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‘The Confession’ COMING.........

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Compelling story appeals to both locals and visitors


By KELLEY MOHR Staff Writer Visitors to the area now have a new source of entertainment when traveling to Ohio’s Amish Country. Presented by Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek, visitors can experience the live theater production based on the best-selling novel by Beverly Lewis with The Confession: A Musical. The show, which runs from June to December this year, has been wildly Friday, Oct. 5th & Oct. 19th successful, said Carlisle 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Inn Marketing Manager Free Horse Vicki VanNatta. Drawn Wagon to “It’s been very, very successful, so we’re Pumpkin Patch Submitted photo going to bring it back Kathryn Nichols, as Alyson Cairns, sits down for dinner with Jennifer Wolcott, playing Laura MaySee Ad on Page 8 summer. have y,War y, and Kevin McDanniel, playing Dylan Bennet. rantfield, dWe Ai Aint gnext gra inst inar He’sarBe HedarW stica Beer shows that have already America’s Am ! ! ide ide nw nwfall,” she The Heritage of Lancast- The Shunning, The Con- VanNatta, who has seen in all walks of life,” she tio tiothis nase nafor ceth ceout rvi sold with serviwi FARM & BAKERY LTD. & Seto cewant said. “If people rvi rviceer&County trilogy of nov- fession and The Reckon- the musical five times, said. “It’s a very compelSe Home Baked Goods vic Beverly ing.rrent herre recommends it to visi- ling story. People have a dear g devices inntghe ines see it thisRe year pairyet, they Repairels writtenadby Pumpkins, Mums & Apples ure cu ur cuarwas inTheyomusical e infamous ad Trauthor Tryo first tors and locals, men and lot of reactions to it, a lot 2 ⁄ miles Southwest of Berlin on St. Rt. 557 need to buy their tickets Lewis, an yo yo ur Hershberger & Family & aning & Amish love sto- eproduced %urofyoung anings Cle for sher Nashville, women, and old. of people respond to it toein5 toof5 0 p iv p% as soon asCle possible.” uce u0 5452 St. Rt. 557, Millersburg, OH 44654 iv ce re re d d an an * * ts ts enThe storyline comes Tenn. by Blue Gatea ne ries. “Itwappeals to all ages tmen AdAjustm jus Ad The Confession: w ne people See Pg. 3 — STORY f iceandofall f adifferent 330-674-6096 iceseofpr prha ha of in heral books: purc Musical is based upon from three al se inMusicals. igrc orig orpu


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The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 3

Story (Continued From Page 1) because it is about adoption — they are adopted, or they have adopted children, or they have family members who have gone through it.” At the center is of the musical is Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman who discovers she was not born Amish. When scandal, love, heartache and laughter combine with high-quality acting and music, the result is more than entertaining, said VanNatta. “It’s the story of her journey, and what happens when she decides she wants to leave her Amish family and find her birth mother. There are twists and turns, and there are the elements of a love story,” she said. Also shown at the Blue Gate Theater in Indiana and the Bird-in-Hand Stage in Pennsylvania, The Confession is now on its first run in Ohio’s Amish Country at the Carlisle Inn Conference Center in Sugarcreek, where the stage is placed in the center of the 190seat theater with seating surrounding the stage. “This is the only place in Ohio that it is showing. There are rumblings that it will one day be in Broadway. For now, this is the place to see it,” said VanNatta. “The level of competence and professionalism among the cast

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September 27-29, 2012

Anniversary Sale! Submitted photo

Kristen Lynn, as Mary Stoltzfus, performs in The Confession Musical at Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek. is amazing. This is not community theater, these are not local volunteers, these are paid professionals. Their level of performance and expertise is just amazing for our little Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek.” Amongst the many favorable comments left on comment cards, one left an impression with VanNatta; a note written by an anonymous man who’d seen the show. “He said, ’This is a very special day in my life,’” said VanNatta. “It appeals to anyone — I’ve talked to men who say they’ve been dragged there by their wives, but when they get there they really enjoy it. There is some comedy to it and it is so well done. It moves along really nicely and it’s entertaining.” In addition to seeing the show, visitors can find much more to do in Sugar-

creek in the Dutch Valley campus with the Dutch Valley Restaurant, Dutch Valley Gifts and The Coop and a retail food store next to the theater location, plus access to all the attractions in the area. “Coming to Dutch Valley, you can have dinner, you can do shopping, you can see the show and you can spend the night. It makes a nice get-away for a weekend or a weekday,” said VanNatta. Packages are available for dinner, theater and overnight stays in Amish Country. Tickets are $35 per person, with discounts available for groups of 20 persons or more. Contact Sales Manager Richele Pittman at 855-411-2275 to inquire about group sales. Reporter Kelley Mohr can be reached at 330674-5676 or

Immunization schedule for October The Holmes County must accompany chil- written permission from Health Department dren — another adult offers children’s immuni- may take the child with See Pg. 4 — SCHEDULE zation clinics at various sites throughout Holmes County on a monthly basis. Immunizations are offered to anyone 0-18 5362 S.R. 557 years of age at no cost. HOURS: M-F 8-5 Millersburg, OH 44654 Medicaid cards and donaSATURDAY 8-3 (330) 674-6257 tions are accepted. A parent or guardian

Doughty Farm Meats

September 20th - October 6th

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4 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News


Story Route 241, Mount Hope, Wednesday, Oct. 3 and 17, parent. Take a copy of 8:30-11:30 a.m. the child’s immuniza— Keim Lumber, 4465 t i o n r e c o r d . B e l o w State Route 557, Charm, a r e t h e s c h e d u l e d Wednesday, Oct. 10, 8:30clinics: 11:30 a.m. — Holmes County Take immunization Health Department, records. If a child has 931 Wooster Road, had immunizations, Millersburg, Monday- no shots will be given Friday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. without the parents’ and 2-4:30 p.m. (Health record. Clinic only, closed first Immunizations help and third Wednesday prevent diphtheria, tetaafternoons of each nus, whooping cough, month. All others are polio, HIB, measles, open.) mumps, rubella, chick— Walnut Creek Men- en pox and hepatitis B. nonite Church, 2619 Children should begin Township Road 144, their immunizations at 2 Tuesday, Oct. 9 and 23, months of age and should 8:30-11:30 a.m. be fully immunized — St. John’s Luther- before they are 2 years an Church, 8084 State of age. (Continued From Page 1)


tique, a store supporting Hospice, with members as models, purses, a surprise event, scripture and grab bags. Bring a grab bag to share containing decorative, holiday, crafted, baked or other items. Current collections are being taken for the Love Center. Reservations are due by Sept. 28 to 330674-2767, 330-343-7046 or For more information about HCCWC, contact Margi Oller at 330-674-7723 or

fall gathering schueduled for Saturday, Oct. 14 from 1-4 p.m. Help is needed for cleanup, yard work, construction and more. For information call 330377-4026.

Volunteers needed for Holmes Humane Society

Christian Women to meet

Volunteers are needed at the Holmes County Humane Society located at 15258 Township Road 15, Glenmont, on Friday, Sept. 28, 4-8 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 29, 10 a.m.2 p.m. to prepare for the

Holmes County Christian Women’s Club will meet Oct. 1 at 9:30 a.m. at the Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek. Program will be a fashion show by Friend-


60th Annual Ohio Swiss Festival

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:15 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PM 11:30 AM 12:00 Noon 12:30 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:30 PM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:15 AM 12:00 Noon 12:00 Noon 12:30 PM 1:40 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM 2:05 PM 3:30 PM 3:45 PM 4:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 Little Swiss Miss Contest (Pavilion) The “60th Ohio Swiss Festival Kickoff” Concert - The Four Preps (Garaway High School) Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012 Big Wheel Race (Main St) Sponsored by Huntington Bank Peoples Choice Cheese Judging/Cheese Eating Contest (Pavilion) Crowning of the “Champion Cheese Maker” (Pavilion) New Date and Time Swiss Cheese Auction *Bidding open to public (Pavilion) 60th Anniversary “Souvenir Plate Auction” (Pavilion) Crowning of the “Ohio Swiss Festival Queen” (Pavilion) New Date and Time Friday, Sept. 28, 2012 Posting of the Colors by the Sugarcreek American Legion Post 494 (Main Street) Welcome & Summary of Program (Main Street) Dick Lahm – Master of Ceremonies The Garaway High School Marching Pirates (Main Street) Del Sinchak Polka Bank (Main Street) Hank Haller Ensemble Polka Band (Pavilion) Playing of the Alphom by Fred Welsch (Main Street) “Kiddies Parade Kickoff” “The 60th Annual Kiddies Parade (Main St.) The Joey Tomsick Orchestra Polka (Pavilion) Del Sinchak Polka Band (Main St.) Kiddies Tractor Pull (Stone Throw Pit) Hank Haller Ensemble Polka Band (Pavilion) The Joey Tomsick Orchestra Polka (Pavilion) Steintossen (Stone Throw Pit) Weather Permitting Saturday, September 29, 2012 Posting of the Colors by the Sugarcreek American Legion Post 494 (Main St.) 1 Mile Fun Run/Health Walk (Main St.) 5K & 10K Cheese Chase (Main St.) Welcome, Summary of Program (Main St.) Master of Ceremonies Dick Lahm Yodeling Contest and Swiss Costume Contest (Main St.) The Columbus Swiss Singers and The Swiss Alphoms (Main Street) Hank Haller Ensemble Polka (Pavilion) Fred Ziwich Polka Board (Main Street) Playing of Alphorn by The Swiss Alphoms (Main St.) “Grand Parade Kickoff” Antique Car Parade (Main St.) Tribute to Active Military and Veterans (Main St.) Mr. Dick Lahm - MC “The 60th Annual Grand Parade” (Main St.) Fred Ziwich Polka Band (Main Street) The Columbus Swiss Singers and The Swiss Alphorns (Pavilion) The Joey Tomsick Orchestra Polka (Pavilion) Steintossen (Stone Throw Pit) Weather Permitting Garaway Alumni Recognition (Main Street) Fred Ziwich Polka Band (Main Street) Tim Jarvis and Ragtown (Pavilion) Steintossen (Stone throw pit) Weather Permitting)

US 2200


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Soup supper served at Berlin Elementary A soup supper will be held Tuesday, Oct. 2, 5-7:30 p.m., at Berlin Elementary School, sponsored by Berlin Parent Organization. Chili or chicken noodle soup, crackers, relish plate and dip, dinner rolls, peanut butter spread, cheese, frypies/cookies, beverage. Pre-sale tickets available at school office. Adults $5 presale, $5.50 at the door; ages 12 and younger, $4.50 presale, $5 at the door. (3 and younger eat free). A Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the library.

Rotary to hold chicken barbecue at Antique Festival

Buggy Batteries

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Millersburg Roatary Club will sponsor a chicken barbeuce, 11 a.m., at Commercial & Savings Bank parking lot on South Clay Street, until chicken runs out. A barbecue will be held both days of Holmes County Antique Festival, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 6-7. Cost is $6 per halfchicken or $8.50 for meal, includes half-chicken, green beans, applesauce, roll and beverage. Proceeds support Rotary community service projects.

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 5

Community Church notes Membership celebration at Community Bible Church

for $100. The raffle drawing will be at 3:30 p.m. (Contact the church or the numbers listed on the church’s website for tickets). Other activities and sales throughout the day include: homemade ice cream, apple dumplings, supervised children’s area and a bake sale. A portion of the proceeds will go to Haven of Rest in Akron, with the balance for the Longenecker Building Fund. For more information, visit the church’s website, or call 330-3595155.

Church of Christ will hold its annual benefit ham and chicken supper on Saturday, Oct. 13, from 5-7 p.m. at the church, 203 N. Butler St., Baltic. The menu includes ham, chicken, noodles, scalloped or mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce or coleslaw, dessert and beverage. Cost is $8.50 for adults and $4 for ages 5-12. Carryouts are available. Proceeds benefit local missions.

Emotional ‘toothlessness’ forces us to have patience

“God often gives nuts to toothless people.” — Matt Groening. When I was young, I On Sunday, Sept. 30, a had a great uncle, GroCommunity Bible Church ver, a crusty old coal Membership Celebraminer. Uncle Grover tion will take place. All LOVED peanut brittle. members are encourProblem was Uncle Groaged to attend and make ver had about six teeth in sure their name is on the his whole mouth by the church roll. Prospective time he was 50. members are encouraged I couldn’t fathom how to attend. the man ate peanut brittle, but it was rare to see Christian Women Children of the him without a chunk in to meet World in Concert his mouth. See, what he’d Holmes County ChrisAs part of its U.S. tour, do is break a bite-sized tian Women’s Club will World Help is presenting piece off, savor the sweet meet Oct. 1 at 9:30 a.m. at Annual Harvest Children of the World goo of the crackle as it the Carlisle Inn in Walnut International Children’s dissolved in his mouth, Creek. Program will be a Praise event set Choir. The choir, com- then hold the peanuts in fashion show by FriendHarvest Praise is a semi- prised of orphaned and his mouth until they were tique, a store supporting annual celebration of disadvantaged children soft enough for him to Hospice, with members Christian fellowship host- from several countries, manage. I told him I’d never as models, purses, a sur- ed by the Chuck and Pat will be performing at prise event, scripture and Visocky family in Lakev- Nashville Church of have the patience to grab bags. Please take a ille. This year, it will be at Christ on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. do that. He smiled his grab bag to share, con- the Visocky farm on Oct. The choir represents a crinkly smile and said, “I taining decorative, holi- 6 from 3-8 p.m. Worship rich and culturally diverse suppose when a man is day, crafted, baked, pre- begins at 4 p.m. with din- set of backgrounds and determined to overcome served items, personal ner (provided) at 5 p.m. experiences, each with an a problem he wants to or home accessories (or (There is a baking con- urgent story to tell. This solve bad enough, he’ll anything else you think test, so guests are asked year’s Rescue Tour calls find a way to hold onto of). Items are also being to take dessert in a dis- attention to the stagger- it till it’s soft enough to accumulated for the Love posable dish if they wish ing impact that poverty, swaller.” Center. Reservations are to participate). There will malnutrition and dirty due by Sept. 28 to Mary be hayrides, games, kids water have on millions Ann at 330-674-2767, crafts, popcorn, cotton of children around the Rheba at 330-343-7046 or candy and a Christian bal- world. Through the loon magician. There will erful medium of song, be lots of praise music dance, spoken word and New arrivals by New Beginnings and creative media, Children Harvest Festival TWIN BOYS were of the World provides a other praise bands, too. born Sept. 10 at Wooster is Oct. 6 at compelling message of For more information Community Hospital to about Harvest Praise, hope and opportunity, Wanda and Larry DetLongenecker leaving an unforgettable contact Pat Visocky at Longenecker Men- 330-621-2268. impression with audienc- weiler of Fredericksburg. Delon weighed 5 nonite Church, County es across the country. Road 186, near WinesThe children have per- pounds,3 11 ounces and burg, will hold its 18th Praise-Apella to formed in such venues was 17 ⁄ 4 inches long annual Harvest Festival as Focus on the Fam- and Daryl weighed 1 7 on Saturday, Oct. 6 and conduct worship ily, Brooklyn Tabernacle, pounds and was 18 ⁄ 2 the public is welcome to Praise-Apella will be Crystal Cathedral and inches long. They join brothers, Ike and Jay. enjoy the day. conducting the morning Disney World. Grandparents are Roy There will be an all you worship service Oct. 7, at World Help is a faithcare to eat breakfast with Longenecker Mennonite based humanitarian and Ada Detweiler and pancakes and sausage, Church, County Road organization that exists Mel Detweiler, all of sausage gravy with bis- 186, near Winesburg. The to serve the physical and Fredericksburg. Greatcuits and corn mush from worship service will begin spiritual needs of people grandparents are Clara 7-10:30 a.m.; from 9 a.m.- at 10 a.m. Praise-Apella in impoverished commu- Detweiler of Fredericks3:30 p.m. there is a car offers a unique and uplift- nities around the world. burg and Lizzie Wengerd and motorcycle show with ing concert experience. If World Help is commit- of Dundee. prizes to be awarded in a you’re a fan of inspira- ted to meeting people’s variety of categories. At tional music and rhythmic physical needs by proA SON, Alex Matthew, 10:30 a.m., there will be percussion coupled with viding humanitarian, was born Sept. 6 at Wooster a children’s auction with pristine vocal harmonies, medical and educational Community Hospital to items for children young- make sure you do not assistance and ensuring Beth and John Kandel er than 14 and bidding by miss Praise-Apella. access to clean water to of Benton. He weighed 8 children with adult superas many communities as pounds, 12.6 ounces and vision. A food stand will possible. The organiza- was 20 inches long. He Baltic Women’s be open from 11 a.m.-4 tion also provides Bibles joins a sister, Faith. p.m. and the main auction Guild to hold Grandparents are Dr. and establishes churches. will be at noon. Since 1991, World Help Gary and Katherine Topp New this year is a raffle for benefit has impacted over 75 mil- of Fredericksburg and a new Polaris Ranger 400. The Women’s Guild lion people in 64 coun- John and Betty Kandel of Tickets are $20 each or six of Baltic Zion United tries worldwide. Berlin. Great-grandfather

That tidbit has stayed with me throughout my life. How like life this image is. Most of us don’t have Grover’s patience. We want to “swaller” everything whole, without savoring the sweet or holding on to the tough stuff until it softens enough to manage. We live in a society of instant pudding, instant coffee, and instant Internet access. We don’t want to wait in line, wait until we can actually afford to buy the better phone rather than put it on a credit card, wait for bad times in marriages to work themselves out, or wait for a disagreement with a friend to blow over before we ruin a great friendship. In our “instant” society,

we want quick fixes and answers. We don’t want to let our problems set and soften until they are manageable. We want to fix them immediately. Sadly, those quick fixes are often only temporary stopgaps that mask or even create bigger problems. Sometimes I think if we’d just slow down a little bit, let our problems soften a bit until they are more manageable there’d be fewer wars, fewer divorces, less abuse, and fewer mental illnesses and addictions. I believe it is often our frustration over not being to fix things with immediacy that causes further, often greater, problems. Perhaps instead of trying to swaller everything whole, if we only chewed on them a little, let them soften, we’d find happiness much more recognizable. Sometimes I wish I was emotionally “toothless,” so I’d be forced to let things sit and soften.

Community briefs is Everet Topp of New Bremen. A BOY, Lincoln Robert, was born Sept. 4 to Nate and Mindy Tharp of Newark. He weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. He joins a sister, Ali. Grandparents are Gary and Brenda Piatt of Glenmont and Shirley Tharp of Dover. Great-grandparents are Calvin and Janet Swagler of Glenmont and June Becker of Dover.

Community Card applications available University of Akron Wayne College’s library has offered to provide community cards to Holmes County residents. These items may be delivered to the Holmes County Higher Education Center for easy pick-up. To apply for the card and see card holder benefits, visit https://wayne.uakron. edu/library/community- or come into the Central Library in Millersburg for a paper form. All applications must be returned to the Holmes County Library for processing. For more information, contact Susan Corl at 330674-5972, Ext. 227 or email

Project to display old pictures of Holmes County “Our Town, Memories of Holmes County Project,” is an innitative to collect old pictures of an event or people in Holmes County. Residents are encouraged to share or donate their photos to the “Our Town” project. The images or scanned representations will be gathered in a book and shared at the Holmes County Library, as well as on its website. Contact Susan Corl at 330-674-5972 with questions or for more information.

6 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News HAROLD’S EQUIPMENT West Side Automotive

When God created mankind, He must have known that most of us would want to sleep late; so our Father adorned the morning with the vibrant colors of the sunrise and the trill of the birds singing. As we open our eyes, we open the gift of a new day; it’s another chance for a fresh start. Psalm 30:5 says, “…weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Most of our concerns seem to take on a more positive note in the freshness of the morning. This Sabbath, arise and visit God’s house. Thank Him for each new day and for the gift of every morning.


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Gas, Water and Drain Lines Road Bores ~Spring Development

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6980 CR 201, Millersburg PH: 330.674.7156 Fax: 330.674.7157

The Parts Place

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of Millersburg, Inc.

• Automotive Parts • Machine Shop • Paint & Supplies 980 S. Washington St., Millersburg, OH

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CHUCK NICHOLSON AUTO SUPERSTORE CHEVY • PONTIAC • BUICK OLDS • GMC TRUCK Rt. 39 East, Millersburg 674-4015 • 1-800-686-6777


B & W oyd

urthmann Restaurant “Where the Locals Eat” Open Daily 5:30am-8pm; Closed Sunday Daily Specials - Homemade Pie 4819 E. Main St. • Berlin • 330-893-3287

FINNEY’S MARATHON AAA 24 Hour Towing Service 11069 St. Rt. 39 - Millersburg Ph. 674-7338

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Quality Sand - Gravel - Limestone Dozer Work - Excavating Co. Rd. 189, Millersburg • 674-0038

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Ashland Oil Bulk Plant Randy Wengerd, Rian Wengerd, Agents Co. Rd. 623 - Millersburg Phone 674-2096 • 674-6826

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Attorneys at Law 88 S. Monroe Street Millersburg, Ohio 44654 330-674-7070

SCHLABACH FUNERAL HOME LTD. Monument Sales 212 Jones St., P.O. Box 501 Shreve, Ohio 44676 (330) 567-2291

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Since 1988 “Full Service Christian Bookstore” 4925 West Main St., Berlin * 330-893-2523




The Best of Home Cooking Since 1938

CHESTNUT RIDGE SEWING JIM BARNHART’S 3647 State Route 39 - Located 3 mi. E. of Berlin just off St. Rt. 39 Across from Chestnut Ridge School

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Buyer Of Standing Trees - Logs 13720 St. Rt. 62, Killbuck Ph. 276-5911

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Trimmers - Tillers - Lawn Mowers - Blowers - Chain Saws

6848 TwP. RD. 630, MiLLERSBuRg 1/4 Mile E. of Benton Off CR 207 • (330) 674-0479

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(330) 852-2888

Between Berlin & Bunker Hill 4540 US 62 Millersburg 330-893-3149


Good Morning

Weekly Scripture Reading

Sales • Service • Parts Harold Neuenschwander 2120 Co. Rd. 168, Dundee Ph. 893-2348

The Holmes County Shopper News

Annual outdoor mass to be celebrated Sunday

cial Offer Thru Oct. SpeSofas - Love Seats - Recliners - Mattresses

10% OFF Cash-n-Carry on In Stock Upholstered Furniture & Mattresses

5% OFF Cash-n-Carry on Special Order Upholstered Furniture

see store for details

Where your dollar buys more and your satisfaction is guaranteed

4329 C.R. 168 • 1 mile N. of Berlin in Bunker Hill Call 330-893-4455 • Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9-5


This sketch made from an early photograph shows the log church that was St. Joseph’s mission founded around 1847 by a small community of Catholic settlers of German, French and Irish descent which sprang up in the Alum Rock Country, about four miles southwest of what is now Glenmont. The foundation of this log church can still be seen, surrounded by the graves and old tombstones, some of which bear the date of 1846.

Memorial plaque from the State of Ohio narrates the history of St. Joseph Mission. ties as well as other Ohio sites. The young Frenchman thought nothing of walking the 24-mile round trip from missions in Danville and Mount Vernon during a single afternoon, according to his biographer. When the pioneer log chapel became inadequate, the people united together and under Father Darcy built Saints Peter & Paul, in 1857. It is the present stone church in Glenmont. A descendent of one of these original parishioners, Joe Dete was passionate about preserving the site of the log church. “The older members of Saints Peter & Paul knew where the mission used to be. My great grandfather settled in this area in 1852. He attended mass there until the new church was built. Some of

my relatives still live on his farm and are members of the parish today,” he said. For more information about the mass call 330674-1671. Information was adaprted from the article “Glenmont Catholic Church Observes 100th Anniversary Sunday with Mass”, Wooster Daily Record, Wednesday, June 26, 1957.

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By BARBARA LANG Fall is in the air and the leaves are beginning to show color. Enjoy the season with members of the Catholic Community of Holmes County as they celebrate an alfresco mass at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 30 at the site of the former St. Joseph’s Mission. Take chairs and a potluck dish and dress for the weather. In case of rain, the mass will be held at Saints Peter and Paul in Glenmont. The site of the mission on Township Road 16, a few miles west of the intersection of State Route 520 and County Road 75, was cleaned up several years ago. “If you didn’t know it was there you would never find it. It was strictly woods, grapevines and multiflora rose. Now you can see the foundation of the church and the gravestones,” said a neighbor Sharon Martin, who, along with her husband, Tim, helped clean up the one acre lot working with many members of Saints Peter and Paul. They still help by mowing grass. St. Joseph’s mission was founded around 1847 by a small community of Catholic settlers of German, French and Irish descent which sprang up in the Alum Rock Country, about four miles southwest of what is now Glenmont. This community was named at various times S t . Jo s e p h ’s G r e e r, Black Creek and Napoleon throughout the years. There people built their pioneer chapel out of logs, called it St. Joseph’s and it was entered under this name in the early record books. In the 1840s, the legendary missionary Jean Baptist Lamy, who was later immortalized in Willa Cather’s famous novel “Death Comes to the Archbishop,” served as pastor to about 300 families in what was to become the northern Columbus Diocese. Father Lamy traveled by foot and on horseback to his forest parishes in Coshocton, Holmes, Knox and Licking coun-

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 7

8 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Best-selling author to hold book-signings Wanda Brunstetter, best-selling author of more than 60 books with $6 million in sales, will meet readers and sign copies of her latest books, The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club and The Struggle during September in Berlin, New Philadelphia, Orrville, Millersburg and Sugarcreek. Half-Stitched: The Musical, currently playing at the Blue Gate Theatre in Shipshewana, is based on Wanda’s bestselling book. Brunstetter’s stops will be: — Today (Thursday, Sept. 27), 7-9 p.m., Tuscarawas County Public Library, New Philadelphia. 10072450

See Pg. 9 — BRIEFS


Friday Nights Oct. 5 & 19

Call for special prices for school groups

Stop in Any Time from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. to Pick Your Own Pumpkin

• Cider • Mums • Apples • Fall Squash • Baked Goods • Homemade Ice Cream

Friday Nights Oct. 5th & 19th From 4:00 p.m. till 10 p.m. Free horse drawn wagon ride to the pumpkin patch Price .30¢ / lb. $2.00 min. / $10.00 max

Store Hours Mon. - Sat. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed Sundays

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery LTD

Free Kettle Corn FREE Pony & Draft Rides

Special Soup, Sandwich & Drink for $5.00 Farm Store Now Carrying Custom Leather Belts, a Variety of Bird Seeds, A Lot of Bird Feeders and Lots More

5452 SR 557, Millersburg, OH 44654



Pick Your Own Pumpkins

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 9


The Enchanted Forest at The Wilderness Center will be held Oct. 12 and 13, with shows at 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. each evening. The educational event is not scary and is geared toward families of all ages. Volunteers dressed as various occupants of the forest, such as tree frogs, coyotes and owls, lead participants through trails and tell stories. Many volunteers are needed for the Enchanted Forest; to help, contact Vicki Schoenfelt at vicki@ or call 1-877-359-5235. Cost to attend the event is $6 for The Wilderness Center members or $8 for nonmembers; children three and under are free. To make reservations or for more information visit www.WildernessCenter. org or call 1-877-359-5235

Clay & Bead Works exhibit presented The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum is presenting the special exhibit Clay & Bead Works — Binding Together Two Cultures, through Oct. 7. The heart of the show is the museum’s Native American collection of 19th century beadwork and prehistoric pottery. The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum is located

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Euchre Party Public Euchre Card Party, Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m., at St. Luke Community Center, Rambo Street, Danville, Ohio (turn west at traffic light,

New CD ck! li

by Jeremy G

Come Visit Our Family Friendly Bookstore!



Second Chances by Enos Stutzman Bird Songs Bible Overcoming Post Partam Depression Before You Meet Prince Charming Amalyah’s Search for Love


*Fri. open ‘til 8pm • Sat. open ‘til 5pm


of your choice

or... 1 Bible or... 1 CD

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of your choice Many Great In-Store Specials

SEPT/OcT ENTERTAINMENT calendar Of Events Sept. 28-29: German Village Customer Appreciation Days Sept. 28-29: 60th Annual Swiss Festival Sugarcreek, OH Oct. 4: Helping Hands Quilt Shop Classes $20 per class plus Supplies. To sign up Call: (330)893-2233 Oct. 5: Hersberger’s Farm & Bakery Pick Your Own Pumpkins Free Kettle Corn and Pony& Draft Horse Rides Open Late 4pm-10pm Oct. 6: Smokey Lane Stables Riding Horse and Pony Sale 9:3am 686 Smokey Lane Rd. NW Sugarcreek, OH Oct. 6-7: 50th Annual Antique Fest Downtown Millersburg 686 Smokey Lane Rd. NW Sugarcreek, OH Oct. 13: Fredericksburg Merchant Days Fredericksburg, OH Oct. 12-13: Charm Days Charm, OH

Awesome Drawings

28 & 29*

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FAITH VIEW Your Family Friendly Bookstore

Appreciation Days


Open! Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 9-3

will be open 1-5 p.m. on the third Sunday of each month. It is located in the basement of the Baltic State Bank.

German Village

Sign up for

1 mile West of Mt. Hope

• • • • •

go one-half block, Wdi- Baltic Area rectly across street from Danville High School). Historical Society Admission is $1; prizes The Baltic Area Hisand refreshments. torical Society Museum

4900 Oak St. P.O. Box 320, Berlin, OH 44610 330-893-2523 Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. 8:30 AM-6:30 PM; Fri. 8:30 AM-7 PM; Sat. 8:30 AM-5 PM


The Wilderness Center to present popular fall event Oct. 12 and 13 or visit its website at www.

10065832 10034143

— Friday, Sept. 28, 10 a.m.–noon, 2-4 p.m., The Gospel Shop at the Walnut Creek Flea Market, Sugarcreek. — Saturday, Sept. 29, 10 a.m.-noon, Gospel Bookstore at the Holmes County Flea Market, Millersburg.

in Historic Roscoe Village. The museum is open daily from noon to 5 p.m. and is located at 300 N. Whitewoman St., Coshocton. Museum admission is $3 for adults, $2 for children, and $8 for families. For more information, contact JHM at 740622-8710 or email: jhmu-


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10 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News


Please visit our website: www. for pictures and prices.


