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We take in helping r Th exe le. i s ab cil ero joy ius orp en el dol l re mo nis isit mo is ur experience Healthcare Professionalspride ssercing mu eukefeuyo sogue eu give you eu Edort n mma caisi able, fort- Results like these speak for comf .my Gettingthose me for did can be uncom scommunity livethat their .S. aid H.I d,vo riningour com an la hea wl et s Ro L. con tie aig lor Cr at m uis wh Holmes County Fair opens to weather to animals and humans lla t seq vu jus con s e m, at’ gia sect just that. We take pride in helping r Th eu Holmes Humane s exe able. walked in until the themselves and our Company. joy enero reorp mo modol you fort-appeals k a en f quchisFro e o p r sse S T hemselves. e But wh so mu s g. Results like these speak for sin e ras h bar T em I and com nt e e lives to the fullest. un abl me be k mo can i s the m L ring aid live their hea g s Ut ttin t t. Ge . l pra Society to meet me t gai g for au u You want the best care and with did son those in our community nim .S. per s s my a H.I no as d, com m anmdia la asant and co you me wlllaan tle at the fair, is fresh off a MOHR er Na L. Ro t, tre vid nu n ofms themselves and our Company. Rt ewhen you yBy KELLEY tha mProeon rand Craig volor Dea eesom hav gia g. Bu eutonight wassdetple sinats ras it,tieit con vis emebar the abl week-long stint at the Ohio Staff Writer enm,d vu the til un XX years of experience, our Hearing ver 20 in ice off For the highest quality lke theyou as a perIfson wa I toats uis nt q its lives to the fullest. iliq vis me r mo nim you You want the best care and with he kes n ma ke no n t FroHmo l the ma and ali the weather is any indica, State Fair and will continue s to me no st Na Ut be ros er tre t. t vid exe his pra tha h Pro t bh e r cili ggaias d didt and com- hav eon Dea ve auple el ius an som edia s nib C os.unim n t y wl eeug Ro is nisr lexp no Mr m eukefeuyou le. sim Results like these speakasfora e yit’said eui g enc formantab ms eri cin nu n -completing uer Healthcare Professionals give you fort om tion, going tobe be aexperience, beautiworkshops Ed unc ma an can s can it s le, ring wa tab XX years of our Hearing ver it hea 20 for Humane Society will ice it, ting off com service hearing aids, vis theGet of the its to s mathe endmeet r visand you aringkeaid kes he fulatfair. FFA officer week. the and ord themselves and this our Company. For highest quality aff uis uis co wh q you a teri I seq t tpa cili iliq en jus utp con Thursday, Aug. 8puld attt.n s ius au a e whtake tha s el is nim at’ l sect re But isi that. We prideState in helping r he Th uis ui nis g. . su n exe is sin cid ble no ros feu ras oya ma rpe eu bar ali enj s to em dolo sim re no e just st mo eui and mo be ros g enc e uis ch cin abl exe his sseq mu h After the fog lifted, the first uer Healthcare Professionals give you exp Despite being busy, Overholt bh r did so nib eug d you ve Ed an ke wl ma Ro . can Mr it le, le. 7 p.m. at the Life Center tab tab for schedule.S. for com your visit today! You want thetobest d with me a person as workeaid e,the and ari ts .uis ereNam treaHolmes me tthose day County vid looks forward hercare roleand at with for tha Pro ited me r jus did suBag) eon Dea in you ourWecommunity live their my som best , H.I eaids, service and hearing com nd hav la thattIGrocery atof wla et s Ro wh s (former t seq L. con ie ig con s e ort Cra ng at’ sect vol just that. take pride in helping r Th . m exe he lla ble ros vu the , oya rpe enj iam ord dolo re eug aff mo mo y Fair dawned clear, cool and uis this year’s fair. uld ch rc XX years of experience, our Hearing t sseq t. ver co mu a 20 pdolce tpa so office autp sDuau isiismy uis ui sure ts totothe cid n heeivnibedh eu visilives the ron 6 month in tha Millersburg. Public isge til a gue you nu. lla un in kes tem dand ma lke ore rec wa I I is nt the fullest. me ran mo ili the pri . dry Monday, a welcome iusc m “I’m excited to watch the el me Fro nisl in for is did feu Ut me eu those in our community live their .S. t. mye,cin th pra , H.I your visit com nd erience Healthcare Professionals give you aug etntEdlafort s today! uer nim worked wi L. con eug iegait your exp ig ort Cra makeseveral vol me andaid m andRo cansim llanos itg-eui msthe itedinformavuwla nu n of suFor ,iam abl st330-377-4026. com iam change after years of new king and queen and their eug t becall and t.schedule com gif thawelcome. a asa as ple s s rie wa it tte m it, ba cu vis tion f fac the til eu ng i un ari lis in ilis end d he iri i at ist whquality lke of am a ly rc wa sequ I em pp jus tem t con gue nt e lives to the fullest. d su t’s me sect that. We take pridehapinspeak helping r the . Thahighest monos ism For wet weather. exeble experiences, and see the the rosoya idu idoreran m n heeivnibedh eu rpe uis W qch enj Fro dolo iliq reke a 6 month mo mo im e uis Ut hen temod Results like these for sseq t. mu S non n so pra I rec ma ait alit e g to genu. lla t aug Duispridolce r fort-justmoments bes ros nim v com exe his nos ic un bh ibh did s be iam ven nd ice e and can in my wla s off ms Ro aid nu n aid g Mr. “So far, so good,” said Holpiest of the first com rin ng le. ari hea and tab g he nt . for ttin er me asa Ge for oth ple s did to wa S. those in our community live their en it my H.I. it, be d, com vis m ve lan la a am et u ua the ha s q Row I of seq L. con ns e ig on end c orti t. Cra mc service and hearing aids, vol lam gif lla l a lam vufac as ette vulmes ,em sbarke themselves and our Company. eiteteu West County Fair board Secreaid showmen and the grand iam olisreba ore gtquis tiirillor eug For the quality rin diiaid nddit youyear en eaam hea friestcus mex m ng en the cuum iliq wh ccu acc aache ord ari Bu ilis aff hen g.lke ld ofHolmes . nos nnon tW cou . isis ae il the ras pros ma h alit em utppat unt tem t to aMr. atforcid tha inhighest supp istbhIaut a eMr d t“The uis ui nce sur t ism and exe wa his rie eimbes ISheldon. idu itodlyhold pe ibh W ntsin abl did lives to theshe fullest. W me ven nd mo e wla be tary Tara anithe champions,” said. “Plus, Ro m the S Fro d S le. ha e I tab e Ut ll t. far r pra ! ait v doddby g aug an ic ssan nim me 40-year ice You want thesash best ehea schedule your visit today! wit Ynowothe merest,nos dsom dia per ahearing aid sangheon as com ng - son uorke um ,strepleats ari service and hemc r me Na moffdol and eriam nt ted gia mals this weather.” tloving wearing aaids, crown and hascare and with vid oth au asayou tha t issui to aid nton rrinPro bes en ve t cid Dea wa be itareme tha ve ennum a am visi nd u ua ha q hav I reunion lla the seq ng of ns vu Oand ari aff c m end pnord ld He nia lam e . lla l t cou ier a I pat p t vu utp e em aut a t te tha M e Pr e re isis o ore lor l uis ui at sur t For the highest quality , c i n dit di .nd uer ice en e uis F q eug off m iliq ri um That includes both fourcu ibh its perks — especially the litd’s im . acc aacccu Saturday nth hen an mo lla ke ytoday! 6abl nnon XX our Hearin a ven RowlI had the best experience at Mror. ver nume alitschedule .in my 20 years of experience, ed to ma t ice h tem nos eiv offyour ros oresui a I rec exehlegged thebes his dolW bh ispri tohen t ibh ge. did Du dits ran W vis r lan me ce Row you e visit wit Mr. d e. kes rke ma S wo fort and e and ll and two-legged anitle girls who come up to you dol , by far ted P ! urg tum t andWest 9 a ua rsb cili bes -5 lle t seq ius t el Mi er tha l , Y i orp nis St. service and hearing aids, e is o n dol Holmes Class of san feu ril gto n eu u um t. s ve , hin gif aid sim dol t e a as r am m eui ring as ’tha encwantHealthcare giaier Hearing supidu heaCounty stab nim ies cin S. Wve 6 iam hehold ter the give you r,nd r experiwho rdHolmes bathen cum nte you affo fcom fac Ed aid uer Ce keW gge. mals, saidma to wear the Professionals crown.” eug t. can cou rin isi pat paitgld tcIaut ibh utp iiril lla ale, isuer nth em vu O iisis mo sur mwilld’s em ptem lla 6eug ttem acidu dceore niaan eaam odhea for S ed nanu eiv em dDuism M tuilis iply itsice 40-year rec Iord dol isof , atntPrau nni.-aeu e ran Fys off ririn S pri . b my e in y wl r A me v Ro1973 h Fair board member Kathy p ic The poultry show, now held schedule your visit today! wit p s d t. ice rke e off wo at uis aid wh and t seq g me e con ted hea at’s jus in a largejust sui erilla that. We take pride in helping r sect reunion Saturday, Aug. . Th exeble to rosoya nitit a enj gif dolo embee ret.rpe mtamo auis Ohio. mo as qtubes I hav equ eqe P Pvu-5aid ch nsries ons sseq mu ter mam mc ua,tum so bat cum lnlam c lledolrsb Schlabach. tent at the southftha fac ernseqSt. tetige9lk eucu itt’& cSnth. retoth isi orin lore lore e uer ilis dol hea iiril eug of gto n end eSndi am athe ibh veril ply hinorp em hen tem t pleor. urg, -V. cum t as d sup mo acc aacccu lan od 6 a For details, contact nul ism d W Q.MiSam s nim S. ,W dum W tem idu iby he eive . Pat re r, 6am Mr h W a rec E. I dolo at nte s a e ge. e Ce10. Dui -I t ran enc e eri W s pric exp me emy my in -H bes r.eastern Fairnd busy didwere thecommunity fairIn vic S those inofour live their .S. elle! corner , H.I Iahad tunrdtoays oaid ice labathmam wla etfor scum Ro esan gequ andI havfar L. con ieeuteri ig Roc Baker, roc@bakerort hea Cra Y vol ber msaamparticipants o ylla oth llaring vu Amc u um ,off giftr acom piam dol bee iam as pcrin evu m eug es a t. u q aug eq m t ns bat ons ven f fac feeding, walking and aid grounds, was also under way. V lam am i l isi is ilis ndi vu hea iril i e te t it lla of ng re o ore s O lore l ari ply t em m it i tem t pe the He a d sup ndi r od nia end e til re n io ism m un mie io. um d cum in M idu i Oh 330-231-8255. ccu Pre W acc ac a , d, onces ee wlandW lke eFro waW etheSe .-F lc ice I hea . nt ic,the hpra omm livesWto fullest. ri ’saoff me at Mr aam mo t&atuorpInbes e eing rv enc the eri W ice r t exp the animals, while oth“The show is going ecom e offi Ut S. e- llpoultry aid t.tY had ring IP ait g Pat Q. Sample Dund er lam aug by far ! lk oth -V.E.Roand nim to nitirg, -Inilsdol nos bee or. e m iam a dol u hav q P I eq equ and o um ns san ons ms c 9sbu a uat nu n u um ler seq 5 dol t -H Mil er r vu vul , e i ie t te iam St. and o re o ore l lore nt aug m t ers sampled the lemonade ton t well in its new location,” said n ndi asa ing end e ver e ven , m ple t um ash s am cum am ccu acc ac a ’s W wa im ndi it S. lla W 6 hen ng it, r, vu O . ari vis m Mr h nte pe He at the r Ce nia a of n nce tYo M end erie W on.-Fri. at Premie t exp er Sell!quality besthe Sanew theout Vis ’sitoff tu Iorhad highest rd by farexe s aice Rowland ay Auction, hog tried frozen uis and qby ssan iliq re, W im hen elcoseq ke For Othe non n ppt. u um ma alit dol Dundee, Ohio Oh toASchlabach. t nos iam m bes ros aug t e his ven bh ibh did m or. dia dol ven nd lan rg, wla um ring vul 9sbu a Ro uat m pe ler Hea io. 5 Mr. r nia t Mil er n le. , mie i ie yogurt vendor. orp Also on Monday, the 4-H St. M P tab Pre dol on for at il ing ic n-Haid verash .-F offiE.ce, tom’s ri. u S. ,W henr,im6am r e ple land’s -V. Cente roast to benefit Q. SamRow Wthe Pat ton al service and hearing aid kSa In s s tu g & r. rd Rachel Wagers, 16, of the rin booths were judged, the In dolo ay hea P g, m bur atu s 9a lers sequ ord 5 by r ti Mil aff rpe e ld St., A e dolo . pp t ton cou il a I n pat p t ing ver , utp t. k aut a a t f tha ash e o am LIMITED TIME is p r e ’s W isis S im T uis ui S. sur h 6 hen e cid e ter, m Cen s e V is Doughty Valley 4-H Club, l swine pictures were comOhio. it v Sa local coupleltiss Like Thes sP ePatsQ.. tha turdays by aric and W eW twit ee, Oh uelhrco-Heme nd Duio. schedule your Appt. visit today me and, Sam wo alrke -V. k-Indsfor ted took her llama Carmello to P theicchildren’s best sui & Inpleted Ohtple om Resu tu t e u r e ple Saturday Sam Q. c W Pat . uer al eug -V.E kibh In nth s hen a walk around the grounds delight, the rides were open V n mo & is lla 6 In-Home itsaare Welcom tem * ge. oreinran LIMITED TIMEin my dolee, ionuI received Oh Duisnd ce pri Du e Later, Visits4-H FREE analysis preparation for Dun the llama atiot. noon. A benefit auction of andyour current are particiOh W , elcome dee gif a as ies ter m pants were recognized bat f cum fac g aid i euFriday. rinjudging ilisisi show on for hea hog roast will be held for aids can be uncomfort- Results like these speak for iiril ofod aam ply em tem t d supidu ism d i W ring e hea S ting LIMITED TIME Get er vice Come in and SAVE! EarQ Manufacturer Pricing* s * aids “I’m really excited,” she their Life Skills projects, the Jimmy andhearing Bobbi Jo Rowe ice off aid g rin hea themselves and our Company. erleast oth to n bee e m FREEonanalysis of am a u hav q I equ eq ns ons c rassing. But when mc barcurrent lam lla l em vu e te t said. “And at it’s not so new king and queen were Aug.abl 10eatand the your Killbuck re o ore 4350you lore l itit endi m end um cum -Dason acc aacccu W hashowat Mr.LIMITED y You eannounced tYo Wue Sell! want bestin care and with OntheSelect O EarQ Digital Hearing Aids t experiencTIME a per Come and SAVE! bes as the LIMITED hot.” Sportsman’s Club, located * and swineTIME had Nam I er te, treats you far vid tha by Pro e r Come in and SAVE! and eon Dea M som e hav o san n um FREE analysis of your current dol EarQ Manufacturer Pricing* e FREE hearing screening iam y aug t ven B am For retiring Holmes County manship was judged in the onhearing U.S. Routeaids 62. a ndi lla y Open Monr May 31, 2011 niam vu our Hearing Hearing 20 years of experience, Expires r office ver ck XX mie the Pre to4 at ts , visi .-Fri. ice r off you ’s kes nd ma wla G and Ro 3 50is-nisl Fair Queen Elizabeth Over- Pricing* showbarn before the full Bobbi Jo Rowe has Dr auexp * elyariusc anilitnce * EarQ Manufacturer eukefeuyou hearing aids sim or. e eui dol On O Select EarQ Digital Hearing Aids erie cing P rg, e um uer Healthcare Professionals give you 9sbu a uat eug ! FREE analysis of your current ler seq Ed 5 FREE analysis of your current t Mil er , i ie ma orp St. dol can ton il it n e, ing ver , holt, this week represents a abl rodeo kicked-off the enterbeen diagnosed with t ash M am , fort ’s W im nty com S. 6 hen rra o r, Wa nte n 4 Ce Aid 3 FREE demonstration of e 5 0 ng FREEstage hearing screening ari Day st He The Saturdays by A Bsequ ca’s Becancer. ajus Ameri ckist what just that.hearing Expires Mayin 31,helping 2011 On O Select EarQ Digital Aids e ycont’s more responsibility than Hearing tainment atManufacturer the grandstand 4 colon We take pride . Tha exeGble rosoya !r sect ppt. ide enjnw re EarQ Pricing* mo mo hearinglot aids tio ch narpe MonOh EarQ Manufacturer Pricing* sseqh uis edolo mu aids sowit servic ua e FREE hearing screening y io. r B P a previous fairs. for the week. couple needs assistance a ic n c t Expires May 31, 2011 4 t k 3 u e 5 0 . r me e e & for D ple e 4 ! did 3 vic EarQ Hearing Aids Sam a S. those in our community live their Q. butyDigital my H.I. Ser W Pat alk-tickets E. Aids -V.Select On O EarQ Hearing Aids In L. Row ig bills uaesra50n-Day s & In-H Craeug lam “It’sO been hectic, fun,” Hearing vullan Fair-goers can Digital get medical ford,volortie cons et la com , and On Select iam FREEwith demonstration of om MEarQ deGvic

k a f e o p r Themselves. S e s e h T e k i L s t l u Res s Like These Speak for Themselves. Result

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Tr EarQ P Your Y Offer Off 35%Offer Off 35% Off Your Y Off Your Offer Y Off sour yeaRY EarQ Hearing Aids EarQ 4 FRee EarQ LIMITED TIME in and SAVE! s ’ t t’ n e i t Pati 123 Goodlife Lane,Come Anytown Your Practice’s Logo123 Call 35% Off 123 Goodlife Lane, Anytown We S Goodlife Lane, ervice Anytown 123 Goodlife Lane, Anytown Your Y Offer Off 35% OFF l Your(123) iaNow! ia Logo Your imonCall tLogo Practice’s Logo W hPractice’s Testi 123 Goodlife Lane, Anytown atYWe Se456-7890 Your Practice’s Call Call ! our llLogo (123) 456-7890 (123) 456-7890 Your Practice’s


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2 — Thursday, August 8, 2013


The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Holmes County Hub Shopper Copyright 2013, The Holmes County Hub Shopper

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The Local News Source for Holmes County Andrew S. Dix, publisher; Lance White, managing editor; Rhonda Geer, advertising director

August 8th – 10th, 2013

Call 330-264-1125 or email:, or

News Deadlines Briefs, news, club notes, stories, photos and features are due by noon the Monday before publication date.


American Cheese


(Yellow, Sliced)

7841 CR 373, BIG PRAIRIE, OH



Mon, Tues, Fri 8am-6pm Wed 8am - 7pm • Sat 9am-5pm Closed Thurs and Sun

Robin Hood Flour. .................. .47¢ lb.

2.59/5 lb. Loaf


Tomato Paste 12 oz. .................. .50¢ Ketchup & Pizza Sauce Mix........ $2.25



71.64/36 lb. Case


Dole Bananas Troyer Colby Cheese W/ Buffalo Seasoning …$3.99/Lb. $0.48/Lb.

8439 TR 527 • Shreve, OH 44676 330-567-2569

Troyer Honey Roasted Turkey Breast.......$4.19/Lb.

HOURS Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 5:30 Sat. 8:30 - 4:00

Troyer Beef Bologna....................................$3.79/Lb.

Week of August 12th - 17th

Our Family Cream Soups (Chicken; Mushroom; & Celery ) ......................$0.75/10.5Oz.

Pan Roasted Turkey Breast ............. $3.79 lb. Virginia Ham ...................................... $2.59 lb. Mild Swiss .......................................... $3.19 lb. Horseradish Cheese .......................... $2.49 lb. Sour Cream (16 oz. Walnut Creek) ......... $1.50 ea. Byler’s Relish House (16 oz. Jar, Asst. Varieties) $2.99 ea. Honey Graham Cookie Sticks ............ $2.69 lb. Apricot Jello ........................................ $2.12 lb.


Butter ................................................. $2.19 lb. Cream Cheese ............................... $1.19 /8oz. Meltz Cheesy .................................... $3.98/#2. Honey Roasted Turkey Breast .............. $3.25 lb. Muenster ........................................... $2.98/lb. White Sugar 50 lb. ................................$23.50

College Inn Chicken Broth......................$2.49/48Oz. Provimi Veal Patties......$3.49/Lb...$39.99/12Lb. Case

** While Supplies Last

Whole Spiral Sliced Hams ..........................$1.49/Lb. ** While Supplies Last

5330 Co. Rd. 19 • Millersburg, Ohio 44654 • 330-893-2303 • Mon., Tues., Fri. & Sat. 7 to 5; Wed. 7 to 8; Thurs. 7 to Noon NEW ITEMS Taking orders for Pears, Early Gold and Ginger Gold Apples

Brown Flax Seed Lecithin Gramules Lit’l Smokies


Reiter 100% Orange Juice .........................$2.99/Gal.

8 Oz. Whole White Mushrooms 2/$3.00 10 Lb. Michigan Blueberries $23.95


Dental Aid Baby Gas Relief Charcoal Powder

Holmesville • 330-279-2283 2 miles north of Holmesville on SR 83 Mon.-Fri. 9-7; Sat. 9-6; Closed Sunday

SALE DATES: August 12th - August 17th ORDER YOUR:

Early Golden Apples Virginia Ham .................$2.79 lb. Ginger Golden Apples Baby Gold Peaches Oven Roasted Barlett Pears Turkey Breast ...............$3.09 lb. Provalone ......................$2.55 lb. “South Carolina Peaches” Colby ..............................$2.75 lb. 10171916

Local Green Cabbage $0.39/Lb.

Inn Maid Noodles .................................... $1.99/16Oz. Fine Noodles ...........................................$1.19/8Oz.



Butter Quarters

Troyer Black Forest Ham ........................... $3.49/Lb. New!




Troyer’s Farmers Cheese Sliced................$3.49/Lb. Fresh Cut ...................................................$3.29/Lb.

Raid Indoor/Outdoor Insect Repellent Bush’s Baked Beans



August 9th - 14th

Reporter Kelley Mohr can be reached at 330674-5676 or


We reserve the right to limit quantities on all sale items.


Reserved seating tickets can be purchased at the gate for $5 each. The rodeo is followed by the Solution Action Sports FMX/BMX show on Tuesday night. “This is something new for us,” said Schlabach. “There has been a lot of interest, and at the end we are giving away a BMX bike.” The grandstand will also feature the antique tractor pull, open tractor pull, motocross, the OSTPA tractor and semitruck pull and the demolition derby throughout the week. On the Stage Holmes on the County Green, N e w Fair runs Beginn i n g s , Aug. 5-10 a contemporary Christian band, will perform for the crowd on Monday, followed by a lineup of Thumbs McGee, Autumn Burning, the Saint Jimmies, SOBOS and Arrival — The Journey Tribute Band.

P.O. Box 151 Millersburg, Ohio 44654


The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Q. My mother is elderly and has a lot of stiffness and pain when trying to walk, and her joints look swollen and red. Do you have something natural that can help ease her pain? A. Yes, we do! There are several different products that can help to ease the inflammation in the body. One of our best selling products is Curamin by Terry Naturally.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 3

nd of i M e h t m Fro :

Zed Says:


Many people suffer for years with digestive or bowel problems only to be diagnosed with celiac disease. Gluten intolerance or celiac disease is when wheat and other grains containing man on tz tu S gluten cause disruption of the small intestines. n a s u tions to S nder in the July la Bloating & diarrhea are just 2 of the long list tu a r g n le ’s b Co e Vitamix e thanks to Nature of symptoms related to poor absorption of food th g in n win cer e in s m e a tr d and nutrients. Celiac Disease has increased x n e a give-away onsored it. It is my st back-tonearly 400% over the last 50 years. People u p Way who s announce our Aug g away a with gluten intolerance benefit most from in pleasure to ing! We will be giv nts that are eliminating gluten from their diets altogether. e aw It can also be helpful to take probiotics and school dr long with supplem and sign in a enzymes with meals to help digestion and backpack ards children. Stop w absorption of food and to heal the body. r e y geared to out August. -Tom Tro h g u o r th -Zedrick Clark, CNHP p u


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SAVE $1.00 Blueberry, Flax

4 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Groceries • Veggies • Baked Goods Bent & Dent

Calendar scheduled

(Continued From Page 1`) Lunch will be served from 2-5 p.m., followed by a live auction with Owen Yoder, auctioneer. A 50/50 drawing will be held, door prizes will be given away and there will be a bake sale. For more information or to make donations, contact Mistie Dilly, 740-5028979; or 330-674-0630.

Hunter education class to be held, still shoots

Liberty Coalition to present ‘FrackNation’

of hydraulic fracturing is “dangerous” and should Ohio Hunter Education be stopped. FrackNation class will be held at the was independently funded Shreve Sportsman Club using a new social media Aug. 15, 16 and 17. To regThe Holmes County called “crowdfunding” in ister for the class, call the Liberty Coalition will pro- which over 3,000 individustate at 1-800-945-3543 vide a free public showing als donated over $220,000 or go online to WILD- of the independent docu- to pay for its production. OHIO.COM mentary, “FrackNation,” It was written and directStill Shoots will be held at Jitters Coffee House ed by a trio of filmmakers: at the Shreve Sportsman on Thursday, Aug. 15, at 7 husband and wife team Club, 8430 Township p.m. Jitters Coffee House Phelim McAleer and Ann Road 513 (Holmes Coun- is located at 1545 S. Wash- McElhinney and their colty) Sundays Aug. 11-Oct. ington St., Millersburg. league Magdalena Segie27. Shoots start at noon. The movie investigates da, who did not take any Win money and prizes. the charges that have oil or gas industry money been made, in print and in to fund their investigation cult films like “Gasland,” which took several years Holmes County which claim the process to complete.


