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GUIDE TO LIVING The following list answers some frequently-asked questions Mopeds — Motorized bicycles (or mopeds) must have a about living in Wooster.. For more information, contact the license plate and be operated by a licensed individual. city or visit Open Burning — Except for food preparation, open burning Animals — Domestic animals are prohibited from running is prohibited. Groups wishing to hold bonfires must obtain a free in the city. All dogs in Wayne County must be registered permit from the local fire department annually with the county auditor and wear a registration tag. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their Parades/Street Closure — Any group wishing to hold a parade or close a street in Wooster must obtain a permit animals on property other than their own. from the Wooster Community Center. An application for a Automobiles — All automobiles must be registered at the permit must be filed at least two weeks before the event. automobile title office, located in the Vanover Building, Any application requesting two police officers must be filed 200 Vanover St. License plates and driver’s licenses can be at least 30 days in advance. A request for more than two obtained at the license bureau, located in the same building. officers must be filed 90 days in advance and additional paperwork is required. For questions, call (330)263-5211. The driver’s exam station is located at 340 S. Market St. Bicycles — In Wooster, bicycles must be equipped with a Parking — Free one- and three-hour parking zones are designated along many of the major streets in Wooster’s bell, reflectors and lamps. commercial district. In addition, the city provides both City Tax — Wooster has a one and one-half percent city three-hour parking and all-day leased parking in lots off N. income tax. For specific income tax questions call (330) 263- Buckeye, S. Buckeye, and S. Market Streets. 5224, for general inquiries call (330) 263-5200.

SAFETY SERVICES CITY OF WOOSTER POLICE DEPARTMENT Contact information — 201 W. North St.; emergency, 9-1-1; non-emergency, (330) 287-5720;; (click on Police). Police Chief — Matthew Fisher Years in department — 18 Years as chief — 5 Community-involvement programs — Bike patrol, school resource officer (SRO), drug awareness programs, walk throughs of schools and parks, work with neighbors to mitigate problems, officers are involved in many community projects. CITY OF WOOSTER FIRE DEPARTMENT Contact information — Station #1 — 510 N. Market St., headquarters; Station #2 — 433 E. Highland Ave.; emergency, 9-1-1; non-emergency, (330) 263-5266; www. (click on Fire). Fire Chief — Barry Faley Years as chief — Promoted June, 2015 Assistant Chief – Nathan Murphy Community-involvement programs — Fire-safety programs, fire-extinguisher-use programs, school presentations, annual smoke-detector checks and Juvenile Firesetters Prevention program.

WAYNE COUNTY SHERIFF Contact information — Wayne County Justice Center, 201 W. North St.; emergency, 9-1-1; non-emergency, (330) 2875700,, www.waynecountysheriff. com,, Waynesheriff Sheriff — Travis Hutchinson Years of service — 34 years Years as Sheriff — 3 years Community-involvement programs — Safety Awareness Programs, Issuing Agency for CCW permits, and Sex Offender Registration. Responsible for — providing law enforcement for the entire county; a full-service county jail; and service to all county courts. OHIO STATE HIGHWAY PATROL POST 85 Contact information — 1786 Dover Rd., (330) 264-0575. Post commander — Lt. Stephanie Norman Community-involvement programs — Steps Program and Car Teens, Safe Communities.


Wooster Today: The 2016 Community Guide  

A guide to services and life in Wooster, Ohio, published by Spectrum Publications, a division of The Daily Record.

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