COMPACT TRACTORS 2005 KUBOTA L3830 ........39 HP, 165 HRS, 4X4, HYDRO, CANOPY, REAR HYD, 1 OWNER....$14,900 2009 JD 4320 ....................48 HP, 830 HRS, 4X4, LOADER, PWR REV, R4 TIRES, NICE .............$24,900 AG TRACTORS JOHN DEERE 2003 JD 5220 .................53 HP, 500 HRS, 4X4, LOADER, 2 REAR HYDS, NICE!..................$24,900 2004 JD 5203 ..................56 HP, 1960 HRS, 2WD, 14.9-28 TIRES, 9X3 GEAR .......................$12,900 2007 JD 5303 ..................64 HP, 299 HRS, 2WD, CANOPY, 16.9-28 TIRES, SHARP! ............$15,900 2001 JD 5320 ..................64 HP, 2240 HRS, 4X4, 2 HYDS, 9X3, CANOPY, NICE! ..................$19,900 2001 JD 5320 ..................64 HP, 1155 HRS, 4X4, 2 HYDS, 9X3, 16.9-30 TIRES, NICE! .........$20,900 2009 JD 5065M ...............65 HP, 550 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LOADER, SYNC REV, NICE! ..............$46,500 2006 JD 5325 ..................67 HP, 985 HRS, 4X4, PLATFORM, 2 SCV’S, 540/540E, NICE! ......$23,900 2011 JD 5075E ................75 HP, 410 HRS, 4X4, LDR READY, REAR HYD, WARRANTY.......$25,500 2011 JD 5075E ................75 HP, 395 HRS, 4X4 LDR READY, REAR HYD, WARRANTY........$25,500 2011 JD 5075E ................75 HP, 540 HRS, 4X4, LDR READY, REAR HYD, SHARP! ..............$24,500 2011 JD 5075E ................75 HP, 620 HRS, 4X4, LOADER, REAR HYD, WARRANTY ............$28,900 2002 JD 5420 ..................81 HP, 4080 HRS, 4X4, PWR REV, LOADER, CANOPY..................$25,900 2005 JD 5425 ..................81 HP, 560 HRS, 4X4, 542 LOADER, 2 HYDS, SHARP!!.................$32,500 2011 JD 5085M ...............85 HP, 99 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LOADER, PWR REV, LIKE NEW! .........$54,500 2012 JD 5085M ...............85 HP, 5 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LOADER, PWR REV, WARRANTY .........$61,500 2004 JD 5520 ..................89 HP, 1910 HRS, 4X4, PLATFORM, MID&REAR SCV’S, NICE! ....$24,900 2007 JD 5525 ..................91 HP, 650 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LOADER READY, 2 REAR HYDS .......$34,900 2007 JD 5625 ..................99 HP, 820 HRS, 4X4, CAB, 542 SL LDR, 3 HYDS, PWR REV .......$49,900 1993 JD 6400 ..................100 HP, 4440 HRS, 2WD, CAB, 2 HYDS, PWR QUAD, NICE!.........$32,500 2005 JD 6420 ..................104 HP, 3195 HRS, 2WD, CAB, 620 LOADER, PWR QUAD ...........$42,500 2008 JD 6430 PREMIUM 115 HP, 1330 HRS, 4X4, CAB, PWR QUAD, 2 HYDS, NICE! ..........$59,500 2008 JD 6430 PREMIUM 115 HP, 2570 HRS, 4X4, CAB, PQ, 3 HYDS, WEIGHTS, NICE! ......$58,500 2009 JD 7230 PREMIUM 131 HP, 1010 HRS, 4X4, CAB, 3 HYDS, 16.9-46 TIRES ..................$89,500

SUGARCREEK LIVESTOCK AUCTION INC. Aug. 17 107 CALVES — Choice calves 80-120, good calves 60-75, light & thins 40 down; back to farm bulls 80-120, heifers 40-150; Feeders, steers & bulls 80-140, heifers 75-125. 294 CATTLE — Choice steers 115-121.50, good steers 95-114.50, Holstein steers 85-115, choice heifers 110-117, good heifers 95-109.50, good Holstein cows 70-81.50, yellows and thins 70-down, bulls 85-104. 168 HORSES & PONIES — Top horse 775, top pony 285. FARMERSTOWN

Troy Ridge Mfg

3998 Cr 168 Millersburg, OH 44654 (330) 473-7727 Custom Welding Specializing in Aluminum Truck Beds • Tool Boxes

Free stall sander leveler

MASSEY FERGUSON 2008 MF 2605 .................38 HP, 370 HRS, 4X4, LOADER, 8X2 GEAR, LIKE NEW! ...............$18,900 2005 MF 481 ...................75 HP, 770 HRS, 4X4, CAB, 2 REMOTES, SHUTTLE, NICE...........$26,900 CASE IH 2005 CIH JX1060C..........57 HP, 2150 HRS, 4X4, 16 SPD, PWR REV, CANOPY ....................$18,500 1972 IH 574 .....................67 HP, 4030 HRS, 2WD, 4 CYL GAS, REAR HYD, AVERAGE ..........$4,200 2003 CIH JX90U..............84 H, 235 HRS, 2WD, CAB, PWR REV, 2 HYDS, LIKE NEW! .........$32,500 1996 CASE IH 4230 ........84 HP. 3199 HRS, 4X4, LOADER, SHUTTLE, NEW TIRES .............$23,500 2006 CIH JX95 ................93 HP, 390 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LDR, 1 OWNER, SHUTTLE, NICE......$39,500 FORD NEW HOLLAND 1954 FORD NAA .............30 HP, ?? HRS, WELDED BLOCK, CLUTCH NEEDS WORK............$2,200 2006 NH TN60A ..............57 HP, 350 HRS, 4X4, W/LOADER, CANOPY, REAR HYD .............$26,500 2004 NH TN75DA............75 HP, 2099 HRS, 4X4, W/LOADER, REAR HYD, NICE!.................$24,900 2005 NH TL90A ...............90 HP, 315 HRS, 4X4, CAB, LOADER, PWR REV, LIKE NEW! .......$44,500

MOUNT HOPE AUCTION Sept. 19 26 HOGS — 220-250 lbs. 47.75-50.75, 250-275 lbs. 47-49.50, sows light 443.50; 6 feeder pigs, 60-70 lbs. 37.50. 38 FAT CATTLE — Choice steers 115-121.25, heifers 107115, choice Holstein steers 104-110.75, good Holstein steers, 80-100.

Rubber tire feed pusher

Rubber tire manure scrapers

The pasture measurement for the week beginning Sunday, Sept. 16: — Number of fields

Production guide Urban Coyote Ecology bulletin


DANVILLE AUCTION 15780 Body Road Danville Sept. 22 Regisgered Boer Goat Auction

69 GOATS — Does 2001,075; bucks 425-1,250.Reg. Boer Goat, Sept. 22.


reporting: 22 Pounds of dry matter per acre per day: — Minimum Growth: 0

— Maximum Growth: 58 — Average Growth: 30 Seven-year average for week: 36

p.O. BOX 452, 102 BUcKeye st., sUGaRcReeK, OHIO 44681

Urban Coyote Ecology and Management Bulletin is available at The Ohio State University Extension office. Stop by the office at 75 E. Clinton St., Millersburg.

SPECIAL FEEDER SALE Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012 • 6:30 pm nOte: If you can please have cattle in by 5:00pm.


Sale Barn: (330) 852-2832 Sale Barn: (330) 852-2919

Leroy Baker cell: (330) 340-0614 Brady Baker cell: (330) 831-172010071482


• Interlocking rubber flooring • Perfect for Feed alleys, milking parlors, Free stalls, & holding areas • Protects Your Cows Feet • Reduces Lameness


SPECIAL DAIRY SALE WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10, 2012 – 12:00 NOON Consisting of open heifers, springers, short bred heifers, fresh heifers and cows.


2120 CR 168 • Dundee, Ohio 44624 330-893-2348 • 800-905-0940 Email Address: Visit us on the web 10066111

USED MOWERS AND UTV’S 2007 JD 850D XUV .........295 HRS, DIESEL, PWR DUMP, 4X4, CANOPY, EXTRAS ..............$10,900 06 BUSH HOG TH4400...24 HP, 710 HRS, 4X4, MANUAL DUMP, LOCAL TRADE ...................$4,900

KIDRON AUCTION Sept. 20 85 HOGS — 210-230 lbs. 57.50-59, 230-260 lbs. 51-61, butcher sows 44-46, boars by weight 10. 291 FEEDER PIGS — Up

to 40 lbs. 19.50-30, 41-50 lbs. 31-50, 51-60 lbs. 46-55, 61 lbs.up 35-72, service boars 60-125, roasters 100-170. 88 CALVES — Back to farm, bulls 80-110, back to farm, heifers 70-115, light & thin 75-down. 135 CATTLE — Steers 79-82, heifers 58-103, bulls 75.50-94, good beef cows 70.50-75.50, medium to good 66.50-71, thin to poor 65-down; feeder steers 52-95, heifers 65-86. 15 SHEEP — Market lambs 90-125 lbs. 75, feeder lambs 85 lbs.-up 125-175, cull ewes and bucks 40-60. 29 GOATS — 10-165. 152 DAIRY CATTLE — Cows 1,575-down, bred heifers 1,575-down, service bulls 4351,135, open heifers 425-950. TOTAL HEAD 795; Consignors 189. 49 HAY & STRAW — Hay 1st cutting 95-130, 2nd cutting 230-370, 3rd cutting 170-370, 4th cutting 250-390; lg. bales 35-85 each and 240 ton, straw 155-190 ton; firewood 30-45 load.

sUGaRcReeK LIVestOcK aUctIOn, Inc

SKIDSTEERS MELROE 500 ..................2 CYL KOHLER GAS, 50% TIRES, RUNS AND WORKS ................$2,7500 2002 CASE 60XT ............75 HP, 210 HRS, 1800 LB LIFT CAP, CUMMINS DSL, SHARP! ......$24,900 MISC. EQUIPMENT ATLAS COPCO SBC410 .GOOD USED HYD HAMMER TO FIT SKIDSTEERS .........................$3,800 JD TR48 ..........................48” USED TRENCHER TO FIT SKIDSTEERS, LIKE NEW! ...............$4,900 LOGERING TRACKS ......GOOD USED SET OF STEEL TRACKS TO FIT 12” TIRES .............$1,9500 JD 1065A.........................GOOD USED BALE WAGONS, W/JD RUNNING GEARS ...............$2,7500 KOYKER 210...................USED LOADER TO FIT CASE IH & McCORMICK C-SERIES ...........$3,500 BUSH HOG M446 ...........USED LOADER TO FIT NH TL70, 80, 90, 100 ETC ...........................$4,500 AGRO-TREND ................ 6’ 3 POINT HITCH SNOW BLOWER, MANUAL CHUTE ...................$2,895 NEW AND USED PALLET FORKS & BALE SPEARS

12 BULLS — Jersey 81.25, 1,000-1,500 lbs. 72.50-90, 1,5002,000 lbs. 87-105.50, 2,000 lbs.up 100. 114 CULL COWS — Good 75-82, medium-good 68-75, fair-medium 61-68, light-thin 61-down; 55 feeders, steers 70-140, heifers 65-135. 12 DAIRY — Cows 1,185down. 136 CALVES — 95-120 lbs. 100165, good 70-100, common 40-70, back to farm Holstein heifers 95-120 lbs. 140-170, crossbred 50-210. 187 GOATS — Kid 135down, billies 170-down, nannies 130-down, wethers 270-down. 333 HEAD SHEEP — Bucks & ewes 55-72.50, lambs 40-60 lbs. 150-197.50, 60-80 lbs. 110-200, 80-100 lbs. 95-132.50, 100-130 lbs. 85-102.50, 130 lbs.-up 95-97. TOTAL HEAD — 919. 85 LOADS — Alfalfa 2nd cutting 260-325, 3rd and 4th cutting 240-400, mixed 1st cutting 160-340, mixed 2nd cutting 210-390, lg. bales hay 55-95, lg bales hay 135-275 ton, wheat straw 210-250, lg. bales straw 160-170 ton, ear corn 260-290, oats 17, corn fodder 95. 467 DOZEN EGGS — Brown 1.20-2.00; white 1.25.

Pasture measurement

KUBOTA 2011 KUBOTA M108S .....108 HP, 300 HRS, 4X4, CAB, 2 HYDS, 1 OWNER, WARRANTY ....$44,500 MISC. TRACTORS 2003 FARMTRAC 45 .......42 HP, 1495 HRS, 2WD, DIESEL, REAR HYD, LIKE NEW!...............$6,900 06 McCORMICK CX105 .102 HP, 599 HRS, 4X4, CAB, PWR REV, XTRA SHIFT, NICE! ........$34,900

LIVESTOCK 2907 Township Road 190 Baltic Sept. 18 66 CALVES — Good to choice calves 95-105, medium to good calves 85-95, fair to medium calves 70-85, commons and lights 70-down, back to farm, bull calves 105-127, back to farm, heifer calves 85-140. 10 PIGS — Roasters 30-60. 11 GOATS — 45-125. 79 BUTCHER HOGS — 190-210 lbs. 47-52, 210-240 lbs. 46-49, 240-260 lbs. 48.50-49, 260 lbs.-up 43-47.50, butcher sows 37-down. 32 CATTLE — Bulls 89.50100.50, good beef cows 48-80, medium to good cows 72-78, fair to medium cows 66-72, common cows 65-down. 198 TOTAL HEAD. 15 HAY, STRAW, GRAIN — 1st cutting hay 300-310, 2nd and 3rd cutting 290-365, hay big rd. bales 42-95, lg. rd. wheat straw 210 ton, ear corn 205-215 ton, firewood 65 ton.

Sale Barn: (330) 852-2832 Leroy Baker cell: (330) 340-0614 Sale Barn: (330) 852-2919 Brady Baker cell: (330) 831-1720


The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 11

l l a l v a i F st e F Oct. 6th and 8th


8:30am to 8:00pm

Regular admission will apply

Tour the Farm and enjoy a 1 hour long wagon ride to see and feed exotic animals. Wagon Rides 1st come 1st serve basis. Cooking Apple Butter served w/fresh bread

Sorghum Molasses pressed and cooked

Sheep Shearing Spinning • Broom Making • Fall Decorations Horseshoeing & Blacksmithing

Activities for the Children

Food Available

Pumpkin Slingshot • Corn Box

Soup over open fire Roasted Corn on the Cob BBQ Chicken Kettle Corn Pumpkin & Apple Pie Vanilla & Pumpkin Ice Cream

Scavenger Hunt • Straw Castle Duck Race – Sat. & Mon. @2:00pm

Appetizers at the Houses ½ Moon Pies

For More Information Call: 330-893-4200 •

4147 County Road 114

Entertainment for all ages. Spend the entire day at The Farm visiting the animals and participating in the Fall Festival activities with your family.

12 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Charm Days 2012 Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th 10070009

Send help!

Master takes apprentice in the art of being aloof I caught my first glimpse of the critter as it was holed-up deep in the shadowy labyrinth of my backyard wood pile. My dogs, baying like a pair of Bluetick coonhounds, were shoving each other aside to take turns sniffing, snorting and snapping at the mouth of a narrow cavity between the logs. Figuring they had cornered a squirrel or worse yet — a rat — I grabbed my gloves,

summoned my courage and began carefully pulling sticks and slabs hoping to offer the varmint a means of escape. Within seconds a small black form shot from between the cords like

a well-hit tennis ball and squirted through the gate slowing only enough for me to catch a glimpse of a narrow, fur-covered tail — a tail too fuzzy for a rat and too thin for a squirrel. Days later I arrived home from work to find the dogs once again guarding the woodpile but this time, El Gato, our vagabond feline, kept close watch on the goings-on


from the low branch of a crabapple tree nearby. The cat fears nothing and my initial thought was that he had probably chased the “whatever-it-is” into hiding then called the dogs in like a SWAT team to extricate the beast. I gloved-up and started dissecting the woodpile once again but this time the interloper held its ground and let out a series of hissing spits that brought El Gato to the pile in an instant. It should be noted at this point that El Gato is less “our” cat than we are “his” people. He comes and goes as he pleases — always has, always will — and he really has no love or loyalty to us beyond a desire to eat our kibble, pee on our hubcaps and fill our sidewalk with mouse carcasses. He was not coming to the woodpile to assist me; he was coming to take prisoners. When the log-pile shifted and the shadow squirted forth, El Gato

took a leap in its direction but halted as if he’d run into a wall — or perhaps what may be better described as a mirror — when a tiny black kitten scrambled to the top of the woodpile and pumped himself into a hissing, razor-toothed porcupine. El Gato took control of the situation by summoning a low yowl, stepping forward to smack the kitten in the head several times with his clawless paw. The kitten swatted back and a relationship was born. The two disappeared in a sprint through the gate and were not seen again for days. When El Gato did finally return he seemed a changed cat. Tentative at his food dish, he kept looking over his shoulder and twitching his tail with nervous disgust. I imagined he had delivered the kitten to some distant neighborhood and ditched him at the edge of a mousefilled sandlot after teaching him the basics

of mouse murder. I presumed that he now felt guilty about the whole matter and the duress was precipitating a bout of paranoia. These are the things a man imagines of a pet that spends only a tiny fraction of his time actually being a pet. As I retreated toward the house I heard a rustling in the underbrush. By the time I reached the door the kitten had immerged from beneath a nearby bush to leap on El Gato’s tail and the chase was on. Apparently, their brief journey had been one of bonding. I now imagine them sitting by a campfire under a full moon — a skewered rat turning slowly over the coals — as El Gato weaves tales of his greatest conquests; the skunk he cornered under the shed, the stray dog that chunked-out his ear; the moment he figured out the path to our rooftop. At some point the kitten gazed up at the Master and vowed, “Someday I’m gonna be just like you!”

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 13

Fifth-graders learn wise use of land through conservation Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District organized the first farm tour for 5th grade students in 1965. Throughout the past 47 years the farm tour has remained somewhat the same with stops covering various topics relating to agriculture and natural resources. The goal of the tour is to teach students about the wise use of natural resources, and what farmers are doing to conserve the land in Holmes County. Since farmers typically own a lot of land, they play a very important role in the conservation of soil, water, and wildlife. Most people are not aware that farmers and ranchers provide food and habitat for 75 percent of wildlife in the U.S., and 87 percent of Ohio’s forests are privately owned. In 1992 the tour was renamed the Tom Graham 5th Grade Conservation Farm Tour in memory of Tom Graham, a soil scientist who taught about soils at the tour for 12 years before his death. His widow, Shelly Graham-Norris, and two sons, Ryan and Brandon, present trophies to the essay winners at the SWCD

annual meeting. SWCD again sponsored an essay contest about the tour. The top three winners will receive awards at the Holmes SWCD annual meeting on Nov. 1. Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District assists landowners in applying conservation practices to their land that will reduce erosion, provide better drainage, restore woodland and wildlife habitat, and generally improve water quality. Among other services, SWCD provides information about soils; writes conservation and nutrient management plans; manages a cover crop program; surveys, designs and oversees construction of conservation practices, and conducts a yearly tree seedling sale. In addition to the fifth grade tour, SWCD’s educational program includes in-class and field trip presentations, an Arbor Day ceremony, Envirothon sponsorships and an educational material lending library. Holmes SWCD supervisors are Jim Croskey, Jr., Tim Brumme, Jason

Schuch, Harold Neuenschwander and Ferman Wengerd. Supervisors serve three-year terms

and are responsible for setting priorities and policies for the District. For more information

about Holmes SWCD and its programs, contact Michelle Wood at 330674-2811.

RV PARK Family Games

Crafts • Located 3 miles South of Shreve, OH on SR 514

Apple Dumpling Festival Serving Ruth’s Famous Apple Dumplings!

Antique Power Show


Holmes Soil & Water Conservation District played host to its 47th Tom Graham 5th Grade Conservation Farm Tour on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at One-O-One Ranch. About 400 fifth graders attended from East Holmes, West Holmes and Holmesville elementaries. Hiland and West Holmes FFA chapters assisted as speakers and group leaders. The students rotated among six stations — Soils, Edible Soil Profiles, Forestry, Farming, Farm Safety and Wildlife, beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 12:30 p.m. The students had lunch on the farm. Hosting this year’s tour were Tom and Sarah Miller, owners of One-OOne Ranch, 3515 County Road 168, Millersburg. The farm is 72 acres and the Millers raise about 60 beef cows and calves. They have installed several conservation practices on the farm in recent years, including a covered manure storage facility in 2004. Tom Miller follows a planned grazing system and has made some forest stand improvements as well.


Featuring Case Tractors & Fairbanks-Morse Engines • Oct. 6th & 7th, 2012

KEVIN WILLIARD 330-465-3387

PARK OFFICE: 330-567-2137

FFA briefs dent Megan Hippert, Secretary Rachelle Yoder, Treasurer Taylor Raber, Reporter Jessica Davis, Student Adviser Grant Mast and Historian Brandon Kozak. WEST HOLMES DISTRICT — The West Holmes FFA chapter attended two session of camp at FFA Camp Muskingum this summer. Attending regular camp session were: Crystal Blackburn, Meghan Dawson, Tawnya Eckerle, Brandon Bowles, Hunter Carpenter, Tim Rogers, Grayson Miller, Wyatt Gardner, James Friend, Brandon Miller, Dylan Holloway, Elise Neville, Dustin Stocker, Lexi Kinstle, Alex Snow, Doug Giauque, Maggie Raber, Levi Kinstle, Dakota Stocker and Shyann Kick. Workshops and sessions during regular camp focused on team building and goal setting. The second session was Ohio Leadership Camp; members involved were: Mandy Taylor, Madee Brewer, Audrey Ivers, Courtney Kozak, Saman-

tha Krejci, Dustin Niehaus, Liz Overholt, Atlee Miller, Matt Schlegel and Travis Campbell. At OLC, members were taught how to influence others through their leadership skills and how to become better role models with the people they surround themselves with. Eastern Region Vice President Ken Quick presented workshops. The West Holmes FFA participated in the 2012 Holmes County Junior Fair Aug. 6-11. During the pre-fair preparations, the chapter set up an Olympic Games themed booth. It highlighted events the chapter participated in throughout the year. Also displayed was the hard work the freshmen did creating cornhole boards. Clay Armstrong represented the FFA chapter, and was named a king attendant. Other chapter members that ran for the Holmes County Royal contest were: Mandy Taylor, Courtney Kozak, Dustin Niehaus (also a king attendant). See Pg. 16 — FFA

McDonald’s would like to say

“THANK YOU” to these employees for your dedication and years of service.


EAST HOLMES DISTRICT — Hiland FFA participants in the District 8 FFA Ag Sales contest were: Mac Cordle, Cameron Cordle, Ethan Spencer and Zachary Wilcoxon. Mac Cordle placed fifth as individual and they placed fifth as a team. Hiland FFA members Jessica Davis, Rachelle Yoder and Sierra Weekly traveled to the Buckeye Career Center for the District 8 FFA Job Interview contest. Jessica Davis placed seventh in Division II, Rachelle Yoder placed fifth in Division I and Sierra Weekly placed fourth in Division IV. On July 27-28, Hiland FFA officers had their annual officer retreat at Raber’s 40 Acres. The purpose of the officer retreat is to bond with each other and to plan the schedule for the upcoming school year, as well as to review officer duties, set goals for the chapter, learn leadership skills and to encourage teamwork  among the officer team.  Officers attending were: President Mac Cordle, Vice Presi-

14 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News



Care for helping lazy eyes become healthy eyes Does your child have a lazy eye? Amblyopia is vision loss in one or both eyes that is not helped by glasses alone. It is the main cause of vision loss in children and affects two-three out of every 100 children. Without good vision, it is hard for a child to learn about the world. Because many eye prob-

lems begin at a young age, it is important that children receive good eye care. Untreated eye problems can get worse and cause problems in school, at home and later in adult life. Causes of amblyopia are eyes that do not point in the same direction, different focus between the eyes (one

eye sees close and the other eye sees far away) or focus problems such as far sighted astigmatism and nearsighted. The Ohio Amblyope Registry can help by providing help to children, family and eye doctors affected by lazy eye. It is free to any Ohio child up to 18 years old. The lazy eye must be found by an

eye doctor. The program provides free brochures about lazy eye, eye safety and children’s vision, free eye patches if the child is having patching therapy and regular letters about keeping your child’s eye doctor visits (upon request only.) If you need help paying for eye doctor exams and treatment of your

child’s lazy eye, first talk with your child’s eye doctor. Next, you may contact your local health department or the Ohio Amblyope Registry to find out about other programs. The address is: Ohio Amblyope Registry, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, 700 Children’s Drive, Columbus, OH

43205, call 1-877-8082422 or visit Information provided by Berlin Family Eyecare; Robert L. Miller, O.D., Inc., James M. Miller, O.D., Ari T. Yoder, O.D., 4907-B Dalbey Lane, P.O. Box 224, Berlin; 330-8932215; email

Fall into healthier you: Tips for fighting unhealthy fat

Nutrien Site serves lunches at 11:15 each day of the week • $2 per lunch reservations required

burden of disease,” says Dr. Caroline Apovian, director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center and co-director of the Nutrition and Metabolic Support Service at Boston University Medical Center. “It’s

important for people to understand that reaching a healthy weight through safe, moderate weightloss (5 to 10 percent) is a critical step toward reducing the risks associated with obesity.” For many people, alli —


212 N. Broadway, Sugarcreek • 330-852-1311

October 2012 Schedule Of Events Oct. 1 Oct. 2 Oct. 3 Oct. 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 8 Oct. 9 Oct. 10 Oct. 11 Oct. 12 Oct. 15 Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 19 Oct. 22 Oct. 23 Oct. 24

Oct. 25 Oct. 26 Oct. 29 Oct. 30 Oct. 31

10:30 Exercise 10:00 Bingo 10:00 Game Day/Prize 10:00 Bingo (Schoenbrunn) 12:30 Shopping (World Animal Day) 10:30 Exercise 10:30 Exercise 12:30 N. Home Visit (Barrs/Walnut Hills) 10:00 Bingo 10:00 Games/Blair 10:00 Bingo (Oakpointe) 12:30 Shopping; 6-9:00 Dover Dance 10:30 Exercise 10:30 Exercise 10:00 Bingo 9:30 Medical Screen (Cross Roads Hospice) 9:30 Euchre/Mineral City 10:00 Bingo (Walnut Hills); 12:30 Shopping 10:30 Exercise 10:30 Exercise 12:30 N. Home Visit (Sugarcreek/Walnut Ck.) 10:00 Bingo 9:15 Blood Pressure Screen 10:00 Bingo (Tridia Hospice) 12:15 (Dover) Euchre Tourn.) 10:00 Union Hospital (Health); 12:30 Shopping 10:30 Exercise 10:30 Exercise 10:00 Bingo 9:30 Medical; 10:30 Bingo; 11:30 Lunch provided by Park Village


Robert L. Miller O.D., Inc.

James M. Miller, O.D.

See Pg. 15 — TIPS

Ari T. Yoder, O.D.

Berlin Family Eyecare welcomes Ari T. Yoder, O.D. to our practice • Comprehensive vision and eye health exams including diabetic eye exams • Management of ocular disease including glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts • Emergency eyecare for injuries and foreign body removal • Pediatric eye examination and management of lazy eye • Fashion and children’s eyewear with on-site lab for your convenience • Comprehensive contact lens services • Laser refractive surgery and cataract consultation and comanagement



Senior Center

you’d lose through diet and exercise, alli helps you lose one more. Apovian shares even more tips to help you fight unhealthy fat through fall and beyond:


Berlin Family


the only FDA approved over-the-counter weightloss aid — can help achieve this goal. Alli is clinically proven to help people lose 50 percent more weight than they would with diet alone. So, for every two pounds




The office offers expanded appointment hours including evenings and Saturdays. Emergency Care service available. We accept most major medical and vision insurances including Medicare, Primetime, Humana, Aultcare, Anthem, United Healthcare, Summacare, VSP and most Eyemed plans.


4907-B Dalbey Lane, Berlin

5336 CR. 201 SUITE C MILLERSBURG, OH 44654



330-893-0444 OR VISIT:



on track. But the fall can serve as the perfect time to commit to fighting fat with a healthier approach to eating and being active. “With more than twothirds of U.S. adults overweight or obese, this is creating a staggering


(ARA) — As summer subsides, people may lose sight of their weight loss goals until the start of the New Year. And the temptation of unhealthy holiday treats right around the corner may make it even more difficult to stay

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 15

Nature’s Food Market to hold local Taste Fair, Classic Car Show

Club notes TOPS OH 1243 Sugarcreek

27) because of the Swiss Nashville Festival. The next meetOn Sept. 19 at the TOPS Nature’s Food Market County Cruzers will be their cars, Nature’s Food ing will be Thursday, Oct. OH 1573 Nashville meetin Berlin will be hosting a participating in this non- Market is here to help 4. Members are to bring TOPS OH 1243, SugarLocal Taste Fair and Clas- judged car show, and local people restore and main- creek met Thursday Sept. the Buzz Contest papers ing, eight members recitsic Car Show on Saturday, car enthusiasts are invited tain their health!. Keep 20 with 12 members to the next meeting. For ed the TOPS and KOPS Oct. 6, from 10 a.m. to 2 to join in. There is no cost your motors running by weighing in with a loss more information about pledges. The club lost 6.2 p.m. to register but anyone stopping by during this of 5 pounds for the week. TOPS (Take off Pounds pounds total. Sandy Esto Some participating local planning to participate, exciting event. Nature’s The winner who lost the Sensibly) feel free to call was the best weekly loser. vendors include Green- please call Jo at 330-893- Food Market is located most for the week was 330-897-6007 or come for She said to eat vegetables field Farms, Organic Val- 2006. at 4727 U.S. 62, Berlin, Rachelle Schrock and a free night at the Unit- and fruit. Eileen Lowe ley, Berlin Natural BakNot only will there be with normal business the best rededicated ed Methodist Church in was the best weekly reery, Positively Scrump- lots of great food to taste, hours of Monday-Thurs- for the week was Sarah Sugarcreek with weigh- dedicated loser. Tom tious, Hiland Naturals there will be live music, day and Saturday, 8 a.m.- Miller. Best KOPS for ins beginning at 6:30 p.m. Alexander was the best and Sunnybrook Acres, prize drawings for both 6 p.m., Friday, 8 a.m.-7 the week was Mary Ann followed by the meeting weekly KOPS. Katie Kline gave a projust to name a few. Ven- car show participants and p.m. Miller. Monthly best loser at 7. dors will be in the store customers alike, with a For more information was Mary Ann Jahn and sharing tasty samples and special prize drawing for email at naturesinberlin@ runner-up was Sarah See Pg. 17 — CLUBS TOPS OH 1573 useful information about kids as well., by phone 330- Miller. Olis Miller was their products. Just as car enthusiasts 893-2006 or like them on the best KOPS for the Members of the Noble restore and maintain Facebook. month. Monthly winners received fruit. Also recognized were members Mary Ann Jahn and Rena Troyer for six sonal healthy foods that can help you safely and weeks attendance, Sue (Continued From Page 14) not only taste good but effectively boost your Yoder for six weeks with — Know your nemesis. are good for you. A low weight loss success. no gain and Emma CarExperienced therapy professionals Become more conscious fat snack could be a penter for being in leeComprehensive post-acute of the foods, amount of baked apple with cinnaEDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. way for six weeks. medical services fat you eat, and how it mon or pumpkin soup. Apovian is a paid spokesRena Troyer shared her affects your body. — Build a support sys- person for alli, but her journal of her time in Private rooms — Stay committed. It’s tem. Online or in-person opinions are her own. Florida. not always easy to stay on support groups, as well Alli is a weight loss aid Eating after 7 p.m. is track with weight loss — as encouragement from for overweight adults, 18 forbidden for the week remind yourself as neces- family and friends, can years and older. Alli is and the thing to do is Majora Lane Center sary (weekly, even daily) make all the difference in taken with a reduced cal- exercise at least 20 minfor Rehabilitation & Nursing Care, Inc. of your healthy motiva- the world. orie low-fat diet. Results utes three times during 105 Majora Lane Millersburg, Ohio 44654 tion to fight fat. — Find tools. Visit may vary. In clinical stud- the week. 330.674.4444 10072683 — Try something new. for more ies, alli users lost 5-10 No meeting will be held There are plenty of sea- information on how alli pounds over six months. today (Thursday, Sept.

Expert Rehab Close to Home


Millersburg accepting grant applications

Holmes County Sept. 28 — Winesburg Fire Department, 2088 U.S. Route 62, Winesburg, noon-7 p.m. Oct. 3 — Buckhorn VFW Post 7079, 185 W. Front St., Killbuck, noon5 p.m. Oct. 6 — Holmesville Church of Christ, 204 W. Main St., Holmesville, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

more information contact Clerk-treasurer Karen Shaffer.

“THE RIGHT CHOICE IN HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT • Lift Chairs • Wheelchairs • Safety Aids • Hospital Beds • Nursing Uniforms • Respiratory Equip. • Electric 3-Wheelers

• Ostomy Supplies • Oxygen (All Types) • Mastectomy Supplies • Stair Lifts • CPAP/BiPAP Machines/Supplies



• The body is designed to heal itself • Mineral depleted soils affect our body PH and allow cancer and other diseases to invade • Reduce cost of health care

Join Delbert & Elsie Shetler on October 10th at 6:00pm at the Walnut Creek Community Center OR October 9th at 6:00pm

Service & Supplies, Inc. 2571 Cleveland Rd. Wooster Joint Commission

on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Ever wondered why some people suffer from disease and others don’t?