We now have South Carolina (While Contender Peaches Supplies Last)

Sale Prices Good August 12th - 17th

Watch for Our Ad Anniversary August 23rd and 24th NEW ITEM: Lyka Whey Protein Dry Milk Powder FRESH PRODUCE Peaches, Cantalope, & Watermelon.

Taking orders for Bartlett Pears, Early and Ginger Gold Apples


8375 Criswell Rd., Fredericksburg, OH 44627 Mon.-Thur. 8-5; Fri. 8-7; Sat. 8-3; Sun. Closed

All produce picked fresh daily 10171327

DELI SPECIALS Honey Ham ..................................................... $2.65 lb. Walnut Creek Swiss Cheese ...................... $2.95 lb.

Country View Produce 2 mi. south of Mt. Eaton, 10548 Massillon Rd. (Off of CR 241) Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 9-7; Thurs., Sat. 9-5; Closed Sunday

5362 S.R. 557 Millersburg, OH 44654 (330) 674-6257

August 8th - August 24th


Bacon ........................................................ $3.79 lb. Gerber’s Ground Chicken ................$2.50 lb. Pasture Raised Whole Fryers ........$2.49 lb. Pasture Raised Ground Turkey .... $6.89 lb.

SERO will hold a retiree meeting at the Darb Snyder Senior Center, 170 Parkview Drive, Millersburg, on Aug. 15. It will be in the upper floor meeting room from 9:45 a.m. to about noon. Lunch is $3.95. For information or to register, call Paul Johnson at 440-647-7680 or Valerie at 614-431-0387 or The purpose is to establish a Holmes County School Employee Retirees Organization chapter and representatives from SERO will be present as well as benefits providers, AMBA. School Employ-

Humane Society to hold pet supplies drive, adoption day The Holmes County Humane Society is holding a pet food and supplies drive until the end of the month. Donations will be accepted at Rodhes IGA in Millersburg. There will be an opportunity to meet the animals up for adoption on Saturday, Aug. 17, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Millersburg TSC.

Fryburg School Reunion is at church The Fryburg School Reunion will be Aug. 17 at See Pg. 5 — CALENDAR

from Michigan



Aug. 8th - Aug. 14th

Weekly Specials Marble Cheese ......................$2.99 lb. EZ Carve Ham ......................$1.99 lb. Jumbo Raisins .......................$1.99 lb. Salted Peanuts ......................$1.47 lb. Perma Flo............................$1.75 lb. Tomato Paste ......... 10 lb. Can $6.99 ea. Pizza Seasoning .....................$6.49 lb. Dried Onions ........................$4.49 lb. Mrs. Wages Mixes • Sweet Corn • Peaches Canning Supplies • Bike Parts • Bike Repairs

Chicken Pork Hot Dogs .....................$3.49 lb. (Made with Gerber’s Chicken & Our Pork)

Beef/Pork Hot Dogs ........................... $3.99 lb.



8221 C.R. 192, Holmesville, OH 44633

(330) 279-2619

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat 8-5; Tues, Fri 8-7


per bushel

Place order now for pickup mid September.


(Available After Aug. 13th)

Our hogs are raised and processed right here on the farm. Our hogs are bred for meat quality and flavor. Are No Artificial Full line of smoked & fresh products. StateWeInspected Growth Hormones

SERO chapter forming

ees Retirements System representatives are expected to attend; there will be information on 2014 SERS Health Care, new benefits (including Silver Sneakers), as well as the many benefits through SERO. Those who receive a pension or are a spouse of a pensioner through SERS are eligible to join and welcome at the meeting.


Doughty Farm Meats HOURS: M-F 8-5 SATURDAY 8-3

“FrackNation is protruth and pro-investigative journalism. It reveals the exaggerations and frauds that are at the heart of the anti-fracking movement and the length activists will go to reach their goal of banning fracking,” said Phelim McAleer, co-director. Rhonda Reda, of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program will introduce the movie and be available afterward for questions and answers.

Red Haven Peaches from NJ COMING SOON


Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 to 5:00 3464 SR 39, Millersburg

(1 Mile West of Walnut Creek on St. Rt. 39)

(330) 893-2235

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 5

Groceries • Veggies • Baked Goods Bent & Dent


Calendar office taking applications

word to class members, near and far. For further noon at Fryburg Church. information a Facebook Take a covered dish and The Holmes County site has been developed. table service. Beverage Veterans Service Center Go to “Hiland Class of will be provided. Take will accept applications 73” on Facebook. For a memory and old pic- for assistance for August more information contures. through noon Aug. 23. tact Max Beachy at The Veterans Service 330-897-8024 or max. Commission board will; Jeff Bike ride meet Aug. 26 at 6:30 p.m. and Sharon Schrock at Office hours are Monday jschrock1017@frontier. benefits STEPS 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and com or 330-473-7604: A bike ride to benefit Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- or Glenn HershbergSTEPS at Liberty Center, 4:30 p.m. For more infor- er at 330-473-7435 or called Break the Cycle, mation call 330-674-4806. will be held Aug. 24 starting at the Wayne County fairgrounds. There will be 12-, Hiland Class 25- and 64-mile route of 1973 to hold West Holmes options. Bikers can register at reunion Class of 1968 For more information call The Hiland Class of 330-264-8498. 1973 plans to observe STEPS at Liberty its 40-year class reunion Center is a program of Saturday, Aug. 31, at 6:30 Liberty Center Connec- p.m. at Der Dutchman tions. Its mission is to in Walnut Creek. Order prevent and treat chem- off the menu for dinner. ical dependence and There will be a short abuse. program followed by plenty of time for socializing. Please pass the Holmes veteran (Continued From Page 4)


2495 CR 168 (Near Trail)


The West Holmes Class of 1968 will hold its 45-year reunion Saturday, Sept 7 at the Hotel Millersburg from 6 p.m. until midnight. The buffet dinner is $20/person. Lodging is available at the hotel. For additional information, contact Bobbi (Taylor) Wilson at 330-276-6422, kbkbobbi@ Addresses are still needed for the following classmates: Sue Armstrong King, Harold Blum, Judy Power East, Sid Gamertsfelder, David Hedberg and David Lockard.

Matt and Denise Haun of Walnut Creek announce the engagement of their daughter ,Kelsey, of Wooster, to Ryan Daugherty. He is the son of Dan Daugherty and Sherry Daugherty, both of Wooster. Miss Haun is a graduate of Hiland High School and works at Elder-Beerman and Tumbleweed. Her fiance is a graduate of Malone UniversiKelsey Haun ty and works at the J.M. Ryan Daughertyy Smucker Co. An Aug. 31 wedding is planned at Quailcrest Farm.

*FRESH PRODUCE* • Bulk Foods • Deli • Grocery Items

• Hamburger • Sausage

Mon. 8-7: Tues.-Fri. 8-5: Sat. 8-3

Name Brand Bent & Dent Grocery Pampers • Paper Products Laundry Detergent Toothpaste • Shampoo Body Wash and Much More!


2430 TR 183, BALTIC • 330-897-3536 Specials: August 12th - 17th

Walnut Creek Smoked Turkey Breast...............$2.95 lb. Walnut Creek Ham ...............................................$2.59 lb. Walnut Creek Colby Cheese ...............................$2.65 lb. Walnut Creek Provolone Cheese.......................$2.55 lb. Rib Patties ..............................................................$3.50 $3.50 lb.


Fresh Michigan Blueberries - Good Price Contender Peaches - New Jersey Red Haven Will be here Approximately August 5th Michigan Baby Gold Peaches - The Supreme Baby Gold Peaches Taking Orders $27.50 lb. Early Gold - Ginger Gold Apples Coming Soon Pine Apples - Bananas - Tomatoes Plus All Local Produce Available



Per Bushel

HOURS: Mon., Thurs. & Fri. 8-5; Tues. 8-7; Closed Wed. & Sun.; Sat. 8-4


• Chicken

• Veal Patties


Red Haven P

• Frozen Vegetables


Taking orders for Early Gold, JonaGold, and Ginger Gold and Golden Delicious Apples

8629 CR 235 Fredericksburg, OH. 44627 330.695.2210 Hrs: Mon., Tue.,Wed., Fri. 8-5; Thur. 8-6:30; Sat. 8-3



to hold reunion

We Are Located 1 1/2 Mi. North of Mt. Hope At Stone Barn Furniture. PH: 330-231-0983 or 330-601-3705


Taking Orders For: Baby Gold Peaches Barlett Pears Early Gold Apples

6 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Community Cardboard dreams: Nothing better than a kid in a box In recent days, my household life has been dominated by laundry, mostly in the form of a dryer that had finally dried up. After nearly 14 years and three houses, it was beyond repair and I couldn’t fathom stringing our socks across the back porch another day. Finally we broke down and had to buy another one, which came delivered to my door and my children stood staring at the truck until one of them broke the silence. I thought they would say something about the size of the truck or the amount of appliances it held. Instead, it went something like, “does it come with a cardboard box?” The kindly deliverymen overheard and after telling us that it did not

come with a box, they quickly redeemed themselves. “Why, did you want one? We’ve got some here. How many do you want?” “Three,” I answered. And I haven’t seen my children since. The magic of the giant cardboard box is nothing new. I’m pretty sure I spent at least four years of my childhood hanging out in one, either drawing flowers on the outside of my house or serving tea to my stuffed animals. My houses or rocketships or ticket booths or restaurants

Church briefs Community Social Day is today Renner’s St. Paul United Church of Christ will hold a Community Social Day Aug. 8 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Lunch will be soup, sandwich, salad and dessert (freewill offering supports outreach programs). There will be a time for knotting comforters, sharing neighborhood pictures and fellowship. Renner’s St. Paul is located on Tuscarawas County

Road 41 near Coshocton County Road 93 (7620 Renner Road SW.

VBS planned at Community Bible Church Community Bible Church invites all area children to Investigation Destination VBS, Aug. 12-16 from 6:308:30 p.m. Activities for ages 2-14 include Bible exploration, songs, games, crafts, and snacks at 5279 County Road 314, near West Holmes High School. Call 330473-8940.

School briefs West Holmes High notes opening day West Holmes High School student schedules are available for high school students beginning Aug. 13, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. They will be available Aug. 14 and 19 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Students new to the district who need to be enrolled at the high school may do so by calling the West Holmes Board of Education at 330-674-3546. Freshman orientation will be held Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. in the theater. Students will have the oppor-

tunity to tour the building and pick up schedules and locker assignments beginning at 6 p.m. West Holmes High School’s first day of school is Aug. 20 beginning at 7:30 a.m. Open house will be Aug. 16 from 5-6 p.m.

GED/ABLE classes start Aug. 19 Free ABLE/GED classes will start Aug. 19 at Millersburg Elementary School. Classes meet Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-noon and 6-9 p.m. For more information call 419-289-3313.

took up the main living spaces of my parent’s house until they moved it to another room, then to the basement, then to the garage, until one day I would wake up and my beloved playhouse was gone and I’d cry and stalk the neighborhood on trash night in hopes of finding another. Three full size washer or dryer boxes are nothing to shake a stick at, so when I turned around to find them all scattered throughout my family room, I immediately froze. And then I listened to the incredible harmony that ended up being my children as they shared markers and helped each other cut windows and garage doors, build porches and fully supply their new abodes.

Later that day, I had to leave to run errands while my husband was in charge. Upon returning, he met me outside. “You’ll never believe this. I told them to go play in their boxes and they’ve been in there for an hour. Without fighting. For an hour. I’m not even lying.” The look on his face was as if he’d just witnessed a miracle. I nearly had to slap him back to reality. The truth is that there isn’t anything much better than a kid in a box. We as parents know that nine times out of ten, if you buy a kid a big toy they will end up enjoying the box more than the actual gift. Back when I was young, we would scour the neighborhood for appliance

boxes on trash night because even if you have to dig it out of someone’s garbage, the box is a mighty thing. Maybe it’s the unbridled creativity that ensues when a kid is given a box. My own three children did completely different things. My youngest made a beauty salon where you can get a haircut (and a discount coupon for restaurant night, from the latest advertisement I heard). My oldest made the sweetest little cottage where I find her curled up with a book. My son, of course, made a “bro cave” with lanterns, a stash of candy, and a direct view of the TV. I think there’s real peace for a child knowing they can create a

world of whatever they really want, to design their own dreams in a place big enough for only them. So many of the things children see nowadays are 100 percent virtual. There are virtual pets and virtual worlds and virtual bedrooms. Time and time again they have designed things on the computer screen that they will never be able to touch or color or cut or just feel with their own hands. The beauty of the cardboard box might even be more so now than it was 30 years ago, and fill a void in a creative child’s world that no digital programming could ever accomplish. Or maybe they just want to draw on the walls. I’m good either way.

Marta, is of Richmond, Va. Earl died in 1989, when Hofacre moved to Dalton.

KIMBERLY ANNE was born July 19 at Wooster Community Hospital to Martha and Allen Miller of Holmesville. She weighed 9 pounds and was 20 inches long. She joins siblings, Brandon, John, Judy, Kenneth and Bryan. Grandparents are Katie Kuhns and Roy and Lavina Miller, all of Holmesville.

Community briefs Personals

Sunday, Aug. 11, with an open house and lunAn open house is planned cheon hosted by her in honor of BONNIE daughter, Dr. Marta DOTY’s 90th birthday on Hofacre, at Dalton PresSaturday, Aug. 10, 1-3:30 byterian Church from p.m. at the Castle Club noon-3 p.m. Gifts should Banquet Hall in Millers- be omitted. burg. Doty taught elemenShe was born Aug. 13, tary school for 29 years in 1923, in Winesburg to Millersburg and lives in Earl and Reva Kendle Nashville. Former students and is a 1940 graduate and friends of Doty, are of Massillon Washingencouraged to come and ton High School. She wish her a Happy Birthday. was a three-star memThe Castle Club Banquet ber of the Tiger Swing Hall is located beside the Band & Orchestra under Holmes County Victorian the direction of George House on Wooster Road “Red” Bird. in Millersburg. The VicShe married Earl torian House will remain Hofacre of near Dalton, open until 5 p.m. on Aug. a lieutenant in the armed 10, if you would like to forces in 1943. When he visit. Parking is available returned from Europe in behind the Castle Club. No 1947, the couple built a gifts please. home near Dalton. Hofacre also had a M A RY JA N E daughter, Marcia Hofacre HOFACRE will cel- MacPherson, who is ebrate her 90th birthday deceased. Her daughter,

New arrivals MALACHI NATHANIEL was born July 1 at Wooster Community Hospital to Jessica and Micah Snyder of Millersburg. He weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. He joins a brother, Barrett. Grandparents are Gary and Claudia Gallion of Millersburg, Roger and Lorie Gray of Grand Rapids, Mich., Michael and Claudia Snyder of Lexington and Yvonne Snyder of Ashland. Great-grandparents are Norma Snyder of Loudonville and Patricia Cameron of Perrysburg.

A BOY, Mason Allen James, was born April 27 to Jason and Melissa Compton of Millersburg. He weighed 1 pound, 10 ounces and joins a brother, Jason Taylor. Grandparents are Ricky McCombs of Blissfield, Lynda McCombs of Millersburg and Margaret and Robert Compton of Killbuck. Great-grandmother is Joanne McCombs of Blissfield.

Club notes TOPS OH 1243 TOPS OH 1243, Sugarcreek, met July 26 at the United Methodist Church with 15 members weighing in and having a weight loss of 7 pounds. The TOPS and KOPS pledges were recited along with the Pledge of Allegiance. TOPS best rededicated weight loss winner for the week was Ellen Mullett. KOPS for the week were Ada Troyer and Betty J. Miller. Monthly

TOPS winner was Verna Yoder and Linda Miller was runner-up. KOPS of the month was Mary Ann Miller. Monthly winners received fruit. The forbidden food for the week is candy and the thing to do is to use a small plate for meals so you are not tempted to overeat by filling your plate with too much and no second helpings. LeAnna Hostetler was the winner of the cheer bag. TOPS is a nonprofit weight loss

support group with the local chapter meeting each Thursday with weigh-ins beginning at 5:30 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m. For more information call 330-897-6007. TOPS OH1243, Sugarcreek met on Aug. 1 at the United Methodist Church in Sugarcreek with 14 members weighing in with a weekly weight loss of 13 3/4 pounds for See Pg. 13 — CLUB

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 7 HAROLD’S EQUIPMENT Sales • Service • Parts Harold Neuenschwander 2120 Co. Rd. 168, Dundee Ph. 893-2348

The Parts Place of Millersburg, Inc.

• Automotive Parts • Machine Shop • Paint & Supplies 980 S. Washington St., Millersburg, OH


FAITH VIEWbooks BOOKS, MUSIC, FAMILY DVD’s, CANDLES, BOXED CARDS & MORE. Mon. - Fri. 8-5 • Sat. - 8-3 • 330-674-0684

One mile west of Mt. Hope, right on Twp. Rd. 616. Watch for sign.

Millersburg, OH

Matrix Chi Tigi

1/4 mi. E. of Berlin on Rt. 39 330-893-3786



Ashland Oil Bulk Plant Randy Wengerd, Rian Wengerd, Agents Co. Rd. 623 - Millersburg Phone 674-2096 • 674-6826

Jim, Ron, Jamie, Tiffany & Jake St. Rt. 39 W. Millersburg 330-674-4811



Attorneys at Law 88 S. Monroe Street Millersburg, Ohio 44654 330-674-7070

SCHLABACH FUNERAL HOME LTD. Monument Sales 212 Jones St., P.O. Box 501 Shreve, Ohio 44676 (330) 567-2291

“Keep Looking Up, Someone Cares” St. Rt. 515 2 mi. N. of Walnut Creek Ph. 893-3244

Rt. 39 East, Millersburg 330-674-4015 • 1-800-686-6777


FINNEY’S MARATHON AAA 24 Hour Towing Service 11069 St. Rt. 39 - Millersburg Ph. 674-7338

CHESTNUT RIDGE SEWING JIM BARNHART’S 3647 State Route 39 - Located 3 mi. E. of Berlin just off St. Rt. 39 Across from Chestnut Ridge School

330-893-3359 Mon - Fri. 9am - 5pm (later Tues by appt.) Sat. 9am - 3pm


Collision - Insurance Work Twp. Rd. 311, Millersburg, OH Ph. 674-1122

No job is too big or too small

MILLER OVERHEAD DOORS, INC. Garage Doors & Operators

“Full Service Christian Bookstore” 4925 West Main St., Berlin * 330-893-2523

Commercial • Residential • Sales • Service • Installation Located 4 mi. NE of Berlin 3249 US Rt. 62, Millersburg • (330) 893-2711

Your Full-Line Bakery Skilled and Intermediate Care • Comprehensive Rehabilitation • Alzheimer’s Center

105 Majora Lane • Millersburg


Country Mart

“All Your Grocery Needs” 330-674-9775

The Pizza Shop

“Pizza, Soup, Salads, Subs” 330-674-9933

This message brought to you by these community minded businesses.


New & Used Tires Rotation & Repair Brake Service • Batteries

330-674-0025 450 Railroad St. • Millersburg

HOLMESVILLE ELECTRIC Electrical contractors for all of your commercial and residential needs!!

Phone 330-279-4522

Fax 330-279-2610


Cell: 330-674-8374

For All your Home Improvements

Tom Bryan Owner 330-674-1369 We Deliver! $8 Minimum

Trail View Plaza LTD 42 North Grant Street, Millersburg


FARM & BAKERY LTD. 5452 St. Rt. 557, Millersburg

Order At 330-674-6096

330-852-3600 * 330-674-5533 2465 SR 39 Between Sugarcreek & Berlin or 1492 S. Washington, Millersburg


96 W. Jackson St. Millersburg, OH 44654

Visit Our Showroom! Let us design and build

COMPANY, INC. your dream home. ASPHALT PAVING Outfitting sportsmen for the great outdoors! 4609 TR 371, LLC SINCE 1964 CHARM 330-893-1486 KIDRON 330-893-2015 Millersburg



6139 SR 39 • Millersburg




Trimmers - Tillers - Lawn Mowers - Blowers - Chain Saws

6848 TWP. RD. 630, MILLERSBURG 1/4 Mile E. of Benton Off CR 207 • (330) 674-0479



PHONE: 330-893-2057 5503 County Rd. 120, Berlin, Ohio


Gas, Water and Drain Lines Road Bores ~Spring Development 6980 CR 201, Millersburg PH: 330.674.7156 Fax: 330.674.7157

Berlin 5862 N. Market St.

(330) 893-3273 Walnut Creek 2804 St. Rt. 39

(330) 852-2888

Between Berlin & Bunker Hill 4540 US 62 Millersburg 330-893-3149

KAUFFMAN’S COUNTRY BAKERY Of Bunker Village Across From Heini’s Place Open Daily ~ 893-2129

Bookworms , LLC & Christian Homestead Bookstore Annex New & Used Books- Trades Accepted

34 S. Clay St., Millersburg (Right Down From The Square)




& Country mall 330-893-2131

Quality Sand - Gravel - Limestone Dozer Work - Excavating Co. Rd. 189, Millersburg • 674-0038

5029 Somerset Rd., Berlin Ohio, 44610

urthmann Restaurant “Where the Locals Eat” Open Daily 5:30am-8pm; Closed Sunday Daily Specials - Homemade Pie 4819 E. Main St. • Berlin • 330-893-3287



Gazebos • Patio Furniture Pergolas • Arbors • Bridges The Best of Home Cooking Since 1938

Buyer Of Standing Trees - Logs 13720 St. Rt. 62, Killbuck Ph. 276-5911

READY MIX CEMENT 5420 Co. Rd. 349 Call Collect Complete Building Center 330-674-0865 893-2251 • 1-800-362-6682





Since 1988

B W&

Quality Appalachian Hardwoods Phone: (330) 893-3121

8 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Local Entertainment 381 E. Main St., Smithville. The event is held in conjunction with the Smithville CommuniSmithville Commu- ty Historical Society nity Historical Society and Mishler Weaving will hold an Antiques Mill Open House that Market Saturday, Aug. will be held 1:30-4 17, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., on p.m. the grounds of the For vendor information Mishler Weaving Mill, call 330-669-9455.

! K E E W E L A SUPER S 17th August 12th


10% OFF

• 1 Mile West of Mt. Hope • Mon-Fri 8-5; Sat 9-3 • Start or bring your punch card!

EVERYTHING FREE Bookmark With Every Purchase!


CAMO to hold Salsa Sizzle on Aug. 17 Central American Medical Outreach will hold its fifth annual Salsa Sizzle on Aug. 17 at 6 p.m. at The Wooster Inn. The event benefits the women’s shelter in Santa Rosa,

PRIZES! 10 - $50.00 Gift Cards To Ten Lucky Winners!

To get your name in our drawing purchase $20 or more!





FREE HOTDOG -one per couponexpires 9/21/13




-one per coupon-

-one per coupon-

original or honey whole grain expires 9/21/13

the original

Holmes County

~bacon puffs~ ~pork rinds~ ~assorted nuts~

munity Center, Rambo Street, Danville (turn west at traffic light, go ½ block — directly across street from Danville High School); $1 admission; prizes and refreshments.

Holmes County’s most unique shopping experience!


Discover your favorite The Wilderness Center A sock hop will be held trails and earn rewards. Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Complete all six WilderDarb Snyder Senior Cen- ness Center Headquarter, 4-8 p.m. DJ Terry ters tract trails anytime Euchre party Logsdon will feature throughout the year and earn your carved hikPublic Euchre Card Party music of the ’50s. On the menu will be ing staff and/or pin for will be held Tuesday, Aug. 27, 7 p.m., at St. Luke Com- cheeseburger or hot dog, each year. $12-member; $14-nonmember for staff with pin; $7 for pin only. The Wilderness Center is located at 9877 Alabama Ave. S.W., one mile west of Wilmot, just north of U.S. Route 250. The center is dedicated to connecting our community with nature, educating people of all ages, conserving natural resources and practicing environmental stewardship.

Hotel Millersburg

Summer Concerts In The Courtyard Friday, August 9th 7-10 pm - Bob Tomassetti Saturday, August 17th 7-10 pm - Matt Young *Weather Permitting

330-674-1457 • 35 W. Jackson St., Downtown Millersburg

~located just a half mile east of Berlin, OH on State Route 39~

Baltic Area Historical Society The Baltic Area Historical Society Museum will be open 1-5 p.m. on the third Sunday of each month. It is located in the basement of the Baltic State Bank.

Book Signing

and LIVE SHOWS with Brent Vernon

Saturday, August 10

9am-12 noon LIVE on the German Village Stage!

Brent & Sam Sam loves to read too!

Brent is an author, illustrator, songwriter and ventriloquist. He has traveled for 13 years performing and sharing his faith in churches, schools & coffee houses around the country! See Sam at 9am, 10am, 11am & noon.



french fries, root beer float or cherry coke and fruit pie. Tickets are $12 presale through Aug. 31 or $20 per couple. At the door admission will be $15 for single, $25 per couple.

