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HOLMES COUNTY RAILS TO TRAILS COALITION in mind when approaching other trail users. On the Holmes County Trail, buggies & horseback riders yield to all other users while cyclists yield to hikers and walkers. Facilities – Trail restrooms are available at trailheads in Holmesville, Millersburg, and Killbuck. The Millersburg Depot/ Hipp Station is located adjacent to the Trail on the corner of Clinton and Grants Streets in Millersburg. The depot serves as a trail and railroad information center as well. Picnic areas are located at the Millersburg Depot/Hipp Station and at the end of the trail in Killbuck. A horse watering trough is located on the west side of the trail adjacent to the Millersburg Depot/ Hipp Station. Safety on the Trail – It is every trail user’s responsibility and right to ensure their own safety and expect safe practice from other trail users. Exercise caution at all times, follow guidelines and rules of the trails. Preventing accidents or injuries is the first step; acting responsibly if something does happen is the second. Always think clearly. Trail Etiquette – Trail etiquette can be described as the polite way to use trails. It outlines guidelines for the many users that ride, walk, hike, bike, or roller blade the trail. If you have never considered trail etiquette to be one of the more important aspects of trail use, you may want to reconsider. Trail etiquette should be a major part of any trail user’s experience. If trail users conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, respect the environment and the other users, the trail experience will only get better. Keep safety and etiquette in mind when you are participating in trail use, this way the trail in Holmes County will stay in good condition and the privilege will remain accessible for everyone. Pets – Pets are permitted on the trail. Because pets have been known to run in front of a cyclist while on an extended leash we ask pet owners to keep pets on a maximum 5-foot leash at all times to prevent accidents; they should never be left region. Littering along trails is prohibited. unattended. Extreme care should be taken to avoid conflicts between TRAIL RULES A basic etiquette rule is wheels yield to heels. Keep this dogs and horses.

Contact Information – 1 Trail Dr., Suite B, Millersburg, (330) 674-0475,, Executive Director – Jen Halverson Hours – Daylight to dusk; buggy use is permitted from 6 a.m.10 p.m. special-use permits may be obtained for group night rides or special events from the trail director. These events must be approved and planned in advance for notification of local law enforcement agencies. Users – Bicyclists, walkers, joggers, horseback riders, roller bladers, horse & buggies. More Information – In today’s society, when we wish to leave behind sounds and signs of civilization, we search for places of solitude. Trails offer gateways to miles of breathtaking beauty. The Holmes County Trails is a treasure not many communities have the opportunity to share with their neighbors and families. The trail is a great place to connect, reconnect and become reoriented with nature. Not every county in this nation has a natural corridor of beauty 29 miles long carving its heartland and owned in common by all its residents. At the heart of the Ohio to Erie Trail, the Holmes County Trail is dual surface transportation corridor with one 8-foot lane of asphalt for pedestrian, bicyclist, roller bladers and another 8-foot lane of chip and seal for horse and buggy traffic. The Holmes County Trail offers an opportunity to observe the community’s unique culture, lifestyle, and scenery. With more than $6 million in federal, state, and local funding the Holmes County Trail is halfway completed. Currently, just over 15 miles of the trail is paved and open, from Fredericksburg to Killbuck, leaving approximately 14 more miles yet to be completed. Upon completion of the 29 miles, Holmes and Knox counties will consist of more than 50 miles of uninterrupted trail, giving trail users one of the most unique recreational facilities in the

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