Learn How:

Wayne Health

Starting At

Free Health Seminar!! Quality Life Nutrition is hosting a free event with speaker Walt Merriman of Water Divine Minerals.


See Us for Used Electric Wheelchairs

How Important Is Your Health?

(330) 345-7730 1-800-345-5894



Sponsored by Roman D. Miller 8415 Twp. Rd. 323 Holmesville, OH 44633


Delbert & Elsie Shetler 2497 Pleasant Valley Rd. Baltic, OH 43804 330-897-1373

Aaron R. Yoders ............. 330-857-0340 Robert M. Barkmans ...... 330-893-3613 Roman D. Miller ............330-567-221X John A. Miller ........330-695-2315 ext. 4


Blood drives

offices at 6 N. Washington St., or at For


The village of Millersburg will accept for 2013 economic development grants applications through Nov. 15. The fund was created from money collected under the village’s transient occupancy (hotel/motel) tax and is dedicated to promoting economic development. Applications will be accepted from any person or entity residing in or doing business in the village. Applications may be obtained at the village

16 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

FFA manship; Dylan Holloway, reserve grand champion intermediate Chapter members Elizabeth and showmanship. Marshall Overholt were named Market goats — Vincent Fair King and Queen. Mandy Schlauch, grand champion in meat Taylor and Elizabeth Overholt class; Morgan Hoxworth, reserve each received a 2012 Senior champion intermediate showmanLeadership award. ship; Brittney Sigler, fifth place in In livestock competition, mem- showmanship. bers’ accomplishments included: Dairy goats and breeding goats Poultry — Courtney Kozak, — Liz Overholt, senior showfifth place showmanship and fifth manship, supreme showman and place pen of three broilers plus champion doe. grand champion senior showmanSheep — Gretchen Straits, ship and fifth place meat turkey; supreme showmanship champion Brittney Sigler, fourth in show- as well as first in class and reserve manship; Baily Boughman, 11th grand champion in market lamb place; Audrey Ivers, seventh place plus champion breeding ewe. meat turkey and ninth place showHog — Morgan Hoxworth,

(Continued From Page 13)

third in intermediate showmanship; Mandy Taylor, third in class; Gretchen Straits, third in class and eighth for showmanship; Liz Overholt, 11th in showmanship; Megan Miller, second in class and fourth in showmanship. Beef — Megan Miller, fourth in beef feeder class and beef breeding reserve grand champion in showmanship and reserve grand champion in class; Gretchen Straits, market steer grand champion in senior showmanship, second in class and second in Holmes County Bred class. Dairy steers — Tristan Ramseyer, fourth in class; Chris Sprang, third in class. Dairy heifers — Tristan

Ramseyer, first in class; Jace Freewalt, first in class; Huck Hay, second in class; Liz Overholt, second place senior showmanship, champion brown Swiss heifer and reserve supreme heifer; Courtney Kozak, senior showman, supreme showman, grand champion Jersey, supreme allbreed champion and first place Jersey aged cow; Liz Overholt, second place brown Swiss cow. Chapter members helping with Kids Day were: Audrey Ivers, Matt Schlegel, Samantha Krejci, Clay Armstrong, Harlie Spurlock, Mandy Taylor and Atlee Miller. They taught kids how the food pyramid works while making bracelets.

Holmes County bookmobile Monday — South Mount Hope School, 12:30-1 p.m.; Mount Hope Elementary, Kindergarten, 1:05-1:30 p.m.; Winesburg public, 2:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday — J. Barkman, Township Road 176, 1-1:30 p.m.; Crist Troyer Jr., Township Road 178, 1:45-2:30 p.m.; Hershberger Hardware, 2:45-4 p.m.; Charm Public, 5-7 p.m. See Pg. 17 — BOOKMOBILE

GERMAN VILLAGE MARKET 330-893-1800 • BERLIN Mon.-Thurs. 7:00-6:00; Fri. 7:00-7:00; Sat. 7:00-4:00 MANY UNADVERTISED SPECIALS • WHILE SUPPLIES LAST





1 ticket for each $25 purchase!

(1) Grand Prize - $150 Free Groceries (2) 2nd Prizes - $100 Free Groceries (5) 3rd Prizes - $25 Free Groceries

Guggisberg Baby Swiss Wheels lb. ................................ $2.99

FREE COFFEE ‘til 10am

Smith’s Whale of a Pail Ice Cream all flavors .................... $4.99


Amish Valley Whipped Topping 8oz. ................................ $0.99

1 FREE Kids Meal with Each Adult Meal Purchase

Instant Whip Dessert & Pastry Topping qt. ................... $2.99

($5 Minimum) • Kids Meal = Dreamstick, Jo Jos, Small Drink Small Soft Serve Cone

Country Tradition Butter Quarters lb................................ $1.99

From the Kandel and Yoder Families and the employees at German Village...

CVS Honey Graham Crackers 14.40z, limit 2. ........................ $0.99

Thank You

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup 10.75oz. ............. $0.75

‘Happiness is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do.’


Customer Appreciation Sale!

eciation r p p a Sign up for German Village Bucks!

Saturday 20% OFF









4900 Oak St. • Berlin, OH 44610 • (330) 893-3179

25%OFF 1 item

Valid Friday, September 28, 2012. Sale items excluded. Coupon required. Limit one per person. * Sale items excluded, Not valid on gift cars, Store services, hunting and fishing licences & UPS.


Sept. 28 & 29 only *lower priced item is free.

Friday, Sept. 28 & Saturday, Sept. 29

Located in the German Village Shopping Center 4888 Elm St Berlin, OH 44610 Hours: Monday – Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 7am-4pm Phone 330.893.2812 Website

Door Prizes!


Little Debbie, Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bars. all flavors. ......... $1.99

for your support these past 5 years. We look forward to serving you in the years ahead!

PRODUCTS Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE!


Troyer’s Cenuine Trail Bologna Rings lb. ......................... $2.99


Drawing for FREE Giveaways

Prices good Friday & Saturday only! All sales while supplies last!

Hillandale Honey Ham whole ham only 1 lb. ............................. $1.99

Drawing held Saturday Sept. 29 at 3pm. Need not be present to win.

Fri., Sept 28 • 8:30am-8pm Sat., Sept. 29 • 8:30am-3pm


The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 17

Rain doesn’t wash out Party in the Park


The rains that came during the second annual Party in the Park did not defeat the spirits of the Berlin Lions nor the musicians, singers and comedians performing for the few hardy souls braving the weather on Saturday evening. Merle Miller of Liberated for Him said it well, stating they would be happy to sing for an audience of one. A big thank-

(Continued From Page 15)

you to Liberated, David and Lee Swartzentruber and company, John Ruth, Mike Pacula and Paul Marner for their contributions to the evening’s entertainment. The next Lions meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. at the Berlin East of Chicago banquet room. The speaker will be Darrin Troyer from Troyer’s Trail Bologna. Any-

one interested in learning what Lions are all about is welcome to come for the supper.

McKenna, in the Career Center’s Medical Office Administration/Health Informatics program, was named the junior Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Brad and Kerri Johnson and resides in Shreve. Driana, in the Career Center’s Cosmetology program, was named the senior Student of the

Month. She is the daughter of Jack and Stephanie Starkey and resides in Ashland. Both students and their families will be invited to a Career Center board meeting where McKenna and Driana will be presented with a certificate and pin in recognition of this honor.

McKenna Johnson, West Holmes High School, and Driana Starkey, Mapleton High School, were named Career Center Students of the Month for September at the Ashland-West Holmes Career Center.

gram on 24 ways to make Holmes County Arts meals more nutritious. Community meets the First, swear off sugar, third Wednesday of each then eat fish four times a week or triple your intake of vegetables. Some energy bars provide 15 percent of your (Continued From Page 16 ) daily foliate requirement Wednesday — Dan E. of about 200 calories. One cup of raw spinach Raber, County Road packs the same foliate 349, 9:15-10 a.m.; Andy punch for only seven Miller, Township Road 472, 10:30-11:15 a.m.; calories. Next week Mary Bur- Joe Yoder, County Road gett will have the pro- 373, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 gram. The club meets p.m.; Sycamore Run, 1-2 Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. p.m.; Roy Keim’s, County with weigh-in at 5:30 Road 75, 1:30-2:45 p.m.; p.m. The public is wel- Nature’s Food Market, come. For more informa- 3-6 p.m. tion, call 330-763-1347 or 419-610-4001 or 330-378Troutman 2723.

month at 6 p.m., at Young Uniforms and Scrubs, Millersburg. Contact Phyllis Young 330-6740676 or 1-866-386-2026.


School brief Ashland-West Holmes Career Center

Arts Council

Advertising deadline Display ads, Monday at noon Classified ads, Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Thursday — Sharp Run School, 9-9:45 a.m.; Flat Ridge Elementary, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Meadow Valley School, 1-1:30 p.m.; Abe Yoder Jr., Township Road 355, 2:30-3:30 p.m.; Killbuck public, 3-6 p.m. Friday — Mount Hope Elementary, 9 a.m.1:30 p.m.; South Dublin School, 1:45-2:45 p.m.; West Mount Hope Scool, 3-3:45 p.m.

Kutz N Kennel

Knights Gaming Society Knights of Gaming Board Gaming Society meets the third Saturday of the month from noon-6 p.m. at the Holmes County District Public Library, Millersburg.

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9/10/2012 12:05:31 PM

18 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News



$ 00





Grilled Sausage Sandwich (From The 4-H Pig) Cup Of Ice Cream • 1 Can Of Pop ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE LIONS CLUB FOR BERLIN PARK DEVELOPMENT GERMAN VILLAGE • 330-893-1800 • Berlin Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 - 6:00; Fri. 7:00 - 7:00; Sat. 7:00 - 4:00

“Celebrating 100 Years”

Ohio Swiss Festival Sept. 28-29 in Sugarcreek

4 Generations still doing business with a firm handshake. 132 E. Main St. • Sugarcreek, OH



Meet the Author



Wanda E. Brunstetter


Friday, September 28th 10:00am - noon 2:00pm - 4:00pm

13,000 Miles, 35 MPG

Only at the Gospel Shop Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market State Route 39, Sugarcreek

Sales Hours: Mon & Thurs: 9am-7pm; Tues, Wed, Fri: 9am-5pm; Sat: 9am-1pm

16th Annual Garage Sale October 18th, 19th, 20th


The 2011 Grand Cheese Maker champions were Anne and Richard Guggisberg of Guggisberg Cheese in Charm. Ohio Swiss Festival Grand Champion Cheese Maker will be crowned today (Thursday, Sept. 27) preceding the 9 p.m. crowning of the 2012 Ohio Swiss Festival Queen.

Hours: MON.THURS. & SAT. 8:30-5; FRI. 8:30-8 10069570

Sweetwater Farm

“The Comfort and Value You’ve Been Seeking.”

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We have an amazing variety of pumpkins, squash, gourds, corn shocks, straw bales, and more. Various Apples and Plums

• Cheese Trays

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54760 Twp. Rd. 90 • Fresno, OH 43824 Phone: (740) 545-6002 • Fax: (740) 545-7703 Hours: 8:00-5:00 Mon.-Sat.


Deli Sandwiches (Hot or Cold) ................................$1.99 lb. Rootbeer floats ............................ sm. $.99 ......... Lg. $1.75


SWISS VILLAGE TIME SHOP 126 South Factory St., Sugarcreek, OH 44681

Great Selection of Clocks! • Clock Repair/Old & New Clocks • Specializing in Cuckoo Clock Repair • House Calls on Grandfather Clocks

A.T.’s Broom & Book Store

Steiner Swiss Cheese ..............................................$3.49 lb. Trail Bologna.......................................................$3.59 lb.



60th Annual Ohio Swiss Festival

Take Time to Sit Down and Relax

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Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am - 8pm • Friday 11am - 10pm • Sat 11am - 8pm


Beachy’s Country Chalet Restaurant



German and English books Corn Broom Making 12 Volt Batteries Light Bulbs Wooden Toys

J U D T

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201 South Factory St. • Sugarcreek, OH

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Mugs • Purses • Wallets • Clocks Ohio State Decanters Scarves • Shot Glasses


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Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-4:30 • Service Available 24/7


Canning Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Green Beans, and Sweet Potatoes.


Fall Is Here



Service Hours: Mon & Thurs: 7:30am-6pm; Tues, Wed, Fri: 7:30am-4pm; Closed Sat

Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Sun.


119 E. Main St. P.O. Box 473, Sugarcreek •


112 E. Main St., Sugarcreek, OH


The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 19

Come to ‘Little Switzerland’ fry pies and apple fritters to homemade soups, sandwiches, Swiss cheese, Trail Bologna and barbecue meats. Others provide luncheons, park cars and run events throughout the weekend. “Of course, anybody who ever comes to the festival probably has apple fritters from the church,” said Harrison. For this special year, commemorative plates were made to mark the 60th anniversary. The plates, made by Superb Industries, are collector’s items — Each of the 12 metal plates are numbered and engraved with the Ohio Swiss Festival logo. “During festival, we will also have wine glasses and coasters to set up for display that have the 60th anniversary logo,” said Harrison. “If you don’t get a plate, you can still get a souvenir for the 60th anniversary.” Wine glasses will be $10 and coasters with an easel will be $8. The items will be available in the wine tent and at the concert. The weekend's events are many and diverse, with live entertainment,

contests, crownings, parades and competitive events rounding out the festival's activities. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Sept. 26-27 after 6 p.m., the festival will begin with food, rides and activities for children and adults. To kickoff the start of the festival, a concert by The Four Preps will be held at the Garaway High School gym and the Little Swiss Miss Processional will be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. On Thursday, two festival winners will be crowned. Beginning at 9 p.m. in the pavilion, the Ohio Swiss Festival Queen Contest will be held. The crowning of the queen will take place immediately following the crowning of the Ohio Swiss Festival Grand Champion Cheese Maker. An award winning cheese auction and plate auction will follow. Several parades will celebrate the festival in grand Swiss style. On Friday at 2 p.m., a Kiddies Parade is open to children of all ages wearing costumes, bring-

Entertainment All Day • Cheese Samples Daily

OLD SHANESVILLE OKTOBERFEST OCTOBER 6, 2012! 9am to 9pm 50+ Ohio Wineries To Choose From & Sample

Business News Get all of your business news, 7 days a week in The Daily Record. Call 330-264-1125 or 1-800-686-2958 Subscribe Now!

Entertainment Schedule: Al Zimmerman 11-2 Jonah Koslen 1-4 Tim Hunt Duo 3-6 Boomers 6-9

• Open Mon.-Thurs. 10-6; Fri. & Sat. 10-7 • Featuring Ohio Made Products • Custom Cheeseballs and bistro


in an event with roots that can be traced back to the culture of Alpine Indigenous peoples — the Steintossen. “That is a real crowd pleaser,” said Harrison. In this two-day event, participants compete in the Throwing of the Stone, which weighs in at 138 pounds for men and 75 pounds for women. The Steintossen will be held on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Throw Pit behind the Midway and Fire Station. A men’s and women’s cheese eating contest, a yodeling contest and a Swiss costume contest will offer more chances for competitive fun throughout the weekend. For more information, call the Sugarcreek Village Information Center at 330-852-4113 or 1-888609-7592.

Sugar Valley Meats Family Owned and Operated for 19 Years Old Fashioned Meats at Old Fashioned Prices

• Fresh Beef & Pork • Old Fashioned Smoked Meats Delivery • Ham • Bacon Available • Sausage • Bologna Local Area • Wieners • Beef Jerky “ The Meat Market in the Country - Where the Local People Shop” Retail Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 to 5; Sat. 8:00 to 3; Closed Sunday 1/4 Mile North of St. Rt. 39 On Dutch Valley Drive

2149 Dutch Valley Dr. Sugarcreek, OH 44681



Celebrate with Us & experienCe The Marriage Of Wine and Cheese!

Phone 330-852-3500


elcome! to the 2012 Ohio Swiss Festival.



Directional Card

Join Broad Run Cheesehouse & Swiss Heritage Winery at our booth for Swiss and wonderful grape and fruit wine tasting. 10069577

THIS WEEK’S SPECIALS Bratwurst.................................... $2.69 lb. Beef Bologna (Ring or Log) ....... $3.49 lb. Beef Jerky ................................. $13.99 lb. Beef Wieners .............................$3.79 lb. Steiner Swiss Cheese .......... $3.39 lb. Smoked Bacon......................... $3.59 lb. 3457 SR 93 • BALTIC, OH 43804 • 330-897-7025 • HOURS: M-F 6-5; SAT. 7-2

chance to compete in the Swiss Cheese Chase 5K/10K Run & Walk. Beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Main Street, the race travels a gently rolling course through the village of Sugarcreek. A 1-mile fun run/health walk is also available. Refreshments, awards and door prizes will be announced after the race. “This year we've added a 10K,” said Harrison. “Like always, we’re hoping we don’t have weather like last year. I didn’t think it would ever stop raining.” A craft tent featuring a variety of items handcrafted by local artisans will be located at Village Square at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway Street on Friday and Saturday. As one of the festival’s most beloved events, men and women can compete

The Daily Record

1019 W. Main St., Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 Buckeye Wine

ing pets or being creative. The Queens Parade will be held at 10 p.m. On Saturday, the Antique Car Parade will start at 1:45 p.m., with the Grand Parade to follow at 2 p.m. As its name implies, the main parade will be a grand affair, featuring bands, floats and much more as the procession travels Main Street and winds to Maple Street via Factory Street. In addition to the many rides, vendor contests and the Kiddie Parade, other children’s activities include the little Swiss Miss Processional and Crowning, Big Wheel Race and Pedal Tractor pull. As part of this family friendly event, musical entertainment will be provided by Del Sinchak and others, offering visitors a chance to hear everything from Polka music to Swiss tunes. For those wishing to experience a taste of Switzerland, a Wine & Cheese Sample Station will be offering pairings on Friday and Saturday at the fire station. Participants can sample awardwinning wine and cheese from local artisans and take home favorites. Saturday offers the

Award-winning Cheeses

Open All Year 9 to 6 Closed Sundays

Back to the 40’s Victorian Lace Doggone Good Han’s Blend

First Love Blueberry Peach Sweet Thunder

Manufacturers of Wine & Cheese plus the area’s most exquisite curtain & lace shop.

Select selection of curtains at

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plus specials throughout!

6011 Old Rt.39 NW. Dover, Ohio 44622 Phone: 330.343.4108


By KELLEY MOHR Staff Writer For a taste of Switzerland with local flair, head to the 60th annual Ohio Swiss Festival in Sugarcreek on Sept. 28-29. Held in a small town known as “Little Switzerland,” the festival celebrates rich Swiss and German heritage with a history dating back to the festival’s inception in 1953. “This is our 60th anniversary and in the beginning it was started to promote our cheesemakers in the area, our Swiss heritage and the village of Sugarcreek and we are still trying to do those three things,” said Nancy Harrison, president of the Ohio Swiss Festival. “You can bring your family and enjoy yourself.” The festival, traditionally held the fourth weekend after Labor Day, is jointly sponsored by the Ohio Swiss Cheese Association, the Sugarcreek Business Association and the Village of Sugarcreek. In addition to these sponsors, more than 20 local organizations participate in the festival each year hosting food booths offering everything from

20 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News


ORGANIC Organic foods? Are they safer? More nutritious?

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Conventional — Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth; spray synthetic insecticides to reduce pests and disease; use synthetic herbicides to manage weeds; give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth. Organic ­— Apply natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, to feed soil and plants; spray pesticides from natural sources; use beneficial insects and birds, mating disruption or traps to reduce pests and disease; use environmentallygenerated plant-killing compounds; rotate crops, till, hand weed or mulch to manage weeds; give

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established an organic certification program that requires all organic foods to meet strict government standards. These standards regulate how such foods are grown, handled and processed. Any product labeled as organic must be USDA certified. Only producers who sell less than $5,000 a year in organic foods are exempt from this certification; however, they’re still required to follow the USDA’s standards for organic foods. If a food bears a USDA Organic label, it means it’s produced and processed according to the USDA standards. The seal is voluntary, but many organic producers use it. Products certified 95

Non-GMO, Chemical Free & Non-Soy Feeds.

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and ask about the Free Choice Feeders full line of We recommend: having Stock up on at least 2 licks available to livestock at all times the 2:1 PPr licktm and™the 1:2 PPr licktm. (also provide loose free choice salt) Agri-Dynamics Winter-Mune Remedies and ask about the

KT Barn Structures Ph: 330-547-1525

d Supply Lt lan d. i H

percent or more organic display this USDA seal. Products that are completely organic — such as fruits, vegetables, eggs or other single-ingredient foods — are labeled 100 percent organic and can carry the USDA seal. Foods that have more than one ingredient, such as breakfast cereal, can use the USDA organic seal plus the following wording, depending on the number of organic ingredients: 100 percent organic. To use this phrase, products must be either completely organic or made of all organic ingredients. Organic. Products must be at least 95 percent organic to use this term. Products that contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients may say “made with organic ingredients” on the label, but may not use the seal. Foods containing less than 70 percent organic ingredients can’t use the seal or the word “organic” on their product labels. They can include the organic items in their ingredient list, however.

animals organic feed and allow them access to the outdoors. Use preventive measures — such as rotational grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing — to help minimize disease.


New Items Added

Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Grape ToxicFree SkinCare Products now in stock.

grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. Farmers who grow organic produce and meat don’t use conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds or prevent livestock Conventional vs. disease. For example, rather than using chemiorganic farming cal weedkillers, organic The word “organic” farmers may conduct refers to the way farmers more sophisticated crop rotations and spread mulch or manure to keep weeds at bay. Here are some key differences between conventional farming and organic farming: Both apples are firm, shiny and red. Both provide vitamins and fiber, and both are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol. Which should you choose? Conventionally grown produce generally costs less, but is organic food safer or more nutritious? Get the facts before you shop.

line of our oWn delivery system Wefullhave • Toll Free: 1.877.393.4484 Agri-Dynamics A private ecological agricultural membership only association Remedies • Toll Free: 1.877.393.4484 A private ecological agricultural membership only association


By MAYO CLINIC STAFF Discover the real difference between organic foods and their traditionally grown counterparts when it comes to nutrition, safety and price. Once found only in health food stores, organic food is now a regular feature at most supermarkets. And that’s created a bit of a dilemma in the produce aisle. On one hand, you have a conventionally grown apple. On the other, you have one that’s organic.

NEW HORIZON NATURALS LLC Where Wellness is Healthy! Vitamins & Minerals • Herbs • Spices Bulk Foods • Grocery • Natural Body Care 1441 S. Washington St. Millersburg, OH 44654 Phone: 330-674-1360

M T Th F 8:30 am - 7:00 pm W S 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Closed Sundays 10073434

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 21

Public record Sheriff

ing on Ripley Township Road 522.

Sept. 19 — The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office received a report of fraud at a business on County Road 623 in Hardy Township. Sept. 20 —Theft was reported from a residence on Township Road 11 in Richland Township. Sept. 21 — A report was taken of shooting property on County Road 52 in Knox Township. Sept. 22 — Shooting of property was reported on Hardy Township Road 319. Burglary was reported Private Road 343 in Hardy Township. Sept. 23 — A report was taken of criminal damag-

Millersburg Police Sept. 17 — Millersburg Police officers investigated a report of items being taken from a vehicle on South Washington Street. Sept.. 18 — Theft from a vehicle was reported on South Washington Street. Sept. 19 — Theft from a residence on South Washington Street was reported. Sept. 20 — Grand theft was reported from a business on South Washington Street. A report was taken of theft from a business on South Washington Street.

Pheasants Forever to hold youth hunt

Christine L. Pratt photo/

BARN FIRE — Members of several Holmes County fire departments provided mutual aid to Richland Ashland County Pheasants Forever will hold Free Township Volunteer Fire Department when fighting a Monday afternoon barn fire. The fire quickly Youth Hunt 2012 Saturday, Oct. 20 and Sunday, Oct. consumed and destroyed the barn, located along Richland Township Road 31, just south of state 21. Route 520. The event includes safety training, target shooting with clay birds and guided pheasant hunt with dogs. To sign up, call Aaron Becker at 419-606-0739. Participants must be 12 to 17 years old and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A valid hunting rubberized cork - lightweight, strong & flexible license is required. Priority will be given to youth who have not previously participated. Call or write for our FOAM FOOTPRINT KIT




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22 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Obituaries Jaxson Sanders, infant Jaxson Edward Sanders, infant son of Kenneth Sanders Jr. and Elizabeth Winkler, was stillborn Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Wooster Community Hospital. In addition to his parents, he is survived

by sisters Makaylyn and Natalie Sanders; maternal grandparents David (Heidi) Winkler of Lakeville; paternal grandfather Ken (Holly Kocsis) Sanders Sr. of Cambridge; and paternal grandmother Ann (Wil-

Wyman Firebaugh, 92

liam) Carter of Millersburg. Memorial services will be today (Thursday, Sept. 27) at 3 p.m. at McIntire, Bradham & Sleek Funeral Home, 216 E. Larwill St., Wooster.

Wyman S. Firebaugh, 92, Wooster, died Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Wooster Community Hospital. Wyman was born Sept. 22, 1 9 2 0 , in Fincastle, Va., to George Marshall and Mary Lillian (Coffman) Firebaugh. Wyman worked in Cleveland for five years, then was a teacher for the West Hol** mes School District in Shreve, Big Prairie and

Killbuck, retiring in 1986. He was an active member of Wooster Grace Brethren Church and The Gideons International. Wyman was also a counselor at Camp Wanake for 28 years. Wyman will be missed by brothers, Jay (Ellen) Firebaugh of Wooster, Dan (Nina) Firebaugh of LaPorte, Ind., and John (Francille) Firebaugh of Columbus; a sister, Miriam Vermillion of California; and nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by brothers Lawrence and Wayne and sis-

ters Anne Baldridge and Della Daugherty. Services are today (Thursday, Sept. 27) at 11 a.m. at Wooster Grace Brethren Church, with pastor Steve Kern officiating. Burial will be in Wooster Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to The Gideons International, P.O. Box 794, Wooster 44691; or Hospice & Palliative Care of Greater Wayne County, 2525 Back Orrville Road, Wooster 44691. Roberts Funeral Home, Sherwood Chapel, Wooster is handling arrangements.

Vernon J. Troyer, 83, of Troyer and Eli (Sarah) 2709 state Route 643, Bal- Troyer, both of the home, tic, died Saturday, Sept. Mary (Dan) Raber, of 22, 2012 at his residence Baltic, Sarah (Leroy) Millfollowing a lengthy illness. er, of Sugarcreek, Johnny He was a member of the (Clara) Troyer and Effie Old Order Amish Church.** (Henry) Raber, both of He is survived by his wife Fresno, Willis (Margaret) the former Edna E. Her- Troyer of Baltic, daughshberger whom he mar- ter-in-law Emma (Eli) ried Feb. 4, 1954, his chil- Nisley, of Butler, sisters dren Esther (Eli) Burk- Katie (Henry J.) Raber, of holder, of Sugarcreek, Greenwich, Emma (SamAlbert (Vesta) Troyer, of uel) Schwartz, of Seymour, Vista, a trusted name (W/AC) in Baltic, Delbert (Mary) Mo., 46 grandchildren, two Troyer, of Charm, Aden step-grandchildren and 33 ™ better hearing forname 50 years Vista, a trusted in

great-grandchildren. In addition to his parents he is preceded by his son Sylvanus, two brothers Owen and Andy and a sister Esther. Services were held on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012 at the Troyer residence with Bishop Emanuel H. Yoder officiating. Burial was in Troyer Cemetery in Clark Township, Holmes County. Arrangements were handled by Smith-Varns Funeral Home at Sugarcreek.



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Miller, of Middlebury, Ind. She was a loving grandmother of 32 and great grandmother of 21, sister to Eli D. Yoder, of Winesburg, Jake Yoder, of Mt. Eaton, Anna Schlabach, of Walnut Creek, and Clara Coblentz, of Winesburg. In addition to her parents and her husband, she is preceded in death by her sister Iva Mast and three brothers Roman Yoder,

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Appointment. **Some Conditions and Restrictions Apply. See Hearing Healthcare Professional for Details

ORRVILLE OFFICE: off! Call today for an appointment. 888-871-5551Don’t put it 74 W. Jackson St. • 15650 330-674-7499 Chardon-Windsor Visit us at 7506 Tyler Blvd. Rd. Huntsburg Visit 888-871-5551 us at MILLERSBURG OFFICE: 440.953.8168 440.636.5300 * * ASHTABULA GEAUGA MENTOR MILLERSBURG ORRVILLE PARMA HTS. SANDUSKY 117 E. Market St. • 330-682-8844 Visit us at Appointment. **Some Conditions and Restrictions Apply. See Hearing Healthcare Professional for Details



Dependable Teenof Read Week is a Service!reading time Reliable to celebrate for fun and encourage teens to take advantage of reading in all its forms — books and magazines, e-books, audiobooks and

more — and become regular library users. It is the national adolescent literacy initiative of the Young Adult Library * Services Association, a division of the American



7506 Tyler Blvd. 440.953.8168

15650 Chardon-Windsor Rd. Huntsburg


Library 51 YEARSprogram


ASHTABULA ORRVILLE HTS.* SANDUSKY * Don’t putMILLERSBURG it off! Call today for anPARMA appointment.


Albert Yoder and Abe Yoder. Services were held on Monday, Sept. 24, at Sharon Conservative Mennonite Church with Pastor Ed Yoder officiating. Burial followed in Union Hill Cemetery. Arrangements were handled by Smith-Varns Funeral Home at Sugarcreek.

Rd. Huntsburg


Excludes unrepairable. 6 Mo. Warr.

Together again






Library Association. For more information about the contest and Teen Read Week, call 330-674-5972 or visit teens.

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 23

Obituaries Helen Baucher, 94 Helen H. Baucher, 94, of Reedsburg, passed away peacefully at West View Manor on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012. Helen was born in Wayne County on June 27, 1918, to William and Isa (Byrd) Baucher. She was a graduate of Wooster High School and Ashland College. She retired from Wooster City Schools in 1977. Her first teaching position was an Amish school in Holmes County, two years in Portage County and the

rest of her career was in Wayne County. In 1967, she was the recipient of the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation award. Helen was a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Wooster, and was an avid reader, quilter, gardner and antique collector. Surviving are sisters, Ruth Blades of Howard and Barbara Martin of Jeromesville; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; a brother,

Fred Baucher; and a sister, Mary Funk. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Hospice & Palliative Care of Greater Wayne County, 2525 Back Orrville Road, Wooster 44691; or the Wayne County Humane Society, 1161 Mechanicsburg Road, Wooster 44691. A private family service and burial of the cremains will be held at a later date. Fickes Funeral Home in Jeromesville, is in charge of arrangements.

Do You Think of the Country As You Do Your Garden?

Josephine Ferguson, 73 Surviving in addition to her husband, are children, Katherine M. (Dale) Hinkle of Craigsville, W.Va., Janet Kay (Ronald) Lineberry of New Philadelphia, Kenneth H. Ferguson of Killbuck and Faye L. (Aaron) Strouse of Millersburg; grandchildren, Shawn D. (Laura) Hinkle, Philip L. (Brittany) Hinkle, Joshua K. (Sheri) Ferguson, Nathan M. Ferguson, Quin R. Strouse, Nicole E. Strouse and Natalie B. Strouse; great-grandchildren, Madison L. Hinkle, Curtis D. Hinkle, Parker W. Hinkle, Alijah K. Ferguson and Isaiah M. Ferguson; sisters, Ruth

Schoolcraft of Millersburg, and Ann Miller of West Lafayette; an uncle, Willard (Joyce) VanFossen; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; and a brother, William Summers. Graveside services were Friday, Sept. 21 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Millersburg, with pastor Doug Gray officiating. Arrangements were handled by Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice Care Center, 3358 Ridgewood Road, Akron 44333.