Hike the trails

Let’s go to the hop

expires 9/21/13


Flea Market

Honduras. Last year more than $60,000 was raised. The cost is $40. There will be a live Latin jazz band, Latin-inspired food, celebrity bartending competition (featuring a full cash bar), a live auction and more. Tickets can be purchased at CAMO’s Orrville office, Buehler’s Milltown and Orrville, or at The Wooster Inn. Call 330-683-5956 for more information.


Antiques Market is Aug. 17 in Smithville

4900 Oak St.

P.O. Box 320, Berlin, OH 44610 330-893-2523

Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. 8:30 AM-6:30 PM; Fri. 8:30 AM-7 PM; Sat. 8:30 AM-5 PM

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 9

Send help!

That broiled chicken is simply to die for gate herbivore it’s impossible to deny the primal urge driven by the smell of broiled chicken. It’s a greasy, salty, fat-filled mess that actually breaks almost all the rules of my personal code of nutrition but I would swim a raging river or run across a rushhour highway for a shot at a whole chicken for under three bucks! Even at full price it’s tough to pass the slowroasted chicken rack without salivating like post-wolf-attack Old Yeller. I’ve always found it amusing that they sell side dishes—mashed potatoes, green beans, creamed corn—right alongside the chickens. I have no use, nor appetite, nor time for that stuff; the side dishes are just an upsell, a distraction, from the real business of swallowing as much of that bird as possible before anyone else can get to it! In my household the plastic “chicken boat”

good stuff is long gone. Eventually, however, the dogs and even the cats cash in as there is typically enough of the gelatinous ooze left over in the bottom of the boat to glaze their bowls of kibble for weeks on end. As with most things in life where there are winners, there are losers left in the offset. The loser here is clearly the chicken, however, any such bird that meets its fate before my family can rest in peace assured that it fed five people, two dogs and several cats. In my book that’s an awful lot of bang for one “cluck!”

Troutman Kutz N Kennel barely makes it to the kitchen counter before the forks start flying and it’s not unusual to find the whole carcass reduced to a steaming skeleton within minutes. If there were theaters for chickens, the scene could be part of an A-list horror film entitled, “Night of the Human Piranhas.” Because it is physically impossible to actually

deliver such a bird home without leaving a trail of greasy chicken drippings at every turn, our dogs end up initially as the big losers in this drama. Distracted by the aromatic trail of greasedrop “breadcrumbs,” they end up licking a path across the ground from the garage to the kitchen door leaving a slimy, twotongue-wide trail in their


Call to board your pets Private Suites Indoor/Outdoor Kennels Grooming Available


Commercial • Residential Parking Lots • Driveways Seal Coating • Repairs


Minutes from Wooster

Christie Troutman Cert. Professional Groomer 6373 Springville Rd. Shreve, OH 44676


Bobcat T190

Serving Holmes & Wayne County

When DIY becomes OMG

Your Pets’ Home Away from Home!

wake. By the time they arrive at our feet the

$22 per hour plus fuel

Attachments Available: r Visit Ou om Showro

Toothbucket Forks Post Hole Digger

1225 US 62, Wilmot, OH 44689

We specialize in Ceramic Tile

330-897-0152 Farmerstown Area

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Walnut Valley


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It was magical. We had just walked into Supergiant Mega Mart when the announcement came over the loud speaker: “We’d like to call our shoppers attention to our Hot Foods and Deli department where our delicious broiled, whole chickens have just been reduced to half off!” My heart skipped a beat! My cart, already full of ridiculously oversized packages of breakfast cereal, toilet paper and laundry detergent, seemed to wheel itself around to aim straight for the deli, as did the carts of all others willing to kill for slow-roasted fowl at bargain-basement prices. The race was on! I became Spartacus in a no-holds-barred chariot race toward the rotisserie. Women screamed, children cried and lesser men crashed into 20-foot-tall end-caps of high-fructose sports drinks. I was running neck-and-neck with a young mother until I sent her and her screaming toddler into a pyramid of graham crackers and marshmallows. This race would not be lost. Give me chicken or give me death. Unless you’re an obli-

This Investment involves risk as contained in the Confidential investor. The stock is being offered only to individuals or business organizations that have a principle residence or principle Offering Circular. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of office within the State of Ohio. an offer to buy. Any offer is made only by a Confidential Offering Circular after qualification of a potential investor. The stock is being offered only to individuals or business organizations that have a principle residence or principle office within the State of Ohio.

10 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Farm Sales and shows scheduled for dairy breeders I will try to keep my computer up and running this week and send in my column. Just because a computer is new doesn’t mean it can’t have problems. This one reminded me of a balky mule! The little arrow just wouldn’t move from a certain spot so that I could do the things I needed to do! After searching, clicking, checking the modem, plugging and unplugging, and “fooling around” for about two hours, it suddenly decided to move along and do what it was supposed to do. My “repair man” still doesn’t know what was wrong with it! Just like a mule, temperamental I guess! The Ohio Holstein Association will be holding its Ohio Summer Sale

Barbwire Barb Lumley

on Saturday, Aug. 24, at 11 a.m. at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster. The sale will feature approximately 75 Registered Holsteins, all ages. The sale will feature genomics, many cows milking and just recently fresh, bred heifers, show age heifers and several baby calves. There will be Black and Whites and Red and Whites. There are cows selling classified Very Good, milking over 100 pounds a day, and with records to 32,922 pounds of milk 1118 fat


Are you tired of old heavy claws? Try the new

Classic 300 Claw

and 1042 protein. Dams are classified Excellent and Very Good and with records over 40,000 pounds of milk. Consignments are sired by the top bulls of the breed and from well-known cow families such as Bootmaker Mandy, Citation Roxy, Rudy Missy, Firepower, Mona Dixie, Burke E Echo, Chief Faith, Spendide Spirit, BC Lisa, Ruby Redrose and more. THERE WILL BE SOMETHING IN THIS SALE FOR EVERYONE! Phil Fisher, Diamond Oak Holsteins, Fort Jennings, has sent a special consignment to the sale, an April 15, 2013 Spring Heifer Calf sired by MR Chassity Gold Chip and from the Wapa Bootmaker Mandy cow

family. There are 10 generations of Excellent and Very Good dams behind this calf. The calf is +2001 genomics. The two-yearold dam of the calf is milking 85 pounds a day with a 4.0 percent butterfat test and 3.0 percent protein. There have been numerous bulls in the AI studs from this cow family. Also selling will be seven units of Gold Chip SEXED semen. The proceeds from the sale of the calf and the semen have been donated to the Ohio Holstein Association by Diamond Oak Holsteins. THE CALF AND SEMEN WILL SELL FIRST IN THE SALE. For catalogs or information contact the Ohio Holstein Association, 330-264-9088; Ken Janes,

330-464-4134; Barb Lumley, 330-739-2038; Steve Deam, 937-477-6616; or Steve Andrews, 330-4658498. The Ohio Jersey Breeders’ Association District 3 Show will be held Saturday, Aug. 20, at noon at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington. The District 4 Show will be held Saturday, Aug. 31, at 9 a.m. at the Mahoning County Fairgrounds, Canfield. The District 7 Show will be held Satur-

The pasture measurement for the week beginning July 28, 2013. — Number of fields reporting: 17 Pounds of dry matter

per acre per day: — Minimum Growth: 5 — Maximum Growth: 271 — Average Growth: 73 Eight-year average for week: 47

back to farm bulls 85-135; FEEDERS: steers & bulls 140; Holstein feeders 90. 24 HOGS — 76. 139 CATTLE — Choice steers 122.50-130; good steers 115-122; Holstein steers 80-98;

choice heifers 120-125.50; good heifers 107-119.50; good Holstein cows 75-85.50; yellow & thins 20-down; bulls 85-115.50. 151 HORSES — Top horse 675; top pony 225. 1 GOAT — 40.

to good calves 75-90; fair to medium calves 55-75; commons and lights 55-down; cross bred calves 210-down; back to farm, bull calves 95-115 lbs. 100-140. 2 SHEEP & LAMBS — Lambs, fair to medium 137170. 1 GOAT — 200. 4 9 BU T C H E R H O G S — 210-240 lbs. 73; 240260 lbs. 69-71; 260 lbs.-up 70.50-71; butcher sows 76-down. 36 CATTLE — Holstein steers 83; Holstein heifers 87; good beef cows 79-85.50; medium to good cows 72-79; fair to medium cows 65-72; common cows 65-down; FEEDER, steer & bulls 140. 161 TOTAL HEAD. 16 LOADS ALL NEW HAY — Hay 1st cutting 125390; 2nd & 3rd cutting 170-

Pasture measurement

Markets SUGARCREEK LIVESTOCK AUCTION INC. July 26 98 CALVES — Choice calves 90-135; good calves 75-85; light & thins 40-down;

Special pricing through August 31 Call 330-763-1070



17 LOADS — 1st cutting 140-170 ton; 2nd cutting $210-235 ton; eggs $.80-1.30.

Wayne Miller

8020 Twp 551 Holmesville, OH 44633

Machinery Auction, Aug. 31


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Mon - Fri 7-5 • Saturday 8-noon

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-5; Sat. 7:30 to 12 P.M. 1954 T.R. 661, Winesburg, OH 44624

Ful lS

or e



5425 CR 77 • Millersburg, OH 44654 • 330.893.3785


7501 County Road 77 | Millersburg, OH 1/2 Mile South of Mount Hope

Boy Do We Have A Deal For You!

We will be closed September 4th to the 14th

day, Sept. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Junior Jersey Show is scheduled for Sept. 7, at the Pennsylvania Show Complex and Expo Center at Harrisburg, Pa. Paul Trapp, Taylor, Wisc., will be the judge. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Jersey Open Show will be held Sept. 11 and 12, at Harrisburg, Pa. with Kelli Crull, Lomira, Wis. judging.

ervice Hardware




FARMERSTOWN LIVESTOCK 2907 Township Road 190 Baltic; 330-897-6081 330-897-2275; 330-231-6809 July 30 79 CALVES — Good to choice calves 90-100; medium

See Pg. 11 — MARKETS


The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 11

Markets (Continued From Page 10) 410; big rd. hay 65-150 ton; wheat straw 190-200 ton. MOUNT HOPE AUCTION July 31 14 HOGS —220-250 lbs. 70-71; 250-280 lbs. 70; sows, heavy 60-75; 14 FEEDER PIGS — 60-75 lbs. 45-65; 115155 lbs. 72.50-87.50. 20 FAT CATTLE — Choice Holstein steers 100-106.50; good Holstein steers 86-97. 11 BULLS — 1,000-1,500 lbs. 87-96; 1,500-2,000 lbs. 93-108. 88 CULL COWS — Good 72-84.50; medium-good 65-72; fair-medium 59-65; light-thin 59-down; 51 FEEDERS — Steers and heifers 70-155. 21 DAIRY — Bred heifers 1,225-down. 2 HORSES. 142 CALVES — 95-120 lbs. 100-125; good 70-100; common 20-70; back to farm Holstein heifers 95-120 lbs. 70-100; crossbred bulls 30-140.

199 GOATS — Kid 145down; billies 100-230; nannies 70-260; wethers 100-180. 928 HEAD SHEEP — Bucks & ewes 37.50-65; 40-60 lbs. choice 180-250; 40-60 lbs. 90-147.50; 60-80 lbs. choice 145-192.50; 60-80 lbs. 87.50135; 80-100 lbs. 112.50-135; 100-130 lbs. 107.50-130; 130 lbs.-up 107.50-115. TOTAL HEAD — 1,490. 58 LOADS — Alfalfa 2nd cutting 220-375; alfalfa 3rd and 4th cutting 185; mixed 1st cutting 140-275; mixed 2nd cutting 130-400; lg. bales hay 25-105; lg bales hay 90-235 ton; wheat straw 120-250; ear corn 210-230.

Aug. 17, Machinery Sale

KIDRON AUCTION Aug. 1 44 HOGS — 190-210 lbs. 70.50-73; 230-260 lbs. 62-70; butcher sows 73.50-84; boars by weight 12-17. 461 FEEDER PIGS — Up to 40 lbs. 25-55; 41-50 lbs. 63-73; 51-60 lbs. 58-74; 61

lbs.-up 69-78; bred sows and gilts 165; service boars 75-150; roasters 47.50-140. 84 CALVES — Back to farm, bulls 90-135; back to farm, heifers 85-120; light & thin 70-down. 131 CATTLE — Heifers 75.50; bulls 82.50-98.50; good beef cows 74.50-80; medium to good 67.50-73.50; thin-poor 67-down; feeder steers 82.50140 and heifers 80-100. 19 SHEEP — Market lambs 90-125 lbs. 105-120; feeder lambs up to 85 lbs. 107.50-120; cull ewes and bucks 35-47.50. 22 GOATS — 5-185. 164 DAIRY CATTLE — Cows 1,425-down; bred heifers 1,500-down; service bulls 575925, open heifers 425-935. Total Consignors 189; total head 925. 43 HAY & STRAW — Hay 1st cutting 120-200; hay 2nd cutting 160-270; hay 3rd cutting 100; lg. bales 40-75 each and 75-155 ton; straw 135-210 ton; oats per cwt. 16; lg. straw 32.50-42.50 each.

Farm brief Canning sessions held monthly The basics of home canning and drying is the focus of a free monthly food preservation program presented by the Holmes County Ohio State University Exten-

Troy Ridge Mfg

3998 Cr 168 Millersburg, OH 44654 (330) 473-7727 Custom Welding Specializing in Aluminum Truck Beds • Tool Boxes

tion the third Monday of the Extension Office. each month at 6:30 p.m., See Pg. 13 — FARM through September, at

P y oint n o St Hardware

Full Service Hardware Store over 19,000 Sq. Ft. under roof

4455 CR 229 Fredricksburg, Ohio 44627


Monday-Friday 5:30am to 5:00pm • Sat. 7:00am to 11:30am

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Approximate Ripening Dates: RED HAVEN.................................................... READY NOW! FLAMIN’ FURY 15A ...................................... READY NOW! CORAL STAR .....................................................AUGUST 12 BOUNTY..............................................................AUGUST 12 CONTENDER ......................................................AUGUST 16 FLAMIN’ FURY 23 ...........................................AUGUST 20 MADISON ..........................................................AUGUST 26 GLOWING STAR ..............................................AUGUST 28 FLAMIN’ FURY 25 ...........................................AUGUST 28 FLAMIN’ FURY 27A ....................................SEPTEMBER 1

LOCAL APPLES PAULA RED, ..................................................... AUGUST 13 GINGER GOLD, SUMMER RAMBO & GRAVENSTEIN ............................................. AUGUST 19 GALA & HONEYCRISP .............................. SEPTEMBER 2 NEW YORK BARTLETT PEARS ............... SEPTEMBER 2 FRESH PRODUCE • MEAT & CHEESE • NUTS & CANDIES

Rubber tire feed pusher

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Hillcrest Orchard of Walnut Creek Ltd.



MONDAY-SATURDAY 8-5, CLOSED SUNDAY FAX 330.893.4717 2474 TR 444, Sugarcreek, OH 44681 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5 • Closed Sunday

12 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Holmes County Fair 2013

Stacey Plank walks her grand champion turkey down the midway at the Holmes County Fair on Monday.

Dan Starcher photos/

The naming of the Holmes County king and queen was held Monday of fair week. The queen is Mandy Taylor and the king is Clay Armstrong.

Janet Dailey, M.D.


Nashville Medical Clinic

For a Great Deal on a Generac Generator Call

Holmesville Electric

Family Practice Most Insurances Accepted 107 W. Millersburg St., Nashville


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One of the Largest Bakeries in Amish Country SINCE 1992

Bulk Foods • Bakery Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor - Featuring Panini Grilled Sandwiches


Please Call: Dennis Miller • 330-231-9183 Abe Raber • 330-763-4385


August 17th at Baltic Park Register before August 16th




Call Dennis Miller at 330-231-9183 to 10160849

Not valid with other offers or discounts. exp. 9/11/13

Mon-Thurs 7am-5:30pm Fri & Sat 7-6 • Open Sunday May thru November

Order Online:

register or for more information. Proceeds to Baltic Surrounding Community.



330-893-4020 • Hours: 8 - 5 Mon. - Fri. • Sat. 8-3 Closed Sun. 2 miles west of Walnut Creek on St. Rt. 39 Millersburg, OH 44654 (across from Chestnut Ridge School)

Residential Garage Door Installation

Friday Night, August 16th 6:30 p.m. Baltic Homecoming

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The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 13


Community briefs decisions or reactions of Former these feelings. These collecMillersburg tive actions create who we and resident releases are, why we do book of poetry what we do. Hall’s The difference between reality and imagination in first works everyday life is explored in were pubthe new book, “Figments lished in of My Reality,” an anthol- junior high ogy of 145 poems by Elias school. His Tobias, the pen name of i n t e r e s t writformer Millersburg resi- in Hall dent Michael D. Hall, who ing led to a career in photojournalnow lives in Indianapolis. These poems are really ism and education, teachlittle stories of characters, ing secondary English. observed or experienced Throughout college and by the author, without the the different jobs that supintroductions and conclu- ported him, writing was sions. These are snapshots and continues to be a conof their thoughts, leaving stant factor in his life. In the settings and character 1998, he started the web details up to the reader. blog, “The World of Words The poems focus on the by Elias Tobias,” (http:// feelings of the moment, which has and possible reasons of been an alternate venue

accepted for the third annual “Art is Ageless” contest and exhibit, to be held Aug. 23-24 at Walnut Hills Retirement Community. The contest is open to amateur artists ages 55 or older who reside in Holmes County. Artists may submit up to three entries, and there is no entry fee. All art must have been completed when the artist was age 55 or older. Information on categories and general contest guidelines is included on the entry forms, which can be picked up at the Darb Snyder Senior Center in Millersburg and at Walnut Hills Retirement Community in Walnut Creek, or forms can be printed directly from the News & Events page on the Walnut Hills website Entry forms are due by Aug. 9.

for his poetry, photography and other related articles and videos. More background information about the author can be found on the poetry blog. “Figments of My Reality,” is published by Bloomington-based AuthorHouse, Inc. It can be ordered through the AuthorHouse bookstore website at http:// or through online stores. Also buyers can go to the AuthorHouse Book Order Hotline, at 1-888-280-7715, or through a page at the World of Words by Elias Tobias by going to http:// id=2265.

Entry forms due Friday for art contest Entry forms are being

Farm Remaining


the week. Best weekly weight loss winner was Sue Yoder and best rededicated was Esther Miller. Best KOPS for the week was Ada Troyer. The forbidden food for the week is to have no in-betweens and the thing to do is to walk at least a mile twice during the week. The new Daily


HILAND BIKES of Charm Friday, Aug. 9th, 2013 • 8 AM-7 PM 2 Pk. Avenir Dry Lube & Degreaser (REG. $15.90)




Sunlite Headlight & Taillight Set

Sigma Sport BC509 Speedometer (REG. $17.95)

(REG. $34.95)


24 95


4441 CR 70 Charm, Ohio • 330-231-1798 Mon. 8-7; Tues, Thur, Fri. 8-5; Sat. 8-12 dates and topics are: ning and freezing meats, ervations are required. Aug. 19, pickles and sal- soups and stews. ProTo reserve a spot consas; and Sept. 23, can- grams are free, but res- tact 330-674-3015.

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(Continued From Page 11)

(Continued From Page 5)

Inspirational Calender for the month of August was given to members. leader Verna Yoder shared more from Bob Harper’s book “The Skinny Rules.” Some of the things mentioned were: Be sure to eat breakfast at least one hour after waking up and drink a glass of water before each meal. Have berries along with other fruit included into your breakfast. No carbs after lunch and no white potatoes.

14 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Letter to the Editor District appreciates help effort

Save Big $150 Off

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The Glider Recliner Everybody Loves

Editor: On behalf of the Holmes County General Health District, I would like to thank the many people who helped us in our spring levy effort. Your support and participation were sincerely appreciated. While the levy was not successful, we received a lot of valuable feedback. We heard folks greatly appreciate the work we do and the way we do our work. We are honored to serve you all in our community. So much work was done by members of the community to make our last campaign possible. The work included the distribution of yard signs, donations of food items for our fundraising lunches, donation of advertisement in

support of the levy, utilization of vacation time and donated items by staff members for the fund raiser lunches, monetary contributions by the public. Thank you. In particular, I would like to thank Kurt Rodhe and Rodhe’s IGA Marketplace, Dr. Daniel Miller and the Dutchman Hospitality Group, Sam and Rhonda Steimel, Miller Mast Mason & Bowling, the White Law Office, Blair Bower, Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Active Chiropractic, Real Estate Showcase, Carol Miller, Beaver Meats, WKLM, Mark Lonsinger of The Voice of Holmes County, Graphic Publications, The Daily Record, Township Trustees, Dick Uhl, Paul Miller, Virginia Wanat, members of the health district staff, and the donations from

the public during our lunches. Your contributions in time and money were vital to the effort. There are many others who shared stories of the value they received from the health district, or who gave anonymously. To you I must also give a hearty thank you. To those I inadvertently missed, I apologize and give you a hearty thanks. We continue to carry on the work we are doing for all of Holmes County. Our responsibility is to ensure all of the community has the opportunity to be healthy. We take this responsibility very seriously and we will continue to work hard to wisely use the funds we have been given. Thank you for your trust. D.J. McFadden, MD MPH Holmes County Health commissioner Millersburg

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The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 15


ORGANIC 10135187

Appalachian Foodways Tour makes stop at Green Edge Gardens that produces fully certified seasonal vegetables and specializes in microgreens and mushrooms. There are 10 high tunnel greenhouses on the farm to ensure year-round, weekly harvests. “Everything you see here is our way of making money from our crops with the unique resources that we have,” Rondy said. The microgreen and mushroom rooms are powered by a natural gas well in the winter months. Rondy said the farm’s microgreens, which include crops such as radish, kale and buckwheat are only grown from certified sprouting seed and are a popular item for consumers. She said the workers take about 200

pounds of food out of the microgreen room each week. Rondy said some major challenges to running the farm include flooding, reaching maximum growing capacity and the inability to produce enough heat in the winter to grow crops like basil. “We always have too much water,” farm manager Dan Kneier said. “Like any farm, we have to assess our strengths and weaknesses.” Kneier said he’s been cultivating produce with Green Edge Gardens since 2004 because he wanted to organically farm in the Southeast Ohio region. “I feel like this type of farming is very entrepreneurship-like. Really, your only option is to

start your own farm,” Kneier said. “It’s getting better and more promising each year.” Green Edge Gardens currently has 13 full-time employees, said Miranda Krinler, coordinator for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Rondy said that while the farm is at maximum growing capacity, the CSA program has helped to bring in significant financial support. In the CSA program, community members can purchase a “farm share” of the farm for the growing season in return for a weekly portion of the harvest. Krinler said over 200 families participated in last winter’s CSA program. “People will pay a premium to have a local veg-

OH So Fresh new Ohio marketing campaign from asparagus to zucchini. “Although Ohio grown produce is abundant at farmers’ markets, farm stands and through community supported agriculture programs, the majority of Ohioans turn to their local grocery stores for the bulk of their grocery purchases. That’s why it’s critical that growers and grocers are working together to offer locally grown food at these stores,” said Milo Petruziello, OEFFA Program Associate. “Shoppers increasingly want to support local farmers, and this marketing campaign will help to let them know what Ohio grown foods

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are available at their local and Orrville stores). grocery store.” The campaign provides Healthy Choices promotional materials to grocers, so customNatures Pearl ers will easily identify locally grown produce by the OH So Fresh label. Sampling and demonstration events will also take place at some stores; event announcements will be made on the campaign’s Facebook page throughout the summer • Organo Gold Coffee and fall. • Aim Nearly 100 indepen• E-Cloth Compares to Norwex dently owned grocery Located between Troyers and the retailers are participating Flea Market on St. Rt. 39. in the OH So Fresh initia4526 Millersburg, tive in 2013. Local particiOH 44610 330-600-1858 pants include Buehler’s Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8:30Fresh Foods (including 5:30; Closed Tues. & Sun. Milltown, Town Market

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Other stops in Ohio included the Chesterhill Produce Auction, the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) and meeting with Federal Hocking Local Schools to discuss implementing more fresh produce into school lunches. Gohl said the goal of the tour is to highlight successful local food systems, have conversations about how communities can support the systems and to help the systems develop partnerships with organizations that can support them. “Everybody has a little different take on this,” Gohl said. “But the one thing that is common is that there’s a lot of energy for this,” he said.


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COLUMBUS — The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, Ohio Grocers Foundation, Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association and Ohio Department of Agriculture have partnered to launch a new initiative called OH So Fresh. The retail marketing campaign is designed to raise consumer awareness about Ohio grown specialty crops by giving Ohioans expanded opportunities to sample and purchase locally grown, farm fresh produce from their local grocers. Ohio has more than 2,000 specialty crop growers providing everything

etable in the winter,” she said. Gohl said the local food movement appears to be gaining ground in the region. “It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of energy here in the Athens area,” he added. The Appalachian Foodways Tour will hit 13 states. The tour began in March in North Carolina, and members of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Education are participating. According to the ARC’s website, the commission has invested $7.6 million in local food systemsrelated projects in every Appalachian state since 2001.



