special diets and other services individualized to each family’s needs. Community Employment Services - The CES department assists individuals, who are eligible, with transitional services from their school setting to an appropriate vocational placement; with integrated employment being the first option. This “discovery” process begins at the age of 14 and will continue to the day they leave school. The CES department also provides a transitional program that builds upon the skills of an individual’s education in a classroom setting for part of a day, and provides community exposure mentorships for the other portion. This program will assist individuals with exploring different facets of employment and finding the skills they will need to be successful. When employment is found, the CES department will provide a job coach to work with individual until they are fully capable of their specific job. The department will provide constant follow along and will be available to all companies to assist as necessary. Adult Day Services - The Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities Service and Support Administration (SSA) works to coordinate day services for all eligible individuals. Day Services can be acquired from multiple day service providers throughout the county and include a wide variety of activities to enjoy and vocational skill building opportunities as well as contracted work experiences. Each individual has the freedom of choice regarding the day program they may wish to attend through use of available waiver funding. More Information - People affected by disabilities needing residential services can contact the Service and Support Administration of The Wayne County Board of DD. Individuals may choose to live in their own homes, in their families’ homes with support or in a community based residential setting. Transportation may be available to those enrolled in the Wayne County Board of DD programs and is be provided by our fleet of buses and vans. We also have agreements in place with several community partners for transportation services.


Wooster Today: The 2016 Community Guide  

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