Barbara Jacobs, 87 Barbara S. Jacobs, 87, of Apple Creek, died Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012, at Wooster Community Hospital. Born Oct. 14, 1924 in Westminster to Ermine and Florence (Hill) Heffner and married Carl D. Jacobs on Jan. 30, 1949 in Waynesfield. He preceded her in death on Sept. 7, 2010. Surviving are sons, Dr. Randy (Cheryl) Jacobs of Conifer, Colo., and Dr. Chad (Becki) Jacobs of Sugarcreek; a daughter, Dr. Carla (Dennis) Denman of Apple Creek; grandchildren, Staff Sgt. Major Jacobs, Alex, Caleb, Dakota, Sierra and Carly Jacobs; a great-granddaughter, Kylie; a sister,

Dolors (Frank) Spieles of Lima; and her special companion, a tea cup Yorkie named “Baby”. She was preceded in death by a bother, Byron Heffner. She was a 1942 graduate of Waynesfield High School and Lima Beauty Academy. She was a beautician and operated Barbara’s Shop in Waynesfield for 42 years. After retirement, she worked as an office assistant to her children’s chiropractic offices in the Columbus area. She attended Christian Assembly, Columbus, Church of the Savior in Wooster, and was a former member of Waynesfield United Methodist

Every good gardener knows prayer is essential for a good harvest… but so too are planting, cultivating, and tending it throughout the growing season. Likewise, our nation is cur- rently in a political season, a time our Founding Fathers envisioned for pruning and planting when they established our Constitution. While it is vitally important to pray for Godly leaders, it is also imperative we take action to ensure a bountiful harvest. That means becoming informed on candidates and issues, being registered, and exercising our Christian citizenship by voting. Today in Ohio, tares are growing up around the marriage amendment Ohio voters planted in our state constitution overwhelmingly in 2004. A very serious effort to repeal that amendment is underway, and is one more reason to vote on November 6. We are blessed to live in a Constitutional Republic based on Godly principles and the Rule of Law and the ability to peacefully change the authorities over us. The very survival of our religious liberty, our economic stability, and the values we invest in our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Church. Most importantly she was a follower of Jesus and was a “woman of prayer”. Services were Saturday, Sept. 15 at Armentrout Funeral Home, Waynesfield, with pastor Jean Horn officiating. Burial was in Westminster Salem Cemetery.

Library program Programs and events at the Holmes County District Public Library include: — Story Celebrations at the Central Library in Millersburg: Wednesdays at 11 a.m. for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5, through Sept. 26. Join in the fun with songs, activities, crafts and more! Call the Central Library at 330-674-5972, Ext. 211 or stop by the Children’s Reference Desk to register.

Please register to vote TODAY (before October 9, 2012) For more information visit “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.” Ezekiel 22:30

Join us as we stand in the gap



Josephine “Jo” Ferguson, 73, of Millersburg, passed away Monday, Sept. 17, 2012, at Hospice Care Center, Fairlawn, after an extended illness. She was born June 16, 1939, in Barnesville, the daughter of William and Catherine (VanFossen) Summers, and married Kenneth E. Ferguson on June 8, 1957. He survives. Jo was a member of Grace Brethren Church of Millersburg, and enjoyed collecting angels.

24 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

’s SmartStrand.

nd offers you soil protection.




SIGNATURE SALE Lafayette Genesis Shades

Sale is through Oct 31



Open Weekdays 8-5:30; Saturday 9-1

Mannington Black Isle Hickory A whole new idea in hard wood is taking place

Miriam Powell, 80 Miriam (Stauffer) Powell, 80, of Millersburg, passed away Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, at Sycamore Run Nursing Home, Millersburg. She was born Feb. 13, 1932 in Killbuck, the daughter of Neven P. and Dorothy (Beachler) Stauffer, and was a graduate of Millersburg High School. She had attended Ohio Weslyan University and graduated from Bolton School of Nursing and Western Reserve College. On July 7, 1956, she married William A. Powell. He preceded her in death Jan. 7, 2006. Miriam was active as a volunteer with Pomerene Auxiliary and the Red Cross. She was an active member of Millersburg United Methodist Church. Along with her husband, she was an avid traveler and had worked

on numerous mission projects with NOMADS (Nomads On a Misson Active in Divine Service). Surviving are a son, Robert A. (Vickie) Powell of Charleston, W.Va.; daughters, Perri L. (Edgar) Coltrane of Archdale, N.C., and Laura P. (Thomas) Abraham of Millersburg; a daughter-in-law, Barbara Toto Powell of Maryland; grandchildren, Taylor (Lindsay) Powell, Alex (Stacey) Powell, Lydia (Jonathyn) Holland, Amanda, Bethany, Parker, Natalie and Jason Abraham; and greatgrandchildren, Grayson, Sullivan, Gabryal and one expected in February. In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by a son, William Neven Powell; a sister, Peggy Estill; and a brother, Richard Stauffer.

Memorial services will be Friday, Nov. 23 at 3 p.m. at Millersburg United Methodist Church, with pastor Tom Jones officiating. Burial was in Oak Hill Cemetery, Millersburg. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Alzheimer’s Association; American Red Cross; or Millersburg United Methodist Church. Arrangements were handled by Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg.

Owen Carillon, 87

Don’t miss the next edition of HerSide inserted into The Daily Record October 7th, 2012 HerSide is a women’s magazine which focuses mainly on women ages 25-55. The publication highlights the many features and retailers that focus on women’s needs in what are considered to be the most progressive and ambitious years of her life. Centered in Wayne County, HerSide also consists of local restaurant listings, shopping boutiques, entertainment reviews, community leaders and non-profit organizations that generate insight and interest to the women in our surrounding area.

Owen Eugene Carillon, 87, of Holmes County Home in Holmesville, passed away Monday Sept. 10, 2012, at Pomerene Hospital, Millersburg, after a period of declining health. He was born June 3, 1925, in Saltillo, Holmes County, the son of John Paul and Hannah Alma (Wolgamot) Carillon I, and married Jean Domer. She preceded him in death. He later married Mary Fortune Geog. She also preceded him in death. Owen worked for Pyrofax Gas of Wooster for 25 years and Cal-Gas of Uhrichsville, until his retirement in 1987. He was a member of Welcome Church of Christ and Killbuck VFW. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army from October 1944 to November 1946. He liked to travel, garden and listen to country/ gospel music. He especially enjoyed his trips to Branson,

Mo. He always put others first and brought peace and happiness to those around him. He loved the Lord. Owen was a very special person who always had a smile on his face and a story or joke to tell and to share. Surviving are children, Garry (Fran) Carillon of Loudonville, Pam (Dave) Guster of Dalton, Barbara (Carl) Peck of Logan, Sharon (Herb) Mackey and Mary (Steve) Strouse, both of Glenmont, Dave Geog of Killbuck, Norma DeWitt of Lakeville and Kathy (Brad) Snyder of Millersburg; a former daughter-inlaw, Sue Watkins of West Salem; 20 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters, Earl Sr. (Helen) Carillon of Lancaster, Mary Alsip of Wooster, a twin sister, Opal (Dan) Darling of Mansfield and Kathryn Miller (Gerald) Kiner of Dalton; and a sister-in-law, Edith Carillon of Millersburg. He was preceded in death by his parents; a nephew, Earl Carillon Jr.; a brother, Ralph; brothers-in-law, John Waltman, John Miller and Leo Alsip; a former

daughter-in-law, Jan Carillon; his grandparents, Edward and Clara (Styer) Carillon and John and Abigail (Croft) Wolgamot; and a very special friend, Lanie Buren. Special thanks to Drs. Omran, Latouf and Alhatm, Pomerene Hospital’s emergency department and third floor nursing staff for the excellent care they provided Owen and the support given to family members. Also a very special heartfelt thanks to all the Holmes County Home staff for the wonderful care and love given to Owen while in their care. You all are gifted and the dedication you show daily to the residents is superior. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know. Funeral services were Sunday, Sept. 16 at Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg, with military rites conducted by Killbuck VFW. The Rev. Gerald Craycraft officiated. Burial was in Welcome Cemetery, Holmes County. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Holmes County Home, 7260 State Route 83, Holmesville 44633.

Valley Cemetery is now accepting donations to pay for mowing of the cemetery grounds. Any amount appreciated. For more information call Robert

L. Croskey, 330-276-3322. Donations may be sent to Croskey at 12049 U.S. 62, Killbuck 44637 or Lilian Duncan, P.O. Box 284 Killbuck 44637.

Brief Donations needed for Wolf Creek Cemetery Wolf Creek Pleasant

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 25

Library programs — East Branch Story Celebrations will be Mondays at 11 a.m. for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5, through Oct. 1 and Oct. 15-Nov. 5. Join in the fun with songs, activities, crafts and more. Call the East Branch in Walnut Creek at 330-893-

3464 or stop by the Help Desk to register. — “Our Town, Memories of Holmes County Project” — Do you have old pictures of an event or people in Holmes County? Please consider sharing or donating your photos to the


All Softballs & Gloves

“Our Town” project. — Good news for stu- locate and order items The images or scanned dents and researchers. from colleges and univerrepresentations will be There is now a way to sities. The Wayne Comgathered in a book and shared at the Holmes County Library as well as on its web site. Contact Susan Corl at 330674-5972 with questions or for more information.

munity College library See Pg. 26 — LIBRARY

Did You Know We Provide

10% Discounts on All Items For Schools

Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Softballs, Tetherballs

If We Don’t Have It We Will Order It! 5425 CR 77 • Millersburg, OH 44654 10072019

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Fri. Oct. 5th 10 to 6 • Sat. Oct. 6th 10 to 5 •Sun. Oct. 7th 12 to 5 up to 50% OFF on all in stock

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10% OFF all batterieS 25% OFF automatic battery MaintainerS

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lowest prices eVer on all handguns, Shotguns or rifles.

Visit us at

2700 Akron Rd., Wooster, OH 44691 • 330-264-7735



*Sale priceS On in StOck unitS Only! Sale priceS include all the rebateS tO dealer. priceS & rebateS Subject tO change.

Ohio’s Flooring Super Store Alterna

Warm & Comfortable

HOURS: MON & THU 9am-8pm; TUES & WED 9am-6pm; FRI & SAT 9am-5pm; SUNDAY 12-5pm

Alterna is made in the USA with naturally abundant limestone, it’s eco-friendly as it is good looking.

ONLY $4.89 sq. ft. Installed Easy Care. Lasting Quality. Expires 10-21-12

FREE CARPET TION ls INSTALLA See store for detai

st In-Stock Inventory Choose From the Large owroom! or From Our Design Sh

Locally Owned and Operated for Over 40 Years


WOOSTER 5730 Cleveland Rd. (SR3) 330-345-9991 or 1-877-745-4454 MEDINA 960 Lafayette Rd. (SR42) (7/10 mile west of fairgrounds) • 330-721-1914 New Inventory Arriving Daily!

26 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News


Bicycle winner

theme of hay bales, pumpkins and various colored Amanda A. Yoder of mums flow around an old Mount Eaton was the spring wagon. The wagon winner of the bicycle was given a fresh coat of donated by Miller Hard- paint and relettered. Each ware, D & J Fabrics, year the display becomes Ruby’s Country Store, a photo opportunity for Country Acres Bicycle passersby. Homestead and Winesburg Dairy- Furniture is open Monette. A drawing for the day through Saturday, bicycle took place dur- 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ing Winesburg Fall Festival.

Billy Jacobs Signing

Fall display at Homestead Fiurniture Employees at Homestead Furniture, 8233 State Route 241, Mount Hope, have completed the store’s annual fall display. This year the fall


WE OPEN OCT. 1 • Quality Stuffed Products & CLOSE ON FEB. 28 • Beef & Deer Jerky

We Guarantee Your Own Meat Back!

2934 TR 163, Sugarcreek • 330-897-7972 LOCATED IN FARMERSTOWN

Ohio folk artist Billy Jacobs will be appearing at Starlight Antiques in Historic Downtown Millersburg on Sunday, Oct. 21. Bring in old favorites and purchase some new favorites to hang in your home. In store will be the

RL Hochstetler Flooring 8919 E. Moreland Rd., Apple Creek, OH (330) 698-4818

new Billy Jacobs radiance line which can be seen on Starlight Antiques website or on Facebook. Check Facebook a day or two before the event for special sales. Jacobs will also be signing prints at the Starlight Antique booths Nov. 9 at Walnut Creek Flea Market. Check the Walnut Creek Flea Market website for special sales.

Vendors licenses

I can help with your advertising needs...

Donna Tomak DIX Communications Holmes County Shopper Wooster Daily Record Amish Heartland

Laminate Sale

330-264-1125 or 800-686-2958 ext: 2210


Starting at


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Prefinished Wood Flooring Specials

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Vinyl Sheet – Infinity Collection • Classic and contemporary patterns Vinyl Sheet –performance Infinity Collection Vinyl Sheet ––Infinity Collection Vinyl Sheet Infinity Collection with premium • Classic and contemporary patterns ••Classic and patterns Classic andcontemporary contemporary • 50 styles • 20-year warranty premium performance withwith premium performance with premium performance styles 20-year warranty 50 styles••20-year • 20-year warranty ••5050•styles warranty TM



® FiberFloor® – LifeTime Collection Vinyl Sheet – Inspire Collection with options EXPERIENCE... • High-end beauty and • Vivid and subtle colors ® ® ® ® premium ® ® FiberFloor LifeTime Collection Vinyl Sheet InspireCollection Collection FiberFloor – LifeTime Collection Vinyl Sheet ––Inspire Collection FiberFloor ––LifeTime Collection Vinyl Sheet – Inspire performance within your budget • Artist Demonstrations •• High-end beauty and premium and subtle High-end beauty premium •••Vivid and subtle colors warranty ••High-end beauty and premium subtle colors 34 styles •and Lifetime warranty • Vivid 44and styles • colors 15-year • Horse Drawn Wagon Rides performance within your budget performance within youryour budget performance within budget sq/yd •styles 34 stylesfor •Shopping Lifetime warranty • 44 44 styles ••of 15-year Special Pricing Special Pricing Shopping insurance isn’t one ofisn’t them. As an independent agent, I$can shop Shopping forfor insurance insurance one one them. ofwarranty them. Asindependent an independent As an independent agent, can agent, shop I can shop for insurance isn’t ofisn’t them. As an agent, II can shop ••34 ••Lifetime warranty • 44 styles • 15-year warranty • Olde Time Magic Shows 34Shopping styles Lifetime warranty •one styles 15-year warranty 00sq/yd • Build Your Own Scarecrow among multiple companies and useuse my knowledge experience find thethe among among multiple multiple companies companies andmy use and my use knowledge myand knowledge and experience andtoexperience to find to find the sq/yd among multiple companies and knowledge and experience to find the TM



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There ways There There are better are better ways ways Therearearebetter better ways to tospend time. toyour spend totime. spend youryour time. time. spendyour

FiberFloor – LifeTime Collection FiberFloor – LifeTime Collection Paul Lahm, C.I.C. Paul Paul Lahm, Lahm,C.I.C. C.I.C. Paul Lahm, C.I.C. • High-end beauty ® ®and premium ®




FiberFloor – LifeTime Collection performance 330-231-1661 ® ® 330-231-1661 330-231-1661 330-231-1661 performance – LifeTime Collection •FiberFloor High-end beauty and premium • 34 34 styles styles ••Lifetime Lifetimewarranty warranty • •performance High-end beauty and premium 2516 SR 83, Millersburg 2516 2516 SR SR83, 83,Millersburg Millersburg 2516 SR 83, Millersburg • High-end beauty and premium

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Affiliated Affiliated Affiliatedwarranty with with • 34Affiliated styleswithwith • Lifetime SirakSirak Insurance Services sq/ft Sirak Sirak Insurance Insurance Services Services sq/ft Insurance Services 4700 Dressler Rd., Canton 4700 4700 Dressler Dressler Rd., Rd., Canton 4700 Dressler Rd., Canton sq/ft Canton




FiberFloor ® – FiberFloor – proudly representing representing proudly representing proudly representing EasyLiving Living Fun Collection ® proudly Easy Collection FiberFloor – Fun • Trendy, fun styles that perform ® • Trendy, fun styles that perform EasyFiberFloor Living Fun–Collection • 14styles styles • 15-year warranty • 14 • 15-year warranty • Trendy, fun styles that perform ®


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RlRlHochstetler HochstetlerFlooring Flooring



Easy Living Fun Collection • 14 styles • 15-year • Trendy, fun styles warranty that perform • 14 styles • 15-year warranty TM


The The Central Insurance are comprised of Mutual Insurance Company, The TheCompanies Central Central Insurance Insurance Companies Companies areCentral comprised comprised of Mutual Central of Mutual Central Insurance Mutual Company, Insurance Company, Central Insurance Companies are comprised ofare Central Insurance Company, All America Insurance and and CMI Lloyds (Texas). All AllCompany, America America Insurance Insurance Company, Company, and CMI and Lloyds CMI (Texas). Lloyds (Texas). All America Insurance Company, CMI Lloyds (Texas).

EEMoreland Rl8919 Hochstetler 8919 MorelandRdRdFlooring

Creek, OHRd44606-9445 8919 EHochstetler Moreland Apple Creek, OH 44606-9445 RlApple Flooring (330) 698-4818 Apple Creek, OH 44606-9445 (330) 698-4818 8919 E Moreland Rd (330) 698-4818

Apple Creek, OH 44606-9445



(330) 852-2466

The Daily Record


Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7am-5pm Closed: Wed. & Sat. Sat. Evenings by appointment

Park Model Home - with a Touch of Elegance. Ideal for Hunters, Vacation, Single Dwelling, Field Office, Customized to Suit. Log Cabin Style also Available.

Get all of your business news, 7 days a week in The Daily Record. Call 330-264-1125 or 1-800-686-2958 Subscribe Now!

Advertising Works!

Tarkett NAFCO Luxury Floors Luxury that lives up to everyday.

Typical Floor Plan

Business News

Robert Troyer, Troyer Engine, 4354 County Road 59, Baltic. Tina Geog, 14870 Township Road 4, Brinkhaven. Myers 76 Station, 1333 State Route 83, Millersburg. Berlin Woodworking, 4375 Township Road 366, Millersburg. Joseph R. Hershberger, Hershberger Shoeing, 2732 Township Road 164, Sugarcreek.



Willis J. Yoder, Brookside Hobby Shop, 4774 U.S. Route 62, Millersburg. Kelly Camacho, HC Sports & Apparel, 84 Critchfeld St. Ext., Millersburg. Berlin Gun Works, 4701 U.S. Route 62, Millersburg. Christopher Keim, Country Lane Printing, 3624 County Road 168, Millersburg.



GINGERICH’S FARMERSTOWN MEATS We specialize in Bologna, Wieners Summer Sausage, Deer & Beef Sticks

Business briefs


• 170 Talented Artisan Boutiques • Seasonal & Holiday Décor • Unique Gifts Located on Ohio State

SEPT. 29 & 30 Route 97 Between Butler & Mohican State Park & At 170 (Just Talented 12 miles east ofArtisan I-71 October 6 & 7 Boutiques near Mansfield) $7.00 per adult SATURDAYS & Admission: $3.00 children 6-12, SUNDAYS under 6 free 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Free parking! At 170 Talented Artisan Boutiques

No pets please



benefits, you may download an application from https://wayne.uakron. edu/library/community(Continued From Page 25) or visit the has offered to provide Central Library in Millcommunity cards to Hol- ersburg for a paper form. mes County residents. All applications must be These items may be returned to the Holmes delivered to the Holmes County Library for proCounty Higher Educa- cessing. If you have any tion Center for easy questions about this new pick-up. To apply for the service, contact Susan card and see card holder Corl at 330-674-5972.

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 27

Marriage licenses creek, unemployed. Jacob J. Houser, 24, 18 S. Washington St., Millersburg, unemployed, and Leah M. Tish, 28, same address, paper delivery. Daryl J. Erb, 36, 7807 Baxter Peak, San Antonio, Texas, heavy equip-

ment operator, and Erika B. Redford, 42, same address, registered nurse. Brian R. Yoder, 25, 2800 Township Road 190, Baltic, Raber’s Horse Boarding, and Cindy R. Mast, 20, 33208 State Route 643, Fresno, homemaker.

On Time Delivery - Friendly Service



Call for details

a· 2139 State Route 62 P.O. Box 184 Winesburg, OH 44690


Ken Yoder from Points West Virginia

Hiland Bikes thSeervAingrea FUJI • SChwInn • SUn


Sharing his life testimony - God’s faithfulness at all times, including the loss of his parents in a tragic accident. (Triumph over Tragedy)

Dog Adoptions: $49.00 Includes license and vaccine

Canned Dog Food (any brand) Blankets (they do not have to be new) Leashes and Collars Soft Treats (For example: Beggin Strips) Thank you for your support.

Sewing Machines


Computer repair phoNe setup NetworkiNg equipmeNt repair it troubleshootiNg



Holmesville Electric Automatic Standby Generator

Experienced Installers



Commercial • Residential • Farm Fire Alarms • 24hr. Service

Contractors/Builders Welcome

Check us out at

15 Passenger vans for rent by the day or week. Call now for summer rentals. Good Prices - Trailer Towing

330-893-4913 • 330-473-7468

We specialize in Ceramic Tile

Custom Designs • Floors • Showers • Kitchen • Kitchen backsplashes • Tub Surrounds • Laminate • Vinyl • Carpet • Hardwood

Holmes Co. Dog Warden’s Dept.

• Excavating • Pond Cleaning • New Driveways


1225 US 62, Wilmot, OH 44689



Supplier of: • Ready Mix Concrete • Sand, Gravel & Limestone • Hard Blue Limestone

r Visit Ou om Showro


pallet worker. Wesley R. Miller, 21, 9434 State Route 241, Fredericksburg, construction, and Ina W. Troyer, 19, 8671 Township Road 652, Fredericksburg, unemployed. Adam J. Forrer, 23, 3173 County Road 25, Glenmont, maintenance, and Kayla S. Strouse, 22, 3173 County Road 25, Glenmont, cook. Aaron D. Hershberger, 23, 4899 Township Road 351, Millersburg, construction, and Ashley N. Weaver, 20, 202 E. Main St., Holmesville, care giver. Allen N. Hershberger, 29, 10011 Kidron Road, Fredericksburg, Mount Eaton Pallet, and Esther E. Hershberger, 28, 4870 County Road 207, Millersburg, unemployed. Atlee M. Beachy, 24, 2815 Township Road 182, Baltic, laborer, and Ruth A. Yoder, 22, 2126 Township Road 170, Sugar-


Bradley K. Beachy, 26, 5508 Township Road 381, Millersburg, registered nurse, and Lindsey D. Kline, 21, 4215 County Road 168, Millersburg, massage therapist. Nathan R. Schrock, 21, 5750 County Road 207, Millersburg, siding installer, and Sharon K. Troyer, 21, 5580 County Road 207, Millersburg, unemployed. Jonathan R. Schrock, 24, 5750 County Road 207, Millersburg, dairy farmer, and Lisa R. Miller, 22, 2715 State Route 93, Sugarcreek, unemployed. Scott A. Partridge, 43, 1915 Township Road 73, Killbuck, laborer, and Sonja M. Oswald, 31, same address, factory worker. Leon E. Yoder, 20, 4952 County Road 59, Baltic, furniture finisher, and Leona B. Raber, 20, 5493 County Road 68, Millersburg, meat processing and

Baby Lock Tiara Long Arm Quilting Machine

Premier Price $5,999

Suggested Retail $6,899 Brother Innovis VM 6200 D

Premier Pricing $5,499 Suggested retail $8,499

Since 1985

130 Lumens Head Light $39.95

Other Machines Starting at $299 Visit our website for upcoming October classes!

2 Locations to Serve You 10070253

4860 TR 367 Millersburg, Ohio 4441 CR 70 Charm, Ohio VM: 330-893-2769 Cell: 330-231-1798 Mon. & Tues. 8-8; SALES & SERVICE Mon. 8-7; Thurs. & Fri. 8-5:30; Sat. 8-2 Tues, Thur, Fri. 8-5; Sat. 8-12

Sunday September 30th at 7:00pm Gospel Haven Church 6871 SR 241, Millersburg

• 7500+ Bolts Quilting Fabrics • Notions Machine Sales Service and repair 11004 CR 320 Millersburg OH 44654 • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10a-5p Saturday 10a-3p

If I’m Not Home, I’m Somewhere Sewing!


28 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Marriage licenses

KUNTRY KORNER BAKERY Family Owned Since 1970

Customer Appreciation Day

12305 SR 39 (8 mi. West of Millersburg – 10 mi. East of Loudonville)


Saturday, Sept. 29

Benjamin P. Shedron, 27, 8954 County Road 393, Millersburg, detail professional, and Autumn D. Allison, 25, 8954 County Road 393, Millersburg, unemployed. Greg H. Thompson, 26, 3402 State Route 83, Millersburg, mechanic, and Ronda R. Bowles, 22, same address, office man-

ager. Zac E. Markley, 22, 8969 State Route 83, Holmesville, LuK, and Shawna L. Morris, 21, same address, unemployed. Milan C. Yoder, 21, 3375 Township Road 159, Millersburg, day laborer, and Sara R. Miller, 21, 1924

Township Road 183, Baltic, unemployed. Leroy A. Swartzentruber, 21, 4681 County Road 229, Fredericksburg, woodworking, and Amanda E. Miller, 3724 Township Road 414, Dundee, unemployed Robert M. Miller, 30,

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8861 County Road 235, Fredericksburg, woodworking, and Susan L. Keim, 22, same address, unemployed. Daniel E. Schlabach, 23, 3170 State Route 39, Millersburg, E-Mar Wood, and Naomi D. Weaver, 20, 6396 Township Road 413, Dundee, server. Michael J. Galford, 57, 3251 Township Road 1021, Killbuck, selfemployed, and Tina K. Williams, 46, same address, dietary aide. Gary C. Kaufman, 32, 6953 Township Road 466, Lakeville, construction, and Michelle L. Foglesong, 32, same address, golf course sales. Merlin J. Mast, 24, 7764 State Route 241, Millersburg, Weaver Leather, and Maria M. Burkholder, 23, 6083 Township Road 363, Millersburg, unemployed. Paul A. Yoder, 24, 5510 County Road 201, Millersburg, farmer, and Hannah Wagler, 20, 10025 McQuaid Road, Orrville, unemployed. Nathaniel J. Elkins, 21, 2220 Bruce Road, Apt. 77, Delaware, patient access representative, and Michelle L. Allison, 21, 8947 Township Road 552, Shreve, bank teller. David H. Slutzman, 21, 5502 Township Road 118, Blatic, carpenter, and Leanna N. Hershberger, 20, 5925 County Road 59, Millersburg, unemployed. Keith A. Miller, 21, 42 Sunnyfield Drive, Cortland, N.Y., student, and Christy L. Sneller, 30, 7241 Township Road 319, Millersburg, food service director. Daniel B. Miller, 25, 2415 Township Road 112, Millersburg, laborer, and Ruby A. Barkman, 23, 5020 County Road 59, Baltic, unemployed.

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The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 29

Obituaries Judson Schuler, 96 Post 192 and VFW, and a loyal Buckeye fan. Judson served on the Pomerene Hospital Board, The Commercial & Savings Bank Board, and was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. Surviving are a son, Judd Dean (Mary Jean) Schuler of Millersburg; a daughter, Cynda Kay (David) Widder of Westerville; grandchildren, Chad (Leslie) Schuler, Kimberly (Jason) Schaffer, Kelly (Robert) Susey and Kyle Widder; eight great-grandchildren; and special nieces and nephews. Preceding him in death were his wife, Beverly Grace Blum; a sister, Janet Schuler Burkholder; and brothers, John Wilson and James Palmer Schuler. Arrangements were handled by Alexander Funeral Home, 8612 State Route 39, Millersburg. Memorial services celebrating Judson’s life were held at the First Presbyterian Church, 90 S. Clay St., Millersburg Thursday, Sept. 13, with the Rev. Burnetta Armour officiating. Private burial was in Oak Hill Cemetery. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Holmes County Education Foundation, 114 N. Clay St., Millersburg 44654.

John C. Yoder, 28 John Christian Yoder, 28, of 230 S. Broadway St., Sugarcreek, d i e d unexpectedly on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, at Affinity Community Hospital in Massillon. He was born Jan. 1, 1984, in Millersburg to Milo and Leah (Schrock) Yoder Jr. of Sugarcreek. He graduated in 2002 from Faith Christian Academy in Wilmot and was a member of Pleasant View Mennonite Church. He was an accomplished guitarist and worship leader. He also was involved in the Youth Ministry with Bible Mem-

ory Camp and spent a year in Northern Ireland leading worship services and working with the youth. In addition to his parents, he is survived by his brother, Chad Daniel (Karen) Yoder of Walnut Creek; his sister, Elizabeth (Jason) Miller of Apple Creek; his grandmother, Sarah (Miller) Yoder of Millersburg; and many aunts and uncles. He especially enjoyed being a loving uncle to his niece, Addison, and nephew, Charlie. Services were held Monday, Sept. 17, at Pleasant View Mennonite Church with pastor Dennis Hostetler officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery. Arrangements were handled by Smith-Varns Funeral Home at Sugarcreek.

Allen Dean Smith, 67, died Sept. 2, 2012, at his home in Anchorage, Alaska, after a courageous battle with cancer. The oldest of seven children, he was born Nov. 15, 1944. He was raised near Shreve and graduated from Big PrairieLakeville High School in 1962. Allen attended Ozark Christian College and graduated from Great Lakes Bible College in 1967. He led a puppeteer ministry in Michigan. After a few years as a minister in Michigan, Allen felt a calling to Alaska to preach the word of God. He and his family have been in Anchorage since 1970. Allen was the minister of Cook Inlet Church of Christ, a church he built and preached for over 40 years. He also drove a school bus for 25 years. He delighted in all children, his own as well as the kids on his school bus.

Buddy Stockpile, 51

He was instrumental in the development of the adult baseball league in Anchorage, which led to 30 years of umpiring baseball and he was recently inducted into the Anchorage Adult Baseball League Hall of Fame. He gave his life to his family and his heart and soul to reaching out to those in need, and to preach the message of Jesus Christ. He will be missed by his family, friends and people whose lives he touched. He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Emily; his daughter, Laura Ford; son, Philip (Crystal) Smith; daughter, Angela (Joe) Case; son, David (Crystal) Smith; daughter, Jennifer (Vatthana) Chaleunvon; 23 grandchildren; a great-grandchild; father, Dean Smith; sisters, Lois Nedolast and Ellen Smith; brothers, Marvin, Dale, Neal and Blair Smith. A memorial service took place Sunday, Sept. 23 at Ripley Church of Christ, 12298 County Road 330, Big Prairie.

Rex Chaney Sr., 64 Rex D. Chaney Sr., 64, of Killbuck, passed away Saturday afternoon, Aug. 25, 2012, at his home. He was born on May 31, 1948, in Killbuck, and he was the son of Charles E. and Hilda (Brankel) Chaney. On March 16, 1968, he married Sharon Justice, and she survives. Rex loved his family and adored his grandchildren. He was an outdoorsman who liked to hunt and loved to fish. Surviving in addition to his wife are four children, twin daughters, Katrina Heimberger and Salina Rush, both of Loudonville, and two sons, Rex D. Chaney Jr., Killbuck, and Jason Chaney, Millers-

burg; five grandchildren, Allison, Kaiden, Brayden, Blaine and Abigail; a brother, Terry Chaney, Killbuck; and three sisters, Nyoka Boley, Killbuck, Effie Sheldon, Killbuck, and Joyce West, Coshocton. He was preceded in death by his parents; a grandson, Nicholas Heimberger; and four brothers, Larry, Ronnie, Gary and Bruce; and three sisters, Pat Strouse, Edna Roach and Loretta Mohler. Funeral services were Wednesday, Aug. 29 at Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg, with Pastor John Harrison officiating. Burial was at the Killbuck Cemetery.