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By APRIL JAYNES Special to The Messenger writer AMESVILLE — Members from the Appalachian Regional Commission visited Green Edge Gardens in Amesville recently to get a firsthand look at how the farm operates, what cultivation challenges it faces and how organic farming economically supports the surrounding community — on both a consumer and producer level. ARC Federal Co-Chair Earl Gohl and Chief of Staff Guy Land toured the farm, led by farm owner Becky Rondy. “What these folks have done here is really interesting,” Gohl said. Green Edge Gardens is a 120-acre property

16 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Accidents Figley was operating a 2004 Harley-Davidson motorcycle north on County Road 51, south of Township Road 252, when a deer crossed westbound in front of him and he hit it. Figley was ejected from his motorcycle. He reportedly was not wearing a helmet.

No citations were issued, ported to Aultman Canaccording to the patrol. ton Hospital by a Kidron squad. A Millersburg man was Weaver was operating injured in a crash June a 1996 Honda Accord 28 on state Route 241 in southbound on Route Paint Township. 241, north of Township According to the Road 614, when he went Wooster Post of the State left of center and struck Highway Patrol, Jonathan an oncoming vehicle. E. Weaver, 23, Township A passenger in Weaver’s Road 366, was trans- vehicle was uninjured —

Joseph Leon Schlabach, 18, of state Route 39, Millersburg. The northbound vehicle Weaver struck was a 2004 Lexus RX-330 operated by David L. Hoover, 76, Rex Lake Drive, Akron; Patricia J. Hoover, 78, also of Rex Lake Drive, was a passenger. Neither reported injuries.

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Weaver told law enforcement he may have fallen asleep just before the crash. Weaver was cited for lanes of travel upon roadways and having an expired registration, according to the patrol.

10x14’ A-Frame

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A Holmesville man was injured in a crash July 8 on County Road 51 in Monroe Township. According to the Wooster Post of the State Highway Patrol, James B. Figley, 49, Township Road 323, was transported to Akron General Hospital by a West Holmes Fire squad.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 17

ugarcree S K Rich in Swiss and Amish Heritages

Letters to the Editor

Accidents and stopped at the traffic light at the intersection with Wayne Avenue when she was rear-ended by a vehicle in traffic behind her. The vehicle that hit Jacobs was a 2005 Toyota minivan operated by Emily S. Mariola, 41, East Moreland Road, Wooster. Mariola said she inadvertently took her foot off the brake before she hit Jacobs’ vehicle. Mariola was cited for assured clear distance, according to the report.

(Continued From Page 16) A Millersburg woman was injured in a crash July 12 on Quinby Avenue, Wooster. According to the Wooster Police Department, Jacqueline M. Jacobs, 28, state Route 754, was transported to Wooster Community Hospital by a Wooster Fire squad. Jacobs was operating a 2000 Chevrolet Traverse southbound on Quinby

Goodwill says thanks for support Editor: Goodwill Industries of Wayne and Holmes Counties recently held its Goodwill Golf Classic at Wooster Country Club. In addition to the golf participants, we would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who sponsored the event: Event sponsor, Commercial and Savings Bank; din-



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Stanley Gault, Universal Steel Co. and Janet Welty. Also thank you to the many organizations that sponsored tees and greens, as well as the team of volunteers who made the event a success. Proceeds from the Goodwill Golf Classic will be used to support

Peaches! Peaches! Peaches!

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everyone who came and ate and all their donations. Everyone who came and worked. And we would like to espeEditor: cially thank the Killbuck The Glenmont Food VFW and Bob Arnold Pantry would like to for all their help express our thanks to Could not have done it everyone who came out without you. to support us at our spaJackie Wolfe ghetti dinner held in June. Glenmont Food Pantry We would like to thank Glenmont


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18 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Moving too fast; utility companies can’t keep up Moving is not easy. I have at least six notebooks going about what needs to be done when. There is the loose leaf notebook from the builder of our new home in South Carolina. It lists what will happen in order and what to do if something goes wrong. I have my own list of what should happen in Ohio and when it should happen. Sometimes my ideas are not exactly in line with others. It appears I may be just too efficient for my own good, is what it all boils down to. Take for example my encounter with Dish, our satellite service.

I called them to notify them of the impending move and asked that they send me boxes so we could return their equipment, as we had been instructed, and to set a date when the service would be cancelled. I was told, after being put through the usual electronic purgatory, and then on hold for a few minutes, that I should call back one month

before said service was to be disconnected. Well, that was a waste of time. I was emailed by the builder of our new home that we should make sure to inform the numerous utilities (electric, water, gas, etc.) so these things should be transferred into our name. He also said they would be calling to check to see if we had indeed fulfilled our obligation. So, having a few minutes before the packing starts in earnest, I tried to do that very thing. The electric company was first on my list. After being put on hold — with no music to

let you know you were still connected — for at least seven minutes, a live person came on the line. (I don’t know which is worse — to have loud music and advertising, or silence.) The very business like woman told me our address was not registered with their system and that I should call the builder to inform them so it could be transferred. She said something about the builder using one pole to build several homes. I have no idea. Anyhow, I emailed the sales representative for our builder and told her my situation. That is when she informed me

we had four grace period days after the house closes to actually transfer these things. Well, why didn’t they just tell us that in the first place?! That is when I decided to concentrate on packing and wait a while to worry about the utilities in South Carolina. So, instead I called our telephone company to let them know when we wanted our service discontinued. After a long wait with very loud advertisements, interspersed with warnings that there was a high volumes of calls, suggesting I might want to hang up and call back later,

some woman came on the line. When I explained what I wanted to do she dismissed me with the instructions to call back within two weeks of our move. So, all my work was in vain. Now I will have to go through all the agony of trying to connect with each of these places again when I’m much busier doing other things. I hate talking on the phone in the first place and having to repeat the process is giving me even more stress. It makes me understand why people just move in the night and leave no forwarding address.

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County Road 141, 9:45-10:15 a.m.; Greenhouse, County Road 140, 10:30-11 a.m.; Kauffman Diesel, noon-1 p.m.; James Miller, County Road 140, 1:15-1:45 p.m.; Troyer Ridge School, Township Road 369, 1:30-2:30 p.m.; Nature’s Food Market, 3-6 p.m. Thursday — Hillside School, 9:15-10 a.m.; Andy Miller, Town-


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Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 19

Fall classes ready to start at Career Center The Ashland CountyWest Holmes Career Center Adult Education Department is gearing up for fall classes. Adult Education Director Melisa Carr stated, “If you’ve ever thought about going back to school or wish to better your future for you and your family, now is the time!” Choose a career from 14 course offerings, including: Business Office Technologies, BioScience Technology, Construction Trades, Culinary Institute, Dental Assisting, Administrative Medical Office Specialist, HVAC, Maintenance Training, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Private Security, STNA and Welding. Next start time for classes

is Aug. 26. Financial Aid and Career Counselors can assist every step of the way. Interested parties should contact the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center at 419-289-3313 (toll free at 800-686-3313) or visit the website at www.acwhcc. org. There will be an open house on Wednesday, Aug. 14. The first session will be held 10 a.m.-noon and the second session 5:30-7:30 p.m.

This event is open to the public and allows potential students to choose from a variety of career course offerings. A Career Counselor and Financial Aid Coordinator will be available for any questions. Any questions should be directed to the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Adult Education Department at 419-289-3313 (toll free at 800-686-3313) or check out the website at www.






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20 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy season: Fall gardening spells success appealing advantages draw people to growing their own vegetables. If you’ve never gardened

before or you’re a green thumbed, garden-guru, you’ll soon figure out that fall’s a great time

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er, gentler growing season means you need to get started right away. Many local garden centers will have a selection of transplants from producers that will grow well in your geographic region. Transplants will be six weeks old and give you a jump start. You’ll be able to harvest sooner than if you start from seed and skip the volatile, sometimes unsuccessful, seedstarting process. Choose cool crops that your family likes to eat. Popular fall favorites include: — Lacinato kale: A cold-hardy vegetable, kale leaves sweeten after frost. Kale is a super food, and Lacinato leaves extend excellent health benefits, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer and decreasing inflammation. — Early dividend broccoli: Many greens love the fall, and broccoli is no


Composite Decking


any gardener who takes up the trowel as autumn approaches. Favorable fall conditions mean growing cool weather crops is comparatively easy, with less watering and care needed for a successful garden. Cool crops will start out strong, growing quickly and then slow their growth as days become shorter and cooler. You’ll also need to work less to protect your garden from pests, as both insects and animal populations will taper off in fall. And since weeds will germinate less frequently and grow slower, weeding won’t be a time-consuming task. Finally, more rain and less sun and heat mean you’ll need to water less. If you’re ready for gardening success, now is the time to grab that hoe, break some ground and get growing. Tips to get you started: Start with transplants, rather than seed. A short-

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Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 21


The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Easy (Continued From Page 20) exception. Plant stalks 18 inches apart and get ready for an easy, hearty harvest. Broccoli is high in fiber and calcium. — Cabbage: The quintessential fall vegetable, hybrid cabbage grows large, round blue-green heads. From salads to stews, cabbage adds a punch of flavor and nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamins C and K, and plenty of fiber. — Romaine lettuce: Romaine packs a big punch with more vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients than other popular types of lettuce. Rich in fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene, romaine is especially good for heart

health. Space transplants 18 inches apart. Once you know what you’ll be planting, it’s time to get the ground ready. Remove any garden debris from the past season’s garden and remove weeds before they go to seed. Size up your soil. Loosen compacted soil, fluffing it up with a garden fork. Soil test and amend if necessary. Adding a 2-inch layer of bagged compost is always good practice. You can also spread a balanced fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, according to labeled instructions, for added nutrients. Plants will need an inch of moisture per week, either through rain or supplemental watering.

You might want to consider raised bed planting; beds are easy to build or buy and allow you to start out with good quality soil. Plus, you’ll bend less come harvest time. Position your plot and let the sunshine in. Most vegetables need full sun — at least six hours per day. Finally, don’t fear frost. When frost threatens, cover plants with floating row cover, cold frame or a cloche. Or, you can grow fall veggies in a container and move pots to a protected location on frosty nights. Whether you’re working in the backyard, a raised bed or in containers on a deck, you’ll see how easy and successful fall planting can be. Start

Cooler temperatures and milder sun can spell success for any gardener who takes up the trowel now to ensure you enjoy a healthy, plentiful and fulfilling fall harvest. For more tips on fall gardening visit

Holmes Fair Barn Dance returning this year By KELLEY MOHR Staff Writer MILLERSBURG — Building on what the Jr. Fair Board hopes will become a new tradition, the second annual Holmes County Fair Barn Dance will be held Friday, Aug. 9 during the 2013 Holmes County Fair. Last year, the idea came to former Holmes County Fair Queen Casey Schlauch, who participated in a barn dance while visiting the Harrison County Fair. There, 300 youth attended, each paying a small sum at the door. The Jr. Fair Board decided to give the concept a whirl in Holmes County. In its first year, the dance raised more than $700, with a dollar-fordollar match from a community member. All proceeds benefit the relocation of the fairgrounds. An estimated 225 youth attended the event in 2012. This year, the board hopes to improve on that turnout. The dance is for Holmes County kids and visiting youth, everyone from the ages of 8 to 18,

Event is Friday said reigning fair Queen Elizabeth Overholt “It’s for 4-H members, FFA members and youth of all ages,” she said. “People from other counties are also invited.” In addition to raising funds for a cause important to those who participate in the fair, the dance is a fun diversion on an

otherwise quiet night. “There’s not a lot going on Saturday night of the fair,” said Overholt. “It gives kids something fun to do and a lot of kids were talking about how much they want us to do it again last year during the fair. This is a tradition that we hope will continue on.” Plus, the dance serves as a unifying pastime, said Jr. Fair Board member

Mandy Taylor. “It brings us all together See Pg. 22 — DANCE

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4741 St. Rt. 557 • Millersburg, Ohio 44654 (1/2 Mile North of Charm) Hours: Mon. & Wed. 7 to 6; Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 7 to 5 Sat. 7:30 to 11:30; Closed Sun.

22 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Americans deserve healthy economy and secure future rights protected and we are committed to responsible oversight of government operations. When these officials abuse their power they are wasting American tax dollars and should be held accountable. With the thousands of federal regulations issued each year, it becomes harder and harder for businesses to comply with the red tape regulations. Many of these are not approved by elected offi-




cials and these agencies have the power to enforce the regulations they write themselves without any oversight. It is not fair that an out-of-control Washington makes life more difficult for hardworking taxpayers because of its wasteful spending and abuse of power. The government abuse does not stop with overbearing regulations. American tax dollars have been spent by government agencies on events such as lavish conferences. For example, the GSA spent more than $820,000 on an employee conference in Las Vegas in April 2012. The conference included a mind

reader, a clown and a $31,000 reception, to name a few of the outrageous purchases made to keep employees entertained. As our country climbs higher and higher in debt, our agencies are excessively spending American tax dollars for their own personal enjoyment. Another government agency that has been in the spotlight is the IRS. The agency that collects your tax dollars and has in-house auditors did not prove to be any better at spending on their conferences, either. They held over 200 conferences totaling over $50 million. The end result of

these conferences was a Star Trek video featuring some of the IRS’s own skillful employees. The government abuse by the IRS does not stop there after the recent accounts of IRS employees targeting American citizens due to their political beliefs. The House will take up 10 bills that aim at stopping the government abuse that has been plaguing the system as of late. The premise of each of these bills is to bring back trust to the American people and create a pro-jobs climate without the uncertainty of frivolous regulations and wasteful spending. Americans want a strong,

healthy economy and a more secure future; with these bills we can lay the groundwork for one by expanding job opportunities, limiting the size and scope of government and cutting waste and abuse. I’d like to hear your opinions on the ways you think we can stop government waste. Please email me at repbob.gibbs@ or call my Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-6265.

A lot of the kids who will be coming to the and we’re able to have dance will be kids who fun while raising money will be able to enjoy the for the new fairgrounds. new fairgrounds,” she

said. “And it brings a lot of attention to the project.” Last year, the dance not only got the attention of the youth, but brought advisers, parents and adults to the barn door to see what all the fun was for. Going into the grassroots fund in the name of the Youth of Holmes County, the funds will be used in the building of the new Holmes County fairgrounds at Harvest Ridge, which will be located west of Millersburg at the intersection of

state Route 39 and Township Road 301. The effort goes along with all exhibitors being asked to donate a percentage of their market sales to the development of the new fairgrounds. “We raised over $700 (from the dance),” Taylor said. “We hope to raise even more this year.” The dance will be held in the Show Barn from 7-10 p.m. The price of admission is $2. The event will be chaperoned and a DJ with ballroom lights will provide music. The dance ends before the 11 p.m. fair curfew.

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U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs represents the 7th District, comprised of Ashland, Coshocton, Holmes, Huron, Knox, Lorain, Medina, Richland, Tuscarawas and Stark counties.



By U.S. REP. BOB GIBBS 7th District It seems that every morning when you turn on the news, a new case of government abuse has surfaced. These past few months have been laden with abuse by government bureaucrats from agencies across the board in Washington. Instead of just sweeping these problems under the rug, my colleagues and I are fighting to keep your


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Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 23

Obituaries Christina Marie Spade Elliott, 38, Lakeville, found her eternal peace on Sunday morning, Aug. 4, 2013, at her home after a courageous battle with cancer. She was born Feb. 17, 1975, in Wooster, t h e daughter of Richard Ray Spade and Cindy J. (Hicks) Dague. Christina attended West Holmes High School, and was a homemaker. She had worked at the Gerstenslager Co., LuK, Step 2, Precision Herbs and Home Health. She enjoyed fishing, camping, sitting by a campfire with family and friends, singing, dancing, listening to country music and she loved everything about being outdoors. Surviving in addition to her husband, Brian Elliott of Ashland, are children Alyssa, Dylan and Briana Hartman; a stepdaughter, Taylor Elliott; her parents, Richard and Robin Spade of Lakeville, and Cindy Dague of Wooster; brothers Richard Spade

of Holmesville and Jeremi (Diane) Spade of Perrysville; a sister Angela (Jason) Slarb of Wooster; her grandfather, Wilbur Spade of Wooster; several aunts, uncles and cousins; a special aunt, Jeannie Tyler; a special uncle, Jim Hicks; nephews Andrew, Jacob and Bryce; nieces Kimberly, Mikala, Kiley and Cara; and best friends, Jessica and Andries VanDalen, Mellonie Baker, Mistie Dilly, Nancy McDougale, David Badger, Mike Brayley, Deb Clark and Jeff Rose. She was preceded in death by a parent, Brian Cahill and grandparents, Cotta Irene Spade, Henry R. and Eva G. Berner, Howard James Hicks, and Ada and Charles Webe. Services were Wednesday, Aug. 7 at Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg, with pastor Bill Henderson officiating. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Hospice & Palliative Care of Greater Wayne (Holmes) County, 2525 Back Orrville Road, Wooster 44691.

Richard Menges, 74 Richard P. Menges, 74, of 306 N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, died Friday, June 28, 2013 at 2:15 p.m., in his residence after an extended illness. B o r n Sept. 12, 1938 in Dover, he was the son of the late Garrison and Vesta (Schrock) Menges. He was a retired bricklayer for Local No. 6 at Canton. Dick was a member of the First United Church of Christ at Sugarcreek; an Army veteran, having served from 1961-1963 during the Berlin Crisis; a member of the Sugarcreek American Legion; Sugarcreek Lions Club; and the Sugarcreek Sportsman’s Club. He is survived by his wife, the former Ruth Gerber, whom he married Dec. 14, 1958. Also surviving are his children, Rhonda (Michael) Quinn of Columbus,

Robin (Devon) Werker of Sugarcreek and Rick (Melissa) Menges of Dover; six grandchildren, Joseph and Eve Quinn, Joshua, Courtney and Brooke Werker, and Owen and Ward Menges; and a sister, Mrs. Grant (Carol) Brubaker of Newcomerstown. Funeral services were held Monday, July 1 at the First United Church of Christ at Sugarcreek. The Rev. Eric Rummel officiated and burial was in Union Hill Cemetery at Sugarcreek. Arrangements were handled by SmithVarns Funeral Home at 1018 W. Main St., Sugarcreek. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Community Hospice of Tuscarawas County at 716 Commercial Ave., New Philadelphia, OH 44663 or the First United Church of Christ at 526 W. Main St. Sugarcreek, OH 44681.

Randy Starner, 63 Randy D. Starner, 63, of Killbuck, passed away Thursday afternoon, Aug. 1, 2013, at Pomerene Hospital, Millersburg, after a sudden illness. He was born April 18, 1950 in Millersburg, the son of Carl Edwin and Esther Pauline ( Au s t e n ) Starner, and married Sue E. Gallion on June 24, 1972. She survives. He retired from the Timken Co. and was currently employed at Yoder Lumber, Buckhorn Division as a night watchman. Randy was a veteran of the U.S. Army stationed in Germany, where he served as an MP, during the Vietnam War. He was an avid hunter and jogger and enjoyed motorcycles. He was the best husband, dad and grandpa, he was loved by all and will be greatly missed. Surviving in addition to his wife, are children, Mitch Starner, Mitzi

Starner Renfrew, Jerry Starner (Melissa Graham) and Shaun (Shannon) Starner; grandchildren, Randy D. Starner II, Skyler, Kyra and Jassmyne Renfrew, Georgia, Madison and Logan Starner, and Cody, Gavin and Riley Starner; brothers, Rick (Karen) Starner, Robert (Lynn) Starner and Ronnie (Paula) Starner; a special friend, Kyle Patterson; many nieces and nephews; and his best buds, Rocky and Patches. He was preceded in death by his parents; an infant brother; and a granddaughter, Renee Starner. Graveside services were Aug. 4 at Killbuck Cemetery, with pastor David Carrick officiating. Military rites were conducted by the Killbuck VFW. Arrangements were handled by Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to the family in care of Cindy Glasgo, 1565 Hawthorne Drive, Wooster 44691.

Ruth E. Hershberger, 85, Mount Eaton, passed away Friday, June 28, 2013, at Akron City Hospital. She was born near Dalton on Dec. 22, 1927, to the late Daniel and Eva (Gerber) Amstutz and had lived all of her life in this area. She owned and operated the Cozy Corner Quilt Shop in Kidron for many years. Surviving are her husband, Melvin Hershberger; children Eldon (Regina) Hershberger and Esther Whitworth, both of Mount Eaton; grandchildren Kristen (Bruce)

Raber, Jarod and Austin Whitworth; and brothers Earl (Rosina) Amstutz, Paul (Edith) Amstutz and David Amstutz, all of Dalton. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by brothers Lester, Marvin and John Amstutz. Funeral services were Wednesday, July 3 at Longenecker Mennonite Church, 8451 County Road 186, Dundee. Pastor Rod McBride officiated. Burial was in the church cemetery. Spidell Funeral Home in Mount Eaton, handled arrangements.

Wanda Sundheimer, 63 Wanda M. Sundheimer, 63, of Crooked Run Road, Sugarcreek, died Wednesday, July 31, 2013, at Ohio State University East Hospital in Columbus, after an extended illness. She was born Dec. 17, 1949, in Dover to Jack and Betty (Balder) Grimm, a n d married Ralph Sundheimer on May 22, 1971. He survives. She was a homemaker and had worked as a seamstress at the former Bobbie Brooks Co. in Dover. She was a member of Ragersville Zion United Church of Christ and Tuscarawas Valley Kennel Club. Surviving in addition to her husband, are sons, Chad (Gwen) Sundheimer

of New Philadelphia and Jason (April) Sundheimer of Ragersville; her mother of Ragersville; sisters, Jeanie (Joe) Conidi of Dover and Tammy Slankard of Strasburg; and a brother, Scotty (Amy) Grimm of Stone Creek. Her father died previously. Services were Wednesday, Aug. 7 at Ragersville Zion United Church of Christ, with the Rev. A. Bruce Haltom officiating. Burial was in Ragersville Cemetery. Arrangements were handled by Smith-Varns Funeral Home in Sugarcreek. To share a memory and sign the guest register, visit www. Memorials may be made to the Benevolence Fund of Ragersville United Church of Christ, 8831 Crooked Run Road, SW, Sugarcreek 44681-8019; or Community Hospice of Tuscarawas County, 716 Commercial Ave., SW, New Philadelphia 44663.

Ralph McCleery, 91

Ralph A. McCleery, 91, died Sunday, July 7, 2013, at Sycamore Run Nursing Home, Millersburg. He Donald Fortune, 47 was formerly of Wooster. Donald Allen Fortune, er of Wooster; his siblings, Ralph was born March 47, of Wooster, passed Diane Fortune, Wanda 2, 1922, in Idaville, Ind., to away Wednesday, June 26, Smylka, Barbara Fortune William Carlisle and Bessie 2013 at Wooster Commu- and Michael L Fortune, Mae (Bull) McCleery and nity Hospital. graduated from Muskingall of Wooster. He was Donald was preceded in um College in 1947, where b o r n he met his wife. He was a death by his father. November A memorial service was veteran of World War II 28, 1965 and served for 26 months planned for a later date. in MillersMcIntire, Bradham & in North Africa and Italy. burg, the Ralph made his home in Sleek Funeral Home, 216 E. son of RayLarwill St., Wooster, assisted Erie, Pa., for 40 years and mond L. until recently in Wooster the family. and Viola Contributions may be for 23 years. He was a Chase Fortune. made to the funeral home sales manager in Erie for Surviving are his moth- to help defray expenses. American Sterilizer Company. Surviving are daughters, Ruth Hershberger, 85

Deborah Zuercher (Eric) of Wooster, and Phyllis Franks (Jim) of Pittsburgh, Pa.; grandchildren, Jennifer Kang (Steve) of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Emily Gasser (Mike) of Seattle, Wash.; great-grandchildren, Mason and Ruby Kang; several nieces, nephews and a sister-in-law. He was preceded in death by his wife of 67 years, Betty McCleery on May 28, 2013; his parents; a brother, William McCleery; and a sister, Margaret Wolverton. Ralph was a member of First Presbyterian Church, Wooster, where a small private service for immediate family was held.