Buddy D. Stackpole, 51, of Glenmont, passed away Monday, Sept. 17, 2 0 1 2 , at the Clevel a n d Clinic, after a long illness. Buddy was born Dec. 28, 1 9 6 0 , in Ashland, the son of Frank and Rose (Haught) Stackpole,, and married Mary Friend on June 19, 2004. She survives. He was Catholic by faith and was a veteran of the U.S. Army. Surviving in addition to his wife, are his mother,

Rose Stackpole of Ohio; and sisters, Dusty (Gary) Poskocil of Missouri and Lora (Wayne) Erclauz of Florida; stepsons, Robert Friend of Wooster, Jonathan Friend of Holmesville, Michael Friend of Wooster and Darin Mosier Jr. of Wooster. He was preceded in death by his father, Frank; and a brother, Dennis Stackpole. A memorial get-together wase held Sunday, Sept. 23 at Glenmont Park. Arrangements were handled by Alexander Funeral Home, Millersburg. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to Alexander Funeral Home, P.O. Box 108, Millersburg 44654, to help with expenses.

Lois Bailey, 94 Lois E. Bailey, 94, of Walnut Creek, died Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012, at Walnut Hills Nursing Home. She was born in Massillon on Dec. 20, 1917, to the late Charles N. and Ethel Jenny (Jacoby) Hostetter and lived most of her life in Wayne and Stark counties. She had worked at the Wayne County Schools Career Center and the Legal Aid Society. She enjoyed gardening, singing hymns, oil and watercolor painting, photography, ceramics and quilting. Surviving are children, Lois JoAnne (Guy Roy) Stallman of Holmesville, James Arthur (Linda) Bai-

ley of Bucyrus and Judith Ellen Bailey of Nags Head, N.C.; grandchildren, Scott Stallman, Bethany Phillips, Ronald Bailey and Amy Bils; 13 greatgrandchildren; and a greatgreat-granddaughter. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a son, Charles Curtis Bailey; two grandsons; four sisters; and a brother. Funeral services were Friday, Sept. 21 at Spidell Funeral Home, 15900 E. Main St., Mount Eaton, with the Rev. Christopher Stewart officiating. Burial was in Westlawn Cemetery, Mount Eaton.

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Judson Critchfield Schuler, passed away Sept. 9, 2012. He resided in Holmes County for nearly all of his 96 years. Born Sept. 5, 1916, on the Schuler Farm, he was the second child of E d i t h Palmer and John Charles Schuler. He graduated from Millersburg High School, The Ohio State University, and The OSU College of Law in 1941. After passing the bar exam, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He graduated from Engineer Officer Candidate School, served in World War II as combat engineer with the 254th Engineer Combat Battalion and 1121st Engineer Group, 5th Army Corps. His unit participated in all five campaigns in the European Theater of Operations. In 1946, he returned to Millersburg, married Beverly Grace Blum on July 23, 1946, and began the practice of law. He held dear the people of Holmes County and it was his lifelong passion to live and serve here. He was a devoted son, husband, father and grandfather, a proud veteran and member of American Legion Holmes

Allen Smith, 67

30 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Sports View is better Orrville seeking first home win from the top

Granted, it is only half way through the season. So it’s a little early to get too excited. And I’ll be the first to admit that the ones who decide which way the ball is going to bounce (and I don’t mean the replacement officials) have been making it bounce my way a few times more often this year than in recent memory. But I must admit, after spending the last two years at the bottom looking up at the rest of the pickers in our weekly Daily Record Football Picks feature, I like the view from up top. There is a certain delicious irony to the fact that I am among the leaders of the Daily Record football picks midway through the season. All these people with whom I share a space in the sports department spend so much time sweating over their picks, I would be willing to wager that I have put as much time and thought into my picks all season long as it takes guys like Josh McWilliams and our illustrious leader Aaron Dorksen to decide on one game!

KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer The Red Riders are still seeking their first win on their new turf. Orrville is 1-4 on the season, 0-2 in the Ohio Cardinal Conference, after getting thumped last week by Mansfield Senior 35-12. Quarterback Kyle Lichti has thrown for 791 yards on the season. He was 8-of-27 against the Tygers last week, including an interception. He ran for a score, as the Riders gained 187 yards on the ground. Brandon Johnson is his top target, hauling in 18 passes for 370 yards and five TDs going into last week’s action. Kayron Inman and Martavius

They have to go on line to Max Preps or some other web sites to see how the teams have done in previous weeks. I just pick ‘em. Of course, I do put some thought into an occasional pick. Like a few weeks back when I picked Utah to beat BYU. I thought back to a T-shirt my brother (who lives in Wyoming) once gave me. The T-shirt read: “My favorite team is the University of Wyoming Cowboys, and anyone that beats BYU.” I always liked that T-shirt and wore it until it was all torn and tattered, so I had to pick against BYU. And it was the right choice, even though it took some weirdness at the end of the game, like BYU missing two field goal attempts in the final seconds and the fans pouring onto the field. There’s a lot of weirdness that goes into football anyhow.



It’s unusual for a consistent 1,000-yard running back to bounce around the NFL. In fact, only two players in league history have gained at least 1,000 yards in a season with three different teams. Any guesses? The first to do it was Ricky Watters, who topped the mark in 7 out of 10 seasons from 1992 through 2000 for San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle. The other is the still-active Willis McGahee, who has done it with Buffalo, Baltimore and Denver since being drafted in 2004. Here’s one from the remarkable coincidence department. Every year, the ACC gives out the Brian Piccolo Award to the conference’s most courageous player, named of course for the late Brian Piccolo, who died of cancer while still a player for the Chicago Bears. In 2011, the award was given to North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard, who tore up his knee in 2010 but came back to rush for 1,222 yards last season. So get this: Bernard graduated from Fort Lauderdale High School. So did Brian Piccolo. If you’re a Formula One race car fan, remember the name Lance Stoll. Just 13 in the summer of 2012, the Montreal native was signed by Ferrari, the sport’s oldest team at the tender age of 11 after dominating the Canadian go-kart circuit. Stoll will race go-karts in Europe until age 15, when he can get behind the wheel of a car. Until then, he’ll make monthly visits to Ferrari’s Driver Academy in Maranello, Italy, for reflex drills, breathing exercises and strategy sessions. I bet you didn’t know... the best truck deals are at sPurGeON cheVrOlet iN wOOster. check it Out iN PersON at 1119 w. Old liNcOlN way iN wOOster .... Or at www.sPurGeONcheVrOlet.cOM WOOSTER • 264-2300

making big contributions. Perone rushed for 128 yards in last week’s win over Ashland while playing on a sprained ankle that limited him to only playing offense. Mackey chipped in 107 yards and two fourth-quarter touchdowns that helped lift the Knights over the Arrows. Gabe Snyder enjoyed another solid game at quarterback, throwing for a touchdown to Brock Macaulay and running for 44 yards on seven carries. Snyder and Macaulay both turned in big games at defensive end. Defensive backs Brady Arnold and Mitch Sheely each had an interception against the Arrows.

Knights pull out thriller against Ashland

See Pg. 31 — VIEW


Dyson are the top two runners for the Riders. Dyson ran for 75 yards and a score in the loss to Mansfield Senior. Chase Infield and Trevor Summers lead the defensive charge for Orrville. West Holmes is undefeated midway through the season for the first time since 2006, thanks to an impressive ground game that resembles the one the Knights featured in 1999 when Rod Taylor, Billy Baker and Nolan Mackey were carving up defenses. Layne Perone and Garrett Mackey (not same family) provide the one-two punch for West Holmes with Grant Hay and Luke Ogi

KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer In a game of contrasting styles that featured Ashland’s aerial assault and the powerful ground game of West Holmes, the visiting Knights managed to come up big on defense to pull out a 41-36 thriller at Ashland Community Stadium. The Knights managed to stop Ashland and its strong-armed quarterback Tyson Vogel after taking the lead early in the fourth quarter. West Holmes tacked onto its lead and then held on for the victory and a 5-0 record, 2-0 in the showdown of Ohio Cardinal Conference leaders. Senior running back Garrett Mackey scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns to give the Knights a 41-30 lead with 5:52 remaining in the game. Mackey came up huge for the Knights, amassing 107 yards on 19 carries to complement the hard-charging running of junior Layne Perone (22 carries, 128 yards). “I can’t stress enough how well our offensive line blocked tonight,” Mackey said. “Our defense and secondary really sucked it up tonight. It was such a difference from last year to this year. It’s just such a great feeling. I don’t know what to say.” Mackey let his work on the field do the talking for him. The Arrows struck first on a 9-yard run by Vogel, capping off a 10-play 79-yard drive.

Bob Reining photo

West Holmes quarterback Gabe Snyder looks over the Ashland defense as he gets ready to take a snap during first-half action Friday in Ashland. Snyder engineered three first-half touchdown drives and three more in the second half to help West Holmes knock off the reigning Ohio Cardinal Conference champion Arrows. The Knights countered with an 11-play, 65-yard drive, with Perone going the final 5 yards. Logan Gallion’s conversion kick knotted things up at 7-7 with one second remaining in the first period. West Holmes coach Kevin Maltarich was surprised when he looked at the scoreboard after the first quarter and saw the Arrows only had seven points. “We try to maintain a business-as-usual attitude, not getting up or down,” Maltarich said. “We didn’t get rattled, we

just went out and played football. I think that’s the least they’ve scored in all my years of coaching, either at Madison or here.” Brady Arnold intercepted a Vogel pass and returned it to the Ashland 7, from where it took three plays for the Knights to score. Gabe Snyder bulled his way into the end zone from the 3 for a 13-7 lead at 10:23 of the second period. After an Ashland punt, the Knights went up 21-7 on a Luke Ogi 2-yard

run. Snyder ran it in for the two-point conversion and a 21-7 lead midway through the second quarter. Asland answered with a 6-yard scoring strike from Vogel to Nick Barker to trim the Knights’ lead to 21-14. The Arrows intercepted a Snyder pass which led to a 32-yard field goal by Barker with less than a minute remaining in the first half to cut the spread to 21-17 at the half. Ashland took the secSee Pg. 31 — KNIGHTS

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 31

Lytle, Biltz lead West Holmes to fifth at OCC KEVIN LYNCH Staff Writer A solid round of 81 at the Ohio Cardinal Conference tournament Thursday at Mohican Hills, coupled with his record through the regular season helped Wooster senior Nick Buckingham earn OCC Player of the Year honors. Buckingham’s 81 was good enough for third place overall at the OCC tournament, behind an 80 turned in by Orrville junior Layne Scheufler and a 78 by Clear Fork’s Colby Peters. “My irons were working well today,” Buckingham said. “My approach shots are probably what got me there. You have to put the ball in the right spot or you can be off the back of the green or other trouble.” Wooster coach Mark Snowbarger was very pleased with the effort turned in by Buckingham and the rest of the Generals, who finished fourth in the league tournament with a team score of 341. Wooster finished behind

Alex Lytle watches as his putt comes up just short of a birdie on the par 3 fourth hole at Mohican Hills. Lytle finished with an 82 to lead the Knights to a fifthplace finish in the OCC tournament on Sept. 20.

“The greens were fast and it was a little windy. But it was fun most of the time ...” Alex Lytle, West Holmes senior champion Lexington (330), Ashland (338) and Clear Fork (338). West Holmes finished fifth (352), followed by Madison (360) and Orrville (367). Mansfield Senior had one player and no team score. The Knights had a trio of players shoot in the 80s. Alex Lytle led the way with an 82. Jason Biltz shot an 88 and Andrew Schlabach shot an 89. Caleb Stein rounded out the card with a 93. Lytle’s round of 82 earned him second-team All-OCC honors. “The greens were fast and it was a little windy,” the senior said. “But it was fun most of the time. This is a beautiful course.” Biltz, who was honorable mention all-conference, pointed to the fact

that he had to take a triple-bogey on the 12th hole when he couldn’t find his tee shot that hooked left, and mistakes like that hurt him overall. “I couldn’t get off the tee to save my life,” Biltz said. “I played my irons pretty good and had some punch shots that were good. I should’ve scored a lot better. I did get a par on every par 3.” West Holmes coach Dustin Geitgey said the team finished about where he thought it would. “I thought 350 was right about where we’d be,” Geitgey said. “Considering we only won one conference match this year, to come out of the tournament with two guys getting recognized says a lot about those two young men.”

Kevin Lynch photo

View (Continued From Page 30) Like how the Cleveland Browns continue to make up ways to lose. It all goes back to the Kansas City game when the team first came back to Cleveland, and No. 57 yanks his helmet off on the field to celebrate a last-second miss by the Chiefs’ kicker, only to be penalized for the infraction of taking off his helmet to celebrate, giving the Chiefs another shot at the field goal, which they make and the Browns lose… again. Think of the opener this year against Philadelphia. The

Browns intercepted Michael Vick four times and lost. A fifth interception would’ve won the game for the clowns, I mean Browns, but a rookie linebacker let the ball go right through his hands. On the very next play, Cleveland lost. It has been really easy to pick against Cleveland every week, because they lose almost every week. This is my third season of picking, and I can’t remember if I ever picked the Browns. And with the weirdness of football goes a lot of emotion. Some people take this stuff way too seriously. When my son was a senior at

West Holmes two years ago, he got a bunch of crap from his friends when I made the mistake of picking against the Knights. Since he came home complaining, I have had to pick the Knights every week. Last season, my loyalty to the locals paid great dividends when I was the lone staffer to go against the grain and pick West Holmes to beat Ashland. Doc and I are the only ones who have seen West Holmes play so far this year, and we both took the Knights against the Arrows and we were both right. I’ve had a few picks this year

where I was the loner to take one team or another, like in Week 1 when San Francisco downed Green Bay, or the pick of the Cleveland Knights over Rittman. I never liked being pigeonholed, having to like one style or none. I like to be a little more eclectic. Growing up in the late 1960s and ‘70s, while my friends were listening to hard rock and roll like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and the like, music which I enjoyed, I also enjoyed listening to softer pop stuff like The Carpenters or John Denver. I even liked listening to classical music. I did not like

being told by my friends what I should or shouldn’t like or listen to. Earlier this season, there was some grumbling over in Orrville that I always pick against the Red Riders. Well, not always, but the first two weeks I did, and I was right half of the time. But then I gave into peer pressure and picked the Riders the next two weeks, and guess what? Well, it wouldn’t be fun if I got every pick right. I have been right far more often than I’ve been wrong thus far this season, and again, I am enjoying the view.

Knights (Continued From Page 30) and tucked it in.” That gave West Holmes ond-half kickoff and a 28-24 lead with 3:37 marched right down the remaining in the third field to take a 24-21 lead period. on a 8-yard scoring pass The Arrows struck to Kozmo Krueger. right back with a sevUndaunted, West Holm- en-play drive, capped es answered with a 13-play, off by another Vogel73-yard drive, capped off to-Krueger connection by a 5-yard Snyder to for 30-28 advantage as Brock Macaulay touch- the third period ended. down pass. Macaulay Vogel completed 27-ofcaught the pass that was 57 passes on the night for knocked up in the air as 357 yards and five touchhe was falling back. downs. The senior also “Slow motion. It was ran for a score. like slow motion,” Macau“He’s a heck of an athlay said. “I didn’t know if I lete,” Maltarich said. was in the air or not after “He’s a three-year startit hit my hands. I dove and er, starting on defense the cupped it with one hand past two years.”

Mackey then broke free for a pair of big runs, one being a 9-yard TD jaunt to give the Knights a 34-30 lead. “I’m real confident in all of our backs,” Maltarich said. “Garrett ripped off some big runs for us and the O-line came through. It was a total team effort.” The defense held the Arrows and forced a punt, setting up a six-play, 57-yard drive, capped off by a 5-yard Mackey scoring burst. Gallion’s kick gave the Knights a 41-30 lead with 5:52 remaining. The defense again rose to the occasion, holding the Arrows on downs,

but the Knights couldn’t generate anything either, punting back to Ashland with less than four minutes remaining in the game. “We knew it was going to be a shootout and a hard-fought game for 48 minutes,” Maltarich said. “I’m just so proud of these guys from where we came two years ago. It just says a lot about these kids.” Ashland struck quickly on two big pass plays, one a 39-yarder to Barker and a 23-yard scoring pass to Jacob Alton, cutting the lead to 41-36 with 2:48 to play.

The Knights recovered an onside kick and tried to run out the clock, but were forced to punt with 14 seconds remaining. Macaulay boomed a kick to the Ashland 9 and Mitch Sheely intercepted a Hail Mary pass to end the game. The Knights rushed for 315 yards on 58 carries, and Snyder completed 4-of-8 passes for another 54 yards. Offensive lineman Keaton Leppla said he was proud of the work done by the backfield of the Knights. “I told those guys, if we’re in the way, just

bowl us over,” Leppla said. “They did a heck of a job; Layne out there with a sprained ankle, running like he normally does. And Garrett Mackey stepped up huge for us. And Grant Hay stepped in there and made some big runs for us. “That’s a heck of a football team,” Leppla added. “It was another tough, physical game. But, again, we pushed through the adversity.” Ashland coach Scott Valentine tipped his hat to the Knights. “That was a heck of a game. We battled tough for four quarters,” he said.

The Holmes County Shopper News

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 32

Sports roundup West Holmes used a win over Orrville to help it to a third-place finish at the Jackson Invitational on Saturday to cap off a rough week of volleyball action for the Knights. The Knights went 2-1 Saturday at the Jackson Invite, beating Northwest and losing to Louisville before topping Ohio Cardinal Conference rival Orrville for the bronze. Paiten Strother banged 23 kills to lead the Knight hitters, with Laina Snyder pounding 17. Both had three aces, while Cara Park had 52 assists and was named to the all-

tournament team. “When we play well, with emotion and desire like we did in the match with Orrville, we’re very, very good,” West Holmes coach Jim Park said. “If we can find that button ... maybe we just need all of our opponents to wear red and black. It was nice to end on a good note.” Lexington 25, 27, 25 West Holmes 18, 25, 16

Going to Lexington on Thursday, West Holmes just couldn’t break through in a pivotal Game 2. Instead, the Lady Lex turned back the Knights en route to secur-

ing the win and improving to 10-5 overall and 6-2 in the OCC, while West Holmes fell to 7-4 overall and 5-3 in the conference. Laina Snyder (2 aces) led the Knights attack with 12 kills, Paiten Strother smacked out six and Cara Park added five kills to her team-high 22 assists. At the line it was Haley Judson with three aces. Madison 15, 25, 25, 20, 15 West Holmes 25, 21, 13, 25, 13 West Holmes rebounded in Game 4 and had the upper-hand in Game

5, but the Rams took the momentum right back at the end to win it. With the loss, the Knights fell to 7-3, 5-2 in the OCC. “We had passing issues at the end of Game 5,” said West Holmes coach Jim Park. “When you’re up 5-0 in the fifth game you should win the match.” Laina Snyder (20 kills) and Paiten Strother (17 kills) were the offensive leaders. Cara Park handed out 44 assists. CROSS COUNTRY Sandy Valley Invitational West Holmes’ Emily

Molnar led the way at the Sandy Valley Invitational. Molnar led the Knights’ strong effort with a time of 19:31 and a secondplace finish. Joining her in the top 10 were Alexis Eliot (7th) and Alexis Kandel (8th) as West Holmes finished the Invite with score of 66, which was just behind second-place Carrollton’s 64. Winning the Invite was Minerva with a team score 48. The West Holmes boys found themself in a threeteam race with Fairless and Green in the Large

Division at the Invite. By the meet’s end, it was the Falcons who soared away with a slight edge over the Knights 73-75 and five points ahead of Green. Cully Gordon led all local runners at the Invite with a time of 16:58 and a secondplace finish for West Holmes. Also finishing in the top 10 was Sam Boyd with a sixth-place time of 17:13. Joining the duo were Tim Young (16th), Nate Ewing (25th) and J.R. Yoder (26th), who all had strong runs for the Knights.

Sports News To get your Sports News published weekly, Call: 1-800-686-2958 x 1639 Fax: 330-264-3756 Email:


Legals 5

LEGAL COUNTY: HOLMES The following applications and/or verified complaints were received, and the following draft, proposed and final actions were issued, by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) last week. The complete public notice including additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information or a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: http:// or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-2129 email:

Legals 5

IDENTIFICATION NO.: P0110324 Initial installation and operation permit for a semidowndraft, manual spray coating operation for wood furniture with overspray filters. Parts are dried in a hot water-heated oven. Publish Holmes County Hub September 20, 2012 Publish Holmes County Shopper September 27, 2012

LEGAL COUNTY: HOLMES The following applications and/or verified complaints were received, and the following draft, proposed and final actions were issued, by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) last week. The complete public notice including addiFINAL ISSUANCE OF tional instructions for subP E R M I T - T O - I N S T A L L mitting comments, requestAND OPERATE ing information or a public hearing, or filing an appeal INDIAN TRAIL may be obtained at: http:// WOODWORKING 6661 ST. RTE 515 or Hearing Clerk, Ohio DUNDEE OH EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. ACTION DATE: 9/4/2012 Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio FACILITY DESCRIPTION: 43216. AIR Ph: 614-644-2129 email:



PROVIA DOOR ONE (1) MILE EAST OF WALNUT CREEK WALNUT CREEK TWP. OH ACTION DATE : 09/18/2012 FACILITY DESCRIPTION: WASTEWATER IDENTIFICATION NO. : 880394 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Sanitary Sewer Extension for Provia Door - Walnut Creek Facility at 2150 State Route 39 Publish Holmes County Hub Publish Holmes County Shopper September 27,2012

Legals 5

public notice including additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information or a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: http:// or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-2129 email: FINAL ISSUANCE OF RENEWAL OF NPDES PERMIT RBB SYSTEMS INC 8767 TOWNSHIP RD 513 S H R E V E OH ACTION DATE : 10/01/2012 RECEIVING WATERS: UT TO SHREVE CREEK FACILITY D E S C R I P T I O N : SEMI-PUBLIC IDENTIFICATION NO. : 3PR00444*BD This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC.

LEGAL COUNTY: HOLMES The following applications and/or verified complaints were received, and the following draft, proposed and final actions were issued, by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) APPLICATION RECEIVED last week. The complete FOR AIR PERMIT

Legals 55

77 COACH SUPPLY, LTD 7426 COUNTY ROAD 77 M I L L E R S B U R G OH ACTION DATE : 09/05/2012 FACILITY DESCRIPTION: AIR IDENTIFICATION NO. : A0045601 New installation of 237-HP stationary spark-ignited natural gas RICE. Publish Holmes County Hub September 20, 2012 Publish Holmes County Shopper September 27, 2012



NEW GIRL in town! Sam Wirt taking appointments at Ladybug Family Hair Care. All hair services - natural nails, fingers & toes. 330-567-3200.

ROUTE 83 Restaurant 7501 SR 83 Holmesville Monday-Sunday 6am-9pm Great Food & Spirits. Breakfast all day! 330-279-3663


Lost & Found

LOST - Honda Welder Gene r a t o r Happy Ads with 75' cable. Between CR 77 & Hackett Rd.-Apple Creek. Call Trail Plumbing, 3 3 0 - 8 9 3 - 3 4 2 3 . REWARD!

Happy 50th Anniversary

Roman & Amanda 00500 AD12661103 144 Hershberger CLASS October 1962 happy ad 1x2 for3,Hershberger

If you know this couple, please send a card to 2371 TR 415 Dundee, OH 44624


Business Opportunity

HOME BUSINESS opportunity. Part-time or full-time, choose your own hours. Contact (330) 893-1042

The Holmes County Shopper News 70

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 33

Business Opportunity


If you would like to have your name put on our list of prospective carriers or drivers in your area, simply call the circulation department at 330-264-1125 ext 2257 or 1-800-686-3958, or stop by our office at 212 E. Liberty St., Wooster. Please refer to the individual route number when calling. There is no collecting of money from any of our customers on any of our delivery routes.


THE ECONOMY GOT YOU DOWN? GOOD PART TIME $$$$$ FOR PART TIME HOURS DELIVERING THE LOCAL MORNING NEWSPAPER FOR THE DAILY RECORD If you would like to have your name put on our list of prospective carriers or drivers in your area, simply call the circulation department at 330-264- 1125 ext 2257 or 1-800-686-3958, or stop by our office at 212 E. Liberty St., Wooster. Please refer to the individual route number when calling. There is no collecting of money from any of our customers on any of our delivery routes. CALL TODAY!!

105 General FAST GROWING Landscape Company looking for good dependable workers. "Good Pay". Start now!! 330-641-4109. YUTZY WOODWORKING is a manufacturer of high quality hardwood furniture and is looking for good, dependable craftsmen. We have a variety of openings from lower entry to woodworking equipment operators & finishers. Competitive rates of pay depending on your position and experience. We offer a health plan with company contribution & contribute to the Amish church fund. Vacation time and paid holidays. Please stop by our office, located on CR 672, just past Wendell August Forge on US 62, between Berlin and Winesburg, to fill out an application. Our hours are 5am-3pm, M-F. We are a drugfree workplace. EXPERIENCED TIMBER cutter with a drivers license. 330-231-2234 RABER'S BIKE SHOP now taking applications for a bike mechanic. Need a committed, mechanical minded individual with an avid interest in cycling. Prefer 18 yrs. or older, 10 mo. work available, 1st yr. followed by full-time work. Competitive wages & commitment. Call 330-674-3186 or apply in person. 6515 SR 241, Millersburg, OH. Will train. HELP WANTED: CENTRAL LIBRARY CUSTODIAN Level 2 $8.50/hr-16HPW; Min qualifications: ability to read & write, requisite custodial experience preferred-floor, furniture, restroom cleaning & maintenance; empty trash, change light bulbs, wash windowsmaintain overall cleanliness of the library; Occasional evening/weekend hours. Limited benefits avail. Appl. avail at:; Central Library, 3102 Glen Dr; & East Branch, 4877 Olde Pump Rd, Walnut Creek; Appl accepted thru 10/5/2012; ATTN: Director. No phone calls. - EOE WANTED: AMISH girl for housecleaning every Friday in the Berlin area. Phone (330) 674-2225. POWER WASHERS -Part time during week & part time weekend work. Valid drivers license a must. 330-852-7111. OIL SERVICE rig taking applications for rig hands. (740) 824-4692. DRIVER & WORKER needed for framing crew, Winesburg area. (330) 340-2192 DRIVER/ WORKER for concrete flatwork. No experience necessary. Good driving record. Call 330-472-9717.

105 General HELP WANTED: Edger Operator for saw mill. Applecreek, Ohio. Transportation provided in some areas. 330-464-7642 PART TIME SERVICE DRIVER The Daily Record Circulation Department is accepting applications for a part-time service delivery driver. Must be willing to work early morning hours and weekends. Job duties include assisting the District Managers in our delivery area in the day to day operation and distribution of The Daily Record newspaper. Applicants must have dependable vehicle, current driver's license and auto insurance. Advancement opportunities will be available for the right employee. Apply to the circulation department at 212 E. Liberty St., Wooster, OH. or e-mail Eric Patterson at: epatterson@


Make $$ for the holidays. No parties, quotas, inventory. Only $10 to join.


Experienced Horse Stall cleaners needed, this is a physically labor intense job. Those who are not hard workers, need not apply. Part time AM job. Call (330)674-2503 Leave message with horse experience description.


Drivers Trucking

DRIVERS: Dedicated Account! $500 Sign-On Bonus! Top Pay, Benefits, Miles, Weekly Home-Time & More! Werner Enterprises: 1-888-567-3109 DRIVERS: HOME Every weekend and thru the week. Dedicated Account. $1,200.00 Orientation Completion, $1,000.00 Driver Referral Bonuses! CDL-A OTR Exp. Req. 1-888-335-9565.

195 Services 225 FOR RENT: Case skid Loader with bucket, pallet fork, manure fork. Also 4 ton dump trailer and 30 ton log splitter. Henry J. Miller, Sugarcreek. 330-852- 3363.


Antiques Collectibles

1979 MERCURY Cougar, XR7, runs but needs work. Body rough, can be restored. $800. firm. (330) 893-2895. FOR SALE: Antique New Home treadle sewing machine in dark cabinet. (419) 706-4798. OLD ANTIQUE baby stroller, all metal frame with wood and metal sides, spoke wheels, seat on springs, $150. obo. Also 2 large copper kettles, approx. 40 gal., good cond., $330. each. (330) 893-4613


Appliances Electronics

BUSHNELL, no glow. Black LCD 2.4 viewing screen, 8 magapixel camera with extras, new. $230. 330-674-4587 MAYTAG WRINGER washer with Honda motor, would sell separate. $200. for both. (330) 893-7221. FOR SALE: Grundfos electric water pump - 90 ft pipe, wire attached, $100. 1 Zareba Blitzer fencer, 1 breakerbox fits 40 switches. Best offer. Atlee Byler, 7168 SR 514, Big Prairie, OH 44611 9 1/2" x 11" Tractor Feed printer paper, 20# boxes, $100. each. (330) 893-4613.

Farm Equipment 230

FOR SALE: MF 65 gas tractor, good condition, on hard rubber. (740) 623-0843 / VM

Yellow Delicious Apples, $17.50 per bushel. Noah Yoder, 6928 CR 407, Millersburg. (330) 674-1000.

FOR SALE: New Idea #215 Manure spreader. PTO, single axle, reconditioned. $1500. (330) 893-2895.

First Cutting mix, small square bales, no rain, (330) 852-3727 ext 2.

FOR SALE: Pequea 125 manure spreader, PTO driven, with end gate & fines pan. Good cond. $3000. (330) 674-4123. FOR SALE: Small gravity box, NH 65 hay baler, NH 256 hay rake. (330) 791-5345 600 gal. Sunset bulk 330-893-1637 leave message


FOR SALE: 20 HP Kawasaki power unit, belt tightener drive with 12 V hydraulics in good cond. (330) 698-0151 ext 4. FOR SALE: NH L125 diesel skid l o a d e r , new foam-filled tires, 700-lb lift, works good to clean out small areas, 1400 hrs, $7500. 330-698-0151 x 4 2005 Bobcat S175 skid steer, 1200 hours, Kubota diesel, good condition, $15000. Jeff Miller 330-852-3029 FOR RENT: Brush hog for skid loader, 6 ft, extreme duty. $100. per day. Baltic area. (330) 897-0152. FOR SALE: LISTER diesel for parts, single cylinder, 6-hp. (740) 623-0843 / VM FOR SALE. 6 ft double Dunham cultivator, good cond. $250. David H Yoder, 2905 TR 406, Millersburg. (330) 893-2892.


JOHN DEERE two row chopper, 28 inch rows, $1750. 330-674-5904

FOR SALE. Maytag electric washer, $50. (330) 852-4013.

FOR SALE: 6x40 Auger on wheels. Dan A Miller, 5344 TR 613, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.

30" electric stove, 330-600-0466 VM



Construction Equipment

FOR RENT: Cat D-5-C Dozer with winch and log arch. $31.00 per hr. Eli J. Weaver, 7841 CR 373, Big Prairie, OH 44611 SKIDDER TIRES, Firestone Forestry Spe-

Farm Products Produce 250

FORD 9N - Runs, fair condition. Asking $1500/obo. ALLIS CHALMER WC, runs good, new rear tires/rim, good cond, asking $2000/obo. Call (330)464-9465. FORD 8N later model, 6 ft. blade, 13 hours on overhauled engine, many other new parts, runs and looks good, $2900. (330)674-9910

LADY FINGER Popcorn for sale, locally grown - Call to order, James Schlabach, (330) 695-3747 CUSTOM CORN chopping w/ 4wd JD self propelled chopper. W/ 4 row head and kernel processor. Can tow wagons or fill open tops to the side. Will also be doing earlage later on. 330-317-4977

Garage Yard Sales

PLUS SIZE women clothes, some smaller, men's pants & shirts, home decor, collectibles, 4 leather women's coats, purses, shoes and more. 532 East Jackson St., Millersburg. Sept. 27, 28 & 29, 9-? GARAGE SALE: Sat., Oct. 13, 15-20. 10800 Fryburg Rd., Fredericksburg at County Line Window. Decorative window houses, some shoes, clothes, lots of misc., Healthy Choice baked goods. Door and window sale. Creamsticks and free coffee Sat., Oct. 13.