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Christina Elliott, 38

24 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Hawks go 3-1 in pool play at Senior LL Regional By KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer East Holmes was unable to come up with a clutch hit against Wisconsin, leaving runners in scoring position three different times in falling 3-1 to the Badgers. Justin Wagler drove in the lone run of the game for the Hawks, grounding into a fielder’s choice with the bases loaded in the seventh inning. Wagler was tagged with the loss, surrendering three runs in the fourth inning, including a lead-off homer in the frame. East Holmes managed only four hits, singles by Zach Lowe, Kobe Miller, Eric Mullet and Brandt Miller, off four Wisconsin hurlers. The Hawks had to wait on the results of Monday’s other games and Tuesday’s affairs to find out which four teams were going to advance to the single elimination playoff with a berth in the World Series on the line. East Holmes 12, Iowa 2 East Holmes Ohio ran its record to 3-0 in pool play at the Little League Senior Division Central States Regional in Oglesby, Ill., sweeping a pair of games on Sunday, blasting Iowa 12-2 in the nightcap after edging Michigan 6-5 in the afternoon affair. Against Iowa, the Hawks turned a tight game into a blowout with seven runs in the fifth inning to take a 10-2 lead, and then put the game away with two more in the sixth to win by the 10-run mercy rule. Scott Lowe got the fifthinning rally rolling by getting



hit by a pitch. Eric Mullet sacrificed Lowe to second and Justin Wagler laced an RBI-single to right to make it 4-2 East Holmes. Eric Hershberger flew out for the second out of the inning, but Taylor Raber singled to left and Brandt Miller followed with an RBI-single to center that was misplayed for an error. An overthrow on the relay enabled Miller to move up to third and he scored on a double by Clyde Yoder, ending the day for Iowa’s second pitcher of the game, Jared Edwards. Zack Mast greeted reliever, lefty Matt Johnson, with a smash to first that the first baseman made a diving play on, but nobody covered the bag and Mast beat it out for a single. Joey Gatti, who came in to run for Yoder when Iowa changed pitchers, scored from second on the play. Zach Coblentz got hit by a pitch and Zach Lowe drove in Mast with a single. Eric Mullet reached on an error and Coblentz scored for the seventh run of the inning. Mast struck out a pair of Hawkeye hitters in retiring the side in the top of the sixth. The Hawks then put out the lights with two runs in the bottom of the frame. Hershberger walked and went to second on a single by Raber. John Mitchell relieved Edwards on the hill for the boys from Urbandale, and Brandt Miller delivered a single to center to score Hershberger and sent Raber to third. He scored on a groundout by Kobe Miller. Ohio struck first with three runs on one hit in the second inning.

Iowa answered with two runs in the top of the third inning off of Lowe, getting a hit batsman and back-toback doubles after two were out. Lowe finished his day on the mound throwing 45 pitches, making every Ohio pitcher eligible for playoffs on Wednesday. The Hawks face Wisconsin this afternoon to finish out pool play. The top four teams will then play in a single-elimination tournament on Wednesday for a berth in the World Series in Maine. East Holmes 6, Michigan 5 In the opener against Michigan, Brandt Miller was the ideal big brother, picking up for his younger brother Kobe in the 6-5 win over the team from East Lansing. Brandt bailed Kobe out of a jam in the fifth inning, coming in to strike out Sam Jansen for the third out and end Michigan’s three-run rally. Brandt Miller then stayed in to pitch the sixth inning, striking out a pair. In the top of the seventh, after Wagler reached on a two-base throwing error by the third baseman, Hershberger got hit by a pitch, putting runners on first and second. Raber sacrificed the runners into scoring position and Brandt Miller brought home Wagler with the winning run on a sacrifice fly to right field. Brandt Miller walked with the bases loaded in the first inning when East Holmes took a 2-0 lead. Michigan evened things with two in the third after Mast relieved Mullet on the mound with nobody out and

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a man on first via a walk. A hit put runners on first and third. A fielder’s choice scored the first run. Two walks later, with the bases loaded, a groundout scored the second run. The Hawks answered with two in the top of the fourth inning to reclaim the lead at 4-2. Clyde Yoder reached on an error and Gatti ran for him and promptly stole second. Mast walked, ending the day for starting pitcher Jaret Voltes. Coblentz dropped a sacrifice bunt that he beat out, but the third baseman’s throw went into right field, enabling Gatti to score and Mast to move to third. Lowe followed with a squeeze bunt that he beat out for an RBI single before relief pitcher Jansen got out of the jam. Ohio made it 5-2 with another unearned run in the fifth as Hershberger reached on an error. Gatti ran for him and went to second on a groundout and scored on a single by Yoder. A walk and a single sandwiched a pair of strikeouts by Kobe Miller in the fifth inning. With runners on the corners, a stolen base put two men in scoring position. A groundball toward short deflected off Brandt Miller’s glove, enabling both runners to score. Two more singles evened the score at 5-5, ending the day for Kobe Miller on the mound. East Holmes made the most of its four hits in the game, taking advantage of four Michigan errors and six free passes issued by a pair of hurlers. Yoder finished off the game striking out a pair in the seventh, saving it for Miller and the Hawks. East Holmes 8, Illinois 0 Execution and the ability to take advantage of opportunities helped the East Holmes Ohio Hawks score an 8-0 victory over Clear Ridge, Ill., in the opening game of the Little League Senior Division Central States Regional tournament from Washington Park Saturday. A trio of pitchers blanked Illinois in the opener on two hits. Clyde Yoder worked the first three hitless innings, throwing 30 pitches, striking out one and hitting a batter. Zach Lowe worked the next 30 pitches, hurling 2 1-3 innings of one-hit baseball. He walked the last batter he faced, but Brandt Miller relieved him and induced a 1-6-3 double play to end the inning. Miller gave up a single in the seventh, but put Illinois

away with his second strikeout of the frame to end the game. Thirty pitches is the one-day maximum a pitcher can throw without having to take a day of rest. “We played terrific baseball. Our pitching was just outstanding,” said East Holmes coach Mike Yoder. “Our defense played really, really nice. That wasn’t a bad Illinois team. We just never let them get started. “I thought Clyde was terrific,” the coach continued. “Zach Lowe pitched well and Brandt (Miller) pitched well. All three of them threw strikes, and that was the key for us.” The Hawks scored a run in the first inning without the benefit of a hit. Lowe, batting leadoff, was hit by a pitch and moved to second on a groundout by Justin Wagler. A wild pitch moved Lowe to third and he scored on another wild one by Illinois starter John Reardon. Ohio went up 3-0 in the second inning thanks to the Zach attack. Zack Mast drew a two-out walk and Zach Coblentz followed with another free pass. A wild pitch moved the runners up to second and third. Lowe hit a slow chopper past third that the Illinois shortstop fielded and tried to make a Derek Jeter-type jump throw to first, but air-mailed the toss, allowing Coblentz to cross the plate behind Mast for a 3-0 lead. “They got down on themselves a bit after that third inning and I thought our kids played really well,” Yoder said. “They took a serious, business-like approach into the game and just went right after it. I really like that.” The Hawks made it 5-0 in the fourth. Clyde Yoder singled to start the rally and

Mast followed with a single to left, putting runners on first and second with nobody out. Coblentz sacrificed the runners to second and third, and Lowe dropped a squeeze bunt to drive home Yoder. Eric Mullet fisted a single to right field to drive in the fifth run. Three hits and a walk helped East Holmes make it 7-0 in the fifth. Eric Hershberger opened the inning with an infield single, but was erased on a double-play ground ball. Brandt Miller singled and Yoder walked, ending the day for reliever Nick Verda. Mast greeted new pitcher Justin Dennison with a double to right-center, scoring Miller and Yoder. Illinois notched its first hit of the game with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning, as Kevin Aderman hit a shot that third baseman Yoder dove and knocked down, but was unable to throw the runner out. Lowe retired the next batter on a grounder to Yoder. The Hawks made it 8-0 with another two-out rally in the sixth. Wagler singled and moved to second on a wild pitch. Hershberger hammered a shot to right for an RBI double to cap off the Ohio scoring. Wagler and Hershberger each had a single and a double to lead the 10-hit attack of the Hawks. “We’re really happy with the way the kids played. They played really well,” coach Yoder said. “We wanted to save pitching (because of the Sunday doubleheader) and we did that. We didn’t want to give up any runs and we did that. That was a talented ball club.”

Kevin Lynch photo

West Holmes varsity football players Austin Hebb (holding the bag) and Alex Wengerd work with future Knights blockers on technique during a youth football camp last week at West Holmes. Coach Kevin Maltarich likes to have his varsity players work with the youngsters to help develop continuity throughout the West Holmes program.

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Ruth Gerber is a super senior

By KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer To Ruth Gerber of Walnut Creek, age is just a number. At 79, she jogs three miles a day and still plays competitive softball. She just loves to compete, and she enjoys the thrill of competition. And she’s pretty good, too. Gerber earned a gold medal to go along with a pair of silver medals and a bronze last week at the 2013 National Senior Games, held at George Finnie Stadium on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace University in suburban Cleveland. Gerber competed in the 80-and-over women’s division, because, as she quipped, she’ll be 80 soon enough. “I was pleased with my races,” Gerber said. “I didn’t fall down and I

crossed the finish line. I was pleased. I got a gold medal in the 50-meter dash, and I got a silver medal in the long jump, and another silver in the 200-meter dash. I also got a bronze in the 100-meter run.” Gerber won the 50-meter dash in a time of 11.29, narrowly nipping Ann Morris of North Kingstown, R.I., who clocked in at 11:31. Her jump of 6-feet, 1-inch was a few inches behind winner Patricia Lemanski of Kalamazoo, Mich., who leapt 6-51⁄4. In the 200, Gerber clocked in at 49.79, behind Marilyn Gunderman of Madison, Wisc., who won gold in 44.58. Gunderman also won the gold in the 100 dash (19.30). Gerber finished third in 22.10. Another Ohioan, Dorothy Gackstetter, took second in 21.78.

“What impressed me was seeing a 97-year-old running just as far as I did,” Gerber said. “There were a lot of people in their 90s competing. And there was someone 100 throwing the discus. It was just inspiring.” The competitive week was also a joyous week for Gerber. “It was a fun week,” she said. “It was like I had my own cheering section with my two daughters in from California with my son-in-law and niece and nephew, another niece and brother. It was a fun week. We made a lot of trips to Cleveland. We had to go one day to register, one day for the preliminaries, and then back again for the finals. We tried to take a different route every day. “I’ve got one more race to go next week,” she added. “I am competing

in the 1,500-meter race walk.” That race was held Tuesday. She finished in second place in a time of 12:03, but she was disqualified because it was determined she bent her knees in a running motion during the race. Gerber was disappointed with the outcome, but didn’t let it bother her too much. “I concentrated really hard on not bending my knees, but I guess I didn’t do too good of a job,” she said with a smile. “Running is really my thing.” Gerber says she didn’t train for the senior games any differently than she always does. “I don’t really train. I jog three miles every day and sometimes within the jog I’ll run 50-meters,” Gerber said. “That’s not really training. At my age, I don’t

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 25

want to train. It’s work to go three miles every morning.” She has always been athletic but didn’t really do anything competitively until after she retired. “Work and raising a family were how I kept in shape when I was younger,” she said. Aside from her daily jog, she plays softball in North Canton and participates in water aerobics class. Gerber joked that the three-mile daily jog may be her secret to keeping young, but it doesn’t do a very good job of keeping the wrinkles away.

SPORTS FANS! The three states that are the top breeding grounds for professional athletes are California, Texas and Florida. But in baseball at least, you can add a fourth – Georgia. Almost every big league team has a full-time scout in each of the big three, but now almost half have one in Georgia, which ranked fourth right behind the top three in first-round picks and in homebred major leaguers since 2010. Yet Georgia has less than 10 million people, compared to California’s 38 million, Texas’s 26 million and Florida’s 19

Football practice kicks off at WHHS By KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer The eagerly anticipated first day of football practice finally arrived Monday, and while West Holmes coach Kevin Maltarich was excited to see his troops take the field, he recognized that they are a long way from where they need to be. “We’re glad to be out here and get the kids running around and get things started,” Maltarich said. “We need some pads before I can really judge anything.” While things went relatively smooth for the first day of practice, there was still plenty of opportunity for the coach and his staff to do some teaching. “There’s going to be some growing pains. We’ve got some kids in first-year positions,” Maltarich said. “We have a lot of work to do.” The coach says the objective is for his team to improve every day and to never stop working toward that goal. 5

Legals 5

LEGAL COUNTY : HOLMES The following applications and/or verified complaints were received, and the following draft, proposed and final actions were issued, by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) last week. The complete public notice including additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information or a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: /actions.aspx or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-2129 email: FINAL ISSUANCE PERMIT TO INSTALL DOUG PORTER 6450 TR 522

million. Ever heard of a horse named Storm Cat? It’s unlikely, because he won only about $570,000 in purses as a thoroughbred in the mid-1980’s. But at stud, Storm Cat was blue ribbon. Of his 1,452 foals, 1,110 went on to compete in races. Of those, 807 actually won events, and eight went on to become champions, making Storm Cat one of the most successful studs in horse racing history. The father of champions passed away early in 2013 at the age of 30. Here’s an oddity from early in the 2013 Major League Baseball season. The Milwaukee Brewers began the month of May just a half-game behind the National League Central leader, St. Louis. At the end of the month, the Cardinals still led the division, but the Brewers had dropped 15 games off the pace. According to Elias Sports, the last time a team dropped that far that fast was in 1939, when the bottom fell out for the old Washington Senators.




West Holmes football coach Kevin Maltarch demonstrates what he wants to happen on a specific play as the team takes the field for the first day of football practice Monday at West Holmes.

Legals 5

MILLERSBURG OH ACTION DATE : 07/30/2013 FACILITY DESCRIPTION: WASTEWATER IDENTIFICATION NO. : 928644 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Porter Beauty Salon Sanitary Holding Tank at 6450 Township Road 522

Kevin Lynch photo

Ruth Gerber, soon to be 80, runs three miles a day, and last week participated in the National Senior Games in Cleveland.

Legals 55

FACILITY DESCRIPTION: SEMI-PUBLIC IDENTIFICATION NO. : 3PR00327*CD This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC.


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105 General WANTED: JOB on logging crew. Hard working, willing to learn. Also, couple to babysit for, preferably younger children. (330) 893-3619. HELP WANTED in custom Furniture Shop. 330- 674-9992

Lost & Found PROMINENT AREA BANK is seeking

LOST: BROWN Puggle Female. Last seen between Guggisburg Cheese & Charm Tractor on 7/10. Please Call (330) 893-4160  LOST: Siberian Husky (Kody) at Cunningham and Zuercher. REWARD call Jesse 440-539-5275 LOST: FEMALE Boston Terrier on CR 407, Between Wise School & Saltillo. (330) 674-6743


CASH FOR scrap metal: trucks, buses, cars, heavy equip., farm equip., copper, batteries, brass, aluminum, and any metal. Call (330) 473-8410.



candidates who are interested in rewarding careers in the financial industry. We are seeking positive, team oriented candidates with a good working knowledge of banking products and services to provide exceptional customer service as they work with our current and prospective customers to build and maintain strong business relationships. Successful candidates will be able to recognize and meet customer requirements for products and services. Please submit a resume and salary requirements to: "Box 30", c/o Daily Record, 212 E. Liberty St., Wooster, OH. 44691. EOE. WANTED: TIMBER Cutter w/ drivers license, Experience a plus but not a must. (330) 401-7946

Complete houseware & variety store inventory. (shelving, etc. optional) Steady growing business for past 15+ yrs. Call 330-674-5603.

SHAVINGS MILL planner operator with maintanece, 40 hr/wk Animal Bedding. 330-533-7090. Serious inquiries only:

FOR SALE: Small Sporting good store with archery, fishing & gun supplies. Selling inventory & tools. 740-824-3762.

COOK WANTED will train, full-time. Apply at Hotel Millersburg, 35 W. Jackson St. 330-674-1457.

The Holmes County Hub Shopper 105 General STAFFING PARTNERS in Partnership with ArtiFlex Mfg. LLC.


Wed., August 14th, 2013 9am-4pm Staffing Partners’ Office 2056 Portage Road Wooster, Ohio 44691 330-262-2662 DRIVER/WORKER WANTED for Concrete Crew, needs to be dependable and a good driving record. Miller Concrete, Shreve Ohio. 330-464-4929 HELP WANTED on siding crew, excellent pay, plenty of full-time work, great work environment. Exp. a plus but not necessary. Preferably in the Berlin/ Winesburg/Mt. Eaton Area. Call Dan at 330-473-7487. ARE YOU LOOKING for a Career in Wayne, Stark, Tuscarawas, Ashland or Holmes County? Look no Further; Staffing Partners is here to help no matter what your career goal is. We have 30 + job opportunities available ranging from machine operators, assembly, forklift operator, CNC programmers & operators, press operators, clerical, and many more. Join us for a job fair on August 12, 2013 from 9am-12pm at 1260 Monroe Street Suite 35 New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663. Or apply online at: staffingpartners Apply in person: Monday -Friday from 10am -3pm at: 2056 Portage Road Wooster OH 44691. 330-262-2662. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CAREER in Wayne or Holmes County? Look no Further; Staffing Partners is here to help no matter what your career goal is. We have 20 + job opportunities available ranging from assembly, forklift operator, press operators, process technicians, production assistants, and many more. Join us for a series of Job Fairs starting on August 20, 2013 at 85 North Grant Street, Millersburg, Ohio 44654 from 9am-12pm and continuing every 3rd Tuesday of the month for the rest of the year. Or Apply online at: Apply in Person on Tuesday– Thursdays, 9am-3pm, 2056 Portage Road, Wooster, OH 44691. 330-262-2662. WORKER and/or DRIVER FOR roofing crew. Percentage based pay. Mt. Hope/ Walnut Creek/ Winesburg area. Experience a plus but not needed. (330) 464-6919. PART-TIME CHEF WANTED for Bed & Breakfast located in Millersburg, OH. Must be skilled in customer service, good food/cooking knowledge, skilled in food prep/ presentation, available to work flexible shifts, ensure proper safety and sanitation of all kitchen facilities and equipment, restaurant or hospitality experience preferred. Serious applicants only- Please send resume to: or mail to P.O. Box 323, Millersburg, OH 44654. LOOKING FOR Experienced Concrete Laborers and Finishers. Please apply at 163 E. Adams St, Millersburg. NO CALLS PLEASE! HELP WANTED FOR Yoder roofing. Driver/Worker. Experience helpful, but not necessary. 330-674-4331. Leave a message.


Must have well rounded experience in various office procedures incuding Computer experience, paper processing, good people skills and phone etiquette, 5 days, no Saturdays. Email resume to: or mail to: Nicholson Chevrolet, 7190 SR 39 Millersburg Oh 44654 SERVER /BARTENDER WANTED, 1 year experience. Apply at Hotel Millersburg, 35 W. Jackson Street or call 330-674-1457.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 26 105 General

HELP WANTED on roofing crew, excellent pay, plenty of full-time work, great work environment. Exp. a plus but not necessary. Preferably in the Berlin/ Winesburg/Mt. Eaton Area. Call Dan at 330-473-7487. FT/PT Housekeeper/Guest Services: Personnel wanted for 4 Suite Bed & Breakfast. Duties include, but are not limited to: cooking breakfast, cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, main rooms, along with warmly welcoming guests at check-in. Must have basic computer knowledge, available to work various shifts throughout the day, highly motivated with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Beautiful work environment, paid holidays, flexible hours & more! Serious applicants only, send resume to: P.O. Box 323 Millersburg, OH 44654, or email to HELP WANTED:EXPERIENCED TIMBER cutter or Skidder operator with a driver's license. 330-231-2234 GENERAL LABORERS needed to conduct geophysical surveying. Job involves working outdoors while performing strenuous work. Requires a valid Ohio driver's license. Must be able to pass drug screen and background check. Job demands walking for long periods on uneven surfaces, and must be willing to work out of state at times. Health insurance paid, 401K. Apply in person M-F, 9a-4p at: Precision Geophysical 2695 SR 83 S Millersburg, Ohio 44654. THE BARN Inn is seeking individuals for Sunday housekeeping position, paying $12/hr: Individual possessing integrity, dedication, & reliability. References, drug test. Apply in person 6838 CR 203, Millersburg. HELP WANTED on Framing crew, excellent pay, plenty of full-time work, great work environment. Exp. a plus but not necessary. Preferably in the Berlin/ Winesburg/Mt. Eaton Area. Also, looking for crew leader. Call Dan at 330-473-7487. HELP WANTED: Driver/Worker for interior trim crew. Dependable, Reliable, Experienced, Helpful. (330) 763-0937


125 Medical / Healthcare 220 HHA/STNA's for Wayne County, afternoons & evenings. Competitive pay, paid mileage & benefits. Apply in person at 24 S. Clay St. Millersburg or email resume to: No phone calls please.

195 Services FOR RENT: Case skid Loader. Also 4 ton dump trailer and 16' Flatbed Tailer. Also 30 Ton Log Splitter. Henry J. Miller, Sugarcreek. 330-852- 3363.


Antiques Collectibles

ANTIQUES FOR SALE: Chimney cover, $500; Pennsylvania step-back hutch, oak, $900; 4 ladderback chairs (no seats), $65/all 4. (740) 534-3638.


Appliances Electronics

LIKE NEW, Toshiba TV w/ Built in VCR & DVD, $225. (330) 893-3463 COMPLETELY REBUILT Maytag wringer washer with or without electric motor. Henry A. Raber, 330-674-5691. NEW GARMIN eTrex 10 GPS. $100/obo. 330-674- 0730. FOR SALE: PSP, 6 tapes, memory stick & charger, Good Condition. $160 (330) 893-0711†Ext 1 FOR SALE: MAGIC CHEF natural gas oven, good condition, almond, $275. 330-674-7576


Construction Equipment

DIESEL MECHANIC needed to help repair early 60's JD 2010 Dozer, Millersburg (330) 209-2037

Construction Equipment 225

FOR RENT: S185 BobCat with steel tracks, forks & bucket. $18./hr.; JLG Scissor-lift, $50/day or $200/wk.; 42-ft. JLG Grade-All, $175/day or $700/wk; 24' Aluminum plank, $15/day or $60/wk. 330-897- 1222x3 PC200-6 Q.C. Aux 30,000 1150Gnew U.C. 35,000 242 Cat S.L. 19,500 U.M. 330-279-4080


Farm Equipment

GEHL 1540 Blower, Excellent Condition, Gehl 800 Chopper, w/2 row corn head, Best Offer. Ear corn delivered in 3-4 ton loads, $200/ton. (330) 674-2459 or (330)763-1953 2004 New Holland TL100 4X4 Reverser, cab, heat, air 3400 HRS $22,500, 2000 New Holland TS110 4X4 Tractor $21,000, 5640 Ford Tractor cab, heat, air $12,500, JD 4430 Tractor $8500, JD 401B good tractor $7500, '09 New Holland L170 skid steer, cab, heat, 700hrs. $22,500, '06 Bobcat S130 skid steer 1570 hrs $15,250, '99 JD 270 skid steer very good $15,500, SK1020 Komatsu skid steer $15,000, 5635 Gehl skid steer with tracks $10,500, '88 Case 350B Crawler Loader $5500 Call Firmen at 330-464-1428 or 330-567-3886 GEHL 980 14' Forage Wagon, Excellent condition. 560 STEINER Bale Beaver. Also, Krone Rotary Rake 330-359-5647 or 330-317-4977. KELLY RYAN 8' Bagger, Good Condition. $8,700. (330) 695-2001 FOR SALE: 5' Pull Behind King Kutter Brush Hog, Good condition, $500 (330) 893-4160 JOHN DEERE 240 Skid Steer. 3,885 hours. $8,900. (330) 852-0647 FOR SALE: 22 HP Kubota diesel. Good condition. Model 1005. $1800. John A. Troyer 6660 TR 606, Fredericksburg, OH

FOR RENT: Bobcat T-190 skid loader with rubber tracks. $25/hr. Plus fuel. Delivery available. 330-407-1081

03 CAT 232 Skid loader. Joy stick control, 2,600 hr. OR OPS. Good condition, Serviced on regular basis, $17,000. (330) 473-0096

TRACKHOE, LGP, Cummins, Three buckets, 30" Tracks. Shreve (330) 496-3412

FOR SALE: 12x8 Hay saver feeder, $1075. Also blueheeler pups, 6 wks. old, $45. 330-893-4239

'05 650J LT six way dozer w/ ripper

McCormick DEERING Corn Binder, In

winch only, 2700 hrs $75,000, '04 JD 650H LGP only 2600 hrs $40,000, '04 JD 650H LGP Dozer $37,500, '02 JD 650H Dozer $35,000, '95 Cat D6H Good Machine $35,000, '97 JD450G LC-IV dozer $22,500, JD 850B w/ winch $26,000, '91 Case 850D six way dozer, very nice $21,000, Cat D4D dozer $15,000, '86 Case 450C Dozer, six way, cummins $15,000 '83 JD555A crawler loader $12,000, '06 Komatsu PC200LC-8 $93,000, '10 JD35D excavator $32,000, '06 TB153FR mini hoe low hrs. $42,500, '07 TB145 excavator only 1500 hrs. Hyd thumb $37,000, '06 Yanmar VIO35 mini hoe $18,500, '04 Yanmar VIO35 mini hoe $14,000, Case 480C Back hoe $8500, '09 Cat IT14G Wheel Loader cab, heat, air 7K hrs. nice $30,000, '07 JD605C crawler loader w/ forks $55,000, JD 555G crawler loader, rebuilt trans $21,000, '89 JD455G crawler loader cab, tooth bucket $19,500, Case 455C Loader $17,500, JCB 214S Grademaster 4X4 loader landscaper. $14,750, Case 450 Loader $5000, '03 JD 648G-III Grapple Skidder $55,000, '94 JD 648E skidder $24,500, '95 JD 548E skidder $24,500, 2-JD 540B Skidder $19,500 each, '96 Franklin 170 grapple skidder, new rear tires $18,500, '83 JD 640 Skidder $17,000 , 2- JD 440C Skidder $19,500 TO $22,000 eac, '97 Timberjack 460 Skidder dual arch grapple. $40,000, Hamm Smooth Drum Roller $17,500, Case 602 Vibromax Pad Foot Roller $14,500 , '00 Genie Lift Z60/34 articulated boom $22,500, '94 Moxy MT30S-3 6X6 off road dump. $18,500, '71CAT 613 Self Loading Scraper, 3208 cat engine. $8,500 , '98 Mack 613 454 HP 13 speed 680K miles $15,500. Lots of misc. forks and buckets. Call Firmen at 330-464-1428 OR 330-567-3886

Like New, w/Bucket, 383 hours (330) 852-1703

Drivers Trucking $56,000, '05 Cat D5G six way dozer w/ good condition. Gehl 4240 Skid Steer

DRIVERS: $2500 Sign-On Bonus! Dedicated Zanesville Account! Great Pay, Benefits, Miles, Weekly Home-Time & More! 816-471-1577 x1099. DEPENDABLE DRIVER needed for construction crew. 330-897-1222 x 4.

120 Manufacturing /Industrial NOW HIRING: Plant Positions start $9-$10hr with possible $11hr after 90 days Attendance bonus, yearly bonus, health/dental insurance, 401k Please apply in person at StoneCraft Industries 8300 County Road 189 Holmesville, Ohio 44633 NOW HIRING: Full-time hourly Woodshop position start $12-$14 Attendance bonus, yearly bonus, health/dental insurance, 401k. Please apply in person at: StoneCraft Industries 8300 County Road 189 Holmesville, Ohio 44633

125 Medical / Healthcare PT SERVICE Rep. Delivery of Medical Equipment, 20 to 30 hours per week, clean driving record, send resume to: Jesse Riggleman COO, 405 Sherwood Drive, Kittanning, PA. 16201.

Farm Equipment 235

INTERNATIONAL 986 Tractor. Like new tires, Nice condition, One owner. (330) 473-7733 BUSH HOG Mower, 7', 3pt, Dual Rear Wheel, Twin Gear Box, Nearly new. (330) 276-3503 7' DUNHAM DISC, Good condition, $1,250. ALSO, TWO 4' Sections John Deere Spring Tooth Harrow, Good condition, $400. THREE 4' Section of Spike Tooth Harrow $150. (330) 852-2263. BOONETOWN field sprayer with 50-gal. tank & new motor & pump, good working cond., $575. (330) 674-6918. FOR SALE: New Holland Super 717 Chopper with one row corn head. Good condition, $1900. 330-674-4123


FOR SALE: FIRST Cutting mixed grass hay. Small squares or round. No rain, delivery possible. Firmen Kaufman (888) 631-7044. FOR SALE: Dairy hay--Timothy & grass-mix, small square bales. Call (330) 275-9009 VM or after 5pm. FOR SALE: Organic High Moisture Ear Corn, Also Dried Corn. Out of field. (330) 567-2249 FOR SALE: Incubator, 72 eggs, with automatic turner. Has been used one time, like new. Works good. $100. (330) 897-0736. NEW 1ST Cutting mix, round bales, Good Horse hay, 120 available, $60 a piece. (330) 472-2613 FOR SALE: SAW Dust. 1617 TR 106, Millersburg, 44654. (330) 674-0766. HORSE MANURE for compost or fertilizer, John Raber, 4213 TR 629 Millersburg. ORDER YOUR Green Acres Fertilizer now for fall delivery. Also, Alfalfa seed in stock for fall seeding. Aden Mullet 8056 Criswell Rd. Fredericksburg, OH Ph. 330-695-2208

HEFFTON 530 Round Baler. New Holland 268 square baler with motor. New Holland 259 rake, 2 star spinner teeter, New Holland 456 and 455 Belt drive Hay Mowers. Andy Raber. 330-893-0303.

WILL DO CUSTOM INLI NE Bale Wrapping. (330) 231-6640.

275 MASSEY FERGUSON tractor; Round baler; 444 IH tractor; Galvanized pipe; Hay wagons; Amish wagon. 440-396-0469.

FOR SALE: Feeding Speltz. Mahlon J. Miller 4001 T.R. 629 Millersburg, Ohio 44654

FOR SALE: 3 John Deere 13 Hole Grain Drills, Alice Chalmers D-14 Tractor, John S. Miller, 2305 TR 152, Baltic. (330) 893-0303 FOR SALE: Farmall M. tractor on steel wheels. Mahlon J. Miller, 4001 TR 629 Millersburg, OH 44654 NEW IDEA 323 Picker - Papec Silo Filler - MC-D #9 6' Mower, Abe Raber, 5150 CR 229, Fredericksburg 44627 (330) 695-6793 FOR SALE: Milking Equipment, w/ vaccum pumps, SS pails, Full line of milking equipment. Also, dumping stations, Hot wire curled pigtail posts. Yoder's Nylon Shop. (330) 893-3479 MC DEERING Corn binder ground driven, Gravity wagon and running gears. Brock 2-ton feed bin. excellent. Andy J Raber. 4820 TR 153, Baltic. (330) 893-0303. 3 TON Poly Bin, w/Auger & Electric Motor, Good Condition. Matt Miller, (330) 201-4638 ALICE CHALMERS 185 tractor, 74-hp, real good, $4950; Ford 3000 diesel tractor w/loader, $4950; Gravity wagon, $675. John S. Miller, (330) 893-0303

FIREWOOD PROCESSOR for Sale. Older model, cuts, splits & pulls log in, PTO power. Make Easy work out of your firewood pile. (330) 674-1430

FOR SALE Split seasoned firewood, slab wood & also boom truck loads available. Also hollow cmpfire logs 330 231-8462. FOR SALE: Energy Max-160 wood, coal stove. Glass door, $1400. Used 2 winters. Junior Keim, 9241 T.R. 652, Fred. 1/2 mile N. of Ashery TRUCK LOAD of Firewood, $650. Delivery available. 330-674-1054 Ext. 1. FIREWOOD FOR Sale: Boom truck load, (330) 473-8752

Farm Products Produce 250

 INCREDIBLE SWEET CORN Coming Soon! Approx. first of August. Now taking orders. Call 33-893-3640 ext 4. Mark Miller, 3421 C.R 168, Mbg. 2 miles East of Bunkerhill. 

EARLY GOLD apples, $12/bushel. Andy A. Troyer, CR 19, Millersburg, 330-6741860 ext. 2.

CHERRY RIDGE GREENHOUSE has late cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and kale plants.. Also, seeds for Fall Gardening. Ph. 330-852-4062 WANTED: EAR corn. Aden Mullet, 8056 Criswell Rd., Fredericksburg, OH. 330-695-2208 FOR SALE: Split Locust Fence Posts, Seasoned 1 year. (330) 674-1430 HUGE AMOUNT of manure avail. for your fields. Located at the old Mastead Farms in Benton. Matthew Schlabach, (330) 279-2662. FOR SALE: 1st cutting hay, square bales; Oat straw square bales. (330) 473-7733 SWEET CORN Coming Soon! Incredible. Place your order. Earl Erb 330-852-2383 Ext 3 INCREDIBLE SWEET Corn, Coming Soon! No Spray. $3/doz. David H Yoder, 2905 TR 406, Millersburg (330) 893-2892 FIRST CUTTING Horse Hay, Some Alfalfa mixed in. $3/bale, Also, 8x16 Hay Wagon. $325 (330) 567-2368 FIRST CUTTING Timothy, Small Squares, $5.50/bale, (330) 472-2613

Firewood Fuel

Garage Yard Sales

AUG 8&9, 8-4pm. Household, Holiday items, Books, Toys, glassware, Little Girl bike, Crafts, Jewelry, Vintage Items, Misc items.Children's clothes (boys and girls)from 0-3 months and up to 7/8 for girls. Children's Shoes, Women's Clothes 18/20, 22/24, 1X-3X some new with tags. 676 Barnard Rd, Wooster. LARGE MULTI FAMILY Garage Sale. Country Home Supply, 2828 S. Car Rd, Apple Creek. August 8-9, 7a-dark, August 10,7a-3p. Full size bed with boxspring and mattress, Dresser, Night stands, File cabinet, Electric range, Twins stroller, Mushroom canister set, Celebrating home dishes, Hot water heater for camping, 42x68 chalk board, Clothes, shoes, lots of bent and dent items, closeouts, and bargin tables. Benefit bake sale for local hospital bills. 10% off in store Thurs.-Sat! MOVING SALE: Aug. 24, 9-3 Dorm refrig., mower, antique hand tiller, sofa, sofa bed, twin beds, larger computer desk, entertainment center, desks, skateboard ramps, bikes, and more! Early sales accepted. 330-893-1972. 3024 US 62, Winesburg 10999 CR 329, Shreve, 44676, Aug 8-9-10, 9-6. Girls Clothes NB-size 10, Misc Items. Follow Signs HUGE BARN SALE. Furniture, antiques, doors & windows, household, quilts, tools & many more treasures. Sundays, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18. 32791 St. Rt. 83 South, just 2 miles South of Clark. 4834 CANAL Rd, 1 mi off of Lincoln Way - Corner of Honeytown/Canal. Thurs-Sat, 6 Families! Huge! Don't Miss It! RITTMAN: 330 DeCourcey Rd., August 16&17,F 9-4 & S 9-2. Multi-Family Big Sale. Cleaning out SR citizen home, large amounts of items,clothes baby-6 yrs & womens 3x-5x, Work van w/plumbing supplies & equip. Add. plumbing supplies sold separately.


Horses Livestock

 REGISTERED MORGANS 15 yr old Bay Gelding, TSS, Safe for women. 2 YR OLD Bay Stallion, Yearling Bay Stallion. Full Brothers, Team Prospects with chrome and class! 330-674-5129 ext. 1.  FAMILY SURREY Horse, Big Stout Gelding, Good Traveler, Very Polite, Women can drive, 7 yrs old. $3,500 330-465-6666  3 YEAR OLD Bay Standardbred Gelding. Traffic safe, stands to hitch, surrey size ready for family, $1,800. Merlin (330) 852-4738. 6 YR. old 32" brown and white gelding. Broke to ride and drive. Safe for children. $400. Caleb Miller 330-852-1404

The Holmes County Hub Shopper 260

Horses Livestock 260

FOR SALE: 3 ORGANIC Holstein Heifers, 2 due in spring, 1 yearling, Levi Hershberger, (330) 893-0214 4 YR OLD Registered Morgan Mare, In Foal, Broke to ride & drive, Traffic Safe, (330) 897-0827†Ext 2 FOR SALE: 7 yr old Standard Bred Gelding, TSS, Mostly Trot, Women can drive. (330) 600-1233 9 YEAR OLD Black Standardbred, Surry size, 16.2, $800. Henry E. Raber 4686 CR 19, Millersburg. (330) 600-0229 BOARDING HORSES - Pasture available. Call (330) 763-1843 FOR SALE: 2 YEAR OLD Riding horse, not broke. Very nice horse. $250. (330) 695-9307. FOR SALE: 9 yr old Black Cross Bred Gelding, TSS, White on hind legs, Also able to ride. 7326 TR 601 Millersburg. (330) 674-2647†Ext 2 11 YEAR old gelding. T.S.S., $1000. John Jr. Troyer 8486 T.R. 654 Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627 10 YEAR OLD Belgian Gelding For Sale. Broke to all farm machinery, willing worker, $2,800/obo. (330) 674-3087. FOR SALE: 4 yr old Belgian Standard Bred Cross, Safe & Sound, $1,400. David Schlabach 6673 CR 203, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-2677 3 YR old 42" Black & White Paint Pony Gelding, Good Broke to Drive, TSS, Needs experienced rider. (330) 897-0554 FOR SALE: Team of 51" Paint Pony Gelding. 6 & 7 years old. Broke single and double. Will also sell set of 1 year old bioharness. Jerry Yoder. TR 616, Mount Hope. (330) 674-0715.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 27 Horses Livestock 260

7 YEAR OLD Paint Pony Mare, 54", Broke to ride and drive, Needs work. Selling pony cart and harness. (330) 893-9896 8 YR old White Paso Fino Gelding, Broke to ride, On trails & through creeks, TSS, $1,200 Duane Yoder, 4952 SR 557, Millersburg (330) 893-4068

7 YR. old black and white Mare. 33" kid broke to ride and drive. $500. 3 YR. old brown gelding 35" kid broke to ride and drive. $400 330-852-3809

FOR SALE: 12 year old Persian Mare. Sired by Foley and bred to trade mark for 2014. $5,000. (330) 473-8723.

FOR SALE: 4 & 6 yr old Belgain M a r e s , Broke & Bred to King Rocky, Also, Weanling Colts sired by Rocky. (330) 893-9371

WANTED TO buy: All types of horses & ponies, sound or unsound. J & S Horse Farm, 13914 Mt Eaton Rd, Doylestown, 44230. Call or write. (330) 715-0363.

FOR SALE: 3 yr. old brown and white paint pony mare. 46". Broke to drive, $550. 10466 Apple Creek Rd., Fredericksburg, OH 3 YR. OLD red bay with black trim, cross-bred, broke to ride & drive, $1500. 330-600-9376. CUSTOM SADDLES new & used, made in USA. Cowboy & barrel. Starting at $450. Call 330-231-7500  4 YR old Flashy Chocolate & White Paint Miniature Stud. Can be registered. Loves attention, handled a lot, green broke to drive. $250 OBO (330) 567-2758  FOR SALE: 2 Fresian STB cross. Full brothers. Yearling black gelding. 2 yr. broke single and double TSS. 8 yr. old bay riding mare with white trim. Trail rides. Neck reins. Smooth canter. 330-852-0703 ext. 1  MINIATURE DONKEYS for sale: Domestic & Spotted, & weanlings. (419) 341-3794

FOR SALE: 4 yr old Pony, Cart & Harness, Good Condition, Leave Message (330) 674-1694†Ext. 2

5 YEAR old Chestnut Morgan gelding. Broke to ride and drive. Good traveler. (330)897-0099

FOR SALE: 3 yr old Standard bred Gelding Trotter, TSS, Buggy Size, Sharp driver, $2,600. (330) 231-7099

6 YEAR OLD Standardbred Cross smaller horse for a pony wagon. Very safe children and womens horse. Rides and drives. 330-674-0766 from 7-7:30 am or LM at 330-674-2779

 BUGGY FOR Sale, Like New, Used very little, LED 2-way Lights/Brakes. Built by Henry's Wood & Buggy. Emanuel Nisley, 2191 CR 600, Baltic OH 330-897-1178

3 YR old Percheron Gelding, Not broke. $1,500. 1 yr old Percheron Stallion, $1,200. (330) 936-6183

WHITE & GRAY Baby Pigmy Goats, Make good 4H Projects, David Shetler, 330-275-0722.

5 YR OLD Standard Bred Gelding, TSS, Women can drive, Broke the best. 16H (330) 763-3906

FOR SALE: Tennessee Walker cross Strawberry Rone beautiful mare. 8 yr. old, TSS, rider, experience required. $850. Call Mal 330-897-1457 x 1, 33150 TR 235 Fresno, OH 43824 after 4:00 PM

FOR SALE: 2 YEAR Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare, Well started, very quiet. Also, 2 year old Sorrel Quarter Horse Stud, well started, very quiet. Neal D Miller. (330) 897-1377†x3.

5 YR. old 16 H. black gelding trotter. Southfork-American winner. T.S.S. Fast traveler. Needs work. $2600. Andy Weaver 13013 T.R. 506 Big Prairie, Ohio 44611 FOR SALE: Pony, 52" Tall, 4yr old Gelding, Broke to Ride & Drive (330) 695-2303 FOR SALE: Friesian-cross Peter-Z, 2 yr. old mare, started in harness. Atlee Barkman, 5020 CR 59, Baltic, OH (330) 897-8460. FOR SALE: 3 YEAR old Gelding CJ's secret surry horse, TSS, $4,500. 3 YEAR OLD Trotter fresh, sharp boys horse TSS, $3,200. Derrick Troyer (330) 852-3227.

3 YR old Brown & White Paint Mare, In foal, kid broke. 330-674-0156 11 YEAR old standard bred gelding. TSS. Ready for miles. Drives with snap. Best offer. Ph. 330- 600-9799 FOR SALE: 8 YR. OLD quarter horse mare with friesian colt on side. Atlee Barkman, 5020 CR 59, Baltic, OH (330) 897-8460. 3 YR old Black & White Pony, Broke, 44". $525 13 yr old Standard Bred Gelding, Boys horse, $650. Also a team of 2 yr old Belgain Geldings, Well broke. $4,400. Ivan Yoder (330) 674-2045 DORSET KATAHDIN cross ewes. 5 mature, 1 ewe, 3 buck. Born April. $125. (330)852-2375.


Horses Livestock 260

6 YR. old Sorrel Hackney cross mare, 4 white socks and strip. Been in buggy 3 yrs. T.S.S. Bred to Friesian standard bred stallion, $2400. 330-674-0801 7220 T.R. 572 Millersburg, OH 44654 FOR SALE: (2) mini Percheron dapple gray geldings, broke; (2) 4 yr. old, NASH paints, broke - Both teams must go. Call (330) 275-7435, lv. msg. FOR SALE: 4 yr old Grooly gelding, good trail horse. (330) 852-2162.

OLDER 43" bay pony mare, broke to ride, green broke to drive, $200. (330) 897-0089 x2.

7 YEAR OLD black and white pony. Broke to drive. Needs work. $300. 330-763-0049.

FOR SALE: 6 yr Black Gelding, TSS, Boys or Family Horse. Nelson Yoder 8749 CR 235, Fredericksburg OH

5 YEAR OLD Katahdin Ram. $125. Joseph Erb. VM 330-897-0083

 6 YEAR OLD Paint riding horse. Broke to ride, has been on trail rides. Has lots of energy. Needs experienced rider. Ph. 330-893-2064  FOR SALE: Pony open buggy. Good condition. 330-695-2090 FOR SALE: 3 yr old Brown & White Paint Gelding, Stands 58", Ready to be broke, Should be excellent trail horse. $550 OBO (330) 852-8104 18 MONTHS Holstein Jersey cross bull. Sure breeder. 2 nice Holstein Jersey cross heifers due soon. Sired AI & bred AI. Junior A. Yoder, 330-674-9993 2 donkeys - 1 gelding, 1 stud, your choice-- $100. (330) 472-2613 4 YR old Standard Bred Gelding, Dark Bay w/2 whites & strip, 16.2H, Very Well Broke, Travels nice. $2,900 Menno Yoder, (330) 674-1895 SMOKEY LANE HORSE SALE Friday, August 9, Tack 5:30, Horses 7. Early consignments include a team of driving ponies, 5 year old gelding by C Js Secret, trotter still on plates, 3 year old Bay gelding by Lord O Duce, mostly trot, traffic safe, ready for family. Expecting good local and out of state horses. Taking tack and horse consignments through sale day. Come enjoy the evening with us as we serve free corn on the cob! 686 Smokey Lane RD Sugarcreek OH 44681 330-852-2237 Auctioneer Myron Miller FOR SALE: 4 Registered Arabian M a r e s , 3 & 4 yr old lead only, $7,000 Minimum each. No Calls. Write: Ed Ardeli, 6000 Piper Rd, Rt 1, Adamsville OH 43802 FOR SALE: Fine Show Horse Harness, NEW, Never been used. Best Offer. (330) 674-6003 2 & 3 yr old Registered Belgain Full Sisters, 3 yr old Broke , 2 yr old Green Broke, $2,000 ea. (330) 857-6554 Raymond Weaver, 14862 Harrison Rd. Apple Creek OH. 10 YR. OLD cross bred gelding, good broke, women can drive, tss. (330) 231-5219. REGISTERED Holstein Bull, 18 months old. Allen M. Raber, 3805 TR 157, Sugar Creek. (330) 893-0174.

ADULT Katahdin Ram, Proven, $200 Breeding Stock Katahdin Ram Lamb. $150 ea. Breeding Stock Katahdin Ewe Lambs, $175. Days (330) 231-1360 ````` 9 YR. OLD Standard bred gelding. Been in buggy 6 mo. Safe for women. Abe E. Yoder, 330-893-4211 FOR SALE: Golden Comet Pullets from Mt Healthy Hatcheries,740-295-5423 Abe H. Yoder. 30643 TR 213, Fresno OH 43824. GOLDEN COMET Pullets, ready in Sept. and Nov. $8 each. Edward M. Miller 10878 T.R. 526 Shreve, OH 44676 4 YEAR OLD Bay Gelding. Stands 16 hh. Mostly trot, well built and travels nice. TSS. $1,800. Johnny Hershberger (330) 359-5267†x3. 3 YR. old standard bred gelding, TSS. women can drive, $2200. Aaron Weaver 12848 CR 316 Big Prairie, OH 44611 7 YR old Quarter Horse, Broke to ride, Bay with 4 white socks, $1,000. (330) 893-0308 6YR OLD Dutch Cross Majesteit Son, TSS, Women can drive, Dan Gingerich 6154 SR 39, Millersburg. Day (330) 674-0456 Eve. (330) 674-5324 YEARLING DUTCH-standard bred filly, bay w/strip & 3 white socks, $500/obo. Also, 3 yr. old 42" black/white gelding pony, broke to ride & drive, $500/obo. (330) 275-7669 FOR SALE: Black standard bred trotting mare, dutch stud colt at side, re-bred, safe for women, $3000. 330-600-0560  FOR SALE: Four year old trotting mare. T.S.S. Sire Thunder Road, Dam by Angus Hall. 330-698-0460 2 YEAR OLD Steel Gray Jenny Mule. Started under saddle, easy to handle. Wes Beachy 330-852-4738. FOR SALE: Flemish giant does. 5470 C.R. 59 Millersburg, Ohio 44654  FOR SALE: 5 Yr. quarter horse mare. Well broke to ride. Energetic, not for novice. $1100 o.b.o. 330-279-9290 ext. 3.

Smokey Lane Stables, Inc. Aug. 9th Aug. 17th SEPt. 13th Oct. 5th


Driving Horse Sale - (TACK 5:30 Horses @ 7) RODEO – 7 PM Driving Horse Sale - (TACK 5:30 Horses @ 7) Riding Horse and Pony Sale (Catalog Consignments due Sept. 20TH)

All types of chimney relining: gas, oil, wood & coal.

Oct. 11th Oct. 25th

HILAND SUPPLY CO. LTD. Advanced Chimney Technology

Horses Livestock 260

3878 CR 135, Millersburg, OH 44654 • 330-893-4724

Driving Horse Sale - (TACK 5:30 Horses @ 7) Harvestfest - All Breed Horse Sale (TACK 5:00 Horses @ 6:30)

686 Smokey Lane Road NW • Sugarcreek, OH 44681 Phone: 330-852-2237 Fax: 330-852-2237

Auctioneer Myron Miller 10074667

Horses Livestock 260

4 YR old Chocolatier Trotter, In buggy 1 month, $3,850. 4 yr old Trotting Mare, Fresh, Drives Sharp. $4,300. Also some fresh horses. John Raber, 4213 TR 629 Millersburg. NEED TO Sell ASAP! 16yr old TWH Gelding, Good Trail horse, $400 OBO. (330) 763-4016 MINIATURE HORSES for Sale: Yearlings, Fillies, Colts & Some Mares. (419) 341-3794 FOR SALE: 5 yr. old black gelding, dbl. gaited, well mannered, nice driver. A dream horse for young mother with children, good traveler, tss. (330) 852-0159/ VM. Dale Schlabach. FOR SALE: 6 Golden Buff Laying Hens, still laying good. Also moveable chicken pen. $110 OBO (330) 674-6003 FOR SALE: Feeder pigs, $50/each. Call (330) 852-2109 FOR SALE: 2-1/2 yr old Registered Aryshire Bull, Proven Breeder, David H Yoder, 2905 TR 406, Millersburg. (330) 893-2892

Horses Livestock

FOR SALE: 52" PAINT BLACK/WHITE Homozytous stud, broke to ride & drive. Henry Burkholder, (330) 279-2535 PIGMY BILLY Goat, Sure breeder, Wayne Weaver, 330-473-2416 2 YR old Pure Bred Fresian Mare, FHANA Registered, Joe Yoder, (330) 897-8650


Household Furnishings

HOUSEHOLD FURNISHING: Will reupholster living room furniture, car/boat seats. Also outdoor furniture cushions. Raber's Upholstery, 1939 T. R. 110 Millersburg, Ohio 44654 V.M. 330-674-1300 FOR SALE: (1) Sheltie Female, born 12-25-12. (3) Sheltie Females, born 1-29-13. (1) Sheltie Male, born 12-25-09. $200 for female, $175 for Male. Nice breeding stock. Michael Miller, 3829 TR 606, Fredericksburg OH 44627

9 YEAR OLD Paint Gelding. Girls have had him on lots of trail rides. (330) 674-0603.

OVAL 72"X48" Oak Table, Double Pedestal, Light Color, w/2 Leaves, and (6) Arm Chairs, $775. Call (330) 844-3516

FOR SALE: 4 YEAR OLD Mare, Surrey size, likes to trot, Most women can drive. TSS. Firmen Kaufman, (888) 631-7044.