FOR SALE: Chopped wheat straw by the bale. Picked up (330)897-6006


FIRST CUTTING mixed horse hay, no rain. 37# bales. $6.75 /bale. Free delivery in Wayne, Holmes & Tuscarawas Co. (330) 472-2613.

REGISTERED BLACK and white stud colt, will stay small, parents are 33" & 27" tall both black and white; Also registered filly. 330-852-4293 or 330-763-1193

FOR SALE: 3rd cutting clover grass alfalfa mix, no rain, 42 bales per ton. $425. per ton. Can deliver on Sat. depending on location. (330) 567-9014.

6 Yr old standard bred mare, buggy size, all trot, women can drive, $1500 330-401-5382.

FOR SALE: Fresh cider - will do custom pressing. Edward M. Miller, 10878 Township Rd. 526 Shreve, OH 44676. 500 bushel certified organic wheat. 330-359-5647 or 330-317-4977 FOR SALE: 2nd cutting deer hay; Also 213 hp Honda motors. 330-359-5730


Horses Livestock

FOR SALE: Grade jersey bull. Sure breeder. Duane Mast, 330-674-1665 ext 1. 8 YEAR old Paint pony, 42". Broke to ride & drive. 6 year old can drive, $300. 330-893-3649 A PAIR of Halfflingers, broke, and harnesses, pair of pony harnesses. 330-897-5700 x 1

Firewood Fuel 4 YEARS old standardbred Dutch cross, well broke, women can drive, TSS, bay, $1675. Call (330) 893-2050.

FIREWOOD, KILN Dried, cut offs. 10 yd load $85 + delivery. Henry J. Miller. 330-852-3363. FOR SALE: Seasoned split firewood, $40. pick up load. Also cut up slab wood, $30. pick up load. (330) 893-7611.

FOR SALE: 4 yr. old black/white paint crossbred mare, broke to ride & drive, tss, single and double. $900 (740) 623-0843 / VM 3 yr old dark bay dutch cross gelding, 2 whites and a stripe. CALL 330-852-2402.

FOR SALE: Good used hard coal stove. Hopper feed. $450. obo. (330) 852-2162, leave message.

5 YR old gray gelding, 38" tall, broke but not for small kids, $150. call daytime: 330-466-3849

Napoleon NZ 26 zero clearance wood burning fireplace insert/arched glass door-never used $2600. Call (330) 852-2466.

FOR SALE: 11 Suefolk wool sheep. 330-893-2776 4 YR. OLD standardbred mare, sire -

Dam - SJs Photo, drives with 125 Medical / Healthcare cial 23.1-26, about 60% tread in good TWO TRACTOR wheels: 45" high. Good FOR SALE: Doriet woodburner, medium Taglibue, tight lines, $1800. (330) 600-1762 VM cond, set of 4, $1,300 each. Rims also hard rubber tires, 6-holes weights. ALTIMATE CARE is seeking caring and compassionate HHA's/STNA's to assist with caring for our patients in Holmes & Wayne Co. areas. FT and PT positions available. Evenings, and every other weekend. Competitive pay, paid mileage, and benefits available. Apply in person at 24 S. Clay St in Millersburg. No phone calls please.

130 Administrative / Office DUE TO continued growth, Wayne Insurance Group has an opening for an experienced personal lines underwriter. Minimum qualifications include a bachelor degree and 3 years of personal lines underwriting experience. Wayne Insurance Group offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Send resume to Wayne Insurance Group, Attn: HR, 3873 Cleveland Rd, Wooster, OH 44691 or

available. 330-852-4281.


FOR RENT Takeuchi TB 135 mini excavator. Heat & air conditioning. Different size buckets available. $25. per hour. Day time phone 330-231-5065 or 330-567-2213 ext 1.Duane Raber.

Side Slinger Manure Spreader, 1000 gal., 450 gal sunset bulk tank. (330) 674-7440 ext 1

Cat 988 Loader/6 yard tooth bucket-good running condition $16000 Call (330) 852-2466.


Farm Equipment

MASSEY FERGUSON 165 diesel tractor, 58-hp, motor reuilt, new brakes, new paint, foam filled rear tires, runs & looksgreat, $5500; Also, 6x12 utility trailer with ramp gate, 1 yr. old $825. Norman Beachy, 4120 TR 162, Sugarcreek, OH. 44681. Call 330-852-1303 OLDER FARMASTER 612 FORD tractor with all hydraulic loader, power steering, runs good, good condition, $4900. (330) 317-7048. 1946 2N FORD, rebuilt engine. Nice res-

1945 JDH Older restoration, rebuilt carborator, like new rear tires, runs great! Plus one bottom trip plow on rubber, $4000. 330-669-2730


The Daily Record and Dix Communications has an immediate opening for a Sales Representative working as a member of our outside sales force. Candidate must have excellent communication skills, a willingness to achieve and a proven track record. Candidate should be aggressive and self- motivated. College degree in marketing a plus. Position includes salary plus commission and benefit package. Work hours are Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm. Please apply to: Rhonda Geer

PORTABLE SAWMILL, asking $3500/obo. Can deliver within 20 mi.; RHODE ISLAND Red & Isa Brown laying hens, $3.00/ ea. 330-496-3143. 2nd CUTTING soft grass hay, no rain, 37-lb. bales, $7.75. Free delivery in Holmes, Wayne & Tusc. Counties. (330) 472-2613. Nice 2nd Cutting, round hay bales for sale: $120 ea. call: 330-749-2248 EAR CORN, 4 ton, $960. Two JD 14T square balers, 1 field ready, 1 parts. (330) 231-1725.

gine, 5673 CR 59, Millersburg. (330) 674-2450.

delicious apples. Miller's Greenhouse, (330) 359-5942.

New Holland LS170 Skid steer. 2000 hours, good condition, $12,500 OBO . Jeff Miller 330-852-3029

MIntosh, Gala Golden Supreme App l e s are ready, also fresh cider. Miller's Orchard 6411 T.R. 607, Fredericksburg 2.5 miles S.E. of Fred.

2006 CASE 410 skid loader with cab, heat, 600 hrs, $20,000; Also, John Deere 2550 with ROPS, good cond, good rubber, $10,000/firm. (740) 291-7019 For Sale: New Idea Corn pickers, model #323 and #310. 330-695-6793. SELLING FOUR wire corn cribs, 14 ft. diameter, varied conditions. Call 330852-2482 for more information. FOR SALE: 8 N Ford tractor for parts. $1200 OBO can be seen at 14596 TR 468 Lakeville, Ohio.

FIREWOOD, SPLIT & delivered. $55 a load. 330- 763-0989. WE TRADE firewood for junk. Deliveries available. 330-275-7980 STOCK UP on firewood, slab bundles, split, seasoned. (330) 674-0646.

Farm Products Produce

155 Sales / Marketing toration project. $1975. Scenic View En- NOTICE: TAKING orders for yellow


size, good cond. $700. (330) 567-3304 after 4pm.

FOR SALE: Blackberries & red raspberries, 5 qt pails, frozen, $25.00. Also pullet's $8.00. Donkey, male, 2 yrs old. Also lowrider bike. (330) 695-5593.

FOR SALE Split seasoned firewood, slab wood & also boom truck loads avaliable. Also hollow cmpfire logs 330 231-8462. OUTDOOR Wood burner, central boiler, 4030, 2 yrs old, heats up to 2300 sq. ft., Must sell $4000 OBO. 419-606-3674.


For Sale: 12 yr old miniature Horse broke to ride and drive; Also Mini stud donkey broke to drive. Noah Mast 10341 S. Apple Creek Rd. Fredericksburg, 44627. FOR SALE: 3 yr. old black standardbred gelding, tss, surrey size (out of Crown Can.), ready for miles, $4000. (740) 623-0843 / VM DUTCH CROSSBRED 6 yr old Majesteit gelding, black, 3 whites, traffic safe for women. Also 7 yr old Dutch crossbred, excellent. boys horse. Dan at Gingerich Tractor,6128 SR 39, Millersburg. Days, 330-674-0456. Eves, 330-674-5324. FOR SALE: 2 yr. old Belgian Friesian Cross mare. Good, broke, good carriage horse. 330-893-3836

Garage Yard Sales WANTED: Friesian cross, broke, sensiCOVERING SALE: Most sizes, new, seconds for less, mini electric & sad irons, misc. cap making supplies, Garage Sale: Oct. 3, 4, 5 & 6. Andy & Lena Weaver, 7587 TR 652, Millersburg.

LARGE GARAGE sale. 6 miles S of Wooster on Rt 3. Many items including ping pong table, kids solid wood entertainment gaming stand, game systems, TSP with games, XBox and Wii games, movies, art supplies, prom dress, kids Karate sparing gear, large swimming pool, too much more to list. Every weekend in September. (330) 466-3575.

EXCELLENT HORSE hay, alfalfa with some grass, 2nd cutting, from Idaho, $400/ton.(330) 231-9608

GARAGE SALE 657 Beechwood, Wooster, Fri 9-4 & Sat 9-3. Push mower, elect smoker, sm generator, lawn edger, Halloween decor and lots of misc.

TAKING ORDERS for New York concord grape juice concentrate in 1 quart, 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. (330) 852-2666.

3 FAM moving garage sale! Oct. 19-20 Fri-Sat, 9-5. Furn., baby items, yard tools, hshhld items, and much more! 4699 TR 312, Millersburg, OH 44654

ble & sound 802-272-5707




WILL TRAIN PONIES. (330) 359-0407 BREEDING AGE Swedish Red Holstein cross bulls and one Jersey bull. $750. each. (330) 852-0647. FOR SALE: Reg. Morgan gelding, 4 yrs old, rides and drives, TSS, safe for women. $1800 OBO. Aden Barkman 8360 CR 373, Big Prairie, OH 44611. 4 YR. old black gelding. 95% trot, been in buggy 9 months, $2000 OBO. 330-852-3625 11 YR. old gelding big surrey horse. Sound but watches big trucks on narrow roads, $1000. Andy Raber, 10688 Hogback Rd., Fredericksburg, OH 44627 7 Katahdin ewes, due from now till end of October. 330-279-2909 WANTED: SOMEONE to feed approx .15 heifers thru winter months. Winesburg area. (330) 359-1113.

34 — Thursday, September 27, 2012 260

Horses Livestock 260

The Holmes County Shopper News Horses Livestock 260

FOR SALE: Natural gas chicken h e a t e r , 48" dia. $40; 4-1/2 flex shaft, like new, $100. (740) 623-0843 / VM

WEANLING BAY filly, by Royal Strength, Dam by Pine Chip. Should get big. $1000. obo. Also yearling bay morgan filly, registered, $850. (330) 279-2070.

4 yr old trotter, TSS, surrey size, $2400; 7 yr old trotter, TSS, boys horse, $2700. Vernon Weaver, (330) 674-0073.

15 YEARS old brown standard trotting mare. T.S.S. Safe for anyone, $650. Robbie Weaver, 4287 CR 207, Millersburg. 330-893-2832 ext. 3.

POLY-PAY Ram lambs from this spring. Full blood. $125-$225. each. (330) 695-2042. WANTED TO buy: All types of horses & ponies, sound or unsound. J & S Horse Farm, 13914 Mt Eaton Rd, Doylestown, 44230. Call or write. (330) 715-0363. 16 MO. old Jersey bull ot of Kasak herd. $800. John Miller 8995 TR 609 Fredericksburg, OH. 7 yr old trotting bred gelding, most women can drive, but fast enough for the boys. 330-897-0130 5, 6 mo. old Jersey heifer calves, $250 each. Also 4 bred Jersey heifers, short bred, $700 each. 330-231-6446 13 YEARS OLD big strong standard bred mare, well broke, TSS. Women safe. $1050. (330) 359-5936.

2 YEARS OLD 51" nice bay & white paint pony gelding, good broke to ride & drive, TSS, $525. Also 2 years old 37" mini paint, good broke to ride & drive, TSS, 6 years old boy can drive, $200. Allen E Miller, (330) 893-4908. BLACK BREEDING Stock Bulls; Purebred Gelbvieh and Balancers out of Al Sires with Excellent EPD's for more information call: 330-567-9232 or 330-231-0339.

5 yr old gelding, double gated, well broke, boys horse, good traveler, Joseph A. Schlabach. 1135 TR 660 Dundee, OH 44624. 330-359-6134.

2 YEARS old Dutch Hackney Clydesdale, good broke to drive for a 2 year old. $1200. (330) 897-1391. 2 yr old hair sheep ram, proven, $150 OBO. Daniel M. Yoder 2455 CR 200 877-790-8269 FOR SALE: 13 Golden Comet hens, still lay, $3 each. 330-473-5127 GOLDEN BUFF pullets for sale. $6.50 each. Elmer Graber, . (330) 893-2598. 8 YR. OLD standard bred mare, tss, willing traveler, $2000. Aaron Chupp, 4752 TR 369, Millersburg, 330-473-8275

2 POLY PAY ram lambs, $100. each. or will trade 1 ram for another ram. Need new bloodline. (330) 852-4642 8 YR old gelding, all trot, black, good traveler, very good broke, TSS, $2200. 3 yr old gelding, all trot, good build, drives nice, sharp, TSS, $1800. Duane Weaver, 330-674-1777.

02600 AD12518314 216 livestock art

YEARLING MORGAN filly. Weanling Morgan stud, sired by black Tuxedo by Armani. Sire of Dam Tug Hill Whammutlition. Eli Raber, (330) 897-0562 ext 3. FOR SALE: 10 yr old bay standard bred mare, double gated, TSS, $750. 2 wk trial. Paul Miller. 330-695-2044. 9 yr old mare, TSS, women can drive; 8 yr old gelding, traffic safe, boys horse, both trotters. 1900 CR 200, Dundee. (330) 359-0726, after 4pm.

5 yr old gelding, Revenue S; 5 yr old mare, Dream Vacation; 3 yr old gelding, Electric Yankee; TSS. Elmer J Yoder, 4543 CR 229, Fredericksburg. 330-231-3830 WANTED: Dutch cross, broke, fencible & sound with no vices. 802-272-5707

FARMERSTOWN COMMUNITY LIVESTOCK AUCTION is having a horse sale, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. Expecting out of state horses. For more information call (330) 893-8114. For Sale: Alpine Milk Goat, fresh two months. Leroy Yoder. (330) 852-2325 FOR SALE: 4 yr old miniature pony gelding, 34" tall, black and white paint, broke to ride and drive, not for small children. $375. 330-567-2259 3 YEAR old gelding, black, 16H, TSS. Fresh. David Miller, 4691 TR 613, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.

GAMBLE, Quail, Chukars, Mascovey Ducks, White Crested black Polish Chicken, India blue Peacock, Guineas, priced to sell. 330-893-3462

5 YEAR old trotting mare, TSS, surrey horse, safe for women, 1st Dam Cantab's Hall, 2nd Dam Sierra Kosmos, $2900. (330) 695-2026, Robert Yoder, 9030 S. Kansas Rd, Fredericksburg.

CUSTOM SADDLES new & used, made in USA. Cowboy & barrel. Starting at $450. Call 330-231-7500

3 YR. OLD percheon gelding, willing worker. Mike Kurtz, 8551 Harrison Rd., Fredericksburg. 330-695-2174

FOR SALE: 9 weeks old, Pigmy goats, 2 Billys. 330-893-3087 ext. 1. FOR SALE: 20 Road Island Red pullets, laying 70%. Hatched April 23, 2012. (330) 464-1858. FOR SALE: Surrey Poles, double trees, neck yokes. Eli A. Miller 2536 Durstine Rd. Dundee, OH 44624 FOR SALE: 10 years old Imported Dutch stallion, black with 4 whites & blaze, great family horse. Women can drive. Also rides. Very well mannered, TSS. $10,000. (330) 546-4719. FOR SALE: 2 Fiberglass headlocks for sheep or goat, 18 head, $150. 330-897-2373 AKC yellow lab male, 2 yrs old, $100. 330-600-0466 VM FEMALE DONKEY, 3 years old, gentle. $275. 1356 CR 200, Dundee, 44624. (330) 317-1661 1047 West Main Street Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 330-852-4111 (330) 852-4111 40 West Jackson St., Millersburg, Ohio 44654 888-852-4111 330-674-7355 Toll Free: 888-852-4111







28542 TR 194, Fresno Great country location with 4 BR home 24x32 garage, small barn, fenced pasture, 1 acre pond, woods and mineral rights on 9.14 acres. $154,900 Steve Maag 330-763-4769 E




5 yr old standard bred gelding, fresh horse and drives good, TSS; Call: (330) 231-5219 FOR SALE: 3-1/2 mo. old Katadin dorper cross lambs, good breeding stock; Also, old style hay forks. Marvin J. Yoder, 6833 Salt Creek Rd., Fredericksburg, Oh 44627. 4 YEARS old geld N Aboriginal, TSS, buggy broke. Some women can drive, double gaited, $1100. Also 3 years old CamLuck Direct Scooter geld, TSS, all trot, sharp boys horse. Milan Yoder, (330) 852-4704 SURREY HORSE gelding: 15 yr. old. Has a few good yrs. left. Steven Yoder, 12303 Dover Rd., Apple Creek 330-857-0404 $850 OBO. 7 beef to choose from, weighing approx. 900-1100 lbs, on organic pasture and non medicated grain. Dale Schlabach. (330) 852-4283, VM Paint Pony mare, 52", kid broke, TSS, $500; 5 yr old Paint Pony mare, 38", good broke, TSS, $375. Ivan M. Miller (330) 852-7718.


5 YR. old 15.1 HH gelding trotter. Has papers by Rich Boy ISS Broke to The T. Call after 4 pm. David Yoder, 8077 Buss Rd., Apple Creek, Ohio 44606 BIG REGISTERED. Belgian mare, green broke, 4 years old. Also registered Tennessee walker, 2 years old, broke to ride. Call (330) 893-8114. 2 Morgan yearling stallions. 1 chestnut and 1 black, 330-600-0466 VM HAVE 2 brood mares, 1 quarter horse & 1 Appaloosa pony, both in foal. Will trade for good riding horse. (740) 824-4361. FOR SALE: Purebred Dorsett Lambs, born April of 2012. Two ewes one ram. $200 each. 330-567-2259 9 YEAR old gelding, buggy size, TSS. Good horse for women, children & older people. $2000. 1356 CR 200, Dundee, 44624. (330) 317-1661. 5 KATAHDIN ram lambs. Born April. Footrot free. $185. David D Miller, 6888 CR 77, Millersburg, OH 44654 3 YEARS OLD bay mare Morgan saddle bred cross. Has been ridden and line driver. $800. Matthew Hershberger, 330-279-2403. FLEMISH Giant rabbits, 3 mo. old, $25/each. (330) 897-6602, lv. msg. FOR SALE: Paint pony, 7 yr. old gelding, 40", very well broke, $350/obo. Lv. message, 330-893-6013 /VM 7 YR old double gated gelding, TSS, stands to hitch, good horse for older people. $1500 Steven Yoder 330-3595601 x 2. 5 MONTH old Donkey Jack for sale. Likes children. $150. 330-231-0282 FOR SALE: Miniature gray donkey jennie, loves attention & was also used for taking care of orphan babies. Edward. Miller, (330) 852-2162 / VM

OLDER STANDARD bred gelding, TSS, safe for older people, $400. 330-472-2613 FOR SALE: 2 Angus Heifers, approximately 700-800 lbs each. $1600. obo. (330) 279-9290 ext. 3.

Gray standard bred gelding, 4 yrs old, double gated, big enough for surrey, can also ride, $1400; Black and white paint yearling stud, halter broke, eligible to register, $500. Ivan D Miller, 330-674-4572

3 YR. OLD 52" black & white pony gelding, good broke to drive and ride, $500/obo. (330) 893-3259

leroy herShberger 330-695-2012 VM

1 CHEVIOT Livestock Ram, $225. 3 Cheviot cross rams, $150. All spring lambs. Atlee Byler, 7168 SR 514, Big Prairie, OH 44611 FOR SALE: 42" Jack Donkey and 2 Pygmy Bucks. Ph 330-674-0990 or cell 330-231-4788 FOR SALE: Belgium 2 & 4 yr old Mares, broke. Also 4 yr old gelding, broke. 330-674-1694 x 1 11 yr old standard bred gelding, surrey horse, been in buggy for 5 yrs, $1400 8170 TR 662 Dundee. (330) 592-4199. DORPER & KATAHDIN cross ewe lambs, 5 mo. old, $175/each. (330) 897-1241 FOR SALE: 3 yr old BIG strong standardbred gelding, all trot, good family horse. Also, 4 yr. old trotting bred mare - Both TSS. John D. Miller, 1198 TR 169, Sugarcreek. (330) 852-2162 / VM FOR SALE: 12 yr. old big surrey size gelding. Safe for Grandma, 14450-A Durstine Rd., Dundee, OH 44624 FOR SALE: 10 year old black and white Shetland Stallion. 45"; 3 year old Paint Pony mare; 1 year old Paint Pony filly. Ph. 330-893-3344 Ext. 3. Reuben Miller. 9 YEARS old spotted draft cross mare, broke to work double and to ride, good worker. 8 yr old cross bred mare, broke single & double & to ride, good trail horse, bred to Friesian. (740) 545-5047. HOLSTEIN BULL for sale or rent. Sired by Million. Mark Keim, 10001 Winesburg Rd, Dundee, 44624. 330-359-6345 ext 1.


(8) PYGMY Billie goats, $60/each. (330) 893-3259 4 YEARS old bay standard bred gelding, TSS, 100% trot, 15.3 hands, stands to hitch, women can drive. Price reduced $2450. Joseph E Yoder, 46955 TR 221, Millersburg 44654. (740) 622-1610 x 2. HEAVY DUTY easy entry mini pony cart with shafts, tongue and 2 mini bio harnesses, like new. $675. for all. (330) 893-1519. WHITE TAIL does, $100. each. (330) 897-6602.

Deep Cycle Batteries Solar Systems LED Lighting

Evening Hours 5pm-8pm Sat. 7:30-11:30 Thurs. eve by chance

Household Furnishings

FOR SALE: Nice handmade Oak entertainment center. Glass door w/ 2 sliding doors. 330-893-3357 BROWN COUCH, like new, not reclining, $600/obo. 330-231-1540. Daniel Raber, Durstine Rd, Dundee. For Sale: 1 Reclining sofa $425; 1 sofa $75; 1 dark brown recliner, good condition $450; 1 soft brown recliner $325; brown chair $50, crib w/ spindles $50. Aden Yoder 330-359-5459 SOLID MAPLE BR suite, 3 pc, 12 drawer dresser, lg maple framed mirror, queen bed. Absolutely a high quality set, $950. Can deliver locally. (330) 897-1325. GOOD DARK oak 3-pc bedroom suite, good couch with hide-a-bed, wardrobe, knee-hole desk, file cabinets, all size beds & frames, rocking loveseat, white kitchen cabinets, new & used mattress sets. 2529 TR 110, Millersburg. 330-674-0944. 2 mi. W. of Becks Mill. For Sale: Brand new Lazy Boy Rocker/Recliner, beautiful burgundy color, tags still on. $385. (330) 674-5671. FOR SALE. Large Sauder changing table with hutch, like new, $100. Used walnut china hutch, $275. Vernon Yoder, (330) 852-2452. Ashley sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman, coffee, end tables, floral print. Like new, paid $2100. Asking $900 OBO. CALL 330-378-5259 NOTICE: WILL re-upholster used couches, loveseats, rockers, hassocks, etc. Also boat seat cushions. Will make new cushions for outdoor furniture. Raber's Upholstery, 1939 TR 110, Millersburg, 44654. VM, (330) 674-1300.




Jake Schlabach

WEANLING PAINT ponies, 1 filly, 1 colt, filly is Homozygous. $150.-$225. JD Miller, (330) 852-4974.

6 Yr old black Pony with 2 white socks, very sharp, broke to drive, good traveler. $500. 740-622-5216

We Harness The Sun’s Energy 8912 TR 609 Fredericksburg, OH, 44627 4947 Pleasant Valley Rd SE, Dennison 3 BR, 2 BA split level home built in 2002. Includes attached 2 car garage, gas heat, central A/C, storage barn, Large 1.327 acre lot located in beautiful country setting. $119,000 Randy Starner 330-473-9230

FOR SALE: 3 years old back & white mare, 42" tall. 330-473-8336.

NUBIAN Goats for sale: milking goats, spring kids, 4 nannies and 1 billy, Also 1 1/2 yr old Nubian billy. $100-$175 each. 330-473-9229

Tower View Solar & lighTS

201 W. Main St, Wilmot Great rental property! 3 BR rental with a lot of the work already done. Priced for a quick sale $29,900

Horses Livestock

3 YEAR old Conway Hall trotter. TSS. Broke, surrey horse, deluxe. Women can drive, $4000. 4 year old gelding TSS, broke, boys horse, $3200. 3 year old mare trotter, TSS, family horse, $2000. Jonas Hershberger, 7974 TR 654, Mbg., OH 44654

10 YR old trotting mare, 100% traffic safe. Drives with snap. $800. obo. 11225 TR 506, Shreve, OH 44676 by Hopewell Church West.

LED Lanterns Flash Lights Head Lights


Horses Livestock 260

FOR SALE: 8 year old bay standard bred gelding. Surrey size, needs work, $1800 Jonas Troyer, 8862 TR 559, Millersburg, OH

6 yr old gelding, big surrey horse, super driver, good broke; 7 yr old mare, real traveler, big enough for mini buggy; Also a few other good horses on hand. These horses are TSS and been drove in buggy. Dale Schlabach. (330) 852-4283, VM



FOR SALE: FIBERGLASS Hay & grain feeders for sheep, cows & horses. Also fiberglass gates 4' thru 16' in stock. Fiberglass round pen for rent or 4-sale. Write for pricing. Oak Hill Fiberglass, 5864 CR 59, Mbg., OH 44654

12 mo. old Registered Jersey bull breeding stock $700; 8 wk old assorted pullets/roosters. BL Austrolocp, Rhode Island, Barred Rock, Silver Wyandotts, Americana, Light Brahma $5 each. Call (330) 852-2466.

4977 W.Main St, Berlin Now offering a 1.6 acre commercial property in Berlin. Over 7500 sq ft of retail and warehouse space. $395,000 D. Anthony Kaufman 330-231-4211 Kate Overton 330-204-9339







Horses Livestock 260

TAKING ORDERS for Golden Buff pullets last of Oct. $6.75. Joseph J. Miller, 4560 CR 207, Millersburg, Ohio 44654

SMALL BROWN pony mare, 7 years old, $250. Hackney mare, black, 3 white socks, 9 years old, $350. Both good brood mares. Phone (330) 674-0203.

FOR Sale: Big 9 yr old standard bred, good broke, needs to sell $1200 OBO. 330-893-3836 FOR SALE: BLACK Angus cross feeder calves, 14 head. Marvin R. Yoder, 2571 TR 181, Baltic. (330) 897-0600

Horses Livestock 260

SOLID MAPLE wood oval table, walnut stained top, white painted legs, 48x66, with 2 leaves, $120. Very good cond. (330) 852-4203, Sugarcreek.

The Holmes County Shopper News 265

Household Furnishings 270

WHITE FRIGIDAIRE 30" electric stove, brand new, used 6 times, glass in door, clock & timer, $300. Round oak table with leaf & 3 oak chairs, $40. (330) 231-5363.


Hunting Fishing

NEW ENGLAND Firearms 12-ga. sgl. shot, 3-1/2" chamber, $125; Winchester Model 67, 22 w/scope, $150; Springfield Model 15, 22 single shot, $120; PSE 150-lb. crossbow w/sling, quiver & arrows, $150. (330) 897-6602, lv. msg. FOR SALE: Browning Adrenaline Compound bow, in very good condition. $90, hot dot sight $60, release $10, or $135 takes all. 330-674-6003. PLAINSMAN 22 cal. rifle, model 865, $125. obo. BB & Pellet guns, $20 each. 330-695-2168. SAVAGE MODEL 110, 270 cal. w/ scope, $500. Remington model 760, 3006 cal. w/ Leupold scope, $550. Remington model 700, 22, 250 cal., w/ scope, $550. Winchester model 120, 12 gauge shot gun, $300. (330) 897-1038. HORTON Hunter Express crossbow with scope, new string, quiver, 4 arrows, good condition. $265. Also, older Nelco sewing machine & stand, $35/as is. 330-674-1841 WANTED: OLDER person for hunting driver. Person will have deer & turkey hunting privileges. Good hunting locations. (330) 674-1054 ext 1. REMINGTON Speed Master 22 Rifle with Bushnell scope. good condition, $300. 330-231-0218 PSE Avenger Compound bow, Scott Mongoose release, Easton ACC Arrows and hard bow case. $200. 330-674-2599

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 35 Hunting Fishing 270

FRED REAR Vapor Compound Bow, 2006 Model. Sight and quiver included call 330-567-5910 FOR SALE: hang on tree stand in good condition with 7 turn in steps, weighs only 9 lbs, $45. 330-600-1366 WINCHESTER PUMP. Model 1300, 12 guage winchoke, 3 guns in one. Mint condition. $325. 330-231-0218 MATTHEWS Switchback Two Compound bow. 3arrows, quiver, rest sights. All access. Ex. cond., $600 OBO. After 5, Steven J. Weaver, 8141 Weaver Rd., Fredericksburg, OH 44627 FOR SALE: HORTON HUNTER supreme cross bow w/ scope, quiver, and arrows. Very nice, $250. Call: 330-231-8782 or 330-473-0809 GLENMONT Gun Show, Sat. Oct. 13, 2012,. 9am-4pm. 108 Main St., Glenmont Community Center. Buy, Sell, Trade or have your guns appraised. For info 330-377-4407. BRAND NEW Summit Viper SD climbing tree stand. $280. obo. (330) 674-4587. BARNETT JACKAL crossbow with quiver & 4 arrows, like new. $275. Call (330) 897-1038. FOR SALE: Gamo Big Cat 1200 air riffle, like new with new scope. $150. Michael Miller, (330) 674-1866. FOR SALE. Golden Eagle compound bow, good shape, almost new, $125. 330-641-2517. TV ANTENNA towers for tree stands. $30 each. 330-893-3463. REMINGTON 870 Wingmaster 12 Ga. vent rif,, $350.Remington 1100 12 ga. vent rif.. $375. Eli Weaver, 7841 CR 373, Big Prairie, OH 44611


Location: 15093 Salt Creek Rd., Apple Creek OH 44606. Directions: 1.2 mile west of Mt. Eaton on Salt Creek Rd. Signs posted.

Saturday, October 6, 2012 10:00 A.M.