FOR SALE: Wood burning hot water heater w-legs. 40 Gal. Storage tank used 5 years, $250. Ray Weaver 3833 T.R. 606 Fredericksburg, OH 44627

JERSEY DAIRY Cow, 3rd Lactation, 5.54 Fat, 3.05 PRO, (330) 567-9009 4 YR old Morgan Standard Bred Cross Mare, 15H, TSS, Willing Traveler, $1,800. (330) 897-1419 VM. 6 YEAR OLD Reg. Morgan Mare dark bay with stud colt. Sorrel, 4 whites snip $700. Leroy Weaver. 7841 C.R. 373, Big P r a i rie, Ohio 44611. FOR SALE: 5 yr. old 18H Belgian gelding, broke, $2500. Owen Schlabach, 330-698-0527 FOR LEASE: Holstein Bull Sired by O-Man. (330) 359-0140. SHARP! 6 Year old black paint mare. 48" broke to ride and drive, $450. 330-359-7127 4 Yr. old reg'd Fresian cross mare, shys about big trucks, big enough for surrey. Levi Miller, 330-897-2060  FOR SALE: 1 ALPINE Wether and 2 Alpine does. Very tame, $75 each. Also, 2 pygmy wethers $55 each. 330-275-0136. 46" BAY PONY Gelding. 10 years old, $400. Also, 56" Brown and white 7 year old paint gelding, $900. Both are broke to ride and drive. Bay gelding has been on trail rides. Both real gentle to hitch but have steam when using. Not for young children. (330) 674-2784†x1. 4 YEAR OLD 48" Pony. $350. 3 YR old 32" Pony, $350. (740) 622-5216 NOTICE: WILL Break your draft horses. (Any age) Call Leon at 330-413-5620

NATURAL GAS refrigerator:ConSul $550.00 in good conditon. Needak Rebounder like new, $200.00. Natural Love Seat, $100.00. Leave message. 330-466-6521


Hunting Fishing

GPS FOR Sale. Also Topo Map disc of entire United States. $100 for both. (330) 674-5799†Ext. 2 NRA/CCW COURSE- $45. Sept. 21 & 22 or Oct. 5 & 6 330-335-9205  APPLE PRO arrow saw, JoJan multi-fletcher, two bitzenberger jigs, approx. five dozen arrows, lots of vanes etc. Over $1000 retail value. All for $750. V.M. 330-852-2054  ROSS COMPOUND Bow, Quiver & Arrows, Good Condition. $300. (330) 231-1475 2008 DIAMOND Black Ice Compound Bow. wth case and all accessories. 330-231-7331 HUNGER GAMES, NAAS, scouting programs. We have quality local made youth and light adult long bows and recurves and supplies. Hill Country Bows, 330-674-9609 FOR SALE: Sears Roebuck 12 Gauge single shot $150. Abe Yoder, 2064 TR 116, Baltic, Ohio 330-674-2474

35th Annual Alpine Schools Consignment Auction Fri., Sept. 13, 2013 • 5 pM Hunting, Fishing Gear

SAt., Sept. 14, 2013 • 9 AM New Furniture, Crafts, Quilts, Tack, New Shoes, Misc. For consignment advertising contact by Aug. 15.

paul Miller 330-359-6109 Aden Miller 330-359-6269 ext. 4

28 — Thursday, August 8, 2013 275

Lawn & Garden 280

REDMAX EB4401 Back Pack Leaf Blower, Works good, $250. (330) 473-9944 JD 318, 50" deck, 650 hrs., $2650; JD 212, 47" deck, restored, $1500; Cub Cadet 1050 w/snow blade, hydro, w/ wheel weights, $650; Tandem dump trailer, $475; Single axle dump trailer, $225. JD hydraulic blade, $450. 330-763-1595.  FOR SALE: 4 ft. walk behind Cub Cadet mower. Good cond. $1200. Jacuzzi bathtub, works good, $200. 330-231-3434 2013 SNAPPER PRO 48" Walk Behind Mower, Hydro, Floating deck, demo mower, Full Warranty, Less than 5 hrs, $4,750. Call Joe at (330) 852-3029 REDUCED PRICES on used equipment: Husquarna YTH1848XP Tractor 48" Deck Hydro-drive, 158hrs, 18HP Twin-cyl. Kawasaki $898. Toro 52" Proline Belt drive Kawasaki Engine $898. Yardman 42" Tractor $249. Snapper RER w/bagger $625. Wheel Horse Hydro-drive w/ double bagger $998; John Deere STX 38 tractor w/ double bagger $798. Cub-Cadet Zero turn w/ steering wheel $1250. Grasshopper out front zero turn 60" deck $3498. Charm Engine LTD, 330-893-3033 EXMARK 48" Wall behind lawn mower in good condition. $1,100. (330) 897-8113.  CUB CADET 1320 12 HP garden tractor. Runs good. No mower deck, $300. 330-465-3387

The Holmes County Hub Shopper Miscellaneous Merch. 280

CORN HOLE BAGS: $12/set of 8 bags...5 sets or more, $10/set of 8 bags. Norman C. Yoder, 4256 TR 374, Millersburg. 330-893-7421. FOR SALE: Napoleon Wood Stove, Good Condition, $150 (330) 600-9098 RUGER MODEL 77. 7mm mag. with scope, $600. American Arms 20 gauge double barrel, $500. Both like new. (330) 897-1038. 800' OF Nipple Waterlines, 9 natural gas brooders, Chain feed track, Used steel pipe gas lines, One 5 ton steel feed bin w/ a chute, One 9 ton brock feed bin w/ a chute. Buyer removes items, Stop in. Atlee A. Troyer, 1699 CR 144, Sugar Creek. (330) 763-1284. MEDICAL DEVICE (power stips for pain) FDA clearance - For yours, call Del today (330) 674-4697 For Sale 8 H.P. Honda 6:1 reduction gear. 5 H.P. Honda, 2.2 H.P. Honda. These Motors are reconditioned and gauranteed O.K. GX120 Honda, used one year. 8 H.P. Briggs Straton and smalled Briggs motors are O.K. PowerPac 12 and 14 volt battery chargers. Like new 23 pc. 1/2 in. drive Proto Socket set in Proto Tool Box. Stihl Chain saw, 16 in. Mantis Tiller. L.P. Patio Heater, very nice. XP2600 PSI Pressure Washer w/ Honda motor, very nice. N.G. Water Heaters. Abe A. Yoder. 2831 TR 151, Mbg, Ohio. 330-893-1521. FOR SALE: used road cart, good condition. Repaired and new paint. No lights. S. Troyer, 330-567-5908 ext. 2. FOR SALE: Used Buggy, Like New, LED lights, Rubber under rims. $4,500/obo. (330) 674-1820†x3 VM.

WILL DO. garden plowing, tilling, brush hogging, and get your new lawn ready for seeding. Henry J Miller, 330-852-3363.

FOR SALE: Surrey poles. Neck-Yokes. Double trees. Eli A. Miller, 2536 Durstine Rd., Dundee, Ohio 44624


1/2" DIAPHRAGM air water pump, like new. $150. (330) 897-8113.

Miscellaneous Merch.

TROYER'S BUGGY SHOP. We build new buggies & do buggy repairs & repainting. Most buggy parts in stock. Painted wheels & shafts in stock. Open Mon-Sat. Also, open evenings. 7812 TR 601, Fredericksburg, OH 44627 LARGE NAPOLEON wood stove. Good for basement or shop. Stove pipes included, $500. Junior Troyer, 8486 TR 654, Fredericksburg, OH 44627

FOR SALE: CUDDEVIEW trail camera. 50 card viewer. Used, $50. OBO. 330-674-1606 BUNK BEDS, Fair Condition. $100. Portable Kerosene Heater, $45. (330) 464-8450 FOR SALE: Buggy with LED lights, cable brakes, almost new wheels. $1200. John A. Troyer 6660 TR 606, Fredericksburg, OH 44627




GOOD USED Top Buggies, 1 w/Sliding door, 2 w/Steel wheels, All LED Lights, $2,700 ea. (330) 893-2583 5'X8' HEAVY DUTY Utility trailer Good condition. See at Prairie Lane Market 7841 C.R. 373 Big Prairie, Ohio 44611 FOR SALE: Phoenix Gas Grill, w/propane tank, $125. OBO (330) 473-7958 ELECTRIC WATER PUMP. Also Bard furnace and outside air conditioner u n i t . Direct TV dish with wiring. Make offer. (330)852-0127


2208 TR 444 Over 4000 sq ft of living space in this gorgeous 4 BR, 3.5 BA on 1.69 acres. 28x40 5 stall bank barn with pasture & lighted arena. A must see! $339,000 330-763-4769



 WANTED TO BUY: Pony cart for medium sized pony. Call 330-695-2631  FOR SALE: Commercial Hoods for bakery. Like New. Jacob A. Weaver, 10559 Salt Creek Rd. Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627 ONE HORSE FOUR Cart, Hard rubber tires with brakes, Excellent condition, no rust. $425. ALSO, SMALL BIO pony harness with braided lines and split breast, like new, bought in 2012, $240. (330) 674-2784†x1. NEW PFAFF Sewing & Embroidery Machines and Sergers for sale. Available at Lackman's Sewing Center, Apple Creek, OH 330-698-3060.

FOR SALE: 10x12 Storage Barn, $950. (330) 893-9370

FOR SALE: 2 Cylinder Wisconsin Motor, Recently rebuilt, works good. $300. (330) 897-0642.

FOR SALE: HAY for mulch, 75¢/per bale. 3048 TR 128, Mlsbg., OH. (330) 674-1403 FOR SALE: Small Band Sawmill. (330) 674-1430 FOR SALE: 2 door Hutch, light stain color, $350. Call (330) 893-7170 3 used workbenches: 24"x54" w/metal top, 32"x96" w/metal top, 21"x72" w/wood top. Ervin Gingerich, 7141 SR 515, Dundee OH. 44624 (330) 359-7102 FOR SALE. Steel paneling, ideal for sheep, goat, and dog kennels - would also make scrap metal. (330) 567-2255. FOR SALE: TWO 6" Jointers , in good shape. Also, New and used generators and a New 9 horse Powerpro gasoline motor. Eli D Miller. 5491 CR 68, Millersburg. (330) 600-9461. SURREY FOR SALE: brakes and lights. 330-893-2542 ROAD CART Haflinger or horse size. Back split seats, Varish. Excellent condition, $350. (330) 674-4997. FOR SALE: Classic word processor. Please call 330-893-0223 V.M.


Pets Supplies

FOR SALE: ACA BREEDING STOCK: 2-M Boston Terriers DOB April 21, 2013 2-F Boston Terriers DOB June 19, 2013 Lhasa Apso, 1M, 3F, DOB June 7, 2013 Dachshund, 3F, DOB March 7, 2013 Dachshund 2M, DOB June 17, 2013 330-473-9077 COCKATEILS, Grays, $35, Colors, Pearls, Latinos, Cinnamons, $50. All young birds. Hamsters, Great pets, all colors. $5 ea. (740) 824-4361



2 BLACK Faced Love Birds for Sale, w/cage, $100. (330) 231-9233 CAVATONS 4 fem., 3 Ruby, 1 Blenheim, Shots & wormed. DOB 6/4/13, Ready to go. $475 Dad-Cavalier, Mom-Coton. (330) 473-9944 FOR SALE: Jack Russell 2 yr. old male. Paul Yoder, 6844 T.R. 605, Millersburg, OH 44654, 330- 674-1343. FOR SALE: 6 yr old Beagle Female, Good Hunter, $45 OBO. (330) 674-6003 SHELTIE PUPS, AKC. Shots, wormed, very cute. $450. 330-893-9512 ext. 3. Andy. AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppies, 2 males left, 8 wks. old. (740) 552-1990 SELLOUT! RABBITS, Does w/litter, Bunnies, Dwarfs & Minnie Rex. (330) 674-1900, 4252 TR 628, Millersburg. FOR SALE: TOY Fox Terrier Eskimo Cross Puppies. 6 weeks old, first shots, $25 each. Norman Yoder. 4454 CR 229, Across from Stony Point Hardware. ROTTWEILER LAB Cross puppies, 7 w k s old, Should make good watch dogs, $100. Joe Miller, (330) 567-2683 FOR SALE: 8 month Maltese male. White, black points, $450. 330-893-7800  BEAGLE MIX puppies out of hunting stock. 8 wks. old, $30. 330-893-3344 ext. 3 FOR SALE: 9wk old Yorkie Female, $200 Abe Yoder, (330) 852-0722 KITTENS FOR SALE. Healthy, Colorful, Playful, $10 each. David Shetler 330-473-2009. Leave Message.

FOR SALE: ACA CAVALIER male, proven, born 9/18/11. 330-674-0156 FOR SALE: 3 YR OLD bigger parti Yorkie, male, good for cross breeding proven breeder. (330) 897-0346 TWO AKC MALE Miniature Schnauzers. Salt/pepper colored. One is 2 years old, One is 4 years old. (330) 852-3367. (5) CHIHUAHUA Puppies, shots, wormed, males/females, different colors. $250. (330) 472-2613 LONG COAT Chihuahua Puppies. Fawn with white markings, pictures available $300. (330) 359-5459 FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Calico, female, cat. House trained and declawed. Also, 4 nice kittens ready to go! (330) 279-2034. BREED SELL-OUT! Daschund 3 yr old, ACA. (4) females, (1) Male, Yorkie (2) Female, (2) Males, 6mo - 6yr, (1) Pom. Male, 3 yrs old . (330) 674-2737†Ext 1. WANTED: REGISTERED, Miniature, male, Dachshund to breed a female. (330) 359-5613. ENGLISH MASTIFF AKC registered male puppy, parents on premises. Ready to go. (330) 695-6793.  4 YEAR old Walker female UKC-PKC reg. Needs to be hunted. 330- 698-0460  FOR SALE: 10- Mini Poodles, female, some are bred, 2-5 yrs. old, $250; 3 ACA Cavalier females, 1-3 yrs. old, $500. Levi Yoder 5864 CR 59, Mlsbg. Oh FOR SALE: Country Boy Dog Box, Very Good Condition. $175. (330) 852-3070 Ext 2 Daniel I. Shetler

FOR SALE: two Yorkie females, $500 for both. 740-622-0688 #2

NICE, CUTE, Black Morkie female puppy. Has white underneath, Moms weights 4.5lbs, Born 6-17-13. $425. John Yoder (330) 473-8232

2 YR OLD Beagle Male, Big, Started on rabbits, want to sell $45. Would possibly deliver. Mervin Hershberger, (330) 473-2545

REGISTERED GERMAN Shepherd Puppies, Black & Tan, 12 wks old, Shots & wormed, Great Disposition, Parents on premises, $400. (330) 674-1102 or (330) 231-6540

5 YR old AKC Chihuahua male. $175. 4 yr old & 3 mo old Chihuahua females. Also Yorkie males. Menno Yoder (330) 893-4623

AKC HAVANESE Male, 5-7 months, $550. Jerry (330) 763-4887

REGISTERED MINIATURE Australian Shepherd Puppies. 3 female, 1 male. Born 6-22-13. Ready on 8-17-13. (330) 464-5579.

FOR SALE: AKC Registered Boxer P u p s , 11024 Dover Rd., Apple Creek. (330) 674-9900

FOR SALE: House dog 1 year old. Poodle and part Bichon. House trained, Loves attention, (330) 674-3087 VM.

10 MONTH old Yorkie Bishon house puppy., Had her shots and been wormed, $200 OBO. Kathy Yoder, 330-275-6281

AKC YORKIE male, 6 yr. old, 7 lb., aggresive breeder. (330) 674-2883

AKC BICHON PUPPIES: good breeding stock. Born 7-5-13. Males $300; females $400. (330)893-2042. BLACK LAB MIX Puppies. 6 weeks old, kid friendly, $35 a piece. (330) 674-6989.

BEABULL FEMALE, good mother, $200. (330) 231-5172

3/4 ENGLISH Bulldog, 1/4 Beagle Pup, 6 mo old, Brindle & White, Playful & Good with children. 330-749-7738

FOR SALE: 9 WEEK OLD Cavalier Puppies, ACA. 2 females, 3 males. Henry Yoder. 330-893-1395.

####### WARNING: Animals advertised for "free" are sometimes acquired by people who use them as bait in training other animals to fight or for science experimentation. Please offer your pet for a nominal fee in order to attract a sincere buyer. #######

(2) REGISTERED Siberian Husky, Female Puppies $500 ea. 4 yr old AKC Husky Male, aggressive breeder $400 (330) 893-9304†


330-204-2447 330-204-9339

2175 Main St, Winesburg Beautifully remodeled 1830’s 4 BR home, retail shop/ studio & 1 BR apartment. This home offers original hardwood floors. Many updates including metal roof & windows. A beautiful garden with patio. $267,000 Cliff Sprang 330-464-5155

AKC BLENHAM Cavalier male, 1yr old, aggressive & small, Also, 8wk old puppies. (330) 897-7610

YELLOW LAB puppies, AKC reg'd, males & females, $375. 330-600-0719, Leave msg.

TOP GUN Dog: 5 yr. male beagle. Has wins in U.K.C. hunts. Also, 1 yr. Bluetick Beagle, felmale. Call 330-473-7039

FOX TERRIER Jack Russell Cross Puppies, 1 female, 3 males, Have had shots, (330) 674-0762

164 Mill St, NW Sugarcreek Cozy 2 BR home completely remodeled on oversized double lot. Move-in ready. $89,000

2 YR. old white Maltese male, ACA registered, $100. Evenings-(330) 473-0790

Pets Supplies

FOR SALE: beagle female, $25. Paul J. Miller, 8308 T.R. 656, Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627

AKC BULLDOGS for sale. (5) around 1 yr old. Also several older females. Several bred. Brindle, Fawn, & White. Good Producing Moms. (330) 674-2754

220 Mill St, NW, Sugarcreek Very Cute Updated 2-3 BR home. All appliances included. Two detached garages and large backyard. $89,500 D. Anthony Kaufman 330-231-4211 Kate Overton 330-204-9339

Pets Supplies 300

K-9 STUD Service Boxer, Bull Terrier, Cavalier, Cocker Spaniel, Chinese Crested Hairless, Chocolate Lab, Dalmation, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Old English Bulldoggie, Newfoundland, Siberian Husky, Poodle, Wolf Dog. Remember August bred Females make Christmas Puppies. (740) 824-4361 or (330) 275-0795

HAVENESE MALE AKC 9 weeks old. Very nice markings, parti colored, 330275-8658 Leave Message.


Curt Yoder Kate Overton

(2) 3000 Gallon Oil Tanks, $400 each OBO. (2) 15.5 x 38 Tractor Tires, 50% Tread, $300 pr. 330-401-8025

FOR SALE: BIOHARNESS TO fit 45" ponies, Single and double in good condition. Jerry Yoder, TR 616, Mount Hope. (330) 674-0715



Miscellaneous Merch. 300

28L26 GENERAL Skidder Tire, 14ply, 60% tread, $900: (2) 18.4 x 34 Goodyear Radial Tractor Tires, 40% Tread, $600 OBO. (330) 852-0188



Steve Maag

SPARROW, STARLING V-Top trap for sale. Made from PVC and wire netting. New $285. Crist Miller 6346 CR 77, Millersburg, Ohio 44654

1047 West Main Street Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 330-852-4111 (330) 852-4111 40 West Jackson St., Millersburg, Ohio 44654 888-852-4111 330-674-7355 Toll Free: 888-852-4111



Miscellaneous Merch. 280

WANTED: FRENCH Bulldogs, Boston Terriers & crosses of each--puppies & adults; Also want nice standing cages w/pull-out trays & large doghouses. (330) 309-8880

BECHEON MALE, AKC Registered, Breeding Quality. $500 Also Cavalier Male, Ruby Color, AKC Registered, $650 (330) 749-1054 1 PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL PARAKEETS, 1-1/2 yrs. old with like new cage & toys. $75/pr. (330) 698-0415† x1

FOR SALE: Maltese female, $250/obo. Also, Wanted: pair of African geese. 330-897-0006 1 YR old Red & White Miniature Austrailian Shepherd Male, Also Older Blue Merle Miniature Austrailian Shepherd Female, Also 1yr old Becheon Male, Good for Cross Breeding. 330-852-0777 FOR SALE: Nice Schnoodle female puppy, born 5/24/13, $350. VM 330695-2045. (3) 14-wk. old male Maltese puppies, $450. (330) 695-9310


Tools Machinery

CHERRY PICKER, like new, foldable, $150. Engine Stand, $40. Parts Cleaner w/Pump, like new, $85. Craftsman (like new) bench grinder, $50. (330) 276-0219 FOR SALE: CAT 518 skidder, $16,000. Many new parts. Works good. Willis Hershberger, 5601 Edgar St., Millersburg, OH 44654. 330-893-1805 ENGINE LATHE. 16 x 48 Clearing Harrison 10" Chuck 3" through hole, also Milling Machine 9 x 42 with some tooling. PH# 330-279-4819. FOR SALE: 9000W GENERATOR, 50amp output, Honda motor with remote start, 120/220V, $3100; Wheelbarrow-type 3-piston air comp. w/8-hp Honda motor, $800; 3" trash water pump w/6-hp Honda motor, $500. Or will sell all for $4100. Everything is brand new with factory warranties. Call Marvin @ 330-763-4808. TWO CYLINDER Air Cooled Diesel Engine, $500. (330) 377-4190

The Holmes County Hub Shopper 355

Wanted to Buy 355

WANTED: 1 Set Good Used Buggy Wheels, Henry Mast, 2619 CR 160, Millersburg, OH. (330) 359-5629 WANTED: NICE freezer chest that would work for ice box. Has to be 6 or 8 ft. 330-621-3771 WANTED: SMALL Hen house, Call (330) 852-2876 Ext. 1 WANTED: COUCH in good condition. Medium to dk. brown. 330-359-5942

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 29 Wanted to Buy 415

WANTED TO BUY: 4 or 6 hole steel wheel. State price and condition. Levi Yoder, 5864 CR 59, Millersburg, OH 44654. LOOKING for Permission to Bow Hunt, Mostly Antlerless for the freezer. (330) 674-1430


Home Condo For Sale

WANTED: REBOUNDER in good shape. Leave message. 330-714-9082. State price & condition.

FOR SALE: MINI FARM, 31 acres. Free gas. 2 story home, 3 BR, 1.5 BA. Storage rental income. Call: 330-496-0018. LM.

CASH PAID for scrap, autos, trucks, farm equipment & misc. Hauled free, appliances & junk. Call (330) 749-2094.

 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS situated on 3.2 acres of secluded woods near Spring Mountain. Full 26x48 unfinished concrete and block basement. Recently updated. Move in immediately. Asking $110,000/ obo. Call or text 33-231-0298. Great condition.

WANTED: MAGIC CHEF Natural Gas Standing Pilot Cook Stove, In good condition. (330) 473-9944 PINE LOG/ SOFT PALP WOOD delivered into Strasburg Area at a stead supply for a shavings mill. (330) 533-7090. WANTED: USED Open Buggy, In Good Condition. (330) 465-2794 WANTED: PIONEER Princess cook wood stove. State price & condition. Daniel A. Miller, 7945 CR 373, Big Prairie, OH 44611. WANTED: Used rabbit hutch. (330) 674-0384, ext. 1. WANTED: VENT Free Natural Gas Wall Mounted Heater, Must be in good condition. (330) 695-9310 WANTED: USED 13' Trampoline Mat, (330) 897-1377†Ext. 3 VM

CONDO FOR Sale, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, All one level. Cathedral Ceilings, low maintenance, in-town convenience, Millersburg. (330) 231-6255 1860's LOG CABIN home w/2000 addition, located in Lawrence Co. Ohio, 2300-sf, 3+BR, 2 BA, on 22 ac.-partially wooded, barn, c/a, ventless propane, stainglass windows, built-in hutch & cabinetry, lg. woodburning fireplace, & 3 faux fireplaces, nice deck, great hunting, farming & recreation. $179,900. Dan Lester, Stillpass Realty, 304-633-3137. MLS #130261 FOR SALE: 10x20 Log Cabin with Deck. Good for hunting or by a lake. Ph. 330-897-2881

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Mobile Home 425 For Sale

5 ACRES. 14x70, 3 BR, 2 BA Mobile Home. Two storage buildings, 16x30 and 15x25. Pavilion/fireplace. 4 mi. from Loudonville. $75,000. (330) 465-0937.

NEW 4 Bed Double Wide



04150 AD12674621 108

MidwestuseHomes ad key 1002255700 for text 740-828-2750 10076764

Land Sale Rent 500

5 ACRES OF LAND, open & wooded with stocked pond. Beautiful picnic area, evergreen trees, creek with walk bridge. Storage shed. Ideal cabin site. Located 7 mi. S. of New Bedford, along SR 643. Open house on site, Wed., Aug. 28, 5-7pm. Bids to be opened on site. Thurs, Sept. 12, 2013 @ 6pm. We reserve the right to reject any or all bids. Call (330) 897-0600. WANTED TO LEASE hunting land. Will respect land and owner. 330-275-7880


Apartment Rentals

KILLBUCK - 2 BR apt., appls., w/d hkup, gar., assist animals only, sec. deposit. (330) 276-4091

FOR SALE: 14x72 Mobile Home, Vinyl Siding, Shingle Roof, In Good Condition. (330) 695-9960


NICE OLDER Mobile Home, one acre, 2br, 2-1/2 car garage, West Holmes School. $42,500 (330) 496-3412

COUNTRY HOME. 3 min from Millersburg. Private location. $750/mo. (330) 231-6255.