Lawn & Garden * Shop Tools * Household * Misc. Lawn & Garden: Dixon Ram 44-inch zero turn mower w/ bagger; 2 lawn rollers; Gravely 8-hp. gas walk behind leaf blower; snow blade; s. tine cultimulcher; 3-point hitch dirt scoop; piles of firewood; portable pressure washer w/ 5hp. Honda motor; trailer & water tank; Ventrac Model # KH150 12”-30” post hole digger; 12”x20’ driveway culvert; small leaf blower; Yamaha Breeze & Honda 4-wheelers. Shop Tools & Collectibles: 5-hp. electric air compressor; small generator; small Honda generator; 3.0 & 2.5-hp. Honda motors; table saw; cut off saw; lathe; sander; old drill press; metal shelving; 150 AMP electrical box; rigid pipe wrenches 10”-36”; old wrenches; bench vise; old hay fork; Yankee screwdrivers; old planes; crosscut saw; 2 copper kettles w/ frames; old school bell; 1934-38 McCormick Deering 11/22/2-hp. type (LA) gas engine; 78 rpm. upright phonograph w/ records; 1-ton chain hoist; walnut (marble top) end table; misc. glassware incl. Fenton, depression, German bowls; 12 gal. crock; 5 gal. crock jug. Household & Misc.: Horton Legend SL crossbow w/ scope; Horton Hunter Elite crossbow w/ scope; shotshell reloader; new rolltop desk; oak tables; bookcase; new gas water heater; 2 big coolers; 2 small freezers; Marcy & PreCor Zuma exercisers; porch swing; ping pong table; bikes; table game; Optimus 200watt sub speaker; white vinyl top for 2003 Jeep Wrangler; 3500 watt inverter; sinks; 2 air conditioners & more. NOTE: This is only a partial list of what should be an interesting sale. Still sorting. More items likely to show up. Lunch Stand: for local school Auction by the order of: Aden & Esta Miller

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

ADEN YODER, AUCTIONEER 330-359-5458 or 330-763-2565 DERRICK KANDEL, AUCTIONEER 330-231-4524

Hunting Fishing 275

PSE Durango 26-30 draw length, with newer string by America's Best, everything but the release. $250. (330) 695-2164. RENTAL COOLER trailer available for hunting trips. Roy L. Miller, 3915 TR 366, Millersburg. 330-893-4408. 50 CALIBER optima pro Muzzleloader decent condition with simmons scope asking $325 OBO. contact Allen Troyer. 330-600-1430 SPRINGFIELD SHOTGUN, Model 67 20-ga, ventilated rip with 3" chamber, $275; Winchester Model 1200, 12-ga with extra 30" full choke barrel, $300. Call 330-897-1038. ATTENTION DEER hunters. For sale: Ear corn. 40# bag for $6.00. Eli A Yoder, Charm. (330) 893-2037. KILLBUCK WILDLIFE AREA 2013 TRAPPING CONTRACTS a r e now posted for bid. Contact District Office at 330-644-2293 or Killbuck Wildlife Area at 330-5673390 for a contract. Sealed bids must be r e c e i v e d a t District Three Headquarters by 3:00pm on October 4, 2012.


Lawn & Garden

JOHN DEERE 245 lawn mower with bagger cart, 420 hours, in very good condition. $3650.00 (330) 567-9232 or 330-231-0339

Lawn & Garden 275

Hustler 48" trimester mower with bagger $2999.00 Huskee 42" cut 18.5 hp briggs with double bagger $598.00 John Deere GT245 tractor good condition $1998.00 John Deere 445 tractor with 60" deck $4250 Hustler super z with 60" deck and quick chute blocker $4498.98 Toro walkbehind 48" hydro drive t-2 w/ turbo force deck 30 hours $3998.00 Husqvarna tractor like new condition 46" cut $1498.00 Snapper hydro drive rear engine rider w/ new engine $1298.00 Grasshopper 725K out front zero turn w/ 61" deck, 25HP Kohler $3750.00 John Deere 170 tractor w/ Kaw engine $849.00 John Deere L110 tractor 42" deck w/ double bagger & 46" snowblade $1398.00 Snapper NXT tractor w/ 27hp engine 2" deck $1991.98 Troy Built 33" walkbehind $698.00 Wheel Horse 252 Hydro tractor w/ double bagger $1298.00 Huskee 35 ton log splitter $1275.00 White 54"26hp zero turn with pivoting front axel good condition $1698.00 Cub-Cadet HDS2135 shaft drive tractor with double bagger $1098.00 Toro SS5000 zero turn 2011 model like new condition $2598.00 Toro SS4200 zero turn 2011 model good condition $1898.00 MTD Pro 48" walkbehind with Kawasaki engine $998.00 Toro & Snapper used 21" mowers. Good selection of used Stihl trimmers, chainsaws and blowers Charm Engine Ltd. 330-893-3033 GRAVELY RIDING tractor with 30" rear tiller, $975. Also rebuilt 50" mower deck for walk behind Gravely, $375. Scenic View Engine, 5673 CR 59, Millersburg. (330) 674-2450. JOHN DEERE 112 lawn tractor, 12-hp, runs good. 330-473-5947 or 330-763-4452

Kaufman Auction House 3149 SR 39, Millersburg OH

Location: Amish Country Theater, Directions 3.3 miles east of Berlin or 0.5 mile west of Walnut Creek, Ohio in Holmes County. From I-77 take SR 39 west approximately 12 miles to Auction House.

Monday, October 1, 2012 5:00 PM

(Selling in 2 rings both starting at 5:00 PM) Antiques/Collectibles * Household/Furniture * Tools Antiques/Collectibles: Imperial caramel slag; Dry sink; Fenton Popegosser Imperial glassware, etc.; McCoy- Hull pottery etc.; old picnic basket; several nativity sets; crocks; old iron-spoked wheels; galvanized washtub; wash board; old wooden cash drawer; iron car/banks collection old traveling trunks; Cleve Museum of Art paintings; 1930’s child’s rocking horse; large crocks; military banners and whistle; 1950’s Bozo toy box; lots of Imperial and Fenton glassware; Imperial water set; oil can; hand painted cross cut saw Household/Furniture: upright freezer; stove; 3 tall desk/book shelves/ lights; 3 piece bedroom suit; twin beds; large china cabinet; metal closets; large zippered clothing storage; drop leaf table / 6 chairs; cabinet sewing machine computer items; vacuums and carpet cleaners; 8 day clock; desk; kitchen table/ 4 padded leather chairs; leather padded stools; plant stands; wooden hall tree; leather padded foot stool; handmade drying rack; wooden kitchen step stool; handmade wooden hay fork; light fixtures; 6 ceiling fans with lights; nice Kenmore side by side refrigerator/freezer; in wall oven; stove/range/ovenappliances in good condition Tools: Hardware items; hand plow; 4 ton air body/frame repair equip; hanging workshop lights; central air conditioning unit; single garage door opener; metal storage shelves Note: Visit for photos and updates by 5:00pm Friday, September 28. For more information contact David Conn, auction manager at (330) 204-4453. Terms: Cash, check, or any major credit card with valid I.D. 3% buyer’s premium will be waived for cash sales Receiving Hours: Tuesday, 8:00-10:30 and noon to 4:00

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111


Lawn & Garden 280

Miscellaneous Merch.

GRAVELY 50" walk behind mower, nice cond. $850. John S Miller, 2305 TR 152, Baltic, OH 43804. (330) 893-0303.

WOOD COAL FIREPLACE stove, brown with two glass doors and electric blower, $375. (330) 231-9236

CRAFTSMAN BACKPACK leaf blower, $65. John S Miller, 2305 TR 152, Baltic, OH 43804. (330) 893-0303.

RUSTIC AND character hickory boards. K. D. 90¢ per ft. (330) 674-0646.

SNOWBLADE, BAGGER fits 2000 Series Cubs, also Cub 2160 for parts. 330-201-0991, 330-262-4408 TORO 52" walk behind mower, hydro, floating deck, good condition. September special, $2,100. Call Joe 330-852-3029.

CHILD'S WOODEN swing set with 12 ft. ladder. Top and ladder end. 2-seated wooden swing and space for 3 swings with chairs. Tower end with ladder on each side and end slide. Sand box space below. $300 OBO. Call 330-465-3650 Shreve.

BRIGGS AND Stratton 4.5 engine. Runs smooth, $40. 330-674-3435

FOR SALE: 8' wide by 9' high garage door with lights, $200. CALL 330-878-5464.

FOR SALE: Cub Cadet1170 lawn tractor, complete with 42" deck and bagger, excellent condition, $475. Eric 330-852-4974

MOBILITY 3-WHEEL Scooter, Pride Sundance, new batteries, exc. condition, lightly used, $700/obo. 330-262-4408 or 330-201-0991.


MARTIN BOX, $100. Posts extra.

Miscellaneous Merch. Wooden porch swing, $15. Twin mattress

set, clean & in exc. cond., $60. M Yoder, 330-695-2383.

FOR SALE: 24' insulated, stainless steel chimney with insert. Raymond Troyer, 12292 Nisly Rd., Fredericksburg, OH. 44627.

FOR SALE: New Shop Fox bench-top metal lathe, model M1049, $450; Original cost $1,125. Used power concrete trowel, $200. (330) 893-4085.


4 CYL. Kabota diesel power unit; 3 cyl. Kabota engine; Yamaha VMax 500 snowmobile; Wheelhorse garden tractor. Take all. (330) 401-1502. Call for price.

There will be a new open buggy at Charm Days - see HOSPICE tent SILENT AUCTION - Oct. 13th.


Location: Kaufman Auction House, 3149 SR 39 at the Amish Country Theater. Directions: 3.3 miles east of Berlin or 0.5 mile west of Walnut Creek, Ohio in Holmes County. From I -77 take SR 39 west approximately 12 miles to Auction House.

Thursday, October 4, 2012 4:00 P.M.

Large Cents * Half Dollars * Silver Dollars * Gold * Misc. Large Cents-Half Dollars: 1794, 1802, 03, 07/6, large cents; flying eagle cents; 2-1864L, 67, 70, 72, 2-77, 1908s, 09s, Indian head cents; roll of 1909vdb, 14d, 14d SEGS G4-details, 2-31s, 1955/55 NGC AU55 BN, Lincoln cents; bag of 5000 wheat pennies; 1886 ANACS AG3 1895 (PF), 1896 NGC PF65, v-nickels; 1937d 3-legged buffalo nickel; 1882 seated dime NGC PF62; set of 42 diff. Barber dimes; 1916d PCI VG10, 21, 21d, mercury dimes; set of mercury dimes missing only 1916d; 1946-79d Roosevelt dimes complete; roll of BU silver Roosevelt dimes; 2-1875s 20-cent pcs.; 1858 seated quarter; set of 35 diff. Barber quarters; 1929 S/L quarter; roll of BU 1955d Wash. quarters; 1813, 25, 27, 33, 34, 36, bust halves; 1844o, 60o, 69, 76s, seated halves; set of 43 diff. Barber halves; 1916s, 19d, 21, ICG VG8, 38d, walker halves; complete set of walker halves; 1949, 49d, Franklin halves. Silver Dollars: 1841, 42, 72, seated; 1875cc, 2-77s, 78s, Trade; 1878cc, 78cc NGC MS63, 78cc PCGS MS63, 79cc, 79s NGC MS65, 81cc, 81cc PCGS MS63, 82cc in GSA, 83cc in GSA, 84cc in GSA, 84s PCI AU50, 85cc PCGS MS64, 85s, 86s, 87s, 89cc, 89o, 89s, 90cc, 90o, 90s, 91cc, 91cc PCGS MS62, 91cc PCGS MS61, 91s, 92cc, 92o NGC MS63, 92s, 93, 93s, 94 NGC F15, 94s ICG MS63, 95o, 95s, 97s, 2-99, 1900s PCGS MS62, 02s, 03, Morgans, 2-1921, 27, 28, 28 ANACS F12, 34, 3-34d, 34s, 2-35, peace dollars. Gold: 1847, 1900 NGC MS62 $10. liberty heads; 1911, 1932, 1932 NGC MS63 $10. Indian heads; 1882cc $5. liberty head; 1911 ICG MS63, 1913 PCI MS64, $5. Indian heads; 1901 PCGS MS64, 1902, $2.50 liberty heads; 1911 $2.50 Indian head; 1852, 1873 open-3, $1. pcs. Miscellaneous: 1921 (2x2) Alabama, 1937 Boone, 1925s Cal. Diamond jubilee, 1926 Oregon trails, com. halves; 1986-2012 silver eagles set complete; roll of 1996 silver eagles; complete set of Ike dollars; 1922 $10. gold certificate; 1923 $10. legal tender red seal note; 1799, 1804, 10, Mexico 8-reale coins. NOTE: This is only a partial list of an exceptional lineup with 400 lots to be sold in catalog order. Doors open 2 hrs. prior to sale time. Online bidding available at thru

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111


36 — Thursday, September 27, 2012 280

Miscellaneous Merch. 280

HAVE 207 plastic canvas craft books, 1990-2005, $10.00. Electric sewing machine in stand, asking $75.00. (330) 852-2034.

Miscellaneous Merch. 280

THREE 55 GALLON drums. Used motor oil. 419-368-3817 FREE

LIKE NEW, jeep stroller, $100. obo, paid $229. Lots of nice girl's clothes, boys full size bike, $5. (330) 231-4726.

FOR SALE: D.S. New style Champion stove, good condition, $1000; Also, Vinyl fence 320-ft. in 8-ft. sections, 16 posts. Eli A. Swartentruber, 7904 South Apple Creek Rd, Fredericksburg, OH 44627

ATTENTION HERBALISTS! raise your own Golden seal. Planting roots. 3 for $1. 330-897-0328

FOR SALE: Used 2"x6"x12' . Mostly poplar Jonas Troyer, 8862 TR 559, Millersburg, OH 44654

FOR SALE: Matching Woolmill rag rug, 3 x 9 ft each, $35 each; 4 ft round solid cherry table-new, $500; Upright freezer, $80; Pump Organ, $60. 330-674-6133

FOR SALE. Kiln dried lumber. 5/4 R.O. prime, $1.45/b.f. 4/4 red oak prime, $1.75/b.f. 4/4 1 com. R.O. 85¢/b.f. 4/4 prime poplar, $1.00/b.f. 4/4 rustic hickory, $1.00/b.f. 4/4 brown maple $1.25/ b.f. Mullet Run Lumber, (330) 893-4085.

FOR SALE: USED D.S. wood & coal stove, 18"x20" firebox, 14" door. Suitable for small house or shop, $400. (740) 623-0843 / VM

The Holmes County Shopper News

FOR SALE: Mini surrey, 10 years old, with auto steering. $3000. Call Marvin @ 330-763-4808.

Absolute 860 Vacant Acres Auction

Northern Tuscarawas County Location: Chestnut Ridge, Camp & Dundee Wilmot Roads, Dundee, Ohio. GPS Coordinates: Lat: 40.628532, Long: -81.646804. From Dundee & SR 93 take Walnut Creek Bottom Rd (CR 94) west .5 mile to Dundee Wilmot Rd. (CR 96) continue northwest 3.5 miles to Chestnut Ridge Rd. and location. From Winesburg & US 62 take TR 661 (becomes Chestnut Ridge Rd in Tuscarawas County) northeast 2.75 miles to location. Property fronts on Chestnut Ridge, Camp and Dundee Wilmot Rds. Auction to be held at the Kaufman Auction House in Walnut Creek 3149 SR 39 Millersburg (Walnut Creek).

Saturday October 20, 2012 10:00 AM

860+ Acres * Wayne Township * Tuscarawas County Garaway Schools * Wooded Acreage * Excellent Recreational Ground * Ponds * Trails * Good Accessibility Immediate Hunting Rights* 28 Parcels * Parcel from 1 – 95 Acres * Simulcast Bidding This property provides some of the preeminent recreational acreage available in Tuscarawas County. With hunting/ recreational leases being at a premium, outdoorsman and women have to travel 2 to 3 hours and still are not able to find acreage. It’s time to take control of your recreational pastime by purchasing a tract of acreage that’s within minutes of home, not hours, while still being affordable. The property is mostly wooded with several open areas and numerous ponds throughout. Access to the property is provided via a labyrinth of trails and oil well access roads making viewing and accessibility a pleasure not a chore. The acreage has been divided into 28 parcels ranging in size from 1 acre lots to 95 acres. Immediate hunting rights will be given to the buyers with receipt of the downpayment. Grab your 4-wheelers, side by sides or just a map and walk the property at your leisure. Please note the acreage has been mined. You are welcome to ride/walk the property but do so at your own risk. As noted above the auction will be conducted at the Kaufman Auction House just west of Walnut Creek, GPS Coordinates: 40.546091,-81.736053. The address is listed above. We will also offer live online bidding (simulcast) you can register and bid at, you can also view the maps, brochures, pictures, and title opinions there. For more detailed information including brochures maps etc, contact our office or call Anthony or Tony. Terms: 10% nonrefundable downpayment day of sale with no financing contingencies, balance at closing. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. Property sells subject to all articles of record, oil and gas rights have been previously withheld. Contact agents for information regarding the mineral rights. Legal: All parcels are located in Wayne Township of Tuscarawas County and the Garaway School District. Parcel numbers and tax information is available upon request. Property is agent owned. Sale by the Order of: Twilight Mining & Norton Construction

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

Miscellaneous Merch. 280

WILL DO custom meat grinding this fall. Mon, Wed, Fri between 4-8 pm or by appointment. (donations only) Marvin Yoder CR 19 (1 mile west of Becks Mills) 330-893-9304 2 SEATER buggy, surrey manual brakes, no stormfront, needs new curtains. $225. Raymond R Kauffman, 5815 TR 362, Millersburg. (330) 893-4613. 3 steel carts, extreme duty, w/ rubber coated wheels, wagon type frame with handle, suitable for hauling heavy loads (lumber or steel), $275 each. (330) 893-4613. ZERO TURN lawn mower converted for handicap people. Transport scooters, wheel chairs, etc. Call (330) 601-4302, leave message, will call back. NEW NECCHI treadle flatbed and free arm heads for sale. Now dealer for JUKI sewing machines and sergers. Available at Lackman's Sewing Center. Apple Creek Oh (330) 698-3060

Miscellaneous Merch. 280

FOR SALE. Advertisement cups, gal. glass jugs, old sewing machine stand, free glass bottles. (330) 674-0264, VM. FOR SALE: Old hand hewn beams, approx. 10'x10" x 20-ft. long. Emanuel Yoder, 48640 CR 186, Fresno, OH. WATER WELL steel pipe, 220+ feet, wooden rods, cylinder, Monites pump jack - all for $900. Allen Raber, 330-893-0174 V.M FOR SALE: Stihl chain saw MS250 $125. Also, Marlin 17 HMR rifle NIB W/3x9 scope, $325. Mervin, 2789 TR 406, 330-893-0153 V.M. GENERATOR, electric start, 7200 watts, less than 100 hours. $675.00. 1-300-897-7794. FOR SALE: copper kettle. Like new. Jonas S. Miller, Township Road 356, 330-893-3002 2 HARNESS UNION rug loom, warp & threader, good cond. (330) 852-4563, lv msg.


Location: 4875 Parkwood Dr. Berlin, Ohio. From SR 39 at the square in Berlin take Market St south to Parkwood and auction.

Wednesday October 3, 2012 • 3:00 PM Good 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home-Contents-Cub Cadet Good Location-Berlin Twp-East Holmes Schools


This good home has a Kitchen and Dining Room, Living Room with Bay window, Family Room with a fireplace and sliding glass door to a back Patio, ¾ Bath and Laundry on the main floor, 3 Bedrooms and a full Bath upstairs, a 2 car finished, attached Garage, and Basement with laundry hookup. The home has gas heat & AC plus electric heat, central Vac, is wired for generator back-up, has newer siding and is movein ready! You’ll like what you see here. Stop at Open House and have your finances ready by auction day. REAL ESTATE sells at 5 PM. TERMS: 10% Nonrefundable down payment day of auction, balance at closing in 30 days. Possession at closing. No financing contingences. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. HouSEHoLd & CoLLECTiBLES: Frigidaire & Magic Chef refrigerators, apartment fridge, Maytag dryer, Microwave, dehumidifier, rocker/recliner, sofa, lamp, stool, Oak piano bench, Oak roll-top desk, benches, wash tub, rocker, plant stands, drop leaf table, book case, lighted curio, 2 desks, 2 pc sofa, hall tree, Good Oak 4 pc queen size BR suite, King size bed, twin bed, pine pie safe, piano bench, 2-2drawer & 3-4drawer file cabinets, fern stand, 8 good storage shelves, Wicker child’s chair, water dispenser, TV, Oak Stand, massage chair, massage pad, Meade telescope, large Thomas Kincaid & other pictures, blankets, Christmas décor, some kitchen items, Lathe Art-Rocking Horse & Mill picture in 3D, ‘The Jester’ plate, Atlee Pomerene/Berlin plate, Andrews milk bottle, 7up/Ohio State & 7up/Liberty Bell bottles, 12 glass butter & candy dishes, blue swirl pitcher, Napco ‘Little Red Riding Hood-1956, glass& ceramic bells, old Barbie doll set w/ box & clothes, Strawberry Shortcake doll in box, John Wayne & other dolls, Old Harpsichord, old typewriter, books, LP records, Beanie babies, box lots. GardEn & GaraGE: Cub Cadet LT 1045 hydrostatic drive lawn tractor-only 74 hrs, Briggs & Stratton 5550 Watt (8550 starting Watts) generator, power washer, weed eater, gas & elec leaf blowers, garden tools, work bench, socket set, bicycle, step ladder, new screen door, gas grill. Pictures online. noTE: Mower, generator, and large appliances sell after the Real Estate @ 5 pm. TErmS: 3% Buyers premium waived for cash or good check. Owner Sandra Troyer

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

Miscellaneous Merch. 280

Miscellaneous Merch.

SPORT COLLECTIBLES: autographed major league pictures from 1919 - 1946. Autographed business card by Satchel Paige. Some 1950 sports cards. Many items. Prices $2-$200. 330-473-9284

VINTAGE HERCULES gas power unit with clutch, nice cond. Runs great. $1000. obo. (330) 852-2864.

1000 GALLON air tank, and 5 HP Speedair compressor with 11 HP Honda motor on slide. Honda motor is only 2 years old. Make offer. 330-852-4954.

2 OLD chicken houses that we would like to have moved, make offer. Also Kawasaki motor, flexible shaft. (330) 473-9147

CORN HOLE BAGS: $12/set of 8 bags...5 sets or more, $10/set of 8 bags. Norman C. Yoder, 4256 TR 374, Millersburg. 330-893-7421. HEATMASTER WOOD stove, exc. cond. Rebuilt. Made by Clark Machine, $1000.00 obo 330-897-2711. WORD PROCESSOR SERVICES Word processors, Quickbooks & misc. setup & tutoring. WP Solutions, Mark Miller (Holmesville) PH# 330-763-1589. Ultimate Kirby Sweeper, G Series, plus attach., excellent condition, $400; 13 square, 35 yr, Atlas Pinnacle shingles, burnt Sienna (brown), $40 per square. M.Y., 330-695-2383. FOR SALE: Bed box for full-size truck, $150 (330) 231-0599.

USED GOLF balls for sale. Over 300 available. Many brand names! Directly across from Fire Ridge Golf course (Millersburg). 330-674-2323 290 Cummins Power Unit. w/ clutch, runs good, $2500 OBO. (330) 852-2864. FOR SALE: Safe soap products: Nu-white laundry soap, fabric softener, shampoo & body soap, alot more cleaning supplies. This is a biodegradable & chemical free product. For price list: Norman & Ruth Raber, 6165 CR 59, Millersburg, OH 44654. 330-473-5127 VM Also avail. now at Home Specialties. 1904 TR 185 Baltic, Ohio. 330-600-1882

Erb Gun & Collectible Auction

Location: Kaufman Auction House 3149 SR 39, Millersburg OH at the Amish Country Theater. Directions: 3.3 miles east of Berlin or 0.5 mile west of Walnut Creek, Ohio in Holmes County. From I -77 take SR 39 west approximately 12 miles to Auction House.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 5:00 p.m.

90+ Guns * Ammo * Coins & Bows * Collectibles * Tree stands 90+ Guns Including: Browning BPS 28 ga.; Browning BPS 20 ga.; Winchester Mod. 42 .410; Remington Mod. 700 .243; Winchester Mod. 94 .30-30; Ruger 10-22 .22; Marlin Mod. 336 .30-30; Remington Peerless Field grade 12 ga. o/u; Stoger Condor 12 ga o/u; Mossberg Mod. 930 12 ga. rifled slug w/ scope; Remington Mod. 1100 12 ga. trap left hand; Henry .22 lever action; Savage Mod. 24 DL o/u .22 mag-20 ga.; S & W Mod. 628 .44 mag; Colt Peacemaker .22; 3 – Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag. 1 w/ scope; Navy Arms Rolling-block .357 mag.; S & W 642 Airweight .38SPL; Colt officers model heavy barrel .38 SPL: Ruger 22/45 .22; Welby MK IV .38; scopes including LevPold, Nikon, Weaver. Bows & Archery: Horton Explorer; Horton Hawk SL; misc. arrows; Ben Pearson & Browning long bows; safety harnesses; Quiver. Ammo: 2 boxes of Remington 5 mm Rim Fire Mag; muzzle loader bullets; 257 mag; 44 spcl; 22; 38 short colt; 30-06; 12 ga. & 20 ga.; Mec reloader & reloading supplies. Knives & Other: 15+ knives including – Case, Colt, Beer & son, & others; bear trap; beaver trap; fur stretchers; 12v trolling motor; snow shoes; cleaning rod; gun cases; game caller; dog training collars; fishing poles. 8 Hang on Tree Stands & Climbing Sticks Coins: approx 30 lots including – Morgan dollars; bust halves; large cents; Indian head pennies; 3¢ silver; 3¢ nickel; buffalo nickels; seated dime; wheat pennies & more. Watch Fobs: 30+ including – 11 Columbus Draft Horse Sale from 1963-1973; Berlin Roofing; A & D Buggy: Farmerstown Fur; Shrock’s Buggy; Shrock’s Wood Craft; Cherry Ridge Const.; Holmesville Elevator; Yoder Drilling; Swiss Festival; East Ohio Gas & more. Misc.: 2 full body mounts of a turkey & a coyote Note: Approximately 1 hour of smalls and collectibles; a nice selection of guns and smalls. Will be an interesting sale from start to finish. Online bidding available for the gun portion of the sale. Guns bought on line will be sent to your local dealer. For a gun catalog visit or call 330-852-4111. Terms: Cash, Check, or any major credit card with proper identification. 3% buyers premium but will be waived for cash sales. Sale by the order of: Mr. Erb

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111


Dave Kaufman Broker/Auctioneer Jake Schlabach Realtor/Auctioneer 330-763-0889 Derrick Kandel, Auctioneer Cliff Sprang, Auctioneer Curt Yoder, Auctioneer Pat Kaufman, Apprentice Auctioneer


The Holmes County Shopper News 290

Musical Instruments 300

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 37 Pets Supplies 300

CORNET, BRASS, great condition. Case, lyre, ready for lessons and band. $95. 330-276-5111.

AKC BOXER male for stud service, strong beautiful fawn with white markings. Call 330-893-2898, ask for Dave.

FENDER DG-225 NAT GUITAR for sale, good condition. $180. (330) 852-1302

FOR SALE: Yorkies, 2 females, 8 mo. old. Vernon Weaver, 50112 TR 69, Millersburg, OH. 44654. 740-622-0688 #2

FOR SALE: Like new Jasmine Guitar, never used much. Also Blessed Assurance songbook. $200 obo for all. Call (330) 567-2255.


Office Equipment

Color Copies HP170/extra color cartridges- good condition. $200. Call (330) 852-2466.


Pets Supplies

AKC YORKIE puppies. No breeders. Very cute. First shots. Male & female. Breeder sell-out. $250. (330) 496-9024. FOR SALE: AKC boxer puppies, brindle & brown, shots & wormed up to date. $400. each. (330) 695-2153. AKC Golden Retriever. pups. 2 males left. Shots and wormed. $150. (740) 552-1990 AKC Habenese Puppies, 10 males, 8 wks old on Oct. 12. Black and white, cream and white, and cream. $275 each. Marvin L. Raber (330) 897-8701.

FOR SALE: 4 Cavalier puppies, 3 Try and 1 Blenim, ready to go by Oct. 19. Call: 330-674-1912 x 2

AKC MALTESE female, 5 years old, $150. AKC Maltese male puppies, 8 weeks old, $200. (330) 567-2757. At Stud AKC, Bernese Mountain Dog. 330-264-2647 15 wk old Chihuahua male, tan and white, long haired, $200 OBO. 330-674-0520 UKC TREEING Walker Coonhound puppies. Mom is 1/2 sister of Mr. Clean. Nite Champion parents. 740-824-4692. WANTED: REGISTERED young Bichon male. (330) 893-1016, V.M. Cocker Spaniels, 4 females, 1 male, young adult dogs. $250 each. Albert Yoder (330) 674-1820 ext 1. FOR SALE. 4 female chihuahua puppies, 5 weeks old, ACA registered. David H Yoder, (330) 893-2892. FOR SALE: 3 Jack Russell mix pups. Shots & wormed. Very tiny & playful. $50. each. Reuben Yoder, 330-674-0384. AKC mini Pin puppies, 8 wks. old, had 1st shots & wormed, small & cute! (330) 893-1361, leave msg.. WHITE TAIL bucks, two 2 year olds, two 1 year olds, Sneaker & Driftwood genetics. Make offer. 330-852-9108. BEAUTIFUL WHITE & tan 5 month old guinea pig, included is cage & all accessories. Paid $140., will sacrifice for $30. (330) 893-4545. FOR SALE: 10 months old beagle female, parents were good hunters. Would also make good puppy raiser, $50. Call (330) 567-2255. FOR SALE: Walker Red Heeler mix coon Hound. $50; 9 mo. old female Border Collie cross, $50, needs training. Daniel R. Hershberger 5770 TR 257 Millersburg, Ohio 44654 ACA CREAM Pomeranian male, 3 years old, proven & aggressive, $250. ACA Yorkie male, 7 months, for cross breeding, $200. (330) 674-2883. Rabbits; Bunnies; Rex, Mini Rex, Lion Heads, Dwarf, wh. Perkins, call ducks. Esther Yoder, 4252 TR 628 Millersburg, OH 44654. Ph. 330-674-1900

1 1/2 year old Basset hound female, makes great pet. $200. obo. Phone (330) 275-6518. 2 yr old, ACA Cavalier female, Blenheim, due in Oct. $500; 2 yr old ACA male, tri-color, proven breeder, $350. 330-695-2153 LM

AKC BOSTON Terrier puppies, very cute, out of good breeding stock, vet checked and shots up to date, $475. 330-567-2674

3 YEARS old beagle female, excellent mother. $50. (330) 275-2315.

ACA registered, one yr old French Bulldog male, proven breeder, fawn colored with black mask, $1000 OBO. (330) 674-0799 ext. 4.

Wanted: young Golden Retriever females. Also for sale: Chocolate Lab, born 4/6/12. (330) 275-5247.

FOR SALE. 8 weeks old Toy Fox Terrier male. Had shots and wormed, small size. 9240 TR 614, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.

3/4 ENGLISH bulldog, (2) 1-1/2 yr. old females, (2) 3 yr. old female, (1) 3 yr. Beabull, $1000/all. Call (330) 359-0672.

CAVALIER MALE AKC, ruby, 1-1/2 yrs. old, sired litter of 6 on 9/17/12, $750/obo. Also, half grown Yorkie male, AKC, $300. 330-749-1054 / VM

4 SHELTY puppies, AKC registered, 12 wks old, sable and white, 1 female, 3 males. $150 each 330-749-4568 8 MONTH old Shih-Tzu male, $100. 3 years old Yorkie female, $300. Call (330) 897-6602.

HAVE Toy Fox Terrier for stud service, $50. (330) 695-9310.

Pets Supplies 300

####### WARNING: Animals advertised for "free" are sometimes acquired by people who use them as bait in training other animals to fight or for science experimentation. Please offer your pet for a nominal fee in order to attract a sincere buyer. #######

FOR SALE: Red Golden Pheasants, 14 weeks old. (330) 893-9955.

FREE: CATS, KITTENS, some not weaned yet. Marie Yoder, 4252 TR 628, Mbg., OH 44654. 330-674-1900



2 BEAGLE females. 1 black, $50 each. 330-674-9754

FOR SALE: 6 CAVALIER male pups, AKC, shots, wormed, 3 tris, 3 blenheims. David Troyer. (330) 852-3860 ext 3..

CAVALIER KING CHARLES 3-Blenheim females, born 7-22-12. From selected stock, $500 each. 330-897-0103.



FOR SALE: ACA Shiba Puppies, 7 females, 2 males, 5 and 3 wks old. $300 each. 330-897-8710

MINIATURE PINCHER, female, 7 yrs old, chocolate and tan, good mother, $150. 330-852-2448 ext. 1

FOR SALE: Border Collie puppies, 10 weeks old. Pets, farm dogs. $50. Phone (330) 359-0198.

BRINDLE Boxer 330-472-2613

Wanted:Yorkie 893-3619.

For Sale: Bichon female, 1 1/2 yr old, VM (330) 473-5127

3 Bulldog Puggle mix puppies. 10 wks old. $125 each; 4 older Bichon females. $100 each. Call (330) 897-6602.

LAB PUPPIES, 10 weeks old, shots & wormed. Black, $100. Yellow, $150. (330) 674-7450.

Pets Supplies 300

FOR SALE. 1 Cavalier male, 3 yrs old, proven breeder, bleneheim color, AKC, papers. $600. Wayne Troyer, Hilltop Rd., Baltic. 330-897-3057 x 1. For Sale: Labradoodle female, Chocolate, 3 yrs old. 330-674-1694 ext 1.

Pets Supplies 300

1 YEAR old Yorkie male, ICA, $450. Call (330) 897-3207. FOR SALE: 4 Labradoodle females, born 7/11, $150 each. 1 AKC Yellow Lab female, 4 years old, $275. 330-897-7111 or 330-231-5764.

YOUNG BLUE Heeler female, nice family and farm dog. 330-897-7830.

BEAGLE FEMALE, $20. Also English Bulldog/ Puggle puppies, $325. Shots, wormed, very cute. (330) 763-4037.

ENGLISH BULLDOG puppies, 7/8 cross. Born 6/26/12, shots and wormed. James Weaver 330-567-3266 BLACK BOXER female with 3 pups, born 7/1/12, ACA reg'd. 330-897-0328

FOR SALE: Border Collie Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler cross puppies. Levi Miller, 9850 Harrison Rd, Apple Creek OH 44606

6 yr old ACA Yorkie Male. Proven breeder; Wanted: Poodle male. call: 330-897-0130

GUINEA Pigs for sale, $5 each. 330-473-9229. KENNEL SELL out! 10' x 14' w/ 3- 3 ' x 7' chain link runs, Natural gas heater and AC unit, AKC Wheaten Terrier adults, 1 male, 3 females, complete set up $6800 OBO. May seperate. 330-893-4613

AKC Beagle pups. Other reg'd. Coonhounds for sale. 740-824-4692. FOR SALE: Australian Shepherd mix puppies, parents are good watch dogs. $15. (330) 567-9722.

TOY POODLE puppies, vaccinated & wormed. Males $100. Females $150. Also 2 breeding age males, $150. each. (330) 276-5613.

9 YR old NKC registered Beagle male. Buck Shot grandson. Steady. $100. Fermin Garber CR 168. 330-893-2612

ENGLISH BULL dog puppies. Very nice, good pets. Family raised. 6 weeks old. Call now pick up when ready. (330) 897-0954.

GRAY FEMALE, T-cup Poodle, house puppy. Born 9-10-10. $325 330-473-5676

YORKIE JACK Russel cross puppies, 9 wks old, shots/wormed, $60. 1886 Pleasant Valley Rd. Sugar Creek or call 330-897-8037

FOR SALE: AKC SIBERIAN HUSKY puppies, 5 males, shots/wormed, all colors, $500- Ready to go! (330) 695-2387.

Pets Supplies

MINI DACHSHUND puppies, ACA, blk/tan, reds, choc., blue dapple, short haired, $300-$400; Also, 2 Shih-a-poo puppies, 1-m & 1-f, very cute, $275/ea. (330) 279-2066. 3/4 Jack Russell puppies, 7 wks old, $75 each. Marlin Wengerd, 330-359-0313


Tools Machinery

Dewalt 12" slide compound mitre saw/extra blades-good condition $350; BilJax scaffolding casters and levelers $75; For all respirator-full face 3M silicone rubber-ideal for paints or insecticides $75-Kremlin/Grace finishing system $500. Call (330) 852-2466. KOHLER 30 KW Natural Gas Genset, 570 hrs., 6 cyl., Ford engine, 1 or 3 phase, auto start,like new, $6,100. Call Joe 330-852-3029. FOR SALE: Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, 60 gal., upright, 5 HP electric motor, $499. Works good. Phone (330) 317-7169.

FOR SALE: Beagle puppies, shots and wormed, ready to go. $150-females, $125- males. 330-857-0170 x 2 VM

NATURAL GAS motor, Ford 4 cyl. industrial, 40-60 HP with clutch. In good running cond. $1400. 9040 S Apple Creek Rd, Fredericksburg. (330) 695-9961.

FOR SALE: 6 yr old AKC party pom female, very friendly, pet only, $25; Cavashon male, born July 3, 2012. $75. 330-897-0128

ONAN 20 KW Natural Gas Genset, 4 cyl., Ford engine, auto start, 700 hrs. Good condition. $5,800. Call Joe 330-852-3029.

Holmes County


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38 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

Wengerd & Miller Real Estate & Chattel Auction Walnut Creek

Location: 4415 CR 114, Sugarcreek OH 44681. From SR 39 just east of Walnut Creek take CR 114 west ½ mile to location. Signs posted.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 • 4:00 p.m. 2 Homes with Buildings on 32 Acres * 4 Parcels * Walnut Creek Twp * Holmes County * East Holmes Schools * Hustler Commercial Mower * Appliances * Household * Misc. Items

Open House: Monday Oct. 8, 5-7 p.m.


Tools Machinery 355

FOR SALE: Monarch Engine Lath Model. 1310 x 30, good condition. $5500 OBO. Stutzman 8957 TR 652 Fredericksburg TWO CORNELL blowers. New cond. 10"x9", $800 ea. 3 cyl. Isuzu engine used very little, $1800 with clutch and control panel. 330-674-0646 FOR SALE: Portable Emglo compressor with 5.5 Honda motor. $600. 330-893-1519. POWERMATIC MODEL 66 10" tilting arbor saw, 5HP, 3 ph, good cond. with Biesemeyer fence, $1375.00. obo. Call Joel at (330) 893-3409. FOR SALE: HMC debarker with hydraulics and barn sweep, 125 HP, John Deere engine. Also dip tank, 20' long, galvanized. (330) 893-1020

Wengerd Property

*26 Acres * Farmhouse & Barn * Newer 48’ x 70’ Shop * 3 Parcels* Located in the heart of eastern Holmes County this 26 acre farmette has a lot to offer. Great location and private setting,, income potential and much more. The 2 story farmhouse features kitchen/dining area, large living room, small pantry, 4 bedrooms and 1 bath, enclosed porch. Has full basement. Home is heated via natural gas heat stoves and a wood burning stove. Has private septic system and spring fed water supply. Natural gas is supplied by free gas from well on farm. Updates include new roof in 2011, newer windows. Buildings include a 48’ x 70’ shop built in 2007 which is completely finished, insulated, in-floor hot water heat and currently being used for retail and production. Large parking lot. Other shop amenities include bathroom, small office, fully wired with inverter system for lighting etc. The 60’ x 72’ bank barn with a 20’ x 72’ add on is still solid and has 6 boxstalls, 2 tiestalls, 13 cow stanchions, and a loafing shed. An older 30 x 60 shop is still useable and is insulated and partially finished. The land includes some bottom ground as well as hillside. Mostly pasture with a small wooded area. Good fence throughout.

Miller Property

* Newer 2500 Sq Ft Home and Barn on 6 Acres * Custom built in 2006 this raised ranch home features a beautiful Alpine Cabinet solid oak kitchen and dining room, large living room, a master bedroom with 3 additional bedrooms and 2 baths. Sewing room/office. Home has lots of custom built-ins. This property was built with no details being spared. Amenities include hot water gravity flow heat (propane gas or wood burning boiler), in-floor heat in basement, partially wired, summer kitchen in basement, tilt Anderson windows throughout. 2-215 watt solar panels, 1-600 watt Sunforce wind turbine and a 3,000 inverter charger stay with the home. Private water well and septic system. Outside the walkout basement there is an inviting stamped concrete patio awaiting those summer evening cookouts. The 36’ x 50’ bank barn is equally impressive and includes 4 box stalls, 3 tiestalls and plenty of storage etc. 10’ x 16 storage barn is included. The land has plenty of pasture with good fence, a young producing orchard including peach, apple, and cherry trees. Approx. 20 blueberry plants. Both of the above properties will be offered the same evening in 4 parcels. Parcel 1: Lester Miller home & barn on 6 acres. 463’ frontage on private road. Parcel 2: Newer 48’ x 70’ shop on 7.96 acres. 499’ frontage on private road. Excellent building site with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Parcel 3: Roy Wengerd home & barn on 15.7 acres. Access to private road. Parcel 4: 2.4 acres bottom ground. 823’ frontage on private road. Will be sold in parcels and combinations. Real estate will be sold at 6:00 p.m. Call for map and brochure. Go to for more pictures and info. Call Jr. Miller for more info. Taxes & Legal: Holmes County parcel # 2600984002, 2600984000, 2601510000. Miller taxes are $1,642.23 per ½ year. Wengerd taxes are $1,289.25 per ½ year. Terms on Real Estate: 10% nonrefundable down payment, balance at closing, no financing contingencies. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. Purchasers should inspect the property prior to bidding and be aware of its condition. Acreage and frontage amounts are approximate and subject to final survey. Announcements day of sale take precedence over all previous advertising and statements.

Chattels 4:00 PM

Appliances * Hustler Mower * Lincoln Welder * 6600 Watt Generator * Misc. Household Mower, Generator, Welder & Misc.: 2011 Hustler 48” walk behind commercial mower, hydr. drive, like new with only 80 hours; Yamaha 6600 watt generator; Lincoln 180 amp. Electric wire feed welder; 3 pt. blade, 6 ft. (bush hog); Appliances and Sofa: Premier 30” LP gas range; Premier 36” LP gas range; Diamond 21 cu. ft. refrigerator; tan sectional sofa. More chattels to be listed in future ads. Lunch Stand Terms on Chattels: Cash or check.


DAVE KAUFMAN, BROKER/AUCTIONEER JR MILLER, AUCTIONEER/REALTOR 330.231.1914 or Cliff Sprang, Auctioneer - Derrick Kandel, Auctioneer - Curt Yoder, Auctioneer

WANTED: RUBBER MATS for horse box stalls. 330-359-5459. WANTED TO buy: Free stall loops. Call VM 330-897-0938. BUYING ALL GUNS, pistols, rifles, shotguns & access. Private buyer. Woody 330-819-3274 Wanted: Easy Entry pony cart in good condition. 330-897-0128 WANTED: GOOD used chicken shelter. Please state price. Eli Yoder's, 10120 Saltcreek Rd, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.

CASH FOR hand guns, rifles, shot guns, ammunition. Priv. collector buying. Scott, 330- 603-7550. Free appraisals.

WANTED: CORRUGATED galvanized roofing, the old style. Call John at (330) 567-2368.

WANTED: NATURAL gas cook stove in WANTED: Good 12' transport disc; Also old 12' disc frame. Frame must be good. 330-359-1113 WANTED: USED Igloo or Rubbermaid style dog house with door flap. Call (330) 674-4205.

5 BR RANCH home. Finished basement, 2 small buildings on 1 acre between Nashville & Shreve. 330-566-8398

WANTED: NATURAL gas refrigerator in good condition. 330-893-3875


WANTED on permission or lease: Creeks & ponds for trapping muskrat this Fall. Also buying all scrap metal. 330-407-7796. WANTED: BREEDING Age Flemish Giant male. Em. Miller, 9080 S. Carr Rd., Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627. ICH KAUF Trash piles & Dumps. 330-275-7980 CASH PAID for scrap, autos, trucks, farm equipment & misc. Hauled free, appliances & junk. Call (330) 749-2094. WANTED:PORTABLE Full size dishwasher. Prefer newer model. Call 330-276-0050 WANTED: FRUIT PATTERN Home and Garden canister set. 330-695-2090. WANTED: Dog kennel & welping pen. Must be in good condition. (330) 695-9310.

2002 VW Jetta, 250,000 miles, Asking $4500. obo. (330) 763-3650. 1996 CHEVY LUMINA 136,255 miles. Like new tires. Some rust. $1800 OBO. 330-704-1979

BUYING FIXABLE & unused vehicles, will take junk vehicles too. Paying more than scrap price on most. 330-473-0400.

WANTED: STURDY used shelves for warehouse. S.T. 9134 T.R. 652, Fredericksburg, OH 44627

WANTED: ROSENTAL Corn Husker. Also Dion Thrash machine in good working cond. State price in first letter. Levi Yoder, 5864 CR 59, Mbg., OH 44654

2004 HONDA Accord, AC, CD, PW, dual climate control, cruise. $6900 firm. Call 330-465-8499.

WANTED: WOOD-BURNING kitchen range in good working condition. Lester J. Wengerd, 9106 CR 201, Fredericksburg, OH 44627


BUYING JUNK Batteries, ele. motor's, copper, brass, aluminum, farm machinery, appliances, cars, truck. 330-279-2142, Marvin Miller.

2006 VW Passat 2.0 T, 97,700 miles, leather seats, 30 mpg, $8,499. obo. Call or text 330-600-1125.

FOR SALE: 1992 Dodge Dynasty LE, 41K miles, loaded, exc. cond. $3000. (330) 231-3787.

YOU GOT scrap, we got cash. Pickups and dropoffs avail. No equip. or vehicle too big for our disposal. 330-275-7980.

WANTED: PLASTIC milk crates. Price & amount. 330-674-4860 x6. Harvey Yoder, 7183 CR 19, Millersburg, OH 44654


WANTED: 10 or 12 x 20 ft long storage building. (330) 674-2651.

Wanted to Buy good cond. (330) 674-2883.

Land Sale Rent

Apartment Rentals

1 BR apt. in Winesburg, appls. provided. No smoking, assist animals only, $550 +utils, +dep. 330-359-1902 NICE 2 BR apt. Killbuck. Appl, lg screened in porch, garage $385 renter pays all utils+ sec. dep. Assist animals only. 330-276-4091.


Home Condo Rentals

For Rent (Oct): Near Millersburg, Large Woodland home, 4 BR. 2.5 BA, all appl., free gas! No smoking, single family, pet on approval. References, deposit, $875 per month 330-674-6133



13' Fiberglass boat with trailer. $200. Also 115 hp, Out Board Johnson motor, needs rebuilt, $500. 330-231-6446 16' deep V Lund, 1987, w/ 40hp oil injected suzuki motor, $3000 OBO. 330-600-0466 VM

Home Condo For Sale 9.9 MERCURY, 15HP, new, 4 stroke,

5 BEAUTIFUL, 5 acre building sites in Ashland County, Green Township located on Twp Road 2475. For more info call: 330-567-9232 or 330-231-0339



tiller steer, electric start, short shaft, paid $3000, sell for $2275. obo. Got long shaft. 330-695-9963.


Motorcycles ATVs

FOR SALE: 2003 Honda Recon ATV, just serviced, ready to hunt, $1475 firm. Call: 330-567-2087


Trucks SUVs

2003 Toyota Sequoya, 4 wd, 206,000 mi., $7000. 330-231-7140 2002 FORD Explorer XLT, 140k mi., runs good, a/c, sunroof, pwr. windows & locks. Asking $3000/obo. (330) 276-3516 '98 FORD F150, 4x4, 4.6 V-8, Ext. Cab w/ 3rd door, 147K, new tires, new brakes, got tow package must sell $3500 OBO. 419-606-3674. LEER FIBERGLASS truck cap, fits '02-'09 Dodge Crew cab shortbed, exc. shape! $400/obo or will trade for soft tonneau. 330-231-0346.



Automobiles FOR SALE: 2005, 3500, Chevy 15

FOR SALE: 2008 Dodge Dakota Laramie. V-8, leather seats, tinted windows, back slide window, alloy wheels, orange. Call 330-275-9856. 34, 145 mi.

passenger van, dark green, tinted windows. 60,000 mi., 330-473-8410 1997 DODGE van, 15 pass. 160K miles, 360 motor, 3 ton, good cond. $6950 obo. (740) 892-2178.

the heart of the market

Owners Roy and Mary Ellen Wengerd Lester and Martha Miller

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

Wanted to Buy 500

..Complete Real Estate and Auction Service farms homes household livestock vacant land equipment estates antiques commerical property lake property

Sugarcreek Office Post Office Box 422 1047 West Main Street Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 Phone 330.852.4111 Toll Free 888.852.4111 Fax 330.852.4099

New Philadelphia Office

141 Front SE New Philadelphia, OH 44663 Phone 330.602.4111 Fax 330.602.4114

Millersburg Office 40 West Jackson Street Millersburg, Ohio 44654 Phone 330.674.7355 Fax 330.674.0612 10072303

(330) 852-4 888-852-41 www.kaufmanre

The Holmes County Shopper News 650

Building Materials 845

207 Doors & Windows • Vinyl Windows •06500 FreeAD11797131 Installations 72 • Free Estimates 43399 4881 CR 207 Millersburg, OH

FOR SALE 7 used trusses, 24 ft. long 6/12 Pitch, 12 in. overhang. V.M. 330-893-0711 ext. 1. Aden C. Troyer, 3210 C.R. 600, Millersburg, OH 44654


Chimney Sweeps

CHIMNEY RELINING, Masonry and Stainless Chimney Supplies. Hiland Supply Co., LTD, 3878 CR 135, Millersburg. VM 330-893-4724.





ARE YOU TIRED of chasing livestock? I'll fix any type of fence. Call (330) 897-2502. Junior R. Yoder Building all types of fences. Wire, wood, & vinyl. Free estimates. United Fencing 330-359-2314, ext.1/ 330-231-8813 Building all types of fences. Wire, wood, & vinyl. Free estimates. United Fencing 330-359-2314, ext.1/ 330-231-8813 WILL CLEAR your fence rows, take out old fence. Have ambusher to clear multifloral rose & brush. Also will build new fence. 18 yrs exp. Call 330-359-6136.



WE BUY junk cars 262-9300 CASH PAID for scrap, autos, trucks, farm equipment & misc. Hauled free, appliances & junk. Call (330) 749-2094. AMISH TAXI, short or long hauls, 2 mini vans, 80¢ a mile. 330-897-2170 or 330-390-0164. AMISH HAULING, 7 & 12-pass. vans, both local & long distance. Reasonable prices. (330) 231-0599.



FOR SALE: United States Stove Company, wood & coal stove with blowers or use as a furnace. Very good cond. Call (330) 231-3230. FOR SALE: 65,000 BTU natural gas Empire stove, good cond. (330) 231-3230 FOR SALE: Boomer furnace for shop. Good crates. Isaac Yoder, 4857 TR 367, Millersburg, OH 44654. 330-893-2769 LENOX PULSE 80000 btu, propane furnace; Armstrong 72000 btu, oil furnace. $450 each OBO. 330-316-7821 FOR SALE: 24 in x 30 in x 33 high, wood stove, heavy built with pipe complete set up, $650. Aden Yoder (330) 359-5459. FOR SALE: Large Hitzer stove model 82. Used one winter. Very good condition, $850. 330-852-2902


Home Improvement 985

ALL MASONRY/concrete projects/ repairs/custom, brick, block, real stone. Glass block bsmt. windows, chimneys for wood furnace, steps, gun vault rms, drop ceiling. Ins'd. James 330-231- 9100.




Graphic Design Solutions Custom Business Form-Booklets-Flyers Twin Pine Printing Ph 330-359-2453 - Fax 330-359-0106


Roofing & Spouting

APPROX. 3/4 ton red crushed brick. Nelson Hershberger 330-275-3740

MAST BUILDERS ROOFING, shingle & steel roofs. Certainteed Certified. Insured. Free Estimates. Call 330-465-2021.

FOR SALE: Manufacturing landscaping stone business. For details contact us at 3907 South Kansas Rd., Apple Creek, Ohio 44606

NEED A NEW ROOF? Call the roofing professionals. Free estimates & fully insured. Quality work guaranteed. Charm Builders Ltd. 330-231-2790.


Lawn & Gardening 1050

NOTICE: WILL clean up your property in exchange for old metal scrap & old farm machinery. Have ambusher, can do multifloras roses, etc. (330) 763-0497.

925 DUST BUNNIES Cleaning Co. offers an affordable housecleaning service tailored to meet your needs. Insured/bonded. Call Michelle at (330) 844-1604.

Thursday, September 27, 2012 — 39


GORILLA PAINTING 10% OF all our contracts between Oct. 15 & Nov. 24 will be forwarded to "Share a Christmas". (330) 231-3541 GORILLA PAINTING. We still have openings to schedule exteriors. Save big on "pre holiday" interiors. Call for details. See us on Facebook. Gorilla Painting Contractors 330-231-3541 SIGLER PAINTING specializing in neat, clean, quality interior painting. Third generation painter. Excellent references. Free estimates. (330) 317-7048.

Location: 10836 Lower Trail Rd, Dundee OH 44624. From Winesburg, OH take CR 160 east 2 miles to Cement Bridge Rd. south ¾ mile to Lower Trail Rd. east to location. From SR 93 just north of Dundee OH take Walnut Creek Bottom Rd. west 3 miles to Cement Bridge Rd. north to Lower Trail Rd. west to auction. Signs posted.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 10:00 a.m.

27.6 Acres * Newer Clearspan Commercial Buildings * 30’ x 40’ Dry Kiln * Wayne Twp * Tuscarawas County * Garaway School District * Industrial Woodworking Equipment * Lumber

Taxi Limo Shuttle

ATOMS HAULING Safe, affordable transportation to any destination! Atoms has two 8 passenger vans to meet your comfort and standards. We are now booking trips and would love to have your company! We will also book out of state hunting and fishing trips, and a fully furnished camper is available to meet your camping needs! Our drivers have safe driving records, are insured, and very friendly! No trip too small, or too big! Give Atoms a call today, and book your next trip! Leave the driving to us, and relax. You deserve it! Phone 330-473-5782 or 330-600-9110. Hope to hear from you soon!


Tree Service SHREVE TREE SERVICE. Free Estimate. Insured 330-496-3412



FOGGED HOUSE WINDOWS? We can fix them without replacing the entire window. (330) 674-7556.

Underwood Auction

Location: 13490 SR 39, Big Prairie OH 44611. Auction at the east edge of Nashville OH on SR 39, directly across from the school.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 4:00 p.m.

Ferguson Tractors * Farmall H * John Deere 50 * 1962 Chrysler Newport * Misc. Tools * Household Tractors: 1951 Ferguson 30, runs good, ser. # 70561; 1952 Ferguson 30, runs good, good rubber, ser. # 92041; 1960 MF 35, gas, runs good, uses some oil, ser. # 218956; 1945 ? Farmall H, NF, serial # 201869; 1954 John Deere 50, serial # 5016724, 6 spd, no 3 pt lift arms; Chrysler Newport car: 1962 sedan, 60,000 miles, 361 engine, auto transmission, body is clean, all original except tires; Misc. Equip. and Tools: Ford 3 pt 2x12 plow; 6 ft Woods R660 finish mower, 3 pt; MF 7 ft, 3 pt disk (older); 6 ft Little Rhino 3 pt blade; 10 gals. of SAE 90 gear oil for Ferg. Tractors; small shop press (20 ton); 3 pt slipscoop; Lincoln 225 Amp electric arc welder; 60,000 btu space heater; portable Porter Cable air compressor; NH 28 silage blower (needs work); shop floodlight; 2 man handsaw; air horns; Ryobi weed trimmer; bolt bin w/ bolts; small stepladder; misc. shop items; Appliances & Household: Magic Chef refrigerator; Sears Coldspot upright freezer; Whirlpool washer and dryer (electric); Sanyo 32” TV; wooden bunk beds; lamps; rocker/ recliner; metal double bed; dresser; misc. household. Note: Tractors run and are all useable. Approx. a 2 hour auction. Tractors and car will be sold last. Go to www. for photos and details. Terms on Chattels: Cash or good check. Lunch Stand Owner: Charles Underwood

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

Open for Inspection: Monday Oct. 15, 4-6 p.m. 27.6 acres of open and wooded land that include the following improvements. 2008-70’x100’ Clearspan Building: completely insulated, finished interior, concrete floors, in floor heat, offices, unfinished bathroom, wired for 3 phase, natural gas hookup from NE OH Gas, 20 ft. high ceilings, poured concrete foundation, x overheads. 2008 – 80’x148’ Clearspan Building: not insulated, no concrete floors, poured concrete foundation. 2002 – 40’x40’ Building with 30’x40’ Dry Kiln: kiln has 50,000 board ft. capacity 1,300,000 btu, gas hot water boiler with 2000 gal. water reservoir, controller with probes, the Central Boiler Classic CL7260 outdoor woodburning furnace will be sold separately following the real estate sale. Utility Information: 3 phase electric available at road, water well on property also services the neighboring home which will continue for 3 more years, no septic system, existing gas well owned by Green Gas Co., Enervest currently holds the lease, minimal royalties of approx. $100 per year with free gas provision in lease (currently not much gas pressure). Real estate will be sold at 12 noon with larger equipment being sold thereafter. Call for map and brochure. Call Jr. Miller for more info. Taxes & Legal: Taxes are $1,135.23 per ½ year. Tusc. County Parcel numbers are 68-00103.002 and 68-01127.005. Full list of equipment in future ads. Terms on Real Estate: 10% nonrefundable down payment, balance at closing, no financing contingencies. Any required inspections must be completed prior to bidding. Purchasers should inspect the property prior to bidding and be aware of its condition. Acreage and frontage amounts are approximate and subject to final survey. Announcements day of sale take precedence over all previous advertising and statements. Lunch Stand Chattels Towmotors * Timesaver Planer/Sanders * Quality Industrial Woodworking Equipment Lumber Diesel Power Units 2 Planer/Sanders: 2 – Timesaver Series 300, 54” planer/sanders, Model # 352-4KABT, Serial# 27929 (one has Byrd Tool 52” Shelix planer head), 3 phase electric (2-50hp on each unit) motors, Note: will be sold as one unit. Pink: Wood-Mizer band saw SHR, Serial# SHR25-HD120208146 A1 03, 3 sh. 20 or 25 hp?, electric motor (new blades sell separately) ; Extrema Magnum XP 24” double sided planer w/ 2-30 hp, 3 ph electric motors; Ekstrom Carlson straight line rip (14” blade) 20 hp, 3 ph electric motor w/ laser light, electronic controls; Urimat 17 A, 5 hd, moulder, model U17LA 3 ph electric motors; Enco drill press, Model 105-1120 Serial# 891702; 12 speed/floor model; Green: Murm 6 cyl. 280 hp diesel, 3915 hrs.; Marelli 180 KW generator, 3 phase, Serial# MR29961 (like new); JD Powertech 6.8 liter, diesel, 4370 hrs, 6 cyl., 180 hp, w/ PTO clutch; Cummins 4 cyl., 60 hp, diesel, w/ PTO clutch; 10 hp Saylor Bell compressor (stationary); BDN series 9000 watt generator; CM Cummins Mack wood bandsaw; Model# CM-067; Purple: 1988 Toyota diesel fork lift, 5000 lbs. cap, Model# 02-2FDE25; 1997 Daewoo GC 205-2 fork lift, propane, 4000 lb. cap., Serial# 06-04539; Red: Honeyville Mack 255, bahouse (120 MCF); Precision PCS55 shaker, Serial# S672; 10”x20’ auger w/ electric motor; 10’x25’ steel sawdust bin w/ unloader (like new); Black: Central Boiler Classic outdoor woodburning furnace; Model# CL7260, 764 water capacity; 30”x40” opening: Miscellaneous: Parker hydraulic crimpy machine w/ extra hours; General dust collector; FM230 dust collector; bolt bins w/ contents; misc. tools/fillers etc.; 6-3’x8’ lumber carts; 3 Viwinco 4x8 windows, new; 300 gal fuel tank; 1000 gal air tank; 500 gal fuel tank; 10” Sch 40 pipe & fittings; steel mesh equip guards; scrap pile; steel ramps; 2-2½ cubic yard dumpsters; 2-2 cubic yard dumpsters; Master 200,000 BTU space heater; Zenith 2200 lb pallet jack; 3’x3’ rubber floor mats; ratchet tie downs, heavy duty; 8 boxes of 2” Sure-Fit nails; 5 Bostich nailers; pile of sawdust pipe; 100 hp, 3ph electric motor; 60 hp, 3 ph electric motor; 50 hp, 3 ph electric motor; binding card; rooftop chains; misc. 30” belting; steel base for diesel; approx 200 2x4x20’s; 300 gal fuel tank on stand; 300 gal fuel tank w/ pump; old gasoline pump; heavy duty 30’x48’ racks; concrete blocks; 5½x10 ft. steel lumber rack; 3-21’6”x8” steel casing; 3-21’6”x6”x6” sqw. casing posts; 10 pcs-12”x20’ perforated plastic culvert pipe; 8”x10”x23’ H-Beam ½” steel; 4-8”x8’ steel rollers; Lumber: 8000 ft 5/4 red oak; 8500 ft 4/4 to 5/4 br. Maple; 4000 ft. 4/4, 5/4, & 6/4 cherry; 2000 ft 4/4 walnut; 1000 ft 4/4 hickory; 9000 ft 5/4 polar; 1000 ft 4/4 w. oak (will be graded at time of sale). Owners: Indian Trail Lumber, Willis and Lizzie Yoder

(330) 852-4111 888-852-4111

Home Improvement

CRAYTON CARPENTRY can take care of your remodeling or addition. Quality Comes Standard. 330-231-7195

Yoder Commerical Real Estate & Woodworking Equip Auction


DAVE KAUFMAN, BROKER/ AUCTIONEER JR MILLER, AUCTIONEER/ REALTOR 330.231.1914 or Cliff Sprang, Auctioneer Derrick Kandel, Auctioneer Curt Yoder, Auctioneer

40 — Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Holmes County Shopper News

10 Ford FocusSXT

08 Chevy HHR LS

06 Buick Lucerne

Power Seat, Reverse Park Aid, TV/DVD, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, 1 Owner

Power Windows & Locks, Remote Start, CD Stereo, Air.

Tilt Wheel, CD Stereo, Air.

Power Seat, Power Windows & Locks, Remote Start, Heated Leather, Air, CD Stereo.





06 Cadillac STS AWD

08 Chevy Impala SS 11 Jeep Patriot 4x4 08 Chevy Tahoe LTZ









Heated Leather, Power Sunroof, Bose Speakers, Navigation Stereo, Alloy Wheels.

Power Heated Leather Seats, Power Sunroof, Alloy Wheels, CD Stereo, Remote Start

Heated Leather, Remote Start, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air

4x4, Power Seats, Remote Start, Power Sunroof, TV/DVD, Heated Leather Seats, Captains Chairs.








05 Chevy Malibu LS


03 Buick Lesabre

Power Windows, Keyelss Entry, CD Stereo, Air, Traction Control

Power Heated Leather, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air, 1 Owner.







08 Chrysler Town 05 Dodge 3/4 Ton Crew 4x4 SLT Hemi, Tilt Wheel, & Country LX Cassette Stereo, Alloy Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Air. SALE PRICE





03 Pontiac Bonneville Power Windows & Locks, Power Seat, Power Sunroof, CD, Alloy Wheels, Air, 1 Owner SALE PRICE

Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Air.






11 Chevy Aveo

Only 36,000 Miles! Auto, Air.

Power Windows & Locks, CD Stereo, Air




Wheels, Air,Tow Package


07 Chevy Aveo LS



11 Volkswagen Tiguan AWD





12 Chevy Express Cargo Van

11 GMC Acadia SLT

Only 23,000 Miles!

Power Heated Leather, Power Seats, TV/DVD, Power Sunroof, Bose Speakers, CD Stereo, Alloy Wheels








Sale good through October 4, 2012

CHUCK NICHOLSON 1-800-803-8209 TOLL FREE 330-674-4015

Chuck Nicholson

Barry Nicholson

Jim Simo

The Original



Christi Wengerd

Dale Brown

Kevin Fair

Gary Schrock

• Mon. & Thurs. til 9 PM • Tues., Wed. & Fri. 5 PM • Saturday til 3 PM

Tom Carder

Bill Hatfield • • •


06 Chevy Uplander LT

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

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