2006 SILVER CADILLAC DTS. Loaded, Excellent condition. 40,000 mi. $16,000/ Negotiable. 330-275-7719. 2005 FORD TAURUS, 220K miles, AT, good for local run around car. $1000 obo. 330-466-7211



14' ALUM MirroCraft, 9.9 Mariner, 15HP carburetor, Re-Built in 2012, boat Re-Painted, New carpeting & deck in 2012, 3 swivel seats, Minn Kota I-Pilot trolling motor ($1,000 value), Fish Finder, Quick Draw rod holders, Live well, All safety equip, Fish ready, Good Package deal. $3,200. (330) 231-5141


1985 16' ALUMACRAFT Deep V fishing boat w/ 1985 30 HP Mariner Motor. Excellent condition, Side console, Live well-rod locker, llights, Anchor Maids Loaded, $4,800. Steve Yoder, 3697 T.R. 124, Millersburg, Ohio 44654. 330-893-4758. Daytime.


Classic Antique Autos

FOR SALE 1974 Ford Thunderbird. Looks, Runs and Drives Great.Many new parts. Excellent Condition. $4500 330-234-1057


Motorcycles ATVs

Home Condo Rentals

LOOKING FOR DAIRY FARM to rent, Berlin/Walnut Crk. area. Ready to milk set up for 35-50 cows. (330) 600-1492, Kermit Miller.


Automobiles 520

Comm. Property - Rent

STORAGE OR COMMERCIAL Buildings For Rent. Dundee. 3 phase, Will divide. 330-641-4320.

Nowels Auction

Location: 6629 Co. Rd. 333, Millersburg OH 44654. From Millersburg follow SR 39 west 2 miles to Co. Rd. 333 north 2½ miles to farm, from Holmesville follow Co. Rd. 320 west 3½ miles to Co. Rd. 333 to farm.

MAICO 250cc dirt bike, runs great, rear wheel needs parts, $225. 330-201-4098

Albert and Beulah Miller Farm Real Estate and Equipment Auction 82 acres near Berlin

Location: 6119 CR 201, Millersburg OH 44654. From US 62 & SR 39 1 mile west of Berlin OH, take CR 201 north approx. 1½ miles to location. Signs posted.

Saturday, August 17, 2013 10:00 A.M. Beautiful 82 Acre Farm in Parcels * Older Buildings * Berlin Twp. Holmes County * East Holmes Schools * Open Land Excellent Building Sites * JD Tractors * Farm Equipment

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 10:00 A.M. Tractors * Farm Machinery * Misc. * Household * Antiques

Owen & Ada Yoder 330-567-2464 7858 TR 551 Holmesville OH 44633

Order Your Bottle Today!


All Prices cleArly MArked On Windshields 2004 LEXUS RX 330 AWD Auto, 6 Cyl 3.3L

• Leather • Loaded • One Owner

$12,995 see our inventory online

Tractors: JD 2440 diesel tractor, 10,229 hrs.; Kubota L3130, 4WD diesel w/ R513 loader, 1,150 hrs.; both of these tractors are 1 owner and in good condition; Farm Machinery: NH845 round baler; 3 pt. bale mover; Kewanee 30’ elevator, good condition; NI 323 single row corn picker; AC 2 row 3 pt. planter; NI cutditioner; Gehl forage wagon; old pull type combine; gravity wagon; NH 717 chopper; 10’ transport disk; 3 pt. blade; 3 pt. post hole digger; 3 pt. ripper box; 3 pt. slip scraper; subsoiler; 3 pt. furrow plow; Grimes pipe bale wagon; ARP 728 rear mount backhoe; portable cattle hoist; 3 pt. cultivator; potato digger; wagon; several pcs. farm equipment for parts or scrap; Misc.: irrigation system including approx. 70 pcs. 30’ long x 6” aluminum pipe; HD welder; air compressor; vacuum pump; cement mixer; log chains; wooden ext. ladders; Poulan P3314 chain saw; 4 weed eaters; several walk behind mowers; pile of aluminum roofing; wagon loads of misc. tools; platform scales; leg vise; Household & Antiques: 2 pc. cupboard; oak bureau; round oak table w/ ext. boards; curved glass china hutch; treadle sewing machine; trunk; chest w/ drawers & marble insert; pressed back chairs; clothes press; wall mirror; shelf rack; child’s cane rocker; lowboy w/ mirror; desk & chair; sausage stuffer; meat grinder; left handed golf clubs; 2 dr. refrigerator; 4 burner gas range; Edison; upright piano; loads of misc.; nothing has been gone through, anything could show up. Note: Gerald has taken residency in the retirement home and is selling all his chattels. Tractors are good, some of the machinery will be for parts only, but anything could turn up, many items not listed. Chattel Terms: Cash, check, or any major credit card with valid I.D. 3% buyer’s premium will be waived for cash sales. Lunch Stand Owners: Gerald Nowels

Open for Inspection: Monday, August 5, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Possibly the most exciting offering of local real estate to be sold at auction in recent years. This farm consists of 82 acres, in Berlin Twp, that is mostly open tillable land and ideally located just north of SR 39 on CR 201. The older 2 story farmhouse is livable but needs work. Has water well and septic. The bank barn and other outbuildings are useable but also need some attention. The lay of the land is superb and offers a treasure trove of great building sites. Has approx. 1285’ of frontage on CR 201. The farm will be offered in parcels, ranging from 3 to 18 acres, and as a whole and sells whichever way nets the most for sellers. Call for map and brochure. Call Jr Miller for more details. Real estate sells at 12 noon Full tractor and equipment list in future ads. Legal and Taxes: Taxes on the entire farm are currently $875.25 per half year and is under CAUV. Parcel number is 0100346000. Mineral Rights: Sellers on behalf of themselves, their heirs, administrators and assigns hereby reserve fifty percent (50%) of all oil and gas rights underneath the land conveyed herein for a period of 10 years. Sellers convey to Buyers all rights and privileges to negotiate and sign new leases. After the 10 years all gas & oil rights will revert back to the land owner. Real Estate Terms: 10% nonrefundable down payment, balance at closing, no financing contingencies. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. Purchasers should inspect the property prior to bidding and be aware of its condition. Announcements day of sale take precedence over all preceding advertising and statements. Owners: Estate of Beaulah Miller Duane and Marion Miller, Co-Executors Holmes County Probate Case # 13ES064

WWW.THESWISSAUTOMART.COM Bob Stutzman Sales Quality Used Cars & Trucks Sales & Service 330.852.2312

Dover Rd., Sugarcreek • Daily 8-5, Sat., 8-Noon


Trades Welcome • STOP IN TODAY or give us a call for a “GREAT DEAL” on any used Car, Mini Van, SUV or Truck.



30 — Thursday, August 8, 2013 Motorcycles ATVs 540

Trucks SUVs 540

Trucks SUVs 650

HARLEY DAVIDSON 2008 Electra G l i d e . Like New very good condition. Radio. Some new things recently added. Contact Greg 330-641-4849. $11, 000 Or OBO.


RVs & Campers

30' GULF STREAM. Full fridge, Sleeps 6, $4,500. (330) 432-4998.


Trucks SUVs

'04 GMC Canyon crew cab, 4x4, a/c, pwr. windows/locks, 106k mi., good shape! $10,200/obo. 330-231-2988 2003 FORD 4x4 Ext Cab, 134K, $5,000. (330) 936-6183 2001 FORD F250 XLT Super Duty V10, 2wd, Ext. Cab, Trailer brakes. Solid truck, runs well, some rust. $7,000. 330-231-7974.

Building Materials 775

207 Doors & Windows

200205400 FORD E350 (gasoline) AD13029085 144

200005400 GMC ISUZU DIESEL AD13029067 144

BEST OFFER TAKES IT Call the Ashland Times-Gazette 419-281-0581. After business hours, call 419-651-3213

BEST OFFER TAKES IT Call the Ashland Times-Gazette 419-281-0581. After business hours, call 419-651-3213

161,000 miles, GVWR-11,500, air, 2002 manual windows, runs wells, well maintained, good tires, radio doesn’t FORD work, box E350 leaks.

1996 FORD F-150 Pickup. 8' bed. Clean, cloth interior, radio, Heat, A/C, Mechanically sound. $1,200. 330-948-1573. '92 BUCKET Truck, 58' reach, tool boxes, 72,000 miles. Nice Outfit. (330) 496-3412

Absolute Wenger Auction Real Estate & Contents

Location: 28884 Jelloway Rd. Danville, Ohio 43014. GPS Coordinates: 40.503089,-82.259479. From Danville take SR 205/SR 514 north, continue north on SR 205 1.4 miles to Chapel Rd./CR 16 and north 2.3 miles to Orange Hill Rd and location. From Loudonville take SR 3 south 8.3 miles to SR 205 continue south 3 miles to Orange Hill Rd. and east 1.5 miles to location.

Wednesday August 21, 2013 4:00 PM

65 Acres * Jefferson Twp. * Knox Co. * Danville Schools * 3BR Home * Barn * Garage * Machinery Shed * Tillable * Wooded * Hunting * Stream * JD Tractor * Pontoon * Open for Inspection: Monday August 12th 5:00 to 7:00PM With its proximity to Danville and Loudonville this northeastern Knox County farm features a central location while maintaining its rural charm. The property contains 65 acres of rolling acreage of which the majority is open tillable ground with several woodlots and a meandering creek. It fronts on both Jelloway and Orange Hill Roads giving it good accessibility. Improvements are comprised of a 3BR home, 36’x48’ barn built in 2004, detached 22’x26’ garage, and additional outbuildings. The improvements are set back from the road providing a secluded and secure feeling. With the excellent acreage, opportunity for farming and hunting this property offers the ideal country attributes. Property will be sold in one parcel and will include all mineral rights owned by the seller subject to all articles of record. For maps and brochure contact Anthony or Jason or visit our website, Real Estate will be sold at 6:00PM. Terms: 10% nonrefundable down payment, balance at closing, no financing contingencies. In bidding buyer is asserting that they will have the funds to close. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. All information gathered from sources deemed accurate but is not guaranteed. Buyer must independently investigate and confirm any information or assumptions on which any bid is based. Sellers will transfer all mineral rights they own, subject to any and all leases and articles or record. Announcements day of sale take precedence over all previous advertising and statements. Legal: Parcels 3700663.001, 3700663.002. Taxes per half: $949.65, based on CAUV taxes to be prorated to time of closing and any recoupment will be the responsibility of the buyer. Tractor, Equipment, & Pontoon: JD 870 diesel, w/ loader; Douglas 6’ finish mower; 5’ 3pt brushhog; Ford 2x12” plow; flatbed wagon; 3pt grass seeder; Robin Generator; 5-12’ gates; lawn roller; water tanks; 16’ Playtime pontoon w/ trailer. Tools, Gun & Household: Dewalt compound mitre saw; Delta 10” table saw; 12” planer; 4” jointer; Marlin 983T .22cal bolt action; Horton Hawk SL crossbow; dishes; glassware; FOR COMPLETE LIST PLEASE GO TO KAUFMANAUCTIONS.COM. Chattel Terms: Payment in full day of sale via cash or check with proper identification. Sale by the Order of: David Wenger


211,000 miles, GVWR-15,000, air, 2000runs well, well manual windows, maintained,GMC goodISUZU tires, box leaks.

1987 3/4 TON CHEVY 4x4 rebuilt 355 Motor 400 Auto trans. Call for details. 330-231-4460.

• Vinyl Windows • 06500 Free AD11797131 Installations 72 • Free windows Estimates 4881 CR 207 Millersburg, OH



The Holmes County Hub Shopper

VINYL WINDOWS AND DOORS with composite jamb, new construction & replacement with heavy duty aluminum screen. Free estimates. We Install. Hillside Windows, 1951 TR 152, Baltic, OH 43804. (330) 897-1222 ext 3.





1/4" Plywood Cutoffs. Random !-4 Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, & QSWO. (20)30"Lx48"W $3.00 (330) 279-4819.

Hauling 1035

WE BUY junk cars 262-9300 CASH PAID for scrap, autos, trucks, farm equipment & misc. Hauled free, appliances & junk. Call (330) 749-2094.



FOR SALE: 12x24 Storage Barn. 2 years old, tan with white trim $2,500/obo. 330-600-0798.


Tree Service

A NEW LEAF Tree Service 330-231-9711 For all of your tree removal/ trimming needs.


MENNONITE WOMAN will clean your home, within 15 mile radius of Apple Creek, own transportation, experienced. Call (330) 698-1275

 SMALL LOGWOOD stove. Brand new. Never been used, $160. 330-465-3387 

FOGGED HOUSE WINDOWS? We can fix them without replacing the entire window. (330) 674-7556.

Building Materials MENNONITE GIRL WILL come do house

250 SQ ft pre-finished Maple Flooring, 36" and 60" Bath Vanities (330) 936-6183


Standing Seam 1000015 AD12978446 72 sq. ft. $1 10157535 330-763-1162

Michelle at (330) 844-1604.

DUST BUNNIES Cleaning Co. offers an affordable housecleaning service tailored

FOR SALE: Used Sliding Barn Door, w/cannon ball track, 117"w x 99"h, $60. 32x80 Out Swing Exterior Door, $50. Ivan Yoder, 3387 CR 135, Mlbg, (330) 893-2439

YODER'S FENCE & Brush Removal. Will built all types of farm fence. 23 yrs. exp. Free Estimates. 330-763-0497

Roofing & Spouting

 HOTBLAST WOOD/COAL,FURNACE. Model 1500. Good shape. New blower motor. Plus forced draft motor for coal. Heats 2500 sq. ft. $525. 330-852-2609 

Vans to meet your needs. Insured/bonded. Call

2003 Chrysler Town & Country Good Condition, PW, PL, AC, $4,500 OBO 330-695-5611 or 330-749-8255

Building all types of wood & wire fences. Have ambusher to clear old fence rows. Free estimates. United Fencing 330-359-2314, ext.1/ 330-231-8813


FOR SALE: 1986 FORD F350 4x4. Also, 1971 429 Ford Engine. (330) 464-1093.

Fencing 1000

cleaning for you, and anything you want done. Dependable, Experienced, and Very Good. Has own transportation. Call 330-275-6998.



ERB'S EXCAVATING, ponds, driveways, land & fence row clearing, log cutting & skidding experience. Free estimates. (330) 600-1568.

“Online Only” Ed Erb Toy Auction

Location: 3139 Township Road 155 Sugarcreek, OH 44681.

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 7:00 PM

Outstanding Pedal Tractor and Toy Tractor Auction Pedal Tractors * Trailers * Farmall, International & John Deere 1/8 Scale Toys * Misc. 40+ Pedal Tractors – 19 New In Box – Trailers: includes: Farmall F-20; Farmall H; New Holland TJ530; New Holland TM 175; AC WD 45; AC WD; Case IH 205; Boomer 8N; International Farmall 826; Steiger Panther PTA 297; Case IH 530 Steiger; JD 720; Ford 2000 signed; JD A; Case IH MX285; International Farmall 1026; Ford FW-60’ Case IH 305; AC C Cancer Survivor Purple; JD 7020; Oliver 88 Cycle; White Oliver 1855; Ferguson 35; Ford 2N; International 966; Ertl Trailers & Grain Carts; John Deere Pedal Tractor Umbrellas; Decal Kits. Toy Tractors – Clocks – Books – Misc.: 25+ 1/8 Scale John Deere, Oliver, Farmall & International Toys (some signed); 1/8 Scale Tires; Restoration Tractors; SpecCast Plow & Trailer; JD Snowmobile Set; (2) Penzoil Truck & Trailer; Winross Semi’s; Clocks: JD, Farmall, Coca-Cola & John Wayne; (2) Criswell’s Pedal Tractor Book. Note: Ed Erb has been collecting for many years now and was recently featured in the Toy Farmer Magazine. He has decided to part with some of his collection and we will have 135+ lots with most of the toys still in the original boxes. If you don’t have access to a computer feel free to come to our office from 5-7 to bid. Items may be picked up at our auction house by appointment. Visit for complete catalog and photos. . Online bidding available at Terms: Cash, Check, or any major credit card with proper identification. 15% buyer’s premium applies to all sales.




LANDSCAPE RENOVATION. Mulching. Free computer land Design. Envisions. Call 330-641-4109




FOR SALE: Sandstones, any size. (330) 473-9567



GORILLA PAINTING Contractors-Commercial division-740-2944501; Residential division--330-2313541. See us on FB

Place an ad in the Shopper classifieds and turn your junk into treasure.

Kaufman Auction House 3149 SR 39, Millersburg OH

Location: Kaufman Auction House next to Amish Country Theater, Directions 3.3 miles east of Berlin or 0.5 mile west of Walnut Creek, Ohio in Holmes County. From I-77 take SR 39 west approximately 12 miles to Auction House.

Monday, August 12, 2013 5:00 PM

(Selling in 2 rings both starting at 5:00 PM) Antiques * Collectibles * Tools * Furniture * Household Antiques-Misc.: crocks; jugs; cast iron pcs.; signs; Fenton & Imperial glass; reel mower; old books; pictures; misc. stands; graniteware; butter churn; old boxes; old tins; & much more. Tools-Furniture-Household: Jet Special Edition planer; Craftsman router & table; Delta dust collector system; Dovetail jig; chainsaw; motors; engines; Rainbow sweeper, newer model, exc. condition; cane chair/rocker; cast iron oven; Craftsman jointer; power washer; ; Troy-Bilt brush mower; Craftsman gasless wire seed welder; Craftsman blower; Pro Force generator; battery charger; Craftsman trimmers & lots of hand tools; nice selection of furniture. Note: A nice mix in this auction with one consigner moving to Georgia. Visit for photos and updates by 5:00pm Friday, Aug. 9. For more information contact Derrick Kandel, auction manager at (330) 204-4453. Terms: Cash, check, or any major credit card with valid I.D. 3% buyer’s premium will be waived for cash sales. Receiving Hours: Wednesday, 9AM-4PM **No Sale and No Receiving the week of Labor Day.


The Holmes County Hub Shopper

Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 31 We’ll Fit Your Lifestyle

College Hills Honda

0.9% FINANCING 24-60 Months All 2013 Fit – Odyssey – Pilot – Crosstour – CRV – Ridgeline 0.9% FINANCING 24-36 Months 1.9% FINANCING 37-60 Months All 2013 Accord – Civic 0.9%



215 Mo.

$3000 Due At Signing

Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-36 Months 1.9% 37-60

36 Month Lease


24 Month Lease

All Taxes and Fees Included




136 Mo.

$3000 Due At Signing

Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-36 Months


36 Month Lease


Due Monthly


24 Month Lease

All Taxes and Fees Included



159 Mo.


$3000 Due At Signing

Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-36 Months 1.9% 37-60


Best Value One Pay Lease – 2 Year Test Drive

Best Value One Pay Lease – 2 Year Test Drive

Best Value One Pay Lease – 2 Year Test Drive


2013 Civic LX Sedan Automatic

2013 Fit Base Manual Transmission

2013 Accord CVT Sedan LX 36 Month Lease



Due Monthly

All Taxes and Fees Included

24 Month Lease



Due Monthly

2014 Odyssey’s Are Now In Stock! 0.9%









2013 Crosstour EXL V6 AWD

2013 Pilot EXL AWD

2013 Ridgeline RT

36 Month Lease Mo. $3000 Due At Signing

36 Month Lease Mo. $3000 Due At Signing

36 Month Lease Mo. $3000 Due At Signing

48 Month Lease Mo. $3000 Due At Signing






Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-60 Months

Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-60 Months




Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-60 Months

Special finance Rates 0.9% 24-60 Months

All leases require $3000 cash or trade equity due at signing. All leases are plus tax, title, documentary fee and license plates. All leases are 36 month 36,000 closed end except the Ridgeline. Ridgeline is a 48 month 48,000 closed end lease. Accord, Civic and Fit One Pay 24 month 24,000 miles closed end lease includes all taxes Wayne County 6.25% and all fees. All leases and finance rates for well qualified buyers approved with Honda Financial services good through 09-03-2013.

We’ll Fit Your Lifestyle

College Hills Honda Used Cars

Powertrain Coverage

Non-Powertrain Coverage - Within New Car Warranty

The Honda Certified Cars Limited Warranty extends the powertrain coverage to 7 years*/100,000 miles. P7655

2010 Honda Accord LX-P


2011 CRV SE 4WD


The Honda Certified Cars Limited Warranty extends the nonpowertrain coverage by 1 year/12,000 miles to 4 years*/48,000 miles.

2010 Civic LX SDN


2010 Accord LX


2010 Honda CRV LX 4WD


2011 Civic LX


2010 CRV LX 4WD

We Specialize in the Sale of Honda Factory Certified Used Cars Exclusive in Wooster


2010 Odyssey LX


2009 Civic Hybrid NAV


2010 Civic EX SDN



2011 Civic LX

2011 Pilot EXL AWD

Other Select Used Cars

$ 9726A


2005 Toyota Matrix XR

$ 9986A


2008 Sonata LTD

$ A130A



2000 CRV SE 4WD



2010 Cobalt LT

$ 9990A


2005 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe Auto

$ 9994A


2009 Element EX

$ A129A


2005 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

$ 9874A


2007 F150 XLT 4X4

WE BUY $ A111A


2007 Caravan SXT

$ A119B


2005 Saturn Vue - Roof, 5 Spd.

$ 9995C


2009 Saturn Aura XR - Loaded

$ P7637A



2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX 4WD


We’ll Fit Your Lifestyle

College Hills Honda SALES

Mon. - Thurs. 9:00 - 8:00; Fri. 9:00 - 6:00 Saturday 9:00 - 5:00


Mon. thru Fri. 8:00 - 6:00 Saturday 8:00 - 2:00


Mon. thru Fri. 8:00 - 6:00 Saturday 8:00 - 2:00


2008 Hyundai Santa Fe SE FWD

$ 9948A


2003 Accord EXL - V6

$ P7633


2008 Kia Rio


4600 Cleveland Rd., Wooster, OH 44691 Phone: 330-345-5200 888-244-6632 Fax: 330-345-5769

32 — Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Holmes County Hub Shopper

• • • • • • • •

EVERY CAR PRICED AT BARE BONES! 03 Chevy Cavalier Manual, Cloth, Air

01 Pontiac Grand Prix

Power Seat, Windows, & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels



98 Dodge Dakota SLT 4X4 99 GMC Jimmy SLE Power Windows & Locks, 4x4

Keyless Entry, Fog Lights, CD Stereo, Power Windows & Locks, Keyless Entry, Alloy Wheels Tow Package

Alloy Wheels

Cargo Van, Power Windows & Locks, Alloy Wheels, Air

$1,000 $1,492 $1,497

98 Ford Contour SE 02 Chevy Cavalier LS 97 Ford Ranger Ext. 4x4 XLT 01 Chrysler Town & Power Windows & Locks, CD, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control,Cassette Country

Power Windows& Locks, AM/FM Cassette Stereo

99 Chevy Express

Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Tow Package

Power Seat, Windows & Locks, Infinity Speakers

01 Dodge Neon ES

05 Ford Taurus SE

94 Chevy Camaro Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo

$1,800 $1,846 $1,981 $1,991 $1,993 00 Olds Intrigue Power seat, Sunroof, Heated Leather, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels

94 For Ranger Ext. XLT 4x4

Power Windows & Locks, Cassette Stereo, Alloy Wheels

Power Windows & Locks, Cassette Stereo

Power Seat, Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels

01 Jeep Grand

02 Buick Century

01 Chevy 1/2 Ton. Reg. 4x4 Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, Air

$1,999 $2,999 $3,152 $3,451 $3,991 93 Dodge Dakota Ext 2WD

Power Windows & Locks, Alloy Wheels, Tow Package

04 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Power Windows & Locks, Cherokee Laredo 4x4 Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air, 1 Owner CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels

Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Air.

06 Ford Taurus SE

Power Windows & Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, CD Stereo

$3,991 $3,991 $3,992 $3,996 $3,997 01 Chrysler Sebring 01 Buick LeSabre Custom 03 Chevy S10 Ext 2WD LS 02 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ Only 83K Miles! Power Seat, Sunroof, Leather, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air

Power Seats, Windows, & Locks, CD Stereo, Keyless Entry, Alloy Wheels

Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, Air

Power Seat, Roof Rack, Sunroof, Leather, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air, Tow Package

03 Pontiac Montana Power Seats, Windows & Locks, Roof Rack, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air, 7-Passenger

$4,914 $4,973 $4,991 $4,991 $4,991 95 Chevy 1/2 Ton Reg. 04 Chevy Trailblazer 4x4 LT 02 Chevy 1/2 Ton Ext 2WD 03 Chevy Impala LS

Power Seats, Windows & Locks, Power Windows & Locks, Cassette, Running Boards,, CD Stereo,Sunroof, Alloy Wheels, Air, Tow Package Alloy Wheels,Tow Package

Power Seats, Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Tow Package

Power Seat, Windows, & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air.

04 Chrysler Sebring LXI Power Windows & Locks, Keyless Entry, 6 CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Tinted Windows

$4,992 $4,993 $5,991 $5,991 $5,991 00 Chevy Astro LS

Power Windows & Locks, Cassette Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air

99 GMC 1/2 Ton Ext. 05 Chevy Equinox AWD 06 Chevy Equinox AWD 00 GMC 1/2 Ton Ext. 4x4 Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels

Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air

Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Air

Power Windows & Locks, Bedliner, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Tow package

$5,991 $5,991 $5,991 $5,991 $5,999 Sale Good Through August 14, 2013

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